Arrow: 10 Things to Know About the Sexy, Scary Return to Nanda Parbat

Arrow Oliver Felicity Sex Scene

On Wednesday’s Arrow (The CW, 8/7c), the team travels to Nanda Parbat for some Lazarus Pit action — and, oh yes, some Oliver and Felicity action, too.

TVLine was lucky enough to attend a screening of the episode and we’re sharing some teasers about the big hookup, Thea’s fate and more.

* With his sister hanging on by a thread, Oliver is understandably devastated, leading to some great emotional moments from star Stephen Amell. You will very much want to hug him.

* While you might have already glimpsed the steamy Oliver/Felicity sex scene in the promos, know that there’s still a surprise in store next week.

* While Ollie is all for using the Lazarus Pit to save Thea’s life, Malcolm has a very surprising stand about the death-defying “magic hot tub” (as Felicity dubs it) and for good reason: The aftereffects ain’t pretty.

Arrow Oliver Felicity Sex Scene* Felicity’s fiery face-off with Ra’s al Ghul is well worth the wait. She unleashes a mouthful, but it’s Ra’s words to her that play a pivotal role in her relationship with Oliver.

* Diggle and Maseo share an important exchange.

* The jet scene that Amell declared his favorite of the season involves the hero sharing a story with Felicity about the five years he was away.

* As Oliver prepares for the possibility of becoming the League’s new leader, his goodbye to Diggle reminds us why the show can never have enough scenes of the two of them.

* Someone says, “I love you all the more for it.”

* That mysterious shot of a Canary-like figure in the promo? It’s not in the episode.

* Fans of action/stunt sequences, there’s a neat one involving Oliver and a car in the flashbacks.

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  1. Tim says:

    Ra’s pimps Olicity. LMAO, this show has jumped the shark.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      People keep using that term but you can’t possibly know that until you see the rest of the series. How does this story mean the show is in perpetual decline?

    • Kat says:

      How is he pimping Olicity?! He’s merely telling Felicity to tell Oliver she loves him because in Ra’s’ mind, she’s never going to see him again. Just because you don’t like Olicity doesn’t mean the show has jumped the shark.

      • mac says:

        no, it hasn’t jumped the shark it has evolved into a slimey mess that rather appeases shippers than spinning coherent storylines.

        Arrow has been overtaken by shipping…and it hurts

        • Rob Watkins says:

          It is a coherent storyline.

        • Kate says:

          Arrow has always had some form of romance on the show. Olicity has grown organically since the third episode of the first season. This isn’t appeasing shippers. It’s following a relationship and story that has developed. It’s called character evolution and these moments have been earned over three years. It’s pretty standard in all shows. Look it up. You just don’t like what ship they’re focusing on. At least own up to that. Please.

          • Addie says:

            There’s no denying Olicity is ruining Felicity. There’s nothing organic about this ship if in every other episode Felicity is throwing hissy fits, and is now the resident drama-queen and the crying…oh lord the crying…over a r/ship that cannot be. Why the show-runners could not leave well enough alone is beyond logic.

          • Sally says:

            Addie, I actually feel like keeping Olicity apart has damaged Felicity. Keeping her stuck with Ray all the time has damaged her too. But when she’s allowed to be with Oliver and they’re talking and they’re friends, that’s when Felicity shines. So it’s not Olicity, it’s the angst they’re using to keep them separated, imo. I think she’ll get better again next season when Ray and all the contrived crap is out of the way. I hope so. I love Olicity but I love Felicity more.

          • Addie says:

            Ray and Felicity are delightful to watch, they have such great energy and best of all they are drama free. Their humor is refreshing esp on such a dark show. I love them all equally Oliver, Ray and Felicity.
            When it comes to Olicity, Felicity is painful to watch, all that flare that her character has goes out of the window.
            And I do not get why she always has to keep repeating that they (Oliver and Felicity) are not together because it’s Oliver’s choice. Everytime she utters those words, it really cheapens her, and casts her as a desperate love interest; and the worst part is Oliver never has anything to say in response to that statement.
            Felicity keeps groveling and confessing her love and tearing up with every speech she gives Oliver…it’s exhausting. When is enough going to be enough.
            If Olicity ends up being a couple, it will even be worse, Felicity will be wanting to have a say in every single decision Oliver makes & Oliver would have to factor in Felicity in everything he does or else he’ll come off as a douche bf!…good heavens that will be awful.
            Plus we’d never hear the end of the ‘woman you love’ speeches from Felicity!

          • S says:

            Lmao, Raylicity were boring and cringeworthy omg. I just wanted them off my screen! I agree that it was weird that Felicity repeated the same thing over and over but I’ve disliked a lot of what they’ve done with her. I truly think Olicity will just go back to how they were before only this time we might see some kissing every now and then. It won’t be worse. I think that fear is understandable but I can’t see her being a clingy love interest with Oliver like she was with Ray.

          • CM says:

            It’s utterly baffling to me how people can say, ” Ray and Felicity are delightful”, when every scene with Oliver and Felicity is dripping with onscreen chemistry.

            There is NO chemistry between between Ray and Felicity. What you’re seeing is EBR carrying the scenes with BR and interpreting that as chemistry.

          • AddieM says:

            DUh! Obviously no Olicity fan will think Felicity and Ray are delightful. Olicity fans are drawn to the angst, constant tears and drama. Anything that diverts from that you find cringeworthy!
            I want more than anything for Oliver to have love in his life but not if it’s going to be at a cost to Felicity’s character.
            Felicity and Ray have great chemistry, so does Felicity and Barry and so does Felicity and Oliver. Felicity is a true gem and has onscreen chemistry with anyone.
            The difference is Raylicity does not strip away what we have always loved about Felicity like the way Olicity does. Raylicity was always going to be short-lived but it was refreshing to watch and reminded us of what a fun Felicity looks like.

          • Gabrielle says:

            The ship matters b*tch

          • Shelley says:

            I’ve always thought Ray was eccentric, funny, quirky and obsessive in his behavior, which includes his odd ideas of pinging Felicity’s phone. Or, his being unsure of his saying something might be masoginistic. He’s written to be odd. But, funny as heck. I loved his banter with Felicity in season 1 and at the start of 3. However, he needed a straight man to feed off of to make his quirky behavior more funny. Look at Oliver with Ray in this episode. Very funny moments. I think the character Ray was written into a corner in just being Felicity’s love interest. There were no interactions with Oliver or Diggle until this episode. This IMO really hurt his character. I think Ray is a great guy. But, I also think that Ray is written to be the perfect guy, which Felicity wants. He showed her attention, included her in decisions, made her a Vice President. All of which is what Oliver did not do for her. But, this season this is Felicity’s identity theme. Where she has to decide about what is important in life to her, having everything on a platter- so to speak, with the perfect guy, or, to live a life where she loves a man unconditionally whom has flaws and is forever unattainable. Oliver hurt her. By deciding without talking to her about not seeing her in the 1 st episode season 3. Oliver has had some painful truths to face giving him some much needed character growth. Oliver was about autonomy. Now, he has seen through this season others point of view, their need to be given agency for themselves and that he needs to open up and let others in. That is this season in a nutshell. Oliver had lost everything, his family, company, home, his very guarded and protected persona he relied on as the Arrow/the only thing that held him together. He sacrificed everything to be the Arrow. Because Oliver thinks that to be Oliver it is his need to protect everyone else, leaving nothing for him. Because he doesn’t deserve anything. Love for one. He became a human weapon to survive his 5 yr of hell. But, lost a huge part of himself leaving only the ugly. Lance, Ra’s have just facilitated the total dismemberment of everything that Oliver holds as what he thinks he is. This season Oliver’s ordeal up to now he has to make changes to include the people who love him and become the “something else” Oliver says every episode prologue. I haven’t welcomed every episode fondly, but, I see what the writers have tried to do this season. This season has been all psychological building of characters. I will always love these characters, some more than others. But, I will miss Roy. I will miss the Foundry. And, I have missed Lance of season 2. Fatherly, funny, and en hearted. If any character has changed and become unbearable it’s his.

        • Pretty sure that no shippers have been appeased this entire season.

        • oryfan says:

          Lord, the storylines have never been that great or coherent. It’s got nothing to do with Olicity.

        • Ashley says:

          Do you not remember how romance drama filled season one was? And that revolved around a storyline way worst than this season. It was about a man who cheated with his girlfriends sister and now she was sleeping with his best friend. Like really?! The romantic aspect has been minor compared to season one! The show is revolving around Oliver and his team…that hasn’t changed. People’s memory when it comes to this show are not very good!

          • MediaPuppets says:

            Yeah season 1 was worse only to Olicity fans, the triangle was hardly on screen nor any couple but of course your amnesia or selective memory wont let you remember that.

          • Briggs says:

            ‘Hardly on screen’? It was one of the major driving forces for drama that season. Right up into Tommy’s death and even partway into season 2, when Laurel was blaming the vigilante for said death. How long as it been since you’ve seen it?

      • The show jumped the shark when they killed the real Canary 4 a fake 1 and Oliver was instantly in love with Felicity even tough only 2 eps before he wanted 2 move in with Sarah

    • TheAppleFour says:

      Totally agree! I can’t believe they would use a huge villain like Ra’s al Ghul to pimp this fan serviced Olicity crap. Arrow continues its season 3 decline.

      • Kate says:

        LOL, blaming Arrow’s decline on Olicity is ridiculous (and bitter). I think killing off Sara just to make Laurel BC had something to do with it. It’s been depressing ever since. Having to watch Laurel try to be her sister has been painful and laughable and so unrealistic. Sorry.

        I think everyone knows that if Ra’s was saying the same thing to Laurel, you’d be jumping all over the place with joy.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          The show has been dark since the beginning, and no, Sara wasn’t killed JUST to facilitate Laurel’s story (which is perfectly fine by the way), it was the catalyst to the entire season’s arc. As for Laurel trying to be her sister, she tried to in the beginning, but then realized she isn’t her. She has to do it for her own reasons. Did you forget that episode where she had that moment of realization? This whole show is unrealistic, but somehow this sticks in your craw?

          • Kate says:

            Exactly. Sara’s death was the catalyst for the season’s arc and one of the main points of this season’s arc was making Laurel BC. Let’s face it. They didn’t have to kill off Sara to involve the league storyline. Sara herself was in the league. She could have been a big part of the story. But no. They had to find a way to put Laurel on her way to BC and they used Sara’s death to do it. So yeah, it sticks in my craw as you put it. Sara was freaking awesome and I wanted so much to see her backstory, not watch some lawyer stomp and flail around looking like she’s at Halloween. And no I haven’t forgotten the episode where Laurel had that realization. It was the same one where they threw Sara under the bus just to show that Laurel supposedly had a light inside her that Sara never had. Sorry but it was unnecessary. When you have to destroy or kill a character to make another work, you have a serious problem. That’s my opinion and I am very much entitled to it.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            She was part of the League, but that isn’t the story. Oliver has faced the League before, this is different. In order for Oliver to come up against Ra’s, something drastic had to happen.

            We saw Sara’s backstory, we may not have seen her train with the League, but her story and character were fleshed out. Just seeing it wasn’t necessary.

            Oh, I remember you, you constantly make up stuff and blow things completely out of proportion. Apparently asking people nicely to let Laurel and Oliver speak alone was telling the team to leave and being rude.

            You are entitled to your opinion, but you also can be wrong.

          • Kate says:

            @Rob. What?! I have no idea what you’re talking about when you say I make stuff up about Laurel and Oliver talking alone? I genuinely have no idea. I couldn’t care less if they talk alone. WTF. Get your facts right please.

            Oh and newsflash, just because I have a different opinion doesn’t make it wrong. It’s still an opinion. It might be wrong in your eyes but that’s why it’s called an opinion and that’s why we’re having this debate. Just like I think you’re wrong, well that’s your prerogative. I’m not going to change your mind, you’re not going to change mind. Let’s not resort to name calling and insults just because you happen to disagree. Grow up.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            It wasn’t them talking alone, you claimed that Laurel was rude when she told Felicity to give her and Oliver the room like she told her “LEAVE”. Maybe I have the wrong Kate, and there’s another Kate that uses the exact same phrasing as you, but I could swear you have made erroneous claims such as this.

          • Kate says:

            @Rob, again I think you have me mistaken for someone else. Sorry to disappoint your erroneous claims.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            I have a hard time believing it’s not you. They use the same name and used the exact same phrasing, including “threw Sara under the bus.” which never happened. Felicity said Sara had a darkness in her. That’s not damning her, but it’s true. Sara was far more self flagellating than Laurel, but somehow that’s damning of Sara’s character. Sara went through a lot more dark stuff in her life, it makes sense that it would affect her deeply.

          • JC1 says:

            I don’t understand why people always misunderstand why Sara fans are upset about that line. No one is denying that Sara had darkness inside of her! That’s not the issue at all. The problem is that by saying that “you have a light inside you that Sara never had”, it is stating that there is something special about Laurel that Sara lacked, that Laurel is better than Sara in some way. It’s elevating Laurel above Sara on the worthiness scale. It’s validating the idea that Sara was somehow not good enough, but Laurel is. THAT is what is pissing people off.

          • Kate says:

            @Rob again, seriously, I never said that but I have seen that phrase used by plenty of other Sara fans on other forums too. Lots of Sara fans feel really angry by that episode because they really didn’t need to say that Laurel had a light that Sara never had. The comparison was uncalled for. That’s the final thing I’ll say because this debate is going nowhere.

        • nashieb says:

          Yes, trying to make Laurel relevant has made this season crap (not an Olicity shipper b4 y’all jump my throat) and also the way they’ve made Felicity this weak needy woman. If her character goes on like this, I hope she fecks off with Palmer!!!

          Here’s to hoping the last 4 epis can salvage this ship wreck

      • Addie says:

        I completely agree, why the king of villains is endorsing this r/ship is beyond me….Why does Olicity need this stamp of approval from Ra’s

        • Ashley says:

          …uh..He’s not endorsing it? He’s telling her say goodbye because Oliver will be gone after this. He’s taking Oliver away from Felicity. That is in no way endorsing. He’s trying to destroy it. He’s not helping them.

      • So says the ultimate Laurel fan. Still shipping the titanic of the show, Lauriver? I admit to being very disappointed in Ra’s but that has more to do with the LOA storyline and the actor then anything else.

    • leonard says:

      At least Olicity is so much better than the boyfriend cheated on his girlfriend with her sister/jumping between sisters and all things related to that storyarc crap

  2. kath says:

    I haven’t been this excited for an Arrow episode …. ever.
    I really hope it lives up to the billing.

  3. LD says:

    Can’t wait to see this episode! So much going on and Olicity finally having their sexy times.

  4. Minerva's Daughter says:

    So, so very excited for all of this. Give me Oliver, give me Felicity, give me Diggle — Original Team Arrow and Olicity — and I’m a happy camper. Sounds like this is a fine follow to last week’s solid “Broken Arrow.”

  5. nashieb says:

    “That mysterious shot of a Canary-like figure in the promo? It’s not in the episode.”

    What?!! This is a joke ye? That was the most exciting bit about that promo!!!

  6. Kat says:

    I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS EPISODE. TEAM ARROW. OLICITY. THEA BEING PUT IN THE PIT. FELICITY AND RA’S SHOWDOWN. Finally some good stuff to look forward to. I’m intrigued by the fact that the promo shot of Sara won’t be in the episode. Maybe it’s in a later one. I’m so excited. I love Sara so much!

  7. Kate says:

    Well, I don’t care what anyone else says. I have been waiting for Oliver to open up to someone since the first season. I have been waiting for this moment between Oliver and Felicity since episode 1×03. This is earned. Their relationship has been beautiful to watch, even if it has been very angsty this season. I cannot wait to see where they go from here.

    Also very excited to see what happens with Thea. I wonder if she’ll turn evil! I really hope they bring back Sara too. I long for the real Black Canary to come back. She’s sorely missed.

    • Shelley says:

      Thank you. Me too to everything you’ve said. Oliver’s lost everything. He’s tried to live up to his promise to his dad. He is a tortured soul. This season with Ra’s consuming everything from Oliver is the start of Oliver’s enlightenment about himself in becoming the Green Arrow. Oliver has to merge his 2 selves. The light which Felicity mainly, but Diggle too, helps bring out in Oliver. This is where Oliver learns to accept both sides of himself and to find what life he wants to live and how to live it. This has been an angsty season far. Oliver has been so lost and unable to give up control of the decisions about his surroundings including those he loves and works with. The only way to survive what he went through, which we’ve only had small glimpses of so far, he had to put up walls and erect armor that nothing would pierce his armor. But, Felicity and Diggle through 3 seasons broke some of his walls. But, the one that he is facing now the hardest one. Coming to terms of whom he is. The show has told us that he separated himself, that he chose the Arrow so he could continue as Starling City’s crimefighter.
      I too, am excited to see how this plays out. And, I’m elated that Oliver and Felicity will be together finally.

    • Glenda says:

      Hello? Sara was NEVER the Black Canary…she was Canary, described by Sara herself as the name the league gave to her: a symbol of beauty in the midst of assasins ..

      Arrow is a fiction of the fictional comic “Green Arrow”, In placing your personal wish of one couple together making the show fabulous and some other makes it a failure; is not the writer/creators vision. Be a fan of all of it and enjoy. even when you wish ??? was the storyline.

      The drama would be absent if this group lives happily ever after, and the show cancelled. We all have favorites, but fact, actually the real REAL Black Canary IS Laurel !

      • S says:

        Laurel is Black Canary in the comics, doesn’t mean the show had to go there. This isn’t a comic, it’s a tv show based on one and Sara would have made an amazing Black Canary. Honestly all that makes Laurel BC is her name at this point.

  8. BTM says:

    If Ollie had any sense, he would have accepted at the first offer. Vast army that exists to fulfill my will? First order of business: Rescue the child soldiers and child brides. Free factory slaves. Fishing boat slaves. Agricultural slaves. Find sources of medicinal herbs and study them.

    Oliver’s an idiot.

  9. “The aftereffects ain’t pretty.” MADNESS :) #itpaystoreadthecomics

  10. I look forward to the show’s sixth season if only to see what they do in place of the flashbacks.

    • iPortman says:

      I agree… I actually think that Episode 100 (mid season 5) will be the episode where Oliver returns to Starling City (as in the pilot) so it will be very interesting to see what happens next… As long as they don’t start stretching it out…

    • Mikhailov says:

      The return of Harper – flashbacks to what he has gone through between his departure and his return.

      Like having him return to Starling with Lian being pursued by promethueus like character, and flashbacks to Checkmate and Cheshire

    • redjane12 says:

      Me too… Perhaps flashbacks to Ollie’s kindegarten/private school/college frat? They can’t be any more boring than the HK ones…

      • Should be interesting to see what the come up with.

      • Shelley says:

        I think next season flashbacks are about the Bratva- Russian mob where Oliver became an assassin. Wonder what damage he had to endure to become a lieutenant of it. And HIVE will be the big bad. I hope it will be more insightful with the flashbacks next season. We found out that Amanda Waller of Argus wasn’t so bad last episode, and she wanted to save Oliver from the virus. This showed Oliver to never trust anyone. I think the flashbacks are essential to unraveling the depth of Oliver’s PTSD and how he built defense mechanisms to deal with his 5 yr past.

    • Tom says:

      I believe I read that this was always intended to be a 5 season and 5 season only show. I can’t find where I read that but I’m pretty sure Greg Berlanti said that.

      • If it keeps being a hit, I’m sure they’ll keep making it.

      • Scottie says:

        Stephen signed a 6 year contract and the executive producers have said they already have a plan about where they would go beyond season 5. Marc Guggenheim and I think Andrew Kreisberg have said this a couple of times. I highly doubt there’d be more than 6 seasons but anything is possible.

  11. herman1959 says:

    So, evidently you have to be dressed completely in black to go to Nanda Parbat…why.

  12. kkmr514 says:

    my excitement for all of this is unreal. Olicity, Thea, Diggle/Oliver. Also, I’m really hoping that canary scene pops up later in the season. #bringbacksara. BTW, this episode airs the day before May sweeps…so I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  13. Martina says:

    So excited to see Felicity and Oliver finally get to this stage in their relationship!! Even though I feel like it’s too good to be true and we’ll probably be in some kind of pain by the time the episode is over. But no matter, I’m still excited! Also, can’t wait to see Felicity stand up to Ra’s, it’s gonna be the highlight of the episode!

    And honestly kids, just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it fanservice. Oliver and Felicity have had consistent progression in their relationship over the past few seasons, they’re here to stay – get over it. I get the feeling that it’s other shippers (i.e. who don’t ship Olicity) who are the ones doing all this complaining. Would you still be complaining about romance and “stupid shippers” if Laurel and Oliver were the center of the show? There’s always going to be a romance angle (see: every tv show on the CW ever), so just relax and enjoy the portions of the show that you want to enjoy. If you don’t like it, stop watching.

  14. Violet says:

    Well Sara is going to be on the new spin off so she won’t be much in Arrow at all
    Boo Hoo
    Only reason I will be Happy if Sara is back is that Laurel Will get her sister back and Quentin will be Happy
    Laurel will now be Black Canary Like she should be

  15. iPortman says:

    Surely the fact that so many of you appear to hate ‘Olicity’ is proof enough that it isn’t ‘Fan-Service’? Seriously, I can’t believe how haters are out there…

    • Sam says:

      I think it’s hilarious that haters talk more about Olicity than Olicity fans. If only they talked about things that they loved instead of whining about things they hate. It’s sad.

      • Rob Watkins says:

        I don’t think so, the people that love Felicity flock to the comment boards and you could have the most amazing action scenes or even dialog scenes with the big bad or a cool plot moment and all they will talk about is the Felicity/Olicity of it all. Good lord, in episode 3×04, we got our first glimpse of Ra’s, and ALL I saw was people fawning over the preview for the next episode which was the Felicity centric one.

        • Sally says:

          To be fair though, Ra’s was pretty anticlimactic in that episode, imo, and Felicity fans had been waiting for some backstory on her for a long time. I don’t see what’s wrong with being excited about that. I don’t see what’s wrong with getting enjoyment from different things. Some people love shipping, others love action scenes, some people love the friendships. It’s all different. We should all embrace the fact that we’re here because we enjoy Arrow in some way. No one should feel bad for how they enjoy something.

        • pem says:

          No, that is not completely true. I know several people who watch the show, love Oliver and Felicity, and have never seen, read, or commented about them online. What people like about a show, is not the same for everyone.

        • Laura says:

          And that is their right. You talk about what you enjoy in the show. It doesn’t matter if they’re watching for Olicity or even if they think the tooth fairy will appear, viewers are viewers and the show doesn’t care WHY you’re watching as long as you are watching. if you enjoy a particular fight scene or character on the show, it is up to you to talk about it. So you can start a discussion on what you like instead of complaining about others who do just that.

      • Addie says:

        Are you kidding me, Olicity fans never shut up….most if not all of them never gave the character of Ray a chance because he was going in btwn their precious ship!
        Plus I fear Felicity is being scaled down to a Lois Lane..a love interest and nothing more because of this ship.

        • Sally says:

          Hehe, yeah, Olicity fans are excitable. I think that’s fun though. I’m an Olicity fan although I’m a bigger Felicity fan and I really hope she returns to her S1/S2 self next season because I admit, I’m tired of her being used as a love interest. She deserves more. :)

      • Sil says:

        I’ve watched the show to see Oliver evolve with the excellent company who compliment him. Not literally. I love this story for Thea. Can’t wait. As for the so-called shipper complainers, It took me a long time to want to see Oliver with Felicity. But, she is it for him. He sacrifices everything for those he loves, which is a deep and dedicated love that Oliver gives. He feels he doesn’t deserve love. The last episode he blamed himself for deciding to not get Roy out of prison, than to blame Felicity and Diggle. He always blames himself. This season has been tough to endure. I know, Oliver is my favorite. But, he is opening up, accepting help from others finally, letting others be in decision making. Control was Oliver’s armor. He is the most insecure guy on earth. Now, we haven’t seen much of Oliver and Felicity together this season. So, the pandering to so called shippers is quite absurd. The creators saw that Oliver smiled for the first time when he met Felicity. She always held her ground with principles. Diggle is like a brother to Oliver. Roy was more than a protege. And, Oliver has come to realize than Felicity is more than his IT girl. I’m grateful that Oliver’s struggles this season will come full fruition and he will accept his persona and himself to become the Green Arrow.

        • Ashley says:

          Great comment. There is no pandering. The season has IMO been up and down but there have been some stand out episodes. I feel like it’s ramping up now and will be great for the remaining four. Can’t wait for the next one and the finale especially.

        • Laura says:


      • Mary says:

        Yea I think your right. Even though most olicity fans are on their olicity facebook page and mostly on twitter trending olicity. They don’t have time for debates. Next week looks really exciting. Can’t wait.

  16. Sam says:

    Oh, this is gonna be awesome! My excitement has reached critical levels now. I’ve not been feeling this season at all but I find Arrow always had pretty weak episodes in the middle of the season and then improves from like episode 18 onwards so I feel confident it’s only gonna get better and better.

  17. Maddie Mae says:

    I love Olicity.. and I already want to give Stephen Amell a hug!!!

  18. Matty Si. says:

    I really want to know what happened to Maseo’s son.

  19. Eddie says:

    I can’t wait to see this and the rest of the season’s episodes. I have to laugh at people who blame Olicity as being the reason there’s a “decline” (their words not mine) in the quality of the series. It’s not as though Oliver and Felicity have NEVER had an attraction since the very first time they met 3 years ago. As someone already mentioned, their relationship has grown organically and not “forced” or something out of left field. So current events unfolding into a natural state of affairs between Oliver and Felicity seems very natural. They have never had smooth sailing in their burgeoning romance, and if Oliver becomes the leader of the League of Assasins, then it will be even more choppy waters. Yet, I can’t imagine Oliver’s happiness NOT involving Felicity in his life.

    • speedy says:

      THIS. The funny thing is Arrow has a 38% jump in viewers…or something like that…this season, so while I haven’t liked everything about this season (huge Sara fan here), I don’t think you can blame any one aspect of it on something they have done this season since the ratings seem to prove they’ve made the right choices.

  20. Joey says:

    Looking forward to all the Oliver and felicity and original team arrow scenes :)

  21. Clcmjd says:

    So excited to see the the next few episodes! Looking forward to Olicity & Team Arrow moments!!

  22. Sally says:

    I think I’m most excited about Felicity standing up to Ra’s. I’ve been really upset with how she’s been used this season – mostly as love interest and propping Ray’s storyline which is all fine but she deserves some moments to shine for herself and herself alone. So talking to Ra’s is exciting. Thanks for the spoilers! :)

  23. Drew says:

    I hope that whatever happens in the finale gets Oliver back to being an awesome hero. In the first season, he was a force to he reckoned with. He could take on an entire army of people and win… And believably. Now he is just soft. He usually loses his fights and his mental skills are kinda dull these days. I want the Arrow of season 1 back in all his glory.
    I also wish the flashbacks would go back to the island. I like Tatsu and Maseo, but I still feel like the island was supposed to be his Hell for five years. Getting off the island has taken the focus off of his becoming season 1 Arrow. Having him in normal civilization has dulled the edge of what he went through.
    The show isn’t completely ruined, but I hope the writers step back and really accept what went wrong this year and how far Oliver has gotten off track.

    • Ashley says:

      I think the Russia storyline will solve that problem. That I’m guessing was a hellish time for Oliver on the level of the island, and that will most likely be next season’s flashback story line.

  24. frank says:

    Ever since I seen that of Felicity and Ra’s I’ve been visualizing how that meet would go! Can’t wait!!!

  25. Ashley says:

    Very excited about this next episode, more than I’ve been for any episode of the season yet! Team Arrow going to NP, Digg and Oliver, Thea’s fate, Felicity vs. Ra’s, and Olicity…yeah, is it Wednesday yet?

  26. Danya says:

    When you mentioned there’s still a surprise regarding Oliver/ Felicity sex scene?!…. Is it a good surprise or a bad one ? Thanks .

    • DarkDefender says:

      Surprise = it is just a dream and not actually happening.

      • tigersmurfette says:

        this. i dont see how it can actually happen without damaging the character of felicity. kinda sad hers would be the only damaged, even tho it takes two to well, boink, but males never seem to catch as much flak in these situations. and no, the “but they’re soul mates” excuse doesnt work.

        • AddieM says:

          I do not see how Olicity fans do not see how this ship is a disservice to the Felicity character and yet Oliver’s character remains intact and untarnished.

          • MediaPuppets says:

            [I do not see how Olicity fans do not see how this ship is a disservice to the Felicity character and yet Oliver’s character remains intact and untarnished.]

            Likely because they don’t care, their #1 priority is the toxic,non organic ship.

          • James says:

            Lmao non-organic? Do you know what “organic” means? Naturally grown. Without poison. We’ve seen Oliver and Felicity grow together since season 1. No other romantic relationship on Arrow has grown as naturally and without poison as theirs. There has never been hatred, repeated cheating, best friends, sisters or periods of blatant disinterest in each other between Oliver and Felicity – just mutual respect, unbreakable trust, and love. All of which, have done nothing but grow stronger over the 3 years Arrow has been on air. That’s the complete opposite of both a toxic and non-organic relationship.

  27. jo says:

    Honestly Can’t wait 😆💃

  28. speedy says:

    I’m really excited about the episode. I can’t stand Ray and Felicity together (I can’t stand Ray, period). I’m hoping Oliver tells Laurel to take care of the city while he’s gone (I’d rather watch Laurel do it than Ray although both those storylines are rushed–at least Laurel can fight without a robotic suit). The sex scene looks hot, and I’m ready to see Felicity and Ra’s interact. Also, Diggle and Maseo (Team Diggle, all the way). Thanks for the list!

  29. azu says:

    Honestly, first laurel now felicity. I really don’t like oliver’s relationships with these women. They should have just remained friends. Olicity shipping has made me stop watching this once beloved show. I can only read recaps now.

  30. Kate says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode. Looks so exciting. Love Olicity and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to Thea after they bring her back from the dead. And I’m excited for the scene on the jet which SA said is his favorite scene.

    I agree they could have handled Olicity better this season, but I think what they did worse was way they handled Raylicity. (I never liked love triangles. They always bore me.) They used Felicity (yet again) to promote a new DC character. (in my opinion, it had more to do with promoting Ray Palmer than the love triangle) But, the way they introduced flash was much better to the way they introduced Ray Palmer and I fell in love with Barry instantly. They tried to make Ray relevant but in turn it dragged the show. They shouldn’t have kept Ray Palmer there for long as they did. (they have? Sorry English isn’t my first language.)

    I don’t really mind the fact they killed Sara to turn Laurel into Black Canary. Because, they always said that and I wasn’t surprised when it happened. But Sara would always be a better Canary than Laurel. (She had LOA training for something like six years)What I didn’t like was how they used the other characters to make Laurel look better.

    I think we shouldn’t judge why Ra’s is saying what he’s saying until we actually see the episode. Because we don’t really know what Fellicity has said to provoke Ra’s to say that.

    • Isobel says:

      Agree I think why Laurel and Ray don’t really work is because their significance is usually due to being propped up by other characters, usually Felicity, while they introduced Barry without doing that. he also only had an episode and moved into his own show and hopefully the Atom spinoff fixes Ray.

      • Ray is fine Felicity has been trashed this season,Laurel is still horrible and Diggle still gets nothing 2 do Emily hogs all the screen time she even got more as a guest star on the Flash than Iris who is suppose to be the leading lady

        • Kate says:

          They needed to somehow get Ray Palmer associated with the Flash gang and Meta Humans. Felicity was, in this case I think, was the only character that could make that connection happen (introduce Ray to the Star Labs people) Even in the last Arrow episode, we saw something about Cisco saying that there could be more Meta humans out there, spread in more areas/cities than they earlier thought. I think they are building up reasons for meta humans to exist in other cities than in central city, so that Ray would have enemies with super powers whatever city he decides to move to. (And have his own show) What I’m trying to say is, Felicity may have had lot of screen time on flash but, I feel like it was more so because they wanted build a story line for Ray (make Ray relevant) than to anything else. But I do agree that they could have done it better. I wished they concentrated more on the character development of existing characters rather than using these character to promote spin offs. (And Emily didn’t hog the screen. the writers just wrote lot of stuff for Felicity so that Ray could exist on the same frame) These are just my thoughts. I don’t really know anything. So I could be wrong and you could be right too.

    • Maryann says:

      Your English is better than most of the people on this board, and the usage you were asking about is correct.

  31. lucifer says:

    olicity!!! i will really need a hot shower

  32. omg i cant freaking wait!

  33. 11_Dino says:

    I can’t wait for the episode. So much happening. I wonder how Thea will come back if they go the Pit changes makes you mad round. I bet Diggle and Felicity are taking precautions for Oliver to get him out of the league. Can’t wait for Felicity to stand up to Ras, you go girl!

  34. Scottie says:

    I’m so excited for this episode. Finally, some significant forward movement with the stories! So excited for Olicity and the character development in both of them. Diggle and Oliver having heart to hearts is gonna be awesome like it always is and I can’t wait for Thea coming out of the Lazarus Pit. There’s a world of possibilities with that storyline and where they can take her character and I hope they do it justice. Hopefully, while Laurel is back in Starling, she and her father have a chance to start rebuilding their relationship now all the crazyness has left the city and Lance’s outlet for his anger is gone.

  35. amber says:

    Honestly It’s so uncomfortable for me to read the comments. I’m one of those rare people in this fandom who loves Olicity and Laurel. I’m usually stuck on who to defend when things like these happen. It’s so frustrating to see people blame Olicity or Laurel for this season being bad when in reality it’s the quality of writing that has gone done this season. This season felt more batman than arrow to me and that has nothing to do with Olicity or Laurel being the Black Canary.

    Really excited about the next episode.

  36. So Felicity is gonna dump Ray and have sex with Ollie in the same ep …doesn’t say much 4 the type of chick Felicity is

    • Sara says:

      Well, Sara went off the gambit with her sister’s boyfriend and Laurel cheated on Tommy.
      And I think Ray is going to break up with Felicity before they go on that jet. At least there won’t be cheating involved. But, you’ll never know with Arrow writers. LOL

    • Scottie says:

      Felicity has ONE chance to finally be with the man she loves and has wanted since god knows when, before she might possibly never see him again and it’s not like she’s in love with Ray. It says more about you and your mentalilty that you would judge someone for that, let alone judge a fictional character for doing a fictional thing that is nothing more than the creation of someone’s imagination. The characters don’t actually choose to do the things they do, the writers do that.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Aside from the fact that just about every other show with a main character Ship had the couple hook up in either a dream sequence or a one off fantasy episode, usually a good year or two before the couple actually hooks up.
        Bones had Booth dream it in a coma.
        Castle had the Blue Butterfly.
        Peter did it with the ALT universe FauxLivia, before Olivia.
        My money is on it being Oliver’s dream (not Felicity’s), because it looks more raw passion, than say romantic inevitably… Which is more likely her POV.

        • Scottie says:

          I was talking about it from Felicity’s perspective because the original comment was attacking her for sleeping with Oliver straight after Ray ending things with her.
          Reviewers who have seen the episode have said it’s not a dream but good observation on why it could be Oliver’s dream. I see where you’re coming from. Although, when he was dreaming about her in 3×11 he was very tender and gentle with her and he’s always like that around her in general. So I’m not sure, I think I’d be 50/50.

  37. Ms Thing says:

    Skipped last week’s episode and the episode before that as well. Will be skipping this upcoming episode too.
    This show has become a boring olicity pimping caricature of its previous seasons.
    How refreshing it was in the beginning when Arrow was about the hero and his quest to liberate Starling City from the evil elements.
    I cannot invest myself in the current storyline when it appears that the show’s creators are more concerned with how to appease the shippers than to tell a compelling narrative about heroism and redemption.
    Arrow has jumped the shark.

    • Sara says:

      I like people who stop watching a show but seem to have extra time to come online and complain about how they stopped watching the snow because such and such….LIES you still want to watch the show that’s why you’re on here

      Also in season 1 episode 3 when Oliver had a genuine smile on his face after meeting felicity(when Emily wasn’t even supposed to be on another episode) this was fanservice right? No bro it’s called CHEMISTRY….writers saw that and ran with it.

      • wentspeedup says:

        hahaha i know right? Its like im done with this show but im not done,i still whine about it.

        “How refreshing it was in the beginning when Arrow was about the hero and his quest to liberate Starling City from the evil elements.” I remember an extremely cheesy love triangle back then. Did you forget it or ignored it to make a point?

      • tigersmurfette says:

        people can still hold interest in shows they used to watch, without the hassle of current watching. recaps let you know whats happening. and opinions of all nature are allowed to happen. and chemistry is subjective. just because YOU see it, doesnt mean we have to(btw, i dont, atleast not anymore). so get off your high horse judging people who make legitimate criticisms on THEIR feelings about a program just because you dont agree with them

    • DarkDefender says:

      Haters gonna hate. Time to get on board… Even Ra’s Al Ghul ships Olicity.

    • Briggs says:

      Funny how you never respond to criticism. You just post a comment you know will get people riled up and then sit and back and watch the fireworks. Why don’t you find something more constructive to do with your time, *Ms Thing*?

  38. Rick Katze says:

    I read some of the comments but not all of them

    You people need to get a life. Oliver and Felicity’s romance is following the standard TV timeline. They get together, there are problems, they separate and finally they get together permanently either in season 5 if that is the final season or later if it goes 7 seasons.

    The show is also following the comic book mode where people get killed, get resurrected and change.

    So either enjoy it or watch something else. And yes, it is dark. Stop complaining because the writers aren’t following your ideas of where the show should go.

    • tigersmurfette says:

      get a life yourself if you think judging people for having opinions you dont agree with is some big concern. message boards are not only for uberfans.

  39. whiziit says:

    People need to rewatch season 1-3 to undrstnd the direction the writers have been taking cause every season is inter linked u jst have 2 stop being narrow mindes and ,stop criticizing their creativity and appreciate what they have been giving to u,if u cnt dn stop watching

  40. Charles Harvard says:

    Felicity has really matured into beautiful young woman, from the I.T. girl in season one. She is the heart of Oliver’s future success in fighting crime in Starling City. I believe they are compatible as a couple.

  41. Stephen says:

    Maseo should be the next leader of the league of shadows. Dude has earned it. I’d watch a Maseo tv show.

  42. Viinx says:

    i see oliver having a son in the nearest future, just my opinion though.

  43. Viinx says:

    thea becomes speedy, i am bored with all these laurel scenes

  44. Gabrielle says:

    Can you people shut up about this cause you wouldn’t be on this website if you didn’t like Oliver&Felicity/olicity so shut the hell up. THINK ABOUT IT! Thank you

  45. moiz says:

    loural doesn’t know how to act she is just a waste of character..

    • Jessy says:

      If Oliver starts dating Laurel people will still complain. So I guess the writers are going with a couple that is less complained about. I find Oliver and Felicity more bearable to watch than Felicity and Ray or Laurel and Oliver.

  46. brenna says:

    Can’t wait for all of this. Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Thea and everything else.

  47. Ella says:

    Send Felicity to Ray’s new show, please. There is outstanding chemistry there and shipper or no shipper, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Olicity has ruined both the character of Felicity and the overall joy of the show. I was sick of it before it started and I am even more sick of it now.

    • Briggs says:

      The +38 point jump in ratings last week would seem to indicate otherwise. More info on Marc Guggenheim’s twitter account.
      Also, the showrunners have repeatedly said Felicity’s not going anywhere, so your pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

  48. Luis says:

    I’ve always loved the emotional content of the show – the writing has always been strongest in the interpersonal parts of the show. Stephen has done an excellent job portraying the emotional conflicts battling within Oliver and I’m looking forward to watching him work on Wednesday Very glad writers aren’t shying away from the side effects of the LP; a dark turn for Thea would really drive the narrative in the upcoming seasons.

  49. B says:

    The first episode I watched was the second season premiere and I don’t this season is as good but it’s still a good show! I think the problem is the writers and producers spread themselves too thin by working or Arrow and The Flash. They focused all their energy on making The Flash the best show it could be and which caused Arrow to flounder this season. Maybe this season will make sense when it’s viewed as a whole! I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt!