The Good Wife Finale Mystery: Who's at Alicia's Door Now?!

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The Good Wife is setting up a familiar cliffhanger, one that can be summed up in the following five words: “Who’s behind door No. 903?”

In this exclusive extended promo for next week’s Season 6 finale, Alicia opens her apartment door and finds a seemingly unexpected visitor on the other side. The riddle is eerily reminiscent of the CBS drama’s Season 4 finale, in which Alicia was shocked to find future business partner Cary — and not unrequited love Will — making a surprise house call.

The 30-second spot also teases turning points between Alicia and the two men in her life (husband Peter and lust interest Finn) before dramatically stressing that those developments are “nothing compared to who is behind this door.”

So, who’s Alicia’s mystery guest? Watch the above clip, vote in the poll below and then hit the comments with your thoughts/fears/predictions about next Sunday’s closer.


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