Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Promo: Charles' Twisted Game Turns Deadly

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It’s appropriate that the Season 6 premiere of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars (June 2, 8/7c) is titled “Game on, Charles” because, as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive first look at the promo, the newly revealed “A” has only begun to play.

And because this alleges to be the “summer of answers,” allow me to pose a few questions for you to consider while you obsessively re-watch the 30-second teaser all weekend (unless that’s just me):

0:03 — How did Mona get separated from the herd?
0:10 — Is she “M”? If so, how is she sending the girls messages from wherever Charles is keeping her?
0:12 — Who is Toby pointing that thing at?
0:15 — Is that pizza or vomit?
0:19 — What inspired the return of Aria’s pink hair?
0:22 — If the girls do find a way out, would they really leave Mona behind?

Hit PLAY on the first Season 6 promo above — as if you haven’t already — then drop a comment with your best/craziest theories below.