Scorpion Finale Recap: Bird's-Eye View

If you’re anything like me, you went into Monday’s Scorpion finale feeling a little skeptical.

Even though the CBS drama was taking on its most extravagant case yet, it also involved Walter clinging to life on the edge of a cliff. As in, the leader of Team Scorpion and the protagonist of a show that’s already been renewed for a second go-round. Knowing full well that Walter would likely survive this ordeal, you may have worried, like I did, that the season ender would lack the very suspense it was hoping to create.

Fortunately — even though Walter made it out alive, of course — the hour was fraught with tense moments, thanks in part to a silver pen, a construction crane and… a crow? (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Before you give us your thoughts on the season finale, a brief rundown of what happened in the climactic hour:

Eight hours after Walter went sailing through a guard rail on Mulholland Drive, Team Scorpion — what’s left of it, at least — is trying fruitlessly to get in touch with its fearless leader. But don’t expect any help from Cabe or Paige: The former has been reassigned to a boring TSA desk job, and the latter is bound for Maine with Ralph, whose unreturned voicemails to Walter have him increasingly worried.

Happy, Toby and Sylvester are able to track Walter’s car via its VIN number, and it isn’t long before they find Walter… perched on the edge of a cliff, guaranteed to go tumbling 300 feet downhill with even the slightest movement. Super. 

finale-preview-scorpionAs they work with the fire department (and Cabe, who shows up without actual Homeland credentials, but who cares?) to get Walter rescued, Team Scorpion encounters a few major setbacks, which they can visualize with a drone that Happy fashions together. First, Walter’s car threatens to become completely engulfed in flames. (Solution: Happy drains the flammable oil from the car with the help of a syringe dart she shoots from hundreds of feet overhead. Seriously.)

Next, the section of the guard rail that had impaled Walter’s side gets dislodged, giving him approximately four minutes before he bleeds out. (Solution: Toby talks Walter through cauterizing his own wound, using a silver pen that he basically has to stick into his spleen. Icky.)

Then, as if all of this hasn’t been enough for poor Walter, a 1.2-pound crow lands on the roof of his car, shifting its weight just slightly — but if the crow takes flight again, down will come Walter, vehicle and all. Throughout all of this uncertainty, Walter takes a moment to apologize to Cabe for his overreaction about Baghdad, and strolls down memory lane with Toby and Happy. These could very well be his last moments alive, it seems, and the only people who aren’t there to say goodbye are Paige and Ralph.

That all changes when the aforementioned duo finally get to the airport and see the news story about Walter’s crash on TV. They race to Mulholland Drive, where Happy is enacting the plan that will finally, hopefully save Walter: She’s going to hoist Cabe up on a construction crane, which will be lowered down into the canyon so that Cabe can grab Walter before his car makes a break for it.

Just as Cabe reaches Walter (and seconds before Walter confesses something major to Paige, presumably), the crow takes flight once more, causing the car to go crashing down to the bottom of the canyon — just as Cabe removes Walter from that metal death trap. (I can’t be the only one who breathed a major sigh of relief, even though, again, Walter’s survival was pretty much a foregone conclusion.)

Later, at the hospital, Paige and Ralph decide to stay in California (and rejoin Team Scorpion, at that!), while Happy finally extends an olive branch to Toby weeks after he accidentally stood her up. Paige, meanwhile, visits Walter’s room after the morphine has knocked him out, planting a kiss on him before telling him she really cares about him. (OK, so, maybe it wasn’t “I love you,” but that kiss has to mean something, right?)

OK, your turn. Was Scorpion‘s season finale everything you hoped it would be? Grade the episode in our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    What an emotional season finale. It got my heart racing from beginning to end. Can’t wait for Season Two but I’m wondering if CBS is thinking about a post Super Bowl episode for Scorpion on Big Game Sunday come February 7, 2016 at Levi’s Stadium – home of the San Francisco 49ers.

  2. Beth says:

    I voted C. I just can’t take how unrealistic their “solutions” have become. Feels like I’m watching Mission Impossible movies or something. We knew he’d survive so I felt it wasn’t that great. Not a fan of Paige & Walter together either.. but glad to see Happy and Toby babysitting together :)

    • Boiler says:

      Guess it isn’t the show for you!! I thought it was excellent and I like the quirky solutions. Nice to have some new faces on TV

      • E says:

        I really enjoy it as well. Yes they have crazy solutions but it’s part of the whole suspend disbelief that makes television so enjoyable. I’m excited for season 2 and all the situations the gang gets into. I got way more Waige than I was expecting tonight. I love them as a couple but the slow burn is better even though I’m fine with a little pay off every now and then.

    • J says:

      These snide comments from Quintis shippers ragging on Waige aren’t cute. They’re not a threat to Quintis. I feel like some people are mad that there’s more than 1 romance on the show. It can’t all be about 1 ship. There are other characters and ships. Ships for everyone to enjoy. :)

    • Anna says:

      I prefer Walter and Paige together. Happy/Toby are okay. But Waige is the real thing for me. Best chemistry by far.

      • Patrick says:

        I like Waige, but I don’t like Paige’s condescension towards the rest of the group. She is approaching my last nerve.

    • Maria says:

      so did I! Of course Walter was going to be saved. It’s his story! So there was no suspense for me.
      Also, the shot of Robert Patrick on the wire to save Walter was laughable.

      I do enjoy the show – as a guilty pleasure, but this episode wasn’t great.

  3. BrightLight says:

    This show has been hit or miss for me all season, but this finale was really fantastic! Even though it was more than evident that Walter would survive, I was on the edge of my seat during the rescue. I knew it would be Cabe that would save him, as it should have been. Walter/Cabe is one of my fave relationships on this show. (I mean it as a friendship). I was so invested in this episode that I was actually afraid Paige would get arrested for leaving her bag unattended at the airport.
    If every episode had been this fantastic, I’d give the entire season an “A” but I’ll give it to the finale and give the show’s season a “B-“.

  4. sladewilson says:

    Very good season finale. They set it up where the sky is the limit. I gave it an “A” also…

  5. Anon says:

    They didn’t kill the guy…so a F grade for this finale.

    • How sad of a remark is THAT? says:

      Wow, now that’s a truly insipid and stupid comment. How many brain cells gave up their life for that???

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        Shut up troll. Stop trolling please and thank you

        • Mr. Tran K says:

          Whoever’s mimicking my name, STOP ACTING LIKE A BULLY!! Told you guys if you weren’t paying attention: I hate when people complain and I HATE COMPLAINERS. That person is a hypocrite and someone better NOT mimicking my identity or I’m going to go all Game of Thrones on whoever it is MAN or WOMAN. Even worse, that person better apologize right in front of my face but if NOT, someone better not come back to this website and I’m about to throw a temper tantrum.

          • Mr. Tran K says:

            1. How can someone apologize to your face over the internet?
            2. You talk a big game, but all you end up doing is complaining and moaning…which is a form of trolling. Either stop trolling here or throw your tantrum, THEN leave.

            Either way, just leave and don’t come back; you and your trolling won’t be missed.

        • The Squatch says:

          Sounds like you guys might be heading for a divorce. So sad.

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    Freaking awesome!!! Great fun and an emotional ride. A+

  7. Nala says:

    Awesome! So emotional, I teared up several times. I love Waige(Walter/Paige) so much. They need to live happily ever after with Raplh. :)

    • Sur says:

      I agree on both the awesomeness and emotionality. Tears when Ralph said “Thank you for not making me leave these people.” I feel the same way. Thanks for Season 2!

  8. Jada says:

    So great! Better finale than I was expecting! Ralph! He’s such a sweet kid, he made me cry.

    Walter and Pauge NEED to be together. They clearly love each other and I love their chemistry. Can’t wait to see what happens with them in season 2. :)

  9. Greg says:

    I love Walter and Paige together! I’m a HUGE Waige fan! This finale was AMAZING!!!! Walter and Paige have amazing chemistry! PERFECTION!!!!

  10. Nala says:

    Yes we knew Walter wouldn’t die since he’s the lead of the show, but it was thrilling to see how he was saved and all the emotional moments he had with his Scorpion family. Great episode!

    • Doug Henning says:

      That’s exactly right… On shows like this, you know nothing will happen to the leads but just like the old Mission Impossible, it was how they solved the problems is the fun of the show… Unlike shows like MI in those days, modern shows have to have the interpersonal stuff to give the shows more depth… On MI, you never had any backstories of characters that I can remember..

  11. M says:

    I’ll say this about the fact that obviously Walter wouldn’t die, and I think it’s a pretty good life lesson: it’s not always the end result, but how you got there that matters.

  12. JC says:

    Loooooooved that finale! It had a little bit of everything, and I’ll take that cute Waige moment at the end <3 As long as they don't slow burn the relationship too much, lol!

  13. John NYC says:

    Started out liking it but Walter is just too unpleasant notwithstanding my liking some of the other characters.

  14. maniere says:

    i wanted something between awesome and above average. the finale was fantastic but there was something missing the final rescue scene seemed to easy and i love how “i love you” was not said by either of them, i do want paige and walter to get together but not like this.

  15. Charissa29 says:

    What a fun show! The plots and crazy problem solving aside, this is a wonderful show to watch! I always feel cheerier afterwards and Toby and Happy are just delightful!

  16. Thomas says:

    This Episode was Truly amazing!. I am glad they’ll will come back for a next season. I give it a A+ simply great storytelling. got me through most of my Senior year.

  17. loved the finale
    but did i miss an episode or two or have they dropped the storyline about sly not feeling safe anymore after he was caught in that explosion? i feel like it should’ve been brought up at least a couple of times now but nothing

  18. Ergognome says:

    If Walter is so smart, why was he speeding in an unfamiliar car at night?

  19. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Damnmit I missed that finale scene btw Paige and Walter!! But that’s ok. That was a F-in awesome finale I really like this show can’t WAIT for S2!!! Give this an A.

  20. Kelli says:

    Love this show! always something different!

    But, did anyone else notice they messed up the crane scene? Walter was injured on his LEFT side. Started out being pulled out by RIGHT arm, which was correct. Then, next crane scene, it switched to being pulled up by LEFT arm and injury on RIGHT side. Next scene, switches back again! Lol! I bet someone gets in a bit of trouble for that!

    I don’t care, LOVE IT ANYWAY!!!

  21. Pretty underwhelming. The show started okay (I sure as heck liked it more than Gotham), but I think around episode it started to get really dumb and closer to the quality I was expecting when I first heard the show would be a thing. Wouldn’t say the finale was awful but I really didn’t feel the tension no matter how hard they tried to convince me Walt might actually die.

  22. S McMary says:

    I only recently started watching this show so my opinion may not be as informed but I did enjoy this episode. The two scenes that touched me the most were when Walter forgave Cabe and revealed to him that he had secretly kept up his daughter’s grave even after their falling out. The other was when he started to reminisce with Sylvester in the hospital and Sylvester cut him off by telling him that he loved him too, recognizing, as the others did, that this was Walter’s own method of conveying his love for the team.

  23. arial2 says:

    I, too, was very skeptical about how they could make it interesting, given Walter obviously would survive. They did it beautifully. It’s been a great ride. And it’s also great to get to know the kinds of characters who are usually laughed at or bullied. Perhaps this show’s greatest gift has been to teach a little empathy. I’m glad to see so many shows over the past few seasons have placed emphasis on intelligent people who are, otherwise, just regular folk instead of populating the airwaves only with “beautiful” people. Beauty takes many forms.

  24. rosee naija says:

    This is my best episode ever. I actually thought Walter might die and they would try to replace him with someone else. This really got me on the edge of my seat throughout the episode, happy he made it and happy d Waige chemistry is getting stronger though I feel it’s moving too slow. Can’t wait for season 2. It’s an A. @scorpioncrew just know u got a huge fan here in Nigeria.

  25. Pat says:

    The season finale was great. I have watched this show from the beginning and I really enjoy it. I am looking forward to season two and Team Scorpion!

  26. ljd213 says:

    You know the lead is safe but for me in this episode Walter saved his own heart and opened it up to emotions. Great from top to bottom including seeing Happy land on the conference table to get the VIN for the car.

    Also liked Paige’s olive branch of letting Happy and Toby take Ralph home. Shows she does trust them with her son.

    Well done Scorpion in contrast to the mess that was Castle in the next hour. I should say supposedly since I don’t record that anymore. I can only hope Forever makes me as happy tonight.

  27. Jake says:

    Meh – why didn’t the firefighters use ropes to climb down to the car, secure it with another rope, douse it with foam to avoid fire, then rescue Walter. This would have been about a fifteen minute sequence from the old TV series “Emergency”.

  28. Reeree says:

    I give it an A, cause it was awesome can’t for season 2

  29. Angela W. says:

    I give Scorpion an A+++, awesome finale WITH CLOSURE!! that doesn’t keep you hanging til the new season (2) returns. I love this cast so much, and the chemistry between Walter and Paige, Toby and Happy keeps me wanting more (kisses shared between the two couples) in the future episodes to come. This show is my favorite on tv. I applaud the writers of Scorpion, please keep up the good work.

  30. Missy Kelly says:

    Found myself actually wanting a cigarette to get through the last half hour. Thanks CBS for a really fun show to watch! Hate that the finale was so early though

  31. Eaustene Smith says:

    Remember? Walter has no fear.

  32. Eaustene Smith says:

    Excellent plot!! In fact, I especially love the “symbolism” in relation to the tentative gift of the “red” car which is initially used to lure Walter away from the team at the beginning of the penultimate episode. “Danger” for the team is ominous, there are tantrums.Important links to the chain are about to break off, including Walter who is hanging on to life at the edge of the cliff. The crow as another symbol would immediately invoke death, but there is ambiguity as it also symbolizes change. Change how? Death? writing Walter out? NO! Actually A change of hearts. However, Ironically and pointedly the red ferrari becomes the means of strengthening the bonds within the team. Grand finale! I am looking forward to season 2.

  33. NatCall says:

    Love this show, probably my favourite of the new series this year. I gave it a B, and as much as I love how far fetched it is and how some of the scenarios seem to be solved in crazy ways, it’s lack of special effects bugs me slightly. Cabe being lowered down and pulling Walt up was so obviously a green screen! I feel like such a sophisticated show could do slightly better on the SE side.

  34. Sandy Hill says:

    Great ending to a great season….been holding my breath since the airing of E21; glad that the final episode ended on a more optimistic note.

  35. Big M says:

    Am i the only one that cannot stand Walter. Yes I am aware the show would be nothing without him but come one now he is such a d bag! lol. but i do love the show and they make Cheating Mcphee look OLD. Robert Patrick is still the man!