Post Mortems

Americans EP on Paige's Anguish, Philip's Struggle & Nina's Fate

The Americans Season 3 Finale

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Wednesday’s finale of The Americans.

For a show about spies, the truth sure didn’t stay hidden on Wednesday night’s Season 3 finale of The Americans.

Overcome with the prospect of lying to everyone in her life, Paige spilled the beans to her pastor about her parents being Russians.

Meanwhile, Philip found himself more and more troubled by his actions as he staged the suicide of Martha’s colleague to cover his tracks and protect Clark’s wife. As for his other spouse, well, Elizabeth looked pretty steely in her resolve as an agent of the KGB when U.S. President Ronald Reagan declared communism “the focus of evil in the modern world.”

Below, executive producer Joe Weisberg answers TVLine’s burning questions about Paige’s truth bomb, Philip’s internal struggle, Henry’s agent potential, Stan’s future at the FBI and more.

TVLINE | How much is Paige going to regret her decision to tell Pastor Tim the truth about her parents?
We don’t know yet! Stay tuned for Season 4.

TVLINE | Paige doesn’t want to be a liar, but at the same time, she just did something really terrible to her family. How do you reconcile that?
This is one of the difficult and terrible things about being in a family where the parents are spies. You end up lying even when you don’t want to. This same thing happened when she was on her way with her mother to West Germany — she ended up lying to Henry about aspects of the trip, probably before she even realized she was doing it. In a way, it means her mother was right at the airport, lying is to a certain degree unavoidable for everyone. Especially for a Jennings.

TVLINE | In the finale – and throughout the season – we’ve seen Philip struggling with what his work requires him to do. At the end, is he about to trust his gut, as EST encourages, and quit? Or does he just want more concrete evidence that what he’s doing is actually helping?
It’s possible to interpret what’s going on inside of Philip in different ways. We think, at the end, when he’s struggling to find the words with Elizabeth, he doesn’t really know what to think or feel. EST is helping him start to ask questions. But that may be as far as he’s gotten at this point.

The Americans Season 3 FinaleTVLINE | Meanwhile, is Elizabeth more fortified in their cause than ever because of Reagan’s speech?
Reagan calling the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire” absolutely validates Elizabeth’s view that he is a dangerous man with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

TVLINE | Has Stan just made his work situation even more difficult for himself? Has he made an enemy out of Gaad?
Things are not looking good for Stan and Gaad. It’s hard to imagine their previously close relationship going anywhere but down the tubes at this point.

TVLINE | With Nina having struck this bargain for her life, could Stan and Oleg get her out even if the FBI wanted to?
Stan and Oleg don’t actually realize the situation Nina is in right now. In a way, she’s in significantly less danger than she was when they started formulating their plan to save her life. She has come up with a way to save her own life. On the other hand, there may be fresh dangers lurking at Anton’s Scientific Facility.

TVLINE | I’m surprised Martha’s gun did not go off this season. Was that a Chekhov’s gun red herring?
Who is this Chekhov guy you are talking about? We think it’s time to rewrite that rule. But we’re not telling you yet what the new rule is.

TVLINE | We haven’t seen Kimmy in a couple episodes. Will there be more follow-up to that storyline next season?
Kimmy, like many of Philip and Elizabeth’s agents, is part of an ongoing operation. You never know when she’s going to pop back up again.

TVLINE | Poor Henry has been left unattended quite a lot this season — or in the care of Stan. Should we be worried about him? Could he become a future FBI agent?
Ha! Absolutely. If you lived across the street from Stan, he might seem like a pretty good role model.

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  1. Great episode. Loved how Stan was walking tall after getting a kudos from the director.
    Poor Henry. So neglected.

  2. ? says:

    It’s a good thing the actress who plays Paige can handle this material. You never know what you’re going to get a few years down the line when you cast a kid and then the material becomes more demanding on them as actors, but I think she’s doing great.

    • drhenning says:

      It’s like when Mad Men hired Kiernan Shipka at a really young age and lucked out when she really grew into her role. In the case of Holly, she was older when she started on this show so they had a little more idea.. None the less, she grew into the role… Some of the online chatter compare her to Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody) in being annoying but I think they are all wet.

    • Tim says:

      Yes! Can’t stand when child actors suck

  3. vdofan says:

    I don’t know just how far Paige’s telling Pastor Tim will go. I have a feeling that someone is listening in and will deal with it rather swiftly. As for Paige and her inability to keep her trap shut, well I’m not surprised about this. Until they were back in the states, I kept hoping that Paige would be picked up by the Centre, taking the decision out of P&E’s hands about training her.Can’t stand that brat and now because she’s no where near being the adult she likes to act like and demand she be treated like, she’s put P&E in jeopardy. Go away Paige!

  4. James D says:

    This is the best show on TV hands down. another stellar season. and holly cow what a season to come. How will it all play out with Pastor Tim and Paige? Will Philip think seriously about defecting? so many questions. another long wait till next season. Poor Henry, I hope he does join the FBI.

  5. CBWBDK1 says:

    I really hope Pastor Tim dies next season. He’s such a creepy guy.

    • ME says:

      lol, Pastor Tim is so creepy. The way he was talking to Phillip about treating Paige like an adult at the travel agency in a previous episode, super creepy. I thought Pastor Tim was a goner based on the look on Phillip’s face during that conversation.

  6. Lonnie says:

    I’m thinking The Center placed Pastor Tim a loooong time ago…

  7. Alichat says:

    I have to say this finale did leave things hanging precariously. I really hope they don’t go down some path of Philip confiding in and becoming involved with Sandra. I got the feeling things are not going well between Sandra and her boyfriend, which is why she was reaching so much toward Philip. And the whole Paige issue is ridiculous. One, I just don’t trust Pastor Tim. I find her relationship with him reeeeally weird. I really do wonder if we are going to find out that he’s part of Centre, and his job was to push the situation with Paige so she would be told by Philip and Elizabeth. Two, Paige lied to her parents about going to church. It’s not like she’s never lied before in her life. And I highly doubt she’s 100% honest with her friends as she says. (Does she have friends??) I was really surprised that Elizabeth didn’t teach her a way to talk about things without giving away the big secret. If she absolutely HAS to tell Pastor Tim, then tell him that she found out she does have a grandmother, that it’s Elizabeth’s mother, that they have been estranged for a long time which is why she never met her or knew about her, and that she went with her mom to meet the grandmother because she’s dying. Leave out the why they are estranged, and where they went. I just don’t understand the sudden issue with keeping the secret after visiting the grandmother.

  8. Nick Adrian says:

    It sucked! You can’t end a season like that & expect viewers to wait until 2016 to see what happens next. It’s only April for Christ’s sake! A season finale should have a bit more closer than that. A least get the ball rolling on the storm we expect to ensue. This finale was just rude!!

  9. raindrop0921 says:

    I really hope that Phillip does defect because I think he has a heart unlike Elizabeth. I think that Pastor Tim will get killed now that he has this information and I feel sorry for Paige and hope she doesn’t get roped into her parents way of life. I really like Phillip but Elizabeth not so much!

  10. JBC says:

    Loved this episode. The Character development is so great to see unfold in this show. I like the actress that plays Paige. She really sold her conflict and confusion with the new found info about her parents. Philip and Elizabeth showing opposite emotions throughout each situation. No heart for Elizabeth, or just blind loyalty to the Communists. A real softening and depth to Philip, will he or won’t he defect? Wish we didn’t have to wait so long for the show to return. Good acting by all, and compelling storytelling = a must see for me.!!!

  11. Julie says:

    This is the best show on television, in my opinion at least. But what can you expect when you trust a 14 year old with a a secret that huge? I get that it was probably intentional on the part of the writers. To show potentially what a misstep that was. Unfortunately I don’t think it bodes well for Pastor Tim next season. :) Great season. Season 4 will be the only reason I’m looking forward to January.