The Price Is Right Model Accidentally Reveals Car's Price on Air — Watch

One Price Is Right model got a little Drew Carey‘d away while assisting with a game on Thursday’s episode — and the results are hysterical.

Manuela Arbelaez accidentally revealed the price of a sedan before the contestant had a chance to select it, clinching a victory for the lucky — and definitely unsuspecting — player.

“Congratulations,” host Carey told the contestant. “Manuela just got you a car!” Arbelaez, meanwhile, was so humiliated that she attempted to hide behind the scenery.

She later took to Twitter to ensure Price Is Right viewers that everything is A-OK:

CBS even posted the clip to its official website, dubbing it “Manuela’s Blooper.”

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  1. Manuela is a certified Babe, so who cares!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      There’s a reason why the models on The Price is Right really can’t do nothing whether they’re not brave enough or something. These beauties are so scared or being too “chicken”. Remember when George Gray the announcer on the show fell off a treadmill?

  2. Too funny, but good on CBS/Price is Right & Drew for making her feel okay and for taking their lumps!

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    In my opinion, the models on The Price is Right always don’t have the brains instead of beauty and the one unanswered question that still bothers me: why are the models OBSESSED by waving their hands on camera? My answer – they don’t have a whole lot of “talent”. I have a feeling that Price is Right has gone too far over and over and over again since Drew Carey took over as host back in 2007 and the one person that is responsible for all of the stupidity is producer Mike Richards. Don’t know how long Drew Carey and the rest of the (brain dead) models are going to remain on the show depending on their contracts and I rather predict that TPIR should end in 2017 if the show’s numbers are going to start plummeting. There’s going to be a “conspiracy” against Price is Right and one final thought: really hope that The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal should do an April Fools Day switcheroo for next season (Drew Carey takes over LMAD and Wayne Brady takes over TPIR as well) and the execs at CBS Daytime better make that happen or else fans of both shows are going to be very upset.

  4. Mr. Tran K says:

    This season’s Price is Right so far has become the most embarrassing year I’ve ever seen. Like when that idiotic contestant bid $7,000 on a hammock, another contestant was doing a fish flop move on the floor when he spun a dollar on the wheel and of course George Gray fell off a treadmill. The Price is Right should definitely be put on everybody’s “hate watch list” and the show has been on like forever and I really don’t know how long it would end depending on viewers. In my opinion, I rather prefer that Let’s Make a Deal with Wayne Brady is even better than The Price is Right with Drew Carey. My advice to Manuela is that if she doesn’t know what to do next time, she desperately needs help from the crew or else she’ll be fired from the show and that goes to the other models as well.

  5. Mr. Tran K says:

    The Price is Right episode was taped back on January 28th and it aired today on April 2nd. Wish Manuela Arbelaez is going to have some explaining to do as Ricky Ricardo would say.

  6. Daya says:

    I can’t believe all the haters here for one little mistake. Y’all need to get a life.

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      It doesn’t matter whether they’re haters, naysayers or whatever they want to call them. Price is Right has been on like forever and in the near future it would end on how many more years it should last. Hope Manuela should go on one of those talk shows to explain her actions from that particular episode and no matter what happens to her, it all depends on the model’s contract. As Ricky Ricardo would say to Manuela: YOU GOT SOME EXPLAINING TO DO!!

      • Daya says:

        She said the producers said it was okay. Nothing more needs to be said. None of us “normal people” go on talk shows to explain why we had a brain fart at work…why should we expect the same of minor celebs?

        • Steve F. says:

          Pay no attention to Mr. Tran… his rants about TPIR are legendary on TVLine. And if anyone calls him on it, he gets in a tizzy.

          • LOL yeah why is this guy freaking out?

          • Mr. Tran K says:

            BTW, hope the producers weren’t mad about Manuela’s so-called fiasco when she accidentally pulled the price tag off. Guess she wasn’t deaf upon ears. Think Ms. Arbelaez is a forgiven young woman and she didn’t meant to jump the gun on that. The models better go by the rules next time and they better not be scared or being so “chicken”.

  7. WhatGives says:

    I laughed so hard at this when I saw it this morning. This makes up for the time earlier this season the lady picked a mouse on the Race Game and the mouse didn’t move at all making it impossible for her to even attempt to win the car or either of the other two prizes.
    BTW this lady also won a car in the Showcase Showdown at the end of the show, so she won at at least one of them on her own…and will owe taxes out the wazoo.
    Frankly if I won a car (or two) on TPIR I wouldn’t take it because it would cost at least $4000 just to take it home and you have to pay it before they’ll give it to you. So in the end, I’d end up with nothing except being on TV and knowing I won a car I couldn’t afford to receive.

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      You’re referring to RAT Race when they have to picked a rat to win prizes including a BRAND NEW CAR. If two of the rats comes in fourth and fifth (second to last and last place), the contestant gets nothing.

      • WhatGives says:

        First of all, I’ve watched this show a heck of a lot longer than you so I know how the games work, even if I got the name wrong. She only got to choose ONE rat because she didn’t guess all the prices right and that rat didn’t move at all.
        *waits for Tran to get the email saying someone responded to his reply so he can go Jack Bauer on me*

        • Mr. Tran K says:

          I’m a Price is Right nerd thanks for asking that. If people who watched or never watched the show, they must follow the rules not breaking the rules. TPIR needs to end in the near future but I rather watch Let’s Make a Deal instead of The Price is Right ’cause it’s way better than the Drew Carey-hosted show. Guess nobody cares about the economy anymore especially if someone is trying to paid taxes on a car. LOL :-)

    • Bob Smith says:

      Why don’t you just pay the taxes to receive the car then sell? You’re guaranteed to make money that way. That’s why I never understood all the complaining when oprah gave away cards with people crying about having to pay taxes on it. A lot of people paid the taxes, then sold the car, so you’re guaranteed to make money even with the taxes.

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        In my opinion, it’s the U.S. economy that is blaming The Price is Right and I have a feeling there’s going to be a “conspiracy” involving all of it. Let’s face it, they rather changed the title to THE PRICE IS LYING.

      • BrightLight says:

        For me I would just not take the car either because I don’t have $4000 (or whatever the prize the taxes would be) lying around to pay for it. I mean if I did, I’d totally do exactly what you’re suggesting because you’d definitely make money off it so you’d get back what you had to pay if you had the $$$ to do it with. I’d also have to sell it if it was a manual transmission (lately seems like half the cars they have on there are) because there is NO way I could drive that off a lot since I can’t drive stick shift. Of course I don’t have the money to fly to LA to go to The Price is Right anyway so this would be never be an issue for me. LOL

  8. Mr. Tran K says:

    Thank goodness Manuela Arbelaez told everybody including the entire Price is Right crew and the fans that she didn’t get FIRED for that infamous price tag fiasco she went through. I always think of her as like she was on one of those telenovelas (Spanish soap opera) or something and I know she hails from Colombia. I wanted to see her speak Spanish in a future episode one day. Manuela has been on the show for like six years now and let’s hope she stays on The Price is Right until the very end and as for next season, the show better bring back the three model rotation because I’m so sick and tired of having the two model rotation like they did last season and it’s still not good enough especially having guest models on TPIR is a very bad idea.

  9. Lizo says:

    Glad she isn’t getting fired.

  10. temperance says:

    If that was your typical employer she would have been fired. She made a near $22,000 mistake. Try making that kind of error working in a bank.

  11. Steve F. says:

    And go figure that Mr. Tran K has to go on his soapbox about The Price is Right (as usual)… now watch as he “threatens” me for bullying and will say he’ll send people like Jack Bauer after me.

    Personally, I thought it was funny! Poor Manuela… at least Drew & her bosses saw the opportunity they had and ran with it.

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      I never meant the things I’ve said and try not to go all crazy on me. I know Price is Right has been on the air for 40 plus years and I really don’t know how long it’s going to end and why people still aren’t giving up to watch the most iconic game show in history? Hope Manuela didn’t get booed from the crowd but in my real life, she’s my least favorite model on the show because I don’t prefer Mexican woman. As for Ms. Arbelaez and the other models, they really need help from someone.

  12. Steve F. says:

    Oh, and one more thing… Bob Barker wasn’t perfect. From one of the FB comments I saw earlier:

    “You know, this would not be the first time that a contestant won big because of a mistake on the show’s part. Bob once had to give a contestant $10,000 on the punchboard because there was no paper in one of the holes. It happens, and it won’t be the last time that a goof like this happens. Additionally, when you’re playing against the house and the game is irrevocably fouled, this is exactly how it’s supposed to work, i.e. you give the contestant the max prize by default.”

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      BTW, The Price is Right should have ended back in 2007 after Bob Barker’s retirement. I think Drew Carey is an OK host but hosting the show is really hard for him and not in the level Barker was in. Don’t know how long Mr. Carey will continue hosting Price is Right depending on his contract and nobody and I mean nobody wants to give me a freakin’ answer.

  13. Rafael says:

    Manuela is so careless yesterday!

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      I know. Her reaction was 100% priceless. Having to cover her mouth and go into hiding like when people are going to throw stuff at her and turning into a riot and I don’t know if she got booed from the crowd.

  14. Luis says:

    She should have to pay the taxes on the car for the contestant, LOL

  15. BrightLight says:

    I wonder if the reason she pulled off the price tag was because she thought the woman only got one pick? Whenever someone doesn’t pick the right price after they use all their picks, the models are required to pull off all the remainders to show where the right price was. Lately when I see anyone play that game they’ve only gotten one pick from trying to figure out whether the items are True or False, so she might not have realized the woman actually got three instead of the usual one. Either way her reaction was super cute and funny. I probably would have reacted the same way, Manuela.

  16. T says:

    I don’t watch Price is Right anymore as the few times I am home during the day I would watch Kelly and Michael instead. When my daughter was an infant though I was working second shift and I watched Price is Right. I would put my daughter in front of the TV in her infant carrier right when they would be spinning the big wheel for the showcase. She would watch it spin a couple of times and fall fast asleep. I would put her down for a nap and run and take my shower for work. It was a a big help- Only worked until she was about 1 because she stopped taking naps at that time (lucky me!) so I had to change my plans and get up early to take my shower before she woke up.

  17. Mr. Tran K says:

    This will go down in history as one of those WTF moments. Wish Drew Carey should have pulled the price tag off and not let Manuela do her job even though Drew is recovering from neck surgery months ago.

  18. Mr. Tran K says:

    My message to the editors on The Price is Right: they better NOT cut to the models during pricing games ’cause it drives viewers crazy.

  19. Andy says:

    Couldn’t even hear what she said.

  20. joui says:

    Just because someone is beautiful does not mean they’re stupid, or incapable, or lazy, or whatever people are expressing or implying in this thread. Grow up.

  21. Chris Smith says:

    That show makes so much money it is nothing to them to make a mistake like this. The woman who won the car is so lucky that happened.