Fall TV Preview

Fall TV: Chicago Med, Greg Berlanti's Blindspot, Doc Drama Heartbreaker Snag Series Orders at NBC

Chicago Med NBC

NBC is the first broadcaster out of the gate with its 2015-16 season pickups, ordering to series Chicago Fire spinoff No. 2 Chicago Med, the Greg Berlanti mystery thriller Blindspot and medical drama Heartbreaker (FKA Heart Matters).

Audiences got their first glimpse of Chicago Med in the April 7 episode of Chicago Fire. The cast includes Oliver Platt, S. Epatha Merkerson, Laurie Holden, Nick Gehlfuss and Yaya Dacosta.

Blindspot NBCBlindspot centers on a beautiful Jane Doe (Thor‘s Jaimie Alexander) who is discovered naked in Times Square, completely covered in mysterious, intricate tattoos with no memory of who she is or how she got there. There’s one that’s very clear, however: the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller (Strike Back‘s Sullivan Stapleton) emblazoned across her back. “Jane,” Agent Weller and rest of the FBI quickly realize that each mark on her body is a crime to solve, leading them closer to the truth about her identity and the mysteries to be revealed. Audrey Esparza, Rob Brown, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Ukweli Roach and Ashley Johnson round out the cast.

Heartbreaker NBCLastly, Heartbreaker, from former Wonder Years Co-EP Jill Gordon, is being billed as a character-driven medical drama that follows Dr. Alex Panttiere (Good Wife and Grey’s Anatomy grad Melissa George), an outspoken world-renowned heart-transplant surgeon and one of the few women in her field. Stubborn and fearless, Alex always operates on her own terms. She revels in a racy personal life that’s a full-time job in itself, manages the daily demands of skeptical faculty and dutiful interns, and pushes the boundaries of medical science to impressive new heights. In addition to George, the cast includes Dave Annable, Don Hany, Shelley Conn, D.L. Hughley, Jamie Kennedy, Maya Erskine, J. Louis Mills and Joshua Leonard.

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  1. Arlene says:

    still do not understand why Shay’s character on Chicago Fire was killed off, especially in light of a writer or showrunner responding to outrage with an um we’re going to be working on the story of the guy who just left to bake pies with his mom. it is nice to see S. Epatha Again, though, and the young actor from Friday Night Lights.

  2. modo1013 says:

    Heartbreaker sounds like a female version of CBS’ failed Three Rivers from six years ago with Alex O’Loughlin as the surgeon. it may work better with a female doctor, but, I doubt it.

    • Ray says:

      Melissa George as lead? That woman cannot act. No thanks.

      • Julia says:

        I remember her being on Alias and she was great on there. I think she just needs the right show.

      • Doug Henning says:

        you obviously never saw her in “In Treatment” on HBO.. That’s where I first noticed her but saw her later on Alias when I binged that show. She was annoying on The Good Wife but they had to write her pregnancy into the show.

      • Lucy B says:

        Agreed. I’d happily take a Grey’s replacement show, but not with her awful acting and annoying voice. Pass.

        • Eran says:

          In my opinion, something in her acting goes to sh*t when she does “American”, If you’ve watched the original Australian of The Slap where she uses her native accent, there is not an ounce of stiffness about her performance and she actually delivers some pretty amazing performances.

      • Erin says:

        It does sound a bit three rivers but with Melissa, ugh. I was one if the few who liked her I’m Alias but she has been shortly irritating in more than a few roles, I hate the pouty thing she does and the actress seems totally obnoxious ala google her name with French bulldogs and croissants cause that’s where she’d rather be.

  3. So if The Night Shift is renewed, NBC will have three hours of medical dramas every week? That seems like an over-saturation of similar dramas.

  4. Cassie Barker says:

    Any info on the Liam McIntyre ‘Unveiled’ pilot?

  5. Lady K says:

    Thank heavens I’m going to continue to see Sullivan Stapleton on my TV regularly!

  6. Et Al says:

    I wish Robert Greenblatt the best of luck with his upcoming job search.

  7. Dean says:

    One Chicago too many and this is coming from a fan of PD and Fire that is saying something. Upside Laurie Holden is on TV again.

    • Wendy says:

      To be fair, three L&O shows worked out well for Wolf for years. (Mothership, CI, SVU). It was when he tried again with L&O: Trial By Jury and L&O: LA that the franchise became oversaturated. So he still has a bit of room before he may make the same mistakes. Here’s hoping this is the last and he doesn’t try to extend it further as he did for his L&O franchise.

    • Erin says:

      That’s my concern too. I adore Chicago fire, have enjoyed L&O over the years but iffy on Chicago pd. they’ve done fine so far but if I go by ncis standards, the original show has been diluted and gotten worse and worse with every new addition to the franchise. But perhaps that’s more of an issue as they’re all doing the same jobs and hold back from stepping on each others toes i.e. Original ncis barely does undercover anymore compared to earlier seasons with LA owning that. Medical, police, fire and special victims are diverse enough to set each apart.

  8. Dan says:

    JOHN DOE the cancelled FOX show is back!!! ;)

    But this time, with Greg Berlanti as producer–should be good!

  9. Mr. Tran K says:

    Hope Chicago Med should be placed in the 10 p.m. Thursday night time slot with a Blacklist lead-in coming in the Fall. That’s my bold prediction. Wonder if NBC picks up Endgame and/or Game of Silence soon.

    • Isobel says:

      Presumably they will, both sound interesting ;)

    • JC says:

      I think NBC will move the Blacklist out of Thursday because it’s been a ratings disaster there. Whatever they air on Thursday will probably fail because ABC is so dominant on that night.

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        Yeah right. Don’t know if people were complaining about Blacklist moving to Thursdays after they aired the post Super Bowl episode back in February. It was a very tough decision on Greenblatt’s part but he’ll have to make a decision soon before the upfronts whether or not Blacklist gets out of Thursdays and possibly if there’s a great chance the series heads back to Mondays with a Voice lead-in but only time will tell. If it stays on Thursdays in the Fall going up against the return of Thursday Night Football on CBS, things are about to get worse I mean much worse for NBC and its entire line-up remains a “black hole”.

    • Nero tTVf says:

      Agree – if NBC does keep Blacklist at 9pm, they need to load-up Thursday nights – Med at 10pm Thursday is fine. Now, all NBC has to do is find a show for 8pm slot. Biggest Loser – ‘no’.

  10. Bearoness says:

    Blindspot sounds like a mixture of two shows that Dominic Purcell starred in — John Doe and Prison Break.

  11. Tea says:

    Blindspot seems interesting. And it’s from Greg Berlanti so I’m optimistic.

  12. Tom says:

    I liked the Backdoor of Chicago Med but they have to fire Yaya Dacosta. She’s really a bad actress.

  13. Das Snow says:

    Great I was hoping Chicago men will get picked up. Now there can be a Chicago fire Chicago PD and Chicago med crossover event. No more law and order SVU. While the latest crossover unit was better, it was still lacking. The crossover events need to be in all in one city.

    • thisismenow says:

      Don’t kid yourself. There will be at least one four part event. I’d bet a large sum of money on it.

  14. Das Snow says:

    Heartbreaker. Brilliant heart surgeon but has a messy personal life come on that premise is being played out. not interested

  15. Dennis says:

    Sounds like JOHN DOE

  16. Don’t forget about COACH! I guess that will come out in the spring of 2016. Will SVU be part of the crossovers anymore? We’ll have to wait and see. Maybe they’ll have SVU-Grimm crossovers. There are plenty of times I go into NYC and no matter where I look or go, EVERYTHING IS GRIMM! Except for CHICAGO MED, don’t bet the ranch on any of these new shows. It looks like NBC is going to cancel almost every new show that they came out with for the 2014-15 season. That says a lot, especially because nobody has said anything about ANYBODY at NBC being fired for that debacle. How about a story on everybody at SVU being signed to new contracts with raises? All of their contracts(except Mariska) are up after this season.

  17. masterchoi says:

    Dave Annable and doctors. Again. Brothers and Sisters, Red Band Society, and now Heartbreaker. Can he be someplace else?

  18. Lindsey says:

    I’m so tired of medical shows, but I’ll watch anything with Dave Annable.

  19. Jess says:

    Will watch Chicago Med (for Oliver Platt) and Blindspot sounds interesting. Will definitely try them out in the fall.

  20. LynnH says:

    I will watch Blindspot. LOVE Sullivan Stapleton.

  21. Jooshua says:

    Jaimie Alexander in a show that almost sounds like Kyle XY? Yes. Just, yes, okay?

  22. Since says:

    Yay, more medical dramas! #sarcasm
    Blindspot could be fun, though.

  23. lqza says:

    Blindspot looks kinda good, but did they borrow the idea from Prison Break (which Sky keep pushing for some unknown reason)?

  24. Ally Oop says:

    None of those interest me. The only pilots I was interested in on NBC were Curse of the Fuentes Women and Game of Silence. With Parenthood not returning next season, I may not be watching NBC at all next season.

  25. bill says:

    Chicago Sanitation cannot be far behind Chicago Med. NBC is a very desperate network these days.

  26. JIm J. says:

    Now that “Chicago Med” has officially been ordered to series, how likely is it to draw comparisons to NBC’s former top drama “ER”? I would say very likely, because they’re both medical dramas set in Chicago. It’ll be interesting to see if “Chicago Med” will be any different from “ER”.

  27. Nick says:

    Normally I wouldn’t try out a show like “Heartbreaker” but with DL Hughley and Jamie Kennedy…I might have to give it a look.

  28. SherryB says:

    So these new shows are filled with actors that with a few exceptions, are people we’ve never heard of…Yeah, think I’ll pass…