Scorpion Finale: EPs Tease a 'Secret Revealed' in Walter/Paige Romance

Scorpion Walter Paige

When next Monday’s season finale of Scorpion begins (CBS, 9/8c), Walter will be fighting for his life as his car teeters on the edge of a cliff.

What better time for Paige to pour her heart out?

Indeed, Katharine McPhee’s waitress-turned-government employee will finally tell Walter her true feelings for him — though whether that’s a good or bad thing remains to be seen.

“There is a secret revealed,” executive producer Nick Santora told TVLine of the season ender. “Paige does reveal how she feels about Walter.”

It’s hard to imagine that Paige’s confession to Walter will be all warm and fuzzy, given where they left things at the end of this week’s episode. After months of will-they-won’t-they tension (and a number of unwelcome appearances from Paige’s baby daddy, Drew), Paige left the Scorpion team to protect her son’s safety, insulting Walter’s very existence as she exited.

Still, exec producer Nick Wootton wouldn’t say much about how the duo’s heart-to-heart will go down. “We do something that we have not done all season long — that certain fans have been waiting for — in the finale,” Wootton hinted, before adding, “I will not say what that is.”

To most viewers, the chemistry between Walter and Paige has been evident since the series premiere, and the constant return of Drew has been just one of a few obstacles in the couple’s way. (The other major roadblock? Walter doesn’t freakin’ feel anything.)

But Wootton asserted that the Walter/Paige/Drew love triangle is more than just plain geometry.

“We’ve used it as a way to show Walter in the middle of a very emotional relationship for which he is not particularly so qualified,” Wootton said. “We’ve been able to open up different facets of Walter, to show him in complications that he may never have dealt with before. That’s how we’ve kept it fresh.”

And while there are many roadblocks yet to come in Walter and Paige’s relationship — a list that possibly includes Paige’s finale secret — Santora assured fans of the romance that the payoff will be worth the wait.


“We want to keep it progressing and see them really learn to know each other, respect each other, care for each other,” Santora said. “And then eventually — if we can pull it off — one day possibly fall in love with each other.”

Scorpion fans, what do you think Paige’s secret could be? Hit the comments with your thoughts and theories!

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  1. Evan says:

    They have absolutely no chemistry!!! Why can’t people just be friends on television… why does there always have to be some will they/ won’t they situation on every show!

    • Daisy says:

      Disagree. I think they have great chemistry but it seems like it would be a disastrous relationship given his inability to care about people in the normal way. But her son is more like Walter and honestly that relationship seems more important and interesting than Walter/Paige.

      • Trevor says:

        Walter and Paige are interesting and fun to watch. I actually find the whole Ralph/Walter thing boring. I love Waige together. I’m hoping the show will focus on Waige more in the next new episode and in season 2! Love Waige!!!!

    • Tom says:

      tell us how you really feel

    • Lisa says:

      Aren’t the actors in a relationship in real life?

    • J. says:

      because it’s a TV show and a lot of people want them together? They have tons of chemistry. The actors are dating i real life so that’s where all that chemistry comes from. If you dont like it stop watching.

    • Tim says:

      Strongly disagree. Many viewers are loving Walter and Paige together. They’re a huge draw for lots of fans. And what’s wrong with people falling in love? That happens in real life. You can’t have a show where people don’t fall in love…it’s unrealistic. Falling in love…dating….getting married…all those things are part of life. I don’t want to watch Walter single for the whole duration of the show. That would be depressing. Walter and Paige make a beautiful couple. A huge amount of fans are rooting for them. Check out twitter and tumblr. Waige is a hugely popular pairing.

    • suzyku says:

      Totally disagree with you! They have plenty of chemistry together!

  2. Luis says:

    “love triangle” – “plain geometry” Good pun!

  3. Michelle says:

    I love Paige & Walter. They have great chemistry! And Walter is amazing with her son Ralph.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    I think Paige and Walter really have great chemistry. I am more interested in seeing what happens with Happy and Toby though. Both relationship have been a very slow burn and I think it has worked well.

  5. Sarah says:

    Love this show, but HATE the romantic melodrama. They have no chemistry and Paige is the worst character on the show, she has no purpose.

    • fiberlicious says:

      The instant Paige and Walter enter into a real relationship, the show dies. It’s the tension that keeps it interesting.

      • Mike says:

        That’s ridiculous. The Walter and Paige relationship is what lots of fans are interested in. Lots of viewers love romance. Waige is a hugely important element of the show. Writers have been amazing in developing the Waige romance in a realistic way. And actually the Waige centric episodes usually get higher ratings than Cabe/Walter or other characters centric episodes. Check the ratings.

    • JC says:

      I think they have great chemistry. I really like Paige – I think all the cast and characters (except Walter when he’s being arrogant!) are likeable – but the writers need to do more to have Paige involved in the storylines every week.

    • J. says:

      Paige is one of my favs. They have tons of chemistry, that’s why so many people want them together. The actors are also dating in real life which is why they have os much chemistry.

    • Lauren says:

      Are we watching the same TV show?

    • Lauren says:

      No chemistry? LOL. Sorry, that comment makes no sense. Walter and Paige have so much chemistry together. That’s why fans love them!

    • Izzy says:

      Maybe you should re-watch episode 3 ‘A Cyclone’ {I Think}. In that episode Toby and Sylvester point out to Walter that they see no purpose in Paige like you are. I think Paige has proven her self multiple times but made a huge mistake when she planned to quit.

    • lillian says:

      paige’s purpose on the show is to help translate the world to her team especially walter cus he doesnt know how to communicate with people. so i think thats y paige is there.

  6. Badpenny says:

    I liked Scorpion in the beginning, but I feel like the characters have been dumbed-down in recent weeks – the show is playing to melodrama rather then intellect now – and Ralph is giving me a negative Wesley Crusher vibe. The show is on too late in the evening for it to attract young children so we really do not need to see a 9 year old hero.

  7. JPMD says:

    I find it interesting that as the story lines tried to impose a love match, viewership started to decline . Lesson to be learned there ! Get back to what made the show a success : tell great stories and leave the mating game alone..

    • Badpenny says:

      I do not believe it was the “love match” which caused issues. I think it just got to the point where there is no way you would believe a bunch of geeks would be doing all these things. Too many of the stories have really just been too far fetched, IMO.

      • Beth says:

        I agree! So many times it is straight up RIDICULOUS!

        • JA says:

          You want realism on TV? That expectation is itself unrealistic. There’s no way to enjoy a show like this WITHOUT suspending your disbelief.

        • Far fetched is actually real tv and entertainment, although for people who do not understand many of the things that can be done online would not know, and most of the nay sayers on this board tend to seem like a bunch of reality tv fans that watch crap like the kardashians, dancing with the stars, amazing race, big brother, and other dumb, below 80 iq shows and cannot phathom real television!! I know hacking, I know the limits, and I know that tv extends that, but some believe the latter shows mentioned are real when in fact they are more fake then many dramas/action shows that give us real entertainment. I just hope that Paige and Walter do get together sooner rather than later because, it is fine for someone with a 197 iq to show ignorance but no stupidity!! In that statement I mean it should not take 4-5 seasons, should be faster, sooner rather than later, and I believe fans who really know tv and enjoy real entertainment and not fake people like on all “reality tv” want to see the romance develop as it might in real life, not reality tv life!!! It is tv, but the writers appeal to the human spirit when writing, and I hope they see things as I do, and am sure most other fans do.

    • Chris says:

      Check the ratings again. The show focused more on Walter and Paige in the first few episodes. And ratings were HUGE. Ratings only went down later on when the focus was actually less on Waige. Walter and Paige bring in ratings. Fans love them.

  8. JC says:

    Awwww can’t wait for this episode. I love the idea of Walter and Paige together but glad they’re doing a slow burn with it …. Walter is no evolved enough emotionally yet for a relationship. There must be some kind of finale kiss right?!

  9. Lianne says:

    Like Toby and Happy much more. Paige and Walter, not so much.

  10. kjmorse says:

    I loved Scorpion- but hate a Walter/Paige pairing.

    At times I don’t even like the Walter character.

  11. g d a says:

    Paige and Walter have great chemistry, but please make this a slooowww burn. I feel that a show gets ruined when the main characters get together (looking at you Castle)! Scorpion is an amazing show with heart, humor and heroes!

    • Kevin says:

      I hope we don’t have to wait long for Waige. I’m tired of shows always making fans wait for a couple for years and years. I’d like to see a couple get together at a normal and realistic pace. I love them together. I’m hoping for a kiss soon!

  12. ed says:

    Scorpion is my favorite show this season! The cast is one of the best on TV; all very talented! Paige’s secret: She and Ralph will probably stay in LA!

  13. Amy says:

    I love Walter and Paige together! Kat and Elyes have PHENOMENAL CHEMISTRY. Also, I love the realistic pace the writers are taking with them. I’m so tired of waiting for years and years for couples on TV to get together. I’d like to see a couple actually get together as realistically as possible! I’m so excited about the season finale! I LOVE WAIGE!!!!! And I appreciate the writers allowing them to move forward instead of keeping them in the same place like most other shows tend to do. This is an AMAZING SHOW. Amazing writers…amazing cast. And Waige is perfect!

  14. LeilaS says:

    Paige&Walter are amazing. They have a beautiful and real chemistry, very rare these days.
    I can’t wait to see the finale season and I totally love Waige!
    The writes are doing great and it’s okay to wait. This relationship worths the wait.

  15. Rick Katze says:

    I suspect that Paige will admit feelings for Walter but decide that her child’s best interest means that she will not take any action at this time.

  16. love the back and forth between Walter and Paige. It would be no good if they just jumped into the relationship, that wouldn’t be in character for Walter. Drew has to go but I agree he was necessary to help Walter come to terms with his emotions that he keeps buried deep inside. Paige blaming Walter for what Ralph did was just her way of not knowing how to deal with her own genius son and running away will not help or solve that.

  17. yogi says:

    They have a tonnnn of chemistry the whole season paige has made him a better person making him realize his eq exists more than ever and he makes paige happy the art initiating contact to paige in one of the episodes and he cares for what she likes there more alike than the other 2 couples

  18. You have to love a show that names an episode Cliffhanger, and ends it with a cliffhanger that involves someone actually hanging from a cliff

  19. Comeon says:

    While I like Walter and Paige chemistry, I’m more worry if the actors breaks up in real life and end up affecting the show like Ian/Nina and Damon/Elena in The Vampire Diaries.

  20. Love this show! Walter & Paige have fantastic chemistry, and the most recent episode was so heartbreaking!! I can’t wait for the season finale; it should be a good one! :) WAIGE4EVER :)

    • Happy Curtis says:

      WAIGE4EVER! Walter & Paige have great chemistry together! The eyes are the windows to your soul…and the way they look at each is all about the love! Hopefully there are happier times ahead for them after Cliffhanger. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to write for those 2 dating…comedy…and love…and comedy.
      And all of Walter’s facial expressions are pure gold!

  21. scotlore says:

    I have been waiting for this. Looking forward to the finale and what will be set up for Season 2. Also, I really hope Cabe is back in Season 2 as well.

  22. Ellie says:

    I LOVE Waige so much. They are so wonderful and are one of the several amazing things about the show. I love how they are the man who claims he has no emotions, and a high EQ woman falling in love. It’s beautiful.

  23. John says:

    I like the idea of the Paige character, but I don’t really like whose playing it. She isn’t a very good actress and her constant interruptions disturb the flow of the show. She is very abrupt and it seems as if her character is growing to strong. She percieve’s herself to be way more important than she is. Also, while Walter has a believable relationship with Paige’s son, there is nothing with Paige and what the writers are trying to do seems forced. The right thing to do is reduce her role, not expand it. Any chance she can leave the kid and go with her husband?

  24. J. says:

    Love this show and I love WalterxPaige! I can’t wait until they get together! They have so much chemistry together! Probably because the actors are dating too IRL.

  25. Nala says:

    This show is awesome! At first I didn’t think I would like it, but I was so wrong. :)

    Walter and Paige(Waige) are my fav ship and characters on this show! I love the “will they/won’t they” and can’t wait until they each know how the other feels. I hope they admit their feelings for each other in the finale!!

  26. Tom says:

    When I want sexual tension & romance I’ll watch a soap opera. The only reason Law & Order SVU is still alive is because Chris Meloni quit. Him & Benson hopping in the sack would have killed the show. The same goes for Tony & Ziva on NCIS. If Cote De Pablo hadn’t left the show would have died. Bye Bye Scorpion, it was a good show before they romanced it to death.

    • Greg says:

      The Waige romance is AMAZING to watch! And it adds something incredible to the show. Soaps are not the only shows with romance. Every show has romance because it’s more realistic that way. Love is a huge part of life.

  27. Gian Falco says:

    Whatever happened to HAPPY ENDINGS? There’s enough negative garbage shoved down our throats from the media on a daily basis.

  28. pam says:

    This show is so ridiculous but I really do enjoy watching it. The romance angle was a no brainer from the get go. I do like the cast. Personal dynamics are good. Keep it comin!

  29. Denise says:

    The chemistry of Walter & Paige is “there”…the screenwriters have certainly done a good job portraying what “just lies under the surface” of their work relationship!! LOVE IT!! I think since Walter doesn’t know how to show/express/comprehend the feelings he has for her – and Paige knows that – maybe her secret will be along the lines that she has decided to stay – and then the story line (Season Premiere) will “open” on that cue and began where was left off….of course, in between solving crimes with the bad guys! ;)

  30. Nikita Graystoke says:

    I see paige running from a family issues like witness protection. Or even an abusive ex who doesn’t take a hint. Plus he could be well connected and Walter has to deal with them.

  31. Gunisha says:

    Amazing chemistry would love to see more of waige..<3

  32. Rhonda says:

    Want u to know that I love this show but I think Pagie & Walter should be together Walter has not ever been in love. So it is new to him but I think Paige will help him find the love he needs is hers.

  33. Patty Beavers says:

    Wonder if Paige is pregnant by her kid’s father

  34. I love Paige and Walter. They have amazing chemistry together.

  35. I like Quintis and Melvester a lot, but Waige is easily my favorite relationship on the show. I have no idea what her secret could be but I am so excited to see them move forward!

  36. Persephoney Blunt says:

    I enjoyed the finale. I think Paige is really afraid to let Walter know how she really feels because of the relationship she had with Ralph’s father. Maybe we will see in Season 2. I hope the writers touch on this subject.

  37. Jared Wayne says:

    I think Paige will reveal that drew is actually Ralphs father..,

  38. Pat says:

    I would like to see Walter and Paige together but not yet. Maybe a couple of seasons from now. The suspense of their relationship gives me a change to breath again after a suspense filled episode.

  39. Rachel King says:

    Just watched the finale episode…!
    Please please keep this show going, such a great escape from my reality lol.
    Even if we need to download to watch as its been stopped in Australia for no good reason.
    Look forward to viewing season 2.

  40. Helen Wolf says:

    A relationship would be great especially since her son fits right in to the group but the dynamics between the entire cast is great and each week is exciting. It would be nice to just see the stories continue to roll along and for all of the individual members get the change to “shine”. The entire case is perfect together and play off each other well. The relationship can float for a while.

  41. Aliyah G says:

    Scorpin is my favorite show and if anyone out there has not seen it then you better it is a TV thriller and if I like it so will you take a chance you won’t regret it!

  42. Rose says:

    paige kissed Walter while he was in the hospital.

  43. PCH says:

    We LOVE the show and are so ready for Walter and Page to find true love……Come on…..You have made us wait too long….Make sure this show does not get cut.