Hawaii Five-0: Grace Park Talks Kono's Stormy Adventure, Rollins' Return

Hawaii Five-0 Preview Grace Park

Hawaii Five-0‘s Grace Park is endeavoring to explain just how cold it can get when filming a scene out on the water surrounding our 50th state (not that we ever doubted her a bit).

“I know — it’s Hawaii, so you think, ‘What’s she talking about?’ But why don’t I put you in my little outfit and put the north winds on you for a few hours, and see how you do!” she contends, letting out a laugh.

Park’s brief lesson in Hawaii weather systems came as she related the most arduous part of filming this Friday’s episode (CBS, 9/8c), in which Kono sets out to fulfill her mother’s own, onetime wish, to circle the islands solo on an outrigger.

“It doesn’t go as smoothly as she thinks it’s going to go,” Park previews. “She’s on what is essentially a three-man boat, but you could do it by yourself, if you had glassy water. You definitely don’t want 20-foot waves.” Alas, Kono runs into a storm that she predicted would pass in a different direction, setting the stage for a grueling odyssey at sea.H50_quote

Filmed partly on the open ocean, partly adjacent to a sand bar, and with a bit of pool work thrown in (for the most intense sequences), “The episode really is an experiential one,” Park says. “The audiences goes with Kono, which is almost like traveling the psyche with someone. Because if you’re lost out at sea, there are a lot of head games happening, lots of fears you have to battle, maybe from hallucinations…. You’re your only company out there, so you run the gamut of emotions and thoughts, about living and dying.”

And though the actress will underscore for you the chill the aforementioned north winds can bring, Park makes clear the end result of this extreme outing was a joyous thrill. “Yeah, it was a little insane when they dump like 70 gallons of water on you from above and you have water cannons and wind machines and wave machines in the pool, and rain towers — but it was still fun,” she asserts. “It feels really, really good to just apply yourself and work hard towards a result in one episode,” versus across a whole season. “It’s more rewarding.”

Regardless of whether she circles the islands as planned, Kono gains “a life experience” through the ordeal, Park says. She also presumably survives, seeing as the back half of the double-episode finale (airing May 8) marks the day of Kono’s wedding to Adam. With a loose nuclear bomb being chased by the Five-0 team — and perhaps for other reasons — “It’s debatable whether the wedding goes off or not,” Park teases. Then again, she notes, “It’s not an episode about a wedding,” since the producers didn’t wish to serve up a replica of Chin Ho’s own big day. “That was actually kind of refreshing in some ways,” the actress says. She then adds with a chuckle, “But I actually did feel a bit ripped off. Like, ‘What? OK….'”

The wedding episode Ho’ opio (To Take Captive)(that’s not about a wedding) also marks the return of Michelle Borth as Catherine Rollins, teasing a scenario where Park isn’t the series’ lone female crimefighter. (Amanda Setton has recurred this season as M.E. Dr. Mindy Shaw.) “They tried a number of times — Michelle I think was the third one? — to have a female be a part of Five-0, so when she left I did feel a bit like, ‘I guess it’s not happening,'” Park laments. As such, “I was completely shocked that Michelle was coming back. I even told her that, because I was really surprised.

“It’s a strange thing,” Park says of the revolving door of women. “I don’t know why it has gone this way, but for whatever reason it has.” Which is not to knock any of the male series regulars that were added this season. “They’re lovely and funny and awesome — there are no complaints there,” she says. But despite all of Chi McBride’s considerable talents, we point out, he’s just not a woman. “No, he’s not!” Park concurs with a laugh. “And the same with Jorge Garcia. They’re both very male!”

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  1. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview about new episode. Can’t wait to see new episode tomorrow!

  2. bj says:

    They should keep Michelle and get rid of Jorge.

    It will be a great change to have an episode devoted to Kono.

    • Evan says:

      Michelle still has to probably write “I will not be mean to the fans online” a whole bunch of times on blackboards somewhere to fully get back on the show.

      • Katie says:

        There aren’t enough blackboards in the world for her to write on in order to get back on the show. Her behavior was beyond childish.

      • katydid1903 says:

        Maybe if the fans weren’t so vile to her in the first place she wouldn’t have been mean to them in return. Hopefully she won’t bother to read the obnoxious comments this time around. She did great work on the show and has been missed by alot of her fans.

        • Evan says:

          Actually you’re no doubt right they were worse then her and I’d also like her back on the show as a regular. But you have to laugh and make jokes about it when you find out that’s the reason she was written out.

          But when responding to fans like that you’re not supposed to sink to their level. You’re supposed to insult them in a way that they’re too dumb to realize they were just being insulted.

    • Nan says:

      Agred…keep Michelle….I missed her and Jorge as far as I’m concerned add no value to the show…

  3. Rick Katze says:

    Having sailed in the Boston harbor area, people would be surprised to find how just cold it gets when at the shore it is in the high Eighties and you want a jacket after going about half a mile out to sea. Will be watching tomorrow night but it sounds like she had an interesting experience.

  4. star says:

    Hahahaha hahaha she knows that the writers have been terrible at keeping female characters and she does not like it. Thank God she has the balls to talk about the sexism on that show.

  5. mike says:

    I’m old enough to remember the old 5-0. when I saw Grace Park as Kono…. well let’s just say I very pleasantly surprised. If you don’t know what I mean, just find old eps. And compare the two Konos

    • Rick says:

      LMAO!!! Back then there wasn’t a female really part of that team. I would have enjoyed this show allot more if say Mcgarrett was the original’s son. They should have had some of them guest star on the show. I said when I saw it, how could they change Kono into a slim female? At first thought she was Kono’s cousin or daughter. LMAO

    • katydid1903 says:

      LOL I remember the old show too and did a double take when I saw the “new version” of Kono. 😊

  6. suzybel58 says:

    Did not like the Catherine character.

  7. mary says:

    This sounds a lot like an old Magnum PI episode from season 4. That was a great, hard to watch episode!

    • Don O. says:

      Thank you. I was just telling someone about that. Magnum, after treading water for a while, sees his Dad and is talking to him. His Dad was played by Robert Pine of CHiP’s. I wonder if the same writer worked on both scripts!

    • katydid1903 says:

      I thought the same thing and was expecting Kono’s version of Herman to show up but thankfully he never did. I’m glad to see the only real similarities was being stuck in the ocean and remembering their parent’s advice.

  8. liquidaloha says:

    She left the show cause the writing sucks? LOL! She had no idea what H50 was about, she said she wanted to help a rape victim.. on H50? (It was on her interview with Mike Gordon)
    Hope she leaves at the end of the ep!!

  9. Kono needs to open her mouth more when talking. The guy that plays McGarret sstinks. He really doesn’t do any thing. It sure isn’t the old 5-0!

    • Rick says:

      He doesnt do anything? Where have you been and what are you watching?

    • I don’t think we’re watching the same show! Alex is TERRIFIC and has given his heart and soul to this show. Steve has been the main character for most episodes, but they do give his character the odd show to relax (a few more this season). If you watch from the beginning, you’ll know what I mean.

  10. Shells says:

    This episode totally made me think of Magnum P.I.
    Kono cheated with that surfboard. ;)

  11. Ella says:

    This episode was ridiculous. I know Kono’s a surfer but there is no way she would have survived that ordeal.

  12. L. Hart says:

    I hope Michelle Borth returns as cast member. She was perfect as McGarretts significant other

  13. Suman Roy says:

    Michelle Borth & Alex O’Laughlin had great chemistry.I was pretty surprised when they ttok her off in season IV.Hopefully she stays this time.

  14. I don’t understand why people watch Hawaii five o and then complain about the actors if you don’t like them don’t watch it Alex oloughin is the lead actor on the show and I am sure that he if didn’t like Michelle borth doing all the scenes with him he would have said something I don’t think he would have felt comfortable doing so
    many episodes with with her if there was a problem so to keep going on about her is wrong I am sure that there are many actors who
    have done far worse than what ever it was she said or did so it is time to let it go I hope that she stays in season
    6 or comes back later on in the series if people have a problem with Michelle then don’t watch it when she is in a episode

  15. Johnny Biddle says:

    Grace Park is the only reason I watch the new episode’s. I also remember the early 5’O’