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Once Upon a Time Post Mortem: EP Warns, 'Emma Has Crossed a Line'

Once Upon a Time Recap Emma

The Savior may need some saving, folks.

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Cruella de vil kidnapped Henry, then delivered to his mothers an ultimatum: Kill the Author, or your kid gets a most unhappy ending.

Regina, Emma, the Charmings and Hook quickly plotted to save Henry, by dividing up to search for the boy while also seeking out the Author to acquire intel on Cruella. When Snow and David found the scribe aka Isaac, he maintained that he was trying to save the world from Cruella, yet not even he saw this ending coming — that Gold would use the fur-rocious sorceress to turn the Savior dark. But how?

Because the Author had long ago, after they had met under romantic-turned-tragic circumstances, written it so that Cruella could never take a life — meaning, there is no way she could actually kill Henry, if push came to shove. But Emma doesn’t know that Cruella is defenseless, so when the ladies face off at cliffside, where Cru was holding Henry at gunpoint, Emma did what she believed was necessary and used her powers to zap Cruella off the cliff, to her black-and-white and red all over death.

If you think that decision was a pivotal one for Emma, nudging her as it did precisely in the direction Gold wants and needs her to go, you’d be quite right.

“The audience should be very, very concerned that Emma has irrevocably headed down a path” — and not one dappled with sunshine and flanked by singing bluebirds, series co-creator Adam Horowitz told TVLine as part of our May Sweeps Preview special.

“If you thought Emma was in danger of going dark from learning what her parents did [to Maleficent”s daughter Lily], now we have to deal with the danger based on her own actions,” Horowitz continues. To be clear: “Emma crossed a line.”

Whether there is any salvation for the wayward savior, if there is any hope of detouring her from this very dark path, will be seen in the weeks to come. Says Horowitz, “The final four hours of the season [including the two-hour finale airing May 10] force us to grapple with the action Emma takes.”

Also of note in this week’s episode: Rumplestiltskin revealed (no, like really revealed) to Belle that his lifetime of misdeeds has turned his heart almost completely black, and that if he loses the last little bit of “red” in it, he will forever lose his ability to love. (Alas, to whom he actually was speaking was Belle as controlled by Regina, since the bookish beauty had allowed the Evil Queen to pluck out her heart in the name of a greater good.)

What did you think of “Sympathy for the de Vil,” the Cruella/Isaac backstory and the final, deadly twist?

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  1. Freddie says:

    This is Snow killing Cora all over again. Emma protected her son. Taking a life isn’t nothing, but just like Cora didn’t give Snow much of a choice back then, Cruella didn’t leave Emma much room to think of alternatives here.
    And are we seriously meant to believe that OUAT will ever have an extended period of time where Emma is going over to the Dark Side? As if!

    • StephonJS says:

      Protecting him from what? Cruella was bluffing the whole time. She couldnt kill anyone. Emma basely killed a person who couldnt kill

      • ac says:

        She didn’t know cruella was defenseless. Any mother would’ve done the same to protect her child from a psychopath.

      • Skittles&Bits says:

        One critical point: Emma didn’t *know* Cruella was bluffing and basically powerless. Also just because Cruella couldn’t kill doesn’t mean she wasn’t capable of harming or maiming Henry. As a mother, Emma was responding to a perceived threat to her child/loved one; this is action that I can’t begrudge anyone. While I don’t condone killing, I would say that the circumstances were extenuating.

        • Jeri says:

          Yes. Plus, there’s a big difference between “Can’t Kill” and “Can’t Harm.” Just because Cruella couldn’t kill Henry, doesn’t mean she was harmless.

          • gloria 098 says:

            but still emma should have known if cruella said she was gonna kill henry emma should have used her “supper power” to tell if she was lying but then again her “super power” is long gone and only works here and there

      • laurelnev says:

        IF she is really dead, and not ust lying crumpled on a cliffside to be rescued/resurrected by sommeone or something yet to come. Who knows? Maybe Pongo has magic healing saliva and will lick Cruella back to life! Or Mal will resurrect her just so she can kill Cruella herself! Shall we count how many dead characters have come back already? Zelena, Rumple, Pan, August…

      • Caroline says:

        It’s not like Cruella was innocent. She killed her father and stepfathers and then her mother and her two dogs. She is more evil than others because her killings didn’t have a motive. I don’t understand how this would make Emma evil. If she killed an innocent person, I would understand how this would cause her guilt, but killing Cruella was justified in my opinion.

      • MMCronin says:

        But she didn’t know this so at the time she truly believed Cruella would have killed Henry.

        • Arianna says:

          But we know that she is going to find out when Snow and Charming reveal that to her. I assume that they would only because that would be a final breaking point in Emma’s life and we all know how much she would not be able to deal with an innocent person’s death. Even if she was to know her motives or lies and secrets she’d probably disregard the fact that Cruella was a bad person and continue with being self-indulged and shaken by her own “bad” choices.

    • taran63 says:

      Apparently in the world of OUAT, killing for any reason is evil. Even when you kill someone to protect your son from the person threatening to kill them.
      I’m sure that during the war we saw Snow and Charming fighting against Regina in earlier seasons to regain their kingdom, that they won the war and the kingdom without killing anyone. And all the people in the Enchanted Forest who walk around carrying swords never use them. Except against trolls. You can kill trolls because they don’t have souls. Neither do ogres. Or dragons. Probably not fairies either. Basically don’t kill humans, ever, but anything else is fair game.

    • Elizabeth G says:

      I agree! Emma was doing what any mother thought, regardless of how it would make her feel. Losing her son was not an oprion, and doing what was necessary at the, time was still heroic in my point of view.

      • abz says:

        Yeah, it is pretty strange that they are saying she crossed a line when she was protecting her son.
        Maybe their reasoning is that Emma allowed herself to be so consumed with anger over her parents’ secret that she continued to ignore them and ended up killing someone when she didn’t have to. Or perhaps regardless of her intentions being to protect her son, killing someone can still take a toll you and darken your heart and since Emma is still very angry at the moment, perhaps the anger might cause her darkness to escalate.

        • Lisa says:

          Has Emma taken a life before? Regardless of the reason, taking a life does cross a line.

          • abz says:

            I can’t recall if she has. I think the issue though is does her taking a life in this instance necessarily mean she becomes dark? Sure, it would take its toll on her and affect her because taking a life is a serious thing no matter what. She’s the saviour and a hero and has always tried to avoid death as the easy way out. However, in this case, she did it to protect and save her son. It doesn’t make sense that she’d become dark and evil because of that. That’s the problem I think with them saying it crossed a line.
            I think the reason she’ll become dark might probably have to do with the anger she is currently letting consume her. She just killed someone for whatever reason, good or bad, and she’s enraged and angry and without getting it under control she’s potentially risking letting it largely take over her.

          • Lisa says:

            Exactly. She is presently consumed by anger, and she took a life to boot. I keep thinking about when Snow killed Cora and Regina pulled out her heart. There was a dark spot on her heart as a result of it. With Emma’s role as “the savior”, the effect could be more amplified. If you think about it, the reason Snow and Charming did what they did is because Emma’s heart is more vulnerable.

          • abz says:

            It could also be that part of the darkness in Snow’s heart had started from before as a result of what she did to Mal’s daughter and that killing Cora just made it the blackness spread more.
            And yeah being the saviour could affect her differently than others maybe. That’s an interesting thought. There was also something in the promo about her and Lily being intertwined, whatever that means.
            I mean in a sense I can understand why they said she crossed a line because SHE let her anger over her parents’ secret take over her and SHE decided that killing Cruella was what she wanted to do when in the past she has always avoided something like that and looked for an alternative as best she could. I think it’s maybe the writing or the execution perhaps that kind of felt off,

          • Lisa says:

            Good point about Lily. I’m wondering why Cruella would not think she would be killed by Emma. She knew she couldn’t kill Henry and she couldn’t kill Emma either. Perhaps I’m crazy, but that was basically a suicide mission. So, I wonder if she is also barred from being able to kill herself.

          • KirstyLou92 says:

            Didn’t emma ‘kill’ Maleficent? No one worried then or was it just because she was in dragon form?

        • John says:

          I agree with you. I think another point to remember is that, she needs to understand the difficulty of situations when it’s related to something or someone extremely important to you. She needs to understand that situations are very difficult when someone says “your kid’s life is at stake” or something. Idk just a thought

    • Skittles&Bits says:

      I agree. I hate this plot point and I hate it even more when it’s being recycled to “parallel” mother and daughter. To me, it’s lazy writing. If you’re going to have your so-called “savior” go dark, then bloody have her go dark. Her killing to protect her son from a woman who meant him serious harm isn’t dark. Killing is wrong but killing to protect someone? That’s gray and not very “dark” at all.

    • Jackie says:

      You’re right, it’s Snow killing Cora all over again. That was 100% justified to save the town, but it was shown as the most awful thing in the world. Somehow a hero killing a villain to save others is presented on this show as if it’s unforgivably evil, whereas all the murders the villains have committed are easily forgotten and forgiven. I’m hating this half-season of turning all the heroes into villains to make the villains look better. The writers on this show aren’t talented enough for nuances and shades of gray. I have zero interest in seeing a dark Emma, especially for an extended period of time, so I think this will be what finally causes me to turn off the show. I’ve become more and more dissatisfied with the show since midway through the first half of the season, and it just keeps getting worse. I used to enjoy the show so much.

      • Jennifer says:

        Omg your so right like when Regina cast the curse she was told that she would always have an empty hole that can’t be filled but yet she was able to fill it with Henry an the whole Emma going dark it’s weird because supposedly they took out all the evil in Emma as a baby when snow did that to lily but yet when she met Neal all she did was bad stuff like steal watches an food an stuff is that not considered bad? Wasn’t she supposed to be completely good I don’t know.

      • Melinda says:

        Agreed! I’m about done with this show. Not fun to watch anymore.

    • Jennifer says:

      I disagree with the comparison to Snow and Cora. To say Snow killed Cora to protect the town is greatly over simplifying. She emotionally manipulated Regina, playing on her desire for love, into killing her own mother. Snow didn’t just kill Cora, she did it in the most underhanded, cruel way possible.

      • Lia says:

        “She emotionally manipulated Regina, playing on her desire for love, into killing her own mother. Snow didn’t just kill Cora, she did it in the most underhanded, cruel way possible.”

        So true. I like Snow, but she really deserved that dark spot. What she did to Regina was cruel.

  2. David4 says:


    Seriously what was that mess? Thankfully the flashbacks were fun.

  3. Matthew B Lawler says:

    This episode was ultimately a huge disappointment and really cruellas happy ending is regaining the ability to kill

  4. Jennifer says:

    Fantastic episode. Victoria Smurfit was maahhvelous and I loved how deliciously unapologetic Cruella was. The flashbacks were very well done, atmospheric and chilling. I am also enjoying this Dark Emma storyline although I think it’s going to take more than killing Cruella the way she did. A lot of parents would have done the same in that spot although Regina trying to protect Emma’s heart was so sweet. Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

  5. Gerald Christie says:

    Am I the only one that’s going to miss Cruella? Why would they kill off one of the highlights of the season? I loved her character and what the actress added to the show, she was fun and actually seemed to enjoy herself. That being said, it was kind of refreshing that Cruella was just an irredeemable villain, a change from the usual and tired “sympathetic” villain formula.

    • Elizabeth G says:

      Yes, knowing cruella’s story did did deem her a villian unable to come back and have a happy ending. Her happy ending would have been to kill, and then kill some more. But I too will miss her and her spunk. But t who knows, maybe the author will write her back in!

    • abz says:

      No, I will miss her very much too. She was the highlight of 4B for me. LOL the angry birds!!
      I hope she isn’t dead. The actress did such an amazing job and while I did enjoy this episode, I feel like there is so much more that they could have explored. It is refreshing though that they went against what they usually do and made her completely unredeemable.
      I also want to know how she got to the Enchanted Forest and what happen when she fell through the portal. I really hope she isn’t gone.

    • Jennifer says:

      I know I’d prefer cruella then zelena for sure hopefully they kill off zelena an bring back cruella

  6. Gerald Christie says:

    I’m not liking the whole Emma thing, while the idea is a good one the execution so far not so much. I mean, how can killing Cruella turn her evil? Unless she enjoyed it or something, it was pretty much self defense and nothing else.

  7. Iris Cristiane says:

    Cruella’s backstory was awesome and Jen’s acting gave me chills, A+ to her. But if someones has a gun pointed to my loved ones this is called self defense, taking a life might affect Emma, as taking Cora’s life affected Snow and would likely affect me tho but that whole ” turning Emma dark” is a plot beyond ridiculous even coming from OUAT.

  8. Ian says:

    Yeah, I have to say, if a madwoman was waving a gun in my son’s face and threatening to kill him, that would be just the thing to make me a murderer. Emma did nothing wrong. #SelfDefense. I dont think a hero wouldnt ever kill under any circumstances.

    I was rooting for Cruella and Isaac, so I was sad she was truly evil.
    Jennifer was looking rough tonight. Colin, however, never ceases to to make me stop wishing this show wasnt so family-friendly (the man is sex on a stick).
    And lastly, Im beyond tired of Henry and that actor’s terrible acting.

    • abz says:

      Yeah, I’ve noticed it too. Jennifer has been looking really sickly for several episodes this second half. Hope she’s okay. Colin always looks great. Wish they’d give him a bit more to do or say at least. He hasn’t really done anything since the Ursula episode.
      It’s nice that they strayed from their usual storytelling of having most of the villains sympathetic. Cruella is unredeemable. I just wish they hadn’t killed her so soon. She’s the highlight of 4B for me. I wanna know how she got to the Enchanted Forest and what happened when she went through the portal with Lily. This episode was good, but there’s so much more they could explore with her character.

      • Cyndi says:

        I’m so glad someone pointed this out. What is up with Jennifer? It’s not just bags under her eyes, it doesn’t even look like they are using makeup to cover it up. I hope she’s not sick. Summer break seems to be coming at the perfect time.

        • abz says:

          Yeah, she seems very lethargic and unhealthy during this half. Maybe it could be their intentions to make Emma seem that way, but sometimes it really doesn’t seem like its a makeup thing. It often feels like she really does look like there’s something wrong. Hopefully she’s okay and maybe its just Vancouver weather or something.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          I think they’re making her look haggard as part of this so-called “going dark” transformation. Pretty people can’t be evil apparently.

          • Leah says:

            This is what I’ve come to believe too, because we know they have a fantastic makeup department and she doesn’t seem to be using it since the “dark arc” started!

          • Lia says:

            Yep, Jennifer is fine, it’s just part of the plot of turning her dark.

      • justme says:

        I think she is just over botoxed. It’s making her eyebrows and upper eyelids look more droopy, which had the effect of making her look tired/drowsy/haggard.

    • Michaela says:

      “Henry´s” so called acting is painful to watch. Even to hear his “acting” voice on the phone on this ep was painful. He looked like he liked being with Cruella when he was supposed to look scared for his life.

  9. Jane says:

    Emma could have just poofed the gun away, right? Her magical solution could have been different.

    • Jennifer says:

      Very good point.

    • abz says:

      She probably thought that Cruella could still push Henry off the cliff. Side note: Does anyone else think Emma/Jennifer Morrison looks really sickly. I know it was raining in this episide and all but throughout this second half she really just doesn’t look okay. The redness around her eyes and the overall lethargic look. Hope she’s okay.

      • Jeri says:

        I think they’ve been messing with her makeup to make her look more like she’s desperate and “going dark.”

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          My thought, too. Plus it was raining in that one scene but they only gave Regina an umbrella. And for all we know, J-Mo was sick. (And why are we dwelling on actors’ looks…?)

          • OCDee says:

            And you have any business caring one way or the other what people talk about because why?

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Hi, “OCDee”! Because I wrote that little “Talk smart about TV!” preface above the commenting field, that’s why.

          • JAO says:

            Because the make up or lack there of helps define or create the character. Personally I kept getting distracted by how she looked.

    • SoccerFan says:

      No. The threat wasn’t the gun. It was Cruella, and the person who doesn’t have a problem pointing a gun to a child and killing actual people, which was clearly shown. Cruella was the issue. She needed to be stopped. Proofing the gun away doesn’t do that.

  10. Kat says:

    I find killing someone who’s pointing a gun at your child to be a lot less morally corrupt than screwing with free will and “transferring potential darkness” to another innocent child because you had a bad dream. But Emma is the one I’m supposed to find dark here. Nope, sorry. Snowing’s attitude about what they did is waaaay more disturbing to me. This was the first episode I watched in almost a month and it confirmed that I’m out at least until this author storyline is over. Their treatment of free will is horrific to me. Absolutely appalling.

    • Ian says:

      Im so confused as to how its even possible for Emma to go dark. The whole point of what Snow and Charming did was that it removed any potential or capacity for darkness in Emma. Its a blatant plothole now to act like free will is some kind of loophole to that.

      • Lisa says:

        Unless of course Regina told them Rumple’s whole plan and Emma is just acting like she’s gone dark to make them believe it.

      • Lia says:

        The Sorcerer’s Apprentice did say they had to raise her to keep her in the right path. Despite having her darkness removed, Emma still has free will. What happened is that because she learned her role models of heroism did something horrible in the past – cursing an innocent even if they did it w/ Emma’s best interests at heart – and she doesn’t know what to believe anymore and what’s the point of being heroic, etc. . Think of Anakin, his mother and the Sand People.

        Btw, folks, even if you do something as bad as killing someone to protect/save someone you love, you should feel bad about having to do it. What Snow did to Regina and Cora, for example, was horrible and still she regretted it and ran to try to stop Regina. A necessary evil is still evil.

  11. Maggie says:

    I actually liked this episode, i know most people would have sympathy for the De-Vil, but I certainly did not!! she was psycho from the start, but it did have some sort of twist, but I’m glad the writers did give a backstory on her, it really explained alot.. I’m glad they focused on regina and emma..
    Only thing I’m confused is about belle and regina?? DID BELLE KNOW REGINA WAS GOING TO RIP HER HEART OUT?? I didn’t expect regina to control belle.. Rumple is really going to turn dark??? OMG!! CAN’T wait to see how this turns out?? The ending seemed a little too forced! I can’t believe cruelly dies or does she???

    I can’t wait to see regina and zelena reunion! Glad my theory was correct, ZELENA WAS ALIVE ALL ALONG, surprisingly everyone thought she was dead :)

    • Lisa says:

      I believe when Regina spoke with Belle, she told her she was going to do that. I assume that Belle also heard that exchange. It will be interesting to see where that goes.

  12. laurelnev says:

    Really not liking this part of the season. We spent 3 seasons watching Rumple redeem himself and find some light through Belle. Now all that darkness is killing him? Please! And Regina was basically reduced to set decoration this week. And that whole Emma-Devil-Eyes thing? The heroes were on a quest to save Henry; if that ultimately ends up with the darkest villain going off a cliff…well, it was still a heroic quest, and being the one to send (d)evil over the cliff does not auto-magically give you pointy horns! And we’ve seen folks crumple FAR worse only to show up later, (cough Zelena,) so I’m guessing The Savior didn’t really kill her anyway–she just knocked the devil on her butt! This season is raping character for the sake of plot, and this latest path is just more of this. Let’s see more of what made us LOVE this show, and maybe a little Granny and Red while we’re at it, and less of this (expletive.) I’m MUCH more interested in seeing SB and our characters interact with the real, modern world, than with this Merry Magics Fight the Villain duJour, who Appeared from Nowhere, DESPITE the cloaking spell!

    • Sylvia says:

      I agree and next season it appears that the character being assassinated with be Emma. How much growth have we seen her have in three seasons and then we will somehow believe she can come back from the darkness without guilt. The whole finding the author this season started because Regina wants to write her own happy ending and Emma joined in because she felt guilty for saving Marion’s life. Though at least it has given an opportunity for Henry to have a few lines this whole season. I would love to have a season or arc of a season where we actually got to see the core characters interacting with the townspeople of SB- oh wait most of them have moved on!

  13. Rigerty says:

    I liked Cruella’s backstory and the twist that she was a sociopath all long. I wish we could have kept her at least a little longer. This show could use a villain who’s evil for no good reason. Kudos to Victoria Smurfit too. She did a very good job with the character and the story too.
    I have to admit I don’t care at all about what they’re doing with Emma though. I know most shows with a classic heroic lead eventually pull this type of story of a hero turning dark, but I find the writing weak and unconvincing so far in this case. I sincerely hope they’ll be done with this by season’s end.

  14. She thought her son’s life was in danger. Regina would have done the same thing & not feel bad.

    • Michelle says:

      And it would’ve been a-okay with everyone, just like all of the other people she’s killed. Innocent people, unlike in this case. Ugh.

      • Jackie says:

        Exactly. Regina kills people, it’s perfectly OK with no punishment needed. (She got away with murdering Graham with no repercussions whatsoever.) A hero does something bad, even if it’s justified, and it’s crossing a line and will make her evil. Whatever, show, your morality is messed up.

        • Rigerty says:

          From what I understand it has a lot to do with the standards Emma as set for herself and for her parents as “heroes” and that’s why Regina and Hook arguing with her concerning Snowing didn’t leave any impression. The kill itself is one thing. Knowing that she killed someone who was essentially defenseless will very likely result in guilt though and how dangerous that can be is something they’ve already touched upon with Snow. I’m not a fan of this story either, but for different reasons than most on here, I guess.
          And I find this “but Regina did this and that” line or arguing quite lame to be honest. Regina and Emma are different characters. What may turn Emma dark doesn’t have to be the exact same thing that once turned Regina from the innocent young girl she was before into the Evil Queen. We all have the potential of darkness in us. If Emma has set very high moral standards for herself and her parents this situation might add to what triggers her struggling with that in the future. Life isn’t always simple, black and white. Neither is this show. That’s still one of its better aspects.

          • Michelle says:

            That’s not the issue though–the issue is that the show is portraying Regina as being a “good guy” now even though she has no regrets and has never even so much as apologized to Emma or her parents (and heck, no one even KNOWS that she raped and murdered Graham apparently). But the entire show is treating her as though she’s “redeemed” now and “deserves” a happy ending even though she ripped away SO many others’ and isn’t even sorry.

          • Jeri says:

            Yes. This. ^

          • Thor652 says:

            That still doesn’t answer the question how this is relevant, Michelle. Like the other said: What matters is if Emma feels she has crossed a line she has set for herself. You’re free to think she should not draw the line for herself where she does, but that doesn’t matter to be honest. It’s like with that conversation between Emma, Regina and the pirate in the woods. Everything Regina and Hook said was correct, but they didn’t get through to Emma with reason because Emma looks at the situation from a different standpoint. That’s human and it’s pretty normal. And it has nothing to do with Regina. It’s beyond weird to me how some of you look at this story that is about Emma and how she feels, whether her feelings are reasonable or not (feelings mostly aren’t), and find a way to make it about Regina.

        • Lisa says:

          The difference is Emma is the savior, not just a hero.

          • MM says:

            Emma was MADE the savior by Rumplestiltskin for one special situation: break the curse in season 1. She did that, her job’s done. Where’s the idea coming from that she’s still a special cupcake since then? She’s not. Starting to think Rigerty’s right, but it’s not only Emma, Snow and Charming who like to put themselves on pedestals, some viewers do the same. If you do that it’s no wonder stories that show these people don’t belong on pedestals of moral superiorty more than any other OUAT chara rub you don’t wrong way. just saying.

    • Lisa says:

      Yes, but we’ve seen from when Snow killed Cora that even her heart had a dark spot because of it. With Emma’s special role as the savior, it’s possible that the effects on her heart would be amplified.

  15. laurelnev says:

    Oh…and I guess the OTHER point of this episode is that the Author can FINALLY get his car back!

  16. Chris says:

    A) I had no idea Victoria Smurfit was so attractive without her Cruella makeup. I’ve never seen her before the show but she was like a totally different person in the flashbacks. Bummer if she’s off the show for good, haven’t enjoyed a Villain on the show for a while (Zelena was fun in small doses but was pretty boring overall, not loving her being back with that awful twist).

    B) Lol at Angry Birds. Playing the Nerd card but the way she was swiping her screen forward it would look like she was firing the birds backwards.

  17. donnamama says:

    Heard Rumpled might be part of the cliffhanger a death. Sure seems they are headed that way he showed his heart tonight and it was not pretty.

  18. Michelle says:

    I’m so glad I don’t watch anymore. So Regina not only has taken hundreds (at least) of innocent lives before–which she doesn’t regret–and this time stole Belle’s heart and used her body without her consent, but EMMA “crossed a line” because she killed in order to save her son?! What is wrong with these people?!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      No, she had Belle’s consent. (The things you miss by “not watching.”)

      • donnamama says:

        Thought so that scene was there for a reason

      • Michelle says:

        Thanks for clarifying. You got me there; like I said, I’ve stopped watching. I keep track of what’s going on because I really WANT to watch again, but I can’t stand the way they’re treating the Charmings.

        And that really doesn’t affect the larger point that Regina has murdered countless innocent people (including several children in the village massacre and the ones she literally fed to a cannibal), but she’s fine and Emma has crossed a line? I can’t take it. This is completely insane.

        • Jeri says:

          It wasn’t clear in the episode. It was hinted at, but you never see Belle consent.

        • Lisa says:

          Emma’s heart is more vulnerable, hence the reason the Charmings did what they did. Of course, I’m not entirely convinced that Emma is really going dark. It may all be a ruse to draw out the people involved, including Rumple. Also, to get to the Author.

      • Rebecca says:

        Are u sure? We didn’t see it & Regina told Belle to forget everything.

        • Rigerty says:

          Likely because Regina made her say some pretty harsh things to Rumple. I don’t think they discussed such details in advance and Belle would likely feel bad about some of it afterwards. I don’t doubt the heart taking happened with Belle’s consent though. Belle asking to help would have been pointless otherwise. Regina could have just marched into the shop and ripped out her heart without any of the dialogue that happened in the scene as we saw it if a non-con situation was what they intended.

          • Jeri says:

            Probably. But it does mean that, once again, the show completely misunderstands/ignores the idea of consent.

            If Belle wasn’t going to be comfortable with the things Regina was doing with it, she didn’t really consent to everything. Consenting to “A” and then having “B” happen once you’re no longer in control, isn’t consent.

          • Lisa says:

            But we don’t know that Belle didn’t know what was going to be said to Rumple. You’re assuming that Regina didn’t go over it, and jumping to the worst conclusion.

      • Jackie says:

        Matt, that wasn’t actually clear on the show. Perhaps implied, but I’ve seen a lot of people online unsure whether Belle consented or not. The show tends to think some things are clear when they’re actually not, and yet also pound other things over and over until it’s tedious.

        • Lisa says:

          The fact that they showed that the discussion occurred implies that they discussed it in advance and Belle was fully aware and consented. I don’t get why people are focusing on this. In consideration of time, they don’t show every single detail of the conversation the characters have, but the fact that they had the discussion implies it. My thinking is that Belle may have found out something that will have an effect on her though.

      • Brenna says:

        I was thinking Belle was willing to help, but didn’t realize what Regina actually had in mind. I don’t think Regina would do anything to her though. But she’s desperate to save the one she loves so I could definitely see Regina just grabbing her heart.

      • Even if she had Belle’s consent to take her heart, I don’t think she would have been OK with the way it was used. I’m still suspecting that what Belle agreed to was to summon Rumple and talk to him, perhaps try to convince him to not interfere with Regina going to New York… Regina with or without Belle’s consent went her own direction and took over using Belle’s heart once Belle started to speak coldly to Rumple. That’s my feeling, anyway.

      • Ydnam says:

        All we saw on screen was Belle asking how she could help. Then the scene cut away. Then we see Belle being controlled by Regina and then Regina making her forget it ever happened.

        It’s more likely, based on what was on screen, that Belle said “how can I help?” and Regina said “like this!” and ripped out her heart. If she were going along with the plan willingly Regina wouldn’t have needed her heart and certainly wouldn’t have needed to mind-wipe her afterward.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Or, Regina was up front about wanting to “borrow” her for an anti-Rumple purpose, with the promise she’s make sure Belle didn’t remember the experience. We may never know!

          • Lisa says:

            Good point. I didn’t think about the fact that Belle might have asked Regina to make it so she wouldn’t remember. Of course, I’m sure that Belle knew, the blip of the conversation implies it. SMH, I don’t know why that everyone is jumping all over this.

          • Dramaqueen says:

            Who says Belle didn’t remember or know the plan? Belle has been very cold to Rumple and does not trust him anymore. She would have to behave the way everyone does when their hearts have been taken and they are under the control of those in possession of their hearts in order for Rumple to believe Regina. Belle may be in on the plan and playing along.

        • MM says:

          Of course she would still need Belle’s heart. That was the whole point of that scene with Rumple. Blackmailing him into leaving Robin Hood alone while she goes to NYC to save him from Zelena’s clutches. You can’t blackmail somebody if you don’t have leverage. Belle’s heart gave her that leverage and as the scene proved she did not only need to hold it in her hand for him to go along with it either.

      • Nicky says:

        That makes no sense. They spoiled Regina stole it, they showed Belle doing things she would never consent to and Regina told her to forget everything after that. No consent there.

      • I watched and didn’t see anything to indicate that Belle consented. Do you have inside info, but it certainly wasn’t clear from the episode.

      • Dreatine says:

        ABC stupidly released a episode recap of ‘Heart of Gold’ with this :As for Regina, she steals Belle’s heart. She believes the Evil Queen needs to do what she does best in order to save the people she loves. This was obviously for ‘Sympathy for the DeVil’ and ABC realized their mistake and took it down quickly. So, Regina stole Belle’s heart? Wy else would she make Belle forget everything that happened if Belle actually consented? Use logic Matt.

        • MM says:

          Because ABC never gets anything wrong. At all. They had a huge, glaring mistake in their last recap (the one for 417) that made those who read it question if the intern that wrote it actually watched the episode at all. I get it, some very much want Belle to be a victim here. But referring to ABC recaps isn’t going to prove much of anything.

    • donnamama says:

      I think Belle knew and played a long with Regina. We just didn’t see it on screen.

    • Mike Q says:

      I didn’t watch this episode — first time since season 1 I haven’t watched — and also feel justified in my choice. It sounds like a train wreck.

  19. Tennessee viewer of 3 & 3/4 years says:

    Not just not enough Killian Jones presence or information, but this show is a gothic novel. I can honestly say I hate it. I might watch the finale after I read about it, but I just generally don’t enjoy Once Upon A Time, anymore. For the first time ever, I changed channels from Once Upon A Time, tonight. That’s never happened, before. I guess there’s a first time for everything. Time for a new show to watch.

    • Tennessee viewer of 3 & 3/4 years says:

      A note adding to what I said above about changing channels: After reading other comments about how it ended, I don’t regret it.

    • Michelle says:

      Well, you’re not alone, sadly. There are plenty of shows out there that I don’t like, of course. But it really kills me that this one that used to be my absolute favorite has gone so far downhill so fast.

  20. Jared says:

    This episode was so good ! Cruella’s story was really dark and had a major twist I didn’t see coming. With both Cruella and Ursula gone I think we are building up to season the finale. I definitely think we will see Emma on the Darkside for the first half of next season. Favorite part of the episode: Cruella playing Angry Birds! Hilarious!!

  21. Jackie says:

    So Emma crossed a line in killing someone to save her son? And that might make her evil? Is Adam Horowitz implying that anybody who’s had to kill in self-defense or to save another person’s life has crossed a line and might go evil? That’s messed up. There’s so much wrong with what it seems like he’s saying. Ugh, this half-season is driving me batty! It’s such a mess and I haven’t enjoyed more than a handful of scenes. It’s so frustrating how unpleasant and unsatisfying the show has gotten for me. I’m still rolling my eyes over the Zelena retcon “twist.”

    • Jackie says:

      And, hey, didn’t Emma kill Walsh, too, when she pushed him off the roof? Hasn’t she already crossed that line?

      • Jeri says:

        Yes, but then, so have Snow, and David, and Red, and . . .
        It’s just that this time, it really, really, really counted, for no reason that makes any sense.

  22. Aly says:

    I completely adored Cruella’s backstory. I had thought she was perhaps more twisted than the other two, but I didn’t know HOW much. Victoria Smurfit was brilliant, as was the actress playing her mother, I thought. I love how the show didn’t give us another sympathetic backstory. I liked Cruella’s bits in SB too…especially the small things like her playing Angry Birds, and the scene with her and Mal. I’ll miss her character, and her snark.

    I shall have to console myself with Regina’s (always brilliant) snark. And she was on form tonight – I really liked her ‘It’s Emma’s heart we’re trying to protect, not MINE’ line heh.

    Emma’s ‘going dark’ thing is the weakest storyline for me right now, and feels totally inorganic. And whilst I KNOW JMo can be a good actress, I feel like she’s totally forgotten how to emote in these last episodes…Her scenes are just falling flat for me, and that ‘I am turning darker’ look at the end of the ep just made her look gaseous or something. Disappointing. Going evil is not show by blank facial features…

    Besides, I’ve suffered from overexposure of Emma as a character, after having to survive through 4A (weakest arc for me for OUAT), and the Snow Queen being all ‘EmmaEmmaEmma’. Quite frankly, I’m far more interested in storylines such as Rumple’s heart, Snow and Charming’s fall from hero status, Zelena’s return, where Barbara’s return is going to fit into it all…Gimme more of THOSE stories.

  23. I’m not quite convinced that Belle allowed her heart to be taken… or at least I don’t agree that she would want it to be used in quite this way. I still miss Rumbelle. True Rumbelle. It’s like everything but real Rumbelle this season. Kinda rough for this fan. I still liked the scene though. I thought Emilie de Ravin knocked that one out of the park. I also absolutely loved the flashback with Cruella in the Author. First time in a while that I’ve felt that way about a flash back.

    As for Emma. I think she could have pushed Cruella aside, or knocked the gun out of her hand. She did cross a line. Not sure how much I buy it, but that was all her doing. It doesn’t make a difference that she didn’t know that Cruella couldn’t hurt Henry. This was one of those times where she could have “found another way”. IMO.

    • abz says:

      For a second, I actually thought maybe it was Regina’s own heart she had in her hand and she got Belle to play along so that they can trick Rumple. We never actually saw their discussion or who’s heart it was in Regina’s hand. Although, Belle did say some harsh things so who knows if maybe it was indeed Regina or if she was maybe coached into what to say to Rumple.

      • I think it’s possible that it was Belle up to the point where they kissed, and then Regina took over. I don’t think Belle would be cool with exactly how Regina used her heart. Such as, squeezing it, and being all dismissive of her and telling her to run along.

        • abz says:

          Nvm, I just realized it was definitely Belle’s heart because if it were Regina’s there would have been a lot of blackness in it.

      • DJ says:

        I’m pretty sure it was Belle’s heart. It was all red with no visible dark spots.

  24. MMCronin says:

    If they wanted to turn Emma dark they could have made her so upset that she’d just kill. Killing someone who you truly believe is about to shoot your own son, that’s not something truly horrible to turn someone “dark” (well I guess it could but there’s so much more out there the writers could have done here). Like stew in her own realization that her parents aren’t the paragon of virtue and light that she turns dark just from that, or something else. But saving your own child? Not going to turn you dark. I would also love to see something where Emma becomes so dark, where she end up going to FTL and becomes the new Evil Queen and the rest go back to save her. Would be so different from who Emma is and a cool change for Jennifer Morrison. I don’t think we will see it but would be interesting.

  25. Kelly says:

    Why are all the other dark hearted people given smoking hot make-up and Emma looks like a hot mess? This storyline better straighten its self out because if they are winging it, like middle crap season of lost, I am going to be super annoyed. (The beginning two seasons and end season were good, but you all know what we are talking? Additionally, are the sending Killian off to pasture or does he want off the show, because I feel like we are missing key scenes btw he and Emma.

  26. prediction: Emma will willingly take the mantle of The Evil Queen after some kind of ‘balance in all things’ speech from Isaac.

  27. aurat22 says:

    Call me crazy but I think there is going to be a twist on a twist! Season finales are supposed to be filled with secrets and cliffhangers. Yet we’ve all we’ve seen or heard about is the potential for Emma going dark, so where’s the suspense and surprise in that? My theory is Emma’s going to think she’s going bad after finding out Cruella couldn’t kill so she’s going to try and sacrifice herself to save the town. I think Rumple’s dagger will be involved and to save her from taking the dagger someone else jumps in and gets it in the belly. At first I thought Killian but now I am wondering about Snow or Charming? The author: “I’ve seen what you will do to protect your child.” Plus they feel they have a lot to make up to her especially now, and there is that black spot on the shared heart. Could be way off but I just feel like this has been way to predictable so far, they have to be setting us up for something we won’t see commuting. Anyone else agree?

  28. Cris says:

    I think what’s “dark” about Emma killing Cruella is the “death” part. The writers of the show have almost always stated that “Killing is wrong, find some other way.” (even though that’s basically what they do to every villain on the show.) The end justifies the means unless the means is killing. She could have just poofed Cruella somewhere safe or poofed Henry somewhere safe. She can do that, right? The problem was, she was still not over her anger with her parents she let that rage consume her and let her kill the cruel bastard.

    Anyway I, myself, think it was poorly written. I agree, it’s like Snow and Cora all over again, except made much worse in that Emma is the savior. The writers couldn’t find any other way to turn her dark?

  29. Okay, can I please just say something here? Why is everyone claiming that Rumplestiltskin’s plan was to turn Emma dark by killing Cruella? It was obvious in the episode that Rumplestiltskin was completely unaware that she wasn’t able to kill. And he was angry that she was messing with his plans. Which we can infer, means that Cruella had nothing to do with turning the Savior dark (in this way.) It probably doesn’t hurt that Emma killed someone (even if it is perceived as self defense.) Which is why he didn’t try to stop it. But can we please agree on this? Rumple had almost nothing to do with this! And the author misinterpreted what was happening. He knows what Rumple wants and tried to put two and two together. Okay? While, I don’t think this will turn Emma dark. I do believe that she is going to be affected by this, and she is now at danger of turning to dark simply because she’s closer to the tipping point.

    • I agree with you. What he is guilty of at the moment is bringing Cruella to town, and not doing anything to stop her or Emma once he knew that Cruella couldn’t hurt Henry. IMO, Emma is responsible for her own actions here.

    • Shalandara Dawn says:

      Rumple wasn’t completely unaware that Cruella wasn’t “able to kill”. He found out from the Author. THEN he used it to his advantage by leading Regina & Hook in different directions. Rumple IS at fault for causing Emma’s heart to “darken” a bit. I don’t think that Emma will go full-fledged DARK until near or in the finale. Next episode could just be another “stepping stone” toward that. I also agree with what most people are commenting though. While Emma possibly could have poofed her son (but I doubt it because we haven’t seen her practicing that kind of magic) to her or something, she DIDN’T know that Cruella couldn’t kill him. Cruella still had the power to harm, but no power to kill. In my book, because of Cruella being a twisted psychopath, Emma figured the threat was real. She also figured (thanks to not knowing Cruella could not kill) that Cruella would have tried to kill her family & friends as well if she were free to roam Storybrooke. TBH, Emma wasn’t far off the mark. If it weren’t for the Author writing that one sentence in the past, Cruella would have been on a killing spree everywhere she went.

      • Dreatine says:

        It’s not Rumple’s fault that Emma’s heart has darkened. Did he push Cruella off the cliff? No. Emma did. If her heart goes dark, then it’s because of her actions and nothing else. Just like Regina is not a monster because Rumple made her one, she’s one because of her actions. Could these characters please take responsibilty for their actions?

        • abz says:

          I agree somewhat with the part about Emma choosing to do the things she’s done, but you’re acting as if Rumple is blameless in all of this. Part of all the events that have been happening are most definitely his fault. He brought the QoD back to Storybrooke. By bringing Cruella back he caused Henry to be kidnapped leading Emma to make this decision. He wanted Emma’s heart to darken and what Rumple plans, he often gets. Rumple is no victim in this and he definitely shares in the responsibility I think.

  30. A says:

    I hate this plot for Emma seriously saying she crossed the line was ridiculous she was doing the right thing to protect her son from an evil woman who enjoys killing and torturing people she has no remorse for murdering her all her fathers and mother.

  31. Jamie says:

    She did to safe her son. I think this what they calling a grey area, but cruella did bad thing. She is a bad guy. And a hero took her out. It was dumb about it crossing the line

  32. Matthew B Lawler says:

    What happened to the major cure last week that zelena blackmailed rumple with? I thought it fixed his ticker now it is black as coal once again

    Cruella’s comment to the author not to worry about the dogs they are with mother now make anyone wonder if she sewed her mom into the coat as well?

    So magic ink gives you crazy hair and eyebrows

    Where exactly did cruella come from if not our world circa the 1920’s and how did she cross to the enchanted forest

    So the author took away cruella’s ability to kill but let her keep the ill defined magical powers he gifted her

  33. Matthew B Lawler says:

    So dragon eggshell prevents aging?

  34. ArchieLeach says:

    Didn’t Charming kill two people in the very first episode? I mean we didn’t see any bodies but he stabbed them with a sword so at the very least that was his intent.

  35. I hate emma she just killed someone who couldn’t kill anyone. Cruella needs her happy ending and she didn’t get one

    • abz says:

      I suggest you go back and rewatch the episode because based on this comment I don’t think you understood fully what was going on.
      Emma was not aware of what the author did to Cruella by making her unable to kill anyone and Cruella was shown to be a true psychopath and irredeemable. Her happy ending was killing the Author. While the character is one of the highlights of 4B for me, she definitely did not deserve a happy ending.

    • Dramaqueen says:

      Cruella was completely unredeemable. She was born evil and a “Bad Seed” with absolutely no conscience. She was a sociopath and because of that, did not deserve a “Happy Ending”, especially since her “Happy Ending” would have been to be able to kill indiscriminately once again like when she murdered her three Fathers and her Mother for no reason. It was only because the author took away her ability to harm anyone that she stopped.

  36. ninergrl6 says:

    I liked Cruella’s backstory & I wish they didn’t kill her off so easily. She’s the most interesting of the QoD. There has to be more backstory about how she met up with the other QoD, right? At this point maybe it doesn’t matter.
    Emma killing someone in an effort to save her son is hardly “going dark” IMO. If this is the extent of Emma’s misdeeds, it’s much ado about nothing. Perhaps it’ll lead to something more evil coming up?
    I still have a problem with Emma being SO upset with her parents yet working with Regina. I know she explained that Regina & Hook never hid their dark deeds like the Charmings did, but still, Emma’s overreacting.
    Next week’s episode looks GREAT.

    • Mandy says:

      Emma like to hold different people to different standards. Hook does hide his misdeeds all the time (the truth behind his feud with Rumple, what he actually did to Baefire, what he did to Ariel and Eric, lying about the cure Zelena put on him, the truth about his hand, etc) . Emma doesn’t care. Emma hated Regina when she was in her way but then changes her mind because Henry wants them to get along. Neal couldn’t be forgiven because he abandon her despite he did it for her good just as she did for Henry. Her parents do questionable things to save her but she was willing to let Henry forget about Storybroke (season 3b) if it meant they could go back to New York. She is mad that Gold doesn’t follow the rules and does things for his benefit but Emma was a thief and does what she wants regardless of when she is told it is a bad idea (Interfere in the past, let the author out, etc.) Emma standards change all the time so I am not surprised with her attitude. I fully suspect she do some question (bad) things in the future but dismiss them because she was doing it for the greater good.

  37. Matty Si. says:

    I haven’t watched the episode yet but I love reading the recaps. From what I read it sounds like what Emma did was to save Henry. If she didn’t know Cruella was unable to kill him I don’t think she would have done it bc she would’ve known she wouldn’t have to.

    And if this makes her evil, that’s ridiculous. Snow killing Cora only made her heart a little black. Not evil.

    • heather says:

      Snow’s heart turned some black not because she killed Cora but because of HOW she did it. She manipulated Regina into doing it with trickery and deceit, playing on Regina’s vulnerability of having a mother who really loves her and the start of a family for Henry. Instead of Snow just putting the cursed heart back in Cora herself. Plus, Snow acknowledged this season she things the darkness started back before Cora, with what they did to Maleficent’s child.

      Here with Emma makes no sense. She clearly killed in self-defense of Henry either, the threat appeared immediate, and she took action herself!

      Plus, the plot points clash. Supposedly, this spell with the Sorcerer Apprentice took away any darkness Emma could have, ensuring goodness, yet the Chernabog could sense her as having the greatness potential for darkness? Out of everyone? Look, the darkness is either there or it isn’t. I have no idea what these writers are thinking or making up as they go along.

  38. Julianna says:

    I understand that she was doing the I’m-saving-my-son type of thing however the very first thing Emma said was that she had a super power and she could tell when a person was lying, well it looks it isn’t so super all after. Couldn’t she say Cruella was lying?

  39. justme says:

    Did anyone else think the CGI’d growling dalmatians looked terrible? I guess it’s hard to find a dalmatian that’s been trained to growl because they are never used that way in TV, but I found the effect so distracting.

  40. Sylvia says:

    The whole Cruella storyline I enjoyed, she really was nasty!Now that is a true villian. The Emma dark thing is crazy! Emma was backed into a corner and was trying to save her child which she will see is what the Charmings did for her. If the plan for the rest of this season and 5a, which with what has been hinted at is happening, they need to re-groups and find another way. This season has not done the series any favors- ratings are 1/2 what they were in Seaon 1. It was hard enough to see Belle and Rumple get married, hear the chipped teacup speech and then see Gold go full in evil again – but to have Emma become the evil one- honestly that will keep people watching? Josh Dallas says fans will be distressed. There is already enough dissatisfaction with stories like Zelena/Marion; OutlawQueen; Captain Swan; Rumple/Belle; Snow/Charming and the loss of all the secondary characters to bring us Frozen or QOD. CS will be another couple that takes forever to get together and be truly happy-diehard CS fans are already losing interest. Emma going dark will just be another prolonging of the relationship. Do then creators really thing distressing the fans even more is a good thing?

    • Jackie says:

      This season has been one long series of disappointments and dissatisfaction. No wonder the ratings have fallen so far from the start of the season. It started off great, then really fell off a cliff midway through the first half of the season. I’m not sure what the writers are thinking, but continually disappointing or alienating fans isn’t the way to keep the fans watching.

      I’m not saying they should write to what the fans want, because they can’t please everyone, but they need to take stock of what exactly they’re doing and understand why so many longtime fans I know are frustrated and tuning out. I’ve seen more than a few fans say that making Emma evil will be the final straw for them. I know it is for me. I just flat-out don’t want to watch them do that to a character I love. Maybe another show could handle that storyline well, but I have no confidence in this show anymore, given what character assassination it’s foisted on Snowing lately and how badly it fumbled the resolution of the storyline about Hook’s heart. The show may supposedly be about hope, but I’ve lost hope in it.

      • Sylvia says:

        You are not the only one. I really rack my brain trying to figure out what happened. It seems like no one is checking that the writing of the episodes are cohesive or make sense to what we have already learned. I think they creators thought the frozen thing would send the ratings through the roof but it did the opposite. Yes ther was some grat stuff but the focus was way too much on that and not in the core characters, that is what this show is about- those characters and their relationships and lives and happy endings and all that is happening now is a focus on the current Villians and the constant battle for any happiness, and an afterthought of trying to fit a character into the villian. That is NOT why I started watching this show. I am tired of seeing core characters reduced to following others around or being promised development of relationships and that being getting together too quickly or taking forever!

  41. Oh please, Emma “Crossing a line” was completely justified. If some psycho had my kid at gunpoint, I don’t care, I’m going to do anything in my power to make sure he/she didn’t harm him. Emma had no idea that Cruella was incapable of killing Henry. Why is it that Heroes on OUAT aren’t allowed to have flaws or moments of weakness or darkness? Everything has to be black and white, while they leave room for gray areas in the “villains.”

  42. Pat says:

    Seriously, Emma has gone to the dark side because she saved her son from that salt and pepper head of a nut case?? As a mother, I would have done the same thing. Also, Emma had no idea that the author had written that Cruella could not kill anyone. After seeing the backstory on Cruella, let just face the facts that she was what is known as a “Bad Seed” and there was no happy ending for her. Next week looks really exciting and I cannot wait to see it.

  43. Carol says:

    I thought this episode was a bit scary. I would have given it an M for those dogs alone. I mean to hear a woman be killed by dogs in the background and all the dogs being extremly fierce, even for dalmatians, with the rainy environment it was rather nightmarish. And for a show at 8pm on Sundays a bit too adult.

    Not that any kids should watch the show anyway, but considering they did try to sell to families with children by using frozen, I think all this stuff is a bit scary. You can’t be on the market for family and show that, even imply it.

    I did like cruella. Victoria Smurfit was amazing and I’m sorry to see her gone.

    Not sure if I’m looking too much forward to the upcoming episodes. The only thing that has my interest right now is Lilly and see how that pans out with Mal and Emma.

    As for the plot in general really not looking forward to more of RH and Regina going cray cray over him ignoring everyone else. That story just needs to have an end already. It’s way past its expiry date by at least 1 year.

    I also think Emma looks more sick than Evil, but maybe that’s the point. She’s the product of true love so maybe becoming dark has all sort of side effects on her body. We never know. I would love to see it explored and see if there is physical damage/change is the product of true love, which is the purest of magic, gets corrupted. I do believe that with Dark Emma the writers have an amazing story on their hands. Here’s hoping it won’t be all about Regina sucking face with the forest guy.

    I fully expect that if Emma ever goes dark, Regina will pull her back. After all she’s the only one who made the transition from darkness to light.

    Do you think they will use Zelena to goad Emma into going towards darkness? I could see a wicked with do that plus it will give them something to do with her.

  44. alex says:

    I think he actions were justified, she’d go to any lengths to save her son’s life and she didn’t know cruella was incapable of killing anyone.

  45. kirads09 says:

    I enjoyed seeing Cruella’s back story. But Pongo and NO Archie/Jiminy? Why aren’t we seeing other townsfolk like we used to? Those interactions/backstories are what I USED to love about this show!! The rest of the ep left me “meh”. WHY did Regina need Belle’s heart to go to NY to help Robin? Just to keep Rumple from following? Am I missing something – I didn’t understand that.

    • Jake says:

      Rumple threatened to give the Evil Greeny the heads-up that Regina was coming and so allow her to preemptively kill Robin before Regina arrived.

  46. Toni says:

    All this talk about Emma going to the Dark Side…and then TVLINE’s May Sweeps Scorecard mentions a leap into a place out of this world…am I the ONLY one thinking we are going to see a Star Wars crossover in the fall? It would be perfect timing for the theatre release of Episode VII.
    Please tell me someone else is going there too!

    • Matthew B Lawler says:

      If they ever try to introduce Star Wars on this show I will immediately stop watching this show as will the majority of the remaining viewers that would be the ultimate jumping the shark moment

  47. Mike says:

    I agree with other people here. This whole thing is just completely stupid. There’s no reason that killing to protect her son from what she believed was a genuinely deadly threat should be ‘over the line’ for Emma.

  48. Jake says:

    Re Rumpel’s diseased heart – couldn’t he do the split-shared heart thing with Belle like Charming and Snow? Wouldn’t that be a lot easier and solve the problem? Or get on a donor list in New York and get a transplant? Seems like there are easier solutions to some of these character’s problems….

  49. sunberry says:

    Reading these comments, it amazes me how many people seem to miss the mark in terms of the EP’s comments. The “crossing the line” does not seem to be implying that she was out of line for doing what she did to Cruella. I think most people would do that, in self-defense/defense of another family member. However, I think they are using “crossing the line” to mean that she has now made a choice and acted in a way that really does mess with your head, and can set you on a dangerous path. Even if you kill someone out of self-defense, it can really mess with you psychologically and take a toll on you overall.

    Regarding JMo’s appearance in the latest episodes, again, I am just shocked at how many people seem to miss the mark. They are clearly making her up differently to go along with the story of her gradually becoming more unhinged/distressed with her parents’ lies and deceit, as well as her actions tonight. If it’s distracting you as a viewer, that’s the whole point of it. It’s supposed to be a physical manifestation of her psychosis, or her breakdown. And you’re picking up on that.

    I’m starting to think I should stop reading the comment threads of recaps for this show, because it truly seems like many viewers just lack certain amounts of common sense/rational thought. It’s a fantasy television show. I watch it to get lost in it and just enjoy myself. Plot holes and continuity errors happen; they happen in many shows that run for a number of years. This show has the luxury of them being able to explain something by magic, etc. and people scream “RETCON RETCON”… I swear, that is the most overused term of the season, I feel. “Retcon” does not necessarily mean “error”. You could add information to a story without invalidating previous information; it’s called filling in the cracks. Yeah, sometimes writers write in new information that could contradict other information previously given, but from what I’ve observed, I think these writers do a good job trying to avoid that. It may require some degree of suspension of disbelief, but again, it’s a damn television show.

    • Sylvia says:

      Well with all due respect how people view the show is really up to them. If people want to dive in and comment as if it real life,who cares! We all see things differently and take take things differently. You make some good points and I agree they are making Emma look unravelled but not everyone sees it that way or likes it, but they are certainly entitled to their opinion and what they get or don’t get from the show. I don’t agree with all the comments here or in other sites but enjoy reading everyone points of view. I certainly understand the frustration when you have little time for TV so the shows you do watch you have high expectations for, especially ones that have met those expectations in the past. Enjoyed reading your comments though like I do everyone else’s.

  50. Amy says:

    The flashback story was fantastic tonight! I loved it. Cruella was a monster whose happy ending was the ability to murder people (not just kill the author, she wanted back what he took from her). It was a fantastic ‘twist’ especially with the Cinderella/ Tangled rapunzel lead-in. I love how deliciously evil she was and that she relished in it. It was visually stunning and I thought very creative.

    I’m a bit more skeptical about the present day stuff, normally I just go with the flow when it comes with this show, but there have been a lot more choices lately that haven’t worked for me, including the balance of screen time and what we see on the show and what we are left to assume. I think the scene with Regina was cut to be ambiguous because while Belle offered to help she agreed to it before Regina said what she was doing. Plus if push came to shove Regina is gonna save Hood over Belle.

    This act doesn’t make Emma a villain (she’s had no problems being violent in previous episodes), the anger and resentment towards her parents and her questions about her own agency(plus she already has a tragic back story) are guiding her on that path but this situation was also manipulated by Rumple ( who is one of my favorite characters) he said corrupting her was one of his goals here. Morrison’s ‘make-up’ is meant to express that inner turmoil and conflict.

    I’m okay with Emma battling her inner demons, but I feel like they’re headed toward her over-coming them only to have her be forced to become dark. And while evil Emma is fun in theory and for the viewer shock value of turning your lead heroine into a big baddie, I’m just not sure it’s going to translate into a story line I love or want to watch.