Post Mortems

Justified Series Finale Post Mortem: Show Boss Talks Big Twists, Easter Eggs, a Near-Resurrection and More

Justified Series Finale

In the beginning, and to the very end, Justified was about two guys who once dug coal together.

The FX drama on Tuesday night wrapped its six-season run with, of course, much gunplay, a couple more deaths, a few happy (or happy-ish) endings, a significant time jump and a wee surprise.

In summary: Desperate to get his dollars back, Markham took Ava hostage, until Boyd came in guns a-blazing, felling the venerable player. That set the stage for a Boyd/Raylan face-off, but the former knew better than to draw a (lent!) pistol, opting for prison instead. Raylan unexpectedly got the showdown he was looking for when Boon aimed to prove himself the quickest gun in the South, only to wind up about a half-inch to the left.

Ava then made her getaway, and got away she did. After a four-year time jump, Raylan finds her lying low in California, with Boyd’s young son, Zachariah, at her side — turns out the marshals should have been looking for a pregnant fugitive after she vanished. Raylan lets Ava have her peace and then some by visiting Boyd in prison to fib that his lady love had died in a car crash. Moved, Boyd presses Raylan to answer one last question: Why come all this way to deliver the news in person? Raylan gives the matter some thought, before Boyd warmly surmises: “We dug coal together,” and in doing so formed a bond that eclipses their lawman/outlaw dynamic.

TVLine spoke with Justified showrunner Graham Yost about the crafting of this beautiful series finale and, ultimately, doing right by the great Elmore Leonard.

TVLINE | I was not expecting a time jump from this show, yet I totally embraced it. At what point in the process did you decide to do that?
Pretty early on. Even last year, I would say, I was thinking about a time jump. I liked the idea of Ava being whipsawed between these two guys, them using her for own purposes, and then her choosing her own path, and the idea that she Justified_Finale_Avawould finally get away one more time. The idea that she would be allowed to stay out in the world felt satisfying.

TVLINE | Was there any debate about giving her such a happy ending, with a son and all? Was she ultimately just a pawn, a reactor to the madness around her?
Exactly. Of all the characters on this show, she is the one who felt like she least deserved to die. It’s really about trying to end it the way we thought Elmore [Leonard] might, even though he ended the novella with Boyd dying. But that was a one-off for him. He completely embraced us keeping Boyd alive. One of his famous lines to us in the writers room was, “I don’t believe a word Boyd says, but I like to hear him saying them,” so that’s why we had Boyd say that to Raylan in the final prison scene. Also, Gregg Sutter, Elmore’s researcher of 30 years, fully embraced how we ended it. Going into it, when he didn’t know how we were going to end it, he said, “Well, you can’t kill Raylan. You can’t kill Ava. And Elmore already tried to kill Boyd once and that didn’t take. So what are you gonna do?”

TVLINE | What’s the likelihood that Raylan and Ava have not seen the last of each other?
When we were on the set, the notion was floated that part of that scene was Raylan saying goodbye to her. He’s going to leave her be. He can’t really check up on her….

TVLINE | It would put her at risk.
It would be risky, so he’s got to let her go. He can’t be a part of her life.

TVLINE | In your mind, Justified_Winona_Raylanwhy didn’t it work out for Raylan and Winona in Florida?
Because it never has in the past. [Laughs] They have that history. They’ve tried and they’ve tried and they keep on failing. Even with Willa in the mix, it’s just ultimately not enough to keep them from going at each other like cats and dogs — and they will always want to go at each other. The love and the passion will always be there, but they just couldn’t make it work.

TVLINE | Was it at all tempting to have the very last scene of the series, like the very first, be set in Miami? To come full circle?
You know, there are just so many different ways to end it…. I think the final thing was we wanted to bring it back to Raylan and Boyd. That’s really where the story started. [The series ended with] Raylan and Ava, and then Raylan and Boyd, and that felt right.

TVLINE | Was the Raylan/Boyd prison visit the series’ last scene filmed?
It was the final scene that Tim [Olyphant] and Walton [Goggins] did together; that was on the Wednesday of the final week, and we had to be done with Walton that day. The final scene he shot was the preaching in the prison, so that was a fun high note to go out on, because he was hilarious in that scene. There’s a great gag outtake — the guy playing Office Cregger, who is an old friend of mine from college,Justified_Finale_Boyd Chris Grove, couldn’t get the door open. He’s supposed to come in and deliver his line but the door had jammed, so there’s Walton, “Well, keep on comin’! Keep on walkin’!” He was going on and on, it was very, very funny.

TVLINE | I was looking for you there in Boyd’s congregation, but no dice.
No, but in the Miami Marshals Office scene, when [David] Koechner drops the baseball on the desk, that’s Charlie Almanza, who was our technical advisor. I’m in Episode 12 — that’s my voice screaming “help!,” as Constable Bob in the woods. That was my “appearance” on the show.

TVLINE | What was the mood on the set for that final Tim/Walton scene?
It was really cool. Michael Dinner [who directed the pilot plus seven other episodes] was there, because he was so sad he couldn’t direct the finale. He wanted to, but luckily we got the great and wonderful Adam Arkin, who’s just a brilliant director and a great friend of the show. But yeah, it was emotional but really cool. The two guys are so wonderful together.

TVLINE | You had the preaching scene, Raylan and Boyd talking about how they “dug coal together”…. There was even Raylan asking Ava for an “RC Cola” (as she offered him in the pilot). Did you have a favorite callback in the finale?
“We dug coal together.” Yeah….

TVLINE | Talk about the significance of the paperback in Raylan’s desk.
In The Friends of Eddie Coyle (by George V. Higgins), the first line is something like “Jackie Brown came in looking for guns,” and that’s where Quentin Tarantino got the name Jackie Brown to use in his movie, because he renamed Elmore’s [Rum Punch] character and renamed the movie. But that book was a real turning point in Elmore’s life. His agent had said, “You should take a look at this,” so Elmore read the first few pages in a bookstore and a light went off. He switched from Western fiction to crime fiction after reading the first five pages. He loved it.

TVLINE | Was there anyone Justified Dewey Diesyou wanted to bring back for the finale but didn’t, for whatever reasons?
In those little “pops” where you see Raylan imagining who helped get Ava out of Harlan, we brought Ellen May back, and Limehouse…. The way I originally wrote it, Raylan actually says, “We even wondered if maybe I was wrong about Dewey Crowe, that maybe he was still alive” — and we would see Dewey — and then Raylan would say, “but then we found his body in a slurry pond.” But two things: finding his body in a slurry pond and finding that Dewey was in fact dead was kind of a downer. The other thing is that Damon [Herriman] was in Australia and we just couldn’t get him back. Actually, we’d taken out that whole bit, except for seeing Wynn Duffy, because it was just hard to schedule Abby [Miller] and Mykelti [Williamson], but then they made it work, God bless them.

TVLINE | It was a fun narrative device, for sure. What was the hardest death to pull the trigger on during this final run of episodes?
Dewey is still the hardest. He’s a horrible person, but he’s so hapless and we loved him so much. He’s a criminal and dying like that is not unforeseen, but with everyone else the deal we would make with actors is, “You’re going to get to shoot people, and we’ll give you a good death.” That was the big promise to Mary [Steenburgen] that [executive producer] Fred [Golan] made, and we stood behind that. It was hard to say goodbye to Mary, but she made it to the 11th episode — and then appeared in the morgue in 12, which was very sweet of her. But with everyone else, it’s like, “Man, you made it this far. That’s pretty good on this show.”

TVLINE | On the flip side, Justified_Wynn_Duffywas there a certain joy for you in having Wynn Duffy survive it all?
Yes. Yes. And we even considered killing him off this season, but again, in Elmore’s world, character is destiny, and Duffy is a survivor. Somehow, some way, he finds a way to survive, so we felt that was good that he ended up out in the wind.

TVLINE | With the “Down On All Fours” Pet Grooming Service!
That was the art department! I showed up on the set and just started laughing. To me, that was a sign of how everyone on this show, in all departments, got the joke. They got what Elmore Leonard’s world was like.

TVLINE | As we’ve noted, you left all the major players alive. Was that in any way to allow for the possibility of a reunion project down the road?
We didn’t do it because of that, but that at least allows us that opportunity. And that would all depend on a great story and an appetite, and then, frankly, everyone’s lives.

TVLINE | What do you hope Justified‘s legacy turns out to be?
[Pauses to consider] That it was entertaining, frankly. That it was just a really entertaining show.

TVLINE | It had such a wonderfully distinct tone and sense of place, unlike anything on TV.
Yeah, it’s Elmore’s tone. The pilot was 90 percent Elmore, 10 percent me, in terms of the writing, so that’s the ultimate legacy — that we were able to do a TV show that he got a kick out of.

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  1. Cobra says:

    The finale was perfect. It did everything right, didn’t miss a beat.
    Bravo to the cast and crew.

  2. Heidi H says:

    I miss it already. :(

  3. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    What an amazing end to one of the greatest and most underrated series of all time. It sucks that it won’t be back but I’m glad it got to go out on it’s own terms and such a high note.

  4. Amanda says:

    I love how they ended it full circle. Ending with Raylan and Boyd was perfect; it was definitely one of the most interesting central focus’ on the show. But, great finale to a great show. Justified will be missed! Thanks to the cast and crew for six years of one awesome show!

  5. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    That was a GREAT ending…..did not see Ava having a kid coming she kept that secret very well. I LMAO when they showed Boyd all ”jail house” preacher that was funny as hell. Overall loved the final episode really deserved an A++++++++ goodbye Justified!

  6. bradick says:

    “We dug coal together.” That end was tremendous, and I love that they left the three main characters alive in their own pockets of the world. Always room for more trouble, but room for them to grow outside of trouble too. I am perfectly satisfied, and I think Raylan is too.

  7. Lauren says:

    Such a fabulous ending and so true to the show..sad..intense..funny..genuine.with snappy dialogue. I loved every minute and will really miss it. I hope all involved land new gigs worthy of their talents. Bravo, Justified. What a way to end a program. Nicely done.

  8. Terry says:

    Without a doubt one of the best finales of all time. I never wanted to see any of the main characters get killed and wondered how they would do it. Having Raylin show there was some sentimentality in his heart for Boyd was just perfect. Great job all the way around.

  9. Fran says:

    Absolutely fantastic finale. Ending it with Raylan and Boyd the way they did was brilliant. I’ll miss this show so much.

  10. Kayla says:

    Amazing show, tremendous finale.

    I watch a LOT of TV, but there’s something about Justified that makes it stand out.

  11. James D says:

    beautifully done. I understand why Raylan and Wynona didn’t end up together but I still kind of thought it was depressing after all that they still couldn’t work it out. honestly though it would of felt wrong if they did so kudos to Yost for doing it. Thanks for a great show, and for Boyd Crowder there will never be another like him. I’m going to miss this show a lot.

  12. Jenna says:

    Such a great finale. I love that Ava got away, and that Raylan let her go. Kind of bummed that he and Winona weren’t together. The final scene was awesome. I felt kind of sad for Boyd. If there is some type of reunion movie, I’d like for him to somehow find out about his son.
    Congrats to the cast and crew for an amazing show.
    I will miss it.

  13. Beth Fox says:

    Thank you Graham and the cast and writers, directors and producers for 6 wonderful years.

  14. Laurie says:

    Sad to see the show end. The last scene with Raylan and Boyd was perfect.

  15. ? says:

    Man, I’ve been 99% sure for years this show ended with Boyd and Raylan killing each other. Still, I like the ending. Very elegiac.

    • brandi says:

      I thought for sure Boyd was going to end up dead like he did in the book. I still think he should have. He got real nasty there at the end killing Carl and all. But at the same time I’m glad Raylan didn’t just kill him and he gets to live on, even if it is in prison.
      I am wondering why they didn’t mention what happened to Loretta after the 4 year jump. Are we to assume weed was made legal in Kentucky and now she is the queen of pot?

  16. Lisa says:

    The finale was satisfying but I did want to see Loretta being a boss in KY in the flash forward. :)
    So glad all the major players are still alive just in case. I’d go see a JUSTIFIED movie!

    • Maya says:

      So glad I wasn’t that only one. Poor Tim and Rachel will have their hands full. I wish we had seen those two in the flash forward but ending it with Boyd and Raylan was really wonderful, and their relationship was such a driving force on this show, so that final scene was perfect. Also I love how Boyd embraced being a preacher again in prison and came full circle too; that scene with Boyd was just amazing.

      I do wish the writers hadn’t teased Winona/Raylan reuniting again in episode 7 because it was such a cop out that they had Winona remarry again, and have Raylan only be in her life because of Willa. Still I agree with Raylan – they did make a perfect child together.

  17. Wordsmith says:

    It wouldn’t have had the emotional resonance of the other various final scenes, but I still would have loved to see a little tag showing Loretta as the rich and powerful marijuana kingpin of Harlan.

  18. m3rcnate says:

    Interesting, usually my opinion on a series finale is right in line with the general consensus (Lost was bad, Dexter was bad, Fringe was great, etc) but it seems like everyone loves this finale and i felt very underwhelmed. Call me crazy but i was hoping Raylan and Winona could have found a way to make it work, though i understand it didn’t. Still the show seemed to put a great deal of time and effort into Raylan’s love life so to have it end with him single kinda made it suck.
    Then there’s the final shootout with the creepy guy…well that was kinda meh…wasn’t expecting anything other than Raylan winning so it was anti-climatic. The Loretta story line was left completely wide open which was weird cause it would have been fine except they opened it this season and brought her back to the forefront and then left her hanging.

    Ava…to be honest this season and finale felt like it was more about her than Raylan. She was the key to everything all season and got a ton of screen time, both Raylan and Boyd’s story-lines revolved around her, and in the end she ends up happy and living free (and rich?) with her son.

    Lastly theres Boyd…for a series that touted Boyd vs Raylan…having it end with Boyd giving up and going to prison for life…again very anti-climatic.

    Its hard sometimes to combat the opinion of a series finale being “safe” just because a bunch of characters dont die or a bunch of wild things dont happen. Do i think this series finale was true to the series? To an extent, yeah…but i still dont feel satisfied. Everything is SO open ended (which are the finales i always hate the most). Boyd’s alive in prison, Raylan’s alive and single and still unattached, Ava is alive and happy and has a son…

    (I haven’t put a TON of thought into this, but a more dramatic ending i would have loved was Boyd coming up on Raylan in FL thinking hes got the drop on Raylan, having escaped from prison during a fire he started to escape. After some talking and what not, Boyd draws on him but Raylan has already drawn and shoots him dead. Or something like that)

    • Becky says:

      Wynn got her out of town in exchange for the location of the money. She didn’t get it.

    • Deen Meloro says:

      I wanted Raylan and Winona to end up together. She had said she accepted him as he was, so that could have worked. I thought putting Boyd in jail was a cop-out. He was a evil man and should have been killed. I thought Art would kill him since Raylan probably couldn’t. I did think Loretta would kill Boone, but she was involved, so that was OK. I didn’t feel she needed any more time on screen, because if there is going to be a drug culture in Harlan, she is going to be a big part of it. I knew Wynn would get away ~ he’s a survivor. Ava having a baby? I thought that was a whole new story line that didn’t have to be introduced. Raylan would have left her in CA anyway. Two things: where’s the money? (Wynn?) and I hated the new hate!

      • m3rcnate says:

        I do think the pregnancy (assuming she knew) was great motivation for her acting how she did, using Raylan and Boyd however she needed to to avoid going back to prison where she said she wouldn’t last (and if she knew she was pregnant, she knew she’d go in, give birth and have her baby taken away). It makes her acting so weird and doing anything it takes to avoid going back to prison make sense.

      • brandi says:

        I hate the new hat too. Just doesn’t look right.
        I did want to see what happened to Loretta. I didn’t really think she was going to let Boone kill Raylan, but it was nice to see her step up. I don’t think she said a word the whole episode.
        I too thought putting Boyd in jail was a bit of a cop-out as well. They seemed to go out of their way towards the end to remind us what a bad person he was. But at the same time I am glad Raylan didn’t just shoot him.
        I have to say I’m so glad Tim, Art, and Rachael didn’t get killed either. Mostly Tim, but glad all 3 of them survived the series.

        • If they do a future special, movie or mini series, I’d love to see Loretta in place as the new mini Mags. Boyd out of prison. Raylan maybe called in for a special transport or assignment.

    • Susan Burns says:

      I agree with you that the finale was underwhelming compared to the rest of the series, but I vary on a few of the “why’s”.

      I actually loved that Raylan and Winona don’t end up together. They were never a good couple and Raylan was a ladies man even WHILE mooning over Winona – so she’ll always be the one that got away and he likes it that way.

      I didn’t feel the need for Ava to have a bucolic happily-ever-after. I thought the intro of Boyd Jr. was cheesy and her being preggers was not a good enough reason for the Feds to be unable to find her all this time. I did like Raylan trying to give her peace by telling Boyd she was dead BUT I don’t think that Boyd would really believe it unless his own investigation came to the same conclusion, so I don’t think that Ava is really safe should Boyd ever be free (pitch for Justified: The Movie!). Also, I don’t think Ava’s rich. I think she had to give Wynn Duffy every cent she had left to get her out. He wouldn’t have done it for free and he wouldn’t have been generous with a partnership with her, given that he was her only way out. Wynn Duffy is all about opportunity and leverage.

      I agree with you about Boyd. I thought either he or Ava would end up dead. I was really surprised that he just let himself be arrested. I expected him to pull on Ava in that scene when Raylan’s egging him to pull on him instead. He’d hit (or miss) Ava and Raylan would put him down. I was SO sure that’s how that scene was going to go and was disappointed when it didn’t.

      • brandi says:

        I thought that same thing about him trying to shoot Ava there in the barn. But Boyd is a survivor. I think he knew either way if he raised that gun he wasn’t going to make it out alive. I never thought for a minute they were going to kill Raylan off, but I did think Boyd was going to die.
        I’m ok with Raylan and Winona not ending up together either. I am glad he made his way to Florida and lives close to his daughter but them ending not ending up together is ok. And hey, she got Jason Gedrick!

    • Read some of Elmore Leonard’s Raylan stories. Raylan was divorced, had 2 kids with Winona (they could get back together for another fling), but they never got along. He was a single marshal who always had an eye for the ladies. The Justified writers were being true to Elmore.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Yeah and in my comment i said i realize that the ending really fits the Justified series (aka Elmore Leonard’s vision) but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t underwhelming for me, or that i didnt wish Raylan ended up with Winona. I feel like even seeing Raylan with a new GF would have made me feel a bit better, rather than him just on his lonesome doing his own thing. But oh well. Underwhelming doesnt mean bad, it was a good series finale. It didnt go out with a whimper or a bang, it just went out on-par. My issue is the series started with a bang (FL draw down at the hotel) and this entire series hes been a badass gun slinger ladies man who wants Boyd dead…and the series ends with no ladies, one gun slinging moment that was highly predictable and Boyd in prison. :/

        • I see your point. Raylan had no ladies in Season 6. We can only hope for a future project with Raylan being back to the lady charmer he is.

          I was one who didn’t want Raylan, Boyd or Ava dead, in hopes of a future project. I really didn’t think I’d get what I wanted. I thought Markham’s demise was gruesome. Boyd digging up the skull made me jump. And Boon ended up about like I thought he would. My big surprise was our main three characters made it out of Harlan alive. I thought Boyd was a goner for certain. And that Raylan would go to the great beyond along with Elmore by Boon’s hand.

          I suppose Art was pleased at Raylan’s growth as a marshal while under his charge. That he didn’t shoot Boyd if he didn’t have to.

          I just thought of something. No mention of ADA Vasquez who was nothing but a trouble maker in Season 6. Over reached. Over charged. Lost his nut if you ask me. Other than Raylan had his badge returned and his job 4 years later in a big city office.

    • stunner says:

      I agree with you and I’m a big fan of the show… My sons name is Raylan….

    • aleasha says:

      I was left feeling underwhelmed as well, you are not alone. I would have liked to see what happened to Loretta too.

  19. Dew J says:

    Loved this show, the ending was spot on. Gonna miss these characters for sure. Thank you to the cast, crew, writers and everyone who made this show possible. The only thing missing was constable Bob (Patton Oswalt) outcome but we know the hapless Bob somehow made it thru because against all odds he always did. The final scene had me feeling like i had a warm shot of whatever Raylan and Art toasted in their last meeting. Thank you.

  20. Jim says:

    I have only one issue with the finale. Boone’s hat is awful on Raylan. Should have gotten him a black one like the one with the hole in it.

    • Wordsmith says:

      It looked wrong in that first scene where he puts it on, but I thought that he broke it in pretty well by the flash-forward scenes.

    • Alan Ramsey says:

      From what I’ve read, Boon’s hat was actually closer to the “Businessman’s Stetson” that Elmore Leonard imagined Raylan wearing, and was a nod to him.

      • You are correct, Alan Ramsey. Elmore never liked the hat that was picked out for Timothy Olyphant and told him he didn’t need to wear it all the time. For Kentucky, I liked the white Stetson Raylan wore. That was cool how they used the shootout as a way for Raylan to switch to a Businessman’s Stetson that just happened to belong to Boon.

  21. Took a while to get to sleep last night replaying the last episode in my mind over and over. What got me the most was the quiet loyalty of friends from long ago that was so “out in front” in this episode. Characters did a more than awesome job. I will miss this show soooooo much. What will I do on Tuesday nights without my Justified???????

    • deb says:

      I feel the same! What an excellent show!!! I love seeing Boyd & Rayland play mental chess with one another.. I will truly miss this show!

  22. dman6015 says:

    He should have a workshop for other showrunners on how to do a series finale.

  23. Nicole says:

    I really wish they had been able to work out getting the actor and kept the mention of Dewey even if it had been a downer to confirm he’s dead if only so that the character’s death was acknowledged by Raylan and for our last image of Dewey to have been alive even if in a ‘What if’ theory posited by Raylan.

    If they ever do a follow up to the show, it would have to be in 20 years Zachariah and Willa somehow hook up (presuming both are heterosexual). Boyd and Raylan’s lives just seem fated to be forever intertwined and their kids winding up together would be such a kicker.

  24. Joy says:

    Call me crazy, but I wonder if there was a possibility that Raylan was the father of Ava’s little boy. Granted it never showed them ‘together’, but the day he came to her house when Boyd was not home, then he had the confrontation with Boyd when he got home and Boyd asked if ‘something’ was making him continue to come around – obviously talking about his attraction to Ava – made me wonder if they did have sex that day. Would be a great place to start a revival of the series. Boyd finds out Ava has a son, oh and by the way, it’s not his son, but Raylan’s!
    Incredible series – fantastic finale!

  25. wenda forkey says:

    Heartbroken to see it end. Every charecter was an individual just as Elmore Leonard has always written in his novels. Truly a unique and brilliant show. Enjoyed every episode and will sorely miss it. (Wish Winona and Raylan were back together, tho)

  26. JAO says:

    Now that’s how to end a show! BRAVO!!

  27. What?! says:

    What a perfect finale! What a show! 6 years of greatness! Thanks to the cast n crew for 6 years of amazing entertainment. You’ll always be in my TV collection!

  28. The Beach says:

    To me, the writers are what made this show unique and special…yeah, the acting ain’t bad either. But unlike other good guy/bad guy or cops and robbers shows, this one had so much humor. The lines were so smart and snarky that I chuckled multiple times an episode. And last night when Ava peeled out in her big getaway I stood up and laughed and cheered. Such a great show!!

  29. CitznFish says:

    No mention of the $9 million left in the hills? That’s gotta be the centerpiece of a reunion show..

  30. toneeye says:

    I want to see a Loretta spin-off show.

  31. Chitown_mimi says:

    THE MOST fulfilling and satisfying series finale I have seen in…maybe forever. The show is a hidden treasure.

  32. Becky says:

    What a wonderful ending to this show. I was so pleased with it, I actually watched a second time, staying up late last night. I loved that Raylan, Boyd, and Ava all lived, despite all the death in the last episodes. Perfection!! Thanks, Graham Yost and all who had a part of this series.

  33. Evan says:

    They missed a huge chance… I would have rather seen Boyd and Raylan take 10 paces and spin finale, but i guess it was okay

  34. Karen says:

    I have very mixed emotions today. Joyful about the entire 6 year series but deeply saddened that it’s over. I loved every episode! All the twists and turns. Never knew what would happen next. And the finale didn’t disappoint either. Time after time I would say, “I didn’t see that coming!!” Thank you to everyone that had a part in Justified. It was absolutely the best show hands down! I will be totally lost on Tuesday nights…

  35. themazman says:

    Really, really going to miss this show. Dewey’s death was probably the only thing I didn’t like about it.

  36. Helen Burns says:

    I was disappointed that Raylan & Wynonna didn’t wind up together. And where in the world did her husband come from out of left field? A complete stranger. Otherwise it was a good ending, but came way too soon.

  37. Ann says:

    I wish I could give it more than a 10… Best show on tv in my book, hated to see it end, but the ending was a perfect one! Great job to all concerned!

  38. Robin says:

    I am truly going to miss this show! One of my favorites. Sad to see it go!

  39. Vincent says:

    The best show I’ve seen in years and hate to see it end but at least it had a ending and didn’t get canceled after a couple seasons with no ending THANK YOU VERY MUCH VINCENT

  40. Helen conn says:

    Love the Show never missed it so sad it Ended God bless everyone

  41. Don Bowen says:

    Thanks for 6 great years of quality entertainment, one of the all time greats.

  42. Mark Blow says:

    ‘We dug coal together’

    That simple line tells you how much of a bond Raylan and Boyd really had, even though they were the opposite sides of the same coin.

  43. Eulenna Doll says:

    It couldn’t have ended better. So glad the 3 principal characters survived. LOVED this show and will miss it horribly…

  44. Robin Woodard says:

    I really have enjoyed watching Justified!! Sure am going to miss all the actors and actresses, everyone did such a amazing talented job. Best of luck to you all!

  45. Shelly Conrady says:

    I an sad to see the show ending but was happy with the turn out. Would love to see a spin off!!!

  46. franny isaacs says:

    I love, loved this show. I am gonna miss it.

  47. Great story .Very well written.Some of the best actors in television. Just don’t see to many great stories like this.Left me with tears at the ending.Bittersweet, but the best ending I’ve ever seen.Would like to see a comeback ivolving them all with the storyline involving Lorreta.Welldone job!

  48. Actually, it was Boyd who this time said the line, “We dug coal together.”

    Loved, loved, loved the finale. It was true to Elmore (down to the new business man’s Stetson) and a failed Raylan/Winona relationship) and good to the fans. My heartfelt thanks to Graham Yost, the writers, and phenomenal cast and crew for one of THE most entertaining TV rides I’ve ever been on.

  49. gap11559 says:

    thank you for a great ride .who the heck voted it a fail