Game of Thrones Star Dispels One Myth About Her Simpsons Guest Spot

The Simpsons Carice van Houten

Carice van Houten (aka Game of Thrones‘ Melisandre) makes her Springfield debut on Sunday’s The Simpsons (Fox, 8/7c). But you don’t need to look into the flame to find out what will — and won’t — happen on her episode.

For starters, van Houten tells TVLine, don’t expect any Thrones references. “None at all,” she insists. “It’s a completely different thing.”

You can, however, expect to see her playing Milhouse’s Dutch cousin Annika, a character originally born out of a joke between van Houten and the writers.

“I follow a few of the writers on Twitter, and they were big Game of Thrones fans, so they invited me to a table read while I was in LA,” she explains. “When I arrived in the big room with the cast and crew, I felt like I was entering heaven. As they introduced the cast to the little audience, they said, ‘We have a very special guest,’ and they looked at me. I was like, ‘What?’ They joked about how I might be Milhouse’s cousin, but for me, that wasn’t a joke; I was like, ‘That would be the coolest thing to ever happen.'”

And van Houten’s not exaggerating. She says she’s been a die-hard fan of the show for the past 16 years, so this casting was a dream come true. (“My voice has never been pitched so high,” she says of her reaction to the news.)

“When I first got to Hollywood, everyone asked me, ‘What’s your dream?'” she recalls. “The first thing I would say, always, is ‘to be a voice on The Simpsons.’ It’s something I wanted more than to work with Meryl Streep. Yes, I’d like to work with Meryl Streep [laughs], but even before that, a voice on The Simpsons.”

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