Idol Recap: There Is No 'I' in Theme

American Idol Recap

Pop quiz time, American Idol fans!

Name the theme for Top 6 Week — not based on what Ryan Seacrest told you, but on what you saw and heard with your own eyes and ears:

A. Harry Connick Jr. Acts Like an Insufferable Jackass
B. “At This Point, You Kids Might as Well Sing Whatever the Hell You Want!”
C. Quentin Alexander Being Jeered at in the Town Square
D. The Judges Overlooking Myriad Pitch Problems (So Nobody Else Defects to The Voice)
E. A Mess
F. That Time Harry Sat Next to J.Lo and Dissed the Art of Auto-Tune (#OMG)

As the overlord of this here recap, I will accept any of the above answers and grant each and every one of you an unshakeable A+.

FM2_5156_hires1Executive producer Per Blankens & Co., on the other hand, get an H (for HUH?), on account of pretending we were in for an “Arena Anthems” theme… and then greenlighting “Yesterday,” “Heaven” and a Justin Freaking Bieber jam. Why not just say “Contestant’s Choice,” bring in Scott Borchetta verrry early to help avoid any screaming clunkers and hope that for once, we wind up with two terrific hours of musical performances?

Nope, instead we get Harry doing interminable, sports-style slo-mo replays of J.Lo’s dress twirling; everybody subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) driving the actual American Idol bus into Quentin Alexander’s Top 5 Tour dreams; and a very uneven dozen performances that made me think the remaining contestants are starting to get worn down by the grueling process of finding a tenant for The House Where Danny Gokey Screamed On.

Hey, at least there’s the prospect of a Joey-Quentin double bill somewhere this summer, yes?

Without further ado, though, let’s get to my letter grades for tonight’s performances:

Jax – Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” — Grade: B | OK, so Jax’s song choice wasn’t much of a vocal showcase, but it ultimately proved to be a fun, energetic romp — and a nice bookend to her more nuanced, understated second number. Sure, as an Oldy McAncientstein, I never like to see cutoff shorts where the pocket hangs below the hemline, but aside from that (and a few moments where Jax got a wee bit winded), I can’t complain. Because when Idol is “All Ballads All the Time,” nobody wins.

MB2_1124_hires1Nick Fradiani – Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe” — Grade: B- | Uff da. Nick missing his cue (or was it the band messing up?) at the start of the number seemed to seriously throw off his rhythm and phrasing for the opening third of his performance. (Though kudos to the man himself for doing the judges’ job and being the only person to actually make mention of the flub.) Perhaps just as disappointing, though, was the fact that Nick once again chose a song so utterly on-the-nose in terms of what you’d expect from him. When J.Lo told the Connecticut rocker — who, on a shallow note, wins the trophy for Most Improved Hair this week — that she wished he’d infused his performance with audience participation, I had to nod my head. Because ultimately, there’s a sameness to Nick’s performances that, week in and week out, makes them hard to distinguish from one another… and this deep in the season, that lack of true risk could come back to haunt him.

Clark Beckham – The Beatles’ “Yesterday” — Grade: C- | Wait, did He Who Is Always Flapping His Gums About Intonation (AKA Harry) call this performance “terrific”? I rewound three times, and yes, in fact he did — a fact that makes me worried Clark is getting the Phillip Phillips treatment (where late in the season, a contestant is so far ahead in the voting that the show puts a stop to any genuine criticism… the better to “sell” the coronation). Not only was Clark’s approach to the melody dramatic to the point of torture, but he was consistently sharp throughout.

MB2_1251_hires1Tyanna Jones – Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” — Grade: C+ | The judges also sounded like they were praising Tyanna’s first number, too, except their tone was communicating a somewhat less enthusiastic message. From my couch, I heard a host of woes in the teenager’s lower register, and tonal quality on the big “Yeah-ee-yeah-ee-yeah-ah-ahs” on the chorus that made me wince. Instead of Harry’s unbearable attempts at comedy, why not show more behind-the-scenes conversations allowing us to figure out if it was Tyanna or someone else who first cooked up this song choice — and what other options she might’ve considered on her journey to “just bein’ Miley”? I know, I know… that’s like going to Little Caesar’s and expecting a handmade Argentinian pie with cremini mushrooms and organic truffle oil, but this old dog just can’t learn any new daydreams.

Quentin Alexander – The Doors’ “Light My Fire” — Grade: B- | The bass-heavy groove of Quentin’s arrangement was super cool, but I felt like he never truly dug into the vocal — or fully committed to the sensuality behind the lyrics — which are kind of essential when you’re not at the top of the pecking order in terms of pitch or vocal horsepower. OK, the dance moves and the neck swivel and the black leather fringe all made me smile, but the inaccuracy of the ad-libs at the end were tough to endure — even for a rabid Quentin fan such as myself.

MB2_1446_hires1Rayvon Owen – Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One” — Grade: C+ | Let me begin with a prologue to this critique: It was love at first listen when I encountered Rayvon’s tone singing “Wide Awake” during his audition — a feeling that remained unabated during “Lay Me Down” at the House of Blues and “Jealous” in Top 12 Week. So, no, I am not unaware of or immune to his gifts. And while there were moments within “I’m Not the Only One” where the dashing fella’s mellifluous tone broke through, there was just too much “cry” in his voice, too much straining for emotion, too much exertion to try to push his glory notes into Idol moment territory. Yes, the song is a lament from the point of view of a jilted (but still hanging on) lover, but the original is a bruised plea — Rayvon’s was more of an extended whine.

Nick Fradiani – Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May” — Grade: B+ | This was a fine, workmanlike vocal from Nick — full of grit and intensity, and topped off with a lovely little dollop of falsetto. After last week’s deconstruction of a Billy Joel classic, though, I was hoping Nick might give us at least one big surprise in terms of song choice or arrangement. Then again, dude has never had a Bottom 2 encounter — so what do I know? And actually, hearing him sing his face off was not a bad consolation prize.

Tyanna Jones – Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” — Grade: C | So Scott Borchetta is “mentoring” — or merely serving as a tour guide to the Dolby Theater? I’m guessing the latter, seeing how he let a 16-year-old contestant settle on a song that begins with the line, “Oh thinking about our younger years…” — which was what, middle school? “Music Has Value” reads the message emblazoned on all his jackets — but he needs a second patch reminding him that “Lyrics Matter, Too”! Urgh. Not surprisingly, Tyanna seemed utterly disconnected from the performance, which felt as out-of-place and uncomfortable as her floor-length silver gown. When Harry asked her what kind of music she wants to make post-Idol, Tyanna actually muttered, “I would say I’m most comfortable actually singing songs like this — I always sung in the church, and I sung Gospel and R&B, things like that. But I feel like I’m having more fun, and I feel more natural when I’m dancing, you know, moving with the crowd.” Which made me wonder if she’d already deleted “Heaven” from her memory bank and had convinced herself “Party in the USA” was her one and only performance for the week.

FM2_6285_hires1Clark Beckham – Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” — Grade: B+ | None of the judges seemed that excited by The Bieberization of Season 14’s Almost Inevitable Champ — saying his acoustic-blues twist on “Boyfriend” wasn’t sexy enough or dangerous enough or stadium-worthy. To me, though, these petty complaints provided further evidence that the judges were wayyy off their games this week. Not only was Clark’s “Boyfriend” one of the few covers that seemed totally out of left field — and I mean that as a compliment — but he also went staunchly against the karaoke vibe that pervaded the episode. A few of the high notes went a little off the rails when Clark ad-libbed the final chorus, but at least his patented howl was conveying the necessary excitement of a boy standing in front of a girl, asking her to go steady.

Jax – Dido’s “White Flag” — Grade: A- | A decade from now, Idol historians will point to “White Flag” as the moment where Jax pretty much locked herself into a Season 14 hometown visit. (No way she’s Bottom 2 next week, so unless she stumbles hard over the last hurdle, Top 3 is almost guaranteed.) Dido’s biggest hit — like the Sam Smith cover that preceded it — tells the tale of a love affair that only one party is clinging to, but Jax’s exquisite restraint proved a much better fit than Rayvon’s peacock-y approach. Sitting at the piano and taking her time with the melody, Jax infused every note with palpable desperation and heartache — so much so that for a second, it looked like said emotions might derail her vocal. That never happened, of course, leading to a quavering glory note that might’ve been the rocker chick’s finest vocal moment all season.

MB2_1876_hires1Quentin Alexander – Florence + The Machine’s “Shake It Out” — Grade: A- | I won’t lie: I was a little afraid of Quentin tackling one of the booming-est, muscular vocalists of our time — and there were a couple hinky notes on the opening verse that only upped my fear factor. Once Quentin got past the first couple lines of the verse, though, he locked into the lyric and made me feel like it was something he’d written himself (perhaps about his own Idol experience). “And it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back/ So shake him off” — that might as well be labeled “From Quentin to Harry.” Best of all, Quentin went for a huge glory note toward the end of his cover — had this been Olympic figure skating, he’d have been going for his first in-competition quadruple — and he completely nailed it. Harry — who’s thrown the concept of pithiness down into a cellar pit with a dog named Precious — phrased his typical “your pitch sucks” critique in the form of a question (essentially, “Will you use Auto-Tune when you record an album?”), giving us one more chance to experience Quentin’s sweet authenticity. “I would not, just because I feel that the type of music I want to do, the type of art that I want to make, is all me in my raw element. So if I make a mistake, I want to people to hear that mistake.” Would Scott Borchetta (and his ilk) ever allow such blasphemy? Probably not. But I’m going to pre-order it on iTunes faster than J.Lo can say “I luh ya, Papi.”

Rayvon Owen – Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” — Grade: B- | Fleetwood Mac’s breakup anthem doesn’t seem to have much to do with how Rayvon has presented himself as an artist thus far, but aside from an inaudible opening line, it was a fairly competent, energetic attempt on his part. Well, that is until he busted out with one of the most ear-piercing, unnecessary falsetto runs in American Idol history. The audiences and judges acted like dude had turned water into wine — maybe it sounded less alarming in person? — but it was the kind of last impression that might turn into a life vest for Tyanna during next week’s results.

Ultimately, the final Twitter Save of Season 8 came down to Quentin Vs. Rayvon (even though it should’ve been Tyanna going home). Quentin’s ability to surprise and thrill (and pick better songs) made him my clear choice to win, and thus I whipped myself into a Social Media Frenzy (SMF is a real condition, people!).

Alas, though, it was Rayvon who prevailed in the Twitter vote — and Quentin who was sent packing.

As for next week…

Should Be Eliminated Next Week: Tyanna
Will Be Eliminated Next Week: Tyanna

On that note, I turn it over to you! What did you think of Top 6 performance night? Who were your faves? Who’s at risk? Did the right contestant get “Twitter Saved”? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ginger Snap says:

    Sweet relief. Quentin is gone. And Slezak’s gonna whine.

    • Kim Moores says:


      • Quentin didn’t have a great night tonight, both performances were okay, not great and Rayvon had 1 out of 2 really great performances. So although I think Quentin has been better overall this season, Rayvon was better tonight, and has been unbelievable during these Save opportunities.

        • Kim Moores says:

          Rayvon had one really good performance…and then that last one was something from the pits of hell.
          Quentin was solid, I say he deserved the save more. Better yet, let’s eliminate this save nonsense.

          • Gailer says:

            I agree, I have no clue what Rayvon was doing to Go Your Own Way. He was saying eh or hay or?

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            Thank you Kim, I couldn’t agree more, Rayvon should have been eliminated just on the basis of how bad his last song was, and then to throw a totally out of context high note in at the end and have all three judges gush over it based on that, all of it made no sense. I am not a huge Quentin fan but his cover of Florence and the Machine was miles better than Rayvon’s Fleetwood Mac mess. Oh and big shocker that the show opened with a replay of last weeks Quentin/Harry confrontation, I wish I could have made some money in Vegas betting on that happening.

          • I would rather see a tour with Adanna, Qaasim, Daniel, YES I said Daniel, Quentin and Joey! than the ones they have going on tour. These contestants all each have something unique to offer! Its not always about the voice, or pitch!

          • Some Dude says:

            ha! So true. After the first round, I pretty much thought that Quentin was utterly doomed. I have no idea what the heck Michael Slezak heard, and I can’t wait for Melinda to ridicule him on the next Reality Check. ;)

            But then Rayvon sucked it hard in the second round and reminded me why he is always in the bottom two.

            I wonder how close it was.

          • BradyBunch4U says:

            Rayesha was horrid and that last note was Gokeyesque. NIGHTMARE Screech.

        • danin says:

          My ears heard to very all over the place songs from Rayvon. He was awful tonight.

          • Sue Jones says:

            Agree. Rayvon was awful. I turned the sound down on him and Clark

          • karyn says:

            I don’t think that’s fair about Rayvon’s first performance (too spot on the original, very karaoke, but he hit his notes) but his second was pretty bad, especially that awful final screechy falsetto. I was surprised he got the save when that was the last thing the public heard before the vote and I thought the pro-Quentin crowd would really rally to save Q.

          • Lizzie says:

            Rayvon did okay except for that god-awful last note he produced – sounded like an animal in pain.

          • Lizzie says:

            That last big note of animal pain, please, stop. If you can’t sing big and keep any quality, don’t do it.

        • Owen says:

          I wonder if it’s occurred to Rayvon that next week he’s going home? As Melinda noticed this week, Rayvon fans are so enmeshed in tweeting for him, they forget ton later vote by phone. Or have run out of energy and are too tired to vote by phone. Either way, I bet you he’ll not have enough votes for final four.

          • Nan says:

            Doesn’t matter, he made the tour and they’re all going home, but the last one.

          • Mary says:

            In reality they don’t have to vote, all they have to do is tweet him through. Considering you eliminate half of the voting with this tweet s..t, I am surprise anybody waste their time doing it. In reality if you go by votes alone Rayvon probably would of been gone before Daniel, can’t prove it but my gut said it is true. Rayvon has a nice voice but sorry he doesn’t have that it factor. Scott is probably getting real nervous thinking he might be stuck with wooden Clark or heck the way it is going dull Rayvon. This season started to promising but I think it will be the final nail in AI coffin. Jax, as much as I don’t care for her is probably the only marketable one left.

          • Lizzie says:

            I would greatly prefer it was Jax going home, because she is a boring and crappy singer. Could they at least do her hair this week? Slezak, your love for Quentin is nice, but his poor behavior last week was the end of him. I like Quentin as a performer because he is really interesting and fun to watch, and the band seems to like him (could do without most of the costumes), and there is a nice sound and tonal quality – when he stays on pitch, which wavers far too often from staying on key. You have to be able to hear that variance, and not just be mesmerized by the costume of the day. On a singing competition show, it does indeed have to be in large part about the singing.

            Tyanna is at risk, which surprises me. Her age is starting to impact her, whereas Nick is hitting his stride and starting to perform without so much worry. My final 3 are Clark, Tyanna, and Nick, in some order yet to be determined.

        • Joe says:

          America voted off the right person! That’s it.

        • Temperance says:

          I thought both of Q’s songs were great – far better in every way than Nick, Tyana, and Rayvon. I can’t remember a thing Nick’s done the entire series, and excluding one song this week and one last, Rayvon’s been completely forgettable. (And Rayvon’sam Sith cover was U-G-L-Y… wow bad.)

          • karyn says:

            I have to doubt your ears here. Even Michael – Quentin’s most rabid fan – had to admit to the pitch problems in the first song. Interestingly, Michael failed to note (or notice?) that the judges, far from throwing Q under the bus, gave him a free pass after that first song, not saying a single negative thing even though there was plenty negative to say.
            The second was better but still far from perfect vocally. And neither one of these songs had the usual Quentin performance magic that normally has me, if not a fan entirely, at least recognizing the appeal.

          • Mary says:

            Correction Jlo did critique Quentin, I guess she was the chosen bad guy, which I found ironic since she is the Auto Tune Queen. Maybe you need your ears check.

          • Lizzie says:

            Quentin was too distant in his first song, and the song wasn’t a good choice overall for him. Harry’s right, the band sounded pretty great on that one. Quentin was reserved in protective mode after his error in behavior last week, but he did all right overall on the season. Rayvon wasn’t great this week or any other week, but his singing is better than Quentin’s.

        • Rayvon was awesome tonight

        • Robertino7 says:

          Rayvon should’ve been pulled off the stage for making a mockery of Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsay Buckingham’s impassioned “Go Your Own Way”. It was absolutely atrocious. His ceiling is set with nowhere further to go. Quentin, on the other hand has bountiful opportunities awaiting him as he continues to grow as an artist.

      • Mr Slezak are you going to interview Quentin? I cant wait! You are lucky to be in a room with such a special, magical, talented, beautiful man! GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR Dont look too deep into his eyes! LOL

      • I just noticed something we may have all missed! When they came back from commercial break at the end, the timeclock was still rolling 3, 2, 1 ok right there Ryan had nothin in his hand. Then he asked Rayvon a question and put his hand in his pocket. Then the camera shows him with the results. Well if he dug the results out of his pocket, how could he have the final results when the clock was still counting down when they came back from commercial break. How could the results have been in his pocket already? Did they not give the full 5 minutes of voting twitter time? Go back to that part and watch carefully, when he puts his hand in his pocket and then has the envelope with results! He also usually never puts his hands in his pockets! And how long had those results been sitting in his pocket? The damn clock was still running down as we watched and THEN voting closed!

        • Also there is a lady lower down in the comments, who said she couldnt get through to twitter vote within the 5 minute window and wants to know if that happened to anyone else? Gee, that fits right in with what I said up above about the clock running and ryan had the results envelope in his pocket!

          • Nan says:

            The envelope in his pocket may have been directions on how to phrase it depending on which one went through and what remarks to make after the announcement. After last week’s mess [a lot of which was Ryan’s fault] TPTB may have been a bit anxious.

          • Jill Moy says:



          • Jill you are right he could just say anything. Also how do we know the american idol people didnt go get thousands of twitter accounts and sit backstage and have everyone twitter for Rayvon! The way they showed the whole Harry<Quentin thing at the beginning of the show, but yet skipped Quentins' apology when showing it. Oh well, I can still enjoy the voice. I love, love, love Koryn, she is pretty, her tone is beautiful! She is humble and I like her better than Kimberly! Still behind Sawyer also! . Im going to predict that team Pharrell will win with one of them! They are both on his team! Sawyer and Koryn! They are the youngest too! Hey Even if the dont win he is a producer and I dont think he will let either of them go! But I think one of them will win!

        • karenb says:

          That’s crazy. Now I have even less faith in the Twitter vote being legit. But I knew there was no way Idol was going to keep Quentin on after last week. No way in heck. So I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they fiddled with the results.

        • tom2277 says:

          He does have a mic in his ear, producers are probably talking to him all the time about time left and what not forget to say etc like for news casters.

    • kevstar says:

      However, Q is second in the poll, so obviously he’s not as hated by other people on this board.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        He’s not that loved or he wouldn’t be in the bottom 2. This board is populated with Slezak’s army.

        • Kim Moores says:

          Lets do some fact checks:
          Did Quentin have a ‘heated moment’ with Harry, a judge, last week? Check
          Did Quentin get accused of being an ingrate…when that’s entirely false? Check?
          Did Ryan Seacrest give Quentin the ‘angry black man’ pitch by insinuating he looked like he was going to hit Harry? Check
          Did every blog and news station on earth move mountains to make Quentin look like the bad guy for momentary anger? Yep
          Did it result in unwarranted hate? Yes sir
          Is there an AI promotion on Youtube that makes Quentin look 800x worse? Yup
          Have they been showing that commercial all week? Yes
          Did they show it AGAIN before the night began? Yup.
          My friend, that’s call flat out manipulation and slander.
          Not the fans fault, I’d even bet Rayvon was still the bottom if they didn’t use the save.

          • karenb says:

            Spot on

          • AlyB says:

            Yes. This. 1,000x this.

          • Margarethe says:

            ^This this this.

          • Eurydice says:

            Yeah, all this. But if he’d worked harder on his vocals and managed to stay on key (as he did in his final performance) these other things would not have been an issue.

          • Ginger Snap says:

            In the adult world where I live, you can say whatever you like. But you also get held responsible for your free speech. If you’re implying that he was eliminated because he offended some people, I say you’re wrong.. His vocals were weak.. Only one worse is Jax and Rayvon. But Rayvon is likeable.

          • Nathalie Van Egten says:

            Poeple are forgetting Quentin needed a wild
            Card to get into the top 12

          • Kim Moores says:

            The adult world? I live there too! Let me tell you about it.
            In the adult world I live in, you speak once you’re asked to speak by your superiors. Similar to what Quentin did when he decided to voice his opinion AFTER stating that he’d just shut up prior to. Why? He was asked to speak freely
            In the adult world I live in we save arguments for less public areas for the sake of having a crowd on your side, but I guess HCJr ignored that when he asked ‘are we still on air’ then proceeded to claim Quentin was an ingrate.
            In the adult world I live in, you speak calmly and explain yourself, particularly when you’re being misunderstood and you do it in an adult fashion. Similar to what Quentin did when he was asked back onto the stage and walked over to HCJr to explain himself properly.
            In the adult world we do NOT fixate ourselves around drama nor seek to let it be a hot topic once it has well passed. Too bad AI didn’t listen to any of that after they made numerous promotional videos of this ‘heated moment’.
            Oh yeah and also:
            In the adult world we apologize when we’re in the wrong and feel we’ve wronged people. Kind of like how Quentin apologized and said he did not intend any form of disrespect and went on to say his mother raised him too well to even consider hitting HCJr after Ryan implied he looked like he wanted to?
            In the adult world we make note of maturity, Quentin handled the entire situation maturely and only spoke when was spoken too (more specifically, when he was asked to speak) and nothing more. If anything, he could have chosen better words aside from ‘whack’.
            In the adult world we don’t define people by a one time bout of minor displeasure.

          • Nick says:

            Even black people were saying it looked like he was gonna punch Harry because, um, he did. Nothing to do with an “angry black man”. Stop it. Even if all that drama didn’t take place it was simply Quentin’s time to go home. Anyone who isn’t emotionally invested in the guy could see that.

          • Kim Moores says:

            Lol okay. Sure. *thumbs up*
            K Nick. I’ll just leave you alone to your drunkenness

          • karenb says:

            I think Nick is making this stuff up as he goes along. Which “black people?” Good grief.

          • Nick says:

            lol seems like you’re the one who got a little carried away with the margaritas tonight if you truly believe anyone else left in the competition should have gone home before Quentin who was clearly the weakest vocalist left. You can only get so far on being “artsy” if you don’t have much of a voice to back it up. He definitely has potential, but still very raw and needs a lot of work.

          • Kim Moores says:

            Yes because the strongest vocalists have this tradition of always winning the competition.
            Anyways, unfortunately, Quentin’s body of works was infinitely stronger than Rayvon’s.
            That’s just a fact.
            Also, don’t speak for black people, speak for yourself.
            Also, sober up. You look bad.

          • Nick says:

            Quentin’s body of work stronger than Rayvons? That’s comical. And I don’t speak for all black people, never claimed I did. I’m saying I saw black people who agreed with Ryan that it looked like he was about to punch him. Everything to do with body language, nothing to do with skin color. You look bad trying to turn this into a race issue.

          • Kim Moores says:

            His body of work is stronger than Rayvon’s.
            Rayvon can hit all the pretty notes he wants, Quentin gave actual performances. Rayvon isn’t even half the performer Quentin is and never could be.
            As I was saying, it was entirely inappropriate to point it out regardless of what was seen. Verbalizing it made it worse.

          • KIM MOORE! Ughh! Im so mad Quentin is gone. How long is Rayvon going to be saved ? 6 times. Remember even before the twitter save Adanna Duru had to go home against Rayvon! I dont like this twitter save because we dont know what is really going on. They could manipulate votes or even buy 2000 twitter accounts backstage at Idol and vote for Rayvon backstage. This is starting to look fixed! EVERYONE interesting is gone! We just dont know what goes on with this twitter save AND we dont get to know who the ACTUAL bottom person is with the least votes!ALL THE POINTS YOU MADE IN YOUR LIST ARE TRUE!

          • Nick says:

            You do realize this is a singing competition, right? A killer vocalist with average stage presence trumps strong stage presence with a mediocre voice. I don’t see how Ryan’s comments were inappropriate. It was all in good fun, no need to take it so serious.

          • Kim Moores says:

            It’s a competition in which you sing to win.
            Unfortunately the standards that define who and what is an American Idol are not set in stone and you could argue that Quentin was the only one worthy of the title.
            This show looks for marketable, strong performers with great vocals. Quentin did not always have great vocals but he generally had good vocals with an entrancing performance whereas all anyone can ever say about Rayvon is that he had good vocals. Now tell me, in a show where singers like Pia Tuscano can get eliminated and Jessica Sanchez requires a save or where Lee DeWyze can win and not sing in tune once, exactly what defines the American Idol? This ‘singing’ competition you’re adamant on defending.
            Mediocre vocals my butt.

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            Totally agree and then they further manipulated things by exuding praise over an out of tune Rayvon who sang a poor cover that his voice did not fit. Just disgusting.

          • Wen says:

            If Quentin had a real fan base – they would’ve saved him after last week. They would’ve voted like crazy. Those things listed above would’ve been impetus to vote.

          • safado says:

            This sick episode has convinced me that Quentin must have been seen by production as difficult, a diva and demanding. I can think of no other reason for Jackass Harry to pick a fight with him last week. There certainly was no doubt Quentin would be going home tonight. I wonder how many other contestants have been eliminated for the same reason over the years.

          • Temperance says:

            Total agreement here. It was a pathetic show of racism.

          • Sue Jones says:

            I completely agree!

          • Sue Jones says:

            Is Nick Harry’s suedo name?

          • Nick says:

            Of course marketability is important, but you still have to be able to sing. Saying he generally had good vocals is certainly being generous. Often times he was terribly out of tune. When he was at his best his vocals were only average. I know it sucks to see your favorite contestant leave but let’s at least try to be a little unbiased here. He had a good run and made a name for himself, but it was his time to go and most of us saw it coming before the controversy with Harry took place.

          • Kim Moores says:

            My unbiased opinion? Okay, let’s see if this sounds any different:
            Quentin Alexander is a charismatic performer with a voice full of rich, haunting quirks to it that were overshadowed by unforunate (but not utterly grating) pitch issues. That being said his ability to captivate the very essence of a song was unrivaled among the competition.
            A good voice doesn’t need to have the vocal gravitas of Jennifer Hudson or be some thick husky shtick. A good voice captivates and snatches the attention of others, which Quentin was more than capable of doing regardless of him not being the most technically proficient singer on the show.
            Objective assessment of Rayvon:
            Balladeer with a tone so gorgeous it makes you stop to sigh, but unfortunately the sighing ends at surface level. Underneath the prettiness of his buttery, silky tone lies immense emotional disconnect, contrived sensations, and minimal charisma. Fortunately, the beauty of his tone can (for some) distract, but unfortunately the live shows proved that Rayvon Owens is only capable of nailing a ballad (nothing more) on a technical level only capable of leaving people impressed rather than moved.
            Long story short, even with my bias I tend to maintain as objective of a stance as I can manage. Had Quentin’s pitch issues been so rampant I couldn’t get on board I’d be singing another story, they weren’t.

          • Jill Moy says:

            If Clark had been the one walking over to Harry, Ryan would have said the same thing!

            After all, WHITE PEOPLE CAN HIT PEOPLE TOO! DUH!.

          • Jill Moy says:

            KIM MOORES,

            STOP WITH THIS BLACK MAN SHI*! Ryan would have said the same thing if Clark had walked over to Harry! Why must everything be racial! GROW UP! WHITE PEOPLE CAN HIT PEOPLE TOO! Quentin left the show because HE OPENED HIS BIG MOUTH! HE SHOULD HAVE SAID NOTHING…..0000000000! He indirectly may have turned voters away from Joey as well, with that big pie hole! Sure he was better than Rayvon, but, you want to speak out of turn and out of line, one will suffer by being eliminated! Again…..HE SHOULD HAVE SANG HIS SONG AND LEFT……HE SHOULD KEEP A LOW PROFILE!

          • James says:

            I’m glad Quentin went home. My ears were hurting from his pitch-iness. I don’t care how great of a performer or dresser he is–if he can’t even sing in key then he has no business calling himself a singer. If he wants to be an excellent performer and dresser then he should think about becoming an actor.

            And Slezak should stop taking his ridiculous grades out on Clark because Quentin got eliminated. Really Slezak–you gave Clark a C- for Yesterday and Quentin a B- for Light My Fire. And then you b!tch about how Joshua Davis sang out of key and gave him a C+ for Hold Back The Fire??? You should be giving Quentin nothing higher than a C. So don’t go around saying the judges or Idol are playing favoritism for Clark BECAUSE YOU’RE DOING IT FOR QUENTIN. Kettle meet black.

          • James says:

            River = Fire

          • Kim Moores says:

            Jill, do me a favor and shut up.
            We’ve maintained a wonderful job of not interacting with each other, keep it that way.

          • Mari McGrordy says:

            Thank you. You’re right on.

          • Mary says:

            Eloquently said.

          • Genie says:

            Kim, I so agree with you. Harry (my favorite judge) totally over-reacted to Q’s comment last week. It was not directed at AI at all. It was just a reaction that it sucked (and it did) that Joey was in the bottom 2. So for Harry to espouse that Q was disrespecting the show was absolutely off the mark and unwarranted. And as a result, Q is gone and it’s ALL Harry’s fault

          • Bobbie Mathis says:

            Yes to all.

          • karyn says:

            I disagree with virtually every “fact” on your little checklist.

            1 – Quentin deserved the criticism of his behavior but almost everything I saw or read was defending Quentin and criticizing Harry (unfairly in my opinion).

            2 – There is no doubt Idol tried to capitalize on the drama but your claim that the AI youtube clip made Q look worse makes no sense. It’s a video of the incident – that’s all. In fact, I re-watched it based on your claim. My first time watching, I fast-forwarded past the nonsense after Q made his rude “clarify” comment to Harry. This time, I saw how Ryan tried to defuse the situation with the “we support you” comment. How in the world can this clip be said to be slanderous.

            3 – From what I’ve seen, none of the above resulted in any Quentin hate (ignoring the occasional controversy-mongering trolls that no one pays attention to anyway and I saw plenty of those aiming their crap at Harry as well), what limited criticism of Q there was, was mild and well deserved.

            4 – Quentin was not thrown under the bus by the judges, who gave Q a free pass on his first (way out of tune) song. To be fair, they also gave Rayvon credit for that horrible high note which had me on your side for a moment but then Q did the same thing so I think Michael is right that it must have sounded better in studio than on TV.

            5 – Finally, Quentin went home in the appropriate spot for someone who is really good at performance but doesn’t have the vocal chops of the rest of the field. I have really liked a lot of Q’s performances and would have been upset to see him leave much earlier than this (though it should have been before Joey). But his ouster is not outrage-worthy.

          • Lizzie says:

            Quentin was an ingrate, disrespectful, and he blew it last week. Completely inappropriate behavior from Quentin. I also thought that Quentin in his menacing approach to the judges table, looked like he might hit Harry – Ryan wasn’t alone in thinking that. Did Quentin make himself look bad? Yes. Was Quentin stupid to comment on it the next day? Yes. Was Quentin a good singer? Sort of and sometimes. Was Quentin a good performer? Yes, oh yes. Would he have been better off keeping his mouth shut instead of flapping it TWICE during last week’s show? Yes. Would he still have gone home this week? Maybe so, maybe not.

            Is Slezak totally hung up on this issue and on the alleged quality of Jax (please let her go next)? Yes. Did the producers make a decision that Quentin’s time was up? Hard to say. Did the producers tell Quentin that security would escort him out if there was anything remotely like what he did last week? I would think yes.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Sometimes words have consequences. For Quentin, this was one of those times, unfortunately.

          • steprock says:

            Yeah, I just wish everyone would stop with this “angry black man” crap. The guy came up to him a big rush and was clearly upset. Not a soul mentioned his race, unless Seacrest is suddenly a racist?? Why is everything twisted up about race? Maybe it’s cause he’s a youth. Maybe it’s youth-ist. But no, anything said about him simply MUST be about race.

        • Sue Jones says:

          Were you looking in the mirror when you mentioned Slezak’s army? Really?

          • Mari McGrordy says:

            Sue, it’s pseudonym……not suedo name.

          • Jill Moy says:

            MIM MOORE,

            You bet I’m gonna react to you when you say such stupid things and your comments about race are ridiculous and stupid! BRING IT ON MOMMY DEAREST!

    • Nick says:

      lol yeah…love Michael but he’s way too obsessed with Quentin. Rayvon’s clearly the better singer and deserved to be saved again tonight.

      • MC says:

        I voted to save Rayvon, but “Go Your Own Way” is a deceptively simple song. It invites all kinds of pitch problems and he really struggled with it. Quentin’s pitch was bad on “Light My Fire,” but he did better with “Shake It Out.”

      • Susan says:

        I’m obsessed with Quentin . If not for Quentin this Idol season would be a snoozefest. Pretty much like Rayvon’s performances and Harry’s “jokes”.

        • Sid Neeto says:

          I agree. Very disappointed. Quentin’s the type of artist that should have been supported an nourished by AI– not thrown under the bus in such an obvious and distasteful way. Shameful.

          • Sue Jones says:

            I agree Sid. It was so hard to watch. Almost made me cry. I really do dislike the judges for the way they treated him. He did not deserve to be treated that way.

          • Lizzie says:

            Quentin threw himself under the bus, with his outbursts last week. He has only himself to blame, and I was glad to hear Harry call him out on his attitude and behavior.

      • Mary says:

        Not after that last performance. One glory note doesn’t take away the train wreck throughout. Plus being continuously in the bottom proves people voted against Quentin, not for him IMO.

    • metitometin says:

      You’ve got to be kidding me. Quentin made Idol interesting and unique. Rayvon is as boring and generic as they come. He puts me to sleep every time.

      • Smokey says:

        Its always nice to get some extra rest and catnap during the show, and Rayvon provides that opportunity.

        • Lol Catnap is right! I like to watch my coffee drip in the coffepot while Rayvon is performing!

          • I wont be watching anymore, but I will come back to watch the finale! But because they have made so many changes, do you guys think they will still have ALL the contestants come back for the finale? They may not! They may have changed that also! Not Sure.

    • Sherr says:

      Ginger snap…after reading your comments on here, it is apparent you don’t know what you’re talking about. Quentin was one of the most interesting and compelling singers in this competition. Jax is the other contestant who always does something worth listening to, and my choice to win.

      • jen mac says:

        I agree with Quentin i liked his performances but Jax not so much while she sang white flag pretty it was boring and the first song was like watching a teenie bopper running around the stage just didn’t like it.

        • Rere F says:

          Jen mac, I have to agree with you, Jax has been horrible from the beginning. She ruins songs when she sings, making them her own.She needs to go home. I like Quentin’s performances tonight.

        • Kristee says:

          Jax is awful for the most part. All she can do are sleepy piano ballads. She is just lucky she is the pet of the season and the producers are bending over backwards to kiss her ass and not talk about horrible her vocals are on most of her performances. They kept saying Quentin has pitch problems but never point out the truth: Jax has WAY more pitch problems than him or anyone else remaining.

          • Mark Chapman says:

            Kristee, do you understand what pitch problems are? Quentin, Tyanna, Nick, and Clark (on ballads) have WAY more pitch problems than Jax. Rayvon misses on up-tempos. Jax stylizes, bends notes, slides. She is creative, but generally on pitch. She is absolutely not boring. And while her first song was a mediocre SONG, it was performed well. Quentin blew off Light My Fire — it was a mess, like Rayvon’s last song. Nick was awful x2 and Clark tortured his first. Tyanna started the competition strong but has settled into singing everything sharp.

          • joe privatez says:

            This is one of the worst season’s for ‘pitch’ at this level of of the competition. I still have a few of previous season better shows on my Tivo. After this show I listened to Jessica Meuse sing ‘Human’ and ‘Summertime Sadness’ – completely in tune and on key. How this could have been a totally different show if Adanna or Sarina were still in competition.

          • jen mac says:

            I agree with you completely Jax is pitchy and screechy when she tries to hit big notes. POMH was beyond screechy and Beat was completely out of tune, most of the song was completely out of tune, I suggest anyone who disagrees go back and relisten to Beat It and I know what i’m talking about

      • Ginger Snap says:

        Interesting doesn’t mean his vocals were good.
        I’ve agreed with Melinda all season. He missed notes. A lot. And it was not pleasant to hear.

        I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Rayvon go home, but I am not surprised that Quentin left.
        The boring part of this drama is that Slezak and his Army are going to whine for the rest of the season,
        The only thing you can say is that Quentin asked to be eliminated. Because it would be whacked for both Rayvon and Joey to go.

        • Katie Killjoy says:

          ‘Slezak and his army’
          Oh boo fricken hoo.
          You mad that he has fans and wasn’t justified to leave?
          ‘Wasn’t pleasant’ k, we get it. You don’t like Quentin, would you like a cookie?
          I’m sure you feel so much more justified because you ‘agreed with Melinda all season’
          Quentin > Rayvon, but unfortunately TPTB wouldn’t let that happen.
          But we all know the truth, it’s called top 8 reveal night when he and Daniel were at risk of ejection.

        • Hayder B. Hayden says:

          Not just for the rest of the season–if history is any indication, for the next four seasons.

      • Ginger Snap is really Just an ordinary vanilla wafer! LOL

    • Jill Moy says:

      I said after the mess with Harry that Quentin would be in trouble and probably leave! It never fails that when a singer speaks out of turn or confronts someone on the show, goes home! TOO BAD! At least he can sing, unlike Joax who should have hit the road! Nobody would pick Rayvon over Quentin if Quentin just had kept his mouth shut last week! He would not have been in the bottom two to start with if he didn’t make those comments!

      My question about Joax is: How did such a beautiful baby become so ugly????????????

      • Sherr says:

        Jill, how did you become so hateful and nasty. Shame on you.

      • Jill Moy says:

        Sorry for saying same comments later! First comments took awhile to post! Thank you.

      • marie says:

        Give it a rest, Jill Moy, OK? I think by now everyone knows just how much contempt and hatred you have for this teenage girl; you really have made your sledgehammer of a point. And “outspoken” does not excuse cruelty and mean spiritedness.
        Jax is not the “ugly” one here.

        • Jill Moy says:



      • Tommyo2000 says:

        Not too bad Jill ….it took an hours and 22 minutes tonight

    • Rip Tide says:

      Never insult The Franchise. Have a nice career playing small clubs and bowling alleys. Hope the moment was worth it.

    • Joe says:

      The truth is Quentin can’t sing. This is a singing competition and he can’t sing.

      • Gailer says:

        Ah, I miss a Randy Jackson

      • James says:

        Tell that to Slezak.

      • Mary says:

        The truth is half of the pop stars cannot sing, but that doesn’t stop them from having a big career. Lets call a spade a spade here, AI demographics are a bunch of judgmental people who votes against a contestant more than for one is situations like this. The truth is if it truly was about the voice only then explain how Lee, PP2, etc. won. Your theory is out the window.

        • Granny C says:

          Thank heaven….there’s at least one other person in the world who doesn’t think P2 had a good voice. I could never understand the craziness for him. I thought he was awful, week after week.

      • Nobody in this competition was a very good singer! So we could have at least kept one of the most interesting.I Thought they could sing great UNTIL I watched the voice! We may have lost the best 2 singers a long time ago! Adanna and Sarina Joi. Now if ya like baby coo noises, and fake whispering then let Jax be the winner. This whole thing was fixed! I will be watching 2 REAL singers on Monday! Koryn and Sawyer. and others too!

      • Lizzie says:

        Quentin can kind of sing, most of it is due to his own inexperience – he didn’t start singing until high school. You miss out on 10 years of training from grade school to middle school, and it’s hard to make up for that. The other issue is that he must not be able to hear pitch well, or he would know more often that he is off. Quentin was an interesting performer in many ways, and it was always something to watch. Listening to it was a real mix of hit and miss – he couldn’t hold a note on key, and that is just going to be a problem.

      • Lizzie says:

        Quentin can sort of sing. He just doesn’t sing well consistently. He likes to be on stage, it’s interesting to watch him be on stage, but listening to him is not so great.

    • JMay says:

      Go. Away. Jackass.

    • Temperance says:

      Why would the most likely to succeed contestant going home be a relief? It’s the worst elimination of the year.

    • as says:

      Critics of The Voice moan about how the attention is all on the famous coaches. Awful Idol in full copy mode has put all of the attention on Hateful Harry…he has done a full 360 on Idol…attempting to entertain over and over again with inappropriate remarks to JLo…fake bromance conversations with the other judge and now this sort of vicious take down on a contestant. American Idol should be cancelled Fox TV. There is no Phillip Phillips or Adam Lambert in this lot and if there had been, J Lo, Hateful Harry and the producers would have screwed it up anyway.

      • Eurydice says:

        Well, at least Harry understands that the show should be entertaining, even though he doesn’t have the talent for stand-up comedy. And at least he understands that singing is a craft as well as an art and requires study and practice. I’ve had his same Autotune question in my head – it seems like a lot of contestants think they can slack off and fix everything in the studio.

        • as says:

          The auto-tune question has been on everyone’s mind since J Lo become the star judge…she’s done nothing but promote the whole package….clothes…hair…staging and auto-tuned singing. Quentin going home for his vocals isn’t the crime…it’s how AI threw him under the bus using Hateful Henchman Harry. They wanted him gone for some “unknown” reason and there was an element of racism in watching it. Angry black boy….just wrong. Idol is real bad….maybe The Voice coaches should guest mentor. As it is, they’ve got diversity in their final 5 and 2 legit singers/performers in Rayvon and Nick to help carry a touring show.

        • Puchinsmom says:

          I don’t agree, Eurydice, that the contestants think they can or will slack off and use a studio fix. I really think most young contestants believe they will improve with experience. I have no idea how easy that is to actually do. Maybe they will now be able to afford serious vocal coaching? There’s hope for these guys with potential and real on stage talent, like Quentin.

      • AS Yes, Yes, Yes no talent! Shut it down! Harry go home!

    • Vv Manifold says:

      Quentin blew it big time. His elimination is no one’s fault but his own. He needs to take full responsibility for his actions and not blame others, not Harry, not the producers, etc. If you genuinely like Quentin, stop encouraging him to blame others for his misfortune. Hopefully he will learn from this experience to stop being confrontational, to think before he says negative things, and to take criticism gracefully and with gratitude.

      • Mary says:

        I don’t believe I heard Quentin blaming anyone. I am sure he learn from this experience.
        What you call confrontational, I call standing up for yourself. Criticism is one think, down right degrading someone, which is what Harry did is never acceptable behavior.

      • as says:

        Hateful Harry was doing his job for a floundering show….bad publicity brings attention to the show….any kind of attention is seen as better than none at all. He aught to be ashamed of himself. His job specs are no longer judging…he’s a tool for the producers …not so funny funnyman….inappropriate flirt for the narcissistic star judge and henchman. Idol is not discovering stars anymore…and it certainly doesn’t seem to know how to create one. The show was always scripted reality TV, but it’s a complete joke now. Seriously, J Lo rockin’ out to Go Your Own Way….what the judges do and say is laughable and don’t kid yourself…the attention is all on them.

    • Smelly Bum says:

      Who’s your favourite among the remaining contestants? Rayvon? Because if he/she got eliminated, I’ll be the first person rushing like mad to reply to this comment and give you a big big laugh.

  2. Kim Moores says:

    I’m not watching this show anymore for the season, doubt I’ll be back for next. There is no reason for a guy to be saved after needing it 3 times in a row.
    Tell whatever Melinda says about it that she’s so partial to Rayvon it hurts. Season 5 of the Voice on Top 6 night she chose to send home Matthew Schuler over James because, ‘Matthew had been in the bottom before’
    Meanwhile she wants Rayvon back each week.

    • Mike says:

      Somebody did their research!!


    • danin says:

      I am finito too.What they did to Quentin,and the obvious obsequious way they propped Rayvon was disgusting.

      • MC says:

        I think AI has always been super manipulative, but this is just more blatant than usual. However, Quentin gave the “haters” some ammunition last week because he chose his words poorly imo.

        • River City says:

          AI is very manipulative — but now the wildcards are both gone, (included Quentin) the “save” is gone/burned…………

          . The twitter save junk is over. …So now it’s finally up to the voter. The main show now begins.

          • Mary says:

            Now it is up to the voters but many have left. Good luck with that – ratings have been going down don’t see a reversal of that.

      • Jill Moy says:

        IF Q SHUTS HIS MOUTH, HE WOULD STILL BE HERE! FACTS ARE FACTS! THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING! NONE OF HIS WACKED AND SUCKS COMMENTS WERE NECESSARY! He’s a singer not a commentator! Walking up to Harry was ridiculous as well! I liked him but his mouth sealed hs Idol fate!

        • Temperance says:

          Ryan pretty much forced him to speak, so it was all manipulated,

        • Mary says:

          Practice what you preach, since you felt the need to put in ALL CAPS.

        • Newbie says:

          New drinking game: take a drink every time Jill Moy uses a period instead of an exclamation point or multiple stacked question marks. You’ll be sober forever. I mean you’ll be sober forever!!! Don’t you want that???? Yes!! No!! Ok, I’ll stop now!!

          • Jill Moy says:


            You are too cute. I want everyone to be sober. There’s a period. Take a drink. Now you must take after this sentence, 5 drinks. You wanted it this way (another drink coming up).

      • Paul says:

        Totally agree. And did anyone notice that Rayvon was allowed to sing last after BOTH of the ‘save’ performances??

    • Barry says:

      Actually you are taking it out of context, she also said soomething among the lines that both of his performances leading the twitter save were pretty bad, which they were… While Rayvon had at least one Great performance most weeks he’s been in the bottom. I’m really sad that Quentin is gone though, but Rayvon gain his spot there IMO. He might be boring or whetever everyone is saying, but he is still the Best vocalist left in the competition. And if he keeps bringing at least one Great performance every week like he’s been doing because of the save, I want him back as well…

      • Kim Moores says:

        The definitive point is that Melinda made it a point to say her main reason was the 2nd time offense of being in this position.
        I’d like to be sympathetic to Rayvon, but can you confidently say he’d still be on this show without the twitter save? I don’t believe so, it’s like prolonging the inevitable at that point.
        While I can agree that Rayvon is the best vocalist left, he is not the performer that people want and that shows. Quentin’s ability to engage a crowd is much more valuable than Rayvon’s vocal snorefest from the looks of it.
        That, and his final performance was literally awful.

        • Barry says:

          I just wanted to point that out. I’m sympathetic towards Rayvon and I really like him but that final performance was an F- , I also agree with you that if it wasn’t for the save he might not be here at all. And yes I personaly would have rather that Quentin or Joey were in his place, but I still feel glad that he is there

      • Temperance says:

        Rayvon is far away NOT the best vocalist. He had decent tone, but he’s been disconnected, boring, and totally off most of the time lately. HIs Sam Smith cover was flat and ugly.

    • River City says:

      Don’t give-up now, no more Judges saves, no more wildcards, no more twitter nonsense. Now the Idols actually have to earn their supper or go home.

      • Kim Moores says:

        Well my one and only supper left is gone.
        No need to sit at the dinner table.

        • River City says:

          you can’t go, because your comments are worth reading. Stay in there and win one for the cause. Go VFTW style if you wish, could be fun.

    • Mytake says:

      I deleted my auto-recording of the show. Everyone at Idol should be ashamed of themselves.

      • Mytake I dont think I have been this mad in a long time! IM deleting it from my DVR! The whole season! That was blatant manipulation for Rayvon to get that save. Showing a replay of his song and all of the other shannigans they pulled! UGGGHHH!

      • Sue Jones says:

        I did the same Mytake. I am done with the show. I had stopped watching for 5 yrs and started watching this season because of Quentin. Now, I’m done. Don’t care who wins!

    • Mary says:

      Truth, funny how everyone is attacking Micheal for being bias toward Quentin, but nobody says anything about Melinda bias of Rayvon. If Melinda was honest with herself, based on the last performance of each, Rayvon didn’t deserved the save. She blames it on people forgetting to vote after the twitter save but the truth really is he would of been gone before Daniel, if it wasn’t for the save. My Wednesday nights are free now because I don’t care for anyone who is left and my tolerance of Harry has reached the breaking point. Not sure if I will turn into the finale.

      • Granny C says:

        Melinda is a SINGER! Slezak is a writer. Her opinion of a singer is much more valid than just about anyone’s, considering how good a singer she is and the fact that she has been through the Idol experience.

        • Mary says:

          Yes she is a singer, never said she wasn’t but Rayvon last performance was all over the place, in fact I think he knew it. The save should of been based on the performance and sorry Quentin was better. As we all know there is more to a performance than being technically good.

  3. Christian says:

    I LOVE Jax. if she is going to be as good as she was this week, she will hopefully win.

    • kevstar says:

      That won’t happen. Jax is not liked much ’round these parts.

      • Gailer says:

        I now am strangely for her. Lesser of all evils now for me.

      • Rere F says:

        kevstar, I don’t want her to win either, she is nothing but a wanna be.

        • NayNay says:

          No, she thinks she is an already is. I can’t stand cocky people and she definitely is one. I can’t believe everyone has raved about her cover of “Piece of My Heart”. It was horrible.

          • Jill Moy says:


            JOAX THE HOAX has never been good; phony from day one! I have never heard such a terrible singer! Everything about her is unauthentic (as Reality Check mentioned)! If she wins, AI will be a laughing stock! She, seriously is worse than most karaoke singers! And that face! She can stop clocks and break mirrors worse than Herman Munster (I think Herman could out sing her as well)!

          • Rere F says:

            Nay Nay and Jill, you both nailed it about Jax the fake. She ruins everything she sings,I have to turn the channel when she is singing.IF she wins we will know it is rigged.She is not pretty or even cute at all, I love the analogy between her and Herman Munster,lol. Jill is right she does think she is already something special and she is very cocky. She needs to be brought back to reality. What gets to me is when she makes sure that everyone know about her dad. Yes it us horrible he was in 911 but so weren’t so many others that did not make it out. I am not sure if she does this for sympathy or what but she can stop any time now. It is so time for her to go home.

    • Lizzie says:

      I can’t stand Jax, not her voice, her personality, nothing, and this week it looked like her hair had been done with a weed whacker, or that she just got out of bed and then went to the gym. She’s not a good singer, and I hope she goes next week.

  4. Ethan says:

    Did anyone else notice Quentin whispering to Rayvon right before the results saying “Congratulations”?? Kind of awkward for Rayvon, and I’m also glad that Quentin is gone now, sorry Slezak.

    • Angel says:

      Why was it awkward? Quentin knew his fate. We all did. It was clear I saw the bus run him over.

      • Susan says:

        Yup the treads were on Quentin before the show got off the ground. A+ Michael Slezak on this recap. You nailed it in the first two paragraphs.

      • River City says:

        Who will get Quentin’s voting block now?? Even if 40% of his faithful quit voting, 1 or 2 of the remaining,,, will get a boost in voters, ,,,,,,,,That is the big question that looms over next week’s elimination – no more twitter saves with top 5 now.

        • karenb says:

          I thought that Quentin would’ve gained some of Joey’s fans.

          • Sid Neeto says:

            You’re assuming the “twitter save” is legit.

          • River City says:

            yes karenb, I thought the same. And, we don’t know if maybe Rayvon came-in the lowest in actual votes. …

            I do know that Rayvon had a much larger twitter – social media fan base than Quentin had built so far. Rayvon was doing shows, recordings and developing some base before Idol, while Q was relatively new……..

            Sooooo——– When it went to a twitter battle, we knew Quentin had almost no chance to win it, regardless of whatever happened last week. Just sayin’……………

          • Sue Jones says:

            Everyone I talked to were unable to even vote on the Twitter save until Ryan was standing there with the results in his hand. I do not believe the Twitter save is real. It is just another way for AI to manipulate who stays & who goes.

      • Lana says:

        Angel, I heard the bus reving its motor the minute the show started. I understood Quentin from the get go and I bet Harry did too, but he twisted Quentin’s words so that they sounded uglier than they were. I knew he was just upset about Joey being on the bottom and his coming back and explaining was very sweet, but again comments made by others made it look ugly. None of it was and anyone with an IQ could tell that.

    • Mary says:

      To me it shows what a classy guy Quentin really is, despite what some of the judgmental
      people on various blogs have been saying. It might of been awkward for Rayvon, because he knew his last song didn’t warrant the save. Oh well, Quentin got some exposure and hopefully him and Joey can pursue their dreams further. Lets face it, due to the demographic of the show, neither one fit the suppose image of the American Idol.
      Southerns really need to progress in life.

  5. Timmah says:

    Without Joey and Quentin, they can call this the Milquetoast Idol Tour. Sanitized for your protection. Just be careful about falling asleep on the drive home, folks.

    • Margarethe says:

      Yup. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …

    • Smokey says:

      Idol tours in general, have been on a bad down slide, especially the last 2 years. ;;;;;Thus the drop to top 5, smaller venues. ….However, I don’t think tour is going to be real popular with this group either. ……………. I’m sure glad I didn’t spend $50. and drive 100 miles to see this group of 6 do these songs tonight.

      • Susan says:

        There hasn’t been a real Idol Tour since season 8. That one was worth the drive and the ticket price. Adam Lambert,Alison Iraheta, Matt Giraud. good times

        • Debra says:

          Season 8 was the best!! I went to see the show on tour, and it was amazing! Big Adam Lambert fan here. He set the bar so high, nobody has ever come close to him since!

        • Caroline says:

          The S8 tour is the last one I bothered to go to. Kris, Adam, Allison, etc. Everybody in the Top 10 was great when I heard them live. Even the ones I didn’t really enjoy during the season were really entertaining on tour. The only thing I didn’t like about that tour is that the ugly fan wars from the season spilled over into the tour. But the concert itself was so much fun.

          I’ve heard that most of the more recent Idol tours have been pretty entertaining. It seems like the contestants really do loosen up and have more fun when they don’t have to worry about the judges criticizing their performances. Maybe this tour will be ok…although without Joey and Quentin, the lineup isn’t very interesting to me.

      • karenb says:

        Totally agree Smokey. In the past I’ve driven 2 hours to see the Idol tour. This season they’re actually performing 5 minutes away. I will not be attending this year because Quentin won’t be there. My other two faves made it through but Quentin was the clincher for me. Not opening the wallet this season.

    • Mytake says:

      Nevermind falling asleep on the drive home. People will be falling asleep DURING the show.

    • The Milquetoast idol tour! I would call it the tuna-hot dog surprise,with a side of green jello salad with peas and raisens and catfood! The sad thing is, I would rather eat this than go to the tour! LOL

    • Newbie says:

      Timmah just nailed it. Bingo. I’d want to see a Joey-Quentin show over a Nick-Rayvon-Tyanna show any day of the week and twice on Sundays. LOL @ “Just be careful about falling asleep on the drive home, folks”.

  6. CK says:

    The only thing that was missing they were missing was a doctor coming out to say that Rayvon had a cold or something. Couldn’t they just let Quentin get sent home based on his performances? Did they really need that much producer manipulation?

  7. Quentin seemed pretty relieved to be going home. I am sure he wouldn’t have minded staying, but Rayvon really wanted it, and you can feel that more from him, even though I would have preferred Quentin staying. Losing Joey last week, and Quentin this week hurts a little on the creative, unpredictability side of the show.
    -I think Clark has been the most consistent week to week, but it’s all becoming really predictable. I would have loved if he did something really crazy with that Bieber song, something unpredictable for him. The choice was good, delivery not as much.
    -Jax is peaking at the right time right now.
    -Tyanna hasn’t been good in awhile. She forgot what she does well at least a few weeks ago and no one is telling her the right things, at least on the actual show.
    -Nick is taking everything in really well and does look better on stage.
    -We’ll see if Rayvon can get a few more votes and not be the first one gone now that the Save is over.

  8. MAB says:

    I am just happy my two favorites got through

    • Christian says:

      Who are they?

      • MAB says:

        From the very beginning it has been Clark and Jax. A few times Jax made me nervous but to me she is the most interesting contestant of the season. She always takes risks and even when they don’t pan out I still support her because I just admire her guts. Clark is just such a good singer and really deserves to win. I think it will be Clark getting the confetti shower with Jax as runner up. I wouldn’t cry though if it is flipped.

  9. Jobless says:

    Well done America removing the two most interesting contestants in back to back weeks.

  10. Gailer says:

    I love the question! I have no clue what the theme was or maybe what show this even is!

  11. Mike says:

    Only person who can stop the inevitable Clark vs Nick finale is Jax. And Im okay with that. Clark vs Jax. Repeat after me. Clark vs Jax!

    • karenb says:

      Lol. I’ve always thought that it would come down to Jax and Clark for the final two. Was hoping Quentin would make the top 3/home visits. Bummer. But I did see something in Nick tonight that screamed I’m in it to win it lol So BOLO for Nick

    • jen mac says:

      Nope Jax while she sang white flag pretty to me she shouldn’t be there, it still wasn’t an idol moment. I still see Clark and Nick battling it out

      • Owen says:

        I think Clark and Nick are too similar (the dreaded WGWG) and will cancel each other out toward the end. It’ll be Jax with one of the those boys, I’m guessing Clark.

      • Temperance says:

        It was an Idol moment in my book, and I liked Clarks Bieber cover. It was shocking that he made that drek listenable.

    • jen mac says:

      Clark vs Nick!!! just because Jax sang a song pretty doesn’t erase all the prior performances. I hated her first song tonight, the vocals were weak and it was to high school band for me.

  12. Kaba says:

    Oh what the hell ever anymore.
    This entire episode was just awful.
    The intro was just tacky and tasteless
    The first 4 performances, the ones by the people on tour, sucked miserably.
    The shameless pimping of the worlds most unsexy cover of ‘Boyfriend’ was jawdropping
    Rayvon was just nasty on that last song and got praised.
    There was too much praise of bad performances tonight.

  13. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

    This was a rather crazy night, though my favorite performances were OffCourse Jax’s white flag, tyanna’s heaven, and quentins shake it out. Imagine if a singer like kimberly Nichole was on this season of idol, how much would she win? Btw, Kimberly is my favorite from the voice.

    • River City says:

      I noticed that both Koryn and Sawyer from “The Voice” were still in top 20 itunes at 5:00 this afternoon. Those kids are making an impact in the music biz already.

      • Owen says:

        That happens every single friggin’ year and then we never hear from any of them ever again. There is something wrong with the Voice machine that disallows the contestants from having careers (outside of the minor country artists it creates).

        • River City says:

          I know what you mean Owen, some of them get some work more near their home areas, some have banded together a few times to do shows somewhere —— but nothing you hear about in the music news. …………

          Javier Colon did a college circuit for a while, which he said basically paid the bills is all. Danielle Bradberry and Rae Lynn have had some Country success………. but both Sawyer and Koryn are very young, Have some heavyweights in he biz that will be willing to invest in them, even if neither wins.

        • PatD says:

          People keep writing this, but it’s not true.

          Chris’ single is all over the radio.

          Danielle Bradbery is building a very solid career.

          The Swon Brothers are very popular on the country radio.

          Gwen Sebastian (who didn’t even win) has a very successful songwriting career.

      • River City Yes Koryn and Sawyer! My 2 favorites and they are the youngest on the voice too! Very Good!

  14. LZB says:

    With a choice between Quentin and Rayon (instead of Nick or Jax and someone else), I didn’t even bother to vote; I couldn’t vote against either one. But I’m also not going to bother to watch the show again until there’s a chance of seeing Joey, Quentin and Qaasim. I like Rayvon, Tyanna and Clark, but not enough to bestir myself and risk terminal boredom.

  15. Angela says:

    Yeah, I’m scratching my head at the song choices, too, considering the theme.
    Jax was the best tonight. Everyone else just sounded…off. Whole lotta pitch problems throughout. I love Tyanna, but this wasn’t her strongest night-she wasn’t bad, but…I dunno.
    And I had a feeling Quentin wasn’t going to last long after the DRAMA of last week. He was the best of the guys, so I’m sad to see him go, but it’s not surprising.

  16. wonderings says:

    And it’s hard to dance with Connick on your back
    And given half the chance would I take any of it back
    It’s a wack romance but it’s left me so undone
    It’s always darkest before the dawn

    Shake it Out, Quentin.

    Jason, editing guru, side by side of Gokey scream & Go Your Pitchy Way anti-glory note please?

  17. Holeigh says:

    Yes, Clark’s few bum notes in Yesterday were way more offensive than Rayvon’s train wreck of a Fleetwood Mac cover, Slezak. I adore you, but we’re on a break this week.

    Kind of happy we won’t be seeing Quentin’s inflated grades anymore…

    • Ash says:

      Yep! Like really? One bad note from Clark and Slezak is calling him out for pitch but god forbid someone recognize that Quentin is out of tune often he can’t hear it because Quentin is perfect

      • Temperance says:

        He’s not that out of tune. And mots of others are, and often – and none are called on it.

      • Mary says:

        Really he has had more than one bad note on the show, and none of the judges especially Harry have mention it. In fact many of the contestants have fallen into that category. Micheal doesn’t need to call Quentin out because Harry and Melinda have brow beaten the point to excessive. If I remember correctly I think Micheal has stated that the vocals were off but Quentin visual performance mask the imperfections. If Clark was entertaining on his performances maybe it wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

        • Tyler says:

          then explain why slezak gave joshua davis a C+ for Hold Back The River and Clark a C- for Yesterday. imo both performances were identical. and quentin’s light my fire was pitchy throughout the song–and his performance wasn’t even that great either. you can tell he threw in the towel for that one. why did slezak give him a B- for that?

  18. kevstar says:

    Thank you so much for making the decision to watch Survivor live tonight that much easier to make!

  19. Gabriel Roden says:

    Nick is so boring. It sounds like the same song every week and it’s getting very old. Not sure why both of his performances I ranked higher than Tyanna’s.

    • Eileen says:

      I totally agree!!! Boring karaoke every time!!!

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      Could not agree more, Nick is an absolute bore who does the same thing week in and week out. We have seen him 1000 times before. Tyanna did not do well tonight, she botched the lyrics in song one and was out of tune throughout song 2. Nevertheless, she is far more gifted than Nick who has zero upside. I do not get the love for Nick, not at all.

    • joe privatez says:

      I rate the singers by how much I Fast-Forward thru their performances. Clark got the button twice within 30 seconds. Nick sounds well, but I have a no interest in a bar and grill performance. Tyanna started out the season so well, but got the FF on her first song, and I listened to the 2nd the whole way through. I couldn’t get to the remote fast enough for the botched “Go Your Own Way”. I would write more but I have to go buy batteries for next show.

  20. Leticia Prado says:

    This should not have been called the Twitter Save, it should have been th Rayvon Save.
    Damn, I will miss Quentin.

  21. danin says:

    I’m done watching this season.The manipulation stunk all the way from California to Taiwan to here in Pennsylvania. What a boring boring tour this will be w/out Quentin.

  22. Carole Stevens says:

    I definitely think Rayvon deserved to win the twitter save! Jax, Nick and Rayvon all had at least one standout performance!

  23. Pat says:

    I admire how Rayvon has never let this sh’t phase him. I thought I’m Not the Only One was far superior to his second outing. I hope he survives over Tyanna next week.

    Jax had a very great second performance and a very terrible first performance. Clark has been on cruise control for 2 weeks, and it’s doing him no favors. Nick is always, ya know, Nick.

    • Puchinsmom says:

      I liked Nick at the beginning. Now he sounds exactly the same every song. He never sounds different no matter what he sings. And he reminds me of Doughtry, but Doughtry has a way better voice.

  24. Michael, your bias is really showing this week, given the grades you gave. Clark and Nick both deserve better grades. I wouldn’t be surprised if your support if Quentin was part of the reason Rayvon was saved instead of him.

    • MC says:

      He tends to be much more impartial when grading the singers on the Voice. He has always overgraded his AI favorites and downgraded anyone perceived as a threat to them. It’s his column, though. I enjoy his similes and metaphors, but I don’t put much stock in his AI grades.

      • Owen says:

        “He tends to be much more impartial when grading the singers on the Voice”
        Oh, hell to the no he does! He might actually be worse.

        • MC says:

          I think his grades for The Voice singers this season have been mostly accurate, but it’s all subjective. I have been on the same wave length with him there, but not on the AI grades.

  25. Zach says:

    C+ for I’m not the only one? It was the second best performance of the night Michael, whether you hate Rayvon for beating out quentin or not. I cant WAIT to see Melinda’s reaction to that on Reality Check! HAHAHA

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      Yeah but then he balanced it out by giving him a B for the Fleetwood Mac song when it should have been either a D or an incomplete and stay after school for extra help. That last song was painful.

    • Temperance says:

      That Sam Smith cover was awful. F.

  26. ben says:

    Pretty good show overall. I’m happy my guy Rave-on made it thru. He did super on “… Only One.”Tyanna’s back story makes me want to root for her, but I would have taken Q over her. Jax had her best performance while at the piano. As I’ve said from the outset, the best pure singers are Clark & Rayvon.

    • jen mac says:

      I cant agree with jax at this point while she sang it pretty it was far from a standout performance and what was those attempted tears??really Tyanna really felt the emotion when she sang. I’m going to add that to the list of fake things about Jax

    • Temperance says:

      That cover was awful… worst performance in weeks. Ugh.

  27. Smokey says:

    Very predictable, as some of us predicted after the last show, that it would be a Rayvon vs. Quentin twitter battle—- with Rayvon winning. ………………but, things will be shaken-up next week with no more twitter saves. So the bottom singer goes home without a tweet…………………How many times now, has Rayvon got to sing last??? .

  28. Heidi says:

    I can’t believe that Quentin was sent home. The stupid twitter save infuriates me because it assumes that the only people worthy of having a say are those with twitter, which is ridiculous. Nobody should have to have social media to vote! Anyway, I don’t see any point in finishing the season. With Quentin out of the game I couldn’t care less who wins.

  29. Sid Neeto says:

    What was up with Clark’s last note on “Yesterday?” Ouchers McGouchers!

  30. Danman says:

    A few thoughts:

    1. Very disappointed in Melinda for being so partial. I know that she knows Rayvon, but it’s a disservice to Idol to actively campaign for tirelessly for him, when his body of work has outshone a number of the contestants that he has defeated in the Twitter Save.

    2. I think it is unfortunate that we have lost Joey and Quentin the last two weeks. Idol is no longer known for stunning vocals, unfortunately. The Voice has much stronger singers. What Idol DOES have, is inventive performers and arrangements. Performers that may not always sound perfect but give daring performances that are much more emotionally checked in. Unfortunately, in failing to embrace this reality, we are left with sometimes-technically-proficient, thought never-very-exciting performers.

    3. It seems like there is a real push for Nick to be in the finale or win the competition, which could not confuse me more. Nick is consistent, but never mind-blowing and I think he would find it very difficult finding a place in the post-Idol marketplace.

    4. Clark Beckham: nothing going on behind those eyes/is anybody home behind those eyes?

    • Danman says:

      *has been outshone by

    • Kristee says:

      I am also disappointed in Melinda. Last week she justified supporting Rayvon over Joey because he had the better pre-Twitter performance despite her having a stronger body of overall work. Flash forward to this week and Rayvon was clearly absolutely terrible in the Twitter save song (a B Michael… SERIOUSLY?) while Quentin was better, so she will probably now say Rayvon had a stronger body of work. Seems she just dances around never wanting to admit she is supporting him because he’s her friend and she’s biased.

  31. metitometin says:

    Someone needs to kill off Idol for good. Anyone who would pay a dime to see Rayvon Owen in concert needs to be checked into a mental hospital. He is about as generic and boring as they come but Idol was looking for a reason to get rid of Quentin after he dissed Idol last week. The praise of the contestants was over the top tonight. There were many bad performances but you wouldn’t know it from the judges. It should come down to Nick and Clark because I’m just not impressed at all with Jax, Tyanna and least of all Rayvon, who is like watching paint dry.

  32. AlyB says:

    Quentin should still be there. I’m cursing the Twitter save tonight and all of Melinda’s followers that tweeted they didn’t know what to do so they were just going to do what she said. Check out her timeline. She RT’d them. What a travesty. Rayvon will just go home next week. The show is going to be so much duller and I bet the tour will be a bust. Clark was awful tonight. Jax did well. Nick peaked with his first song but I don’t see him ever being great or delivering a moment. Tyanna is cute, sweet with a great voice but her youth has caught up with her. She’s not ready for this. Rayvon should have gone home weeks ago. I’m sorry I ever saved him that first time.

    • Owen says:

      Why the heck would you be mad at Melinda and her followers. She has stated again and again why she prefers Rayvon to Quentin. And you can’t EVEN argue she’s wrong in her reasoning. You and I may look for different things in a singer than she does, but it’s ludicrous to put any blame on her!

      • AlyB says:

        One of her reasons for preferring Rayvon was his being on pitch. His Go Your Own Way was a pitchy disaster. Full stop horrific mess topped off with an ear piercing screech that wasn’t even a note related to the song. She has also advocated for sending people home if they’ve been in the bottom before. All that went out the window with Rayvon, who she knows personally. She has as much right as anybody to like who she likes but I’m angry at her hypocrisy and the fact that the influence she wields led directly to this outcome. I’ll get over it but tonight, I’m not happy with her.

  33. Eurydice says:

    I’ll vote “E” – a Mess. I’m sure these are all very talented kids and it’s probably very exciting to be in that theater, but what I was seeing on my screen was an amateurish hash of a production. The set, the camera angles, the sound mix, the lighting. Who thought it was a good idea to put Jax behind a giant concrete block of a piano so we could only see her teeny tiny head peeking over the top of it? And I know Harry’s coming off as an insufferable ass, but it sounds to me more like desperate attempts to inject some energy into this show – it’s too bad he’s a singer and not a comedian.

  34. epic overgrade on “are you gonna be my girl” for Jax. That was a mess (and Tyanna’s party in the usa was close to being worthy of an F)

  35. Joel says:

    what did Wambach and Morgan announce?

  36. Rachel says:


  37. Laura says:

    I’m like really contiplating on whether to read Slezaks recap anymore… Always so negative and wrong in every sense when it comes to letter grades… Rayvon c+ cmon!! And Clark a C- I think you gave Daniel Seavey an C- at one point and there not even comparable.. Melinda Doolittle all the way!! She knows her stuff

  38. Kaba says:

    I don’t think a contestant has ever been as mistreated as Quentin was.
    I’m sorry, you can’t convince me that this wasn’t the most obnoxious bussing ever.
    You saw how quick they were to advertise that nonsense? God.
    Bussing isn’t even the right word for that. That was the equivalent to taking the weight of the world of Atlas’ shoulders and asking Quentin to hold onto it for a good while.
    In just one week they successfully bussed a contestant harder than any contestant ever bussed throughout a season.

    • CK says:

      I’m surprised that they didn’t bring out a doctor, but they may be saving that for later in the season. Rayvon goes last twice and gets a repeat airing of his first performance after the commercial and at the top of the second hour. People avoiding critiques for stuff while Quentin doesn’t and his non-critique question revolves around him being out of tune. The opening being heavily edited and removing all context out of last week to paint Quentin in a negative light. Ryan F***ing Seacrest asking Quentin if he said “I give up” during Rayvon’s trainwreck….. Iwas never really Team Quentin, but dang they were pushing hard to get him out.

      • CK says:

        And it was pointless, Quentin was pretty much one for last week anyway and Rayvon usually kills in the twitter save, but the producers couldn’t pass up the chance to shame him for ratings. The “villain” was finally getting his.

    • Eurydice says:

      Oh, I don’t know about that. Haley was systematically trashed for an entire season, week after week.

      I’m sorry to see Quentin go, but I think he’s a bit too young for this competition. His artistic ambition is very extensive and not all parts of it are developed or coherent yet. That’s why the judges were urging him to focus on his vocals. This wasn’t his time, but he’ll figure it out.

      • Kaba says:

        Quentin and Haley were about the same age when they were on Idol their respective times.
        See, I know Haley was regularly trashed, but the intensity of how well and thoroughly Quentin was bussed cannot be ignored.
        He got commercial edits. The hell?

      • MC says:

        Of course, the producers had a very specific goal that season (get Scotty and Lauren into the finals at any cost) and anyone who got in the way was going to be systematically trampled. Haley was perceived as the biggest threat, but they would have been equally harsh to Casey or anyone else who could have blocked the path to their pre-ordained finale.

      • Temperance says:

        Heh! That’s exactly what I think happened. And frankly, Haley is my favorite Idol contestant ever.. her recent cover of All About the Base (with Casey Abrams and Post Modern Jukebox) was brilliant. I’m guessing Quentin will join her and Adam Lambert as the most successful non-winners.

        • Mytake says:

          Wow thanks for mentioning that! I just watched it and both bailey and Morgan James (never heard of her before) were amazing!! If either of them were on Idol this year they would have walked away with it. Comparing what we have been seeing this season, to those singers really highlights what a joke AI has become in the talent department.

        • Eurydice says:

          I can’t be as confident as you are about Quentin. A recording artist is about sound, and Quentin hasn’t figured out his vocals yet. Haley had the vocals right from the get-go.

    • Temperance says:

      They really blatantly tried to get rid of him, didn’t they. There wasn’t even an attempt to hide it.

  39. jen mac says:

    Sorry Michael but Clark a B for Yesturday and Jax a A- for White Flag nah, Clark is the A- and Jax the B. Tyanna a C for Heaven it was an A- in my book. As for the judges critiques on vocals once again Jax slips by with “Good Job” Jax. white flag was pitchy and boring to me sounded like a karaoke cover and Are You Gonna be my Girl was yet again another high school performance. as far as song choices not what I was thinking at all. Overall a disappointing night all around. I still believe Nick,Clark Tyanna for top 3.

    • Mary says:

      Clark Yesterday was graded very generously by Michael. His Intonation as Harry would say was way off. Not to mention how the heck is that an anthem, maybe a cure if you can’t sleep. All of the contestants first songs were off and not one judge said anything about it only to Quentin. They should be graded N for non effort. I don’t care for Jax at all but her white flag was good.

  40. ck says:

    Good grief Michael. You gave B grades to Nick Fradiani on Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May” and Rayvon Owen on Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way”? Both of those performances were major freaking train wrecks (MFTW™). Nick sang OK but totally messed up the vibe of that classic song and Rayvon was just plain horrible. Can’t wait to hear Melinda’s comments on your grades. Have a feeling she’s furiously working on her notes as I write this….

    • MC says:

      “Maggie May” should sound much more autobiographical. Nick’s version seemed to be very third-person and therefore not effective. He also rushed right though the beautiful melody. An uptempo approach backfires on that song.

    • AB says:

      Could not agree more! Maggie May deserved so much better than Nick.

  41. Kim Moores says:

    Anyways, let me grade tonight:
    1st performances
    Jax: D
    Nick: C+
    Clark: D+/C-
    Tyanna: D-? Nope, F. That was an F
    Quentin: B
    Rayvon: A
    2nd Performances
    Nick: B+
    Tyanna: C
    Clark: B(+, maybe)
    Jax: A
    Quentin: A-
    Rayvon: F, he hit the Gokey scream.

  42. pl says:

    It was clearly Nick’s night. I so wanted Clark to shine. But clearly Quentin should not have been saved. America voted correctly ( IMO ), but I worry about Clark, if he doesn’t start to shake it loose and choose better songs.

  43. Adam says:

    Wow, this show has gone straight into the toilet. I couldn’t even FATHOM how boring the tour is gonna be with such generic performers. So vanilla, so predictable, so typical. I’d go see Quentin and Joey on tour before I would the five remaining.

    • Sue Jones says:

      I agree with you Adam. I will buy any recordings and go to any concerts that Quentin & Joey are performing in. I will never go to any American Idol tours nor watch their show again after this.

  44. Tender Puppy! says:

    HOW the hell did Rayvon not get a D for that mess of an arrangement and that atrocious shriek in “Go Your Own Way”? You of all people, regardless of being a Quentin fan or not, surely need to rewatch that just to appreciate how horrible it was and how your score is giving him way too much credit on that one. What even, Michael?

    • Jackie says:

      It was indeed DREADFUL. Even before the shriek it was just beyond awful. One of the worst of the season by far.

  45. ann says:

    Okay, first, Quentin goes home? No need to watch anymore (until finale for when he performs again).
    Second, was it just me who found it odd that right before commercial that led to 2nd contestant being safe, camera goes to Nick, who is already putting in his earpieces. I say to husband, ‘Nick will be next one called,’ and after commercial, exactly what happened.
    So, is it all so secret??? My Idol faith has been tested all season, but tonight was too much.
    3. Did I mention: Quentin’s gone?
    Ridiculous. I hope he can use the good and put the AI crazy behind him, and get a music career going.
    So unique and so much to offer.

  46. Steelers36 says:

    I think Quentin would be more interesting on the tour… Which is something I have no interest in. I agree with Michael that Tyanna should have gone. She’s young and under baked..but I can see gears turning to have more than one girl on the tour.

    Clark did himself few favors tonight while Nick appears to be moving into a threat position.

    I don’t get too overworked on the elimination order since IDC about a Tour.

    I think the F3 are going to be Clark, Jax and Nick, no?
    Does it matter too much how we get to The Kodak Theater.

    • steelers121 says:

      Oh darn….I forgot a couple of things. Right on Mike that the theme was largely ignored. OTOH how many of them could have actually lived up to the standard? Right..thought so.

      There just isn’t a new star in this bunch methinks.

  47. Owen says:

    I miss Country and Western Week. I miss Andrew Lloyd Webber Week. I even miss Disco Week. Interesting the best week was when they were all covering Kelly Clarkson.

    • Eurydice says:

      LOL, and Motown Week, and Songs From the Year You Were Born, and Favorite Movies. Who would have thought I’d be pining to hear those again?

  48. Azliyah says:

    ok i kind of agreed with all the grades and YES i am sooooo annoyed with Harry today.

  49. Marilyn says:

    I really didn’t think it was as bad as you did, Michael. Thought Nick, and Jax did really well. Liked Rayvon’s singing for the first time. Tianna has the prettiest voice and I like the song “Heaven” but maybe Heaven was a tad bit too old for you. Or i’m too old. All in all, except for Harry who is an as#, it was fun.

  50. While I never thought he would win the whole thing., I think America will regret not getting to see Quentin on tour, with obviously better stage performances than any of the ones left will be able to produce. But, at least now I don’t have to worry about voting for anyone other than Clark to win.