The Good Wife Recap: Bye, Alicia

Kalinda's Last Episode

Like an exquisite meal sitting on a wobbly restaurant table, this week’s installment of The Good Wife had its delicious moments — marred by the intermittent/aggravating vibe that somebody at the top of the food chain really ought to be paying a little more attention to detail.

I mean, do we honestly believe Chicago drug kingpin Lemond Bishop would leave all his precious secrets on an unguarded computer in his home office? Or that Alicia and Diane would ignore their own gut instincts and professional experience — and put their faith in He Who Could Double as a Sneering, D.C. Comics Villain (I refer, of course, to David Lee)? Or (perhaps most eyebrow-raising of all), that Kalinda Sharma would choose to take that Midnight Train to Georgia (or wherever), to a simpler place in time, all because a pawn on her chessboard momentarily threatened the queen?

Don’t get me wrong: I got some solid emotional release watching Alicia break down after learning her former partner in martini-slugging was (possibly?) out of her life for good. And it’s also nice to see that — in light of her stepping down from the State’s Attorney post under a cloud of scandal — our titular heroine can’t just click the heels of her ruby slippers and go back home to a standard operating (albeit fascinating) case-of-the-week format. I just think the always elegant Robert and Michelle King — showrunners I’d follow even if they sent Alicia on a quest for the Rambaldi device — hit a few clumsy notes in “The Deconstruction” that I’m worried won’t be addressed in the final two hours of Season 6.

But since it’s quite possible I’m the only Picky McGrumperson who’s started an Evernote file in his iPhone labeled “Nagging Good Wife Questions,” let me get to the business of giving you a recap the third-to-last installment before the show’s cruel summer break.

GONE GIRL | Kalinda – learning Cary wants to testify instead of her — cuts him off at the pass and strikes an agreement with Geneva: She won’t take the stand, but in the next day or two, she’ll come up with some other evidence to put Bishop behind bars. Shortly thereafter, we see the boot-loving investigator get in a car with Bishop’s No. 2, Dexter Roja, and quiz him about whether he might be turning against their soon-to-retire boss. Her line of inquiry seems imprudent at best and insane at worst, but it turns out she’s merely dropped by to steal a flash drive from the unsuspecting stooge. After bringing Bishop’s son home from school, she sends him upstairs and sneaks into the study, then uses said drive (labeled “D.R.’s Jams #2”) to upload all of Bishop’s files. (Again, do we really think a drug dealer with this much clout would leave himself so exposed? And is this pilfered evidence admissible anyway? Haven’t we hear the phrase “fruit of the poisoned tree” on this show too many times before?)

When Bishop comes home and gets the error message “the disk was not ejected properly,” it looks like Kalinda has made an amateur mistake — until we realize everything traces back to Roja’s drive. Bishop gets arrested – again, his “Call my lawyer, and tell Dexter he’s dead” seems like an implausible thing to utter in front of members of the Chicago P.D. — but Kalinda’s plan hits a snag. Cary, waiting in Kalinda’s apartment, tells Roja he’s the one who put Bishop behind bars… but in the midst of their chat, Roja remembers Kalinda was the one who had access to the drive with his favorite playlists. Uh-oh.

There’s a great scene where Cary and Kalinda discuss how things are going down —and it’s telling she keeps her back to him almost the entire time. The wheels are turning in her head — and she realizes she’s got to flee the scene or wind up another missing person/dead body in Bishop’s business plan. She finally turns and kisses Cary gently — and it feels deeper than a temporary goodbye.

Kalinda then goes to Alicia’s apartment with a note — but it’s only Grace who’s home. The Lady Sharma looks at old photos on Alicia’s mantle, gets jarred by her erstwhile lover Peter’s face, gets misty eyed recalling snapping an old pic of Alicia holding up a makeshift [and Florrick] banner at the end of the Lockhart Gardner sign. But she doesn’t have time to wait for her old friend.

Later, on the phone with Diane, she offers a platitude — “Life’s too short to be mad” — to help repair her boss’s rift with Alicia, and it’s decidedly un-Kalinda. Diane seems a little startled, but she’s got so much on her plate, you can see her compartmentalize and dismiss it.

Sure enough, Cary soon learns his lady love’s phone has been disconnected, and when he goes back to her place, he finds she’s cleared out all of her possessions — even hammered a hole in the plaster to grab her secret stash (cash? guns? passports? probably all of the above).

It’s Alicia, though, wearing a hoodie and jeans (!!!), who’s ultimately most devastated by whatever Kalinda has planned. She finds her old pal’s note on the mantle, reads it, then discards it almost with disdain. Seconds later, though, she’s doubled over weeping, clearly anguished. Can someone promise me we’ll know what was in the letter in the first minutes of next week’s episode? OK, thanks. If this is really Kalinda’s last episode — I’m kinda stoked she left as she lived, enigmatic, shadow-like, always willing to do what needs to be done for her well-being and the benefit of those around her. She’s not the kind of chick who sticks around and takes a bullet, right? But nevertheless, WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS IN THE NOTE, ROBERT AND MICHELLE KING!

106236_D0109bWHOSE FIRM IS THIS ANYWAY? | The hour opens with Alicia’s press conference — where she gives up the SA seat while reiterating “neither I nor anyone associated with my campaign was responsible” for voter fraud. Her voice is breaking by the end, though, along with her heart. “What do I do now?” she asks Peter backstage, clearly reeling for her next move and (despite their sometimes vitriol) understanding this is a man in her life who knows how to move past scandal. (Speaking of which, where’s Eli?)

All seems well when Alicia meets with Cary, Diane and David — and they cheerily tell her they want her to come back as a name partner. “This is home, Alicia,” beams Diane. “Welcome home.”

…Or is it? Alicia gets a call from a client named Mr. Gallagher — and he informs her Diane is trying to retain him for the firm, that she has no intention of bring Alicia back into the fold. Her cursory look into matter has her and Finn thinking she’s being double-crossed, so she begins phoning her clients and telling them she’s going off on her own. David Lee is the maestro in the orchestra of bad vibes and betrayal — though even he thinks he’s on the side of right (even though his poaching phone calls are totally, David Lee-ian despicable). It all ends with Diane’s formidable, “get out of here, Alicia. Get out of here now”

Turns out it’s Kalinda who irons things out — calling Alicia (again, the ladies speak via phone, not in person), and sets Alicia’s time frame straight. Diane called Gallagher before she knew Alicia wanted back in at the firm. “You ned to call Diane right now,” she urges.

Thankfully, Alicia and Diane’s face-to-face detente goes well — but there’s a catch neither of ’em see coming. Turns out Diane’s new billionaire Republican client R.D. (Oliver Platt) will part ways with the firm if Alicia rejoins. Whether she was innocent of voter fraud or not, he argues, she’s going to always be viewed as another George Ryan or Rod Blagojevich — and his reputation can’t afford that kind of association.

And so we’re left with Alicia back in the dining room seeking advice from Peter. “Rest, read a book, recharge the batteries,” he says, warmly, then suggests instead that his estranged wife actually write a book. A quiet author’s life a woman who absolutely thrives when she’s up against the ropes, spitting blood into a cup? I sure as heck hope not — especially because a Season 7 with Alicia channeling her inner Carrie Bradshaw is damn hard to envision.

HEY, IT’S MARLENE FROM THE BIG C! | R.D. enlists Diane and Cary — and bookend conservative attorneys — to look for a test case involving minimum mandatory sentencing for drug offenses. Diane finds a noble cause in a grandmother who accidentally mailed 26 MDNA tablets for her addict grandson — and now faces 6-30 years hard time as a result. We learn the defendant (the always terrific Phyllis Somerville) would be better off (from a legal standpoint) if she were an addict, and while scenes of Christine Barasnski and Linda Lavin (as Somerville’s pre-sentence officer) delight — two powerhouse actresses in a fascinating culture clash/power struggle — this is more of a distracting amusement from the serious “what does this mean for the series?” A and B arcs discussed above. (Louise, we’re pleased to learn though, gets off with six months probation. Whew.)

On that note, it’s your turn. What did you think of Kalinda’s exit? Will we see more of her in the season’s final two episodes — or was this her last call? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. B says:

    God, what just happened? Surely Kalinda has one more bow to come??? The whole misunderstanding with Diane and Alicia combined with Kalinda’s stuff made me a very nervous viewer. The grandmother’s drug addict performance was a comic relief saving grace. I really do not understand Diane picking the Republican guy over Alicia, especially since Alicia’s clients seemed indifferent to her at first as long as they had stable representation. It was interesting watching the director playing with us. Kalinda walked by the conference room but wasn’t in a shot with Alicia. Then there was the picture taking flashback Kalinda had, but both weren’t in the same shot at any time. There has to be more for Kalinda, right?

  2. Hayes says:

    So just like that, Kalinda’s gone?? And I find it so hard to believe Cary and Diane will choose RD’s money over Alicia. That’s ridiculous.

    • Hayes says:

      Just to add that it’s really hard to complain if this is really Kalinda’s last episode cause that’s exactly how Kalinda would leave.

    • John says:

      I think his very large pile of money is important and I think “Alicia exhaustion” is part of the problem.
      Her political ambitions have been a very big distraction and she did all that without regard to the firm. And part of her power was the Florick brand name and that isn’t looking too good right now.

      Of course sooner or later she will be back with the law firm.

      • fan1am says:

        They would not have a firm if Alicia had not pumped all her money and credit; finishing with a loan from Peter to get the firm up and kept running. They even worked out of her condo as a firm.

        I think Alicia saw a way to prevent what happened to Carey from happening to another person.

        Alicia’s buyout was a joke so they will have to up the anti!

  3. kn1231 says:

    BUT WHAT WAS IN THE NOTE? That was a cliffhanger I didn’t want to wait to be exposed. And where is our Kalinda & Alicia in the flesh scene. We must be getting one of those before the end of the season. Alicia will be fine. I will be shocked if she’s not back at the law firm by the end of the season. I also think R.D. (I think that’s his name) is definitely some sort of plant playing Diane. But seriously, WHAT WAS IN THE NOTE?

    • Ange says:

      I want to know about the note also. As for RD, I think David Lee ends up his personal attorney/kiss behind which paves the way for Alicia to return. As for Kalinda leaving, it sort of seems appropriate. They did not kill her like they promised and she said goodbye to everyone.

    • Gilly says:

      The note said Peter set you up.

      • xx says:

        Oh, I love this idea. But idk that she’d leave a note like that where Peter or Eli could turn up.

      • Lizz says:

        Yes! This was my thought. Peter had too pat of answers to her career problems. I bet he doesn’t want her to be politically successful because then that will be competition for him. And maybe she’ll find out and that will be the final nail in their dead marriage.

        • I don’t know if it his fear of competition so much as his desire for Alicia to be dependent upon him once again. He knows that he will never get her back unless she is reduced to what she was before she took control of her own life.

      • Connie says:

        Now, Gilly, this is the best comment I have read so far!!

      • Marilyn says:

        Great idea. Bet that is it.

    • Laura says:

      I actually thought the note was blank inside, it certainly looked like it was.

    • HDx says:

      I really want to know what was in the note too!

  4. John says:

    I don’t think it was just, or even primarily, Kalinda’s note that cause Alicia’s reaction. That was just the last straw with the States Attorney mess and the fight with her old firm. I also would like to know what the note said, but Alicia read so quickly I doubt it contained any thing more than a good bye.

  5. Robin says:

    Ugh. Credits rolled by so quick. Anybody catch who sung the closing number “I think it’s going to rain today”? Best version I’ve ever heard.

  6. Gilly says:

    It’s obvious that Peter set up Alicia and I think that’s what the note told her.

    • BT says:

      I agree that Kalinda wanted to tell Alicia that Peter was out to get her. I had that feeling a couple episodes ago when Peter told her to trust that guy who threw her under the bus about the election. Kalinda figured it out that’s why she wanted to make sure that Alicia and Diane talked knowing there was a misunderstanding. That’s also why she had that look on her face while looking at peters picture. This episode was wonderfully written to make you think a lot of different things were going on. I predict the season cliffhanger will be Alica finally filing for divorce from Peter and confronting him about what he’s been up to

    • Laura says:

      How did Peter set Alicia up? It wasn’t obvious to me that that’s what happened. Are you saying that he orchestrated or was involved with the whole vote tampering thing for that other Democratic candidate? I guess that’s plausible, but I am not sure it was obvious. Interesting thought though.

  7. Jenn says:

    Cliff hanger – aghhhh! I’m guessing the note is a confession that Kalinda slept with Peter – she wants to make a confession to come clean before she leaves town forever (or maybe is afraid she might get killed). That was always the bug secret between them. That’s my guess.

    • Jenn says:

      Should say “big secret”

    • Outis says:

      She already made that confession awhile ago. Why can’t it just be a goodbye letter? Alicia already feels removed. Alone. Abandoned. Will was snatched from her before she could make amends for her mistakes. Her firm doesn’t want her now that she’s toxic. Her best friend just went away….anonymously. Alicia is tired (her own words), isolated, scared and unsure of herself. All that she built when she infamously made her deal with the devil has come crashing down and she’s at a low point, most likely terrified of her future but really what she’s become. I think the movie watching scene with her daughter sort of hinted at her disdain for things. She was seeking safe refuge but it appears she’ll have to find another way.

      I was underwhelmed by the episode, much like this season. It was inconsistent and I felt Kalinda deserved a more worthy plot line but meh…..Oh well. This isn’t a great show anymore, but it has it’s moments and there were a couple in this episode.

    • kn1231 says:

      This makes no sense, considering Alicia already knows Kalinda slept with Peter. That is the reason the writers are using for their lack of screen time together… “Things won’t ever be the same between Kalinda and Alicia because of the betrayal of Kalinda not only sleeping with Peter, but then lying about it for so long”

    • nursejazz says:

      Alicia already knew that Kalinda slept with Peter. Remember she gave Kalinda a good slap when she found out. That was the first time I saw Kalinda cry and that was in the elevator after Alicia confronted her about her betrayal. Still, they got past it. The letter was a goodbye letter. Kalinda wanted to do it in person but she could not wait so she left a note. Now Alicia feels completely alone. After finding out about the firm reading Kalinda goodbye letter was like the last straw.

      • Tgw fan says:

        Watched this show from day one season one:

        Yes : Alicia found out that Kalinda slept with Peter from Andrew Wiley the day Peter won the states attorney election.

        She never slapped Kalinda on the face regarding the one night stand. She confronted Kalinda when she came into her office and then asked her to get out before she screamed. Then Kalinda went into the elevator and cried – yes first and only time we saw that happen.

        The only time we saw them alone in a scene together after that was when Alicia bailed her out of jail and then thanked her for finding Grace when she went missing .

        Now after Kalindas departure the Kings want to give us the reunion we have been waiting for? Too little too late.

        If K will be there with Alicia one more time before the season ends, then that’s what was in the note. Otherwise I think with will be a motange of flashbacks in Alicia’s mind if their friendship . I think the nite from k said “im sorry/ I love u/ good bye.”

    • Joe says:

      Alicia already knew about the romp Kalinda had with Peter. I bet the note said ‘Peter set you up. Goodbye forever. Kalinda’

  8. Kathy Smith says:

    Kalinda leaves as she entered? She probably has an indentity ready to walk into, she was always watching the shadows… And I’m also wondering whose version of “I think it’s Going to Rain Today” that was – haunting.

  9. Matt says:

    Jenn, Alicia knew that Kalinda slept with Peter.

  10. abz says:

    “Or (perhaps most eyebrow-raising of all), that Kalinda Sharma would choose to take that Midnight Train to Georgia (or wherever), to a simpler place in time, all because a pawn on her chessboard momentarily threatened the queen?”
    While I still think (hope) we will see her again one more time, I didn’t find it all that surprising. She’s done it before when she escaped her husband. And a Lemond Bishop threat isn’t something to take lightly based on his history of offing people who cross him. It makes perfect sense she’s scared because she’s finally done something huge against him.

  11. rowan77 says:

    I don’t think Alicia was crying because Kalinda left – at least not only that. I think whatever is in the note was the straw that broke the camel’s back and Alicia fell apart. She’s had to step down from taking the SA position. She has no clients of her own and because of RD, she doesn’t even have Florrick, Agos & Lockhart. She only has Colin Sweeney (who frankly would be a profitable start for a singular attorney. His retainer fees are huge). This see-saw of is-she-or-isn’t-she-back is enough to make anyone lose it. Kalinda’s note was the breaking point.

    The pilfered evidence Kalinda gave Geneva is admissible because Kalinda was not working for the SA’s office and did not reveal where or how she got it. If she told Geneva THEN it wouldn’t have been admissible and anything new they gain from whatever’s on the drive will be fruit from the poisonous tree and also inadmissible. Same reason why a good attorney will not ask a client if they really did the crime – it ties their hands.

    Seeing Oliver Platt, Phyilis Somerville AND Linda Lavin all in the same episode made me smile wide as each appeared (Lavin also got a “Yay!). They have the best guest stars on this show.

    And it sucks that we didn’t get to see Kalinda and Alicia finally be face to face. It’s been years and it was her last show.

    • It more than just sucks that they had not a single scene together for years.
      It defies all logic whatsoever … and it’s stupid and petty and ridiculous.

      • Nancy says:

        It’s not so mysterious when you learn that Julianna Margulies developed some kind of disdain (hatred?) for Archie Panjabi. Maybe it was jealousy since Kalinda was a fan fave & Archie won an Emmy in Year #1. Whatever happened, it was allegedly JM who basically told the writers to not put her and Archie into any scenes together and it’s been that way for over 2 seasons. Petty, stupid, but there you have it.

        • abz says:

          All of that is pure gossip and rumors. Sure, there must be something going on behind-the-scene to have led to a separation for 2+ seasons (because as much I’ve come to love the Kings and their writing, their reasoning for keeping them apart is pure BS), but for now there is no proof or interviews or revelations about it. It’s all just bad mouthing JM. The woman has numerous Emmys and Golden Globes for the role so I don’t know why she’d be jealous of that and even though she’s a brillaint actress and could have been faking it, when Archie Panjabi won her Emmy and JM hugged her she seemed genuinely happy for her at the time. Not denying there is a possibility of a rift between the actresses that may have developed, but so many people online are talking about it as if it’s fact. Once the show is over, I think all the secrets and skeletons will slowly come out.

          • shaynermaven says:

            Let me ask this: was there any reason from a story-telling narrative that required Alicia & Kalinda to be out of any scene together for over 2 seasons? I say no. That means something else besides the story was going on. I don’t claim to know what that something is or was but the result of that is what was noticeable. Logic dictates that since JM is a show producer & main star and the show revolves around her, she has more pull than any other actor on the show. Do the math. Can’t deny something was going on.

          • abz says:

            I never denied that there might be something going on behind the scenes (you can reread my comment if you want). I just wanted to point out that all of this is merely gossip/rumours. There is no proof of anything, but some people are claiming things as fact. Nancy’s comment suggested that we learned that JM developed some kind of jealousy/hatred for Archie, however, that is just speculation. There still is no proof or interview specifically about this. Hopefully more entertainment journalists (TVLine or other ones) directly ask about this issue/rumour someday.

        • I’m well aware that’s what led to Archie’s downfall on TGW. It’s a major reason why I am walking away.

  12. Julie says:

    Bye, Alicia. Har har. ;-)

  13. Mally says:

    I actually don’t mind not knowing what was in the note. It fits Kalinda’s character. She’s always been somewhat “mysterious” and open-ended. If they plan on not telling us what was in the note, I’d be fine with that.

    And I don’t get how people are pointing the finger at Peter “setting her up”. He definitely has his faults, but I can’t see him setting her up like that. We will have to see.

    The last two episodes have been very good. I have not been feeling this season. I wonder how Cary is going to take this and where his character is going to go. He might leave the firm. Kalinda AND Alicia are gone. Cary and Alicia started that firm, only to have it go right back to freaking Diane and David Lee. Gets me a little mad just typing that.

    • B says:

      I really hope it’s not set up by Peter. I don’t like Peter as Alicia’s husband, but I like them as allies and friends. Considering that the other alliances have mostly disintegrated by this point, I really don’t want that one gone, too.

      I don’t like the backtracking of the plot line, either. That’s Cary and Alicia’s firm! I can’t see Cary being too happy with the turn of events either–this kind of stuff is why he didn’t want to bring any of the LG people in earlier in the season.

  14. abz says:

    This episode was once again excellent TGW, but so very depressing. The promo gave me a bit of hope. Alicia’s hit rock bottom. Only upwards from here. I kind of want Alicia and Finn to start their own law firm together. Florrick & Palmar.

    • Doo Bee Doo says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Alicia and Finn working together. But we’ve already done the whole Alicia-starts-a-new-firm story, do we really want to go over it all again? Also it breaks my heart that Cary and Alicia are no longer the dream team they were last season.

      • abz says:

        I think it could maybe be a bit different this time around to have the show go in such a direction since they’ve unfortunately decided to not allow her to become SA. The first time Alicia went out on her own, everything was new to her. Not to mention how quick and messy and unplanned her start-up was and the many obstacles in her way as a result of her backstabbing Will. She’s hit rock bottom now and she has nowhere to go but up. Her campaign was a learning experience and perhaps should she decide to go out on her own again, she’d be much smarter hopefully and wiser and do things a little differently. There’s only so long the office politics/drama can go on. While it’s still written well and well-acted, the back-and-forth conflict between Diane, Cary, and Alicia (and of course, David Lee) is all been-there done-that. We’ve seen it many times with Will and Diane and last season as well. Having her go back to the firm only to then have conflict arise from more office scheming and plotting, etc., just doesn’t work. There’s only so many times they can change that firm name. She should start all over again and this will be like a reset for Alicia (and for the show) similar to the pilot. Or maybe work for Frank Prady in the SA’s office as a prosecutor with Geneva Pine (a character I really like and wish they’d use more). Wendy worked for Peter for a short time so it could be possible.

  15. Jen says:

    Not 100% sure but I think it may have been Nora Jones singing at the end of tonight’s episode.

  16. delfiteblu says:

    This show had me so confused that when Kalinda said goodbye and looked at the camera and they faded to black, I thought the show was over. i nearly deleted it from the DVR! All that backing and forthing with Diane – I have no clue what happened. None.

    • Ro says:

      I actually thought the show was over too and stopped watching since I was watching onDemand for the first time… apparently I missed a lot.

  17. Kathy says:

    Actually I want Cary and Alicia to break off and start their law firm again. The law firm they have now is old LG and not what they wanted. Cary deconstructed, too.

    • cookie says:

      I like ur idea, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I think Saint Alicia is gonna find a loophole to come back refreshed and take HER firm back! !!

  18. Anna says:

    I’ve been wandering away from this series for a while now. I actually LIKE the case of the week stuff, preferring my soapy goodness in smaller, less labyrinthine doses with much less political maneuvering.

  19. NEHA says:

    Bishop having all his important files in an unlocked and unmonitored room WAS crazy…but I can totally buy that Kalinda was worried enough to leave at that point. She was absolutely a goner at that point.

  20. peace2speak says:

    Found it a little hard to believe that they would choose RD over Alicia. Especially since Cary and Diane have both had trouble with the law this year. And, I find it hard to believe that RD’s “ethics” wouldn’t allow him to be okay with Alicia, but he would be okay with a firm that had clients such as Bishop and Sweeney.

  21. radiant says:

    I couldn’t watch this series after Season 4. Aside from the case of the week format, I actually enjoyed Kalinda’s friendship with Alicia. With that gone, the show suffered much. I guess Archie Panjabi did the right thing leaving the show. I hope she gets great material in her future shows.

  22. Rolf Adams says:

    “The Good Wife” has always held my family’s interest from Episode 1. Interesting story lines, etc. I will miss Archie Panjabi ( Kalinda). I liked her character. I also liked the fact that watching her on the show was beneficial to my eyes.

  23. NotAnselAdams says:

    This hour is going to go down in history as one of the 10 WORST send-offs of characters in dramatic TV. Someone as vital, interesting, important and enjoyable as Kalinda … just leaves with a whisper and STILL never shares a scene with Alicia at all?

    Julianna Margulies must REALLY hate her to have mandated the two never have any scenes together for almost 3 years.

    I am truly disappointed in this show. It’s time for TGW to bow out at the end of this season, methinks. The magic’s gone.

    • abz says:

      While I agree with you on the Alicia/Kalinda stuff, if you no longer enjoy it anymore, you are free to move on. I still very much enjoy the show and I’m sure many out there still do as well and would like to see it continue. Selfish much?

  24. Missy Kelly says:

    What happened to Robin? Shouldn’t Robin be back as an investigator? We haven’t seen her since the merger.

    Sorry to see Kalinda go but I reiterate: Where’s Robin? Did I miss an episode?

  25. lkh says:

    I hear and see that a lot on tv too, something about a poisoned tree. The legal doctrine is Fruit of the Poisonous Tree because evidence gained from evidence from bad behavior can’t be used–I think.

    • radiant says:

      Not exactly. This doctrine of inadmissibility applies to evidence obtained through illegal searches and seizures by law enforcers. It cannot be used against a private individual.

  26. Jean wyman says:

    Awful to see Kalinda go, even tho the writers finally gave her back some of the screen time she deserves. I blame Margoles for killing off Kalinda. She just couldn’t stand it that Archie is an exponentially better actor than she us. I love Archie’s subtlety and what she can do and imply just with her eyes. The Kings never knew how to take advantage of those skills, but now I won’t have to wonder if they will this week? What a missed opportunity.

    • No. Margulies is a good actress too but was not pleased that Panjabi was becoming a co-lead and more popular than the original lead.

      • Mango says:

        Really? I keep reading about this rumor about Margulies allegedly being a bitch towards Panjabi for upstaging her character mostly from comments. Where are you getting this idea from? Was it from an interview or something? That’s unfortunate if there’s any truth to it.

  27. wendy kalthoff says:

    unfortunately, I think that was the last we will see of kalinda!

  28. Gwen says:

    First off, I was appalled they said the ‘grandma’ was (only) 62. The actress, while wonderful, is 71 in real life and looks every second of it. She looked WELL past early 60’s. I just had to say that first.

    I didn’t mind Kalinda’s leaving 2 episodes earlier, but I do hate the fact due to petty RL issues, we were robbed of Kalinda and Alicia having a final scene together.

    I don’t much care if we find out what was in the note.

    The only future I see for Alicia is in the DA’s office, where her past isn’t an issue for clients. Nor her lack thereof. Probably won’t happen…just my opinion.

    And if we have another start-up…just more lazy writing, something the King’s have gotten pretty good at lately. Talk about fatigue, I think they have it with the series. While dialogue might be juicy here and there, originality has been replaced with re-tread story lines.

    • Sam says:

      I had to rewind that part….did they really just say the grandma was 62?! I hope my mom (62) is not watching this!

    • Cagney says:

      Gwen, thank you for your comment about the supposed age of the grandma. This was so off-putting to me. Is this what Hollywood assumes 62 looks like?! Are they so youth obsessed to be that clueless? Rhetorical question. I guessed that she was at least early70’s. it may be a minor quibble with all that was going on in that episode, but it pulled me out of the story.

  29. Jean wyman says:

    I meant to type “better actor than she IS”

  30. Nancy says:

    Kalinda is definitely the most interesting character in the show. If she is gone I am done. This was by far the poorest season of the show.

  31. 1 She will only come back on phone or letter. If at all. She put a whole in her apartment wall to take all her secret positions, the ones she used during her stint there. What in the world will happen to Kalinda and did she leave for good? My thoughts say yes! During the end long show, many things will be summed up and tied together for our good.?? Diane and Cary will try to really get Alicia back some time next season but she will refusel The writers have all summer to plan what Alicia will do next, and who will be her new lover. Someone that’s already on the show? With dark hair, who likes to play TV games with her? Can’t wait.

  32. Pilar says:

    Can not believe they will snatch Kalinda so quickly from us. Well at least she leaves with a grip of money she stole from her husband and hid in the wall for times like this. I do hope they bring her back

  33. Pilar says:

    I too must admit, it was perfect Kalinda form.

  34. yuri says:

    Finally after 3+ years, Kalinda finally has a scene with Alicia’s framed picture – yay! I wish more journalists would ask the creators point blank questions instead of skirting around the issue because it’s so very clear that Julianna Marguilles, not Alicia, who “just stepped out” in that scene.

  35. Sally Mellor says:

    We knew Kalinda was leaving, but this was so abrupt, I wasn’t ready for it. I do think the last two episodes have made up for the otherwise dull season. I really wasn’t into the whole let’s go into politics and am glad that’s over. I hope Alicia lands on her feet!

  36. This entire season has felt like such a waste of time. We focus on far too many episodes with Cary facing criminal charges when it was clear he was innocent – then we switch to the tedious plot about Alicia and her campaign only to have that taken away from her in an absurd twist. Then, she gets fired – FROM HER OWN LAW FIRM – for no reason, other than to appease that awful rich client. And after 3 plus years without a single scene between Kalinda and Alicia, would it have killed Julianna to at least have them interact once on camera tonight before Archie was gone for good??

  37. cookie says:

    I am just crushed for Kalinda and Alicia! ! My heart was so sad for the both of them. And poor Carey I so felt his loss of his love. And far as Bishop he got what he deserved. YOU can only put the screws to some one for so ling. Forcing Kalinda to work for him was just wrong. Smart people like Kalinda always have an exit statergy for themselves. I’ll miss her very much! ! This hour was sooooo exhausting to watch. What’s next???

  38. Ben Wong says:

    I’m pretty sure the note read, “I love you”

    • cookie says:

      I agree I think the note said I love you. And Alicia broke down cause the one person she dropped as a true friend, was the only person to say I love when she was stabbed in the back by Diane and David Lee. It’s not over, I think Finn is gonna help her mount a legal fight and get her back in . Or R.D. is gonna die and they hire her back. She’s gotta come back. I just can’t believe the writers took everything away from her Alicia has always protected her reputation! !!

  39. Clearly, there is a feud between Margulies and Panjabi. It has been 50 episodes since they appeared in a scene together. The finger points at Margulies as she is a producer on the show.

    • Mango says:

      Sucks if true…half of me wishing either it gets cancelled or the ratings go down for season 7. Then JM loses the show entirely. Pfft!

    • Elisabeth says:

      However, it would fit with Alicia’s character to not want to have anything to do with someone who slept with her husband and then lied about it (lie by omission). I’ve always felt that that was the reason the reason they weren’t in scenes together, not some alleged feud.

  40. Heidi says:

    Did you notice the hairbrush Kalinda obviously left behind? My guess is so Cary has her DNA so her “remains” can be identified if Bishop gets to her. :-(

    • still watching says:

      I wondered about that. I think you’re right….
      Bummed that JM felt threatened by AP in real life. Isn’t there enough fame, recognition and screen time for both of the actresses. I had thought Archie was offered her own series because she was so good.

    • Tgw fan says:

      I did notice the brush and wondered why she would leave it! Good thinking. Let’s hope she can hide /run far enough away that Bishop can’t find her , or that with Bishop’s arrest he gets put away for good (which I doubt).

  41. Kalinda is the most interesting character and cannot be replaced!

  42. Norm Ledgin says:

    Kalinda was, consistently, the most fascinating character on the show–which, by the way, has run off the track so many times my wife and I were ready to give it up.
    What you really need to get rid of is all the flip-flopping by the major attorneys on their firm’s structure and give us more courtroom drama. It’s the courtroom stuff that attracted my wife and me to this show in the first place.
    Alicia, the so-called “good wife,” has turned into a pawn of circumstances presumably beyond her control. Let her divorce that ambivalent governor. Put her back in the courtroom,
    Place more emphasis on her brainpower than on her sexuality, give her a few brilliant moments of motherhood, keep her out of politics (in which she lacks credibility), and the world will be at her feet.
    Smart trial lawyer, is what we need you to be, Alicia. Go watch some Perry Mason reruns.
    And, oh yes, writers? Producers? This show can recover from loss of a Will Gardner, but you’d better find us another Kalinda.

  43. TGW fan says:

    Too abrupt …it deserved the whole hour and maybe next week too. She was beloved

  44. AViewer says:

    Kalinda is definitely gone, the TV rags already have printed it is a definite, that was her exit show… the question is why? What’s in store next for her acting career? She is much to good on camera to not be doing a major motion picture, or a mini series, or a regular TV show. I hope she has a deal in the pocket (of her leather jacket). I think the note was brief (obviously read too quickly) and that the writers’ are not going to let the viewers know what was in the note. We can assume that she fled the country, or somehow left “for good” (since she said her good byes) but the note also could have been a suicide note (hint in the comment to Diane: “life is much to short to be upset” or something to that effect. By not letting the viewers in on if she kills herself or just leaves town, that leaves them open to bring her back in the future, if she wants to and if they want to write her character back in ….or even like in other shows, a Kalinda look alike who had plastic surgery to fool Bishop and then years later she comes back…but its an actress that looks like her (hince the plastic surgery); writer’s are always doing strange things like that – some shows have even brought characters back as a ghost. So my big question is, what’s next for the show? Kalinda was a major part of what was interesting about the show, and without her, it may be boring. Alica, Cary, Diane, they are all starting to get boring. The round and round thing with the law firms has been silly – I am here, now I am leaving, now I will join your firm, now I will run for office, now I want back into my firm, no, I will start another firm, oh, it was a misunderstanding, guess I will go back to my old firm….which is it??? is getting silly! Kalinda brought excitement, sex, danger and an edgy-ness to the show which is really going to be missed.

  45. cookie says:

    I want Alicia in her darkest hour to have a visit from Will to reach her from the grave and give her the strength to finally fight back after licking her wounds. And teach Diane and David a lesson on firing her. She’s got to get even!!!!

  46. Liz985 says:

    If Alicia asks one more man, “What should I do?” I don’t think I’ll care if this is the last season.

  47. KA says:

    There seemed to be a technical issue regarding Bishop’s laptop after Kalinda had copied the data onto a flash drive. When Bishop and his friend were checking things out, they indicated the the identity of the intruder could be determined by opening up the registry. I am quite sure that the computer was a Mac and Macs do not have a registry.

  48. BT says:

    Given the character Kalinda’s exit was perfect. Everything about her was always understated and mysterious her exit was in line with that. I’m glad the writers didn’t go for the flashy and easy way out of killing her off note to Grey’s anatomy. This is by far one of the best written regular network drama shows it will be interesting to see how the show goes on without her. While Will’s murder was shocking it did advance the storyline but I’m not sure how Kalinda’s departure will do that.

  49. dman6015 says:

    “If this is really Kalinda’s last episode…” I think it was her last episode. The way she looked at the camera and said “Goodbye” as she left Alicia’s looked like a swan song to me.

    Still would like to know what Margulies has against Panjabi. How do you go for more than two years and not have a scene together? Closest they came was in this episode when Kalinda walked by the conference room Alicia was in, and that was probably filmed at different times.

    • Liz985 says:

      I’ve often wondered if the animus began when Archie won her best supporting Emmy for TGW before Julianna received hers for best actress (2010 and 2011 respectively). Archie/Khalinda were really creating a buzz around that time, too. Might have been too much for JM’s ego.

  50. D says:

    Note says : Will is alive … :)