12 Monkeys Finale Recap: Out of Time

12 Monkeys Season 1 Finale Recap

“It took time travel to create time travel.”

As expected, 12 Monkeys Season 1 finale on Friday night was a bananas mind-bender that took no prisoners.

By the time it was all over, so many crazy questions were left up in the air that I almost forgot Aaron perished at the start of the episode. And not only does he die, but he does so after Cole beats him up for information as his ex Cassie watches. Then he burns to death after a fight between the men breaks out, his agonizing screams piercing the air as Cole convinces Cassie there’s nothing they can do and urges her to run. Brutal.

Eventually, Cole and Cassie track Ramse to the building where the time machine is being developed. He wants to destroy it to protect his future and his son. If Cole never travels to stop the plague, then billions die, but his son gets to live one day. Cole says he wouldn’t do that for one life, but Ramse knows what’s in his friend’s heart. Isn’t he doing all this not for the good of mankind, but so Cassie won’t die one day? After all, he loves her.

Cassie enters and urges Cole to shoot Ramse. He’s The Witness, he’s responsible for everything, she yells. Ramse claims he’s not, but Cassie, getting more badass by the second, only says, “He made his choice,” and shoots him. She gets hurt in the crossfire, too, and starts to bleed internally. The only way to save her, Ramse argues, is to inject her and send her to Jones in the future.

“I’m going to see you soon,” Cole tells her as he places her in the time machine. (How gorgeously shot/lit was that scene?)

“I don’t think so,” Cassie sadly replies before landing in 2043.

Meanwhile, Striking Woman – yes, that is how she’s credited – is informed that The Twelve are ready. So who or what are these mysterious Twelve? Babies! In 28 years, they’ll grow up to be the weird-looking misfits who break into Jones’ compound to complete this cycle.

“All of this is preordained,” Striking Woman explains. “Scripted by time. Ummovable. Because there is nothing more powerful than fate.”

But is it really as set in stone as she claims? Cole is determined not to let Ramse meet his fate. “No one has to die,” he says, helping his wounded friend. “We’ll find another way.”

As for the virus, the release is “out of our hands,” Striking Woman’s voiceover informs us as Jennifer and her many ominous-looking cases board a plan to travel the world. But this isn’t a personal vacation. “I have work to finish,” she declares. Um, what?! In the words of Cassie, “I don’t have time for your crazy bullsh-t. There’s too much at stake, and my patience is gone.” So please tell me what is going on!

12 Monkeys fans, what did you think of the finale? Are you relieved the show got a second season to answer all these mysteries? And how soon can we get Cole and Cassie back in the same timeline? Because that’s where the show really shines.

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  1. laurelnev says:

    This show turned out to be SO MUCH better than I expected! LOVED the finale, and I can see a clear plan for S2. It takes time travel to create time travel. Ramsey financed what he needed to return home, but them was SUPPOSED to die to close the loop. “My always and your always are not necessarily the same.” Now that they have closed the original loop, I think we are going to see things change. SO GLAD Cole and Ramse had a chance to reconcile, and I HOPE that now Ramse controls the machine, next season will be about how they CAN change the future for the better, and that they WILL eventually be able to return home, paradox blood or not. Maybe this OTHER Dr. Jones will have angles OUR Dr. Jones never conceived of. The Blue Group, aka Olivia’s spawn, certainly seemed surprised to see Cassie coming through! And Ramse revealed he is NOT the witness…who can that be then? And what is Jennifer’s plan? Will any of this change “The Sisters?” I can’t believe we have to wait another year to see how this plays out!

    • Andrew says:

      The other Dr. Jones was Katarina’s husband, Elliot, the one she said divorced her 6 days after they were married. Obviously, since he quoted her to the other scientist (after the machine was ready for Ramse/Seki), that implies that they already knew each other or were possibly married/divorced by that time. Just saying. It’s interesting, though: She never mentioned to Cole (or to anyone else) that he helped build the machine.

      • laurelnev says:

        Yes, I assume the 2 Dr Jonses were already done with the 6 day marriage by the finale’s place in the timeline. I DO wonder if they collaborated, or if one stole the other’s “life’s work,” and whether any of this factored into the 6-day-knock-her-up-divorce thing. And I also wonder, since Cole’s encounter was before this, if she at all pulled back now that she knew Project Splinter was such a success. Ramse made a point of clearing the room, probably so as NOT to corrupt the timeline, so perhaps he will return to him now that he doesn’t die on the floor of the lab. I also wonder where our Male Jones is in the future timeline. SO MANY QUESTIONS after this season finale!

  2. auriculum says:

    Very promising series and a solid first season finale! I’m already looking forward to next season!

  3. Et al says:

    This show has exceeded all expectations and has emerged as the best series SyFy has had since Battlestar. Thank goodness it was renewed or I would have lost my mind over that finale. I just hope next season they find a better timeslot and I hope this gets on Netflix ASAP so more people can discover it.

  4. justsomeguy says:

    Seriously, more people should be watching this show. It’s compelling, exciting, and at times rather unpredictable. This is basically a show based around WTF at any given moment and I love it.

  5. James D says:

    really enjoyed this season glad it got renewed, because if they ended it after that I’d be plenty upset. great show can’t wait for next season. Now SyFy please renew Helix and we can all go home happy :)

  6. pl says:

    Cannot really figure out the time travel rules for this show. Is there the butterfly effect?

  7. Joey Padron says:

    great season finale. can’t wait for season 2!

  8. This show just got better and better all season.
    It’s so easy to screw up time travel, but they’re making it work.
    Can’t wait for season 2!

  9. E says:

    What an amazing first season. So much better than I expected. My mind was blown when Cassie was sent to the future. Now we have to wait a year before seeing if/when her and Cole see each other again. Can hardly wait for season 2

  10. Susan says:

    So crazy about the show and the lead actors. Beyond what I thought it would be. Needed a new show to obsess about after Fringe left the air and now I’ve found it! Watching all the episodes again just in case I missed something. I’d have thrown the tv out the window if it wasn’t renewed for a second season. Thank you Syfy channel!

  11. Liz says:

    Such a nice way to end the season. I really like Schull and Stanford as the lead actors; they’re great together as a team. Too bad they were apart a few times throughout the season, which is why I’m hoping Cassie’s visit to the future will be a brief one.
    The hooded men/women didn’t really seem to be expecting Cassie to come either. I suspect her presence somehow will interrupt this so called cycle they spoke about. I wonder how that will play out.
    And Cassie’s goodbye to Cole…. wow. That scene was so well done.
    Looking forward to season 2.

  12. JNT says:

    I really didn’t expect this show to be this good! And it actually got better with each episode. The lead actors have great chemistry in my opinion. And the supporting cast is really good as well. Happy the show’s been renewed. Can’t wait to find out what happens… Love the series!

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  14. NOLANOLA says:

    ”We did not see AARON die” per the writers/show runners.
    Mrs Dr Jones really lied a lot. Not only to Cole buy RAMSE as well.
    Olivia LIED to RAMSE so I hope he dupes her and keeps his money to help Cole.
    If COLE take Ramse to 2015 Mrs Dr Jones for help with the surgery….she was/is a damn good liar.
    Do we think we will see Mr Dr Jones again…..that would really complicate things in 2015 but in the future it might help.
    The WITNESS IS OLIVIA’S father.
    The 12 babies are CLONES. Not the same one but clones nevertheless.
    Cole felt ill when standing next to the FROZEN CORPSE and Jennifer said ”It’s something about it’s eyes” They are Cole’s ”OTTER EYES”

    What a beautiful ENDING. Only thing that can change FATE is Love.

  15. RDG1969 says:

    I was disappointed with the season finale. I wanted at least a pure definition of who the 12 Monkeys were….12 babies who grow up as white faced people didn’t make sense to me….28 years old yet looking like 50 year olds in poor health? And why would Striking Woman, who has the slow moving, pompous obnoxious voice, support the likely deaths of seven billion people without explaining why she supported it? I was hoping that the explanation for the 12 Monkeys was an attempt to SAVE the world from a worse threat versus just destroying seven billion…for what purpose? World domination? Creating a better human race? I am now wondering whether or not to watch it again. The movie suggested that one insane person wanted to start a plague for no good reason other than to prove he could do it…so what was the goal here? Leaving such a range of unanswered questions is disappointing to me.

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  17. Luli says:

    I’m a year late… but damnnn I loved the finale!! and that scene between Cole and Cassie when they are sayiung goodbye; such a great shot. I do think the show is at its best when they are together so I hope they don’t take too long to reunite them.