Once Recap: The Rewrite Stuff — Plus, Has Regina Been 'Screwed Over Most'?

Once Upon a Time Gold Rewrites Story

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Regina aimed to rewrite Zelena’s story, Lily got a bit hot-headed, Emma rendered a final verdict on her folks and Rumple got in the last word.

IN THE ENCHANTED FOREST THAT WAS…. | Cora returns from Wonderland resolved to make peace with Regina, on the anniversary of Daniel’s death. To that end, Cora seeks out the lion-tattooed “soul mate” that (an apparently blabby!) Tinker Bell had told her about in her travels. But when Cora gets the 411 on Robin Hood (that “married, moralizing sap”), she invites the Sheriff of Nottingham to masquerade as Regina’s soul mate. That jig is up almost as soon it starts, though, when Regina discovers that his ink is bogus.

Regina finds the strength in herself to hurt conniving Cora the best way she can, by taking a potion that will render her unable to ever be a “baby mill” for her mom — though Cora maintains she truly wanted Regina to be happy, and wasn’t plotting any long-game power grab. Moral of the story: “The only one standing in the way of your happiness, Regina, is you.”

IN STORYBROOKE…. | After everyone returns from the Massachusetts/NYC road trip, Regina locks up Zelena, planning to have the Author rewrite her sister’s story. But first, the Author’s ink needs to be “charged” by the dark energy of the Savior — which Regina procures by slashing smart-mouthed Lily’s hand at a bus stop. That’s the last straw for Lily, who already has been disappointed by her forward-looking, revenge-averse mom, and the gal transforms into a dragon. In her beastly state, Lily clobbers Snow White with her tail. Emma arrives on the scene to “magic” away the gash and then — having being nudged by Hook JENNIFER MORRISON, COLIN O'DONOGHUEto not let both of her parents’ grand attempts to protect her (first at birth, and by keeping their dark secret) turn out to be failures — tell her parents that she needs to stop punishing them and thus forgives them.

Meanwhile, Maleficent tracks down Lily, who’s now back in human form, and hands her the rattle she has kept all these years. A confused Lily says, “I thought you’d be this scary dragon bitch” who’d team with her to get back all those who wronged them, “but you’re so frickin’ open, it kills me.” Lily explains that anyone who has ever tried to look out for her, “I’ve always let them down” — “darkness is serious business,” after all. But Mal convinces her to stick around a week and get some tips on being a “scary dragon bitch.”

Back in Zelena’s padded room, Regina announces her plan to have the Author write her sis out of existence, unborn baby and all. But when Zelena’s likens Regina to their mother, who also made a baby go away without so much as blinking, Regina reconsiders. Instead, she declares that she has everything that she wants — and that doesn’t just mean a man. Rather, her happy ending is “feeling at home in the world,” and Robin is but one part of that.

The Author, though, is itching to do some rewriting, and if he can’t do it for the character he felt had been “screwed over the most,” he’ll do it for his other bidder. So he writes himself into Gold’s shop, where Rumple — whose last bit of self is fading away, which will leave behind nothing but The Dark One — begins dictating the first lines of a new storybook, titled Heroes & Villains: “Once upon a time….”

What did you think of the episode “Mother”? And is Regina in fact the Fairy Tale Land character who’s been “screwed over the most”?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Bianca says:

    Regina definitely is, IMO.

    This episode was kind of all over the place. But I really enjoyed Barbara Hershey back as Cora, and I was very happy Regina discovered her happiness (and Robin being a part of it!)

  2. laurelnev says:

    Man on man…how I WISH that author had followed through on the plan to write Zelena out of existence! Other than that, it was good to see Cora again, despite the retconning that enabled it. The Lily/Dragon thing was cool, but predictable. And I don’t know WHY Runple isn’t seeking the cure all they’ve been pushing since the beginning of (story) time: Twue Wuv’s kiss! Now that Belle has her heart back, does she know Rumple is dying of a black heart? And hasn’t true love’s kiss been the cure for that since S1?

    • Boiler says:

      If I remember preview may see it next week.

    • abz says:

      Aside from the lame baby drama, I love Zelena/Becca Mader. I thought the back-and-forth between her and Regina was fun to watch.

    • Alichat says:

      I agree with you about Zelena. I have hated that character from the moment she popped on screen. She’s boring. And I was really hoping that Regina would have the Author write this: Regina is carrying Robin’s baby, Zelena is no longer pregnant, and has been rewritten into the past with Cora……so she finally gets to know what Mommie Dearest is really like.

    • Actually , Rumbelle had true love before rumple chose power over it in the winter finale.

    • Yes! I want Rumple to be saved by True Love’s Kiss! From what we’ve seen of the finale in the promo, he doesn’t want to be hosting The Dark One anymore. He’s ready to give up his power for her & TLK would work!

      • zumpie says:

        Except he isn’t yet and won’t be. That’s the entire point of this season’s arc. Plus they won’t be having him non-magical until close to series end, because no one’s gonna watch a show (well other than Rumbellers) of the two of them sitting by the fire, cooing.

    • LC says:

      Yes to the above. It is Rumple’s choices that are blackening his heart, not any curse that can be broken by True Love’s Kiss.

      • LC says:

        And when I said above, I meant that I agreed with what Khong said.
        I don’t think TLK would work anymore. I hope it doesn’t, because he has manipulated Belle enough. Their relationship has always been unequal; she gave so much more than he ever did.

  3. Danielle says:

    It makes me ache with rage over the fact that Regina is infertile. I’m not that woman’s hugest fan, I don’t like her all that much at all, but THAT is uncalled for. Do I thnk she is the one who has been screwed over the most? No. A lot of her unhappiness is her own fault.

    • Lia says:

      Wasn’t Snow supposed to be infertile too and took a potion – well, the water of that special lake in Fairy Tale Land – to be able to conceive? Regina’s can be fixed, don’t worry.

    • aurat22 says:

      I feel sorry for in away cause really Cora stunk as mother but adult Regina chose her own path. And let’s face it all of the characters have been screwed over in one way or another.

    • Jonah Scher says:

      I actually though that filled in a small almost-plothole: namely, why did Regina go through all the trouble of adopting a child? For the same reason many people do IRL: because they cannot conceive (though there are, of course, many other reasons).

      • Zelda says:

        It fits in with that too, but in the end Regina couldn’t have had a biological child in Storybrooke either way. She would have had to adopt anyway because time didn’t pass, they didn’t age, and going through the nine months of a pregnancy wouldn’t have worked either. That’s why poor CInderella was pregnant for 28 years, until Emma came into town and time started moving again.

      • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

        It really turned out to be more than a PR move

  4. Deena says:

    When did Emma get white lighter healing powers?

    • Ian says:

      U win the internet for the Charmed reference.

    • Cory says:

      A million likes to Deena for the reference!

      That being said, she’s been working on her magic, lessons from Regina and others. Regina has been able to heal, even Rumple too… it’s easy to assume that she was taught… especially now that she has a better handle on her powers.

    • aurat22 says:

      Love it fellow Charmed fan here. Maybe Paige lol I mean Cora lent her some.

    • Tonya says:

      I love you for this comment. It’s like Charmed just dropped off the face of the earth. :)

  5. Maria says:

    I don’t think Regina’s been the most screwed over character on the show. She experienced lost: most characters on the show have. She had a dysfunctional parental figure: most of the main characters did. Funny enough with how often it was mentioned tonight, I find Regina to be weak. She’s easily manipulated, easily influenced and it has had her making decisions that have ruined her own life. She really is her own worst enemy.

    If anyone has had it rough – it’s been Emma. Her and Regina really are the foils of each other. While Regina has been given the choice and chosen wrong, Emma has been ripped of her choices since the minute she was born. She’s been let down, abandoned and broken because people in her life have always taken away her agency. I find it sad that the first real choice we’ve seen her make in her life was the choice to give Henry away.

  6. Ian says:

    Definitely thought this episode was all over the place too.
    And as much as I love Lana Parrila, how on Earth did they think reminding us Regina was the homicidal Evil Queen would have us agreeing with the Author thqt she’s been screwed over the most, is beyond me.
    And am I the only one that feels like Robin Hood isnt worth fighting for?
    And finally, Im so calling them bringing back Neal next week.

    • jerrired says:

      Probably only as young Baelfire, but I agree. It wouldn’t make sense for Rumple’s happy ending/heroism to not include his son.

      • Ian says:

        No, i think theyre straight up bringing him back as a huge cliffhanger shock or something.

        • jerrired says:

          Yeah, that would be nice but I really doubt that will happen. The writers chose to go a very specific way by killing Neal. I can’t see them undoing that decision. I think the cliffhanger will be Rumple “dies” or reunites with Belle in a True Love’s kiss situation.

          • zumpie says:

            Dead is dead, so the past can’t be rewritten into this thing, so no Bagel, mini or full sized. And they aren’t going to un-curse Goldemorte yet, because he still needs to be the BB. MY guess is either he goes full on evil OR he does something sorta positive and thus gets a heart reprieve (so he can go back to doing more evil and searching for a way, again).

            He’s the primary BB, A&E like writing him that way and Carlyle prefers to play him. Plus the entire point (additionally) of this arc is that you have to earn your happy ending—so they won’t be rewarding him with one yet.

    • aurat22 says:

      If the author is rewriting EF story with Rumple as hero, then it seems he would either have to write Bael’s Mom as never leaving with Hook or Rumple was never married to her to begin with? Because I think he would have to remove Rumple’s motive for turning Dark to change the fact that he did. Thus either Bael grew up as Bael in EF and never met Emma in future United States and never changed his name to Neal and they never had Henry. Or maybe author writes Rumple with Belle to begin with, Bael is their child, but once again, no future Neal, because without curse no one went to future ever.

      And my guess is the writers of the show in real life aren’t going to let the fictional author’s version of events stand beyond 5A. That would leave pretty much everyone else without HEA but Rumpbelle.

      So to sum MHO if Rumple’s son comes back he will probably be young Bael or adult Bael, and will probably only be there temporary till rewrite is rewritten.

  7. jerrired says:

    Is Regina the character screwed over the most? That’s a tricky question if you include Baelfire, Emma, even Lily and Mal. All these characters are technically from Fairytale land and had situations done upon them, and in the case of Lily, Emma, and Baelfire growing up without a parent is a pretty raw deal. Then bad luck kept following them (Baelfire sold to Pan/died, Lily became a magnet to bad luck, Emma never found a home or family until 28, etc) Now I adore Regina but as she even stated in the episode, most of her misfortunes was her own fault. The overall episode was okay, but I am very excited to see the good/evil switch next week. If Emma becomes the dark-one? (kind of look like she does) that could be really fun for Jennifer.

  8. Cobra says:

    The amount of times they said “revenge” in this episode, I kept thinking “man, are they plugging the last two episodes of that show, hard.”

  9. Casey says:

    In no way, shape or form has Regina been screwed over the most, though the show keeps trying to pretend that she has been. It makes me want to bang my head against my computer monitor that the show keeps portraying her as this woe-is-me victim who turned evil through no fault of her own. She’s DONE the most screwing over of other people; cursing an entire realm, plus her body count is even higher than Rumple’s (at least that we’ve seen — her murder of the entire village takes her over the top). We saw it again tonight when she just randomly murdered a groom on his wedding day because she had the sads.

    It’s called personal responsibility for one’s actions, Regina, maybe try it sometime. Sadly, the show seems to think that Regina shouldn’t have to pay for her crimes. If she did, she’d be in jail forever, not walking around Storybrooke with her victims all putting their own lives aside to get her a happy ending.

    The only way she’s really been screwed over was Cora killing Daniel. Since then, all of her woes have come directly as a result of her own choices, decisions and crimes. That’s on her and her alone.

    • Joseph says:

      Regina was technically only bad because she was written that way, her story was written and she acted upon what the author wanted for her. She had no free will, everything she has done after leaving the enchanted forest was her will, the author screwed her over in the same way he wrote how Snow and Charming sent Emma’s Darkness into Lily. Even the Sorcerer’s Apprentice stated he made it go too far with that and locked him inside the book.

  10. ab says:

    Hook still useless. Nothing interesting has happen with him. He is so useless, now I know for sure they only keep him to please the captain swan shippers

    • Ian says:

      Thats why I think theyre bringing back Neal. Much needed conflict for Emma and Hook.
      He’s Rumple’s son and Henry’s (who I assume is the next Author) father, and theyve name dropped him the last 2 episodes. And with all the unlimited power of that pen and ink, they can bring him back from the dead. Its more going around in circles, but I think the creators arent as interested in freshness anymore. They just want to keep the show going.

      • Alyssa says:

        Never thought about Henry possibly being the next Author! That would be very interesting

        • DarkDefender says:

          I always thought, in the final scene of the series (whenever that occurs), we’d see Henry writing the line “and they all lived happily ever after” and closing the book.

      • zumpie says:

        No, you WANT them to bring back Bagel. Which will never, ever happen. He’s dead and he’s staying dead. BTW, CS is one of the show’s most popular couples, so they’re certainly not going to reboot the lame triangle that never was, with a character who did nothing but stand in the background, anyway. The author can’t bring people back to life, it’s been made clear.

        The point of this plot line is that you have to choose your own happy ending and work for it.

    • WB31 says:

      He adds nothing to the show for me either.

    • Gabrielle says:

      You know who else is useless? Will. I thought bringing him over from Wonderland would have been great. He made for an awesome main character. They barely ever let him talk save that one Robin Hood Epi. He just is a glassy eyed stand in side character who’s been meaningless in this whole 4B chapter. What a waste.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Hook getting Emma to see the light & finally forgive her parents proves that he’s not useless. Also, the sass he gives Rumple is beyond compare. 2 points for Hook! (although I would like to see him have more to do)

      • Mer says:

        But he has done a dick move gloating over Rumple’s dark heart. If Emma has known half of the things that Hook still does or say to people, his glossy speeches about horizons would be ignored. They really chose a crappy pairing with Emma. She deserves better than a douchebag that only tries to look good in front of her.

        • Wtactualf says:


        • Lns says:

          Mer – disagree.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          I think the gloating to Rumple gives him the “edge” that so many fans complain he’s lost. Yes, he’s trying to be good for Emma & he’s not outwardly trying to kill Rumple anymore, but he’s not forgiving and forgetting all the crap Rumple has put him through. I like that about Hook. Hold that grudge!

        • zumpie says:

          Why should Hook be expected to ever be polite or considerate to Goldemorte? We are talking about the guy who isn’t even supposed to be in SB, impersonated him, tried to kill him, tried to hat Emma, tried to literally rob Emma of her soul, used him as a puppet, used his future stepson as bait (when the same kid is SparkleKreeper’s own grandson), colluded repeatedly with other villains, wanted to leave everyone to rip one another apart—and that’s just this season and started this just days after they all saved his life!

          Nope, I’d gloat all over the place, too. Rumple’s full on evil and deserves far, far, FAR worse!

          • Mer says:

            Hook doesn’t owe Rumple anything. And there is no need to play “who is the worse villain.” All I am saying is that, Hook is consistently showing himself as a jerk, doing undershanding things like threaten Ursula, and Emma never finds out anything about the man.

            Emma is such a great person but I would like her to find herself better than a pirate jerk that prentends in front of her as this awesome guy she she truly doesn’t know him. But now I am understanding that Emma suffers from low self esteem. She has horrible taste in men, so its no wonder that she is with Hook.

          • zumpie says:

            Sooo you then proceeded to play “who is the worst villain”. Also, Hook’s the only person t ever always and consistently put Emma first. You do actually watch the show, right? I kinda wonder, cause I see you fully missed the point I made.

            BTW, if you’re gonna use Ursula, I guess you missed where Hook saw that in himself, immediately regretted it, Ursula tried to kill him, but he still worked to give her the happy ending she wanted. And the entire point behind CS is that they’re both grey characters, which is why they’re such a good pairing.

            P.S. since they’re clearly end game, you’re gonna be deeply disappointed, then

          • Mer says:

            “Nope, I’d gloat all over the place, too. Rumple’s full on evil and deserves far, far, FAR worse!” But, that is what you wrote so you are the one to introduce a comparison. I never said that Rumple doesn’t deserve any good.

            My focus is on Hook and Hook alone. Time and again Hook it is told to us that Hook has changed (like Emma saying he is a hero, ha) but it we see him doing crappy things and he never gets called on it. But that is the problem overall on the show, they tell but don’t show.

            I know you are a Hook fan but there is no need to make him like a hapless victime. Ursula defended herself when your precious Killy Stu pulled out a gun on her when she didn’t do what he wanted. The man didn’t even want to tell Emma after she gave him a go ahead to tell her the truth. And he kept dehumanizing Ursula as some “monster” when we never seen Ursula even hurt a person. Hook has been shown more as a monster than she.

            I often her Hook fans justify “feeling guitly” as some ultimate proof of his redemption. Its a step, but if it doesn’t go further than that, them him looking pretty and feeling guilty is not a good standard to progress a story. And Ariel should be given credit for helping Ursula in her happy ending.

            Obviously for some people that is enough.

            They had to remake Emma’s personality and intentionally not have the character find out any of the horrible things he has done in the past, present, nor the future. And unfortunately we barely remember that she has a son because Hook has to be plasterered to her side at all time. It is a shame that he is one note character and the main reason he is on the show at this point is being a love interest. He had such great potential in season 2.

            Captain Swan is not compelling, unique, or interesting storyline and will fall to the wayside in the history of television. It seems that Captain Swan is endgame, so congratulations for your shallow relationship

          • zumpie says:

            Soooo missed my point and continued to try and make it all about how eeeevvvilll Hook is because he gloating for 10 seconds to the same guy who previous tried to kill him. Seriously, it’s sad, now. Hook’s a hero on the show, Goldemorte’s a villain, per the guys who write it. End of discussion.

          • Mer says:

            Didn’t say Hook was evil but he is certainly not as changed as a man as the writers portray him, and certainly not a hero. He is reforming but has a ton of work to do. To make the relationship work, the writers intentionally never have Emma to find out ANYTHING unsavory that Hook does. Just because Hook is not killing people, doesn’t mean he is all of a sudden a “hero.”

            Maybe you need to hold on to that, I just find the character now very bland, one-note, and poorly written. But that is the same for almost every character on the show.

      • shelly says:

        I have a theory. I think that EMMA will become the DARK ONE. It would be interesting.

  11. Just because the writer expressed his opinion that Regina is the most screwed up doesn’t mean it is actually true, it just means that that may be his opinion. We haven’t seen much of Lily but I think she has had it worse than Emma. I am looking forward to the season finale. The promo makes it look like a doozy.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Not to mention, he could just have been buttering up Regina (by saying what he thought she was thinking), until he could cut out of there and get back to Rumps.

  12. Alyssa says:

    I wanna love this show again so bad. But I just haven’t liked this season at all. This episode just had so much going on at once. Snow was ridiculous why the heck would you run after Mal when she’s trying to deal with Lily. Lily hates your guts so why would you even attempt to run in her direction while she’s a dragon. Just dumb.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Because one of Snow’s biggest flaws is that she thinks she is the only person who knows how to save the day and who thinks only she can actually save it.

  13. aurat22 says:

    Just got thinking too that the danger town in now All Regina’s fault. Henry proposed finding author to rewrite but he’s a kid, Regina as adult should have realized there could have been unforseen consequences to changing the story just as there was to Emma and Hook saving Marian aka Zelena. Yes Emma could be blamed but she was unselfishly trying to save a life. Regina wanted author rewrite for own self interest. Rumple wouldn’t have brought the evil queens to town, the author wouldn’t be wrecking the other characters lives etc, if Regina didn’t want shortcut to her HEA. She sure as heck needs to be the one who either makes a huge sacrifice to save others or ends up paying a price involuntarily.

  14. WB31 says:

    Alright, Regina was once again being the bigger person and sort of forgave her sister instead of writing her out of the story, can we get rid of Zelena now?
    People are gonna argue about “most”, but there’s no doubt Regina’s getting screwed over on this show again and again. That whole Zelena plot and that the writers now topped it off by making Regina infertile is only most recent proof for that.

    • Maria says:

      Is she really being the bigger person though? I thought it was telling that Regina forsakes her plan after we find out she’s unable to conceive. I wouldn’t be surprised if she took Zelena’s baby and raised them as her own.

      • Carly says:

        That’s so strange. I think you completely missed the purpose of the scene. Regina drinking the potion served to show the desperate measures she was willing to take to regain control over her life and keep her mother out of it and it was seeing herself as Cora, going to great lengths to control someone that made her stop and reconsider. It has nothing to do with the baby.

        • Maria says:

          So you’re telling me that when Zelena gives birth that Regina will just let her out?

          I understand the motive behind the scene but as always with this show, moments like that tend to have duplicity meanings.

          Why would they specifically use infertility? There are many ways that Regina could’ve displayed control against her mother but the show decided to go this route. Is it really outside the realm of possibility that Regina would want to take her Zelena’s baby to raise as her own?

          • Z25 says:

            Regina and Robin Hood will raise the baby if the mother proves to be a danger to it and its life. That’s how it should be, too. Zelena claims that Robin is the father and if he takes on the role of the father he’ll want to protect his baby if Zelena can’t be trusted not to hurt it emotionally or physically.
            I don’t think hey’re not going to “steal” the baby from her because Regina is barren. They have two sons and they have each other they love more than anything and Regina specifically said she has everything she needs.
            But I don’t think there will be a baby anyway because OUAT doesn’t need more of them and they’re learning with Snow’s and Charming’s son how difficult it is to write babies into adventure/genre shows. Zelena’s either faking it or they’ll write her and the baby out, my guess.

  15. Sarah says:

    No. No Regina hasn’t been screwed over the most in the slightest. Daniel died and she had Cora as a mother. That’s the bad stuff that screwed her over and everything else she chose to do and yet she constantly complains about it and blames everyone else. That’s tiny compared to literally everyone else on the show! She screws everyone else over the most and then those people have horrible things happen to them and then they have to apologise to Regina and tell her how awesome she is! She murdered a man in the same way Cora killed Daniel (on his wedding day) and yet we’re supposed to feel bad for REGINA!! It just showed me the absolute favoritism the writers show for her.

  16. Lex says:

    I have very mixed feelings about this episode. There were parts that I really enjoyed which were Mal & Lily, Rumpel and the always intense, always heartbreaking Regina/Cora scenes. I thought Zelena was on point and rather funny in her sass. I’m not her biggest fan but we’ll see where this goes.

    It’s not a shock to many that Regina is Barren. We’ve speculated about that since season 1 and it ALWAYS had something to do with Cora. So, no surprise there.

    I was very unhappy with the lackluster and rather anticlimactic Emma/Snow scene. That relationship is so important to the show but yet they never actually TALK about anything. That bothers me. But I shouldn’t be surprised since in one episode, they swept every single nonsensical thing that happened with all the characters under the rug. But yet, I yearn for an actual discussion.

    Regina Mills is my favorite character currently on television. She is layered and complex and evolving. She is incredible. However, I despise Regina/Robin with the white hot heat of eleven suns. Despite my preference, I was really looking forward to Regina having a love interest. A LOT. But this “story” or lack thereof is hideous and horrible in every conceivable way. This show is both a love letter and torture session in the name of Regina Mills and that relationship is not befitting The Queen or The Mayor or just plain ole Regina. Since they seem to want to hammer this square peg into a round hole, perhaps it would be nifty if Regina would tell her manz that it was SHE who murdered his wife and took away his son’s mother in the original timeline. Maybe pillow talk.

    Maybe I’m asking too much. Maybe wanting the shows I watch to make sense is too demanding. And perhaps, I’m simply far too invested in these characters. The potential is there for great storytelling but yet they seem to steer clear of it. That’s a shame.

    Have a good night, Matt.

  17. DarkDefender says:

    I really liked the episode overall, but the flashbacks seemed tiresome and unnecessary to move the story forward. I did not see the twist of the hero/villain switcheroo that is coming next week.. But it looks awesome.

  18. Chris says:

    Sometimes I really want Regina to be happy, but then I watch Graham die again…

    • JalieK says:

      Glad to see I’m not the only one. Never over this one. Especially since everyone on the show forgot about the poor guy.

  19. Aly says:

    I definitely think Regina’s been screwed over the most. I’m glad she realized how to find happiness, though I had to sigh in frustration over the fact that as soon as she’s happy for 5 seconds, something bad happens.

    Was super happy to see Barbara back as Cora. As much as I enjoyed Rose playing young!Cora, I ADORE Barbara’s version. I hope she can come back soon.

  20. m3rissa says:

    I would like to know what else the author exactly changed in everyone’s stories, because other then making Snow and Charming put Emma’s evil into Lily and sending her through the portal and stopping Cruella from murdering more people we haven’t seen him change anything. And since he has been trapped in the book everyone has been making their own decisions and writing their own stories. So EVERYTHING Regina has done since then is completely her own doing, including sabotaging her happy ending numerous times. Does that mean that I want her and the rest of the villains to just deal with never having happy endings? No, definitely not. Being a hero or a villain is a choice and you do get a chance to switch sides based on the decisions you make in every situation, nothing is black and white. Regina and Robin do deserve to be together after the crappy hand they’ve been dealt and if it is meant to be like in any good love story they will work it out. Because if love is easy we would not have spent countless weeks watching Snow and Charming try to find each other again and again just to be ripped apart AGAIN.

  21. Jay says:

    Regina used to be my favourite character. She isnt after 4B, i can’t root for a character who has little to no self-respect anymore.

    WHY does she keep taking Robin back? Why? Last week he was calling her crazy and jealous and this week she doesn’t even care?!

    • Mer says:

      It is like one step forward, two steps back with OUAT. They try to write a strong woman but then wpair her with a guy that just found out his wife died….again and he immediately wanted to pounced on Regina. That is not true love. That is just Hood jumping in bed with any readily available woman.

  22. Why would the Author want to get back to Gold anyway??????
    Urggg stupid author destroying everything from scratch…

  23. Ok, I feel the need to share my nagging suspicion…
    Henry has the heart of the TRUEST believer… Both of his Mother’s have Magical Abilities… He was the only Storybrooke citizen able to leave town when the curse was first enacted. Pan needed HIS heart to survive and Rumple knows that Henry will be his demise.
    Henry Daniel Mills is The Sorcerer…

  24. ninergrl6 says:

    I enjoyed this ep much more than the past two or three. The Cora/Nottingham/Regina flashbacks weren’t very compelling or necessary besides explaining why Regina can’t have children, but I liked Lily going dragon (makes total sense considering her mother but are they ever going to mention her father?) and the emphasis on making your own choices & being your own worst enemy. THAT is what so many fans have said all along — they don’t need the author to create happiness for them; they just need to make less selfish choices & happiness will follow. I’m glad Regina FINALLY came around to that, but then of course Rumple immediately gets the author to write a new story for him, IMO proving that Rumple is irredeemable because he’ll never understand the free will moral. He repeatedly makes bad choices & never learns from his mistakes, which has turned him into a very static character that doesn’t interest me at all. My favorite scene was Hook talking to Emma by the water. Admittedly I’m biased because I’m a Captain Swan fan, but that scene struck chord because it showed the growth of Hook & Emma as individuals and as a couple. They’re solid, more solid than I ever even thought they’d be, and I hope it stays that way. I’ve really enjoyed their “slow burn” relationship.

  25. ninergrl6 says:

    Really intrigued to see next week’s ep based on the previews — how fun for the actors to play opposite their usual type. However, I hope the heroes-as-villains switch is temporary and doesn’t carry over into next season. The novelty will wear off quickly. I wonder if Hook will be characterized as hero-turned-villain or villain-turned-hero. He’s kind of both already! With Rumple calling the shots, there’s no way Hook will be happy regardless of which category he falls into.

  26. So the writers waste most of the back half of the season with episodes that do not advance the author plot and bring back Zelena for some soap opera baby mama drama and then try and wrap up the season in an hour so they can reboot in the two hour finale? This finale better be truly magically satisfying or I am writing myself out as a viewer..

  27. Mer says:

    Matt, you tend to ask the better questions to Adam and Eddy about the show. Can you please clarify with Adam and Eddy whether Robin knows that Regina killed Marian in the original timeline?

    Because in this episode, Robin was disgusted that Zelena killed Marian. I think the main reason that they made Zelena to kill Zelena when Emma and her sidekick went to the past, is to make Robin more sympathic that not like an honorable jerk that slpet with Regina while his wife was frozen. You know, all of the cries of Adultery Queen. To get clarification will do wonders.

    Besides that, Robin was so willing to jump back into a relationship with Regina now that Marian was revealed as Zelena. I fail to see how Regina/Hood qualifies as a true love pairing beyond the show telling us because of pixie dust. Hood went between two women faster than a ping pong going back and forth.

    He seems like an “out of sight, out of mind” man. The bar scene was interesting when he tried to explain to Regina about justify pregnancy that “she was out of the picture.”

    For someone soooooooooooooo in love with Regina, he sure jumped into a sexual relationship pretty quick, even though he was reluctant to leave Regina at the time line. I’m still trying to figure out how the two is compatiable.

  28. Pinky says:

    I’m so torn. I liked the episode. It was very moving, but there are so many things that doesn’t make sense to me.

    First of all, I cannot help but love Regina. She is one of the strongest characters currently on TV and Lana does an amazing job.

    I was very sad to see Regina drink that potion, but the scene was a strong one. But she also seemed to regret having done it almost immediately, so I absolutely do not understand why she wouldn’t have the author change it when he sat there ready with the pen. I just don’t get it. Then there is the whole thing with Lake Nostos, which should also be able to give back what was lost.

    I like Rebecca Mader, but why, why, why does Zelena have to be pregnant … UGH! Regina could have been put to the test in another way.

    And since the pen is mightier than anything … what can the author do? Change the past, or just the present and future? Can he bring back the dead, switch characters between books … WHAT? It’s so confusing and I really hope the plot takes a stance on this in the finale.

  29. Jake says:

    Didn’t Snow give half her heart to save Charming? Why couldn’t Belle give half her heart to Rumple and save him? Wouldn’t that have been a lot easier than everything else he’s had to do?

    • zumpie says:

      He’d still be cursed and she doesn’t even want anything to do with him these days. Until he’s willing to give up power, there’s no point to it

  30. Carly says:

    It was good to see Barbara Hershey as Cora again. She and Lana Parrilla play the very twisted mother-daughter relationship very, very well. I’m sorry Cora pushed Regina so far as to drink a potion to protect her yet unborn future children and herself from her mother by making herself infertile.
    I cheered for Regina loudly when she chose not to bother with her wicked sister. Living her life, being happy and loved and building a future with Robin and their sons is the best she can do. Zelena only wins if they let her interfere with their lives and their happiness. Not getting the attention from them she wants will kill her inside.

  31. Sheila says:

    So, we seem to be learning that evil is really just revenge-y anger? Ursula stopped being evil when her dad apologized, Maleficient stopped being evil when she got her daughter back. Is there any actual born-bad evil?

  32. Amy says:

    I feel conflicted because I enjoyed a lot of the resolve at the end of this episode even Regina’s speech to Zelena, but Robin being upset that Zelena killed Marian now and not at all that Regina originally did is ridiculous, as was Zelena’s comment to Regina about killing the mother of Hood’s child since Regina had originally done just that. Sometimes I feel like this show wrote itself into a corner with Regina (and I don’t hate her and I think her character is a core essential to the show) but her lack of regard for others (wanting a rewrite and not thinking about others), not being at all remorsefully for her crimes is kinda sad(and sure she apologized to Belle that time but she also needed something from her), I mean in season 3 she was okay and had no regrets because she had Henry and then moped for all season 4 for her happy ending, only to finally come to grips with the fact that she was her own worst enemy this whole time. What’s interesting is that when Snow and Charming took Lily, Snow felt remorse and wanted to be a better person for it and tried to make amends. I think or at least I’m hoping this is the clincher in this ‘au’ next week, you can alter worlds and change memories but can you alter who a person is at their core?

    In a way Regina has been screwed over the most….but most of it has been by her own doing. I mean look how many characters have lost a loved one, or grew-up in a horrible situation. I mean we just watched her murder an innocent man on his wedding day and make herself infertile to spite her mother, I sometime have a hard time feeling sorry for her. Emma in my opinion has been screwed over the most by outside forces or people acting in ‘her’ best interests.

    • Mer says:

      Hood’s code is outstandingly hypocritical. But I guess Regina’s murder is passable because pixie dust said that they were soul mates. I asked Matt or just hope any journalist that actually follow the show to see if the writers will confront Regina killing Marian or is that too much to show on the show since they insist on having those two pair up. I think that is more of an intelligent question than: “When will Hook have sex with Emma?”

      • Z25 says:

        No one knows what truly happened in the original timeline before Emma and Hook changed it. You can’t expect journalists to press for answers on something that didn’t play out in the episodes. You hate this story and the Hood character, I think everyone who OUAT articles and comments sections regularly is well aware of this by now. But the show doesn’t revolve around that and there are tons of more pressing questions based on what we actually saw on our screens, imo.

        • Mer says:

          How is Hood/Regina conflict not a pressing issue when they are introducing retcon upon a retcon and significant amount of screen time to push this rushed relationship in our face?

          And I’m sorry you not that astute of a watcher of OUAT, but intelligent people can induced that, when we saw the flashback of Regina as the Evil Queen, and taunting Marian and having her locked up in the dungeon, it is not a far gone conclusion that she was later executed.

          And in this very episode we see Robin distraught that Zelena killed Marian, but he is possibly cool with Regina doing the same act in the original timeline? And why would the honorable man that he is not try harder to find out what exactly happen to his wife when she first came back?

          If OUAT want us to buy into this pixie dust relationship, I think it would be important to tackle why Robin was Regina available to him in the first place. I don’t find sexing up your wife’s killer and it being alright because pixie dust said is compelling story telling. Maybe you have different standards.

  33. Lns says:

    I loved Hook and Emma’s scene near the docks and the understanding her and then Emma finally forgiving her mother.

    Killian Jones is the best for Emma

  34. Buttercup says:

    There was a lot going on this episode. I loved the scene with Hook and Emma at the docks. Adam & Eddie have been promising Hook would protect Emma’s heart this season, and they finally delivered. Emma forgiving Snow by repeating what Hook told her was beautiful, and the way Charming looked at him with such gratitude was perfect.

    Showing Regina rip that man’s heart out on his wedding day reminded me why I still have trouble seeing Regina as a hero. I know she’s come a long way, but her body count is staggering. She’s killed so many innocents, I just can’t love her, although Lana plays the character very well. I was glad she finally owned up to the fact that her happiness is her own responsibility and stopped blaming others. And I do like her with Robin Hood. He seems to bring out the good in her.

    I have no sympathy for Rumple. I thought it was unwise of Hook to taunt him, but after everything Rumple’s done to him and to Emma, it’s hard to blame him. And now Rumple’s going to write this ridiculous alternative story where he’s some kind of Don Juan, but in the end his heart is black because he always chooses the easy way, the coward’s way, no matter how many people he hurts along the way. Yes, his love for Belle is his one saving grace, but even that isn’t enough for me to feel sorry for him at this point.

    I love Maleficent, and was so happy to see her finally reunited with her daughter. I don’t trust Lily, though, and I suspect she’s going to cause a lot of trouble in the future.

  35. Lily says:

    Why are fans so shocked that Regina is infertile? I have a feeling she was since Season 1, when she wanted Hansel and Gretel to live with her.

  36. charmed...i'm sure says:

    I know this is out there, but why do Charming/Snow have dark hair and Emma have blonde when Dragon Lady has blonde and Lily dark hair? I realize that dark haired adults can have blonde children and vice versa, but for some reason this sticks out to me…

    • Nan says:

      For a while I thought infant Lily got wrapped in Emma’s blanket and the girls were switched. Anyway, Charming is actually considered fair haired, look at his eyebrows. he’s a darker blond, but blond nonetheless.

      • charmed...i'm sure says:

        I guess they could be playing it as light hair-good, dark hair-evil thing. Kind of like on a soap opera when a female has an ‘evil twin’ they put dark eyeliner on the evil one so we can tell the difference. HA! :-)

        • Nan says:

          Not to mention the fact that A&E suck at logical casting when genetics play a part. Red haired/hazel eyed Pinocchio became black haired/blue eyed August. The precise elocution of Baelfire went right out the window when mook Neal showed up. Adult Lily in no way remotely resembles teen Lily. The only time they got it right was when they cast Bailee Madison as young Snow.

  37. Cheryl says:

    There will be an interesting dynamic with Zelena and Regina, both are smart and come from the same mother, it will be interesting to see how the kid will change everything, even Robin Hood will have mixed feelings. As for Emma at least sense was talked into her to forgive her parents, that dynamic was understandable at first but became just unreasonable. As for Maleficent and Lily, typical and yet lets see how it goes for the week. Next week’s episode will be interesting, just to see everyone be opposite. The writer has an alternate agenda than what is being shown with Rumple, I wonder what the end game is.

  38. twin63 says:

    I am happy Emma and her parents reconciled and Regina & Robin are back together. It was important to me to see the two relationships saved. But they should have split the story up. With the Charming family, Outlaw Queen, flashbacks, the author getting the ink, and Maleficent and her daughter it was too much for one episode and they had to rush it.

  39. Gail says:

    My guess is that like last season the two hour finale will be a stand alone episode at the end of which Rumple’s heart will go completely black and he will be only the Dark One and next year’s Big Bad for the first 11 episodes.

  40. Mer says:

    The problem with Regina saying that she learned to accept happiness in her life and be content, is directly oppose to her actions all this fourth season. She is only saying that BECAUSE she now is reunited with her boyfriend of a week.

    She wasn’t content to regain Henry’s memories and he love her without seeing her as an Evil Queen. She wasn’t content with having family as Snow, David, and Emma now have a working relationship, and she is geniunely friends with Emma.

    What Regina said was a throwaway line. She wasn’t happy until she got a man in her life despite people no longer asking for her head for all the heinous crimes she has committed. This is not a modern twist on fairytales, unfortunately.