Shameless Finale Recap: Love Hurts

Shameless Debbie Pregnant

All of Fiona’s time away from home this season on Shameless comes back to bite her in the backside on Sunday night’s finale.

With Carl in juvie, Ian on the lam with Monica, and Debbie having sex under her own roof, Fiona wonders if she could be failing any more at raising these kids. Yes, things are looking pretty dire for the Gallaghers, and we haven’t even gotten to Fi’s own messy love life yet.

Let’s break down which couples reunited, which broke up and who’s (possibly) expecting.

shameless-debbie-pregnant3IAN & MICKEY | Ian’s joyride with his mom comes to a crushing halt when he meets her younger, meth-dealing boyfriend. After getting into an argument with the loser, Ian calls Mickey, who’s been trying to dull the ache of his boyfriend’s absence with random hookups. (He starts with a female friend, but eventually gives in and picks up a guy.) Mickey races over to the Gallaghers’ house to find Ian back home, but it’s far from a happy reunion. “I love you,” Mickey declares. “It means we take care of each other. It means thick and thin.” But Ian tells him, “Too much is wrong with me. You can’t fix me because I’m not broken. I don’t need to be fixed. I’m me.” With that, Mickey realizes his boyfriend is breaking up with him — and millions of hearts watching at home break, too. Making matters worse, Sammie returns, gun in hand, and starts shooting at Mickey as he races off. (If she kills this ‘ship, there will be hell to pay.)

FIONA & GUS & SEAN | Gus returns from his tour to a very heated reunion with Fiona. But sex can’t solve their problems. “You haven’t decided whether you really want to be with me yet,” he says, explaining why he doesn’t want the kids to get too attached to him. Meanwhile, his bandmate urges Fiona to let Gus go if she doesn’t love him. He’ll never do it because he’s a nice guy, and she’s not, he tells her. So Fiona confronts her boss Sean about what’s going on between the two of them. She thinks she’s in love with him, and she’s happy around him, she reveals. Although they kiss, Sean pushes her away. “Happy is overrated,” he replies. And the love triangle lives on.

DEBBIE & DEREK | Fiona walks in on Debbie and her boyfriend in bed together, which promptly erupts into a yelling match — until Debs blurts out that she’s pregnant. Fi exclaims that she’s getting an abortion the next day, but poor Debs, never having a proper family environment, is determined to insert herself into Derek’s via a baby. In the morning, the arguing continues with Debbie launching some very valid points toward her frequently emotionally conflicted big sis: “I know who I love and what I want even if you don’t.” As the episode ends, she looks at a pregnancy test and declares, “Oh sh-t,” with a smile and then a more somber, “Oh sh-t.” Oh, Debbie, Debbie, Debbie.

LIP & HELENE & AMANDA | Lip’s no-strings-attached college pal Amanda turns green with jealousy when Lip returns to his dorm after a night with professor Helene. She takes it out on him by punching him in the library and blaming him for making her fall in love with him. After Lip laments to Ian that there’s no such thing as casual sex anymore, he confides that he’s falling in love with his professor.

Shameless Debbie PregnantFRANK & BIANCA | In the tropical paradise, Frank and the terminally-ill Bianca drink and have sex all day. “Thank you,” she tells him. “You’ve made me happy.” (Whoever thought someone would be telling Frank that?) When her pain gets worse, she gets a gun to play Russian roulette. In the end, she decides to take her life by swallowing all her painkillers and taking a dip in the ocean. RIP Bianca, you were an amazing woman who actually made Frank kind of likable.

KEVIN & VEE | The new parents decide to give their relationship another go, but first, an STD test! Better safe than sorry after your husband had sex with dozens of coeds. But the true sign of Kevin and Vee’s reconciliation comes when he makes the choice not to leave his distraught wife’s side even though the twins are crying down the hall.

Shameless fans, what did you think of the season finale? Did it lack the punch of last year’s cliffhanger? Which couple has you most worried? Grade the ender via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Judy Kroll says:

    Having bipolar disorder is not a death sentence. Ian needs to grow up and take his meds. Leaving Mickey is a terrible decision.

    • Lo says:

      100%, totally agree

    • Ali says:

      110% agree. Mickey isn’t the only person in his life that’s gonna want him to take his meds. Of all the characters I think Mickey has changed and grown the most since the first season. He needs to be back next season and Ian needs to work to get back with him.

    • Marie says:

      That’s easy to say. But those medications are part of the problem. This kind of medications unfortunately not only suppress bad but also any other feeling Ian has. The meds make him feel numb all the time. That’s also the reason why Ian burned his hand; to see if he was at least able to feel physical pain since he couldn’t feel anything emotionally. I think that’s the reason he was so indifferent towards Mickey in the end. If his emotions weren’t messed up he wouldn’t have done this after Mickey told him he loved him…

  2. annoying Stacy says:

    Great season.. Kind of slow but can’t wait till next year

  3. Bwhit says:

    I don’t like Monica even more now, no Ian doesn’t need to be fixed but Mickey never tried to fix him, he just tried to be there for him through thick and thin. Gus does not want to be involved with that family but doesn’t want to say it which Fiona I think is in denial about. I like Sean and hope he sticks around and not Gus. I really hope Debs isn’t pregnant because there isn’t room in the Gallagher house for a new infant or ya know… Stability!

  4. sunshyne77 says:

    Not enough Carl in this episode. He’s so unpredictable and fun to watch.

    • Tee says:

      Not really. He’s a pain…acting like a jerk and going to jail because he feels like it’s an education–ugh.

      I like Gus WAAAAY better than Sean. I think Fiona needs to get her head together and stop picking the troubled guys with all the drama. She already has enough of her own.

      Sammi needs to go. Soooo tired of Emily Bergl. And Debbie pregnant is just NO. I’m sure that could be milked for laughs for an episode, but after that? No…a pregnant 14 year old is sad, especially because she’s having the baby for the wrong reasons! Ugh.

      • Para says:

        Agreed about Gus point. Why can’t Fiona choose a nice guy.

        • Bwhit says:

          Because that’s not Fiona. All the way back to season one, she was ready to walk away from a Jimmy/Steve until she found out he stole cars. She didn’t work with Mike, Tony and now Gus. She grew up with chaos and that’s what she looks for. In all reality, Jimmy is the only logical one that makes sense for Fiona, he’s just as messed up as her!

    • eva says:

      Hopefully the last scene ends up with some kind of injury and Carl being released from juvie early, I’ve missed my little psycho these past few eps. He’s the one true sociopath on the television, everyone else who starts that way tend to find their hearts by season three at best. Surprise, that’s not how being a siciopath works…

    • Alex says:

      I thought the same thing. Then I read an article that said they wrote him out of these episodes because Ethan Cutkosky was beginning high school and wanted to spend his first full year in school.

  5. A says:

    It was a craptastic end to a disappointing season. It will take a lot to get me tuning in next year. Shameless turned into Supernatural with regard to how much it hates its own viewers.

    • Ali says:

      I know a lot of people who were disappointed with this season. I was pretty neutral until tonight. I don’t understand how you use a couple, Ian and Mickey, to promote a season and then have them break up. There were times were it seemed the writers didn’t know what they wanted to do with story or characters.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Having them break up at the end is just drama like any other show would do with a popular couple. I really like the fact that they are treating them the same as a hetero couple. Next season I hope we get to see how each of them react to the break up and possibly even a third or fourth character added to the mix with them eventually getting back together. What I don’t want to see is anymore of the downhill spiral for Ian. Get on your damn meds and become a productive human being. Please don’t ruin this character by making them like Monica.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I didn’t know that the actor who plays Mickey wasn’t coming back next season. Now I’m truly disappointed.

  6. webly3 says:

    I thought the finale was great. During the episode, I just wanted to cry at everyone because their lives seem futile… but that’s just the Gallaghers for you. Anyways, I think each of the adults learned some valuable lessons throughout the season, while the kids have fallen into a deep hole without the guidance of Fiona. I’m really excited to see what Shameless does next season. Fiona dug herself a deep hole by believing that her family was okay without her. She wasn’t ready for her marriage to Gus and she finally needs to face that in the next season. Usually the seasons start out very slow and then build to an amazing, explosive climax – but the next season won’t start out slow and I’m really glad that Shameless is finally starting with more exciting material.

  7. Stormie says:

    I just can’t stand Fiona this season but I’m glad she was read by her sister and Gus’s friend. She’s not a good person and this season she hasn’t been a good sister. Does she know Debbie lost her virginity by raping someone. I really hope she’s not pregnant because at 14 that just a horrible life to sign an innocent baby up for. Ian should be taking his meds of course but it’s not at all uncommon for people with mental illnesses to not do what’s in their best interest. Hopefully next season Ian gets the help he deserves and needs complete with taking his meds. Lip being in love with his professor just makes me roll my eyes. He better not be giving up his good chance at a future for that woman because that’s a mistake. Mickey loves Ian and I really hope he doesn’t give up on him. Kev and V I just freaking love them so I’m glad they are back together. I did respect Gus for not wanting to get involved with the kids without knowing if his wife wants him. If Sean breaks down and gets with Fiona I predict he’ll have a needle in his arm before season 6 is over.

  8. rachelle says:

    I’m so over Fiona. She’s such an idiot. I can’t even with her anymore. Gus is a great guy and she messed it all up! Her family is a lot to handle, but if she’d been a good person/faithful wife, Gus would’ve fallen deeper in love with her and would be willing to weather whatever with her. Gus could’ve been a breath of fresh air in her chaotic life. Why does she need the destructive-ness/”excitement” of Sean? Hello! Your life is already bat guano crazy without adding a crazy/unstable partner to it!

    Ian broke my heart! I didn’t want him to break up with Mickey. After ALL they’ve been through, it just broke my heart to see Ian dump Mickey like that.

    Debs is a typical idiotic, know-it-all teenager. I hope she’s not pregnant, but she was so happy looking at that stick that I feel like she is. I wanted to reach through my screen and just shake her! God. It’s so hard to watch younger kids make dumb mistakes. Even though you’re older and you’ve been there, done that, they think they know better than you! Fiona had the patience of a saint cause I would’ve killed Debs during their arguments. She’s in for a rude awakening when her boyfriend finds out she’s pregnant. I doubt he wants a baby.

  9. rebecca says:

    I was wondering when Sammi was going to show up and what an entrance that was. I think Fiona needs to take a step back from the men in her life and work on herself first. Can’t wait for next season.

  10. Michelle says:

    I like the breakdown but now, do I watch it or not? And, why the spoiler? I think I missed something!

  11. Para says:

    Ian and mickey broke up….after all the stuff that happens for the past two years….

    What a world. Klaine married and Ian and Mickey split

  12. I liked the finale. Frank and Bianka made me laugh. Debbie expecting
    She’s in for a rude awakening. Poor Carl and chuckie in juvee makes me sad. And Sammy is toast. Can’t wake wait for #6

  13. mark says:

    Bring bianca back I liked her and Frank together

  14. Angel says:

    I thought the show was called “Shameless,” but honestly it should be retitled “Hopeless” after this season.

    I don’t recognize any of the characters, other than Frank, who remains consistently awful. What happened to the Gallagher family? They barely interact and when they do, it’s more out of a sense of obligation, not love. Can the writers really not think of anything to do with Fiona outside of a love triangle? Who even is Debbie these days? She had more maturity and common sense back in season one. And Ian really needs to grow up — literally, he’s been 17 since season two or three. Also, take your damn pills, you big baby. Being bipolar is not the end of the world. I won’t even start on the character assassination Kev and V have went through.

    As for Mickey, I’ll understand if Noel Fisher doesn’t sign on for next season, but I’ll be disappointed. He is one of the best actors on the show and has done amazing things with the character that a lesser actor wouldn’t have been capable of. It’ll be a huge blow for the show to lose him, but the writers have made so many other mistakes this season, this will just be yet another one.

    • Ali says:

      Fiona needs to grow up. Sean has been trying to tell her that all season and she still hasn’t learned. She needs to be without a guy and take some time to figure herself out. I like Gus but she’s not ready for a guy like him and I think if Sean were to be with her he would relapse. I like the changes in Lip this season in regards to realizing he has a future and starting to figure out the balance between that future and his family/old life. I’m soo angry and disappointed in Ian after the finale. If the meds aren’t working you try new ones. I know it’s not easy but no one in his life, not just Mickey, will let him not take meds. I’ve said since the first episode I think V has postpartum. I agree they could have addressed that without the craziness they put them through.
      I honestly don’t think I can watch Shameless without Mickey. I love the character and the actor is one of the best on the show. After the way the promoted Mickey and Ian for this season I don’t see them letting him go, but then again I didn’t see them having them break up either. I agree that if he is asked back for next season it will be huge mistake on the part of the show and a huge loss.

      • Bernard Campbell says:

        I agree. I cannot and will not watch Shameless without Mickey. Period.

      • Tee says:

        All of the Gallaghers need to get their heads out of their asses. Yes, they were dealt some crappy cards, but they should try to rise above it. Many people in the real world do. Lip is my favorite, and he has the most opportunity to change his course, but now that he’s screwing his professor, it’s just a matter of time. I thought when the Prof gave him that speech in her driveway with the broken leg kid in the car, she gave him a dose of reality, and then when he turned around and kicked Kevin out of the dorms and told him to go back to his wife, I thought YAY! But he’s not headed anywhere good if he continues with the professor and whatever weird arrangement she has with her husband. All of them NEED to stop thinking with their penises and vaginas for once.

  15. Ali says:

    I’m still not sure how I felt about the finale. Glad to see people finally tell Fiona the truth about how she’s been acting. Fiona doesn’t need to be with anyone for a while. Debbie is in for a rude awakening when her boyfriend and his family aren’t as accepting of this baby as she thinks they’ll be. And I don’t even know where to begin with Ian and Mickey. How does Mickey loving and want to take care of him mean he thinks he’s broken? Ian took care of Mickey countless times over the year…it’s how a relationship works, you take care of each other! Does he think his family will let him not take his meds? If anything Mickey should have been the one doing the breaking up. I think what bothered me the most is how the network used the Mickey and Ian relationship to promote this season just to break them up in the end.

  16. Tvgeek says:

    I didn’t mind How any of the other story lines ended but to have ian be Diagnosed and admit he needs help to then dumping mickey and saying he’s fine Is back Peddling. And I would think He’d care if mickey was shot!

  17. Matt M says:

    I like the show but didn’t like the season or the finale. Probably because it had such promise after last season’s finale. But they wrote off the best characters or minimalized them–Sheila, Amanda, Carl and of course Jimmy/Steve/Jack. It felt as though it was a new writing staff that had never watched last episodes. Jimmy was never a “bad” guy, just a little devilish. But they tried to make Fiona too good for him and yet she is a complete train wreck. Cheating on multiple boyfriends. Going to jail. Very disappointed. Will have to think long and hard whether I’ll even watch next year. Other than Lip, Carl and Kevin, there are very few likeable and fun characters left. They need an injection of Jimmy.

  18. Ellie says:

    Wow. Cant wait for next season. I am so sad for Mickey. By the way i stuck around for the sneak peak of Happyish and was very bored. It was pretty Crappyish. It will probably win a ton of Emmys and golden globes though. Boring is always rewarded.

  19. Antwon303 says:

    This was probably my least favorite finale. It was a dramatic season for sure. The cast really got to show their range. I don’t mind a finale that has cliffhangers but there were just too many WTF moments. Um, so Mickey is being chased by a gun wielding Sammi and Fiona/Ian just go into the house like nothing happened? Lame.

    I really liked Fiona/Gus. I thought when she had that conversation with Jimmy that she had an epiphany…nope! Same on Fiona. She is her own worst enemy and I’m over the character. Gus has been patient and he loves her and look at what she does…cheats. What was the point of the speech she gave he went on tour? It makes no sense that now suddenly she has the hots for Sean. Bull!

    I just read another interview that said this might be the last of Ian/Mickey. The actor that plays Mickey isn’t sure about season six because he’s doing a movie. They wrote the breakup in case he doesn’t come back. And we didn’t see that much Carl because the actor is starting high school and wanted to be free to complete his freshman year.

    Glad Kevin and V finally worked their crap out. I can’t even with Debbie. She used to be one of my favorite characters but this season I wanted to shake the hell out of her.

    I give the finale a C-

  20. wrstlgirl says:

    Best part of the entire season was Ian and Mickey. The rest was just meh.

  21. azu says:

    this whole family is mesed up and needs to grow up. What happened to the Fiona and Debbie I loved and rooted for in seasons one and two? There should be some character growth not this much regression

  22. JJ says:

    This whole season was up and down and the finale had soo many WTF moments that are annoying!! I liked Gus and Fiona and Amanda and Lip but those two relationships seem over. And Ian/Mickey seem over as well. Debbie became really annoying this season with her whole ‘I’m not a kid’ phrase but I just wanna shake her b/c adult life is not easy honey. The only positive outcome of the finale is Kev and V’s relationship. I’m irritated yet excited about S6 b/c I’m sure it’s gonna be more WTF moments!! Y’all should read the EP John Wells’s interview with Hollywood Reporter, soo many insights into what could possibly happen next season!!

  23. Britta Unfiltered says:

    What a sad episode. Deb being pregnant was the saddest to me. She’s so freaking young. She reminds me a lot of my sister who went through a similar situation at the same age as Debbie. A little younger, actually. Lip was such a jerk to Amanda. I felt really bad for her. Pretty much the only thing that was funny about the whole episode was the line about the “poophole loophole.” Dear god, I think I hurt something from laughing so hard. And I have a cold at the moment, so it also sent me into an uncontrollable coughing fit. Good finale, Shameless, as always. A little bit of humor, and a lot of heartache.

    • Tee says:

      Hopefully the good that comes out of Amanda and Lip this episode is that she’s so ticked off she gets back at him and reports the professor. As soon as I saw the character was being played by Sasha Alexander I knew…deng, we’ll be seeing a lot of her I guess, and probably not just as a teacher in the classroom. I also liked Amanda, I thought she was interesting and kind of like Lip, but with money. The fact she shared the same name as Mandy was something I also thought was interesting.

  24. Cas says:

    I have actually enjoyed the season with a few exceptions. Fiona is a hot mess and a terrible mother figure. The fact that she told Steve she couldn’t be with him because that is basically not her anymore (or something similar) is pretty laughable because she has made quite a mess of her love life without him. And Debbie, I can’t stand her. Does she not see what a struggle it was to raise them? Why in the hell would she want to start that at 14? While I do agree Carl is entertaining what a horrible kid. In real life he would be in prison at 18 and probably for something like murder. Ian has become horrible to watch too. Lip is ruining a relationship wij an appropriate girl for sex with her professor. Cliche much?

  25. LM says:

    When is Fiona going to contract an STD? The love life the show runners have given her is a complete joke, so paying for her repitition seems in order.

  26. kaela says:

    I wish the show was on year round and new every day I love this show and can’t wait for next season

  27. I kind of liked the finale, until they broke up Ian/Mickey. I don’t get why they did it, because in his conversation with Monica about someone who would love him as he was, you saw the realisation on his face that he had that with Mickey. But I suppose with Ian having to come to terms with his condition, he’s not who he used to be, I think he needs to relearn who he is now. He needs to realise he’s lovable as he is, and be able to accept it and return it. We know he loves Mickey, but he needs to come to terms with the way his life is. That was the biggie for me. And with not knowing if Noel will definitely be back next season, I understand it in that respect too.

    I do not like it though.

    • Antwon303 says:


      The writers broke them up because the actor that plays Mickey has a promising movie career and he’s not sure he will be available for season six!

  28. Kelly says:

    They spent seasons of character and relationship development on Ian and Mickey just to have them break up and now Noel might not even be coming back! Doubt I’ll be back for the sixth season…

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Where is the info coming from that Noel wasn’t coming back, I hadn’t heard that. I figured they were just adding more drama to the story line. If Mickey is off the canvas next season that is a disaster.

      • SW says:

        wrstlgirl, The Hollywood Reporter posted an interview with Shameless’ greater John Wells last night, and he confirmed that most likely won’t be returning. And just today, Cameron Monaghan (Ian) tweeted a goodbye to Noel Fisher.

  29. Pat says:

    This season was a mess. Honestly are we supposed to care about the Gallaghers at this point? They’re all unlikable, to laugh at Mickey while he is being shot at by Sammi. Being shot because he was taking revenge for IAN. I just baffles me. Can I get a spin off show with Mickey, Svetlana and Yvegeny please? Ian can come along after he grows the f up and stops being mean to Mickey.

  30. roxanacio says:

    I have no idea how this episode got so many A’s…

  31. nojin says:

    You know what? instead of messing with all these parallels they could develop the plot. you want parallels? how about Fiona CARES again? how about instead of having like 3 sex scenes with different women Lip actually has a purpose like helping his family out with this mess? how about you don’t ruin your best story line(Ian’s) and its five year development in 30 seconds? I mean seriously two weeks ago Ian was happy that Mickey was back and taking care of him, now he dumps him and doesn’t even bother checking if he’s alive? this show just gets worse and worse…

  32. bree says:

    honestly the breakup just didn’t make sense at all and was a mistake on the writer’s part. bipolar disorder doesn’t make you want to disassociate yourself from the person you love and have loved for a long time. it doesn’t change the very core/structure of your being. ian was very, very out of character, especially when mickey was being shot at and LAUGHED (don’t even get me started) + the whole breakup argument. that’s my piece on this.

  33. C says:

    This season was ridiculous from start to finish. Every character was turned into a caricature of themselves and practically every decent moment was undercut with some cartoonish “comedy” moment that wasn’t even funny. The scene at the very end of the finale really took the cake though – that Ian did not care that Mickey, the boy he’s been in love with since he was 15, was potentially going to get shot by his half-sister. That’s just not even believable. Even if you didn’t want to be with that person anymore, you would still care about their wellbeing. Their break-up dialogue didn’t make any sense – Ian essentially said that Mickey doesn’t love him for who he is and Mickey proved that he did and more or less quasi-proposed marriage to him and then they broke up anyway. Oh, and there was a homophobic comment thrown in too, which was unnecessary and weird. It was a real slap in the face to loyal fans and cheapened their previously beautiful love story for the sake of being comedic. And ironically, it failed at that too.

    Also, why was Mickey having sex with Svetlana? What was the point in that? Yet again, Shameless steers away from portraying a single sex scene between it’s two gay main characters for another entire season – but said gay characters can sleep with women on screen!

    I’m frustrated with what they’re doing with Fiona, too – she has so much more potential as a character and Emmy has so much more potential as an actress. But because she’s a female character her only purpose is for John “I don’t get why women stay with guys who treat them badly” Wells to prove how poorly he understands women. She deserves better. In fact, all of this shows female characters deserve better, but since they’re set on having all of them have plots that revolve around child-rearing (hardly boundary-pushing, let’s be real), I guess there’s no hope of them ever being given any meaty, interesting plots ever again.

    The heart and soul of this show has been sold out to turn it into a piece of homophobic, sexist, racist, ableist piece of garbage that doesn’t even live up to the genre it switched to. This show, it’s actors and writers, can do loads better, and S5 is just not up to par. You wouldn’t get me to watch S6 if you paid me.

    • Tee says:

      That wasn’t Svetlana. The English was u accented. Besides, Svetlana was at Kevin and Viv’s, taking care of the twins.

  34. B. says:

    The thing that made me really mad about this season and this finale especially is that every storyline started reeeaaally slow and then had to be rushed and left open. Like, this is not an open “shocking” ending, this is just abruptly ending because you realize you are out of time: Fiona’s entire arc didn’t make sense, Carl was barely there for the whole season, tension between Ian and Mickey kept building up to resolve in a minute breakup scene interrupted by a “funny” scene (although Mickey screaming “F*** you and your weird*** kid” was amazing). I though something was going to happen between Lip and the hot teacher but no, he just keeps passively accepting every weird thing she does. And don’t get me started on Mandy leaving like that or on Debbie. Or on Amanda who disappeared for like half the season just to be s**t on by Lip. I don’t mind heartbreak and breakups and tears and even the most outrangeous aspects of Shameless. What really bothers me is bad writing and rushed storylines.

  35. Nana says:

    Why WHY did they have to mess with Debbie’s character?! She was so bright and beautiful and innocent in ALL of the past seasons! She had such a capacity for growth and a love of learning so WHY THE HELL WOULD SHE JUST FLIP TO WANTING TO BE A TEEN MOM

  36. frank says:

    the finale was so out of character for ian and mickey it was hard to stomach. for starters; ian had sort of a eureka moment when he was out with monica. he realized that she in fact didn’t understand him and he had someone he truly loved back at home. then he goes home and basically breaks mickey’s heart? plus this was the first time mickey said “i love you” to ians face. This is what ian had been wanting for the past 4 seasons but why is it that he’s just waving him off now as if it didn’t take mickey an incredible amount of courage to say it? Thats just not something Ian would do, even with his bipolar disorder. Also tell me why the hell do the writers think that ian would legitimately just stand and watch while mickey is getting shot at? no thats sick and disgusting. This finale was horrible

  37. Dee says:

    No. Just no. Do you ever sit and think about how professional people sat down and wrote this and actually thought that any of this was a good idea to put on screen? Because I’ve thought about that a lot this season. This season is, by far, the worst season Shameless has ever had. You have Fiona jumping from guy to guy to back to another guy to another one and then you use the same basic plot for Lip as well. The entire Debbie arc is gross as hell and the end result is that she’s pregnant now, great. I don’t even want to talk about Carl. But the grossest part of this season was what they did to the Milkovich family. Mickey and Mandy are abuse survivors and you shipped Mandy off with one of her abusers after the first time she says I love you to Lip and then the first time Mickey says I love you to Ian to his face guess what? He gets run off screen by Sammie shooting a gun at him in an attempted comedic moment that fell flat all around.

    They took 4 seasons of everyone’s character development and threw it in the garbage for no reason. I’m not watching next season.

  38. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  39. Jaqueline says:

    Shameless needs to show that you can live a normal productive life even if you have Bi-Polar disorder. I really hope Ian sorts himself out over the hiatus and sticks with his meds so he can win Mickey back next season. I can believe the break-up but absolutely not the fact that he didn’t seem to care if Mickey got shot and killed. Mickey deserves better and Ian needs to work hard to win him back in Season 6. Those characters are the no 1 reason I watch this show. Their love story is incredible and they need to be happy for once.

  40. Heathers says:

    I missed an episode a while back. What happened to Jimmy and that odd looking lesbian who was frequenting the diner?

  41. Autie says:

    This finale has been the worst one since the show started. There’s no way that Ian & Mickey are done. They love and need each other. They’ve come so far in this relationship since season 1. Hopefully crazy Sammie doesn’t kill Mickey. She needs to be off the show. No one likes her. Finally Kev & V are back together which was the only good thing that happened. Lip has been smart about staying out of trouble and doing good in college. I think it’s good that Amanda is gone. She was annoying. But he’s playing with fire having an affair with his married professor, regardless that her husband doesn’t care. It could result in him losing everything that he’s worked for. Debbie is being a rebellious teenager that thinks she knows everything when clearly she doesn’t. I hope she’s not pregnant. She doesn’t realize the terrible mistake she’s corrupting. The whole thing with Carl & Chucky in juvy fighting was absolutely ridiculous. There’s no way that Chucky is smart enough to act gangster. I feel sorry for him considering he has a bad mother. Fiona made the right decision by ending it for good with Jimmy. He was a liar with an ego. She needs to divorce Gus. They never should’ve gotten married in the first place. She doesn’t need to be with Sean either. What she needs to do is figure her life out and concentrate on being the good older sister, role model, and guardian that she should be. If she can’t take control of her actions then how are her younger siblings going to make it in the world. What happened to Shiela? Did she make it in her RV to Karen & Jody? And what about Mandy? She needs to leave Kenyatta and come back home. She doesn’t deserve Lip though. After what she did to Karen in season 3 reveals that she’s a psycho. What’s gonna happen when Terry gets out of jail? If Mickey survives being shot at by Sammie, is Terry gonna come home and try to kill his son? Come on Shameless! Make season 6 awesome!

  42. Jessica says:

    I’m not thrilled with this season. The arc towards then end with Frank and Bianca is kinda random and unrealistic. I do not see that doctor hooking up with Frank in her final days. Even if she does want to live her life to the fullest…with Frank?! Maybe if the woman was closer to his age and not as pretty. But a young girl like that finds out she’s dying and spends her last days with Frank? And him even caring at all without getting something out of it? I don’t think I have seen Frank do anything all the time the show has been on that he didn’t get something out of it, usually money. Sure he got to enjoy her expensive booze and drugs too, but he didn’t really get much out of it and that was also unlike him.

    Fiona should have learned so much from last season, and instead she spent most of this season somewhere else and completely failing to raise these kids. You can do a love triangle and still not have her so vacant in the house. Of course Sammi was there, who I quickly became sick of. I’m not even going to go there. Not really surprised about Carl and Debbie’s stories. Kevin & V’s were refreshing, though it was a bit much how many girls (yes girls, ick!) Kevin slept with.

    I really really hate that Jimmy was brought back to destroy his character. Yeah, he was always a criminal. But in the past, he wouldn’t have done Fiona the way he did this time, completely lying at the end? There was genuine love between them before, and he tried to live a normal life for her too (and also because he wasn’t given a choice). Did he really need to come back to destroy her? She made peace with his exit long ago. Sure, the fans may not have. But Fiona did. He didn’t need to be brought back just to make us not want him. We would have eventually accepted his assumed death. I really have a problem with the way that was handled.

    Was I the only one who noticed how Sheila’s house blew up but was then magically there again and stayed that way for the rest of the season?

    The love triangle with Fiona is intriguing. I’ll give you that. Lip too. I hope Ian and Mickey find their way back to each other though I’m not surprised someone had to breakup.

    Oh, there is something else that is really bothering me. Liam was like 1, maybe 2 when the show started. By now, he should be about 5 at least! And yet he barely speaks?! Sure, one more character to have to write for, but can we stop pretending he’s still a toddler?!

  43. Tamara says:

    Agree with a lot of people on here about Mickey being the best character on this show (what a long way he’s come from being ‘that bully’ in season 1!) and I really hope even if Noel Fisher does take some time off to shoot his movie, he returns in the second half of the season for the best relationship the show has.
    I just CANNNOT with Fiona. Some people have mentioned it below, so good to know I’m not the only one who’s annoyed with her behaviour this season. All she does is flirt slyly with the various men in her life and she never gets any stick for it! She flirts outrageously, embarrassingly, with Sean at the start of the season, then when he tells her he can’t be with her, immediately jumps onto that band guy, then onto his friend Gus, then MARRIES him. And of course promptly cheats on him with Steve/Jimmy. The thing that really gets on my last nerve is that Gus doesn’t even get appropriately mad at her and after all those sad puppy dog apologies she makes, she’s back to flirting with Sean and if we count kissing as cheating, she cheats on Gus AGAIN. And when Gus’ friend finally tells her she’s a horrible person, instead of feeling bad for hurting a nice guy or going back and trying to sort herself out, she runs to Sean because in Fiona’s world, if one man isn’t working out it’s time to line up the next one (without breaking up with the first guy of course because she needs a fall back if her embarrassing come-ons don’t work). I am so sick of watching her sidle up to men with that smile and act like flirting and sex solves everything. I know its her upbringing etc. but considering she’s old enough by now, she should know better.
    Debbie’s character has gone way downhill this season, but the one good thing she did was tell Fiona off this episode.

  44. Honey starr says:

    Fiona is by far the biggest loser on this show. For someone who has the title of caretaker, she is one absentee guardian. The finalee was very good. So the cliff hangers are Debs and did Sammi shout mickey . My guess is no to both.

  45. Buster says:

    Any show that coaches young ( and older ) actors to actively MURDER; willing young ( and older ) wrongfully ( or not ) accused sex addicts ( labeled pedophiles ? ); ( in this take on Shameless, a young wrongfully accused teacher ! ) deserves an award for the Insane.
    Young 14 yr old people many times, are more mature than adults at any given age.
    Baiting is NOT a new human trick !
    Aired on Shameless, May 31, 2015.

  46. Karen says:

    Best show on TV hands down ever