Nina Dobrev's Vampire Diaries Exit Is 'Bittersweet,' Says Co-Star Kat Graham

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev

Vampire Diaries fans aren’t the only ones saddened by Nina Dobrev‘s decision to leave the CW drama at the end of its current season.

During an appearance on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz on Wednesday, Kat Graham became the first TVD co-star to publicly address the exit, which was officially announced Monday on Instagram.

“It’s very bittersweet,” she admitted. “We’re all family, and you always want to stay together forever, but everyone has their journey, and all you can do is wish them well and support them. This was a decision that I know was made a long, long time ago. I’m just excited for her, and to see what’s next.”

Graham also promised a “cool, epic battle in the season finale,” so at least we know Season 6 will go out with a bang.

Watch Graham’s interview below, then drop a comment: How do you feel about Dobrev’s departure?

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  1. Sara Wrubel says:

    I am gonna be sad if and when Nina Dovrev leaves The Vampire Diaries.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    What are the chances TVD will get a proper “final season” now that Nina Dobrev (wolf whistle) is leaving after the end of the season?

    • Aidan says:

      its already been renewed for a 7th season and this is obviously something the cast, crew and writers have known for a while and have been preparing for/building the story towards. Hence how Caroline’s story has taken centre stage, as she’ll probably be the new female lead but i think the next season will centre on the brothers bond, because besides the love triangle thats been one of the strongest parts of the series. I just hope that the 7th is the last season so they can end it properly. I understand why Nina Dobrev the actress would want to leave, playing house and acting in love with your ex everyday for like 14 hour days obviously isn’t healthy but i hope that Elena isn’t killed off in the season 6 finale so that she can come back in the series finale next year for a satisfying wrap up to this series.

  3. Sam says:

    Thank god…The only bitter is the whole dang show. The first few seasons were the best. It is time to end it. I am not sure why everyone thinks Nina “I need to eat a meal” Dobrev is so fantastic.

  4. Mayowa says:

    Nina is leaving…very bad…I was expecting something epic….now she is leaving….I think she will be killed off in season 6…den caroline take her place…

  5. Jeri says:

    I will miss her, she has been the face of the show. It does seem say have been winding down her story line for a while and I think the show can survive. Caroline must stay though!

  6. Dude says:

    It’s bittersweet for her cause she knows she’s getting more screentime now.

  7. Gladys Ndambuki says:

    Is sad she’s leaving she’s a great actress but leaving because of her ex that’s stupid i never approve on their relationships NEVER

  8. Gladys Ndambuki says:

    Though will miss her alot so much

  9. Wordsmith says:

    Important to note that she is saying that Nina’s (i.e. the actress’) exit is bittersweet, so Elena’s (the character’s) exit could still be either horribly traumatic or completely not a big deal…

  10. Jo says:

    Im dead. Thats the bullet that killed me

  11. austin says:

    Dear Nina,
    You first came into our lives as a teenage girl who lost her parent’s in a car accident and now your leaving us as a bad ass vampire who cares about her family and Friend’s, who would do anything for them. I think I can speak for every Vampire diaries fan that you have inspired us all to never abandoned our friends and family. I personally want to thank you for what an extremely great job you did playing three different characters all at once you’ve made me want to be someone like you! We’ve all had an amazing six season journey with you and you will foreveremain in our hearts we <3 you!
    Love- your fan Austin :)

  12. Yanez says:

    Well Kat said Nina knew she was leaving for a long time so that explains why her character has kind of been in the background the last couple seasons. I read somewhere that the books actually focus more on the Salvatore brothers. I haven’t read them so I’m not sure myself but hopefully the storytelling gets a little better next season.

    • Josh says:

      So does the show…Let’s face it, do any female characters(beside Bonnie this season) have their own storyline? Caroline’s own mother’s death was more about Stefan and Damon.

  13. Mutambo says:

    Trying so had to picture VD without her bt we move on all the best Nina

  14. Pati says:

    I gave up on the show, I stopped watching mid season last season. I am still recording the shows maybe I’ll watch it again on a rainy day. But the show just got boring, too much of the same thing, people dying and coming back it was just not good anymore. Maybe now that she is leaving Kat will finally get a good story line. I don’t know if the show will be good without her. What is even going to be about? The brother’s whole life is about Elena, who are they going to fight over now?

  15. zed says:

    Not surprised about Nina’s decision to leave. There is nothing challenging for her in Elena’s character anymore to give. But if they knew that she was leaving and would not sign the contract then the story should have been played out a bit better, in my opinion. They should not have killed off Katherine so soon.
    Let’s see this epic end of days for season six.
    I consider Bonnie and Caroline as lead female characters this season anyway. The storylines were more about them.
    Bamon ROCK ON!

  16. carol says:

    not sad at all very happy indeed

  17. qui says:

    Hallelujah, best news of the week. i think i can resume watching TVD now. hope all the best for her and please do not come back

  18. George says:

    I honestly think the show will still be good with out her. I never saw her as the lead since the beginning i have always thought that it was more of the relationship between stefan and damon. Even though the show practically revolved around her i still believe the show will be better without her. At least know Bamon can happen and even though people say there was no build up Elena said you are mean to the people you hate and told matt that was Damon logic which leads me to believe that Bamon will happen.

  19. Chris says:

    I was very sad for Delena when I heard this…then I realized Bamon might be endgame. I’m still a Delena shipper, but as the bible says: “For every time, there is a season.”

    She has to die. It doesn’t make sense that Damon would move on unless she dies.