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Arrow Boss on Villainous Oliver, Hope for 'Olicity,' Thea's Recovery and More


What happens in Nanda Parbat stays in Nanda Parbat — or does it?

On Wednesday’s Arrow, Oliver and Felicity consummated their relationship, but the brief moment of romance was cut short as they said their goodbyes.

In exchange for using the Lazarus Pits to save Thea’s life, Oliver assumed his position as the Heir to the Demon — despite Felicity’s hilarious attempt to drug and sneak him out of Nanda Parbat. Although they eventually bid farewell to each other, the pair won’t be separated for long — but it won’t be an entirely happy reunion.

Below, executive producer Marc Guggenheim previews the heartbreaking aftermath of Oliver’s decision, the future of “Olicity,” the side effects still awaiting Thea and more.

TEAM ARROW SANS ARROW | With Oliver choosing to stay behind in Nanda Parbat, “the character journey of [Episode] 321 is how the hell Team Arrow moves forward without Oliver,” Guggenheim previews. Whereas last time the group thought he was dead, “knowing that he’s out there and alive, but a member of the League of Assassins, that’s a whole lot harder” for Team Arrow to handle, the EP adds.

“There is a real trinity formed between Laurel, Diggle and Felicity,” Guggenheim says. “They’re all leaning on each other. They’re processing things in different ways. Laurel is throwing herself into her work saving the city. Felicity is struggling with heartbreak and grief. She really goes through the seven stages of grief with Oliver. And Diggle, something happens in [Episode] 21 that really upends Diggle’s world, certainly vis-à-vis Oliver. That’s something that will have repercussions for the remainder of the season.”

The EP adds that next week’s hour is “one of our most emotional episodes” because it’s a baddie-of-the-week installment in which “the villain of the week is Oliver.”

So with the hero giving in to the darker nature of the League, what does his future hold?

Arrow Evil Oliver Season 3 Spoilers

“The last three episodes spend a lot of time addressing the question of: ‘Is there hope for Oliver?'” the EP says. “And: ‘Is there hope for Oliver in Felicity’s mind?’ [Episodes] 21 and 22 have some very specific things to say about that and Felicity’s coming to grips with the conclusion of Episode 20.”

BETWEEN THE SHEETS | It finally happened: Oliver and Felicity succumbed to their feelings. Guggenheim says, while the episode was coming together in the writers’ room, “there was a strong desire to have Oliver and Felicity sleep together before the events of the season finale, which isn’t to say that we were going to have them sleep together in the season finale.” He adds:”We wanted to take that off the table prior to the season finale. We knew Episode 320 was the episode to do it in. We went back and forth in the writers’ room about the right venue for it. Like does it happen in Starling City? Does it happen in Nanda Parbat? And as you can see, they end up sleeping together in Nanda Parbat. We liked the romance of that.”

And surprisingly, the man earning the biggest portion of Felicity’s ire was the one who helped make the magic moment happen. “I’m, personally, fond of the fact that it’s Ra’s who gives her the final push” to confess her feelings, the EP continues. “One of the things that I keep seeing on the Internet is [that] Felicity has never told Oliver that she loves him, and that was very deliberate. We were holding that back this season. The same way we were holding back them sleeping together, we were also holding back her saying, ‘I love you,’ to him. We wanted it to be part and parcel of that moment.”

Arrow Evil Oliver Season 3 SpoilersA QUEEN REBORN | Although Thea regained her memory — and sass! — by episode’s end, her dip in the magical waters doesn’t mean she’s necessarily out of the woods. “You can expect that there will be more consequences,” Guggenheim teases. “We established very clearly that the Lazarus Pit returns you, but not always in the condition in which you left. So there’s a lot of stories to be told with Thea and her recovery.” And with Malcolm vowing to stay by her side, there’s “a nice bit of closure” between father and daughter “by the end of the season.”

THE HEIR THAT WAS | Fans of Nyssa won’t want to miss next Wednesday’s episode. “We’ll learn how she reacts to things and how she’s dealing with life post-[Episode] 316,” Guggenheim reveals, “and how Oliver’s joining the League affects her, both emotionally and as a practical matter. There’s a lot of Nyssa still to come, and she looms very large in these final three episodes.”

Arrow fans, did the “Olicity” hookup meet the hype? Are you looking forward to Evil Oliver? And what’s your theory on Diggle’s mysterious storyline?

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  1. Laura says:

    Does your evil side just automatically take over as soon as you join the league? It seemed like Oliver goes from zero to evil in a flash.

    • shutuprob says:

      So I take it that the last scene of the season finale is going to take place about nine months after the events of tonight’s episode and Felicity is going to be dressed in maternity clothes? And will she have picked out a name — and, wait, remind me again — was ‘Connor’ already taken by Ollie’s first illegitimate child?

      • m3rcnate says:

        No clue if you are serious or not, but FYI; i think time jumps are going to be very very difficult for any of the CW superhero shows. They crossover (and occasionally have crossover events which require being on the same timeline). To time jump 9 months would mean crossovers or a big crossover event would be basically impossible. How can the Flash have a crossover ep, the new show have a crossover ep and Arrow have a crossover ep (as an event) if Arrow is currently 9 months in the future?

        • alex says:

          possible flash could have a time jump between seasons

          • m3rcnate says:

            Its possible but i think they are probably on a VERY tight schedule on The Flash. They are still telling The Flashes early origin story, skipping over 9 months of his origin story so soon is really really big. I dont see them doing it. You can do that when a LOT more is established like on Arrow.

      • Fiona says:

        MG already confirmed Felicity if NOT pregnant.

    • Meredith says:

      Maybe he’s just playing the part? Hope so.

    • sarah j says:

      I know I said the same thing. He gets branded by Ra’s right hand woman and then he is evil and all his memories are gone I bet he wont remember sleeping with Felicity! I really hope he is playing the part.

  2. sladewilson says:

    Please don’t let Ollie be the one that destroys Digg’s family. Please. That’s the one thing that Digg won’t forgive him for….

  3. It still surprised me that Nyssa was killed in the comics. Short-term thinking and general disdain for characters not introduced in the Silver and Bronze Ages does that.

    DC should have been more patient and waited until something like this to happen, for the character to get noticed in other media. She’s one of the best in the show. And yes, sure, she’s only there because Talia is probably off limits for some reason or another, but still. Now, if they brought her back it wouldn’t be at all as she was, but rather as a pale imitation of how she is in the show.

  4. Capt says:

    So Ray decided that Felicity still loves Oliver. Apparently she can’t decide that for herself, she needs a man to do it. Nice.

    Congratulations Arrow team, I now could care less about Oliver and Felicity – mission accomplished.

    • Sara says:

      how did he decide it for her? she decided when she didn’t say I love you back. Glad he broke it off, the writers wanted him to leave the show on good terms. I liked him in that scene

      • Fiona says:

        Me too. I really liked how they handled the “Raylicity breakup”. He’s pretty smart and could figure out what’s going on once he saw Oliver & Felicity interact around him. Felicity knew she loved Oliver – but Oliver had never given her any HOPE of a future together, so she tried to move on… even going to ask Ray for the jet – she was only doing that as a “friend” and support for Oliver…not expecting anything MORE…but upon realizing that being with Ray but still being in love with Oliver was just hurting Ray – that’s when they ended their relationship.

    • kath says:

      Felicity always knew that she loved Oliver. As she told him, the only reason they weren’t together was because he decided against it, way back in the season premier. So she tried to find a new life and got into a relationship with Ray. But he was always second choice. It just took him till this episode to figure it out.

    • Dj says:

      It was funny how Felicity needed Ra’s encouragement to tell Oiiver how she felt. In a way without Ra’s Olicity wouldn’t have happen.

    • Kate says:

      To be fair, Felicity had already decided. They just hadn’t had the conversation yet.

    • Sophie says:

      Completely with you on this one. The first time ever in my loooong TV-watching history that I’ll probably stop watching a show BECAUSE my favorite pairing happened.

      • Dee says:

        Because you didn’t like the way a scene was handled? Real diehard fan. Seems pretty petty but then again maybe you aren’t a true fan of the pairing or the show.

    • Sally says:

      I would have preferred it if she ended it, yes, but in the end it didn’t matter. I forgot Ray was even on the show after his scene lol. It’s been obvious she loves Oliver, she just didn’t want to hurt Ray. I understand that.

    • eviloverlore says:

      I’m not agreeing with your take, but have you met Felicity’s mother? She’s a strong woman, but she clearly loves her men and has made it clear to Felicity throughout her life that she (mom) wants Felicity to be with a good man. If Felicity listens to men and utilizes their advice, I’d say it’s a case of nurture over nature.

  5. Ellie says:

    I may or may not have cried like 5 times in this episode. Stephen Amell was amazing tonight as well as Emily Bett Rickards. The emotions were so powerful and heartfelt. I bought into the grief, fear, helplessness and love. David Ramsey can’t help but be the man. I loved his scene with Maseo. The writing for the show was fantastic tonight. It was beautiful to see Oliver and Felicity finally vocalize their feelings and have one happy moment this season. Give back my Original Team Arrow, writers and I will claim this season a success. Can’t wait for next week.

  6. Gia says:

    Felicity waited for so long to tell Oliver how she felt and gotten a few seconds onscreen… Come on they should’ve gotten at least 10 minutes… Mad but happy that the writers finally made it happen…

    • Fiona says:

      Right – we have to be happy and appreciate that most of the episode was Olicity and while the “love scene” was great – it was too SHORT! So hopefully there will be more of these in the future :)

  7. Riana says:

    I have a feeling Thea will be the one to bring Ollie back.

    • kath says:

      Thea or Felicity. Episode 322 is called This Is Your Sword and if you look at the lyrics, they’re about the strength of love.

    • Kate says:

      Oliver was only sure of two things this season – he would do anything to save his sister and he loves Felicity. I wouldn’t be surprised if they both helped bring him back. I hope so. I’d love to see them working together.

  8. Mike R. says:

    So like I know they’ve retained a lot this season to pander to the fans, ie Oliver never having feelings for Laurel in the flashbacks… But where was Laurel?, 20 seconds of screen time propping up Olicity, did the show forget that her and Thea were really close for the first two seasons. Also Ras convincing Felicity to confess her feelings, really?, doesn’t the Demons Head have more concerns that Ollies love life…

    People say characters prop up Laurel, I think you mean everyone props up olicity.

    • Kate says:

      I didn’t think Ra’s was propping up Olicity; on the contrary, I think he was telling Felicity it was now or never- he had chosen never, and regretted it, and whatever shred of humanity is left in him wanted to spare Oliver and Felicity that.

    • Sara says:

      Well there was that shot of Oliver saying bye to Laurel, that shot was deleted it clearly didn’t fit in the episode…worse was Felicity going to her for comfort…why didn’t she go to Diggle or Lyla…Give Felicity a real girlfriend writers

      • Mike R says:

        Give it a rest please. Laurel and Felicity are friends, and they have been there for each other frequently since the second half of the season.

        Super pissed they cut that scene, maybe it would have explained that Laurel at least knew about Thea since they had such a close relationship before in the series. But hey, I guess Ras propping up a ship is more important…

        • Pens says:

          Exactly, they are friends, I thought it was a great scene! I like Laurel, just not romantically paired up with Oliver. I think we’ll see her more integrated into Team Arrow going forward.

        • kath says:

          The idea of Laurel and Felicity being friends is something that is told, not shown (because when has Laurel ever done anything for Felicity?) but it made sense for Felicity to be the one to tell Laurel what had happened to Oliver. Whatever place Oliver and Laurel are at now, she is someone important to him and should have been told on-screen.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Friends aren’t merely people who do things for each other.

          • kath says:

            Friendship involves a give and take on the part of both friends, otherwise it’s just one person doing things for another. This season, Felicity has helped Laurel find people she was looking for, find out how Sara died and who killed her and given her pep talks about continuing to fight and how she has a light inside there that Sara didn’t. But it’s all been Felicity giving and Laurel taking, often without thanking her, and that’s not a real friendship.
            If Laurel had shown up at Felicity’s office once with some flowers to thank her (and bump into Ray Palmer), that would have been different and more like how friends behave towards each other.

      • Kate says:

        I’m not a Laurel fan for the most part but I didn’t mind that scene. Laurel did need to be told and Felicity couldn’t help but break down. It happens. It was a bit forced in there but it was also kind of sweet. They need more of this Laurel.

    • ? says:

      Laurel was on Flash this week, which is why she was light in this episode.
      Also, Laurel is the worst.

    • Absolutely. It even happens when she crossovers to the Flash, the fans are getting sick of it.

      • Sally says:

        Laurel was good on the Flash. What’s your problem?

        • Anne says:

          She wasn’t good. There are still people who don’t appreciate having the laurel character shoved down their throats and seeing laurel blab about how she’s the black canary and show off how she took all her dead sisters old stuff is just another example of that. Just because she didn’t whine or complain for 45 seconds doesn’t deserve exclamation. She is still the worst.

          • Arsenal says:

            Laurel is being shoved down our throats? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard. If anyone should be accused of that, it’s Felicity. Especially lately.

          • Dj says:

            When you have Diggle staying in the Arrow cave while Laurel is out having Roy’s or Oliver’s back that is shoving Laurel down viewers throats. It makes zero sense to have a guy with Diggle’s experience take a backseat to an amateur.

          • Lex says:

            Felicity didn’t get four episodes mid-season all about her becoming the Black Canary. Felicity didn’t have episodes where other characters became pod people, constantly praising and supporting her and throwing other characters under the bus by saying she had more “light” than the competition – who, btw, was killed off to free up a role for her. And that’s the kicker – no one has had to die for Felicity to be relevant to the plot. What you think is “shoved down your throat” is actually being necessary to the narrative and Oliver’s journey.

            Also? On The Flash? Laurel was being praised based on Sara’s reputation. Two months and a few battles weren’t enough to differentiate the two Canaries for the public. Everything Cisco thought was cool about the Black Canary? Done by Sara Lance.

    • leonard says:

      If it was fan pandering laurel would have been gone a long time ago, that is, since the early episodes of S1.

  9. Lysh says:

    That photo of Thea is hella fierce, I love it. I can’t wait for next week’s Nyssa episode. I’m mad her dad is such a jerk; she is the true heir. Why does he want OLIVER so much? He seems to want to retire really bad.
    The Olicity stuff was lovely. And I don’t care too much about the flashbacks anymore. They’re just in the way.

    • Fiona says:

      Hmmm. Usually the flashbacks mirror/parallel what’s going on in the present. But the only link I can make right now between them is the morality of choosing to save all the lives of the people in HongKong and Maseo’s revelation/help during their escape. “not be a shell” But maybe more is to come…

  10. James D says:

    um when did this show become such a soap opera. I mean it has always walked that line with it’s drama but this season it has really pushed it over the edge IMO. The second they mentioned Ra’s would be involved in this season i had reservations and I so wanted to be wrong because I love this show, but unfortunately i was right Ra’s belongs with Batman IMHO and this whole arc has just felt flat to me. as for Ollicity really don’t care, I’m sorry I wish I did, Felicity was one of my favorites for the majority of this show now she just rubs me the wrong way, which sucks. I also find how the writers have neglected Laurel to be infuriating, Dinah Laurel Lance/ BC is one of the greatest comic characters ever in my mind and she deserves better, as does Katie. I know the hate she gets some of it is deserved most of it is not. You’d think with all the years she’s known Thea and the Queen family she would of been informed of what happened. The writers of this show need to get back to the roots of the GA character and to the roots of what made this show great in the first two seasons because this season has been a wash for me. I really hate to be a Debbie Downer because I love this show, but this is my honest opinion I guess I just needed to vent it sorry.

    • Drew says:


    • jj says:

      My guess is that it comes down to scheduling. The actors were busy playing the Lances on the Flash

      • Mike R says:

        On Arrow’s set for like two scenes. I find that unconvincing given the little airtime she got last week as well.

      • Wrong, those episodes were filmed in different weeks, it’s just that the Flash and Arrow got out of sync due to episode scheduling. When the lead actress and one of the most iconic comic book characters gets more time on one episode of the Flash compared with two episodes of Arrow, then something is wrong with the writing for Arrow. Laurel has been constantly sidelined and last nights episode was no exception. In fact they deleted a goodbye scene of Laurel and Oliver at the airport, as there is a promo still of them together and she looks sad. I suppose can’t have Lauriver upsetting the Olicity build up can they, the fan servicing is rife and scripts don’t feel organic anymore.

        • Sammy says:

          I’m so sick of this fan servicing argument with Olicity. Just because you don’t like a pairing, doesn’t mean they’re ‘fan servicing.’ And what even does that mean anyway? That the show is catering to fans? OMG how terrible of them. HOW DARE THEY GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT?! Let’s face it, if Laurel had been in Felicity’s place last night, you’d be very happy about it and you wouldn’t call it fan servicing.

          Olicity is a relationship that has built steadily over three seasons and this episode was just an accumulation of that. Their moments together had been earned.

          I also think the reason why Laurel’s scene was cut was probably for time – they should have cut the flashbacks and left her scene in. Also, it sounds like there’s lots of Laurel scenes in the last few episodes so you have lots to look forward to. Please stop blaming Olicity for everything. If anything isn’t organic this season, it’s the Ra’s storyline. That’s just one big fail.

          • Pens says:

            Totally agree, ‘Fan Service’ is such a terrible and lazy term. The writers have crafted a successful relationship between Oliver and Felicity which is why people like it and are excited about i, that does not happen by accident.

          • Dj says:

            Last night Olicity was laughable. They hooked up because Felicity had a heart to heart with Ra’s. Really she declares war on him and he say’s go be with your man and tell him you love him and for that reason she runs to be with Oliver and they sleep togather. Come on poorly written scenes like that are pandering to shippers.

        • leonard says:

          Like i said, had it been fan pandering then Laurel would be gone since the early episodes of S1. I tried to like BC in this show, i really did because BC is great in the comics. Ive been giving myself lots of chances to like her since S1. She had good storylines but nothing worked. Then i thought the Canaries episode would redeem her but…..Plus her relationship with Oliver in this show is just so toxic and unhealthy with all the sister/boyfriend cheating/swapping drama. Not to mention the zero chemistry between SA and KC.

          I get that you dont like Olicity but i also know that had it been Laurel in Felicity’s shoes then those people who claim its so “soapy” wouldnt mind the drama. Theyd actually be happy about it then. You just dont like it because its Felicity and not Laurel. Its not Felicity/EBR’s fault that a majority of the viewers think KC/SA’s chemistry is nonexistent onscreen.

          And yeah yeah BC is good in the comics but this is the TV show. And in this TV show your “lead actress and one of the most iconic comic charaters” had three seasons to make it work. Three seasons. To make it work. But she didnt. And im starting to think she cant. Now maybe if they recast…..

    • Ronaldo Guarin says:


    • Kate says:

      Arrow has always been a soap opera. Most comics are. But I agree the Ra’s arc has fallen flat this season.

    • leonard says:

      IMO Oliver’s going back and forth between the sisters and Laurel’s going back and forth between the best friends, all those cheating and betrayal in seasons 1 and 2 were more of a soap opera than the Olicity of S3. I like the other storylines of S1 and S2 but i could do without the toxic and unhealthy relationship arc of Lauriver.

    • Arsenal says:

      You’re not alone.

  11. Mark K says:

    This episode was pure perfection…Emily and Stephen did a fantastic job….Maseo was the true hero tonight. Finally Oliver and Felicity have a happiness on the horizon, i am sure the season finale will end with them happy

  12. T. says:

    As a Felicity fan, I feel this episode did nothing but continue to dig her character deeper into becoming a cliched weak love interest. Pass!

    • Heidi says:

      Yeah. What’s happened to the writing for Felicity? She used to be Felicity Fierce and now she is simply a cliche.

    • Sophie says:

      I agree with you completely. But I guess that’s what you get when the writer’s room is all men who are clearly fulfilling their fantasy of what the “ideal girlfriend” or whatever looks like.

    • Sam says:

      Weak?! She stood up to Ra’s and Malcolm, hit a League of Assassin over the head and attempted to smuggle Oliver out of there to save his life. That is not weak. You need a dictionary if you think otherwise. Wow.

      • T. says:

        Yes she is weak & reckless, her actions of trying to smuggle out a drugged Oliver could have led them to their deaths had Oliver not intervened. Lol you call that standing up to Ra’s …honestly
        In this whole episode she was acting more like a wife than anything else with her rash & careless plans and her weeping.
        Malcolm’s tears were more convincing and heartbreaking than Felicity’s.

  13. Heidi says:

    So glad they got the Olicity garbage out of the way in order to finally get to the meat of the story and please hurry up getting the flashbacks out of the way so they can move forward.

  14. Dj says:

    Giving Thea more things to do is always a plus for me. Her plot and storyline has been my favorite thing this season. Oh and with Roy gone can Katana join team arrow in the present day.

  15. Elena says:

    For a scene that has been built up to for a while, I thought the show delivered nicely on the love scene. I know there are haters out there regarding Oliver and Felicity, but I am not one of them. I appreciate the rapport they’very managed to reestablish with one another these past few episodes. The chemistry between Stephen and Emily continues to shine despite some weak writing choices on the part of the writers regarding their relationship. To me, that chemistry will always sell that romance despite some obvious missteps this season with the overdone angst between them. Also, I appreciated the fact that the song playing during THE scene was the same one from last season’s finale when Oliver told Felicity he “loved” her. I thought that was a really nice callback.

  16. Eo says:

    Firstly, loved Amell’s performance at the hospital with Thea. He looked so lost when they took her into the OR. Really well done. I also loved Diggle and Maseo’s heart to heart. Glad they pulled the pin on Olicity. Hoping that angst is mostly over now. Wondering about the alpha/omega thing. Oliver was obviously exposed to it. Did they take the vaccine?
    I also liked Ray in this episode. Liking his character more and hoping that he will be great on the new show.

  17. DarkDefender says:

    Holy Crap that was good. Another outstanding episode from all involved. ARROW just keeps getting better. This (and many other episodes) are season finale quality.
    Forget Olicity.. Let’s just keep badass Felicity.

  18. Lex says:

    A “holy trinity” of Diggle, Felicity and *Laurel*? This is replacing Original Team Arrow? Aside from the instant DO NOT WANT, I am thinking it will be an interesting dynamic. Will Diggle and Felicity take the lead because they’ve been doing this for three years, or is Laurel going to magically become the Oliver in this situation because she wears a mask which makes her super duper special? I have problems with Laurel. They are numerous. Most of them originate in how the character was conceived and developed in pre-production, but the writers haven’t been able to help her. There is no basis for anything more than professional acquaintances between Laurel and Diggle/Felicity, and that’s when you ignore the dismissal in their previous scenes.

    Maybe they bonded after Oliver’s “death” midseason, but all I saw was character shilling meant to establish how Laurel was so much better than Sara. I want to like Laurel — there were different ways the writers could have built relationships between Laurel and Team Arrow, different ways she could have been introduced as the Black Canary. And really, a scene between Caitlin and Felicity every two months during crossovers doesn’t cut it in the female friendship department. If you think about it, an opposites-attract, “odd couple” friendship between (unmasked) HBIC Laurel and forever adorkable Felicity could awesome; comedy gold with a solid friendship as the backbone. Instead, every interaction between Laurel and Felicity and/or Diggle has me wondering what episodes I missed where these friendships were established.

    Katie is strongest when she’s delivering those awesome “I just schooled your ass with Latin legal jargon!” lines. Lawyer Laurel [with obvious hints of Ruby]? Total badass. We saw her briefly last week, but I have never liked her as much as I did when she was outsmarting Lance with her smug attorney superiority. “Yes, Daddy. That law degree you helped pay for has been very helpful, hasn’t it?” I don’t want to say this article deflated my joy with tonight’s episode; believe me, the build up to the finale is always Arrow’s strongest part and what stays with you after time. But tonight’s big reveals and… character interactions have been tempered by a focus on what’s to come. To me, it now feels like the pieces in a chess game are still being set up when I should be feeling like some genius move to take the Queen is on the way. We’ll see how the game plays out.

    • Jerry says:

      Like David Ramsey said the heart of the show is Oliver Diggle and Felicity, let’s get back to that

    • Lila says:

      No-one is replacing “Original Team Arrow”. OLIVER ISN’T THERE. Jeez! What you will have to accept is that Team Arrow is expanding, with Laurel and Thea.

      • Lex says:

        I was commenting on the trio dynamic that you see all the time in media — and that I don’t look forward to watching the Diggle/Felicity/Laurel dynamic because up until 3×09 it always felt like she couldn’t be bothered to care about Oliver’s “help” until the approval of other characters became necessary to validate her becoming the Black Canary. I stand by thinking Laurel’s Black Canary arc has been poorly paced and plotted, making everything feel inorganic and forced.

        And I’m not against the team expanding – you saw the growing pains in season 2 when Roy and Sara were added, but that was done in a way that felt real and natural and still respectful of the original trio dynamic. Oliver brings Roy down to the lair, first thing he talks about is how important Diggle and Felicity are. Sara’s integration came with a specific moment — Felicity taking the bullet for Sara, and the two realizing the value of the other. Thea’s integration has yet to really begin – I expect it to be an early season 4 plot point. So far Laurel’s integration has felt like part of an agenda where story beats are being forced into the narrative. That it was Diggle and Felicity in Nanda Parbat with Oliver felt like one of the most natural, logical things this entire season.

        Like I said, the new trio is going to be an interesting dynamic, mostly because you have two people who have been working together for years, who trust each other and know how to play off each other’s strengths, and then you have a newcomer with a strong personality, little experience and more enthusiasm than sense. Based on the fact that Diggle was sidelined so Laurel could go have her hero moments, I have my doubts about the power dynamic respecting that Diggle and Felicity have more experience, and that Laurel will become the point person once again to show how great she is as the BC–she has a light, remember? Making Diggle and Felicity her backup dancers and turning them into pod people again.

  19. Drew says:

    Weakest episode yet. I honestly have no idea what the writers were thinking. The drama/tension of this episode should have revolved around Oliver’s love for Thea. They should have held back the flashback of his coming back to Starling City and protecting her, cut with her injured and his desperation to save her. As it played out, they brushed aside her situation as quickly as possible. His finding her was over quickly and then we just get some quickie nonsensical comment about how she might live but he should let her die… Why? Did she suffer some sort of brain injury? If the wound is taken care of, what exactly was the problem?
    Going to Nanda Parbat should have been the climax of the series, after heavy pain and drama surrounding Oliver’s love for Thea. It should not have been a group trip. It should have been Oliver showing up with Thea and saying “Help me, please”. That would have had more impact than every other scene we had in Nanda Parbat.
    So much time was wasted on scenes that could have easily been cut, and the episode would have been stronger without them. Felicity going to Ra’s was just stupid. Stupid. Not smart. And the fact that it resulted in him having a heart to heart with her was like I was watching a spoof. This is the big bad Demon’s Head?!
    The sex scene was more about playing the fans than anything else. It added absolutely nothing to the episode. This should not have been an Olicity episode, it should have been about what Oliver will sacrifice for Thea.
    And the entire escape sequence was useless. I mean, Felicity took down one of the LoA dudes… WHAT?! It was wrong when Laurel did it. This was just ridiculous. And it ends with drugged Oliver hopping up, completely fine, and essentially saying “quit it”?
    As for the flashback… How can three trained soldiers shoot at a car that is about ten feet behind them, barely swerving, and not even hit the windshield, much less anyone in the car?
    This season has been weak in general, but this episode was horrible. It was the first time I considered not watching the rest of the season, and this is one of the shows that I usually look forward to every week. What has happened here? Were all of the writers and producers busy with the new shows they’re working on?

    • KatsMom says:

      Get out of my brain! You said everything I was thinking/shouting at the TV about this episode. My husband was in a different room and he finally said, “For the love of God, woman! I quit watching that terrible show and you can too. Stop the hate watching. Just walk away…”

      So much stupid in this episode. Seriously, how did those soldiers not manage to hit anyone/the car when they were all aiming at it and it was what? 10-15 feet away at most? And Felicity needs to stop thinking with her lady parts and use her flipping brain. So she sneaks Oliver out of there. Then what? Ra’s just starts killing people again, Oliver wakes up and finds out about it and wants it to stop, so he has to go back again. Just stupid, but everyone’s like, “OK…Good plan, Felicity. Let’s go.” Ugh… Thank you for summing up all the issues with the focus being on Olicity instead of Thea too. Saves me a lot of time ranting about that myself now.

      • Drew says:

        And let me point out the fact that if Oliver slept with Felicity while planning to drug her and kidnap her, people would have issues.

    • herman1959 says:

      Exactly!!!! I found myself laughing at some scenes that I knew I wasn’t meant to – that’s never good. Plus, I wanted to tell Felicity to go sit down more than once. Finally, the flashbacks – the episode was actually written around the flashbacks! It’s time to stop with the flashbacks NOW. That said, I’ll still watch next week because I like closure.

    • Patrick says:

      Thanks, I thought I was the only one who thought this episode (as well as most other this season) was ridiculous. I watch at this point, only because I’m invested after a great first season, and good second one.

      I’m also perplexed by the comments about the chemistry between Oliver and Felicity. What chemistry? The problem to be honest, besides stupid writing, is that EBR is a one-note actress. She’s great at being the quirky, funny, nerdy assistant. But beyond that, it just doesn’t work for me. I miss the Oliver – Laurel tension from season one.

      Agreed with everything else you said. Apparently, everyone can take down a LOA badass. And, yeah the sex scene was pandering at best. I just felt the timing odd…you’re sister just rose from the dead. Let’s get it on! Oy.

      • Drew says:

        Felicity just never should have been the love interest. She was the safe zone. The no-nonsense friend. As the live interest, she is all drama and very boring. Seeing her on The Flash, not crying for a change, is a breath of fresh air

    • Mark says:

      So agreed, this season has been disappointing and this show has quickly dropped from my top favourite to about number 10 on my list.
      I am going through to see if anything can be salvaged but Ras should be a killer bad guy and they neutered him so badly, saying this I can see why WB is being careful with which properties they allow on TV.
      There were soooo many ridiculous moments this season that I don’t have the time or energy to point them all out, lets just say they were numerous. The biggest one though is how they can fly and walk up to this mysterious hidden village in the middle of nowhere in a matter of hours.
      Having Ras make Oliver’s life hell for him to join the league of incompetence (this is how they make them look) is stupidity I cannot see a solution to this that doesn’t look weak and not well thought out. I figure it will boil down to Nyssa killing Ras and then taking control and granting Oliver amnesty even though she was so upset he didnt share the news about Sara…
      I just want this season to be over the writers to regroup and get back to their season 1 roots!

    • T. says:

      I agree completely, this episode was supposed to be about the bond between Oliver and Thea but that soon became very secondary in comparison to Felicity and her dramatics. I was not impressed at all.
      Felicity confronting Ra’s was the worst scene of the episode, it was not so much the confrontation but Ra’s response, that was all kinds of cheesy and painful to watch.
      And for goodness sake can Felicity start using her brain, she’s supposed to be the smart one among all of them but no apparently when a woman falls in love all logic flies out the window and she becomes a bowl of useless, reckless emotions yet the man/Oliver can be in love and still have his head on straight
      Felicity has witnessed the lengths Ra’s will go to get what he wants, what was she really hoping to do after smuggling Oliver out, did she expect Ra’s to just sit back and not kill more people for being betrayed! Honestly I was rolling my eyes at every Felicity scene and yelling for her to just STFU.
      She was not brave, she was weak and reckless.
      I would have loved to see more Ollie and Thea, and Ollie and Diggle scenes.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      So wrong. The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak was WAY worse. Nothing of consequence happened in it, and it had a terrible villain.

      “This is the big bad Demon’s Head?!” Then you know nothing about Ra’s al Ghul. He’s not mustache twirly.

      “Going to Nanda Parbat should have been the climax of the series, after heavy pain and drama surrounding Oliver’s love for Thea. It should not have been a group trip. It should have been Oliver showing up with Thea and saying “Help me, please”. That would have had more impact than every other scene we had in Nanda Parbat.”
      No it wouldn’t. How many actually expected Oliver to join the League. If Nanda Parbat was the climax, then you lose out on the surprise and the story they were building. This season has all been about identity. And you haven’t seen the rest of the season. You gotta love people armchair QB’ing especially when they haven’t seen the ending.

    • kath says:

      Thea’s wound was not ‘taken care of”. The damage done by Ra’s sword could not be repaired by the doctors, presumably the organs were too damaged.
      Oliver going alone to Nanda Parbat would not have been enough for the episode. The show centers around Oliver but it’s in his connection to the people closest to him that he regains his humanity Going alone with Thea would have been too much of the monologuing that weaken the first episodes of the series, and the amount of Oliver Alone this season has serioulsy hurt it. Diggle had to be there to contrast to Maseo, and Felicity to show what he is losing by agreeing to stay in exchange for Thea’s life.

      I think the was Ra’s has been written this season has been a huge fail because the guy didn’t get scary until the 17th episodes, which is not what you want in the season’s Big Bad. It makes no sense why he is forcing Oliver to become the Heir because Oliver doesn’t know the LoA, can barely fight them, won’t kill and doesn’t want the job. It’s STUPID to force him into it. I fully expect Ra’s to order Oliver to kill Diggle and Felicity along with Nyssa after he’s brainwashed him because nothing about him makes any sense at all.

      • Dj says:

        This is why this season hasn’t been that great. Ra’s as a villain has been underwhelming and he doesn’t feel that threatening to me. Last year Isabella Rochev was more threatening then Ra’s is now. I’m not sure if it’s writing or it’s the actor having zero presence, but I think it falls in the middle.

  20. S. says:

    Loved the episode, though the love scene was way way way to brief. SA was just heartbreaking throughout, and Felicity standing up to Ra’s was one of the best things ever. Can’t wait for next week.

  21. Meredith says:

    The episode, particularly as one piece of a larger arc, was solid. The storyline this season has been intricate and extensive, which probably led to some original material being edited or cut entirely. I particularly liked Ray’s scene with Felicity. It gave Routh an opportunity to create more depth in his character before the new series begins.
    As an “Olicity” fan, I appreciated that the writers didn’t string us along. Also, they built up to her confession in the last episodes (let’s be honest, it’s been building for three seasons).
    Overall, nicely done. My only complaint is that the flashbacks are almost dragging on this season- we’ve known for a while where it’s going- let’s get there and move on already.

  22. GirlvsTV says:

    Loved it! SA and EBR killed it dead in this ep. Oliver broke my heart when he found Thea and I was SO happy to see bad ass Felicity back on my tv screen. I’ve missed her these last few months. I should probably be embarrassed by how many times I’ve replayed THAT scene tonight . . . but no, I’ll just revel in it instead.

    I keep seeing people complain about this ep being too ‘soap opera’ but this show has been a soap opera since the pilot. I mean, first ep has a lead character who returns from the ‘dead’ to reconnect with his family (including Evil!Moira who had her son kidnapped) and attempt to make amends with the girlfriend who he cheated on with the gf’s sister! Not to mention in season 2 they had Oliver sleep with his father’s former mistress and Sara also returned from the ‘dead.’ Classic soap opera plots.

    I agree it can start to feel a little silly at times (especially stuff with the League of Infinite Candles) but I feel like the performance choices SA, EBR, JB and DR make help keep things grounded. Not gonna lie though, seeing Thea leap frog out of the Lazarus Pit was (probably) unintentionally hilarious.

  23. Joey Padron says:

    great episode. hope Oliver won’t become truly evil. interestng what will Happened to Thea cause of the pit. good Laurel, Felicity, and Diggle will be working together now that Oliver isn’t part of the team anymore. glad Messo try to help them escape. can’t wait for next week’s episode!

  24. Kate says:

    I liked the episode a lot. Ignoring the haters – Olicity’s moment together was earned and extremely hot. Wowsa! The flashbacks are dragging now though and were the only time the episode lost momentum. I really interested in how Thea is going to handle her dunk in the pit. Kind of intrigued by Laurel teaming up with Felicity and Diggle and excited for Nyssa scenes. She’s always awesome. Can’t bear to think about what Oliver does to Diggle though. I love their friendship so much and I want it to stay solid.

    • Surely, Oliver is not going to kill Diggle? If this is what the writers have done, I will quit watching Arrow! All this crazy stupid stuff about Oliver being the new Ra’s al Guhl is just so wrong in so many, many ways! The show will be a big flop if they’re going to have Oliver stay in the league of assassins! I mean, really? For almost 3 seasons now the writers of the show have been working so hard to have Oliver fight his way out from all the darkness he had to face in those 5 yrs when everybody thought he was dead! Now the writers are having Oliver join up with a bunch of psychopaths, and the murderers of innocent people? None of this crap makes any sense! None of it whatsoever! I just hope somehow he can get out of being the whole Ra’s al Guhl thing, and get back to Felicity and Thea, that’s right, I said it, for Oliver to get back to Felicity and Thea!

  25. Addy says:

    What an awesome episode lovvvved it! I so hope olicity like seriously get together not with now complications just give them a relationship already, would love to see them in a relationship and working together…

  26. Jarred says:

    Olicity 4ever:)

  27. Bianka says:

    I hope olicity is endgame. Please give us more olicity

  28. m3rcnate says:

    So wait…The Arrow at 9pm on the CW network (network TV aimed at teens) can have that “love” (sex) scene (Felicity and Oliver) yet 7 seasons of Castle and we get them pecking on the cheek and using innuendo then running to the bedroom as the camera stays in the living room and cuts to black implying then are off to have sex? LAME.

    • Gemma says:

      I’m almost positive at this point that they have a no sex scene thing in their contract, which, considering NF and SK at the very least dislike each other (but probably actually hate each other) isn’t that surprising.

      • Casey says:

        WHAT?! Where did you hear/get that? No offense, unless you actually provide proof, you sound totally ridiculous.

        • Brigid says:

          I know! A few people keep saying they hate each other and I have no idea what they are talking about. I can only think that they believe this garbage in their heads and it now becomes fact. Totally ridiculous!

          • m3rcnate says:

            Hate? I highly doubt it, there’s bystander video online of them on set (in public) talking to each other and Stana laughing hard at something Nathan said…when you hate someone you avoid them and don’t laugh at what they are saying.
            However if you watch their interviews, their panels, anything that has both of them on it…i do get some weird vibe. Something that makes me think maybe they dated early on and broke up so now its a little weird or SOMEthing.

            Overall, the show Castle was supposed to be about Castle+Kate, their chemistry, their would they wont they, their desire for each other, the main part of that show was all of that…and yet the shows which main part is NOT about that are beating them in the sex scenes/chemistry/passion department. NCIS LA is not supposed to have a better couple with better chemistry and on-screen desire for each other than Castle with scenes that are way sexier, especially consider the two on NCIS:LA are brother and sister in-law IRL lol.

  29. Sam says:

    Weak episode?! That was one of the strongest of the season. I practically didn’t breathe the whole time. DAMN.

  30. Fiona says:

    MG already confirmed Felicity is NOT pregnant.

  31. Layla says:

    After all the Dread Pirate Roberts jokes I’ve been thinking of while watching season 3B, it made me laugh to hear Felicity say “mostly dead.”

  32. m3rcnate says:

    We complain a lot about the males making decisions for the females on a lot of these CW shows, well this time it was a female (Felicity) that made a huge decision for the male (Oliver). So at least they do both i guess? :/
    That scene with Felicity and Laurel (+ the scene with Laurel and Cisco on The Flash) has me really really hopeful that if Oliver is off with the League for more than just next rest of the episodes this season, that the writers take the opportunity to fill the void in Felicity and Laurel’s lives by having them become very close girlfriends, and have them build a bond beyond just both knowing Olvier. Have scenes with them where they talk about other stuff besides men/Oliver. Have this show past the Bechdel test for a few episodes at least.

  33. JayJay says:

    After today’s episode I had to remind myself (multiple times) that each episode is contextualized within the series and the overall messages the show is conveying (one of them recovering and retaining one’s true self through and after rough times/trauma) ..otherwise I was just stuck with a whole lot of bitterness and the longing for better forward thinking from “MrStuckinmyowntraumadrama”/
    Oliver dramaQueen and what some of the characters should have done/said in place of what they did… and why oh why does everyone buy into Ra’s manipulations (including Felicity) instead of throwing his caca back at him and hit him hard with reality.
    I enjoyed Diggle’s chat with Maseo and Thea blasting out of the Lazarus pit was one of my favorite scenes of all 3 seasons.

  34. AnnieM says:

    Okay – so Oliver will become the next Ras – soooo……why couldn’t he just appoint a successor once he IS Ras? :::shrug::

  35. Ella says:

    What a horrendous waste of a wonderful season of development for Ray and Felicity’s relationship. Absolutely pathetic, Olicity has turned this show into Gossip Girl.

    • Maureen says:

      While I did not really like this episode, I actually loved the olicity scene. Best sex scene arrow has ever done, great chemistry there, Even though it was short lived. The flashbacks were really distracting tbh. Looking forward to thea’s transformation next week.

    • Sam says:

      Actually, Ray and Felicity’s relationship was unnecessary in the THREE SEASON development of Oliver and Felicity. R/F were never going to be anything special because this isn’t Ray’s show. It’s Oliver’s.

      • Brigid says:

        I’m not sure what you mean by 3 seasons of development. He slept with many women and Laural in S1, wasn’t in love with Felicity. He slept with Sara most of S2 and all of a sudden in the last ep of S2 he states that Felicity is the one he loves. Where did that come from? I just don’t see an organic development of love there. I don’t. They had great chemistry as friends and the writers pull this love thing out of no where. I adore both characters but I needed more time for this “relationship” to development for me to believe in it, it felt rushed. It feels awkward when they are together romatically although I did laugh when she said “So that happened”. Favorite line of the night!

        I like Ray a lot. I like him and Felicity together and felt really bad for him last night. He’s a great guy and deserved better.

        • Sam says:

          Just because he wasn’t in love with Felicity in S1, doesn’t mean they didn’t have three seasons of development. They were kind of flirty when they first met and then he trusted her enough to reveal his identity to her. They became friends. There was an attraction there but nothing happened. In S2, that attraction deepened, as did their friendship and trust. The early S2 episodes before Oliver got with Sara really showed Oliver and Felicity’s connection. It was very subtle and the best love stories are. I personally see S2 as the season Oliver slowly fell in love with her. It’s possible to sleep with other people and care about another. Felicity did it this season. She was with Ray and we all know she loves Oliver.

          One thing I do agree on – I think we should have seen a bit more development between the S2 finale and their date in the first episode of this season. I would have loved to see them become a bit more flirty and stuff. But in no way do I think Olicity’s development wasn’t organic. If you go back and watch their scenes from the beginning, you’ll see what I mean. Promise! :)

  36. A says:

    Oh how I hate this entire Ra’s/League of Assassins storyline. Please please let it be wrapped up by the end of this season and not carry over to Season 4.

    • GhostWolf says:

      Totally with you. Not impressed with the storyline at all along with the downfall of Lance’s character (didn’t miss him at all yesterday). Would have been happy if R’as wasn’t introed until a few seasons later.

      Plus, enough with all of the flashbacks and focus more on current storyline. Once in a while is fine but every episode to include a flashback since the start of the series is enough.

      • herman1959 says:

        The real problem is that it wasn’t one flashback, they kept flashing back in the middle of important current scenes…crazy.

    • Ab1973 says:

      It is absolutely the worst. Pretty much the reason I stopped watching. None of it makes any logical sense and has been nothing but stupid, so none of the emotions mean anything to me. I keep thinking that if Oliver had not been such a GD moron and had just handed over Malcolm to begin with none of it would have happened, so I can’t feel sorry for him. It’s all so angsty and miserable and STUPID. Now the hero is going to turn evil for like 1.5 episodes. Just frigging great.

    • Sam says:

      Agreed. The Ra’s storyline is a mess because this show is best when it’s about ARROW. I’m so over it already.

  37. Aubrey hennessy says:

    I don’t think their’s any plot for oliver joining the league in order to take it down,he’s in it cos he wants too regardless of ra’s choice.oliver wil lead the league going into season 4 cos arrow s3 finale ends before the flash and spoiler for flash finale saw oliver in the league of assassins outfit.oliver and diggles relationship wil neva be the same according to marc guddenheim.

    • Ab1973 says:

      That episode of Flash is 22, airs the night before Arrow’s season finale. He’s not staying in the LOA…the finale is called “My Name is Oliver Queen”

  38. Pat says:

    It was a very exciting episode and it kept me wanting more. The scene in the hospital with Oliver looking so heartbroken over his sister, made me cry. I have never read the comic books, so I am just wondering if all that is happening now is also in the books and if it is please tell me that eventually it will end well, with Oliver returning as the Arrow???

    • Sandra says:

      Why did Maseo not revive thea the way he revived Oliver, why didn’t Nyssa use the pit to revive Sara. The writing really has a lot of flaws this season. I enjoyed the olicity scene though. Its better when there is no back and forth between those two.

      • Dwayne says:

        Maseo’s wife was the one who revived Oliver and we haven’t seen her since she did that. You honestly think Ra’s would have allowed Nyssa to bring someone who betrayed him into Nanda Parbat for a quick dip in the pit?

    • KatsMom says:

      No, this isn’t in the comic books. R’as was primarily a Batman villain, not an Arrow villain. Thea’s not much of a presence in the comic books, that is to say that there is no Thea Queen in most incarnations of Green Arrow. Instead, she seems to be a reimagining of one of the people who served as Green Arrow’s sidekick, Speedy, Mia Dearden. I think they mentioned at some point that Thea’s middle name is Dearden, which is a nod to that. So, sorry, can’t provide any reassurances here.

  39. Jennifer Sturdivant says:

    Love love love this episode. The writing was fantastic. I love quippy Oliver. Cracks me up. “let’s not do our don’t go dance” Come on. Plus I actually like that Ra’s was the one to tell Felicity to take the chance he didn’t get. Almost like he knows that Oliver as the Demon’s head probably isn’t going to work out? And I freakin love David Ramsey as Dig. Such an awesome job. WTG Arrow Writers! Applause all around!! And Stephen Amell…..just fantastic as always.

  40. MoshiMoshi says:

    this show is turning into a soap opera, not loving the direction is going…. the scene with Ra’s and Felicity was just ridiculous.

  41. DonnaMama says:

    We also learned the Maseo and Tatasu’s son was killed, how we don’t know yet, seems there is more to this story as well, forgive my spelling

    • Dwayne says:

      Yes! Which I am finally happy to know. Every time they do a Hong Kong flashback I keep thinking ok what happened to the son now..why is he not around?

  42. Brandon says:

    Stephen Amell and John Barrowman were pure gold in this episode. So was Emily. You guys have a tough time narrowing down performer of the week from this episode alone!

  43. Gerald says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I love this show. And I love Oliver and I love Felicity. But I didn’t see the passion in that love making scene. I am now pushing for Laurel and Oliver to get back together. The way the comics intended.
    I hope Oliver is faking joining. And I hope the League and Ra’s story’s are finished this season.

    • Sammy says:

      Wow, really?! Omg. Each to their own I guess but I felt so much passion between them. It was insanely hot to watch them together. It actually felt like love more than sex. I was so sold on how in love they are. Blown away by that scene actually. Also Laurel and Oliver got divorced in the comics.

    • Lex says:

      I think one of the problems was putting it in the advertising – it wasn’t unexpected at all. The glasses removal and a kiss would have been just as effective, but it was like one of those movie trailers that shows too much and spoils the movie. As for Laurel and Oliver? Maybe if they had cast a different actress I could see that happening. KC and SA have zero chemistry on screen, and it’s almost painful to watch. Maybe if Laurel was the sassy lawyer instead of the dictated Black Canary (playing to her strengths and not having to kill off a beloved character for it to happen), but as of this moment the Lauriver ship has sailed. DC’s New 52 has Dinah in one book, Oliver in another, and both Felicity Smoak (as played by EBR, not Firestorm’s stepmom) and Diggle have been added to the universe. Besides, comics get retconned all the time, so there’s no reason Laurel *has* to be the love interest. This is an adaptation, and things can be different. They’ve definitely taken some missteps with the Olicity storyline, but EBR and SA are still golden together, no matter what ridiculous melodramatic scene they’re playing.

  44. Jerry says:

    I am really tired of those complaining about Felicity this season because she seems to have had some character growth and is actually making her own mark on the show. They want the old Felcity because all she did was make sexual innuendos and sit behind a computer screen and go on the field rarely. I have loved Felicity since season 1 and she has surprised me even more this season. Emily Bett is an exceptional actress and has shown range this season. Why are people mad that she’s in pain a lot, isn’t Oliver also in pain? She suffers also, please stop with the misogynistic comments and give credit where credit is do.

    • Seahawks 12th Man says:

      Thank you Jerry, I agree with you 110%

    • kath says:

      Thank you for saying that.

      I think they’ve gone too far into the “pain” category with both Oliver and Felicity this season, but it’s been good to see her move beyond one-dimensional comic relief, and Emily Bett Rickards has really stepped up to the plate.

      The level of acting in The Fallen, between Stephen Amell, Rickards, David Ramsey, John Barrowman and Willa Holland, was top notch.

      • kath says:

        Forgot to add Brandon Routh to the list of good acting. He made me feel for Ray. When the writing supports him, Routh can bring the emotions.

        I’m looking forward to scenes between Ray and Felicity now that Raylicity is dead.

    • Sara says:

      Thank you Jerry, I agree I’m tired of the complaining as well.

    • Drew says:

      I think you have it backwards. Felicity wasn’t one dimensional to begin with. This year, her entire personality had been stripped away in order to make her a whiny, cardboard love interest. She cries in every scene she is in.
      I live good, well done drama. This is not that.

      • Howard says:

        Drew you seem angry at every episode, why are you still watching this show, let alone spending precious time commenting?

        Felicit only weeps when it’s a scene that calls for it and she still delivers her babbling, wit and charisma.

    • Sammy says:

      Yes, this. I don’t think haters can handle that Felicity is growing as a character and has become so integral to the show. Her power on the show makes people feel threatened because there is no Arrow without Felicity. Even Stephen Amell has said so. Everyone on the show has said the same thing. They’re just jealous.

      Also, people have a problem with women showing emotion. It’s pathetic.

    • T. says:

      So by range, you mean crying at every turn! I’m a woman and I find that offensive.
      So because Felicity is a woman, she cannot be seen to be strong, have her emotions in check and be in love at the same time.
      How many times has Felicity mentioned to Oliver that they are not together because of Ollie’s choices and Oliver has not responded? Is that growth & range to Felicity’s character, stripping away at her esteem and personality one hissy fit at a time.
      I cannot remember an instance she was in a scene with Oliver this season, just the two of them and she did not weep! That is not growth, it is very degrading to her character.
      This show is built on pain, she’s not the only one in pain; you don’t see everyone else throwing tantrums and weeping!

      • kath says:

        Felicity told Oliver exactly once that they are not together because of his choices, in The Offer. And he acknowledged that she was right.
        Nor has she spent the season weeping. Take another look at the Flash crossovers along with most of the other episodes. But it’s been a very dark year on the show; she cried at Sara’s death, when Oliver was doing to dump her, when she felt guilty for causing Cooper’s death and when she thought Oliver had died. All realistic, there were times when Diggle had tears in his eyes too. To not cry in cases like those would have made her a sociopath.

    • Lex says:

      Warning: Apparently I wrote a novel. Sorry, I’m just so used to doing close analysis for school that I go on and on about a subject.

      There has been a gradual character arc with Felicity from season 1 – she’s finding value within herself, growing more confident as a person and part of the team, demanding agency where she used to be passive.

      You first see her in the early episodes as an insecure woman in a job that doesn’t challenger her or fulfill her. She’s awkward, babbles, makes innuendoes, provides comic relief and keeps towards being “cute” and “adorable” and nothing else (not that adorable’s a bad thing — it’s what made me love her). She thinks she’s just an IT girl who doesn’t value herself. She may have gone to MIT and she may be able to hack into the NSA database, but those things don’t matter in her day-to-day life or perception of herself. However, by the end of season 1 she realizes that she may have something more to give. Being in the field shows she can handle herself and play her role in a plan, giving the team support beyond her computer skills. Over the summer she’s taking the initiative to continue fighting even though Oliver’s MIA – rebuilding the lair so it looks like the badass set of a black ops spy movie. She took ownership of the mission — she made sure it carried on.

      Season 2 has her outraged when she become’s Oliver’s EA. All this does is emphasize how much more intelligent she is than what the job requires, but it also made for some of the best comedic set-ups all season. She also is learning her value as part of the team – she has her computer skills as her primary role, and she can work in the field when needed, but her people skills and general friendliness are also being used as Roy and Sara start working with Oliver and facilitating the relationship between Lance and the Arrow. Having Oliver kill Vertigo to save her showed how much he personally cares for her (though they aren’t in appropriate shipping territory yet). Taking the bullet for Sara bonds the two women and reassures her that she won’t be pushed out of the team. Barry’s appearance makes her realize she may even have value outside of Team Arrow — here’s a guy who finds her to be an attractive woman and they hit it off immediately. It’s a relationship we haven’t seen her in before. By the end of the season she’s interrupting Isabel’s monologue to take some behind-the-wheel revenge and showing her perfect comedic timing, she’s thematically become very important to Oliver’s hero journey; she’s his light, his conscience, his champion when he doesn’t believe in himself. And she’s the one who ends up being the linchpin in taking down Slade.

      Season 3 has been… a mess. It’s been a steep, rocky mountain range with brilliantly high peaks and depressingly low valleys. The A.T.O.M. spin-off becomes a priority, so she becomes the narrative tool to introduce Ray. He’s a bit of a creeper, has no concept of personal boundaries, but he immediately starts utilizing her amazing mind — someone appreciating her intelligence outside of the ArrowCave. Oliver breaks her heart, but she doesn’t sit back and pine, waiting for those “somedays” and “maybes” he says will never happen. Sara’s death is a wake-up call, and she decides she doesn’t want to be that woman, and moves on. You are always aware of the romantic tension between Oliver and Felicity for the entire season, and Ray pretty much showed up with the word “REBOUND” tattooed on his forehead, but she still starts living her own life and not just as a satellite for Oliver Queen. Hooking up with Ray? She once said Oliver deserved better than Isabel, and with Oliver acting like an idiot, she deserved better than him. People saying she’s been weak and weepy are obviously forgetting when she went up against Malcolm Merlyn like a queen, making a point that she wasn’t falling for his bull—-. Yeah, Oliver contradicted her as soon as he was back, but he’s been kind of a moron and all over the place all season.

      Honestly, drugging Oliver? Initiating an attempted escape? That’s showing her assertiveness, taking charge of the situation when Oliver isn’t acting. Saying she would be happy just having Oliver in her life? Until last night, that’s pretty much all she knows. He has never made an effort to put her first or even try, placing her on a pedestal as the pure sacred object he isn’t worthy to touch. There might be some thematic resonance in that, but it’s mostly about Oliver and his issues with women. He bangs any woman who shows up and is not related to him, but Felicity is too special for him to try and make it work. In spite of being the “love interest,” until last night nothing had changed. Feelings were expressed, but nothing was done with them. Even then, after they’ve been together, she didn’t stand aside and just watch everything happen — she tried to make things happen.

      Part of Oliver’s journey is learning to let people in, and that includes women he’s in love with. That’s what being with Felicity now represents, so don’t expect closure and a happy ending until the series finale. For Felicity, it’s asserting herself as the hero of her own story, not just an accessory to Oliver’s (and Ray’s). We’ve seen development in that area over three seasons, but it’s not over, and there’s a hell of a lot more stuff to go through before the series ends. Felicity has had a subtle arc, and this season she’s stronger than she’s ever been.

  45. Seahawks 12th Man says:

    C’mon you guys, if you read the comics obviously “The Dark Arrow” (which is Oliver) wont stay that way. this Show is based on “Green Arrow” not ” Dark Arrow”. Something is gong to happen i think that Oliver might end up at the end give his place as Al Sah-Him to someone else so he can become the Green Arrow once again. I might be obviously wrong, and they might just skip the comics all together and change it up how they feel but its not fun that way. But, yes i obviously liked this episode. Cant wait for The Flash’s Episode 1×22 called “Rogue Air” Where Flash calls in help from Arrow and Firestorm, this is gonna be cool!

    • Ab1973 says:

      You’re not wrong, the show’s not changing to the “LOA.” Guggenheim’s just a ridiculous liar (and a talentless hack), pulling the same thing he did when they tried to act as if Oliver were actually dead. Oliver will be evil for two seconds, then fine again, then thank God this awful season will be over.

      • Seahawks 12th Man says:

        Yea exactly, to be honest for me i didnt really mind this Season 3. Yes it could have been better but its almost over. But before it is over there is Three episodes left and it will get better towards the end of the season i know this. Plus cant wait for GL to finally enter this show.

  46. Luis says:

    An open letter to Emily Bett Rickards:
    Ms. Rickards, I bow down to you. Not only is Oliver unworthy of Felicity, after last night, i’m not sure I’m even worthy to be watching you. Your sublime expression of the myriad emotions Felicity cycled through in the course of one episode was a tour de force. Shock, anguish, grief, disbelief, amusement, courage, rage, recklessness, passion, fear, determination, love – all of these were demanded of Felicity in episode 20, and you delivered them all in spades. If this were a just world, that performance would be rewarded with an Emmy nomination – I hope at least it’s rewarded with a TV Line Performer of the Week Award. In what was perhaps the strongest episode of an up and down season, you stood out, head and shoulders above your also deserving peers. The scene between Felicity and Ra’s was my favorite of the season and one of the best individual scenes in the series. Felicity’s fiery, reckless courage in personally declaring war on Ra’s and his bemused, almost paternal reaction to her, was priceless.
    I am eagerly anticipating the final three episodes of the season and look forward to seeing you continue to develop this wonderful character.

  47. Evan says:

    I just realized something… anytime there is something to do with love or romance, all you people lose your damn minds!

    • Howard says:

      Like we get one to two episodes dedicated to the couple out of 20 episodes and people want to to cry all night about it. I love the romance it shows that they’re still real people behind the threat of danger and leagues of killers.

      • Kate says:

        Thank you for this. I can’t believe people are moaning about Olicity having a love scene. The whole scene amounted to like 3 minutes. Plus romance is a part of life and Oliver is the lead so he will automatically have a love interest. It’s the way TV goes. I don’t get what the big deal is. Relationships are important otherwise what the hell are they all fighting for?!

  48. Alichat says:

    I HATE this Ra’s al Ghul story. I really do. I don’t understand how it’s supposed to be compelling. The logic behind it makes no sense, and that’s saying alot for a comic/superhero show which asks me to suspend belief most of the time. The only thing I can figure out from this ‘heir to the demon’ logic is that this is Ra’s way of getting Oliver into the League, pure and simple. I get the feeling he has no intentions of Oliver taking his place. Just a few episodes ago, Nyssa was supposed to replace him. She fell out of favor because she loved someone. And I feel this is Ra’s ‘logic’ for weakness because, as we discovered last night, he turned his back on his family the moment some strange person appeared at his door and declared him the heir to whatever. He didn’t fight for his family. He didn’t fight to not become the heir to whatever. Therefore, no one is allowed to have those things he so easily gave up and didn’t fight for….it seems like some weird, sub-conscious way of displacing his anger with himself onto everyone else. Why else would you rationalize killing innocent people to force someone to take your place as a leader when that person vehemently doesn’t want to do it? Why do all this damage, make all of these threats, kill all these people, to bring in a man who is driven by protecting those he LOVES? How is that an adequate leader using the ‘love is weakness’ logic? The goal is just to break him. Because Oliver goes against all that Ra’s has preached about……love is weakness….you must kill to get justice…..blah blah blah. I feel like this whole mess of a story is just leading to Ra’s bringing him in, training him to be the heir to whatever, then when Oliver finds he can’t bring himself to forget/leave/hurt those that he loves……Thea, Felicity, Diggle…….Ra’s will displace him as heir, just as he did with Nyssa. (Notice he didn’t kill Maseo when he ‘fell back into his old life’ and actually helped someone whom he used to give a crap about.) “You are weak because of your love for these people…..even though the prophecy which conveniently states you must be my heir because you survived a battle with me but neglects to specify whether you are qualified when someone else saves your life instead of you magically surviving…..even though this prophecy states you must be the new Ra’s, I have now found this other prophecy magically pulled from my bum which states that you can not be the new heir to whatever because you haven’t given yourself completely to this calling, which you never wanted in the first place, by killing all that give a crap about you. Therefore you are no longer the heir to the whatever, but of course you are now a member of the League of Assassins, so you must do what I say, when I say, and uh…oh yeah, I can just order others to assassinate you if you do something that doesn’t tickle my fancy… know, like Malcolm did with that whole elaborate destroy-half-your-city plan.” Sigh….lame.

  49. GildedRose says:

    Loved this episode. It was awesome from top to bottom. I loved Oliver, Malcolm, Felicity, Diggle, Thea took an interesting turn… and who can forget that sexy hot Olicity? DANG! That was so good. I love those two together. I even got my core trio Team Arrow back in action. I’ve missed that. Such a great ep. I’m already planning to watch it again today.

  50. LD says:

    Loved all the Oliver and Felicity’s moments in this episode. Can’t wait to see how their love draws Oliver/Al-Sah-Him out of the LoA. This is going to be an amazing last 3 episodes in Season 3.