Scandal Recap: The Line to Help David Destroy B613 Forms Here

Scandal Lauren Bowles

This week on ABC’s Scandal, Jake looked bloody guilty, aspiring senator Mellie nearly got kinfolk’d over and just as Olivia began moving on into the future, she got a blast from the past.

Scandal has never been an easy show to recap, make no mistake. The end of Season 1, all of Season 2, patches of Season 3… there was so much going on, it was a skill to in any way capture it all, to condense those visceral thrills with mere words.

And then there’s the other kind of “hard to recap,” when an episode is largely a series of moments segregated into a few separate bowls.

That was the case here, with the only partially realized tale of Mellie’s black sheep half-sister, the latest chapter in the B613 story that refuses to die, and a Case of the Week that wasn’t so much magestically handled but merely managed.

HALF-SISTER ACT | LizzieBear goes to vet Mellie’s (half-)sister Harmony, and comes away with a bad vibe, that Harmony is “fifty shades of angry” and ready to burst to anyone within earshot. Mellie is tasked with inviting Harmony to the White House, but the dinner she strong-arms Fitz into joining them for is an all-out disaster, its darkest point coming when Mellie calls Harmony’s mother a w-h-o-r-e. Afterward, over hooch, Mellie expresses her disappointment to Fitz that he didn’t assume the “First Lady” role at dinner and diffuse the situation with a chipper anecdote. So Fitz meets with hot-under-the-collar Harmony before she leaves and explains/fibs that Mellie is merely jealous of what Harmony has, and redirects her hurt outward. Harmony falls for it, bids Mellie adieu with a hug, and Fitz later assures Mellie, “You’re going to win this race, and I’m going to be ride at your side when you do.” So, not only were we subject to the cartoon-like, please-some-Southerner-confirm-it-was-offensive portrayal of Harmony, but whatever old “dirt” she had on Mellie, we got no whiff of. The first great threat to Mellie’s political career was neutered with an easy lie.

HOLLY MOLY! | When David Scandal Jake Rosenunsuccessfully bids to get Jake to testify against B613, the onetime Command appears to fly off the handle and go on a rampage — leading to his seeming slaughter of three other B613 agents David was able to corral, followed by a tussle with Charlie. Desperate to make his case, and with Jake on the loose, David realizes that he himself can testify, having eye-witnessed Ballard’s killing of James Novak and those two other people. It all leads to a tense moment in a parking garage, where Jake approaches David with gun drawn… only to shoot David’s mild-mannered assistant Holly, who actually was B613 and about to kill her boss. (I always loved that moment in The Sting, too.) Jake warns David that there will be others out there with him in the cross hairs, so they must tread extra-carefully, while Olivia chews out Huck for keeping their concerns about/surveillance of Jake a secret.

HEAVENLY FATHERS | Olivia takes on a case of Nick Reed, a congressman who insists that his father George was wrongfully arrested and put on Death Row for the murder of the predatory math teacher who caused his 14-year-old sister to hang herself. In the hunt for an alternate suspect, Huck and Quinn snoop around the house of the teacher’s recently deceased wife, where they find stashed the  murder weapon. Olivia reports back to Nick that the gun was planted there — by him, and it comes it that George forbade his son from taking the fall for the much-deserved dispatching. When Liv points out to George that Nick has been trapped in this lie for 15 years, the dad allows his son to confess at a presser, with the promise that Liv will do her very best to salvage what she can of his image.

With that behind her, Liv is at home when the doorbell rings, and it’s her lover, (Franklin) Russell… accompanied by Rowan, who surely has something to say about the plan to destroy B613.

What did you think of the episode “Honor Thy Father”?

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  1. TAL says:

    Reblogged this on Cerulean Chronicle and commented:
    Attention Gladiators! The following is a recap of ‘Scandal’ 4.18 – “Honor Thy Father,” which aired April 2, 2015, courtesy of TV Line:

  2. Brian says:

    This B613 storyline is absolutely horrific. It is so bad. It’s just all so pointless. I’m glad to see Twitter tearing this episode to shreds.

    • Adelele says:

      Good! I’m glad to hear. If I was on twitter I would lend my voice.
      More B613!!! Are you kidding me with this BS?

      I am glad that the guy who Olivia picked up from the bar is a B613 agent. sighhhhhhhh

      • Cheyenne says:

        I don’t think he’s an agent. He looked very uncomfortable when Olivia opened the door. I think he’s just some guy Rowan paid off and intimidated into hitting on Olivia. Rowan is less her father and more her pimp, if you hadn’t noticed already.

        • Adelele says:

          There is something sick and disconcerting about this.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Well, you already knew he was a pimp. He pimped out Olivia to Jake in the second season and told Jake to get it all on video. What kind of man pimps his own daughter like that?

        • Adelele says:

          OK, let’s call him a Rowan agent then.
          More reason why you don’t go picking up strange men at bars. Cyrus did, that didn’t turn out well. Olivia did, that didn’t turn out well. Who is next? Fitz? Mellie? Baby Ella?

          • Cheyenne says:

            Cyrus’s pickup could turn out well after all. He clearly has feeling for Cyrus and as long as Cyrus doesn’t treat him like a jerk, they might be able to work it out.

    • Sweetweeny says:

      @Brian – thank God Twitter is tearing this episode apart. I feel like signing up for a twitter account to join them.

  3. Adelele says:

    No. I cannot and will not be doing another B613 dance. No No Nah!
    Somebody call me when this is over

  4. Mr. Tran K says:

    Can anyone stop the terror that is B613?

  5. C. says:

    Let me say on the outset that as a reader I’m always very impressed that your recaps are generally up within an hour of the show’s airing because holy smokes so much happens in an hour of scandal. Sometimes I can’t even remember what happened in an episode until I read these recaps an hour later. So it is beyond me that y’all are able capture the happenings of every episode.

    I really liked this episode. I liked it a lot actually. I liked that the case wasn’t “majestically handled.” When they mentioned the police, I was a little surprised. It’s not a resource they use typically.

    Who isn’t B613 at this point? I feel like there’s a lot of members of this secret organization. Remember all those spies that met at OPA in season 2 in “Spies Like Us?” Just call some of them for the

  6. Tracey says:

    Season 4 what a let down.

    • Judi says:

      amen! This season continues to disappoint. I keep watching, but not with the rapt attention I used to devote to this show. Ugh! Is Shondra just phoning it in??

  7. Anita Brown says:

    Scandal, is TV show that you have sit watch how Good USA is ran and what they wearing for Spring Fashion :)

  8. Cheyenne says:

    Okay Shonda, time to clean this mess up once and for all. Somebody kill Rowan off before this season is over. I don’t care if Huck kills him or Jake kills him or if Olivia herself kills him, but if Rowan is still around next season, I won’t be. Enough is enough. He’s not a character any more, he’s a caricature. Get him gone.

    • Adelele says:

      I’m not even waiting until next season. Last night’s episode is it for me until B613 is done.

    • Sweetweeny says:

      When Rowan went fishing B613 was dead. Rowan would not help in rescuing Olivia and said that Olivia was not his daughter – it seemed at the time he didn’t care if she lived or died. Fitz and Jake had stopped looking for him and things were moving along so for the love of God, why resurrect B613 – here’s my answer – to give Jake Ballard something to do. Notice how he wasn’t even in last week’s episode and played a very minimal role in the last 3 episodes. For the character of Jake Ballard to work, B613 needs to be in existance.

    • Darcel says:

      I hope Rowan takes Jake with him when he goes.

  9. Mandie says:

    B613 is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such…I usually love this show but I’m sick and tired of the B613 storyline. Perhaps it’s due to ISIS running around somewhere in the world, but I find that I have no…stomach to watch this kind of thing. It’s not at all entertaining anymore, if it even was. Sorry…NOT sorry.

    • Darcel says:

      B613 was not suppose to be a terrorist organization when it was first introduced. It was suppose to be an undercover government organization that recruited top of the line soldiers for secret missions. It was suppose to be over the president.

  10. ronnie says:

    The B613 storyline has run its course. I truly hope that they wrap it all by the end of this season and take the show back to its roots. If they don’t, the series ratings will start to seriously tank and the show will be cancelled by the end of the next season.

    • Adelele says:

      I don’t see it lasting beyond season 5 anyhow.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Shonda didn’t plan to take it past the end of Fitz’s second term. Seven seasons max. Maybe six. But if she lets this B613 crap drag out any longer, next season could be its last.

        • Sweetweeny says:

          If viewers don’t get any resolution in the last 5 episodes, this might be her last season – due to low ratings. I would have rather found out about all the secrets in Mellie’s closet (c-plot), than relieve this B613 stuff again.

          • Brian says:

            I can’t see this show going anywhere for at least another 2-3 seasons or unless Shonda decides to end it earlier. As terrible as the show is now, it’s still the #2 drama on network tv.

      • herman1959 says:

        I’ve said from the beginning that Scandal is a 5-year show. Hopefully, this B613 ting will be wrapped by the end of this season and season can be about wrapping up the series in an intelligent manner.

        • herman1959 says:

          Sorry, I hit Enter too soon – *Hopefully, this B613 thing will be wrapped by the end of this season and season 5 can be about wrapping up the series in an intelligent manner.*

  11. Charissa29 says:

    Scandal is starting to seem sort of meh. Glad that others wish she would get back to fixing things. So much for TGIT! I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy when Christina left, and now I think I will read the recaps here before I bother to watch anymore Scandal. Sigh.

  12. Darcel says:

    Oh no not B613 again. I am so tired of Jake and Papa Pope but mostly Jake. They need to bring in a big time person of some kind that comes into town and ends this storyline for good or have Olivia wake up and we find that B613 was all a dream. Also, Olivia has become too sexually loose in my opinion. Last episode she was wanting Fitz and now she’s in the bed with this guy from the bar. You would think that if she was as well known around DC as they try to tell us, she would be more discreet with her sexual choices. She doesn’t know anything about him. It also would seem that she could see how harmful it is to just pickup someone at a bar (look at what happened to her friend Cyrus).

    • Brian says:

      I’m tired of Papa Pope & Jake too and like you, I find myself much more tired of Jake’s character. When he’s on screen, I just don’t get it. Like why am I supposed to care about his character? Papa Pope is now a cartoon villain, but he is being played by a brilliant actor, so I can get him being brought back every so often, even though his character is tired. But Scott Foley as Jake, I don’t get it. He adds absolutely nothing to the show. The show works best when his character is barely shown.

      • Cheyenne says:

        I don’t think he’s brilliant at all. He chews up the scenery in every scene he’s in. He’s become clownish instead of intimidating.

      • KimB says:

        Yeah, the same can be said of Fitz. He is a terrible POTUS, husband and father! As this is a political drama, he contributes nothing in the way of politics unless if you talk starting unnecessary wars. All he is good for is moping of Liv over..and over…and over! There is no depth to the character of Fitz.
        In tonight’s episode his character was tolerable because for once he was doing the right thing and supporting the dreams of his wife.

        • Adelele says:

          So Fitz is only not terrible when he’s supporting Mellie?

        • Darcel says:

          I really like Fitz. I hate the way that the writers play him down and lift Jake up. Jake needs to go. If they want him as a great hero, then write him out as a great hero.

        • Nathalie says:

          TEAM FITZ.

        • Nathalie says:

          Why is he terrible as Potus? He already done great things. Olivia, the country and even Democrats always say that. You can hate a character, but be just a little bit fair.
          Mellie is worse than him as mother. He’s not a good husband. Unfortunately for Mellie, he loves another woman. That is life… Fitz is too honest for a politician…

    • g says:

      here’s the more interesting questions:
      how do Olivia & her staff even make so much money ?
      how much is she charging these supposed clients that she can afford:
      a huge office space in Washington DC +
      a huge condo & endless supply of red wine +
      a lavish wardrobe & being able to just disappear for weeks/ months at a time – sometimes by choice to enjoy an island vacation and other times when she kidnapped +
      paying her staff which used to be 5 or 6 people, but now down to just 2 people

      and most importantly – why must they all speak so similarly such as:
      “we’re the good guys – we’re the ones wearing the white hats” yada yada

  13. Tracey says:

    Is Jake still in the Navy?

  14. KimB says:

    An episode with no Olitz is a great episode IMO. Fitz was tolerable in this episode and liked his interaction with Mellie. Hope he stands by his word of helping Mellie run for office. I will take B613 plot over Olitz anyday. I’m glad to see Rowan back, he is a great villain. Overall solid episode.

    • Darcel says:

      I would take Olitz over B613 all day everyday.

      • Sweetweeny says:

        @Darcel. Which is why this show is going to hell.

        • Adelele says:

          The show is not going to hell because of Olitz. It has gone to hell because of a lack of OLITZ and the destruction of the relationship. OLITZ is what captured viewers attention and made the sure popular in the first place.

          • Sweetweeny says:

            I agree. When poster said “an episode with no Olitz is a great episode” my rsponse is that’s why the show is going to hell because there is no Olitz. I’m not ashamed to say that Olitz is my favorite storyline. I like Fitz

  15. Amy says:

    Ok, I’m a southerner and it wasn’t offensive in my opinion. Honestly, she was like 75% of the people who live in my area. Pretty spot on, actually. Just depends on what part of the South you are dealing with.

  16. Anna says:

    I don’t even know what to think about this show anymore. The thing I’m most confused about is that the only character I care about anymore is David Rosen???? How did that happen??? And poor baby David is probably gonna die because he doesn’t usually make the smartest decisions.

  17. Joe says:

    It seems like the case that she was trying to fix was just added for no reason, the only part of the shoe that held my interest was Mellie , I think they need to get rid of poppa Pope soon

  18. MiaB says:

    This show is boring. I’m over it–the B613 angle, the (bad) cases of the week. I miss Olitz. I miss the politics. Sad because I loved this show so hard the first two seasons.

  19. kn1231 says:

    As much as I can’t stand Papa Pope and B613, I don’t mind it coming up again right now because I think it is drawing to its conclusion. I definitely think one of the sweeps deaths hinted at in another article is Papa Pope. He just needs to be killed off and forgotten about, and if this season doesn’t end with that then I don’t know if I’ll be tuning in for the next.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, I also think (hope) that B613 is drawing to a conclusion. They have to SHOW Papa Pope being taken out to close out the story because just letting him be in the wind won’t do it. One thing I did like is the twist at the end where we see that Jake kept Olivia in the loop the whole time. Now, if David could just get some smarts…

      • Sweetweeny says:

        Jake keeping Olivia in the loop wasn’t a twist. I was literally waiting for the last 5 minutes for the writers to reveal that Jake WAS NOT a bad guy and he was doing all of this for Olivia. Shonda and writers are hell bent on making Jake a hero and this just fell in line with what they have been doing with his character since inception. There is no way the writers will make Jake (or Mellie) out to be a bad person. They will destroy Fitz, Huck, Quinn and even Olivia before they destroy Jake (or Mellie)

  20. evababy says:

    I despise the B613 crap with the heat of 1,000 suns. But that said… it feels like this episode is the beginning of the end. I got the vibe that they were finally going to put B613 and us out of our misery. At least I hope. Otherwise what is the point in reconnecting Huck with his family and all of David’s speeches about good guys and them systematically killing off a bunch of spies? Feels like a house cleaning. And It feels like the show is finally gonna give David a win.

  21. Tracey says:

    Back to the Mellie and Jake show.

    • Adelele says:

      Oy. That’s not what I signed up for. Mellie and Jake show? No can do. That’s almost as bad as B613

      • Tracey says:

        So many of us were duped thinking this show was about a powerful DC fixer who happen to be in love with the Preident of the United States.

        • Adelele says:

          Yeah Tracey
          The bait and switch got me too. Shonda got me good. It’s time I decided what to do about it though.

    • kn1231 says:

      The Mellie show actually doesn’t sound too bad to me, I love her. Also, expect to see more of her around because I can’t see where the show can go if she does not become the president. This show revolves around the white house, and Fitz’s term can’t last forever.

    • Carol says:

      Yeah, and bad ratings for the show. Shonda has lost it.

      The show is supposed to be about Olivia Pope and her firm OPA handling cases not this B613 nonsense and silly Mellie for President storyline. It seems Shonda does not know how to keep Scott Foley and Bellamy Young relevant to the show.

      OPA should be rebuilding and handling more interesting cases not recycled cases. season 1 and 2 were great before B613 took over the show. I don’t care about Mellie and her pity party or superhero Jake (total unbelievable). Cyrus is a more interesting character but he is pushed to the sidelines now since James was killed off for now legitimate reason. Cyrus was great in season 1 and 2.

      I don’t think Kerry Washington is going to re-up for more seasons of Scandal unless Shonda gives her back the original Olivia Pope.

  22. Ram510 says:

    Matt Webb Mitovich, based on the tone in your recap it seems you didn’t too much care for this episode of Scandal?

    I don’t know if this is a knee jerk reaction from people, but I still think Scandal is an excellent show and am a little surprised (but not much) at how people are being so critical and saying its a “bad show”. I’ll admit this isn’t my favorite storyline currently, but it’s still a supremely well written and acted series that still very gripping. I hope Scandal finds a storyline fans like and fast, I’m kind of tired of all the Scandal bashing

  23. Joe says:

    I think this was the around the same season more or less when I bail on greys ( the ghost sex storyline)

  24. Imzadi says:


    I’m glad they didn’t kill off Charlie. To me George Newbern will always be the sweet groom from Father of the Bride. I’m also glad they didn’t kill off David Rosen, as I have hopes that he & Abby (Dabby? Avid?) will get back together.

  25. Rachel says:

    When did Olivia tell lover boy her real name?

    • Adelele says:

      Why would she need to tell him her real name? Where was he supposed to be living all this time? Under a rock? In a foreign country? Think of the high profile cases Olivia has been called in to solve. Think of how often her face has been plastered across TV screens. She also had Abby’s job. When Fitz got shot she took over communicating with the media. There should be no one who doesn’t know who she is – well unless that person is living under a rock.

  26. ella says:

    What was song played at beginning of show?

  27. Caitlin says:

    Im curious – are all the fans who HATE the b613 storyline also huge Olitz shippers? I sense a connection

    • Brian says:

      Don’t make this about Olitzers. That’s just lazy. Critics hate Olitz and even they rag on the B613 storyline. Or I saw a LA Times podcast that had nothing but men and they sat around laughing at how bad the spy stuff was on this show. Or didn’t the most recent Scandal Afterbuzz podcast bash this most recent episode? So it’s awfully weak to make the hate this arc gets about Olitzers.The hate for this arc is everywhere.

    • Darcel says:

      I hate the B613 storyline mainly because it has consumed most of the episodes. At first it was alright because it was new and new characters were introduced but, it has dragged on too long. I also like Olitz. But i’m sure that If I didn’t like Olitz, B613 has lasted too long and Jake serves no purpose anymore . It is like they want him to be the “Superman” and it just doesn’t fit.

      • Sweetweeny says:

        I agree. It seems that they are forcing this “Jake is Hero” storyline on us. Bold writing would have been them honoring the preview and really make Jake the villan. It would have been more interesting trying to figure out why Jake would go against Olivia than this hero bullshyt they have been pushing.

        • Gloria says:

          They also need to explain “Jake in love with Olivia.” Watched videos she so beautiful he forgets Fitz is his friend, forgets the Navy, willing to face down Rowan and now lives in hotel room without job and spends his life waiting for a booty call.

          • Sweetweeny says:

            I have stated in previous posts on this subject that I didn’t understand the “Jake in love with Olivia” angle. With Fitz, we watched season 1, especially the trail, and saw how they fell in love. With jake, everything you said is true and when it is brought up, we are dismissed as shippers.

  28. Mangochic says:

    I don’t mind the B613 storyline but this episode was horrible. 1st if all David Rosen and gang want to kill the B613 investigation. Then they change their mind. Then Jake is the bad guy instead of focusing on the main bad guy Ronan. Then he’s not. It was all over the place. Writers need to do better.

    The food thing about this episode is there was no Olitz. I don’t think I can stand Fitz anymore after he unilaterally decided to go to war to save Olivia. I know its supposed to be romantic but people died because of his choice, soldiers, civilians! He is the president but he traded innocent lives just to save his mistress! Weak president!

    • Sweetweeny says:

      I see where you’re coming from, but Fitz is not the worse of them. Remember, Cy, Olivia and Mellie actually rigged the election to get Fitz into office. To me, that was the most horrifying thing to happen especially when the three of them disenfranchised 100 million voters and made the U.S. no better than a country with dictators. I always remember the rigged election when it comes to Cy, Mellie and Olivia and when Olivia, especially, got on her high horse, I call bullshyt. Also remember, Olivia got 20 SWAT team members killed trying to take down Rowan, not counting the 1,000’s of innocent people Jake killed as part of B613 (according to the last episode – Jake’s body count was astronomical).

      • Adelele says:

        Apparently Fitz saving the love of his life is the most egregious thing. It surpasses all and every other act compounded.

  29. SweetNadine says:

    I dislike Jake’s character and I’m flummoxed as to WHY he is still on this show! He has reached his Sell-by-Date! Time to go!

    Personally, I love Olitz and I think they make the show 100% more interesting and enjoyable. Olivia, Fitz, Mellie and Cyrus are my reasons for tuning in each week, yet I’m forced to endure Jake Bond 007 (side-eye) and the insufferable B613!

  30. kalitaylor says:

    Help. Who killed James Novak et. al.? I thought that was how Rosen had Jake in his crosshairs. Are we to assume the assistant was hiding the bushes?