The Originals' Joseph Morgan Teases Dahlia's Arrival and a 'Surprise' Death

The Originals Death Spoilers

Monday’s episode of The Originals (The CW, 8/7c) marks the beginning of Dahlia’s long-awaited, not to mention long-dreaded, arrival in present-day New Orleans, and the Mikaelsons’ dear old aunt is bearing gifts — including untimely death.

“It will absolutely affect Klaus,” Joseph Morgan tells TVLine of the impending fatality, which executive producer Julie Plec tweeted about in February. “And I was very surprised about this particular person’s death, not only because I didn’t think the character would ever be killed, but also because it’s always difficult when someone you’re used to working with suddenly isn’t there anymore.”

Below, Morgan teases more of what fans can expect in the season’s final six episodes, including Klaus’ ever-growing Jackson “problem.”

TVLINE | So, we know Dahlia’s coming back. What’s Esther been up to this whole time, and how will she respond to having her sister back?
The last time we saw her, Klaus locked her in a tomb [Laughs], so I’d imagine that knowing Dahlia is coming back would be interesting for Esther. These next few episodes are going to be very interesting; even the big bads get their chance to show what’s behind it all, their reasons for doing things, and I speak from experienced on The Vampire Diaries.

TVLINE | Do you ever envision a time when Esther can live among her children in vampire harmony?
[Laughs] I don’t think it’s possible. First, it would be too difficult for Klaus to forgive her for everything, and she’s so adamant that vampires are a blight on the earth, that her mistake should be erased. I don’t see her living down the hall in Compound from her boys, preparing breakfast.

TVLINE | Klaus hasn’t spent as much time around Hope as he used to. Do you miss working with the babies?
I don’t miss working with the fake baby they bring in for the wide shots — that creepy, heavy thing. But I do miss the little twin girls who have played Hope since she was a newborn. One time, I think during the wedding episode, the babies were incredibly sick. So Phoebe, myself and the P.A. who was looking after them all got taken out with illness.

TVLINE | Now it’s Jackson’s turn to get sick. How does Klaus really feel about Hayley’s new husband?
Jackson is a sore spot. He spent all of Episode 14 talking about how he was going to kill Jackson once the unification ritual had taken place, but then he decided he’d allow him to live on. The idea that Hope may one day call Jackson “dad” really gets to Klaus. For someone who didn’t care about the child in the first episode, he’s really come to love his child more than any person or anything in the world. He’s very selfish and possessive of that love now, and the more [Jackson and Hayley’s situation] goes on, the more of a problem it’s going to become. He’s starting to feel like an outsider.

TVLINE | Everybody has their favorite couple on the show. Is there a particular pairing you’re excited about?
Personally, I do like the Jackson-Hayley relationship. I like that he’s this rough, alpha male, but he also knows how to get babies to sleep. And Josh and Aiden, but I feel like everyone’s a champion of them. Aiden’s so stoic and heroic and Josh is so funny. When he comes into a scene, we call it Krueger-izing scene. He comes in and just steals it from everyone else, so it’s been Krueger-ized.

Originals fans, who do you think will be killed next? And what are your hopes as we head into the home stretch? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I like those 2 couples too

  2. Dizzle says:

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was Davina to be honest, with the Harvest witches storyline over, her relationship with Kol done with and her personal relationships with Marcel and Josh superseded by Cami and Aiden respectively, she could be removed from the board without affecting things on a plot level, but still having an emotional resonance with the other characters.

    • Riana says:

      If you wouldn’t be surprised then it’s not a surprise death. Davina’s probably going to live especially since she already died once. A surprise death would be Marcel

      • Dizzle says:

        Hah fair point! I just think killing anyone else, with the possible exception of Cami, would be too massive a blow for the show given the relationships they’ve set up and the themes they’re exploring.

        But then taking someone Like Marcel or Elijah out would definitely qualify as shocking!

  3. I am calling it right now. I bet the unexpected death is either Marcel or Elijah

    • AT says:

      Killing Elijah would destroy the show, lol. I just can’t see it happening. Too many people love him. I think it’s Marcel. He’s been integral to the show but hasn’t had much of a story line lately. It would be a surprising death but wouldn’t dramatically alter the show.

    • Sara says:

      I don’t think it can be Elijah. Daniel quit Saving Hope because he couldn’t do two shows, if he was going to not be on TO next season than he would have stayed on SH.

  4. Riana says:

    So is there any word on Kol’s resurrection?

  5. Kira says:

    My guess is Marcel is the big death. I hate to think of the show losing him especially when there are other characters who are easily dispensable.

  6. Joey_Prue says:

    Joseph says “I didn’t think the character would ever be killed”, it has to be one of the favorite writers. Although, it’s difficult since all the new characters are favorite writers Lol

    My vote is for Cami.

    • Miguel says:

      I, for some reason, think it’s Mikael. It would affect Klaus and he is vital for ”The Originals” ’cause he’s their father. I don’t see Elijah, Cami, Rebekah or Marcel dying ever, and these are the only characters that would affect Klaus.

      • Valerie says:


        Mikaels death wouldn’t affect Klause it would be a huge weight if Mikael can go back to HELL where he came from. Klause needs a whole new power.

  7. Freya says:

    I can’t help hoping the character to be dispatched is Cami. Have never connected with that character at all over both seasons and sadly find the actress who portrays her gives terribly boring performances with no nuance. Cami is the dead wood on the show, pruning her would be a positive service to the narrative imho.

  8. Crimson says:

    I think the surprise death is Marcel. I think A LOT of people, would not think that his character would die, it would be a surprise AND it would affect Klaus very deeply.

    I think Cami is a strong possibility but Joseph has had more scenes with Charles Michael Davis and remember, Julie Plec said the person they kill off is someone she considered a friend. I believe her and CMD are friends.

  9. It should be Hayley (her bad acting is turn off) otherwise its just not interesting enough. or Camille ( eh…even if she is alive doesnt matter – kinda pointless killing) Please not Marcel or Davina!!! I love them!! Also love the new Rebekah , so I hope they dont kill Eva either or Gia– those are the characters with potential. Gia is new but easily a better actress than phoebe tonkin!

  10. killing jackson would be bad!! he is a cool dude with a lot of potential but I fully expect that its going to be Jackson :(

  11. Oh no I think I just figured out its going to be the New Rebekah!!NOooooooo!!!

  12. Letti says:

    I seriously hope it will be either Cami or Jackson. Cami was created as a human character who we should have related to, but this never happened. I tried to give her a chance, but she is plain boring and annoying. She can’t serve her supposed role, and no one wants that Klami romance the writers wanted to do. The best thing the writers can do to her is to kill her off in an interesting dramatic way, so at least the actress can show her skills. As for Jackson, now the marriage is done, I don’t see how he would fit in the storyline aside from annoying Klaus and being in love with Hayley. Neither interests me at all.

  13. AnnieM says:

    If they let Dahlia kill baby Hope, that would certainly be shocking. And boy, would that affect Klaus, not to mention the rest of the family.

    • rarefied says:

      I was wondering about that, too, but as much as a lot of people hate the baby plotline, I think killing a baby would be unforgivable for a show like TO. On the other hand, I can see them pulling an Angel, where it looks like she’s dead, but then she comes back speed-aged in S3.

  14. Crimson says:

    They don’t have the balls to kill off Hope! Now if this was GoT, yeah Hope would had been gone.

    Camille actually has a lot of fans and she wasn’t the Human put on the show that we could relate to, she was the person that gives that humanity balance on the show, which she does.

    Hayley however, now that’s somebody that a lot of TO fans would be happy to see her gone. Same with Jackson.

  15. Devilsfan says:

    Just went on IMDB and Gia isn’t on the cast list after this episode.

    • Kat says:

      I would NOT consider Gia someone we “never thought would die”… she’s also pretty new and not that many people care for her yet… besides: She didn’t have (m)any scenes with Joseph Morgan at all, so I can’t see him being that affected by her death… My Money’s on either Cami or Marcel. They just make the most sense and Marcel would have a tremenduous effect on basically everyone, as he has ties to Davina as well as Cami and Elijah and even Josh (who looks up to him), so there’s that…

  16. jerrired says:

    The show had plenty of chances to kill Marcel last season, so I can’t see how his death would tie into the major storyline. The same with Cami. NO Way it’s Elijah, unless it’s a fake death. I think it’s either Jackson, Aiden, or Josh. But the baby Hope theory is actually a good/interesting one. I can also see them pulling an Angel, then bringing an adult/teen Hope around. Davina might also be a possibility, which would be terrible, especially considering the real possibility of a Kol resurrection.

    • jerrired says:

      I forgot to add that I think Mikael is a big possiblility too. I know he died before, but I can see Joseph thinking his stint on The Originals might be longer than a season.

  17. Alec says:

    I think Finn/Vincent will be killed off.

  18. Mike says:

    The only way to make this personal without taking the leader of the vampires within New Orleans(aka Marcel) is Cami. She’s got no connections left besides Marcel and Klaus. It’s the perfect way to really stick it to this little family they have going right now.

  19. Joanna says:

    IT’S NOT MARCEL. If Marcel died then so would Josh and Gia, the ones he made/turned. And for at least tonight’s episode, it’s not Jackson b/c the actor is due to be in the next two episodes.
    I don’t know who will die tonight, but I predict by season’s end the new Rebekah will be gone and replaced back in Claire Holt’s Rebekah in order to satisfy those die-hard Original fans.

    • Lilah says:

      It only works like that for the Originals. If Klaus died, then everyone in his bloodline (people he’s sired and those they’ve sired) would die. Marcel’s death wouldn’t have the same impact. He could die and Gia and Josh would be just fine. But if Klaus died, Marcel, Gia, and Josh would all die with him.

  20. As long as it’s not Elijah I think I’ll survive this death. I think it might be Marcel actually, or Rebeka. I can’t see anyone else’s death really affecting Klaus (unless of course it’s Hope but the article pretty much debunks that already.

    But then I’m a pretty new viewer to the show so maybe I don’t know Klaus that well, lol.

  21. Lilah says:

    At this point, the only characters I want gone are Finn/Vincent, Esther and Mikael. But I doubt it will be any of them because they have all died before and were only brought back at the end of season 1.

    The most shocking choice — other than Klaus — would be Hope. She’s been the main focal point of the entire series so it would certainly be surprising if she died.

    I really hope it isn’t Marcel. They had a dozen opportunities to kill him last season when it would have made more sense for the plot. Killing him now would be stupid. I also hope it isn’t Rebekah because even if Claire Holt doesn’t want to return, it would be tragic to lose the character forever.

  22. Lirith says:

    I hope its not Marcel, bc he is my most fav character in TO & I think he plays his role very good! Bc i think it would be shocking for ppl especialy klaus bc marcel was once to him like a son! he practicly raised him! klaus would be in bad shape!
    Acording the promo Davina looked like she was dead – all bloody face just Marcel was alive. JM said tht Klaus will become again !finaly! himself & ll kill & ripp throaths! I would be actually very happy if Camile would be the 1 bt it wouldnt be even a bit shocking! Bt if Hayly or Hope would die! Tht would be shocking! Bt if hope dies thn abt wht ll be the s3?? Bc we know tht other side was destroyed! So if she wouldnt be put in some other Universe like in tvd! She would be dead for good!! Hehe ;-) bt writters doesnt have the gurazsh to kill hope! i just hope it wont be Bekah or Elijah! Mb Ester or Michael?!

  23. Sharon says:

    I Hope the death is Cami!

  24. Bonnie says:

    I really hope it’s not the best dressed vamp that dies. I would be heartbroken. 😢

  25. Linda says:

    Just their mother Esther

  26. vampy 1 says:

    It’s the mom!? She gets turned into a flock of dead birds by her daughter.

  27. Liza says:

    If you have seen the episode, you know this was another overblown death statement. It was not a major character or anyone that was predicted. And people never stay dead on this show.

  28. I dont like michael hopefully he dies poor klaus:( i love klaus since ive seen TO

  29. zed says:

    I think the character that would die is Freya.

  30. Wynnona says:

    I hope my favorite (Elijah) is not being killed off the show. I’d love to see how the relationship between he and Gia developes. I’d also like to see Rebecca (the original) & Marcel, as well as Vincent & Camille come together. The writers just have to find a way to return Cole to Dalia.

  31. Now that we know it’s Mikael, I have to say that they could never get rid of Elijah; the show couldn’t even survive without Rebekah even with the exit of the superb Claire Holt. The Originals are more than just Klaus, although he is my favorite and I could listen to him talk for hours. Still, I love Elijah and the new Rebekah is amazingly good as well. I can take or leave Kol, but he does open other storylines and would be a bright spot in the long-suffering life of poor little Davina. I think he will be back next year. The show would not be as good without Marcel, Josh or Aiden. Cami and Jackson are annoying. I love Phoebe Tonkin and her character and Hope is the center of the show.

  32. DL says:

    I’ve read almost all the comments and I see no one named Hayley: she could be the character who dies. (I don’t hope because I like her, but it’s possible). Maybe Dalhia will kill the mother to have the child. When I think what the witch Josephine said to Hayley about her future… it would make sense. In addition to that, Don’t forget Joseph said “a person is used to working with.” So I guess it’s a very important character.
    As for Plec, everyone knows how she works: she has already taken the risk to kill main characters, so it’s possible.
    I don’t know, but as Joseph says it was a “very surprising death” it’s probably



    Rebekah/Eva (but it wouldn’t be so surprising for her since fans know Claire can come back (only in flashbacks and Maisie has another show, so she probably will leave and they can’t use another body because, twice, it would be ridiculous!))


    or Davina.

    For the others (Jackson, Aiden, Josh…), they are not main characters and their deaths wouldn’t be “very surprising” :) I don’t think it would affect Klaus (Joseph said it would affect him).

    Of course, this can’t be Elijah: Daniel left his other show to be in TO, so… and I don’t think they could take the risk to kill a baby in this kind of show (on the CW)

  33. charlene says:

    it could be anyone my guesses would be marcel im not saying I dont like cami but her and klaus r better as friends I think klaus likes her cause she reminds him so much of caroline but it could be cami r davina it just could be anyone