Bones Boss Previews Brennan and Booth's Marital 'Strain,' Angela and Hodgins' 'Huge' Life Reexamination

Bones Season 10 Spoilers

As Bones‘ main couple begins to face a major challenge that threatens to tear their marriage apart in this Thursday’s episode (Fox, 8/7c), their friends/colleagues Angela and Hodgins will be looking towards the next step for their own clan.

“Like a yawn spreads, it will be an examination that rubs off on Booth and Brennan,” executive producer Stephen Nathan tells TVLine. “They also have to look at the life they’ve been leading and how it affects their family and how it might affect their family in the future.”

Given that the pair has been imprisoned, shot at and had their house destroyed, they have to decide, “Is this the life they want to raise children in?”

Read on as Nathan talks gambling troubles, baby names, marriage for another couple, Season 11’s time jump and more.

TVLINE | How serious of a threat is Booth’s relapse into gambling to his marriage?
It’s a big threat to the marriage. All of our stories start to tumble over each other as we approach the end of the season. In the episode where Brennan finds out she’s pregnant, this is also the episode where Booth is having a relapse. We also have prior to that touched on his gambling issues, but it’s really here where they come back full force because he’s investigating a crime that takes place in an underground poker game. So the stories dovetail and later on, it dovetails with Cam and Arastoo’s story where Arastoo has a brother who seems to be dying in Iran and he goes back to Iran to help his brother. Now, he was forced to leave the country so it’s very dangerous for him to go back. While Booth and Cam go back in another episode to Iran to bring Arastoo home, the gambling story really comes home to roost for Brennan. We follow this through the rest of the season, and it’s a tremendous strain and a danger to their relationship and something which really there’s no resolution to. It’s an ongoing issue for them.

Bones Season 10 SpoilersTVLINE | Is Booth able to hide this from Brennan, or does she immediately take notice of what’s going on with him?
It is not obvious. Anyone who has an addiction also has developed a tremendous talent and capacity for self-delusion and for hiding their problem from others. So we’ll be dealing with that aspect of it as well.

TVLINE | Does it start to affect his job and maybe people at the Jeffersonian or the FBI start to notice?
Certainly Aubrey is with him in a very close capacity, working as his partner, so you’ll see all of it. I don’t want to give anything away.

TVLINE | Earlier this season, Daisy named her and Sweets’ child after Seeley. Might Brennan and Booth return the favor?
That we’ll have to see. I can tell you that there will not be a birth this season.

TVLINE | Will there be a time jump then going into Season 11?
At this point, we think there will be, but everything is up in the air. We really have to see what’s happening with Season 11. It was a little bit of fancy footwork writing this finale because we had to write a finale that was both a season and series finale from which we could return.

TVLINE | You mentioned Cam and Arastoo and what they’re dealing with. I’m actually kind of surprised that they’re not engaged yet.
Well, they really are talking about it now. This is something that, next season, will be addressed in a very major way.

Bones Season 10 SpoilersTVLINE | Turning to Angela and Hodgins, what is the next step for them as a couple?
The second half of the season is going to be huge for Angela and Hodgins because Angela has been here temporarily. This is a temporary job. She fell in love with the people she was working with and her devotion to Brennan has kept her there. But at a certain point, certainly after everything they’ve all been through, there is a reexamination of one’s life. That is a natural occurrence in the passage of time. Their relationship has been through a lot, as has Booth and Brennan’s, and Hodgins and Angela will be reevaluating the life they want to live and how and where they want to live it.

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  1. Heidi says:

    “Like a yawn spreads, it will be an examination that rubs off on Booth and Brennan,” This sentence perfectly encapsulates how I now feel about this show after so long a time on hiatus. A big yawn.

    • If you are bored with it then stop watching

      • mandy says:

        Exactly. I don’t know why people make comments like that. Like viewing the show is not an option. So many shows get boring after a marriage or a baby, but I think Bones has done a really good job keeping it interesting. Plus it can’t end until they bring back Zack!!!!!

        • Tess says:

          Awwwwww, did Heidi rain on your warm and fuzzies? I mean, that’s really the issue here right? Anyway, telling people not to watch a show you like just because they’re bored with it at the moment is nothing short of idiotic, not to mention counter-productive.

          • Angela says:

            No actually it’s the truth, if you’re bored with the show, why are you here commenting then? What a waste of enery

          • MiaS says:

            I agree with Angela. If you are bored with a show and all you do is gripe about it–why ruin it for the fans who actually ENJOY it? This is not the only show that it happens to, (*coughNCIScough*) If I don’t like a show anymore, I move on to something else I like better, I certainly do not go to the comment section and start complaining. The real issue is common sense–and how one utilizes it–or not.

    • doctrsnoop says:

      Yeah, kind of with you there. I used to love this show. My wife still watches it so I sort of follow along, but if it disappeared I wouldn’t be heartbroken. Finder, on the other hand, I wish were given more of a chance.

      • aa says:

        Bones misses Hart Hanson imo, he is B&B to me, he understands them as a couple, their sparkle, their essence & importance to the success of the show…Stephen Nathan on the otherhand seems to think that shoving Aubrey & interns down our throats is riveting…I do hope for Season 11, so that the cast & fans get to say goodbye, to show the love & appreciation that a veteran show deserves: a swan song.

      • doctrsnoop says:

        The “A” Story, the crime almost never interests me, the “B” Booth Brennan usually never. The “C” Story, the auxiliary character story occasionally hits home – for me, like when Dr. Clark brought the diorama to life about the ancient neanderthal family, which, though fiction, really haunts me.

        • aa says:

          fair enough but c or d plots arent the draw not by a long shot…bones cast has gotten too bloated over the years…S1-3 with no interns getting a storyline every ep made for really streamline and & creatively tight seasons…Bones doesnt need 3 or 4 storylines each ep, all it is doing is diluting the narrative quality.

          • doctrsnoop says:

            Well that’s kind of the point. It shouldn’t be the draw, but for me it seems to be the lone draw. When the ep is saved by some nifty C plot. Just pointing it out in case anybody else feels the same.

      • A Finder Fan says:

        Yes – I really liked The Finder. It was cute and quirky and had a lot of heart. Too bad FOX couldn’t see that.

    • sdfds says:

      Go away.

  2. anon says:

    no Stephen Nathan Brennan is Booth’s partner and has been since day 1, the fact that you keep insisting that Aubrey is, when he is a junior agent who WORKS FOR Booth, shows me how little grasp you have on what the essence & backbone of Bones is as a showrunner, get it together.

  3. anon says:

    so does Cam or Hodgins or Angela the people who have known Booth longer than newbie Annoying Aubrey not notice or care about Booth relapse? yet Booth has to care about Arastoo taking off to Iran and clean up his mess & help Cam? one-way friendships on Bones

    • Cam is one of booths longtime friends. Of course he would help her out cause that’s what friends do.

      • Anon says:

        and my point is that its a one-way friendship…because I see Booth helping out the squints/interns being a support to them when they need it…but when do they ever be there for Booth ? heck not one of them have actually talked to Booth about his time in jail not one or how he dealt with losing his colleague Sweets, that speaks volumes to me on how the Bones writers view their r/ships…one-sided

        • Kendall says:

          But Booth is the stoic tough guy, not exactly someone who is eager to express his sad feelings or seek comfort from anybody.

    • John NYC says:

      The premise they’re working from was clearly stated: “Anyone who has an addiction also has developed a tremendous talent and capacity for self-delusion and for hiding their problem from others. “

  4. This article makes it sound really bad for B&B.

  5. aa says:

    The gambling storyline works for me as long as we get to see Booth dealing with it, that the point of the narrative is about why a man relapses after being clean for 10yrs & how he gets help to deal with it …I am not okay if Booths character gets thrown under the bus just so that Brennan (and the ugh overused new guy) get a storyline just to elevate her/their character development at Booths expense….we will see but it seems to me at times that is exactly what happens when Booth gets a storyline.

  6. tom says:

    If Angela’s gone, so am I

  7. Boiler says:

    Love how everyone reads this article and sees gloom and doom. Also I think Aubrey is Booth’s partner just as Sweets was. Of course Brennan there when needed.

  8. Can’t stand her. Her voice is awful & really she does not say much & doesn’t get along well with other workers. I think show has run it’s course!

  9. 1mars says:

    Well congrats writers, its taken you 10 years to ruin Booth, hope you’re happy, No one seems to mind he was in jail, disrespected by his FBI, lost his bff, now another kid and relapse to gambling just this season. Only worse thing you can do is have him have a fling with Cam while in Iran, where no American FBI should should be. Yep, its defo time to call it quits on this show. Bs is like a bad bf, I know I should break up with it…but I keep hoping it will change back to what it used to be. sigh

    • Nancy says:

      Yeah it all sounds pretty debbie downer except for the baby. Why would Booth put himself in a very dangerous situation like going to Iran? Has he ever even talked to Aristoo? I don’t remember them sharing much screen time. Cam means more to him than Brennan and his kids? I don’t get it. Aristo knew what he was getting into. CIA gets people out of places NOT the FBI. Why doesn’t he send his friend Danny who doesn’t have a pregnant wife and kids? Maybe Danny is too smart? Cam should be ashamed of herself for even asking him to do it. Cam should also be ashamed at herself for dating someone who works for her!
      Talk about a soap opera!

  10. xmelaniexthomasx says:

    Glad they’re doing something to shake things up because Bones has gotten boring. I’ve watched it from the beginning and this is the first season that I’ve felt this way. At this point, I’d be fine if it didn’t get another season.

  11. Mallory says:

    The one thing I don’t understand with the gambling storyline is the fact that Aubrey stopped Booth from doing small gambling online for a case earlier in the season Bc of his addiction…why on earth would they all the sudden let Booth take the even bigger case on, knowing his problem? It just seems inconsistent with the earlier part of the season.

  12. Rae says:

    I read this and think to myself why are taking this show a good show and killing it for me? Booth has worked way to hard to be a better man to be the right kind of man and for you to take him down this road sadness me! He has worked to hard to get Bones and now that he has her he throw it a way to gamble……it just does not make since to me?? Why do tv shows today think we the fans don’t want to see couples make it last? they have been thru so much and to keep adding to it and not just let them be happy hurts the show!

  13. Ethel says:

    I better not lose my Hodgins!!

  14. thompson says:

    i don,t think booth and brennen will separate and hodgins and angela should stay,it would not be the same without them.

  15. sam says:

    Normally don’t respond but stephen’s comments tell you he has no clue what bones is all about. Hart many times was clueless but after season 6 realize what not to mess with. Stephen will they wouldn’t they is will they break up or not. He has always made comments regarding booth’s character but him giving it all up for gambling and then running to iran with cam while your wife cleans up your mess is totally irresponsible. Booth could have fallen and got right up with Brennan’s help. I didn’t think i would sat this but it is time to close this book before it is put in limbo.

  16. Rose says:

    My very favorite show Most of the cast just makes this show great You have everything on this show and you always include humor Great show

  17. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    Bones is the best show on TV. Have you looked at the ratings, not just on Fox, but other networks, they stink, only two or three shows are keeping pretty decent ratings. I know Bones ratings are down, but a lot of that is because of the Haitus of being off 3 months. After season 10, if there is a season 11another long Haitus is talked about, how can Fox expect better results!!!!!!!!!Yes my biggest fans on Bones is B&B and yes I want to see more of them with that special magic with each other, I miss that. I hope Mr Nathan will see by these many comments and other articles with a lot of comments about B&B. All remainder episodes for Season 10 have already been shot, so what happens in few that are left, we will have to watch and enjoy. Hopefully if and I (Sure Pray for season 11)If they want the show to continue & for the ratings to go up again, just know B&B makes the show. I somehow believe Mr Nathan will not break up the pair (B&B), but somewhere they will be RE-UNITED and we all know that making up and love making is fantastic……..SO PLEASE PLEASE BE PATIENT & see what is up Mr Nathan’s sleeve. He’s got to know that WE THE FANS ARE THE RATINGS AND WANT TO SEE THE SHOW CONTINUE. I MIGHT ADD PLEASE FOX GIVE US SEASON 11 & GO FROM THERE.

  18. kmw says:

    I would have liked this story to have started better as well. Aubry came down on Booth hard about it the last time it came up and now he is going to let him. That and Brennan also knows better than to let him do it. Anybody who thinks this story is making Brennan look better at the expense of Booth is wrong. Despite this illogical way they are bringing it up, I am going to give it a chance. Brennan once she finds out really how bad it is, will do what’s best for Booth even if it hurts them both. This story is not about pitting Booth against Brennan to see who is better it is about working thru tough times. While I would have preferred they would have given us something better, especially since this could be their last year, it should give us great last 3 episodes. I am also not a fan of how Nathan has run this show. Bones made fans wait so long to get them together, SKIP almost all of their romance and now that Nathan is running the show, delights in torturing Booth and Brennan and fans. And yes they have to have some kind of resolution to this because they couldn’t film a regular cliff hanger like normal. I find it hard to believe Booth and Brennan wont be back together in the end. Nathan gives this kind of interview but earlier said we wouldn’t be disappointed by what he is giving us.( Oh and even better if we get a season 11 we will not see baby or babies being born on screen) I love Booth and Brennan but I wish Hanson would come back and run the show again. This season has been way too depressing.

  19. kmw says:

    One more thing it is not irresponsible for Booth to help Cam. It will probably come out that Brennan is going to encourage him to go. I don’t believe even with every thing that has been said that they are trying to ruin Booth or his character. Booth when gets back into gambling, will not act the way he normally would. Therefore when he goes to Iran he will not realize what kind of danger he is putting Brennan in. Brennan will end up treating him like any one with an addiction needs to be treated, with tough love. Once he realizes what he is about to lose, he will get the help he needs and they both can heal. Despite being unhappy with direction of show this year I will watch and see if Nathan is right about not being disappointed

    • Nancy says:

      Well last night he stated what he had to lose and he gambled anyway. Yes, I agree, Brennan will probably think it’s fine that Booth goes to Iran because Booth will be lying to her about what he’s doing. Booth on the other hand will know exactly what’s happening in his gambling world and he will willingly go and leave what he hold most precious in the lurch. He said last night about hitting rock bottom before. I think him going to Iran and leaving Brennan to face his mess is his new rock bottom.
      What a jerk!

  20. Jenetta thoms says:

    if Brennen and Booths split and Angela and Hodgins leave the show, I will no longer watch Bones. I watch it for entertainment, I’m involved with the characters and I’m really, really, really tired of people leaving or dying.

  21. leprecaun28 says:

    I was hoping it had improved but obviously from these comments, it has not…..I’d rather read the books anyway

  22. Acter says:

    “An addict relapses” is such a tired cliche. For once, I would like to see a show deal with the work an addict does to NOT relapse, which is more dramatic, but not “sexy”.

  23. Laura C says:

    The previews make it look like Angela & Hodgins are leaving the show, is this true? I sure hope not. I have always loved them as a couple, just as much as B&B. If next season IS the last of Bones, I hope they stick around for it.

    • Irishgal2015 says:

      I still love Bones. I try not to read too much into the story lines because it usually all works out in the end. Will be sad if Angela and Hodgins leave, but life is all about change.
      I miss Sweets, but I like Aubry. Hey, the world would be boring if we all agreed!

      • Laura C says:

        I don’t like Aubrey, OR the Daisy-like intern that is after Aubrey. They could go off in the sunset (or bed ) together never to return for all I care. I love Wendell, and Opie though.

  24. This cannot be happening, Angela & Hodgins possibly leaving the show. I will not watch anymore.

  25. Chris Lampo says:

    I am so glad that Bones has renewed for the 11th season. Hope Angela and Hogins stay the squints would not be the same without the cast remaining as U.S.

  26. Connie says:

    Maybe these realistic and painful issues are a good way to ease fans’ separation anxiety. As much as we love these people (and we have elevated them to such from simply “characters” over the years), when their lives become too painful, it’s easy to surrender to the urge to not watch the carnage. But I hope that when all is said and done, they will leave us an ending we will love to remember.