The Voice Top 10 Results Recap: Separating the Tweet From the Chaff

The Voice‘s “Twitter Save” is a curious thing. It asks us to (possibly) veto the will of Monday-night voters in exchange for adding a heaping teaspoon of sriracha to the unflavored polenta that is a typical results-show telecast.

But riddle me this: What if NBC insisted you go to Myspace to rescue a member of the Bottom 3 from being sent to the guillotine? Or if you were forced to create a Vine (the absolute WORST) to make yourself heard? Would you go out to the nearest intersection and create a makeshift smoke signal in an effort to keep a particular singer in the mix?

OK, sure, these are silly questions. But as actively as I participate in NBC’s social-media shenanigans every Tuesday, I also occasionally yearn for the simpler times when the final tally was the final tally,  when NBC couldn’t rig the “Save Me” performance order to help ensure Adam Levine — who appears as disengaged in the Season 8 process as a sleepy high-school senior during morning announcements — doesn’t get completely wiped out prior to Top 8 performance night.

Before I go full conspiracy theory on you, however, let’s cut to the results…

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Team Pharrell: Koryn Hawthorne
Team Blake: Corey Kent White
Team Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks
Team Xtina: India Carney
Team Blake: Meghan Linsey
Team Xtina: Kimberly Nichole
Team Blake: Hannah Kirby

Bottom 3/”Save Me” Performances
Team Xtina: Rob Taylor — “(Sittin’ on) the Dock of the Bay” — Grade: B- (Hated the rushed tempo, but it was mostly in tune)
Team Adam: Deanna Johnson — “Help Me Make It Through the Night” — Grade: C+ (Some rough notes up in there — lovely tone, though)
Team Adam: Joshua Davis — “I Won’t Back Down” — Grade: C+ (This cover had less life in it than a trout who’s spent three days on a dock)

Rob’s slim win — plus my love of Xtina, and Rob’s prior high point of “Earned It” — sent me into a Twitter frenzy.

Alas, my efforts were in vain.

Twitter Saved
Joshua Davis

Rob Taylor
Deanna Johnson

Really Awesome
That Pharrell/Koryn/Sawyer cover of the otherwise played-out “I Don’t Want to Be” (Dang, those kids can sing!)

OK, your turn. What did you think of Top 10 results? Did America get it right with the Bottom 3? Was the right artist saved? If not, what would you have done differently? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. LADY_in_MD says:

    Why didn’t Hannah go home???

    • lori says:

      Thank you. I thought it was just me.

    • Gailer says:

      Because Blake has a lock on the votes

      • Im not against country, i voted for CWB last year, but Corey is terrible and has not even been charting very well on i tunes! What the heck? Blakes huge mistake was not keepin Cody! That guys voice was amazing! Is Corey just going to keep staying because he is on Blakes team? I actually think Corey is the worst, even over Deanna and Rob! We might lose good contestants while Corey continues to stay and Im talking about now the weeks coming up!

        • Carol Martin says:

          I too liked Cody. Even sent a message to Craig Wayne Boyd to come back on the show and sing with him. Would be great to shake things up a bit, if they would do it. I don’t have twitter so can’t vote for the save. Wish they would change the way the save is voted on. I’m sure I’m not the only one unable to tweet.

          • Carol Martin Well Yah I live in Oregon! I hate this twitter save and also we never get to REALLY know who got the lowest votes, before that twitter save. Why are we even voting? If we dont get to know the results of how our TRUE votes came out!

          • The Beach says:

            Same here, Carol. I tried Twitter a while back and just didn’t like/want/give a #, about it. I dropped it. So I’m not a voter for the save either.

          • Lyn Jensen says:

            You can’t vote for the save unless you’re on the east coast, anyway. It’s the live time slot thing.

        • manicornot51 says:

          I miss cody too

        • Jill Moy says:


          Of course Cody should be here! He didn’t do real well on battle with Corey! One average performance and it’s over I guess! Like Maddie on AI….same scenario! I felt the same way about Corey as Michael did on his last performance; He wasn’t real good but I sort of liked the grit in his voice! I’ve never liked Rob,Joshua, Deanna or Hanna to be honest with you.On the singoff, I had them all a C! The right two went home, I felt! Hanna and Corey may be next to go! The best 3 I feel are India, Coryn and Kimberly ( I have complained anout her high sceechy voice but she’s good), but no A every week for KimberlyI like Sawyer but I just don’t see him as great like everyone else does! I actually never got this big attraction for him like most people do! I’ve heard too many singers like him! I hope he goes far because you like him a lot! As for Rob, I said on the last blog, that these singers like Rob and Mia won’t last long (who always use a vibratto), and he will exit soon!

          I do feel Cody was superior to CoreyI Didn’t feel Corey was bottom 3 this week! Rob was awful during his last performance (not today)! Today, like I said the 3 were all equal for the twitter save! But through all the performances, Joshua was better of the 3! I think Deanna was custom made for a Cher song with her deeper voice! She never sang Cher….too bad!

          • Jill, Its too bad about Deanna cause she sure has the looks! Very Very Pretty and I kind of liked her voice too! Jill the reason I like Sawyer,he kind of brings me back to my childhood when I used to hear John Denver songs. His vibrato and tone reminds me of him. I didnt like Denvers cheesier songs, but love Rocky Mountain High and a few others! I also love Koryn! I think Corey could go over and be with the idol contestants, in otherwards not good enough for this years voice show! Cody was so damn good and I thought he had more charisma than Corey. We already have a Hunter Hayes, Corey will never be that. Cody’s voice just put me at such ease and Im not a huge country person either! Kimberly and India now have to compete with the young sweet dark horse Koryn. I LOVE her deep tone and rasp! God! Amazing! I mean, i dont want to be snarky about idol, but after hearing Koryn and India, it makes Tyanna look Nickelodian or Disney. They keep giving Tyanna “Goody,Goody” songs, same thing they did with Majesty Rose. Koryn is singing intense songs. If they dont start letting Tyanna do more Serious songs. I dont think she will make it!

          • I thought it was quite amazing how good Koryn and Sawyer sounded together on the Gavin Degraw song. Two completely different types of artists and their voices blended perfectly! Oh Jill and Corey isnt charting hardly at all! I didnt even see him in the top 100! He needs to go. Of course I havent seen the idol kids chart in the top 100. Last year Caleb, Alex, Jena and Sam all charted! What is going on with idol this year? Calebs faithfully charted real high! I believe in the top 10!

          • Nanc says:

            Other judges could have saved him and didn’t.

            You’re right – Corey did beat him in that round and deservedly so. Cody tanked it on the most important round AND did so poorly that other judges who had turned their chairs for him previously – didn’t steal him.

          • Mary says:

            I agree about Deanna. A Cher song would have been perfect for her. I didn’t like Adam always bring up her “stage freight”.

        • Nanc says:

          Cody sounded good on the song that he had months (years) to prepare on. In his battle round, he sounded awful – hence, he went home. Keep in mind, somebody could have stolen him AND didn’t…..Even though Blake wasn’t the only person who turned their chair originally. He lost to Corey that round, period. (deservedly so)

          • Nanc, Well Corey wont win against Sawyer anyway and Sawyer is my ultimate favorite even over Cody Wickline! second favorite is Koryn! Corey isnt really charting very high at all either! Im not against country. I voted for CWB ! Just dont care for Corey!

        • LIzzie says:

          I preferred Cody’s voice as well. If Meghan would just say she’s going to be country (or sing straight-up country), then Corey could be gone. He’s a cute guy, but his voice doesn’t merit remaining. Deanna’s every weakness was displayed this week (if you aren’t ready, you aren’t ready) and Rob – how embarrassing to have Christina weeping at the idea of Rob going home and telling us all about what a nice guy he is – how about his singing? I would have liked to hear him sing just one single time without all those dizzying runs that seemed completely pointless. Christina goes over the top with the frenetic run and volume nonsense, Adam picks bad songs for his singers, and one by one they go.

          • Rich Powers says:

            That’s a good point about Xtina and those “frenetic run and volume” numbers. I was rooting for Lexi Davila as she got stronger and stronger and then Xtina or whoever gave her that horrid “All By Myself”–knocked her right out of a string when Lexi should have kept going with her empowering, hopeful vocals and ever-increasing stage presence. Xtina’s an amazing with her melisma, but maybe keep that away from others. That said, she had a great point about Lexi discovering new things with her voice by emoting through “All By Myself.” “Reflections” that Xtina sang herself at 17 or 18 would have been a good choice. Oh well–it’s all good, and it’s been a terrific season—

        • teachinterri says:

          I totally agree with about Corey!!! And about Cody. Cody had a great country voice

        • Jill Moy says:


          Just want to say it’s a shame all the artists who are subpar singers who make it, like Spears, Swift, etc., etc.! Yet Alice Fredenham gets the plug pulled on her debut album! I had you check her out and you said she was amazing! Her Funny Valentine was excellent and on You tube, check out her 4.00 minute clip in a studio with 2 musicians! That is a voice! She should be a mega star! People have said she has the sexiest voice ever! People would rather listen to Fantasia who screehes and has a high pitched voice like a big baby (I know I’ve said that 10 times)!

          • Jill I agree its ridiculous what singers are famous! I love Tori Amos! She is excellent! What ever happened to her? By the way Im west coast and watching spoilers, Quentin and rayvon are bottom 2. Rayvon has been bottom 2 all season, because remember he stayed when Adanna and Maddie went home and the following week they started the twitter save! When you are in the bottom that much you need to go home!

        • Ohhhh! I just saw the cutest thing. On Sawyers facebook, right at the top, a video of him about 7 or 8 years old singing an original song that he wrote. His hair is wet and stringy like he just came in from the rain! Its just…… my heart….. its so cute! And the song is pretty good!

        • Cute, go look at Sawyer on u tube 8 or 9 yrs old doing an orignal song called “Its You”. Wet hair and just strumming away on his guitar! Sooooo cute!

          • Wait even better, I just had to tear up. Sawyers Love Me Tender cover at such a young age is sooooo beautiful. He should do this on the voice! Just Amazing! He must only be like 7 or 8!

          • Ok now Im going nuts. Sawyer has a cover of Mad World and he looks only 6 in this one and its amazing also. He is a prodigy! I will quite posting these now. if you are a Sawyer fan you must got to u tube and look at some of these! He is cute doing mad world, his hair is only shoulder length and he looks like a little girl! LOL

        • Corey Kent White on his facebook! All he does is beg for votes! Vote by google, Vote by skype if you live out of the Us. Vote this way, vote that way! On the other hand Sawyer is such a nice person he is endorsing Koryn on his facebook page with himself and saying what a beautiful performance she gave and to buy her on i tunes also. When the twitter save was going on he asked his fans to please save his friend Josh! Seriously about Corey. GO LOOK at his FB page very selfish and really pushes the voting! In a pushy way. He even says “Vote at least 41 Times! He means each person should vote 41 times for him! And whats with the vote by skype if you are out of the country? Can they do that?

          • I forgot he has CKW. Which means Corey Kent Warriors? They even made t-shirts with this logo and they have their advertising down spat! I guess we all better watch out and just hope our favorites keep making it! Why do they have to make it sound like a war? Corey Kent Warriors? Yuck cant stand Opey! I think he is pushing that voting hard, because he is not charting well and has to make up for it!

    • Amy says:

      EXACTLY!!! Is it just me or do you guys also scrunch your face like you smell dog crap while you watch and listen to her?? I don’t get it.

    • Audrey says:

      Hmm, based on twitter, she seems to have a lot of passionate followers. She also interacts with them more than other TV finalists. Passionate fans get very loyal and I assume, vote for her alone?

    • MC says:

      Hannah chose a horrendous song imo, but she has that infectious energy. She also sings with conviction, which makes people believe in her ability. “Shout” is a horrible song, but her version was actually weirdly uplifting.

      • davidf95 says:

        I agree. When I first heard she was doing the song, I was like well, she’s going home. Then I was amazingly surprised. I still think it was the wrong song, but she really surprised me with it.

    • AlyB says:

      Actually I’d have preferred Corey to hit the road tonight. I don’t think Hannah is going to get to the finals but she’s got a better voice and is a lot more interesting than Corey. I wish Rob was still there but I’m not mad Joshua got the save. I am still mad that Deanna knocked Mia out last week.

    • Temperance says:

      Because her Shout was actually pretty great (for a change).

    • Because she is so talented

    • manicornot51 says:

      Because she is so talented

    • sandy totten says:

      because she is good. that why she didn’t go home,

    • sandy totten says:

      They are people who like Hannah and are voting for her and I will continue to vote for her.

    • Diane says:

      Because a lot of people like ’80s rock and she came in 4th on iTunes

    • dlraetz says:

      A lot of people like ’80s rock. She came n 4th on iTunes. Also Blake is a smart coach. He’s got 1 country singer that gets the country votes. He has slotted Hannah into classic rock to keep her from competing with power ballad diva central and he has his strongest singer in the diva mix. If he could convince Meghan to be in any other genre I’m sure he would

    • Birdy says:

      She should have.

    • davidf95 says:

      She got more votes that the other 3. You would have to ask the people. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, and I’m sure not much, she should have stayed. Just call me the Food Lion giving his two cents. :)

    • Jana says:

      Exactly my thoughts. She should be gone!

    • Megs says:

      Thank you… if there were any justice in the world, both Corey and Hannah would have gone home before Rob. I don’t get it.

    • Love the underdog says:

      Agreed! She is pretty and has a great voice. But, Her performances are awkward and uncomfortable. Sorry Blake don’t love the insane dance moves they scare me.

    • Claire M says:

      Hannah does not deserve to be where she is. I was dumbfounded that she was not in the bottom 3. The last 2 seasons have led me to believe this show is rigged in favor of country/Blake. Can’t believe that this show is watched primarily by country fans. This may be my last year watching this show.

      • Lizzie says:

        Blake is a charmer, and people vote for his singers. Adam and Christina both routinely sabotage their own people with their coaching and the song selection. Pharrell learned from his mistakes last year, and he’s a guy who just respectfully loves the good singing. Hannah – she’s one ball of fire, and there’s something crazily infectious about her performances – you want to root for her, and her pitch is nearly perfect. She’s young, she’s got potential to form that crazy ability into something that has a following. The only person’s music I would likely pay for is Sawyer’s.

    • karen says:

      that is a good question she should have been long gone. thinking it is rigged.

  2. Kaba says:

    Honestly wanted Rob here.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m torn on that one. I thought he easily beat Joshua tonight in the save sing-off, but man, last night was rough for Rob. I normally liked him, but those falsettos last night wounded my soul. Like Blake said last night, there’s no room for screw-ups in this season.

      • Kaba says:

        Josh was too awful for me to forgive that last night.
        I’m sorry, but that level of awful takes effort. Not accident.
        Sooo many ways they could have fixed last night…and they didn’t.
        As for Rob…yeah those falsetto’s were 100% wrong, but still….He sang better tonight.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          It’s all moot unfortunately. Rob, Deanna and Joshua have no chance of winning anyways, so all we’re doing is putting off the inevitable. Tonight I actually felt bad for Joshua. I don’t normally get second-hand embarrassment watching The Voice finalists, but yeah, tonight was one of those nights. That was rough. I hope he can pull it together for next week.

          • Kaba says:

            Either way, I need India to get it together cause the trend of the show indicates that Hannah will not be in trouble next week and that she may be in the bottom next week with Crap Kent White (aka, White Male Country singer No.203092230928049290) and probably Josh again.
            India has no business singing for a save just yet, but she needs to nail her songs properly.
            The top 5 ought to be India, Meghan, Kimberly, Koryn and, [sadly] Sawyer from the looks of things. Josh might sneak his way if he does one of those WGWG magic tricks of underperforming in comparison to others…but sings a smooth solid vocal.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I would have to imagine that Hannah and Corey’s luck ends next week in so far as they’ve avoided the bottom 3. Barring any craziness on performance night and using the historical iTunes download trends, the bottom three will likely be Joshua, Hannah, and Corey. And you’re right… India needs to get it together pronto because if she has another middling night and one of those three has a great night, it could well be her in the bottom.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            Let me remind you of one thing before we assume Corey is going anywhere. Jake Worthington finished ahead of Christina Grimmie two seasons ago. I had no problem with the bottom 3 tonight, whatever two were ultimately eliminated wasn’t going to break my heart. But the fact that Corey was not in the bottom 3 when he clearly deserved to be is troublesome, and leads me to believe that in coming weeks very good singers are going to be sent packing while he continues to move on. JMO but I thought all three sing for the save songs were lackluster, but I also think it’s an impossible situation to thrive in.

          • Shannon says:

            I am unable to reply directly to @bobsaccamanna, but I just want to point out that Jake actually charted better than Corey ever has … Jake was never in the bottom 4 on iTunes during the live shows, unlike Corey.

          • T.B. Hammer says:

            Totally predictable that DeAnna and Rob were eliminated. I Had picked them both to go,, in the pool I play in. Joshua can recover next week with the right song choice.

            This is a pretty strong top 8 and song choices that fit their voice, image well, will be the difference next week. Hannah is on the edge right now, so she’ll need a stellar performance next time, to survive.

      • analythinker says:

        THIS. So much. I was torn too. But I thought about overall body of work, and even though Rob’s been fun, if we count flaws, there’s more in each performance of him than of Joshua (except this week, of course). Obviously, if Joshua does the same type of song again next week, he’ll be gone. His tone is probably better, but he’s not as interesting as Josh (if we’re comparing both – same age bracket, with wife and kids).

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I also hate to say it, but there are R&B / pop contestants left whom I like a lot more. Rob staying would have been bad for Koryn and Kimberly and India, whereas Joshua will split votes with Sawyer and Corey. I’m sad that Rob is the sacrificial lamb, but man, we’re hungry! To be perfectly fair to Rob though, he seems like a truly wonderful human being. You could tell Christina was struggling a bit to hold it together.

          • analythinker says:

            Agreed. The fact that Christina also came back stage after Rob’s performance last week (or was it two weeks ago, idk, I watched the YT extras) to hug him shows that she really cares.

          • Lizzie says:

            Christina probably likes her dog a lot, too. Rob’s not that inspiring or exciting of a singer. I don’t really care how much Christina likes her people, although that’s nice for them. From a truly professional standpoint, Rob is like a lot of other good singers, but not a special and unique talent.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            @Lizzie: Really, dude? Really?

        • The Beach says:

          Rob came into the competition with a tendency to way oversing. I don’t think Xtina was the right coach for him as she encouraged him to do more and more and more runs and embellishments until the song’s melody was practically lost in melisma. I think a better coach would have encouraged more restraint because the guy does have a beautiful voice.

          • Jill Moy says:

            Plus he was chosen in battle rounds over the West Point singer (think it was Jeremy) who was much better! Just because a singer uses falsetto doesn’t mean they’re good. I pedicted Mia and Rob were leaving! Next, that boring Rayvon is leaving! He is as appealing as William Hung!

        • Lizzie says:

          Joshua needs to sing something totally in his wheelhouse that he loves. Adam needs to step back from this guy before he gets sent home due to Adam’s mistakes. Joshua has a playable, relatable voice, and he is a pro at performance if Adam will just leave him be. Let the guy sing like himself – don’t throw in stray weird crap vocal gymnastics into his performance, don’t give him an unsingable song – just let the guy do his thing.

      • Puzzled says:

        I honestly do not believe that Rob would have picked “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” as his save song. I am a conspiracy theorist!!! Rob has all of those falsetto tricks and didn’t use one of them for the save????? The producers wanted Adam to still have one in the game next week. The sad thing is I agree with Michael that Adam did not check in this season and has certainly checked out. Maybe Usher will kick some sense into him next week and Joshua will benefit from that!

        • ellie says:

          I don’t think it was Adam. I think Rob read what people were saying online. Most of the online complaints were about him doing too many tricks with the melody the night before. I think he deliberately toned it down but by doing that he came across as an average singer. He needs to learn balance.

          • Puzzled says:

            I am fairly certain the “save” songs are chosen way in advance of Monday and Tuesdays shows; however, if there ever was a song called “This is how to send Rob home”, then “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” was that song!! I agree he needs to tone down the falsetto, but during the instant save you need to bust a move and sing for your life!

        • barbara says:

          Joshua’s face when Adam said he knew why he chose to sing “I Won’t Back Down” again. Wasn’t that the first time?

  3. sara says:

    Who the blazes is voting for Josh and why?? He is so boring it is almost painful. Can’t even blame the Blake voting block or 12 yr olds this time.

    Is he related to the producers pr something??

    • analythinker says:

      Jeff Daniels endorsed him. And the “whole” Michigan.

    • Huh says:

      I was wondering the same thing about Hannah. It should have been Deanna and Hannah (hey that rhymes!) out the door. Joshua isn’t going to win, but he’s also not helped by Adam’s horrific song choices.

      • T.B. Hammer says:

        Adam almost got him tossed-out , with that ridiculous song choice last week. He oughta let Joshua pick his own songs.

      • Birdy says:

        I agree that Hannah should have been out the door. But I’d switch Corey for Deanna. I do not understand how he stays on this show. I think Deanna has the better voice, but was sabotaged Monday night with a bad song choice. Thought she was pretty good last night, but wasn’t her best (at least I don’t think so).

        • Love the underdog says:

          I loved Deanna. I think with a better coach encouraging her instead of constantly reminding her of how nervous and insecure she is Deanna could have been amazing. She always fell just shy of totally amazing. Love Adam but this season he seems complacent .

        • teachinterri says:

          What is shocking is Corey got the second highest votes last night!!! He needs to go!

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      The Midwest supports its own. Remember Kat Perkins? She got saved 2x by the Midwest vote in the twitter save, including the monster save when there was a bottom 4 that knocked out 3 very worthy competitors: Sisaundra, Audra and Delvin.

      • ellie says:

        I preferred Joshua to the other two up there. Deanna is a waste of a vote because she keeps letting her nerves get the best of her. She’s not ready for primetime. Rob chose a song that doesn’t really showcase a singer’s voice, plus he ruined a beautiful song that a lot of people loved (me) the night before. Lots of people remember back and his tendency to rely on tricks. Joshua isn’t going to win but he has a nice tone tot his voice that’s pleasant to listen to.

      • Sharon says:

        Oh, Angie — Kat Perkins!! Thanks (not!) for taking me back. I was so glad to see her go home…finally.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Awww. I loved Kat Perkins. :(
          She’s proof that fun, uptempo songs can be sung well, but I respect that we’re not on the same page. It happens. I love olives and my husband loathes them, whereas my husband loves garlic and I loathe it.

    • Temperance says:

      Me. I’m a fan. Didn’t like this week’s song, but I didn’t know it. I’m sure it wasn’t great. But *he* is pretty great overall, and I’d listen to him a million times before India’s out-of-control vibratto one more time.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        What is with all this talk of India’s vibrato? She sang straight tone for last two weeks, which is why her last two performances have sucked.

        • H says:

          But when her vibrato does come out and play, it’s pretty unattractive IMO. I’d say she better learn to control it differently but that’s not the way it works. She’s a good performer, although it’s easy to see it’s an act and doesn’t come naturally… point is, if this many people comment on her vibrato, I don’t see why they’d want to listen to her music. Maybe Broadway is a good route for her.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            A lot of people said the same about Shakira when she hit the scene, and Shakira seems to have done well for herself. Yes, many people do not like India’s vibrato, but that’s her voice. Take it or leave it.
            All that being said, what she needs to do is start singing with her real voice (i.e., WITH VIBRATO ON EVERY NOTE!!!) because the people who have already decided they don’t like her won’t vote for her regardless. Despite her not having sung with vibrato for two weeks now and seeing her performances suffer dearly, she’s STILL getting railed for her vibrato by the same people. No chance of conversion, so she should sing the way she sings best: slather on some extra vibrato! Let it rip, sweetheart!

          • James says:

            Just what we need–a diva rendition of Take Me To The Church with vibrato and all. Great. Is that what the Voice has become???

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Maybe my point is she shouldn’t be singing Take Me to Church? Please don’t put words into my mouth that aren’t there.

    • Davey says:

      I am one of those voting for Joshua, who I prefer to Corey, Hannah, Deanna, Rob, I’ve only voted for him, Sawyer, Kimberly and India. And obviously I’m not the only one voting for Joshua because he would have been voted off tonight. I’m certain he got more votes anyway than Rob and Hannah and I wish they’d stop the Twitter save now the Idol is doing it, too.

      • James says:

        I am one of those voting for Joshua too. And forget about them getting rid of the Twitter vote. The fact that Idol is doing it too is even more reason why they’ll keep using it.

        • mae says:

          Thing is, EVERYONE does not use twitter so by only allowing twitter votes for the save eliminates many of the viewers!

        • Lizzie says:

          It’s total crap for the rest of the country that doesn’t see the performances live. Even if you vote anyway, you didn’t get to see/hear the “save me” performance. I’d rather they stuck with the actual votes, or let the coaches fight it out to pick who stays and who goes, out of the bottom 3 or whatever the grouping is on a particular night.

    • Michael says:

      I vote for Joshua – and I buy his songs. He’s the kind of artist I enjoy listening to – he interprets music and sings with emotion. I’d love for him to try a David Gray song. I’m actually wondering who votes for these screaming, run-driven don’t-connect-to-the-songs people like Kimberly or Rob….

      • Cip says:

        I actually think Sawyer would be good singing a David Gray song-particularly “Babylon”

        • Rayjay says:

          Yes! I was thinking that a couple weeks ago. Babylon would be perfect for him. Wish the coaches would expand the pool of artists they pick from.

    • Nanc says:

      People like me. Joshua has a voice that I wouldn’t mind hearing all of the time. The women singers who just think that it’s cool to sing high and loud would be annoying if you were buying more than one song at a time…..

  4. All future contestants need to be strategic. If you can be on Blake’s team, TAKE IT. You will be buoyed for weeks.

    • analythinker says:

      I think they already have. I’ve seen so many non-country singer-songwriters tried to go with Blake, but no matter what he says, he ultimately picks country singers or those who have country roots.

      • Puzzled says:

        I think Reba may be trying out for Blake’s spot. He may be like Adam and never let it go, but she would be perfect!!! I know she is hocking her new record which is part of her being on the Voice too. I would say she was kind of underwhelming with her hand gestures during her song, but she is 60 yo!!

        • Take it all back. Reba is fantastic. She was playing to the crowd (who loved her, did you hear them?) not the cameras. Reba was also a coach season 1.

          • Puzzled says:

            Sorry, don’t get me wrong, because I love Reba too. I did think she was a little stiff on stage last night though. Blake has said one day he will walk away from the Voice for good, but I don’t know how many more millions he needs to make before he will do that. The show may get cancelled before that ever happens. I admire Blake for continuing to work with so many of his team members after the show is over. I think Reba would be great in the red chair because of her background, and she seems to be very nurturing too. I can name at least 10 artists who could replace Adam, but I don’t think he will ever leave. The show in my opinion needs a jolt and is definitely in need of some reformatting. I wish they would eliminate the instant save and finally do something that saves some of the great people who go home way too early i.e. Cody and even Mia Z from this season.

        • T.B. Hammer says:

          Carson once commented on a special , about The Voice — that the “chairs” were for the life of the show — Blake, Xtina, Adam, Cee Lo — were the originals…

          . I think they may have broken the Cee Lo contract because he had criminal charges filed against him a while back. That brought-in Usher and then Pharrell…………….

          Xtina left her chair once, but then had rights to come back whenever she wanted to.. Blake and Adam can hold their options or take a season (s) off and come back if they wish to. That was my understanding from the discussion of it by Carson anyway.

        • Lizzie says:

          Reba is a pro, just such an accomplished performer. She’s been on TV and Broadway, and she’s old enough to be an honest and ideal mentor – I enjoyed having her work with the contestants, and to get to watch her perform. Whole lot of people love Reba.

    • Gailer says:

      Yes if he turns for non country singers

      • Russ says:

        Guess you do not remember Jermaine Paul

      • For seasons and seasons, Blake turned for non-country singers and the king of the 4-chair turn got them. This is the first season that a lot of good people seemed happy to go with him even if they weren’t country. But Blake’s taken more people to the winner’s circle and the finals than anyone. From Dia and Xenia to Jermaine to Terry to Cole to Meghan and Hannah, Blake picks the best from his team and lets them do what they want. He only took 1 country artist to the lives and America picked. And since he’s the only one with country the single best country singer makes it to the lives and they have nobody to compete against. Look how many divas are on the show right now. One country. 5 divas left (2 just went home). They all cannibalize themselves.

        • Jill Moy says:


          Rockie Moutain High would be good for Sawyer! Yeah, realistically, Corey needs to go! But, the country vote is strong! Remember that horrible group Simon mentored on X FACTOR….RESTLESS ROAD?????They went on and on and finished, I believe 2nd or third! They were completely out of tune most of the time! But, they were country and kept getting votes!

          Speaking of John Denver, I met a kid several years ago who played guitar and was actually better than John Denver ever was! But, like that black singer I apoke about, he did it for fun and didn’t want to be in the biz! He made props for magiciians; that was his big career! What a waste of talent! He was young and good looking but no cigar….another one who knew he was good but didn’t care to pursue a career!

          Comparing Tyanna (even though she, with Nick are my original 2) to THE VOICE singers is like comparing a pro basketball team to a high school team!

          Yeah, Deanna was pretty but not much of a singer! I agree Corey shouldn’t be around! I think my pick, India needs good song choices with vibrato! Her mentor needs to find better songs for her!

          • Jill Oh god restless road! LOL LOL LOL HORRIBLE STUFF! The worst ever! Out of tune so bad! Yes India needs better song choices. You know India was my first original favorite along with Sawyer, but now I have switched to Koryn and Sawyer! India has not been keeping up well and Koryn just brought herself to the front of the pack!Koryn picked that song “Make it Rain. India should pick her own songs because it always works better that way!

          • Jill Oh Wait. Now I remember that xtina said she picked that Etta James song for India! Pharrell has been letting his Koryn and Sawyer pick some of their own. I think the only one he picked was How Great Thou Art. But I like Pharrell for letting them be their own artist. Xtina always tries to pick all of their songs and sometimes the choices are terrible.
            I hope Xtina doesnt screw it up!

          • Corey is actually missing fewer notes than Sawyer at this point, and he can actually move around the stage and perform. I get we’re fascinated by a kid with a low gravel, but his upper register is terrible and when he makes you go, “Hey Johnny Rzeznik had an awesome gravelly full voice, I didn’t remember that” There’s a problem.

        • Sharon says:

          I don’t like Megan. She is too old to be on this show. She is all buddy buddy with Blake. Is it rigged? I would never go to see her or buy her music.

  5. Denise says:

    Poor Rob was ROBBED. Corey is horrible and should have been kicked to the curb. Actually in the sing-off, Joshua did the worst but it doesn’t matter since he’s WGWG and they are always graded on a curve. Joshua needs to accept that he can’t sing loudly and stay in tune and stop trying to prove otherwise cause he keeps failing at it.

    • Davey says:

      Totally disagree. I thought he sounded fine tonight and it was a goof song for him.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Joshua’s had a rough go of it lately. His last few performances were dreadful, and tonight was quasi-painful to watch. I thought Deanna and Rob both beat him, but yeah, WGWG apparently gets you magical votes for some reason or another.

    • MAB says:

      Up until this week Josh was always in the top of iTunes. He had one bad week and he is being crucified. Just because he doesn’t do vocal calisthenics doesn’t mean he is not a good singer. Some of us like the singer songwriter genre of music.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Two bad weeks. America was no bueno either. Budapest I’ll freely admit was pretty good, but that was 3 weeks ago now. The voting public doesn’t have much of an attention span.

        • MAB says:

          This is the first week he wasn’t one of the top in iTunes. So I guess it is a matter of taste.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Yeah, hopefully he can keep it in tune next week. Not sure why he fell apart so badly in such a short timeframe. Not my favorite contestant, but I don’t find him objectionable like, say… Kat Robichaud. Ugh. Kat Robichaud. [starts shivering with rage]

          • MAB says:

            I really think there is something going on with Adam. He seemed to lose his enthusiasm for the competition. It’s like he is throwing in the towel. It is really hurting his team. If he doesn’t care why should everyone else. I think maybe losing last year to Blake when he had 3 strong horses in the race to just one of Blake country singer really hurt him. He probably figures why bother. I am getting quite annoyed with the Blake monopoly on winning. In 8 seasons he won 8 times even with crap teams. I think both Blake and Adam need to take a brake at least for one season.

      • Charlotte says:

        He is boring, average voice, no stage presence and the faces he makes singing are really cheesy. He looks like he should be performing for school children with people standing next to him holding puppets. lol

        • JM1 says:

          I like that Joshua is a pretty bare-bones singer songwriter from Michigan, used to singing in small venues, and he is not trying to change suddenly to win our votes. He’s just doing his thing and it happens to be on a bigger stage. He clearly knows he’s not a vocal acrobat, but then again that’s not his thing. There’s a lot to like about that.

          • Brian says:

            Joshua has an excellent voice. Respectfully, I think Adam made a mistake by pushing him out of his “comfort zone” and taking away his guitar. Let Joshua do his own thing and he’ll put out some great cd’s even though he won’t win The Voice. Maybe he’ll try a Croce song or Wild World by Cat Stevens.

          • Sharon says:

            Joshua had a lovely tone and better control of pitch in his earlier weeks. Even if you don’t like that stripped-down folk sound (and I am someone who does like that very much), many of us agreed that Joshua had an interesting sound and a likeable stage presence, with a lot of heart and sincerity. But his voice has definitely been going off the rails lately. Is he tired? Is he pushing his smaller voice too hard? Is he losing his confidence? Is he missing his family and showing ambivalence about continuing on the show? I confess to being puzzled and sorry about it. I think we all agree Adam’s song choices have been bad (this week’s was disastrous). I like these suggestions of Croce, Stevens, Chapin, etc. Or even some classic Peter, Paul and Mary.

      • danin says:

        I love singer songwriters.I love good music and lyrics.And sometimes I just love what I love,unfortunately,Josh just doesn’t do it for me.

      • Gailer says:

        I have no horse in the race, but I agree, I am not into belter type singers, never my thing.

      • He had a rough week. But the group performances plus this week have exposed a LOT of flaws in a voice from range to volume to pitch that he’d been hidden under covering easy to sing songs quietly and without much energy. You can’t stay in 1st gear for the whole show. He should have been able to sing Rocket Man and he was all over the map. He just doesn’t have a very strong voice and it isn’t playing well on TV with balance issues.

        • teacher says:

          Everyone sounded bad on Rocket Man. My slightly-tone-deaf husband even commented on how awful they all sounded on the individual parts. The harmony wasn’t too bad.

    • Charlotte says:

      Agree with you on all that. Joshua was terrible this week and there is no market for him. He needs to go to some coffee house and get off the Voice stage.

    • Jamey says:

      Here is my question…. Last week they did the count on the votes during commercial and broadcast…. this week they did not. Conspiracy theory…lol but since they all have these high level consultants next week… Adam had to have someone to be coached… So maybe Rob could have been saved….

      Too me it was weird

  6. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

    Here’s my top 8 rankings: (Based On OVERALL BODY OF WORK)
    1 Kimberly
    2 Koryn
    3 Meghan
    4 Sawyer
    5 India
    6 Joshua
    7 Hannah
    8 Corey
    What’s ur personal rankings and song selections?

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Flip Koryn and Kimberly and then flip Hannah and Sawyer. Pretty close though!

      • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

        For me the top 2 could go either way in my opinion, I’m fine with whatever placement. Lol

      • danin says:

        1) Megan 2)Sawyer)Koryn4)Kim5)Hannah 6)Josh-India 8)Corey

        • JM1 says:

          1) Meghan; 2) Kimberly; 3) Koryn; 4) Sawyer; 5) India; after that I don’t care.

        • DJ says:

          I don’t get it, all the girls pretty much sound the same ~ their wonderful singers, but they all just belt out a pretty song & do run after run. I want to hear something different for a change.

      • Scott says:

        Overall body of work Kimberly is ahead of Koryn. But she is not far behind.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Don’t make me call you a blashphemer now, Scott. I’ll do it. :)

          • Scott says:

            Haha, oh Angie! You’re one of my faves. You dont have to agree, but even you have Kimberly as your number 2, so it’s not THAT blasphemous! Neither have had bad performances by any means, but Kimberly I believe has delivered just a bit more. And when I watch her, I forget we are watching a competition, it’s like she is weelk guest performer. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Koryn, they like separated by a very very small margin!

          • Scott says:


          • Scott says:

            BUT I do give Koryn the performance of the night last night!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            As I’m sure you noted, I was fully kidding. I’d be thrilled with either of them winning, but Koryn just does something to me. The people who say Koryn’s voice is a dime a dozen screaming pop diva can’t have listened to her sing, because that voice is otherworldly. And Kimberly has the voice and the showmanship, which at first I found cheesy, but now I’m totally into it.

          • Scott says:

            I got you, Angie! Oh Koryn’s voice is definitely not a dime a dozen, and after last night anyone who still thinks that has no idea what they are talking about. I need a Kimberly/Koryn/whoever finale. (maybe not whoever, I would love to see Meghan fill out the top 3, but Sawyer will make the final no doubt).

          • analythinker says:

            I’m still intrigued about India, though. But perhaps because both Kimberly & Koryn are already good, I don’t feel like they can improve anymore?

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            India is either one of the following
            A) One song away from elimination OR
            B) One song away from being the front runner.

            I don’t think there’s any in between. I really hope it’s option B. Please please please I hope someone with decision making power is reading this board. Do the girl right with song choice!

    • Sharron says:

      I agree!

    • Eli says:

      1. Kimberly
      2. Megan
      3. Hannah
      4. Sawyer
      5. India
      6. Koryn
      7. Joshua
      8. Corey

    • Judy says:

      Rob should of stayed and Kimberly should of left. All she does is scream. No body would buy her music, She is not a person anyone would remember. Sawyer, Koryn, are the top two in the competition, One of those two should win.

      • mae says:

        You have no idea how many people would buy her music. You might not buy it or remember who she is but many others would.

      • Diane K. says:

        Absolutely agree. One of her songs my dh and me could barely stand to listen to it. He commented that it sounded like nails on the chalkboard. I LOVED Rob. I was so convinced that he would end up in the top 3. Love Sawyer (because he’s local to me and so sweet) and LOVE Koryn and India.

        • Scott says:

          Kimberly’s voice are like nails on a chalkboard? I respect everyone’s opinion but you may need to get the speakers on your TV fixed. Kimberly is a pro, and because of that she won’t win. Just like Judith and Amanda. It’s cool if you don’t dig her voice, but it’s a fact that girl is talented.

    • Tim Demian says:

      1 Sawyer, 2 India, 3 Koryn, 4 Josh, 5 Kimberly — the other three should be home!

  7. Kim Moores says:

    Glad Deanna is gone, tired of that ‘she’s so nervous’ shtick from Adam.
    The girl has done beauty pageants. She’s not unfamiliar to the stage.
    Besides, stage fright isn’t specific to her, everyone has it. She can get over that nonsense

    • MC says:

      It’s not that easy for singers are to get “over” stage fright. You need the ultimate confidence and multi-octave range of an Xtina and that does not come along very often. Lastly, when you watch beauty pageants, the public speaking Q & A portion (although very brief) often takes its toll on many of the contenders. So there’s stage fright when you have to instantaneously produce results, even in that completely separate realm of pageants.

    • AB says:

      So seriously true.

    • Gailer says:

      I don’t know why Adam kept saying that about her, it kinda backfired if he was looking for sympathy votes

      • MC says:

        Not really. Joshua inevitably won the twitter vote by a very comfortable margin (due to the very dependable WGWG vote) and Deanna actually beat Rob in the voting.

    • Marlon says:

      A small town beauty pageant is quite different than singing live on a stage with millions watching! Deanna’s singing experience, before this show, consisted of singing in a church of a couple hundred people. I assure you, she overcame much nervousness and is a ” true role model”!

    • T.B. Hammer says:

      True, Adam did DeAnna no favors by acting like she was taking so much time and work on his part. He made sure to complain about it as if he needed pats-on-the-back for spending time to work with her.

  8. Rhodes X says:

    I hope Joshua gets back on top next week.

  9. Charlotte says:

    Rob deserved to win the twitter save. So unfair he had to sing before the commercial break like Mia the week before.

    • analythinker says:

      I don’t think that’s the case, though. For some reasons, even though Christina has more followers than Adam, history says when it comes to her team and Adam’s at the bottom,

    • analythinker says:

      (ugh, fail) unless Adam’s was/were REALLY bad, they’re almost always saved.

  10. V. says:

    The power of Blake Shelton…ugh. Hope next wèek we get two of Blake’s out. A boy xan dream.

    • missvci says:

      Right, Corey should have been gone weeks ago, and Hannah needed to go tonight.

      but as long as it’s a Kimberly, Koryn, and India (she’s the one I’m most worried about) finale, I’ll be happy.

      BCorey and Hannah won’t make the top 4 because Meghan is better than them combined and I’m confident Kimberly, Koryn, and Sawyer are going to the finale. Which leaves one spot open for Team Blake but hopefully India.

  11. Gailer says:

    I understand Michael, but what if they sang in the order of votes? I.e., Joshua had the most votes? I wonder if the save ends up being unfair to an artist? Say someone goes home but they had millions more votes than the other two?

    • Adam says:

      They don’t sing in order of votes. Adam’s contestants have always gone last in the Twitter save.

      • James says:

        Maybe they pick straws. Who knows. We don’t know for sure. It could be that Team Adam had just performed a number before the save performances.

      • cynthiamv says:

        That’s because they sing in order of the coaches chairs. If Blake had a bottom 3 singer they would sing first, then Pharrell, then Christina. Adam’s team will always sing last in the Save.

  12. Adam says:

    Based on the performances tonight Rob earned the save over the other two. Deanna should know better than to dress sexy on shows like this because the mostly female voters will get jealous and punish them for it and keep nonthreatening lesser contestants like Hannah around instead. Joshua has been really bad for weeks now but people refuse to let go since he is the WGWG poster boy for the year. Corey was never good to begin with and it should have been Cody there instead of him. Hannah is one note, irritating and when I heard she was singing Shout all I could think was “Great song choice cause that’s all you know how to do!”

    • Sharon says:

      I really don’t think it’s even remotely feasible that “female voters will get jealous” and “punish” singers who “dress sexy” in order to “keep nonthreatening lesser contestants” on the show. Deanna went home because she couldn’t deliver consistently good performances in a competitive field. I am not suggesting that looks don’t matter in these contests (or in life, alas), but your suggestion is just silly.

      • Brian Smith says:

        I feel like the female contestants often get undeserved scrutiny. Look at Mia Z and how many people complain about her whistling. She used it for maybe 5 seconds each performance (if she uses it at all), and people try to make it a bad thing instead of the talent that it is.

    • ellie says:

      Actually the only complaints I read about when it comes to female dressing sexy is about Christina. Every week someone is guaranteed to request that Christian button up and stop showing her cleavage.

      I disagree about Deanna. People get tired of very fragile singer. If you look like you’re not having fun you tend to get voted off. America did vote for her for the twitter save before though. She had her second chance and blew it so she wasn’t going to get the votes again.

    • lori says:

      Disagree about Deanna. I think she is beautiful and looked beautiful. I also like her voice quite a bit. Don’t necessarily think she was good enough to make it to the finale, so maybe it was the right time for her to go. I have consistently supported her and will look for any music she puts out. There are other beautiful women in contention too, but we don’t all judge them by their looks but by their talent, same as anyone else.

    • Eurydice says:

      If Deanna really wanted to dress sexy she wouldn’t have chosen that glaring bell-bottom outfit. Trust me, no woman would feel jealous of an outfit that makes her look like Godzilla.

  13. susan says:

    They definitely go it right.

  14. Fea says:

    2 of Blake’s artists should have been in the bottom with Deanna. Cory is the weakest contestant of all.

  15. Jasper says:

    Honestly, the performances of the night were Team Pharrell’s “I Don’t Want To Be” and (QUEEN) Reba McEntire’s “Going Out Like That.” The Save Me performances were unspectacular, but I feel like Rob narrowly edged out Deanna and Joshua. I’m happy for Josh, though, and I hope that he can get back some of his Live Playoffs form. As for Deanna, I was sort of over her. I wish that she had sand Florence and the Machine’s “St. Jude,” but oh, well.

  16. AB says:

    Thanks for praising the Pharrell/Sawyer/Koryn ditty, Michael. They sounded great! Not so much Adam and his team. I thought Adam seemed like he wanted to be anywhere but on that stage with those two people. A disengaged high school senior indeed…

  17. Rob deserves 2 b back he has a lot of potential & versatility.

  18. drc says:

    I can’t believe Rob lost and Kimberly stayed. I thought she should have been gone 2 episodes ago.

  19. nick subotich says:

    The top 8 are right where they should be. As for Sawyer, I wonder if anyone else noticed the similarity in his voice to the late John Denver? Someone should tell him and his coach Pharrell.

    • Yes NICK. Quite a few people on his facebook are begging him for Rocky Mountain High and telling him he is a young John Denver! Its the vibrato thing and his tone, that reminds me of Denver!

      • Woodmeister says:

        If Sawyer is going to do John Denver I hope it’s a Granddma’s Feather Bed. I like Sawyer but all of his songs on the live shows have been slower tempo songs. I’d like to see if he could handle something faster.

        • Woodmeister Sawyer did pretty well on the up tempo song “i dont want to be” on the results show! It surprised me!

        • Birdy says:

          Grandma’s Feather Bed might be a good JD song for him–more uptempo than Rocky Mountain High. But I’m pimping Readjustment Blues by John Denver, a little-known, very un-Denver-like song with an edge. But a fabulous song, and I think if Sawyer could pull it off (and I think he can), nobody would have a chance against him. I think Sawyer’s got a perfect voice for it.

  20. Gayle S. says:

    Those of us living in the West Coast don’t even get a say in the ‘Save’ because the ‘live’ show is only live on the East Coast! Shot in LA at 5pm for the 8pm EC viewing, we see it 3 hours later, at our 8pm show slot!

  21. Ginny says:

    Rob Taylor should still be on The Voice. The “final vote” on twitter is a joke. What if a person isn’t on twitter. Why not let everyone call it in… The Voice seems to be fixed, sadly, because it is otherwise such a good show. Rob did not give it his all in his last song — he seemed dejected because he knew he was probably finished… I think he is a great talent: excellent voice and stage presence.

  22. Scott says:

    Adam gives no f’s about this show anymore. Needs to take a break next season.

  23. Sherel Mainer says:

    Sometimes I think Adam’s song choices are suicide for the contestants.

    • RedInDenver says:

      I agree. You would think he would know how to pick songs that play to their strengths, but, every week the songs just don’t seem right for them — nothing that has made them stand out from the crowd.

  24. I have to agree with Michael about Koryn and Sawyer on the Gavin Degraw song. Those kids can sing! Amazing!

  25. AllyB says:

    I really wish Blake Shelton fans would stop putting through all the country artists who have ZERO talent. Corey has an okay karaoke country voice, sure. But, the other contestants actually have a great voice, which I thought was the purpose of the show…

  26. Kristin says:

    I hate the Twitter voice save so much. As someone on the West Coast it just makes me feel like my viewership doesn’t really matter and the people at the voice don’t really care. I either stay spoiler free and watch live when it airs here (3 hours after the voice save has happened) and have no say in who gets saved or I look it all up on Twitter at 5-6 pm my time so I can get my save in and then don’t bother to watch at all when it airs here later. Damned if I do; damned if I don’t.

  27. Cat says:

    The show is called The Voice, so if we r talking about vocal talent I would have liked to see Hannah go home and rob stay. I mean, come on, how many guys can hit notes like rob can? Anyone can scream and should like Hannah.

    • A.R. Vega says:

      I would LOVE to hear you sing like Hannah, I challenge you to do it if EVERYONE can. Put it up on Youtube, come on, lets hear you sound as good as Hannah. Do it.

  28. Lisa says:

    Never thought I’d say this, but I agree on Adam needing to take a break. He’s completely disengaged this season and I think that’s due to the best singers not choosing him in the blind rounds.

    Blake’s likability definitely takes his team far. Hannah seems like a nice person, but her singing and style is so dated. I liked Corey a lot in the blinds and he’s never returned to that level. I also find it so annoying when Carson constantly introduces Corey as the only country artist left in the competition.

    • Gailer says:

      Everytime Carson says that it’s like a battle cry to the country fans to vote for him. Lol

    • MC says:

      Exactly right. You kind of know how the season will pan out after the blinds. Xtina did steal Kimberly, but you normally can’t rely on steals like that. Adam was undoubtedly very disappointed after the blinds.

  29. Kady says:

    Second week in a row that the people’s vote mirrored iTunes. As for the final save, Josh was saved by a horrendously overwarbled performance by Rob.

    Note to singers: a tremolo, where the voice moves bounces between slightly flat and slightly sharp around the note, gives depth to the note; if your tremolo drops a full half tone below or above the note, you sound like a dying duck. This killed Rob tonight IMO, and in other performances earlier in the competition India and Koryn were both guilty of this as well (but thankfully not recently).

    • Moria says:

      I think you mean vibrato, not tremolo. Vibrato is a change in the pitch of a note (not tone, that means something else). Tremolo is a change in volume.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I think it’s both but it depends on the instrument. Isn’t there a pedal on those giant church organs that can do what you’re talking about?
        Koryn I think I know what the poster is talking about, but not with India at all. A tremolo would happen with a slow vibrato like Koryn or Tyanna from Idol, but India’s vibrato is on the rapid side of things. I seem to remember the pitch range being rather tight but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

  30. Bye Felicia says:

    Final 3:
    India (next week will be her moment)


    Next Week Bottom 3:
    Adam’s Guy

  31. robin Fisher says:

    Ws sorry to see Deanna Johnson go. I wish her the best.

  32. Brian says:

    I’ve always thought The Voice should be about an engaging and unique “sound”, and not about who prances best around the stage, makes more eye contact, or is able to move out of the “comfort zone” they do best. Joshua is as deserving a voice as Rob and others. Respectfully, Adam should let him do his thing – maybe Croce or Cat Stevens – WITH a guitar, and not try and force him out of what’s comfortable!

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      Good choice. He would kill Morning has Broken

    • Brenda says:

      Absolutely! Not everyone is born to sing at the top or bottom of their range or so loud that you have to turn your head to look! Croce and Cat Stevens, yes. Neil Diamond, too. But there are some current songs that he could work wonders with in his own style. I hope Usher is smart enough to see that stretching this man is not what we want to hear. I want a Joshua cd in the stereo and a bottle of red wine…..hey, how about a Billy Joel song?

  33. Alan Dvorkis says:

    I honestly think Adam sang the worst tonight. He only sings about 3 chords as is. Tonight he was a complete bore, with a terrible falsetto, or whatever that attempt was. Not only does he lack singing talent, he is one of the more annoying humans on any show. I did not vote to save anyone tonight. I did vote #please no more adam

  34. Jules says:

    Happy that Usher will be mentoring for Adam’s “team” next week but I wish it could’ve been for Pharrell’s team instead. The more Usher, the better but we all know P & Gwen are BFF’s. I absolutely cannot WAIT to see Cee-Lo with Blake’s team. I think he is the PERFECT mentor for Hannah. I know some people aren’t crazy about her but I don’t mind her at all. I think she’s actually adorable but I know the show’s called “The Voice” and not “The Adorable” but still!! I know she won’t win but she’s fun to have around.

    • manicornot51 says:

      Hannah is always pitch perfect

    • Sharon says:

      Didn’t you have the queasy thought, as they announced next week’s mentors, that Usher would be mentoring nobody? I figured Deanna would be going home, but I wasn’t sure whether the other would be Rob or Joshua. If Joshua, would Usher and Gwen have worked in tandem for Christina and Pharrell?

      • Jules says:

        I know Sharon! I actually did. Thank goodness we still get to see him, even if it is to mentor boring old Joshua.

  35. Jeff Robinson says:

    This is my first season to watch The Voice and don’t know all of the rules, that being said, I don’t think it is fair to the others since Megan Linsey has already won a different television talent show (Can You Duet). She has charted a few songs on the country charts with one reaching number four. She was even nominated for an Academy of Country Music award. She probably has a fan following already. While I don’t think it is fair for her to be allowed to compete with the others, I wouldn’t be shocked to see her win. Win or lose she will probably be the only finalist to make it big, be it in Country music.

    • Jana says:

      I totally agree. How is that fair? She has had her chances, her big breaks. I think she should go regardless of how well she sings.

    • Many contestants on The Voice, American Idol, and probably X-Factor have had contracts previously or made records. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but it’s true. As for Megan, she’s not trying to sing Country any more. She’s trying to get a solo career going in a different genre (soul??)

      • Jeff Robinson says:

        Blake is no dummy, her biggest song so far has been the “Country” song Girl Crush. In the finals she will definitely sing a country song. I am betting on a Patsy Cline classic.

  36. McPike says:

    This is a good group of fans commenting on The Voice here! For me, I was glad to see Deanna go. Easy on the eyes, hard on the ears. I like Rob I thought he would last a while but he had a bad night. Corey is as boring as Josh but can’t sing as well: he needs to go. And where is the love for Hannah here. She may not be as polished as the rest but she’s the most fun to watch! Koryn stole the show l!

  37. Mary says:

    No, say it isn’t soo, Hannah deserves to go! Just one person’s question: Megan shouldn’t be on board, why is she competing on The Voice? DOESNT SEEM RIGHT, SHE CAME ON BOARD AFTER A PROFESSIONAL CAREER failed! JUST ASKING?

    • sandy totten says:

      No Mary Hannah does not need to go She is actually good and there are people that are voting for her..

      • Grace says:

        Exactly! I love her dancing! Everything doesn’t have to be stylized and choreographed or…sexy. She’s a free spirit. I’ve never voted for Hannah because I thought she was sooo good that the rest of America would….and I try to keep votes up for Koryn (who I thought would be an underdog….and she was the 1st time voting was opened to the public).

    • Jill Moy says:

      MEGHAN didn’t make it because that face of hers was sought out by producers of a remake of THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, to play the monster’s bride!

    • Jana says:

      I totally agree with you, Mary. Hannah deserves to go. Her singing reminds me of nails on chalkboard. And why is Megan allowed to compete? She’s had her chance. I thought this was about giving artists a first chance, not giving failed artists resuscitation.

      • MC says:

        You may have your shows confused. That is the premise of American Idol; it’s never been the premise of The Voice. Cassadee Pope won the whole thing on The Voice and she already had a high profile (and substantial fan base) from her professional career.

        • MC says:

          The labels for Cassadee and Meghan allowed their recording contracts to expire (meaning they did not want to renew them). Once that happens, artists are eligible for The Voice. They can’t have a current contract, but a previous record contract is allowed.

  38. I have watched that Gavin Degraw song over and over and Im thinking these 2, Sawyer and Koryn are 16 YEARS OLD! UNBELIEVABLE! But they are my 2 favorites. They are so cute, they were holding hands while waiting for results in the line up! They are children. Very talented children! Didnt Koryn used to be on xtinas team? She made a bad choice, because my prediction is India will go out, even though India and Kimberly are beasts, people are connecting to Koryn! Im not saying that for next week but I feel India will be eliminated way before Koryn. Kimberly wont though. Kimberly will always stay! Who will be the top 3? I cant figure it out!

    • Jill Moy says:


      Koryn is now 17! India will go unless her song choices improve!

      • Jill Oh They have both had a birthday then. Sawyer just turned 16 recently, so Koryn must have had a birthday also. Still she is amazing!

      • Hey Jill, I think its weird when a person comes on this blog and then only makes snarky reply comments to me! I have never seen that persons name before and they are no where else on the comments, only being MOMMIE DEAREST to me! LOL kind of stalkerish. Its weird!

        • Jill Moy says:


          Must be a member who joined THE DEAREST CLUB recently! Hope you have plenty of wire hangers (only wire hangers please) on hand!

          As for Melanie Amaro, making $5,000,000.00 was misleading! She actually made $0! I was told years ago the 5 million dollars was against future earnings and the first 5 million went to her handlers! The money had to be paid back! Since she was dropped by her label (she flopped), she actually received $ 00000….not a penny….BELIEVE IT OR NOT! I’m sure it’s on the net! I’m sure I have it right! So, she made nothing and the way she won, that’s the way it should be…..00000000000000!

  39. Christin Moffitt says:

    I agree that Corey should be at the bottom of the heap. Has done nothing impressive yet, BUT he is the single country singer up there and country, whether one likes it or not, has a huge following. Others with similar styles cancel each other out – voters don’t remember enough to distinguish???? HATE the Twitter save. Even if west coast catches it, it won’t download to voice app in time to be counted. So DROP it and get real!!!!

  40. ellie says:

    I’m perfectly fine with Joshua getting saved since it should have been Hannah and Corey going home. Deanna has proven over and over again that she wasn’t ready for the show so I couldn’t see any reason to save her. As for Rob, it looks like he looked at social media and decided to play it safe tonight. Because of that he just came across as average. I could see why joshua was the runaway winner with or without Adam’s input.

  41. I think they sing in order of vote getting. So the lowest vote getter goes first and so on. That way it is still fair to the people who voted the previous day.

  42. KeninLV says:

    In this day and age when everyone and their cousin’s kids text it seems to me texting to a number would be far more efficient than what they have now for the save. I’m sure it would allow a much broader mix and would allow more votes to happen in a short time. How Corey stayed in the final is beyond me. He couldn’t carry a tune in a wet paper sack Monday.

  43. harry tracey says:

    i have been disapointed with the producers that every year they change the seems likethey are stacking yhe deck!!!

  44. Brenda says:

    Usually by this point in The Voice, I have a clear favorite in mind. This year, there are several that I really enjoy and think deserve the big win. Great group. My only problem is with Adam pushing Joshua to reach for the edges of his range. Why? So that he doesn’t sing well? There have been countless singers without falsettos or really low range that are classic icons. Find the story telling niche that Joshua fits into and let him thrive! I would pay to listen to him sing (and I don’t buy iTunes). Give him a great song and build up his energy. That is what will take him to the end of this competition. If not, they should have just let him go last night.

  45. Blank Slate says:

    I don’t know how to work this message board. So challenging to find things you’ve posted to see if there are responses. Sorry for that detour complaint. I love Michael’s writing and reviews so I come here after the shows all the time.

    A question: I watched both shows from this week last night. What was the lyric mistake Corey White made with his apparently popular country song as per Blake? I’ve never heard it before and, ergo, would not have known Corey flubbed words had Blake not mentioned it in his list-performance critique.

    Thank you for your help.

  46. mike hanson says:

    I like Hannah but I am surprised every week she is still around … you could tell when Adam was picking his team that he would be the first one out this year … the best people didn’t pick him and when it got to the knockouts and the battles he seemed to just not care anymore

  47. Birdy says:

    And why is Corey still there? Probably the teen-girl vote….

    • and country voters, and people who like those who sing simple, not shout or sing 20 tones on one word. Sorry, I like simple, straight forward singing. Corey and Sawyer stand out for me. The girls tend to blend together or are just not my style. I admit to the talent in the bunch, but it comes down to who I would listen to or buy their album (not just a single).

      • Birdy says:

        I love Sawyer, and I do prefer simply, straightforward singing (as my DH says, not everyone needs to be hopping all over the stage all the time). My problem with Corey is just that I don’t think he has a very good voice. Whereas Sawyer’s voice, though not polished (which is fine!) is really good. IMO, anyway.

  48. Dee_music_lover says:

    I’ve been a fan of the show since the start and this season has had the most talent by leaps and bounds. That being said, I think people want to be entertained and some of the singers are snooze fests. It doesn’t mean they aren’t good, it just means that they aren’t interesting enough to actually buy anything I want to listen to. I’m probably going to get flack from ya all for what I am about to say but it is OMO: India needs to go. Technically she is very good. BUT…’s like having sex in the missionary position all the time – some time you need to mix it up. She does not have the stage presence or the excitement that others have – my prediction, unless a miracle occurs next week, she will be in bottom! All right, I’m ready for you!

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I love India, but I can’t entirely disagree with you. I think the problem she’s having is song choice. With the right song(s), you might feel very differently about her. Did you feel the same about Stay and NY State of Mind? If so, then I take back everything I said. :)

      • Sharon says:

        Song choice and, as you have said, Angie, stilling her vibrato. Love it or hate it (I love it), it’s part of her voice. I think she’s compressing her sound at the same time as she’s taming that vibrato. And I agree song choice hasn’t been helpful.

        Picking up on your point, Dee, I agree that India hasn’t shown growth and has actually regressed. She started off great with Stay and NY State of Mind…though, as Angie said, if you didn’t like those performances, you won’t agree with my next point, which is that she peaked too soon. So many of us were blown away by those songs and she hasn’t matched those performances since.

        Finally, I have the same issue with India that I used to have with Kimberley: technical ability there in spades, but no sense of authentic emotion. Then Kimberley cried after her performance the night Great-Grandma was in the house, and I saw her differently. We haven’t seen one of those “real” moments from India.

  49. J. Scott says:

    I thought (again!) it would be Corey Kent White and Joshua Davis sent home.Still miss Cody Wickline & Sarah Potenza- real country & rockin’ roots sounds. Would have given Mia Z. more time too. Rob Taylor eliminated was a *^#$ shame!

  50. David says:

    “The Voice‘s “Twitter Save” is a curious thing. It asks us to (possibly) veto the will of Monday-night voters in exchange for adding a heaping teaspoon of sriracha to the unflavored polenta that is a typical results-show telecast”

    I completed disagree with this. People DID NOT vote for a winner. There is NO winner. This is elimination, NOT a winner vote. So the people are NOT VOTING for the 2 they think should go home. The are voting for the ONE that should win. If this was done like every other voting around the world. People would vote for 1 – 10. THEN you would KNOW who 11 and 12 is. But since we have NO IDEA who the people who chose number 1 thinks number 2, 3, 4 or so on, it’s a FLAWED system. I look at it as THIS TWITTER SAVE is the only way they know how to correct this consequence.

    The only way a person can truly vote for who he thinks should go home is to vote 10 times. Once for each of the top 10, and NOT vote for the bottom two. How many people do you think actually does this?