Unforgettable Season 4 Shake-Up: 3 Actors Exit Ahead of A&E Relaunch

Unforgettable Season 4 Cast

Unforgettable is officially saying goodbye to three cast members as it inches closer to its Season 4 reboot on A&E.

A Sony insider confirms that Jane Curtin, Tawny Cypress and Dallas Roberts will not return as series regulars, although Roberts is slated to make two guest appearances early in Season 4. (FYI: When CBS axed the series, many of the actors’ deals lapsed, and some have moved on to other gigs.)

The show is currently casting three new regulars (including a new detective and medical examimer) to join returning stars Poppy Montgomery, Dylan Walsh and James Liao.

Production on the drama’s 13-episode fourth season begins early next month in New York.

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  1. Hurl says:

    It’s not like that’s something new in this series…

  2. Maryann says:

    Jane Curtin will be missed.

  3. liame says:

    Why do they keep saving this junk?

  4. Steven says:

    I haven’t watched the show, but Dallas and Jane were the only reasons I even considered watching.

  5. brian says:

    Would be nice if they shifted the focus back to her sisters murder investigation. That storyline is what made it a great show in season 1.

    • delfiteblu says:

      I THINK they solved that season before last. Remember the guy with the house? It’s fuzzy in my head but I think they had it figured out.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        I thought that they figured out that it was a guy in an RV but, not exactly who it was. But, it’s been so long that I could be wrong.

        • SweetJoyBG says:

          It wasn’t the guy in the house, he was in prison during the time Rachel was murdered. They found the documents and photos at Sam’s place, with a large shot of the RV. Carrie remembers the RV passing the park at the time they were consoling her. The flashes of the RV passing with the Pegasus on the side. I hate when they make major changes on this show. They made the move from Queens to Manhattan, without an exit to the others and now losing the two best, Jane and Dallas, for god knows who will take their place. I think I’ve had enough of this Alice like show, so I’m going back to my old stuff and hope that their new seasons will be great. Ciao all and enjoy season 4….

  6. SJ says:

    I honestly don’t get why Sony is so desperate to keep saving this utterly average and, pardon my pun, forgettable show. Wouldn’t making a new drama from scratch be a whole lot easier? They have gutted the cast so many times; I actually wonder if its viewers will even recognize it when it comes back… Some things are better left dead. This was certainly one of them.

    • David4 says:

      I think it sells well overseas so Sony wants as many seasons as it can get.

    • Doug Henning says:

      Sorry… this Poppy fan loves that it’s back… She needed the extra year off anyway after she had her latest baby… Happy that another NY based TV show is back. And sure I’ll miss the other actors but they had to move on… And if Poppy was so terrible, why would people work with her… I enjoyed her light-hearted portrayal… Obviously her condition the last season prevented her from doing too much.

  7. EJ says:

    And it’s no secret that Montgomery has been an unmitigated nightmare on set. The crew absolutely loathes her.

  8. delfiteblu says:

    I really liked Jane Curtin on this show. She adds some class.

  9. Babygate says:

    I tried this show for only two reasons: Dallas Roberts and Jane Curtin. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get pass the bad acting and worst writing. Not to mention I find Dillan and Poppy completely unwatchable. I couldn’t finish an entire episode.

  10. Mr. Smith says:

    Glad its back. Hope it stays around for a while.

  11. K says:

    I liked Jane Curtin :( and Tawny Cypruss was good, much better than the other guy.

  12. Grey says:

    I’m sorry, I thought this show was already dead and gone for the 3rd time … or is this the 4th? Seriously, I’ve lost count. They should rename it “Unforgettable Nine Lives.”

  13. John NYC says:

    Dallas Roberts was always entertaining, but not a core of the show.

  14. H says:

    Losing a stable gig for a pilot that may not be picked up must be infuriating.

    • Grey says:

      LOL. Not as frustrating as passing on a pilot for a show that will most likely get cancelled *again.* Six in one hand; half a dozen in the other.

  15. ComeOn says:

    It’s a shame they lost Jane Curtin but as long as they have Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh then that’s all the show needs.

  16. Laura C says:

    I will miss Jane Curtin the most. The other two are expendable. I’m looking forward to the NEW episodes.

  17. Lizo says:

    Seriously?!??? They’ve gotten rid of everyone interesting and yet they KEEP Dylan Walsh?!! I have no problem with the actor, the character is just sooooooo boring. How many shake ups of this show can they do and still not realize that the “romantic tension” between the leads is non existent. Zero.
    Literally my affection for Poppy and the concept of the show are all that’s making me think of continuing to watch.

    • Laura C says:

      Quite the opposite, I LOVE the relationship between Poppy & Walsh characters. I don’t always like leads paired (like Mentalist Jane & Lisbon), but I DO like these 2 together.

  18. Anikin says:

    Double Jane’s salary so she will come back. Her character is very needed on the show.

  19. Poppy is so much hotter as a blonde…

  20. Amy says:

    I am really going to miss Jane and Dallas. :(

    • Laura C says:

      Funny, I was watching the SVU & CPD crossover last night and wondered where I had seen that guy (Dallas), so I looked him up and saw Unforgettable listed. I remember him now. lol
      He sure played a creepy serial killer on the crossover. He reminds me of John Ritter a bit,
      (loved John, still miss him).

  21. Jaime White says:

    im gonna miss dallas roberts!

  22. Jacky says:

    I am big fan of the show & think Poppy & Dylan are dynamite together. Fantastic chemistry…

  23. David says:

    Dallas Roberts gone from the series? The season 4 article of “Unforgettable” says he will be back 2 times in a guest appearance. Attention A&E — – you need to put him back on this series.

  24. Danica says:

    So what is the name of the new “captain” in the above article it says 3 new Regulars then it names the new ME, and the new dective but who is the third?? The new captain ???

  25. Mimi says:

    Love.the.show. Miss Jane and Tawny. Glad A&E renewed it. Now my 21 year old enjoys the show