Daredevil Teaser Reveals Red Suit — But How Soon Will Matt Wear It?

On the eve of the Marvel’s Daredevil premiere on Netflix (13 episodes drop Friday), the superhero series’ Twitter feed shared a short video that teases Matt Murdock’s assorted looks — including the iconic red suit.

The question is: How quickly (or not) will Matt upgrade from the simple black costume seen in trailers-to-date, to the more colorful get-up?

Watch the video below, then read on for the answer.

Explaining the decision to go all-black for the sightless legal eagle’s maiden voyages into the Hell’s Kitchen underbelly, exec producer Steven S. DeKnight told TVLine, “Really what I responded to was the fact that Matt was not a hero yet. He was learning how to be a hero. That means he can make a lot of mistakes and go down the wrong path, and I find that very interesting.

“There’s also a practical reason for not having him suited up in the first episode – assuming we ever get to an outfit,” he continued. “If, dare I say, hypothetically, you were going to make a Daredevil outfit, it takes a long time. It takes a long time to design, it takes a long time to get everybody to approve it, and then it takes a long time to build it and a long time to test it. So again, if there were a [red] suit, it would probably take about seven months to actually get that done.”

Meaning, Matt might not see red for at least a few episodes, if not longer. “We never felt that there was a rush, as long as we were telling a good story,” DeKnight said. “And once you actually see him in the [black] outfit and how it feels organic to the show, I think you kind forget that it’s a black outfit and you’re just along for the ride.” (With reporting by Scott Huver)

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