American Idol Recap: No Judgment

I’ve been recapping American Idol since Carrie Underwood was a humble farm girl who may or may not have been able to afford Almay — let alone be the face of its national advertising campaign.

And throughout that time, the show’s judging panel has been my go-to source for mockery, outrage and befuddlement — as well as an assortment of all-important conspiracy theories.

Back in those innocent times (when, yes, I argued vehemently that Bo Bice was the more radio-ready star than the girl who made “Jesus Take the Wheel” a household expression), Facebook was only in its infancy — and Twitter didn’t even exist — meaning there wasn’t any kind of hive-mind to weigh in on issues like pitch or song choice or arrangement or Anthony Fedorov’s relative hotness.

And that’s why heading into Season 14’s Top 8 performance night – with a crazy-vague theme of “Billboard Hits” (AKA “Whatever you want that’s kinda recent!”) — I decided to take a page from Bonnie Raitt and turn down these voices inside my head.

Yes, folks, I made the controversial move this week of muting and/or fast-forwarding through every single critique by Nicole Kidman’s pretty-haired hubby, the star of box-office flop Gigli and that guy who was on Will & Grace for 23 episodes.

I also stayed off Twitter — the place where opinions hatch half-formed, get hurled from the nest and flap their hideously mangled wings in vain — until the point at which we all had to type furiously as part of the show’s new Idol Fan Save.

Yep, the following letter grades are mine all mine — and I’m OK with that:

MB2_3502_hires1Jax – Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” — Grade: B- | No matter how Season 14 ultimately plays out, here’s hoping Scott Borchetta & His Goatee of Doom take a chance on Jax and sign her to his Big Machine label. Because at the end of the day, she’s not merely willing to take risks — she absolutely seems to thrive on acts of musical derring-do. “Poker Face,” alas, turned out to be her biggest misfire (arrangement-wise) since “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” — her tweaks to the chorus robbed the song of its familiarity, and its propulsive kick — and while it didn’t sound exactly bad, I don’t have any desire to hear it again, either. Perhaps more problematic, though, is my fear that Jax’s decision to perform sans pants will prove a terrible miscalculation of what Idol voters want. Could Jax go home next week? I wouldn’t be shocked. Could she roar back with an epic performance and leave me certain she’s a shoo-in for a hometown visit? Sounds totally plausible, too. And therein lies this teenage chica’s polarizing appeal. (Side note: Her iTunes recording of “Beautiful Disaster” from last week is hands-down the best recording produced this season.)

MB2_3543_hires1Nick Fradiani – Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” — Grade: B- | To quote Celine Dion (always a good idea when you’re attempting to be all dramatic), “There were moments of gold and there were flashes of light” in Nick’s performance, which to my mind, was one of the more astute song choices of the night. (Harry whined about the lyrical content prior to the performance — which made me cringe, seeing how Katy Perry’s monster smash IS NOT LITERALLY ABOUT BEING UNDER THE AGE OF 20, but rather, is about the kind of romance that transports you back to those first romantic percolations you feel as a kid. Maybe someone needs to ponderously explain to Prof. Connick the meaning of the word “simile”?) Trouble was, Nick’s grasp of pitch and breath support began to slip away from him midway through the number — especially in those final ad-libs that sat about as comfortably as a ball of tin foil between one’s teeth. It all might’ve been good enough to keep Nick on the path to the Top 5 — had this been Season 12 or 13 — but in this deep a pool, dude’s failure to have a true “moment-moment” after six weeks of live performances could prove fatal.

MB2_3921_hires1Quentin Alexander – Disclosure (feat. Sam Smith)’s “Latch” — Grade: A- | Quentin picked up the tempo this week — an astute bit of strategy to counter the complaints about his obsession with haunting midtempo ditties — and also eschewed creepy lyrics in order to play the romantic lead in his own Idol story. And as it turned out, the seductive persona fit Quentin perfectly, as he brought an authentic longing and undeniable sex appeal to lines like, “How do you do it? You got me losing my every breath.” I’ll admit there were a handful of hinky notes in the mix, but the thing about Quentin is, his vocals are always solid enough to keep me invested in the silky web of seduction that he’s spinning.

MB2_4007_hires1Joey Cook – Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” — Grade: B+ | Like Quentin, Joey also got strategic this week, only she did it by sticking very closely to the original template of Miley Cyrus’ biggest ballad — and proving she’s more than the sum of her quirky jazz arrangements. Yeah, the entire performance was a bit internalized — punctuated by closed eyelids and physical stillness — but the break in Joey’s voice and her very solid sense of pitch served as a solid foundation for a true display of emotion. When the season is done, this won’t rank as one of Joey’s most memorable weeks, but as far as the competitive arc of her season goes, she did more than enough to sail through next week’s results.

MB2_4093_hires1Clark Beckham – Ed Sheeran’s “Make It Rain” — Grade: A- | Unlike Quentin and Joey, Clark didn’t make any major changes to his standard operating procedure, but there was nevertheless a subtle shift in his artistry — and an intriguing one at that — as he brought out the electric guitar and served up a bluesier flavor than the throwback R&B and sensitive pop vibes that have made him a front-runner. There was a lovely dynamic range to the performance, too, and unlike his “Trouble With Love Is,” the blue-eyed heartthrob managed to stay in tune when he crescendoed to a gravel-tinged howl at the end of the performance. If Clark wants to definitively seal his spot in the Top 2, I still contend he could try to be a little less on-the-nose in terms of song selection, but other than the need for a little more physical expressiveness on stage, he’s getting harder and harder to fault.

Tyanna Jones – Rihanna (feat. Mikky Ekko)’s “Stay” — Grade: A- | As J.Lo said in introducing the performance, Tyanna seemed to be losing her spark the last couple weeks — which only made it all the more thrilling when she rebounded by unlocking a heretofore unseen vulnerability (and ironing out her nagging pitch issues) on Rihanna’s most gorgeous ballad. The hint of vibrato with which she infused the song’s extended notes punctuated beautifully the mournful lyrics. And while the last few lines got compromised by Tyanna’s runaway emotions, that kind of slip-up is always preferable to note perfection that’s void of authentic feeling, no?

Bottom Two, Competing for the “Idol Fan Save” via Twitter
MB2_4515_hires1Rayvon Owen – Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” — Grade: B+ | As Scott Borchetta said with thudding obviousness prior to the sing-off, Rayvon Vs. Qaasim was a battle between Big Vocals and Big Entertainment — not that the two are (or should be) mutually exclusive. And lucky for Rayvon, he began his number by (metaphorically) reaching into his chest, grabbing a handful of vital organs and hurling ’em down on the stage to underscore the depth of his heartache. “Set Fire to the Rain” is a great song to have in your pocket when you’re literally singing for your existence — and Rayvon did a great job of weaving urgency through every huge note of the tune. (I even rather enjoyed his jarring/cool approach to the chorus — with nothing but booming percussion beneath his pained howl.) Yeah, there were a few places where the hat-wearing cutie overshot the note, but unlike so many reality contestants who attempt to scale Mt. Adele, Rayvon didn’t fall into a fatal crevasse.

MB2_4651_hires1Qaasim Middleton – Outkast’s “Hey Ya” — Grade: C+ | You can’t really blame Season 14’s most frenetic, dance-obsessed performer for zeroing in on a jam with a breakdown that allows you to chant, “Shake it like a Polaroid picture!” But despite the judges’ fawning commentary (ugh, I never should’ve unmuted ’em for the sing-off!), I’m still not convinced that Emperor Middleton isn’t butt booty naked. Granted, the staging —with Qaasim at the front of a V formation of background singers and musicians — looked almost Grammy-worthy. But the questionable pitch, the utter lack of breath control and that final sad surrender of a falsetto run conspired to make the early front-runner an “Outkast” in the Twitter battle. (Sorry, that was too easy to pass up!)

For the second week running, the serious mismatch of the sing-off sent me into a flurry of Twitter insanity because what else do I have to do with my life?

Saved by America’s Tweets: Rayvon (woot!)
Eliminated: Qaasim

Should Be Next Week’s Bottom 2: Jax, Nick (Nick going home — even though that hurts my heart)
Will Be Next Week’s Bottom 2: Rayvon, Nick (Rayvon going home — even though that too hurts my heart)

On that note, I turn it over to you! What did you think of Top 8 performance night? Who were your faves? Who’s at risk? Did the right contestant get “Twitter Saved”? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Antz says:

    American Idol needs to replace Scott Borchetta with RedOne’s producer Nadir Khayat (who’s also a musician).

    • Christian says:

      I really don’t have a problem with Scott Borcherta. He is still miles better than Randy Jackson.

      • It’s absolutely not even close between Scott and Randy. I think Scott has been saying some really on point things, especially in the taped packages. The thing I do love is the fact that we have been getting just unbelievably great Guest Mentors. This week Jason DeRulo gave some pretty sound advice, Kelly Clarkson was about perfect last week and Boy George was excellent and extremely thorough and accurate a few weeks ago. It’s nice to see how invested the mentors seem to be.

        • Me. says:

          Jason DeRulo was fabulous as a mentor. Would have loved to have seen more of him. And the blonde guy from FGL was pretty good.

        • T says:

          Me I miss Jimmy Iovine- he really understands the music business and talent way better than Randy or Scott. His brutal honesty was refreshing and what they needed to here.

      • Gailer says:

        I need Randy on there saying, this is a singing competition!

        • Timmah says:

          And someone is in it to win it!

          • NayNay says:

            Good looking out y’all.

          • Timmah says:

            I just don’t think it was the right song choice for you for me.

          • T.B. Hammer says:

            Borchetta is not a good TV personality and he detracts from the show. Even though he may make some seemingly insightful comments here and there, he is also part of TPTB behind the production – and that’s the only reason he’s there on the TV screen.

      • Antz says:

        Why am I having trouble to post my reply? Been trying three times.

      • Jill Moy says:

        Scott gave Maddie “GIRLS” and Joey, “WANNA HAVE FUN!” As a result, Maddie is gone and Joey had her worst performance! He praised Jax,
        saying how “GREAT” she was, on her worst performance! He stinks and looks like a weirdo to boot! Even RJ was better than that incompetant fool!

        • Antz says:

          I think Maddie and Joey have themselves to blame. As for Scott’s judgement, while not entirely inaccurate he is only looking at the surface or as Kelly Clarkson called him ‘Captain Obvious’.

          • Jill Moy says:


            But as a mentor, you don’t alow singers to sing crap and make fools of themselves! HE IS A DUNCE!

          • James TISK says:

            In Scott’s defense sometimes (as Melinda pointed out) the ship is sometimes already out to sea before the mentors get there and their job is to hope they don’t sink. Also, Maddie Walker was boring (technically proficient) and Joey has given us “King of Spain”, “Fancy”, “Mad World”, “Miss Independent”, and “Wrecking Ball”. One mistake doesn’t make Scott a bad mentor.

    • Me. says:

      I think Scott has been great. He seems to be really invested in helping these kids.

  2. Christian says:

    Top 5 Going to Tour has to be

    -Rayvon or Quinten

    • Gailer says:

      I was shocked about only 5 going, but I should not be. Everything is pared down this season. I feel Ryan doesn’t believe anymore either in the show and that makes me sad. I’d love for the original judges to return along with Ryan next season.

      • I feel like Ryan has left the building also.

      • Elisabeth says:

        I think they’re worried because the attendance has fallen off on the Idol Tour the last few seasons, but they’ve had nowhere near the talent they have this season. The Top 10 this year is better than the Top5 the last two years.

        • Antz says:

          I heard rumours that the other finalists (6th place and beyond) will perform at their respective hometown if it’s along the tour route.

      • Lyn Jensen says:

        If the “Idol” tour will only feature the top 5, that’s an obvious sign the whole “Idol” franchise’s budget is hurting. For some reason Fox isn’t spending on it like they used to.

        • syzygy10 says:

          I’m not sure why so many people seem baffled by AI’s decline in ratings, tour attendance, etc. It should be obvious. The show’s been on for 14 years in a country where half the population can’t pay attention for 14 seconds. It’s a miracle it’s still on at all.

    • safado says:

      Will there be tour? Did they mention one?

    • Tyranny,what a wonderful soul. I hope she wins.

    • susan says:

      Rayvon on tour .REALLY? He is absolutely boring. Michael must’ve been intimidated by Melinda(?) to give him a B grade . His song was downright painful to listen to.

    • Ally simpson says:

      Your exactly right! Those should be the top 5!!

    • karyn says:

      I agree that Clark is really good and he’s always been a favorite of mine from this group. BUT, last night I really saw for the first time what people are saying about his lack of emotional connection. His voice sounds soulful but it’s like his eyes are dead. He looks like he’s connecting with the song when his eyes are scrunched up (actually his whole face does that) but when they are open, there is no connection between his eyes and what he is thinking or feeling, if anything. Even though he sang well last night, I was really turned off by him for the first time.

      • Nan says:

        ITA Someone on another board referred to him as 3D Muzak. That about sums it up for me.

      • Edmond says:

        Ah, the downfall of TV CLOSEUPS. His bedroom eyes won’t be close enough to matter in true concert settings. He has most desirable eyes. Some people wear contacts to achieve the look he naturally has.

    • Erin says:

      Everyone seems to say this group is so talented but for me it can be a top 3 tour with Jax, Clark and Tyanna. I want to like Joey, but the sound of her voice… ugh that sound.

    • jen mac says:

      replace Jax with Nick and you have a good tour. Just can’t listen to Jax she sounds like a little girl trying to sing like a grown up. overly affected, not a strong vocalist

      • T.B. Hammer says:

        But —- Jax is my sweet boo,,,I might buy her a diamond necklace and take her on a sea cruise. and from there, we can make plans to stop the Zombie invasion and save the world!

        • Jen mac says:

          That sounds wonderful but she is dating Riley from the top 12 guys

          • Jill Moy says:

            They make a perfectcouple…Riley and Jax both are horrid singers!

          • James TISK says:

            I don’t know why, but I cannot board the Nick train… I know Rayvon will probably go home before him but I would like that order to flip. He hasn’t done anything for me personally since “Thinking Out Loud”. I believe still that the order of elimination will still be: 7) Rayvon 6) Nick 5) Tyanna 4) Joey 3) Quentin 2) JAX 1) Clark.

    • Jill Moy says:


      • Granny C says:

        The last time I heard karaoke, a lot of the singers were better than her. At least they have some power to their voices.

        • Jill Moy says:


          You are so wise! Karaoke is better! Check out my comments further down about a venue in Vegas that has superior singers to anyone on this show! My comments were directed at Angie! It’s a long post! Thanks!

  3. The right 2 people were in the Bottom 2, and the right person was saved. So far the Fan-Twitter save is working out very well. I think Nick did a pretty nice job tonight, his song choice was risky, but it worked out. Jax wasn’t that great, and Joey had some issues, but Tyanna was strong, Clark was consistent and Quentin is getting stronger each week. It was a weird mix of stuff tonight, but overall not a terrible episode. This is a very strong Top 7.

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      I disagree. I thought Rayvon’s performance was an unmitigated disaster. It was a terrible song choice–overplayed and well out of his comfort zone. He ruined that song for me for all time. Qaasim, on the other hand, gave his best performance of the season. It was a brilliant song choice that.played to his strengths. Look, Rayvon is the far better singer with a voice like honey, but tonight he was out performed by a better entertainer who was at his best for those two minutes. In the end it won’t matter–neither has what it takes to win. But for 2 minutes tonight, Qaasim was better.

      • Ann says:

        Yes!!! This!!! Qassim really brought it tonight. Such fun & energy and natural showmanship. Can’t teach that. Great to see, hope he keeps at it. Seems like such a nice kid, too.

        • kathy says:

          I agree Qaasim had good showmanship and played the stage well & seemed like a really good guy but when he had to put away the stage play and focus on just singing it just was not there.

      • Angela says:

        I wasn’t wild about either performance, personally-once Rayvon hit the chorus of his song it was…eh, and Qassim was better than him, yes, but even then, he still sounded a little pitchy to me.
        But hey, to each their own :).

        • Viajero says:

          I thought both Rayvon and Quasim were disasters. Easily the worst of the night. Too bad they both couldn’t go home.

      • Mary says:

        He brought the entertainment value but no way was his singing better than Rayvon. Sorry this guy cannot sing his way out of a paper bag. You are right it really doesn’t matter because I think Rayvon will be the one to go next week – no way will he be saved for the third time. The bottom two based on performances should be Rayvon and Jax – sorry her song was the disaster. I didn’t even recognize it to be honest.

        • LiLa says:

          Qaasim is entertainment personified but I so wish he had taken some voice lessons beofore the live shows began.

      • Smokey says:

        My guess is that Rayvon will probably be in the bottom 2 again next week or the week after. ………

        Thing is, he has a bigger twitter following than Tyanna, or Quentin at this point. So if either of those hit bottom 2 with him,,,,, and if they keep the twitter roll going,,,,,,, he is very likely to win again……………… will be a toss-up if he hits bottom 2 with Nick or Joey ………. He will likely lose against Jax or Clark……………………………………………….. TPTB have to know this as well ……………. so if they favor keeping certain contestants for the top 5 tour over Rayvon, they can pull the twitter save right away. Otherwise, they may stop it once the top 5 is announced.

      • JayNC says:

        I thought Qaasim was terrible, but then I always did. I thought he never should have been saved. Dancing around does not make up for a poor voice. You can’t hear dancing on itunes.

        • T.B. Hammer says:

          Qaasim was a gamble by the Judges and Idol machine when they put him in the top 24 to begin with. He had the spark and willingness to do energetic, dancing, running performances — but J. Lo tried to keep convincing America he was a good singer, and he was never a good singer.

          You can find amateur singers all over youtube and your state talent contests that are way, way better singers. The Voice has already cut a number of much better singers than Qaasim,, before their top 12 started. He can entertain, but he is not a good singer IMO.

      • James says:

        Really? No way. Qaasim proved again he cannot carry a tune in a bucket. He doesn’t know how to breathe when he sings. He’s just terrible, and painful to listen to.

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      I would like to see the Twitter save modified so that it becomes a true Twitter war. Points are awarded for the best rips on the other contestant and his/her fans. Instead of cutting away to a commercial, they could scroll the best tweets along the bottom of the screen. That might be the only way to save this show.

  4. Tyanna didn’t sing Send Fire To The Rain. She saaaaaaaaaaaaang Stay

    • We all better pray Tyanna doesnt get in the bottom with Rayvon or any one! She has the least twitter foillowers14k. I dont know why cause she is very good. This is turning into some kind of awful twitter save mess. For all we know, the person with the highest “vote count” has to go home on the twitter save, because they didnt get enough tweets. We will never know who actually was the true bottom vote- getter out of the two!

      • But remember, all the people who are fans of Tyanna above someone like Rayvon can still vote for her. Daniel Seavey had more twitter followers than Rayvon but Rayvon one the twitter save.

        • Just Gettin out of the box! This is true what you say. She could still get it. What made it fail with Daniel is the age limit on twitter, You have to be 13. LOL I think lots of his fans were literally 11 and 12! So hopefully Tyanna will beat out Rayvon. Scary though, he has won every twitter save!

          • Hoping his luck runs out! Also don’t assume she will be bottom too. She SLAYED that song of hers.

          • At this point anyone could be bottom 2. Its kind of scary! AND when the bottom 2 performs to be saved, the person who we think was good other people may not. For instance Qaasim! I liked his performance better! I guess it depends on a great voice or a great performance! Im all for Quentin and I hope he isnt in the bottomLOL

      • Jill Moy says:


        Well, Mia gone! Now if Jax would leave it would meke my year, so far!

        • Jill Well Joey is gone, but Im way more concerned for the Quentin and Harry fight. I have not been liking Harry for a while! He doesnt know what he is talking about half the time! But now Im really mad at him. He should have waited for the commercial break to say what he said to Quentin! I hat e this show this year. I would almost trade last year back for Mk Nobilette and Majesty Rose. At least they didnt sing in fake voices! And why did J-lo have to bring it back up with Quentin!

  5. Josh Frederick says:

    Minor typo, but you got Tyanna’s and Rayon’s performances mixed up. Love your recaps, though! During the seasons that I was overseas, I’ve always read yours to catch up! :)

  6. Zach says:

    Rayvon deserved to be safe after last week. But I’m wary of him going into next week. We will see if the added bonus exposure of the twitter save can make him safe. Either way, i am happy we will get to hear him sing another week. He really does have the best voice left. I wish America agreed with that.

    • safado says:

      I agree. Initially, his voice reminded me of Sam Cooke, and you can’t do any better than that.. Why hasn’t he connected?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        ^This. Rayvon is wonderful and I love me some Sam Cooke. I just can’t figure out why I’ve not been a bigger fan of Rayvon. I’m not feeling it, as they say.

        • Smokey says:

          Yes, Rayvon is a good vocalist with good range……………

          Just seems to me that he goes into falsetto and swoops around with the lyrics without leaving a distinct impression of the song and performance……………………

          Once I hear him sing, I don’t dislike it, but it is forgettable. About all I remember of it, is that it sounded fine, like a pro singer, and he wore a hat. But I never take time to listen to it again.

      • Erin says:

        It’s the hat. It has become a uniform, like our mailman.

      • jen mac says:

        I think he hasn’t connected because this is a popularity contest now instead of a singing competition which Idol still says they are. It seems to me that people are more interested in looking at what everyone’s wearing, what they are doing with their hair etc. it is such a shame I would listen to a Rayvon original song I’m sure it would be a hit

        • Erin says:

          Absolutely! When J-Lo had to make a long point on important style is to Clark despite his great vocal (when short on time no less) it became clear this is not about singing even for the judges.

          • kathy says:

            Yes I agree when jlo commented on Clark’s look it poked at me a bit, b/c first of all I think he’s kind of Fine & those eyes r flawless & he has been consistent every week.

  7. Kate says:

    Haven’t watched the episode yet, but I’m SO glad we saved Rayvon!

  8. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:


    • Holly says:

      Tyanna is in the perfect spot right now – an underdog with a world of talent. I’m rooting for her!

      • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

        I agree!!! Her, Kimberly and India from the voice have given me a WONDERFUL week!!! 😍😍😍

    • Tyler says:

      Joey?! I really don’t get the Joey love. I think tonight proved she does not belong in this competition. It was painful to listen to her sing Wrecking Ball. IMO Matthew from the Voice did a much better job.

      • MAB says:

        I listened back to the performances and for the life of me I can not understand how some people thought Joey’s performance was great. It was awful. I think Joey is a really nice person but between her outfits and her vocals I just don’t get it. Jax though it was not her best performance at least her vocals were decent. How she was graded lower than Joey is beyond me. The only two performances that were worth listening too were Clark and Tyanna. Even Quentin was not that great and I usually like him. Not a good night at all. A huge disappointment.

        • Hayder B. Hayden says:

          Joey is my favorite this year, but I agree–last night was awful. My letter grades for last night:

          Jax – D
          Nick – I (Missed it, and didn’t care enough to go back and watch).
          Quentin – B
          Joey – D+
          Clark – A-
          Tyanna – B-
          Rayvon – D-
          Qaasim – C

          I grade tougher than most. Nobody gets an award just for showing up.

          Clark is not my favorite–not by a long shot–but I think right now he is running away from the field. He is consistently turning in solid vocals. I would never buy his album, but based on the way voters vote, it’s his title to lose. Everyone else is competing for second place. (Except Rayvon, he’s competing for sixth).

          • T.B. Hammer says:

            With Jax singing first, in the worst slot of the rotation, and a lazy, unremarkable rendition of the song, and girls at a disadvantage to boys in the voting nuances, ,, could be she slipped a few notches in the pecking order this week.

          • S. says:

            I don’t see how Clark gets above a B+ from anybody until the dead eyes go away.

  9. Jake D says:

    Anthony FEDOROV. Why must you REMIND ME of these things???

  10. Louie says:

    Even though Rayvon is a virtual snooze fest (and likely will not survive a third Twitter save), I’m so glad Qaasim and his style-over-substance approach to performing is finally banished. When Rayvon is gone, it’ll finally be a tight race

  11. Yuna says:

    Major TYPO! Rayvon’s grade is suppose to be an A/A-.

  12. Craig says:

    I thought Jax was the worst by a pretty wide margin, with Nick doing nothing for me either.

    • Christian says:

      mmm… Don’t know about that. Sure, it wasn’t one of her better preformances, but I thought it was still better than Qaasim and Nick.

      • MAB says:

        I agree, it was not her best performance but I don’t think she was the worse by far. I just don’t understand so much hate for Jax and love for Joey. They call Jax fake and Joey authentic. What am I missing. Did you see Joey’s outfit tonight? That hair! SMH. I just can’t.

        • Mytake says:

          What does SMH NEAN?

        • jen mac says:

          I feel that Joey is genuine, she has never strayed from the vocal quality in her voice where as Jax changes from week to week. when she sang I want to hold you hand I thought it was pretty but overly affected then the Taylor Swift fiasco, with that song it was off key, very little affectations, it was just another karaoke cover. growing old with you was whisper singing. last week hardly any affectations even JLO pointed it out by saying ” I missed the thing you do with your voice”. This week all the affectations were back, the arrangement was awful and I thought the vocals were just alright. If that was the way jax really sang it would be evident in every song she sings not when she chooses to sing that way. That is why so many call her fake.

        • Tyler says:

          @ MAB: Agree. I like how quirky Joey is but I just don’t think she can back it up with her vocal ability. On the other hand, I think Jax can back it up.

        • Mary says:

          For me Joey is entertaining yet she can sing. I like the uniqueness in her. I cannot stand Jax whispering voice, it is like nails on a chalk board for me. Yes she can change up a song, tonight she totally made in unrecognizable, I actually felt she was channeling Joey. Yes Joey dress was lets say different, but that is her she has never really sway from how she presents herself. I guess to each their own but I prefer Joey 100% more.

          • jen mac says:

            Agree 100% I give her a lot of credit I’m sure she is fully aware of all the remarks about he,r teeth, clothes etc. Yet she continues to go up there and be her unique self. Jax changes like the wind, either little girl voice, whispering or shrieking ugh!!! As I said Fake!!

    • Gailer says:

      The only one doing anything for me these days is Quentin, but yes, his vocals are lacking

      • Hayder B. Hayden says:

        Quentin was a pleasant surprise tonight. He was the only performer stepping out of his comfort zone who did not fall flat on his face. Well played Quentin. Well played.

      • susan says:

        If 5 people are going on tour,hopefully one of them will be Quentin so people will go out to see the other 4. He can sing just fine and I don’t go to the refrigerator during his performance.

      • Anna Belcher says:

        Musicians are no longer selling that many records these days, which makes it more important that an artist be a good performer. Every week I look forward to Quentin—his song choice, his arrangement, his clothing, his jewelry. He’s not the best singer, but he is interesting and charismatic. He has a powerful ability to really draw you in. Those eyes!

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      Jax was a fail. Her arrangement didn’t make sense on any level. It was like a deep fried bologna sandwich–awful in every possible way. Unfortunately, Joey wasn’t much better. She is my favorite, but tonight she was just off. Offal. Awful. I hope she’s the bottom two next week.

      • Teri Elmer says:

        Joey needs to GO! Detest her! As far as showmanship, Quaasim had it head over heels, his voice may have not been the best, but some they have kept just SUCK! Jax was horrid tonight also.

      • JayNC says:

        I agree about Jax. I liked her at first but I’m getting bored with her. Last night’s performance just did not make any sense. Joey on the other hand I did NOT like but lately I am liking her more and more. I really enjoyed her song last night. So if there is only a top 5 tour then I hope it is Clark, Quentin, Joey, Tyanna, and Nick. I think these would be the most entertaining 5. Nick will probably be much better on tour than on these weekly soundbites.

    • Angela says:

      I liked the arrangement of Jax’s performance-a jazzy, 30s/40s version of “Poker Face” would be great and musically it was right up my alley. Problem was her vocals didn’t provide quite the “oomph” that style needed-she should’ve put a little more power into her voice, and the critiques were spot on about how she should’ve had a little more fun with her performance, moving about the stage a little and getting into the playful, flirty aspect of the lyrics more. If she’d done that, that would’ve definitely made a difference.
      I tend to like Jax overall-some weeks are stronger than others for her, but I like her overall style, but yeah, she could’ve been a little better tonight.

      • Atticus1 says:

        I am trying to figure out what her style is. I don’t think she knows herself. But I do think she is more interested in being famous than being a musician.

        • NayNay says:

          Totally agree. She is way full of herself.

          • Nan says:

            Jax is really young, but she presents like a world weary, high milage bar singer. That can’t be good for a future career. JMO

        • Tommyo2000 says:

          She has showed incredible musicianship, if you consider that she takes every song, save one thus far, and does it completely her own way. It’s kind of funny that a lot of people gripe about it, but i am always interested when she comes on just to see what she does to the song. That said she sometimes missed the mark, as I think Poker Face wasn’t great, but Jax is always interesting….

          • jen mac says:

            I have to disagree with you about Jax’s artistry. most of the arrangements she has done so far really haven’t been her own. I want to hold your hand was done on Glee in 2011 minus the affectations, I want to grow old with you has been done 100 of times on youtube in that slowed version and beautiful disaster was an arrangement by Michael Orland. at least Joey gives credit to actually who arranged some of her performances.

          • T.B. Hammer says:

            IMO most people I know that watch the show, speculate on what Joey, Jax and Quentin are going to do next… All 3 have a somewhat polarizing, controversial effect at this point.

            We know about what the others are going to do, then it’s a matter of their song choice and delivery, whether they score big or just another day to fill a spot.. Joey, Jax and Quentin are competing mostly against each other for the run to the top 3.

        • jen mac says:

          Yes she does!!! If you read her bio(which I read all of the top 12) she wanted to be an actress first, although she did sing with a band when she was younger she didn’t have a true style then and dosent have one now. I feel she is using this competition to gain exposure.

    • Diana says:

      She was just beyond dreadful but her fans will never admit it! Actually Jax has not had a great performance sing Bang Bang like a month ago yet people are still clinging to her for dear life. lol

    • T.B. Hammer says:

      Nick needs to stay away from teen pop song styles. He did a great job on “Thinking Out Loud” which allowed him to use the strengths of his voice in ballad style, yet a current hit song that appeals to a wider age group.

      Song choices now can make or break the artist quickly, Most could just show-up until some of the others were cut. . Now, 2 bad weeks in a row, and it’s the bottom-out blues.

  13. kelly says:

    The final 7 are all very strong singers, some better performers, but a great group overall. At this point I think I would be satisfied with whoever wins as long as they keep doing what they have been.

  14. Why oh WHY are we rallying for Rayvon so hard? This man is BORING. And he was my pre-season FAVORITE. He’s complacent, he doesn’t stretch himself, he’s utterly content with being “not worst”. He will lose in the Twitter Sasve to literally anyone left in the competition with neither contestant singing a note because we don’t know who Rayvon is. We’re not connected to him. Him answering Harry’s question about his gravy was the FIRST time I’ve gotten a lick of personality from the guy.

    If for just one more week, I would have enjoyed Qaasim far more. I’m being ranty, but I take solace in the fact that the Final 6 is already set in stone and never included Qaasim for Rayvon.

    • safado says:

      Gravy. That had to be the most ridiculous question ever put to an Idol contestant. How would any singer answer that? Especially when we’re put on the spot on a live television show.

      What was the point?

      • T.B. Hammer says:

        Where was the gravy when HCJ was running about singing when Nick was done with his song?? More like a bad rendition of what Nick just did.

      • Erin says:

        Like asking “why should YOU be our next American Idol?” Not everyone is going to have the charisma and BS factor of a Qaasim.

    • oriolemom says:


  15. Caroline says:

    Tyanna had the best performance tonight and it wasn’t even close.

    • Tyler says:

      Disagree. I thought Clark had the best performance of the night.

      • Mary says:

        I agree with Caroline. Tyanna had a moment just when she needed it. Clark sings well every week but he has no stage presence whatsoever. There is no way I would go see him in concert. I have resign myself to the fact he probably will win, due to the demographics of the show and where he is from, but I honestly don’t think he will do much better than the last two winners. Scott will have his work cut out for him.

      • MAB says:

        Tyler, I totally agree with you. Clark was really good and the most consistent of the bunch. It would be just wrong if he does not win.

        • Caroline says:

          Clark has a great voice but he plays it way too safe with his song choices. He has yet to try anything out of his comfort zone. He’ll probably win because he fits the template (male WGWG from the South) and he has been the most consistent of all the contestants. But I don’t feel any connection with him. I’m bored when he performs.
          I’d much rather listen to Tyanna or Quentin or Joey — they might not be as strong vocally or as consistent as Clark, but they are more interesting to me as artists.
          But I won’t be mad if Clark wins because I’m not bothering to vote for anyone, so I can’t complain. And I do think he’s talented, he’s just not interesting to me. I keep hoping he will do something surprising, take a risk. He still has time!

          • karyn says:

            I feel the same way about Clark. I was saying up above that he’s very good but there is something dead in his eyes. I feel he’s into the song only when his eyes are closed, but when they’re open, he might as well be a auto-tuned computer (but cuter).

      • kathy says:

        Tyler, Right On ! To me he is the one to beat. Thank you.

  16. slbucks says:

    Slezak, there is truly something to be said about this year’s contestants that all of them received grades in the As and Bs ranges (minus Qaasim, who went home anyway). Meanwhile, I really enjoyed Nick’s version of Teenage Dream, and I really think he was able to convey looking comfortable on stage this week

    • SaraPo says:

      I have been looking for a positive Nick comment!!!! He was my favorite of the night, him and Clark were the only two that i had to rewind to watch again. I loved his arrangement of Teenage Dream, i thought it was an excellent song choice for him.

    • safado says:

      First time I enjoyed Nick. And I liked his dissing Harry’s singing.

    • karyn says:

      I agree with you that Nick was quite good this week. I liked his take on the song and thought he looked more comfortable, especially near the end. I think he also gained some points with his bantering with HCJ.

  17. metitometin says:

    How can you have Nick in the bottom 2 next week? I’d put him at least in 3rd place, ahead of Tyanna, Joey and Jax right now. Jax was a hot mess tonight and Joey is just not commercial enough at this point and Tyanna is too young.

    • slbucks says:

      I agree with Nick in 3rd!

    • Christian says:

      Sorry, but I could not disagree more.

    • Amanda says:

      Nick is such a mediocre bore. It is like he’s not even TRYING. Even if the others fail you can tell they’re at least putting some effort into it. Nick? Not so much. He is content with being just OK every single week.

      • Kim Moores says:

        Amen, Nick is the epitome of everyone’s complaint about WGWG’s and somehow people love him.
        Bland performances, bland vocals, ever so basic guitar strumming arrangements on top of never, ever looking fully comfortable on stage.
        The dude is not someone who looks like a winner or performs like someone who wants to win.

        • kevstar says:

          I think Nick’s singing was like a 90s alternative singer, the kind that Ted made fun of in the movie.

        • Mary says:

          I don’t know about that, he at least tries to get out of his comfort zone, not always successful but Clark is same old, same old. If I had to choice between the two I would prefer Nick, neither is my favorite. I usually like the wgwg but neither one of these guys have moved me enough to vote for them. My top 3 are Quentin, Joey and Tyanna. I was so happy that she had a break thru performance this week.

        • I see him as a Daughtry wannabee! Someone referenced his vibrato and the way he sings, even the way he moves on stage, he is trying to be Daughtry. Slezak even said he is like Daughtry! THERE IS ONLY ONE CHRIS DAUGHTRY! Find your own image Nick! Im just not into people who copy others! He was even wearing that Denim coat. That is like Daughtry’s trademark!

          • If anyone doubts this go listen to a Daughtry song, then listen to one of Nicks. We dont need a second Chris Daughtry because the real one is just about perfect!

      • Granny C says:

        Agreed. My daughter wandered into the room when he was starting out and said “Oh, I know this song”, and sat down to watch. After about 30 seconds, she said “This is AWFUL” and left. I’m totally neutral on him–he’s very much like Rayvon without as good a voice.

  18. Rip Tide says:

    Scott Borchetta is the Postmaster General of American Idol. He’s mailing it in every week.

  19. mcfudge says:

    I think I’ve never disagreed more with Slezak. Tyanna won the night by a mile. I liked Nick’s performance a LOT. Liked Jax a lot more than the judges, who were giving her the Haley Reinhart treatment, I thought. Clark continues to have a really good voice yet somehow underwhelms me. I always like Joey, but she really does need to open her eyes. Her vocal was lovely tonight, though. Just love Rayvon’s voice, but he needs more energy. Quentin was kind of disappointing tonight. Qaasim’s time had come, but isn’t he just a sweetheart?

    • Mary says:

      I don’t usually agree with the judges, but Jlo was 100% correct on Jax. That was not a Haley treatment that was being spot on. That song was cringe worthy. That was a perfect example how not to change up a song. I agree with Tyanna winning the night. I liked Quentin, different than his usually style, but I still enjoyed it.

    • Jared says:

      Agreed, Jax definitely got the Haley treatment. Although I didn’t love her arrangement, I thought she thoroughly committed to it and sounded good.

      • JayNC says:

        To me, the Haley treatment is being ignored by the judges, then when the public keeps voting for you the judges start giving you lots of undeserved criticism. The Haley treatment = trying to force you out of the competition. Jax has absolutely not been treated that way – she has been pimped from the beginning, and she deserved her criticism last night. It was far from her best performance and she changed the song too much, and not in a good way.

        • MC says:

          Ah, the voice of reason. The producers were hellbent on a Scotty-Lauren finale from the word “go” that season. I think it’s very plausible to say that AI as a show has never fully recovered from the backlash to the manipulation evident throughout that season.

    • karyn says:

      I also think Tyanna won the night and that Nick’s performance was one of his better ones. You are also spot on about Joey. BUT, they weren’t too harsh on Jax, I just think Jennifer’s reasoning was wrong. I’m okay with the radical change up of a song as long as it works melodically and this just never took off. I liked Quentin’s singing better than many of his earlier performances but he was less interesting visually, so he’s right in the middle for me. Qaasim (whose name I’ve finally figured out how to spell just when he’s out) really did own the stage better than any of the others tonight but it still didn’t make me want him to get the save. Clark sounded great but I think I may be losing that lovin’ feeling about him if he can’t bring life to his eyes when he sings.

  20. danin says:

    Tyana&Quentin-A. Jax,Nick,Clark,Joey,Rayvon-C.

  21. Gailer says:

    Bo Bice reference?! Hahahah
    So that’s where you were tonight, Micheal…..missed you

    • Angela says:

      Michael’s article in general had me smiling.
      (Incidentally, what IS Bo Bice doing nowadays? Anyone know?)

    • ann says:

      Bo was ‘da bomb. Love him still. No way Carrie wasnt winning, but heck of a season when Bo is #2.
      When he sang … something … a capella, it was outstanding!!
      Some smart — and brave — contestant might try that doing w/o all the production …

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I also liked Bo better than Carrie and predicted Carrie would never have a career in music LOL.
        so much for my predictions.

        • JayNC says:

          I had her number 2 that year, after Bo. My faves never win.

        • girl_3 says:

          My favorite almost never wins, except Season 7. For the record, I was a Nadia Turner fan during Season 4 and thought Simon was nuts when he said Carrie would sell more than any other Idol. Come to think of it, Clark has kind of the same robotic presence as Carrie during her Idol run. Coincidence? Time will tell.

          • JayNC says:

            Ok I retract that my faves NEVER win. Kelly in season 1, David Cook in season 7, and Candice Glover in season 12 won and they were my faves. 1 out of 4 more or less so far. Season 2 I wanted Clay Aiken, season 3 LaToya London, season 4 Bo, season 5 Chris Daughtry, season 6 Melinda Doolittle, season 8 Adam Lambert, season 9 Crystal Bowersox, season 10 Haley Reinhart, season 11 Elise Testone, season 13 Jena.

  22. MAB says:

    Was not happy with tonight’s show. The only saving grace was Clark and Tyanna. I wasn’t happy with any of the other performances.

    • susan says:

      Clark puts the same arrangement on all the songs he sings . A little growl-alittle falsetto a lot boring.

  23. Mike says:

    A couple of disagreements:

    If Poker Face was a B-, then Teenage Dream was at least a B. Jax was not her normal self this week.

    And I know everyone loves Joey, but if she’s not going to rearrange a song then’s she’s going to have to try and match it. Joey doesn’t have Miley’s strength in her voice. That chorus was a D at best.

  24. Pavanne says:

    I have a problem with the Twitter Save. I disenfranchises half the country! If you live in the Mountain or Pacific times zones, “Sorry, but we really don’t care who you’d like to save.” Just send the bottom vote getter home.

    • msemmyjones says:

      Yes! Its not American Idol anymore, its east coast idol. And it’s crap.

      Though, I did agree with them last week. And will probably agree this week.

      Still. I don’t like the fan save if it’s only for East Coasters.

      • The Other Leah says:

        Anybody ever hear of the Midwest? I hate how everyone always discounts us.

      • Stupid twitter save! Why dont they choose to do what “Rising Star” did? If anyone watched Rising Star, they had twitter save, WITH THE OPTION FOR WEST COAST TO CHANGE THE RESULTS! They kept the twitter save contestants there, while West Coast was airing and added our results to the East Coast results. A couple of times, it actually did change the voting results! Of course midwest was involved also! It worked out perfectly! That is literally all they would have to do is keep the contestants around while it airs here on West Coast, and then ADD in an announcement at the end with the final results.

    • marie says:

      I agree. Also, I don’t have a Twitter account and don’t want one, and I HATE sitting there feeling powerless for five minutes without being able to vote. They should at least allow Google voting for the bottom two if they’re going to do this. I ranted last week about how unfair it is that the second to bottom person can be sent home while the real lowest vote getter can stay. Heck, Rayvon might have been second to lowest last week and this one – in other words, he might have actually been safe, but the dopey producers had to put him through that for the sake of some manufactured drama. I HATE the Twitter save.

  25. danin says:

    Read that only Top 5 are touring this year.And if they can arrange it top 6-11 will open for Top 5 when/if they tour in 6-11’s hometowns. In other news I think they gave us what they think is top 5 by first 5 performances of night.I’d much rather see Tyana in top 5 over one of the girls or Nick.

  26. Jax was a hot mess tonight. The song was totally unrecognizable. Nick should have slowed Teenage Dream down and had a moment. He is my fav, but I was a little disappointed. Oh Quentin! He just keeps bringing it! Joey, not nearly as good as last week. Clark, he is probably unstoppable to the crown and confetti. This group is my top 5.
    I thought Tyanna was great tonight. Her interpretation of the song was believable. Glad Rayvon got the save. He is better vocally. Quassim did a great job on his last song of his idol run. Good episode overall. I don’t twitter, but 2 weeks in a row of getting it right (in my own opinion)…keep up the voting America. Going to be harder and harder each week!

  27. Diana says:

    OMG Jax was awful! She and Rayvon need to go home next!!!

  28. Diana says:

    By the way, just because Tyanna boo-hoo-hooed over her deceased granny doesn’t mean her performance was all that good. The vocals weren’t great!

  29. Jake says:

    These sing offs will always hurt polarizing singers. They might have hardcore fans but the majority of viewers might dislike them. I think Joey and Jax would be vulnerable in eliminations.

    • T.B. Hammer says:

      Joey could get tossed in a twitter battle with Rayvon, would be a close call. ,,,,,Jax Pack fans would probably win a twitter battle against Rayvon fans. And someone who hasn’t been bottom 2 before, will be there next week.

  30. Amanda says:

    I have never heard a worse version of Poker Face in my life and that is one of my favorite songs. Shame on Jax for ruining it!

    • Amanda, That is exactly what I said! Jax ruined pokerface!

      • Jill Moy says:


        Perfect song for Joax….POKERFACE! She has no emotion just like a person playing poker!

        • Jill, she ruined that song! Jax ruins EVERY song. Whispering baby talk singer! Pokerface is right! Ughh! I dont get what people see in her? I mean I loved Haley Rinehart, Angie Miller,Amber Holcomb! What is it with the weirdo’s this year? I saw someone comparing Jax to Haley. DONT EVEN GO THERE! How could someone even try to put Jax in the same category as Haley? Give me a break! LOL And Michael and Melinda like her! Is it just me? Are we missing something Jill? And WHAT was that hairdo Joey had last week? It looked like she stuck her finger in a light socket! Purple electricity! She reminded me of one of those Strawberry shortcake dolls! LOl I cant even make fun of anyone on The Voice they are all so good!

          • Jill Moy says:


            Jax like HALEY…LOL! That is hilarious! Joey was crazy looking! You’re a master of description!

            One day we’ll go to the Las Vegas venue I mentioned on The Voice blog. You’ll leave there realizing that these singers on all these shows are average talent!

          • Jill Joax is the hoax! American Idols’s hoax!

          • Jill Moy says:


            GOOD ONE….JOAX THE HOAX….LOL! Funny but so true! Michael wants Scott to give her a record deal! PALEEEEEEEESE!!!!!!

            ALICE FREDENHAM from BGT is far superior to any singer around! Sony pulled the plug on her debut album for no reason! Her Funny Valentine is fantastic! Also, listen to a 4.00 minuteclip on You Tube. She’s in a studio singing, I believea Elicia Keys song and she is FANTASTIC! She needs to be signed ASAP!

          • JillI The only thing I agree with is what Michael said about Quentin! Well at least the song list for wed looks pretty good. If I hear one more Ed Sheeran, Jason Myraz, or Sam Smith song Im going to scream. This year and last year,we keep hearing the same songs! This list looks a little better! Im also excited to see the voice tonight!

          • Jill, Have you seen the song list for wed? Joey is going to do Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane? Thats laughable! Joey doing Grace Slick’s vocals? Grace Slick is a powerhouse singer and Joey is a circus act! What is this show thinking? Joey will take this great song and ruin it! Jax is doing Beat It? Thats even more laughable and I wish she would Beat It! LOl Beat it and go home!

  31. Kaba says:

    Jax- dumb arrangement. Tried to go Joey, failed.
    Nick- annoying
    Quentin- Falsetto veered a couple of spots and initially sounded jarring, but he honed it (he flubbed the first line of the 2nd verse ‘I’m so encaptured’ not ‘feel so encaptured’) otherwise? He was great ^_^
    Joey- I like this a lot. The emotional connection was so there and not contrived (see Jax)
    Clark- better than most of his previous weeks imo, bit more character.
    Tyanna- one of the top 5 performances of the season. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous
    Rayvon- voice like butter, but let’s be real. Nobody eats butter alone, let’s get the meal bud
    Qaasim- his best vocal since we’ve seen him. I would’ve saved him over Rayvon. Easily

    • T.B. Hammer says:

      Jax made a mistake in choosing to do that song in that slowed-down, understated style.

      It didn’t help her gain in fan base. And she sang first. And a female (which usually get fewer votes than guys) ,,,

      And, I see more anti-Jax comments flying on the blogs now that the field has been cut-down to 7. So it’s not impossible that Jax could be in a twitter battle with someone soon.

  32. T. Albert Luke says:

    A weak group and a bad night – especially considering the theme offered a real opportunity to shine. There isn’t even a watchable top 5 remaining. Clark is the best by far, Tyanna is next, then Joey. If Jax can survive tonight she has a chance to be interesting. Beyond them there’s nothing worth tuning in for. We lost a few good ones way too soon: Sarina Joi Crowe, Adam Ezegelian and Adonna Duru. I would welcome any and all of them back rather than suffer through another Nick, Rayvon and Quentin snoozefest. Oh well, that’s the way it goes. The final three may still be a treat if things pan out.

    • Jerry says:

      You are stupid if you think this is a weak group.

    • Granny C says:

      Agreed somewhat. Overall, this is a better group than they’ve had in a few years. But no one REALLY impresses me. Maybe it’s that I can’t relate to the themes, maybe I’m just getting too old. But I’ve always had someone I really got excited about–last year it was Caleb and Jessica. This year all the ones I enjoyed most got eliminated early and, vocally at least, no one who is left interests me very much at all.

  33. chris says:

    Clark Beckham I don’t like the way he sing, he bore me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kevstar says:

      Are you Filipino, by any chance?

    • kevstar says:

      Quentin really surprised me tonight. That is one of my favorite songs in my favorite genre- dance music. I’m glad he did the fast version. I think dance music is an underrated form of music. Sure, people have to be moved to dance, but dance with vocals is my version of gospel. Many dance vocalists take you to CHUURCH! Was Q’s version perfect? No, but I thank him for doing this song as surprising me. Wish Rayvon would try it too, but alas.

  34. Cyrene Olson says:

    I think Clark Beckham will win the whole thing. I love Quentin, his creativity is unmatched, but I think Clark will take it this year. I like the originality of Jax and Joey, but they are both starting to wear thin on my ears. Tyanna has a special voice, but I see her truly breaking thru in a few years as she’s so young.

    • I love Clark. I don’t know why he doesn’t get rave reviews. He has soul and a great voice. Could it be his movie star looks are working against him?

      • Mary says:

        No it isn’t his looks working against him, it is his lack of charisma. I get no emotion from him when he sings, he just is there. Judges were right he need to convey something when he sings. His records will be nice but I wouldn’t waste my time or money to see him in concert and we all know that is where artist are making their money today.

  35. Lois Benton says:

    Well, knock me over with a can of Beckham. I haven’t been a fan at all. Perhaps that was because I’ve heard soul singers out the wahzoo on reality competitions for years now. And, boy, have I heard those same songs over and over, with only Joshua Ledet ever lasering through the cloud of sameness. I know Clark’s voice is excellent, but I just didn’t care. But, man, “Make it Rain” was GOOD. Sheeran suits him. And Tyanna….spectacular, absolutely gorgeous rendition of a beautiful song. I’ve liked her before, but she wasn’t my favorite. Tyanna and Clark were the best of the night. Based on those two performances, and if they keep that up, I wouldn’t be sorry if those two were the last ones standing. Rayon was also superb. Those three didn’t change the arrangements or do anything radical; they only sang terrific songs excellently well. Quentin, Joey and Qaasim have been my favorites, because they are musically compelling and their performances are interesting. But all three were a bit of a disappointment tonight. Tonight was the first time I ever thought Jax was charming, but the song choice wasn’t good. And she seemed to be doing Joey, which was strange. And she still wasn’t interesting. Jax, I remind myself, is still just a teenager, even though she doesn’t seem it. So when she seems full of herself or smug, I know what is coming across my TV or computer may not be her true core. Nick is not a teenager, or giving off smug teenager vibes, but he is not interesting, in any way. In most earlier seasons, I don’t think he would have made it so far.

  36. Timmah says:

    I always fast forward through the judges’ comments. I can’t imagine the torture of having to sit through them.

  37. chris says:

    Top 5 Going to Tour has to be

    Tyanna jones
    Quentin Alexander
    Joey Cook
    Nick Fradiani

  38. Mindy says:

    You can still vote for Qaasim even though he was eliminated…check Google Search guys. #Confused

  39. Nicole Smith says:

    I can’t believe Joey didn’t sing Sia! And Clark is always #1 for me.

  40. Timmah says:

    B- for Jax? I might have given it a D- if I was being generous. She tried to rip off Joey’s thing and failed miserably.

  41. kevstar says:

    So Jax decided to go the Joey Cook route and Joey Cook sang a song the way it was supposed to be sung. Yet both failed miserably.

  42. ann says:

    First, let us celebrate the best musical performance of the night:
    let’s give it up for Ms. Jennifer Hudson & Iggy Azeala. Fab!!!
    Now, to the fawns: would have saved Quassim over Rayvon … neither would win, but that was one heck of an energetic note to land on by Quassim & I’d take another week of that kind of energy. Any energy. AI veerry sleepy this year.
    Clark has a great voice but I don’t care … dull dude. Ditto Rayvon & Nick. Just. Can’t.Care.
    Quentin’s been my guy all season, and tonight was nearly as hypnotic as ever. But — what’s up with his strangely long and curved fingernails on one (right?) hand? Is that some thing the kids are doing nowadays? As he cradled the mic, I kept seeing that, and it was off-putting … couldn’t fully focus on his performance.
    Great to hear Tyanna put it together again tonight. First half
    was especially strong.
    Michael, you missed nothing by avoiding judges. We do it often … real timesaver!

  43. Lyn says:

    Kind of nutso to have a 5 person tour. Why not all 8? Better chance to attract larger crowds and a more diverse crowd.

  44. Jill Moy says:

    WE NEED RAYVON AND JAX (JOAX) to go soon! They are weak!

  45. Jill Moy says:


  46. Richard Goldberg says:


    • Jill Moy says:


      There’s a very simple solution….DON’t go on line until you’ve watched the show!

    • Angela says:

      1. “Seed” it? Really?
      2. How exactly, pray tell, are they going to find out whether everyone else has seen the show before they post their recap? Are they supposed to go around and ask every single American individually if they’ve seen the latest episode or something?
      They don’t have to wait until the next day to post their recap, actually (and even if they did-what if fans still hadn’t seen the episode by the next day? By your logic they should still hold off, then, right? Or not. I’m confused).
      3. Take your finger off the caps lock key, please and thank you.

  47. Jill Moy says:

    Jax a B-????????????? Maybe D-!

  48. Tony says:

    Honestly this has to be the worst season of Idol so far. The judges are boring, the new way they pick who is alive is incredibly dull and maybe Idol should think about calling it quits or bring back Randy and Simon to save the show.

    • Tyler says:

      This is not the worst season of Idol so far. I’ll take the diversity of singers on Idol this season over the massive divas on the Voice this season.

    • Owen says:

      Dear Tony. You’re insane, right? Like, clinically…

    • Nan says:

      Randy and Simon couldn’t save leftovers in a ziplock.

    • I agree that its horrible! Not only some of the contestants, but all of the new changes in the format of the show! Not as good!

      • Jill Moy says:


        Yeah, Jax and Joey probably were suggested those songs by that idiot Scott! They will make complete a$$es out of themselves! Joax the Hoax….BEAT IT? LOL..LOL..LOL..LOL!

        • Jill, at first I thought this has to be a joke! Beat It? for Jax? All I can think of is weird Al’s version “Take another egg and beat it! LOL Who in Sam He** is picking this music? Have you noticed The Voice this year has a good variety of old and new, also songs never done before on a show! And they dont perform as much Jason Myraz, Ed Sheeran, Im so sick of hearing those artists music over and over. Also Sam Smith! Variety is a good thing. Idol is doing the same songs as last year!

  49. Tahoe Mike says:

    Wow, what a lame night across the board!
    Nothing is really working for me tonight. This is such a letdown after last week. The contestants are not exciting me, the judges are pissin’ me off sideways, the mentors are lame, and I hate hip hop.
    I’m not going to comment on each performance, most were forgettable. Whatever this non-theme is, never do it again. I will just say that I think the girls win the night. Tyanna probably had the best of the night. I voted for the girls.
    I hate the “Viewer save.” Twitter is a blight on the world. I am not a twit, I will not tweet. “This is East Coast Idol!”
    It was time Qaasim

    • Luke says:

      someone is a bit negative..

    • Jerry says:

      You are stupid if you think tonight was bad.

    • MC says:

      The thing is you or I can be “on” Twitter and never tweet anything. I find it to be much less intrusive and obnoxious than Facebook. You don’t have to maintain a presence on Twitter; you can just read tweets for an hour or two if that’s your preference. I read much more than I tweet. I may be the only one on this board who thinks it’s cool. It’s just there if I need it.

      • MAB says:

        I agree I use Twitter for information purposes. i follow news and celebrities. I get the news before it hits the radio and TV. I also get the newest things coming up in Technology. Plus news on TV shows etc. etc. I love Twitter and I barely ever tweet.

      • mahomie74 says:

        I agree! We’ll probably cause I’m a 15 year old girl, but I tweet a lot and read tweets a lot. Facebook is pretty annoying, I hate how it has to broadcast to everyone every time you like something or make a freind. Also most kids my age don’t really use Facebook as much. Twitters nice for celebrities too, it’s like you know them personally. I love following idol contestants on Twitter, they feel less like a person on a TV show and more like a freind

        • MC says:

          Exactly. Twitter offers breaking news about things and people that matter to you (because you chose to follow them). The other great thing AI did this year was offer the younow service as a tool for contestants and fans to directly communicate with one another on a live platform. I listened to a favorite of mine (reviled by many others) and she was vulnerable and delightful on younow. It was really a treat to discover the actual personalities of favorite AI performers through this platform.

          • mahomie74 says:

            After tonight I think the top 3 might be clark (probably in first) with
            Nick in third and any of the 3 girls in second (I like them all :)). It used to be daniel, savion and Adanna from the beginning but clearly that didn’t work out haha

          • mahomie74 says:

            Oops I think I just replied something completely off topic here by mistake… But I was gonna say yeah, younow is great too. I didn’t think it was through idol though, I thought they just made them on their own (since a lot of other small celebrities I like use it too) but if it was AI’s idea that was smart. I’ve gotten lovey (forgot her last name) to notice my comment, and trevor Douglas to say my name (although I kinda cheated to buy the huge comment thats displayed on the top… It was so worth the 99 cents haha) I also got Riley Bria’s phone number “by mistake” when he tried to whisper it to someone and failed… I actually left him a voicemail but I decided not to bother him after. It’s cool how they’re mostly on snapchat too, some of the contestants that were eliminated early actually have normal snapchats where we can snap them back in forth as if we’re freinds. All this social media stuff is great, even just last season we weren’t as connected to them

    • tealeaves says:

      So far I have agreed with the twitter picks, so I am not complaining yet about the format. Of course, as far as we know the twitter save has resulted in the bottom vote getter going home each week anyway. So it might just be pointless.

  50. Brandy says:

    So happy for Rayvon. Haters gonna hate (and I’m not sure why), but he’s my favorite.

    Also just loved Tyanna and Clark tonight.