American Idol Recap: I Don't Think You're Ready for This Kelly

Once you’ve tasted Marcus Samuelsson’s cooking or watched Matt Damon pummel an enemy with his bare hands (on the big screen, of course), it’s hard to get excited about watching some up-and-comer try to pull off an imitation. And that was my worry going into Kelly Clarkson Night on American Idol.

I mean, we all knew the Season 1 champ and the woman whose pipes have pumped lifeblood into Fox’s reality singing franchise for 13 years was going to make a kick-awesome mentor. But insisting that the Season 14 Top 9 cover the vocal beast’s greatest hits seemed, on paper, like a recipe consisting of equal parts botched notes, wonky ad libs and gasping interludes.

Miraculously, though, more than half of the remaining Season 14 contestants stepped up with solid — and in some cases, even stellar — performances.

OK, Harry Connick Jr. couldn’t let a single lovely performance go by without doing his best impression of the sour old man down the block who shakes his hooked finger of disapproval even at fresh-baked babies in strollers and the first robin of spring — sorry, that metaphor got away from me — but he could not rain on the stuff like that there.

Lord knows, I’d have punched a hole in the wall had “Mr. Intonation” had something negative to say about Kelly’s one-two punch of “Heartbeat Song” and “At Last” — both of which confirmed her place right at the tippy-top of the current pop-star vocal pecking order.

But let’s not get caught up in Harry’s cantankerousness. Instead, I’ll get on with my letter grades and reviews for this week’s performances:

Nick Fradiani – “Catch My Breath” | Grade: B- | I’m not gonna lie: I started to worry about Nick the moment Kelly declared “Catch My Breath” as her most difficult hit to sing live. Turns out, the fear was somewhat warranted, as the usually spotless elder statesman of Season 14 lost a little control at the top end of his range, and wound up sounding more shouty than intense through the final third of the song. (That said, the sound mix on this one was very drum-heavy… and kinda… odd?) There were pretty moments, too — Nick’s got an appealingly Daughtry-esque quaver to his tone — but if he doesn’t start choosing ditties that bring out the best in his voice, he could find himself needing an Idol Fan Save before April is over.

FM2_6047_hires1Jax – “Beautiful Disaster” | Grade: B+ | I’ve heard some people complain that the airy quality of Jax’s tone makes her a less-than-worthy Idol candidate. And while I’ll never ever buy a ticket for that particular bandwagon — be honest, is your iTunes just a collection of belter after belter after belter? — I was also stoked to hear Jax put some real force behind the chorus of one of my favorite Kelly ditties. The way she shaded in the conflicted emotions of “Beautiful Disaster” reminded me of a portrait etched in charcoal: She brought to life the excitement one feels over a potential new love interest and at the same time let us see her lingering doubts over his viability. Were there a few smudges in pitch? Sure. But I’m willing to forgive most of ’em just because Jax was badass enough to tackle Kelly without the safety net of big, booming support from the band.

Tyanna Jones – “Mr. Know It All” | Grade: B- | To my ears, Tyanna’s performance veered from clean, crisp and potent to kinda sorta yikes-y, then back, then forth, then back and forth again — at least when the background singers weren’t carrying the vocal load on the bridge. And unfortunately, as the 16-year-old attempted to iron out her pitch, I felt like she began to drift away from delivering her lyrics in a truly committed fashion (which means I side with Keith on this one, not Harry). My big worry for Tyanna is that without vocal perfection (or something close to it), she lacks other skills — surprising arrangements, unexpected song choices, emotional heft or an intriguing point of view — that activate speed-dialing voters. Tyanna’s got stronger pipes than last season’s teen phenom Malaya Watson — but I’m starting to doubt if she’ll go much further than that charmer’s 8th-place run.

Joey Cook – “Miss Independent” | Grade: A | First, a complaint: Why didn’t Scott Borchetta (or anyone on the Idol staff) see that the positioning of Joey’s mic and the camera angle used by the show’s director obscured half her face for almost her entire, exceptional performance? (Also: Please tell me I wasn’t the only one distracted by such an annoying production snafu?) That said, Joey’s vocal — and her approach to La Clarkson’s most generic R&B-lite hit — were downright thrilling. I loved all the tension Joey brought to the verse about an uptight gal unable to open herself to love — and the way it contrasted with the vocal/emotional release on the chorus. This was hands-down the most unique spin on a tune we’ve seen in Season 14 — and there wasn’t a bum note in the bunch. Why Harry had to rag on Joey for her noir-ish red dress and staging (all of which were gorgeous) is a mystery of “Where’s Dunkelman?” proportions, but if I like this as much after 20 repeat viewings as I did the first time, it might be time to update my All-Time Best Idol Performances gallery. Srsly!

MB2_2378_hires1Quentin Alexander – “Dark Side” | Grade: A A-| I’m not exactly sure why Harry went on a rant about Quentin needing to “spend some time on the technical part” of his singing tonight when, from my couch, he was dead accurate for almost all of his mesmerizing cover of Kelly’s moodiest hit (one which, I realized tonight, has a very similar melody on the verse as “I Believe I Can Fly”!). OK, sure there were a few bum notes (I downgraded from A to A- upon second and third listen…because I can admit when I’m wrong — sometimes, sort of, anyway). And yeah, the silver sequined collar/necklace and Project Runway: “Amish Makeover Week” costume were a big part of my enjoyment. But all that would’ve meant zilch if Quentin hadn’t made absolutely urgent his reading of lines like, “Don’t run away, don’t run away/Just tell me that you will stay.” Truly, it felt like he’d taken ownership of not only the Kellster’s words, but every ounce of insecurity and longing that said lyrics had been spun from. Dude has an innate ability to dig past the surface of a song and transmit everything he’s feeling right through the TV screen — and dammit, Harry, Quentin hit some big, impressive glory notes to finish it off, too.

Qaasim Middleton – “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” | Grade: D- | One of my four-year-old twins is convinced that Oscar the Grouch’s real name is “Grunchy the Puppet.” And “grunchy” is the exact word I wrote in my notes while wincing and hiding behind a throw pillow for most of Qaasim’s performance. In theory, the recipient of the Season 14 Judges’ Save had the right idea: Sitting on a stool, breaking out the acoustic guitar, and attempting to bare his soul in the most intimate fashion possible. What Qaasim wound up baring, though, was a laundry list of vocal woes: Flat notes in his lower register on the pre-chorus; a falsetto that sounded closer to gargling Listerine than actual singing; confounding runs that ended with the power and poise of a marathon runner collapsing into a foil poncho. And honestly, I couldn’t tell if he was trying to take the entire verse in a new direction or if he just failed to hit a single note. I’d say J.Lo is more likely to wear mom jeans next Wednesday than Qaasim is to avoid the Bottom 2.

MB2_2796_hires1Clark Beckham – “The Trouble With Love Is” | Grade: B+ | I loved Kelly’s advice to Clark about how he’ll be unstoppable once he open his (ridiculously pretty blue) eyes — and also lets go emotionally — because his performance could’ve been dubbed The Two Faces of Clark Beckham. Act One (AKA Everything That Came Before the Bridge) was nicely sung, but lacking any grit or gumption whatsoever. I mean, Clark might as well have been singing about his shower gel or his favorite pair of socks. As he approached the bridge of the song, though, you could see Clark shake his head — almost like an athlete who’s realized he’s down at halftime and needs to get his head in the game. After that, Clark finally got caught up in the undertow of the tune — his guttural howls and daring melodic choices matched by his physical and facial intensity. Rev. Beckham was testifying about the unavoidable clench of romance — and I felt the spirit. That closing note got a little screamy, but it didn’t matter: In that moment of imperfection, the dude may have found his voice. Now let’s get 100% of that next week, yes?

Bottom Two, Competing for the “Idol Fan Save” via Twitter
Daniel Seavey – “Breakaway” | Grade: D- | “Breakway” has been covered multiple times on the Idol stage (most recently by Lazaro Arbos — sorry for reminding you), and the thing is, it’s never, ever worked out well. So you knew from the opening, barely audible “na na nas” that 15-year-old Daniel, a kid who’s always come off as too young and too unseasoned for this type of intense competition, was going to be the tiny fishing boat headed right into the eye of Hurricane Kelly. Stiffer than a starched shirt, a combination of confusion and “Hey, I’m still on TV!” in his eyes, Daniel squeaked and scratched his way through a song that any sane, caring mentor would have dissuaded him from covering in the first place. The good news, though, was that perhaps his complete vocal collapse killed any urge that his fan base had to take it to Twitter and buy him another week of torture?

MB2_2989_hires1Rayvon Owen – “Since U Been Gone” | Grade: B+ | Despite Daniel’s disaster, Rayvon was hardly a lock — not until he opened his mouth and delivered his best vocal of the live voting rounds… a stripped-down, mournful and cumulus-cloud-delicate rendition of what everyone knows is a super-fun pop jam. I wish Rayvon hadn’t held the mic quite so close to his mouth on the opening verse — causing a peculiar bit of fuzzy feedback — but for the most part, dude played his part like a sculptor, chipping away at Kelly’s creation and molding it into a new and equally intriguing work. There was so much heartbreak in those bell-clear falsetto runs — and a deep sense of resignation in that final refrain — that I felt like I was meeting Rayvon for the very first time. “Oh, hi there, emotionally plugged-in fella who knows exactly what sounds good on your voice! Pleased to make your acquaintance. Keep this up and we might just have you stay a little longer, K?”

The serious mismatch of the sing-off sent me into a flurry of Twitter insanity because what else do I have to do with my life?

Saved by America’s Tweets: Rayvon (huzzah!)
Eliminated: Daniel

Should Be Next Week’s Bottom 2: Qaasim, Tyanna (Quassim going home)
Will Be Next Week’s Bottom 2: Qaasim, Rayvon (Quassim going home)

On that note, I turn it over to you! What did you think of Top 9 performance night? Who were your faves? Who’s at risk? Did the right contestant get “Twitter Saved”? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jaszy says:

    YES! Justice has been served! I’m so happy he’s finally gone! After that abysmal performance, if the results would’ve went in favor of Daniel, that would’ve been a huge shock, because Rayvon delivered his BEST vocal! I don’t even like Rayvon all that much (in all honesty, I want him to be the next to go…then Qaasim, Quentin, Clark, Joey, Tyanna, Nick, JAX as the winner) but he’s definitely a better vocalist than Daniel will ever be. He was hands down the better of the two. The right one was saved! And people thought the Twitter save would favor Daniel since he has the second most followers! Guess this result just shot that theory right out the window. But this means that if JAX is ever in the bottom two, we can’t guarantee that she will automatically get the save vote! So please vote for JAX; I’m rooting for her and Nick. Those are my final 2; they have been for weeks.

    • The Twitter Save did work. This time. I know the Voice does this twist, but only watch it here and there, and I seem to recall that for the most part who ever got saved the week prior was the next to go the following week, it’ll be interesting if that follows the same trend or something else differs. Qaasim deserves to go home after the mess of a vocal he did, but Rayvon has had such negative feedback from the judges and he was Bottom 2 this week. Qaasim performs well, he doesn’t sing well. This being a singing competition, with people with great voices like Jax, Clark, Joey and everyone else left makes it tough for him.

    • James T1SK says:

      I have to disagree with your choice of a final two because it is in fact Clark-less. My final two would be Clark and (Jax/Quentin). Let me write a story.
      Next week, Qaasim gets the hammer finishing 8th. Then Rayvon goes 7th, Nick drops the ball and is booted 6th leaving a Top 5 of Clark, Jax, Quentin, Tyanna, and Joey. Tyanna finishes 5th (like Paris Season 5) followed by (Jax/Quentin). Top 3 is now Clark, Joey, and (Jax/Quentin) then bye bye Joey. Your next American Idol is (Clark/Jax/Quentin) because only two are making it past final four.

      • Jaszy says:

        I just can’t get behind Clark. I don’t like him. He has a good voice, but….
        Also, he was screaming his high notes tonight, it was shrieky! He wasn’t belting, he was yelling! His tone in his higher notes is rather unpleasant to my ears because it sounds rather whiny. Additionally, he always has a tendency to be sing off pitch when he’s trying to hit those higher notes. Yeah, I am in the minority when it comes to Clark but I don’t want him to win.

        • SoozinCA says:

          I’m not really a Clark fan either, Jax is my #1 by a mile, then Quentin and Joey. I was a Qaasim fan but he’s off my vote list now. I love his ability to entertain but his vocals keep getting weaker, not stronger.

          • Mary says:

            My top two, which won’t happen, is Joey and Quentin. There is something about those two that just draw me in. Clark is good but does nothing for me, and Jax voice is annoying. All her songs sound the same to me. I do think that these should be the top four with Nick rounding out a 5.

        • safado says:

          Clark is the clear winner here, something that’s been apparent to me from the beginning. He approaches songs intelligently, and he sings each one with passion. Quentin comes close. Joey’s quirks are just beginning to become predictable (that eye roll thing) and a little too cute. Still, she’s very talented.

          • Tyler says:

            Agree. Clark will win. He’s on a roll.

          • Lisa says:

            Joey has a great voice. The problem I have is that she also always goes for the “novelty act” approach. I mean, I like that she has fun with the song, and comes up with something completely quirky, but I’d like to see the quirky Weird Al-esque versions be something that comes across as a treat (something we didn’t expect). It just seems overdone and predictable. For my top 3, I’d have to say Jax, Nick, Quentin/Clark. I’d like to have trouble choosing between Quentin, Clark and Joey but I can see myself giving the same eyeroll when I hear her songs after the contest is over. Perhaps it will seem new and exciting for a short time, but it gets old too quick for my taste.

          • Lisa says:

            I agree about Clark. This week, he got a little too much into his head. He is trying to apply the suggestions that are made, but sometimes in an effort to apply them, he’s distracted by it. It seemed that way in the first verse last night, although he came alive in the second verse. His passion, depth, and talent oozed in the second half of the song. He made a great effort to apply the advice, but I’m glad he (seemed to) realize it was distracting him too much, and took back control. I really think he COULD win it all.

          • karyn says:

            I really like Joey and Quentin for their originality. But Joey is a little too weird to ever be a big commercial success, so I predict TPTB will start encouraging her exit a few episodes from now – right now she is bringing some attention that helps ratings but that will die down.

            Quentin is great at the performance end, but I’ve lost faith that he can really sing. Last night wasn’t just a tiny bit off, it was so bad it made it impossible for me to enjoy his usual performance skills. MS, Keith and JLo were all oblivious apparently and HCJ was too gentle but at least he acknowledged it. Vocally, this was a train wreck.

            I like Tyanna a lot but she has seemed very forgettable the last few weeks so she needs to create an identity for herself quickly or she’s going to be gone right after Quassim and Rayvon and possibly Quentin.

            Rayvon had his best night last night but even that got a lukewarm response from the judges. I like his voice but it tends to get lost in the music so he’s never gotten me excited. Still, he deserves better than 8th place so I hope he sticks around longer.

            Quassim is very likeable but he’s gone next week after that performance last night. After the outrage that followed his save by the judges, no way will twitter work to save him.

            I almost forgot to include Nick in this, so . . . [But he’s a wgwg so he probably will be around a few more weeks.]

            So I think unless Quentin grows a new voice, or Tyanna/Rayvon/Nick kick off a string of original/defining/moment-creating performances right away, I think they are all history along with Joey and that leaves us with a Clark/Jax finale with Clark winning. We all know that the wgwg will win over the girl as happens every year. In this case, that’s also the right result in my opinion.

            Should happen: Clark, Joey, Tyanna, Jax, Quentin, Rayvon, Nick, Quassim
            Will happen: Clark, Jax, Nick, Joey, Tyanna, Quentin, Rayvon, Quassim

          • deb19 says:

            Totally agree with u. Clark is by far the best and should win. He already sounds like a professional. I’m not a fan of nick. His voice sounds at best a wedding singer or someone I’ve heard at a small town fair or karaoke bar. I know quite a bit about music and vocals and nick doesn’t have what it takes. Joey takes the cuteness too far. It’s becoming annoying to the point I can’t finish watching her sing because I’m tired of the eye rolls etc. so glad daniel is FINALLY GONE! Amazing how he even lasted this long. It blows my mind. Qaasim needs to go. Without dancing and going over the top with the wierd faces, his voice is horrible on a slow song. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and waited for him to sing a slow Song and vocals were everywhere. Him and nick need to leave next in my opinion. idol is not as good as the voice…especially this year. There are a few good singers like clark and Quentin, but I still prefer the voice. I don’t like how the judges don’t actually judge either. I don’t get why they don’t tell them it was bad if it was. I miss simon.

      • Smokey says:

        IMO I would only pull Quentin out of the potential to win, from your scenario. Also, the twitter save, depending on how far they go with it, is a potential bracket-buster for accessing current popularity. It puts a curve in the odds-making for sure.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Don’t beg me to vote for Jax.

      Never have, never will.

      It’s Clark and Joey for me.
      Until the bitter end.

      • jen mac says:

        The same for me love them both

      • Jaszy says:

        I didn’t beg. I simply said please vote for JAX.
        I don’t like Clark. He needs to learn to show emotion in his face. He has these piercing eyes, but I don’t get any life from them. It’s almost as if they just look right through you, not in a discerning way, but as if he’s not looking at anybody at all. The emotion is practically non-existent in his face. Also, he moves very stiffly.
        Joey’s good but her range is EXTREMELY limited. She only seems like she has a one octave range. She has a tendency to pick songs that only stay within a 5-7 note range. And sometimes her tone is very off-putting.
        JAX is my favorite but she also has a tendency to get really shrieky and her range (which is better than Joey’s) is not that good either. I’ve noticed that JAX also is not that good at belting out a song, she sings better when she’s more quiet in her approach.

        • danin says:

          I agree w/your take on Clark tonight.He&Quentinare my favorites but I still hear&see their weaknesses as well Tyana.And I have same trouble w/Joey as you.

          • Smokey says:

            I expect that either Tyanna or Joey will be out before top 4 are announced. And possibly both if Quentin continues to pick-up followers. The trick for Nick will be to pick the right songs, if so, he will hit top 4.

      • DTF says:

        Agreed. Or really any combination of Joey, Clark and Tyanna.

      • idoleyes says:

        Judge the performances- not who you “like/dislike”! Top 3 tonite was Clark/Jax followed by Joey.

      • idoleyes says:

        Lemme guess, you’re 12? Jax is a contender. It’s immature votes that cost Joshua and others even when they CLEARLY were the best! Haley Reinhardt has 3 of the all-time Idol top 10 and was dumped at #3 as well. Pia T was the most shocking.

        • Ginger Snap says:

          Nope. I’m 60 and Jax has adopted an affected style that you can hear a 1000 times on YouTube. Maybe modern, but hardly unique.

          Quentin has decided to be the drama queen of season 14. He’s good at it,, but I bored with it. And he doesn’t have the vocal chops of Adam Lambert to pull it off.

          Clark and Joey are it for me. I’ll keep voting for them until the bitter end.

          • Jaszy says:

            You can hear Clark’s voice 1000 times on YouTube as well. There’s nothing new under the sun. Stop singling JAX out. You could say the same thing for Joey as well…actually…ALL of them.

          • jen mac says:

            I agree with you I love Clark and Joey as far as Jax She is over affected. Harry pointed this after she got her golden ticket after she performed. Harry turned to JLO and said “she is affected but pulls it off” I don’t feel it’s attacking her it’s just stating how she sings Jax is very limited either she whispers or adds that fakeness to her vocals. This is by far unique youtube is full of singers who do this. I just don’t feel she has what it takes.

    • T.B. Hammer says:

      I know a number of people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who use twitter, and they mostly went for Rayvon.

    • Daniel was my favourite – and no need to be rude. Daniel’s vocals are fine. There’s no accounting for taste.

      • Julie McCain says:

        I loved Daniel and couldn’t stand the horrible comments.

        • Hayder B. Hayden says:

          Daniel’s a great kid. He has a bright future ahead of him outside the music industry.

        • I also love Daniel. He did the best he could last night with laryngitis. The bashing of the judges were horrible. I don’t like Quaissan and Tyren at all. Clark will most likely win the whole thing.

      • Mary says:

        To each their own and your right no accounting for taste.

      • The whole vote on twitter “LIVE” was a mess because the show is not necessarily seen “LIVE” on the West coast. What about their tweets?

        • Kiki says:

          I know! All folks not in Eastern or Central time were completely disenfranchised. I understand they want to make people watch live, but WE CAN’T! Uncool, Idol, uncool.

        • My comment got eaten. I watched Daniel on Good Day L.A. today and did you know?….. that not only West Coast is left out of twitter saves, but youngsters under 14 are not allowed to twitter save. Just found this out on good day L.A. That was Daniels doom and will be the other young contestants doom. Obviously Idol wants one of the older ones to win. Ryan Seacrest never mentioned that under 14 cant twitter vote! So Yah West Coast voters and people under 14. That is losing tons of votes for contestants! We all know that tons of 11 and 12 year olds like Jax, Tyanna and Daniel. This system locks half the country out of twitter save voting!

          • If no one believes me, go watch good day L.A. I think it is really rude to not let young voters participate in the twitter save. After all, lots of children watch this show! Im betting its a good percentage of voters. Its also rude of AI not to let us know that the young kids cant be involved in twitter save. They just let the children find out on their own, in that 5 minutes that you are allowed to twitter. Poor Kids! I thought this was a family show!

          • Mary says:

            I am not familiar with Twitter, but how do they know how old someone is. If you have a twitter handle why can’t they vote. I agree with leaving the other time zones out unless they watch the live stream or receive a twitter message from someone they know. I believe they want Jax to win so I really don’t know if this is a accurate statement.

          • It is accurate. Maybe the twitter account asks your age when you get it. And now its too late to go back and change their age to vote. I found this out on an L.A. talk show that Daniel was interviewed on! Of course AI didnt tell us that because they would lose half their voters. They told Clark he was always pitch perfect. I think they want Clark to win. I myself love Quentin!

          • Mary I just found ANOTHER interview about the age limit! So it is true! Daniel is talking to the press in this one! Type in American Idol 14 Daniel Seavey elimination interview and they talk about the age limit for twitter save there also! This interview was a “aftershow press interview!

          • Mary I wonder if you have to be a certain age to get a twitter account. Maybe that is a rule or something!

          • Daniel talks about the age limit on twitter voting. To find Good Day L.A. Interview Its # 39 CASTOFF DANIEL SEAVEY FOX 11 NEWS L.A. I dont have a link but this is where I found it. He also says there might not be a tour this year! He also said Rayvon deserved the save because he is so good and sounds like John Legend. Daniel is a very sweet kid!

          • Mary says:

            I read on another site that twitter does not have a age limit per say but if a child is under 13 parents can request that they are removed. I was curious because I am not on twitter, so obviously I don’t care for this twist, but I know that many have their animals set up as an account. Oh well, I don’t think they will keep it going till the end, at least I hope not.

          • MARY, Im getting annoyed with this show. I like American idol the way it WAS and the voice the way it is. Why is American idol trying to be like them? Heres another thing I realized. What happened to the “idol Journey? When the contestant is voted off Ryan would say “Lets take a look at your idol Journey” and then they show the film of the their journey and they cry a little. Maddie and Adanna were just practically thrown out! Bye See You Later! Same with Daniel. Now I know the voice has always done it by just saying goodbye and the contestant leaves the stage! So we are used to it. But ok, NO TOUR, red and green chairs, no showing the idol journey when the contestant goes home. What? Are they just escorted to the back door? See Ya! Its worse than the “airplane hanger” ! The Idol Journey was a big part of the results and has ALWAYS BEEN a part of the show. We could say maybe they didnt have time for it. Well Kelly didnt need to sing 2 songs. Also they could cut down on Harrys Banter all night and then they would have time for it. The voice doesnt have a tour, they do a twitter save, and they dont have the film of their journey at the end, and now idol is doing the exact same things to be like them. The ONLY reason Im watching at this point is for Quentin! What do you think about all of these changes? I dont think Scott is a good mentor either. David Cook was absolutely great last year! Why didnt they get him? Dont get me wrong. I love the voice and they had their own format. But I also liked Idol for THEIR OWN DIFFERENT format. Bring back the Idol Journey. The contestants deserve more then a kick out the door!

          • Mary Well Twitter may not have the age limit on twitter save , but American idol does. They cant give out false information on a live tv show like Good Day L.A.

          • Mary I left directions to the Good Day on a different post. THERE IS AN AGE LIMIT for the twitter save. It was announced on live TV. Even the host of the show said,”Well Daniel , you may have got lots more votes from the really young 11, 12, 13 year olds and prob would have been saved if it werent for the age rule. I went back and listened again and I heard it wrong by a year. The age limit is 13. I thought they said 14 But its a family show where even the children want to vote. Especially the little 12 year old girls. This will have an effect on Jax or Tyanna on twitter save because they are young! So even the Host of Good Day L.A. New about this age limit on twitter save!

          • Jill Moy says:


            Hudson and Sparks did well weight wise! THE BIG THREE could do the same!

            I revisited Krajcik’s AT LAST! It was so emotional and heartfelt it made me cry! SO GOOD! He was robbed by an eliminated Melanie, who Simon brought back against the rules!

            We agree on JOAX (joke)! Great call! As for Scott, he ruined Maddie, almost ruined Joey and praises Joax! He’s a Joax!

            I agree with hating Twitter Save and Idol Journey should be on the show!

          • Jill Moy says:


            My comments won’t post so I’ll make it short! These Idols can learn about connecting from Norah Jones! Now she’s accomplshed: Jazz Musician of the decade, Almost 27 million copies sold on her debut alhum, # 1 selling female artist of the decade, 9 grammy awards, etc., etc. What a voice, and personality…A1! Her smile and eyes are spellbinding! It all comes out in concert! Watch her on You Tube: Norah Jones and The Handsome Band!

          • Jill , I will watch that I love Norah Jones! My comments are getting eaten also!

      • Antz says:

        Oh Daniel what a way to leave this competition…bad performance, useless critiques, worrying edit. I am sooo mad because now Daniel will never get to show his massive potential on AI. But I blame that mostly to the judges for putting him through. Just listen to his studio recordings and you’ll realize the cub of a lion king has been killed.

        • In an interview Daniel said he was very homesick and not getting any sleep. He was ok with being eliminated and he is happy for Rayvon and said Rayvon deserved it. He actually flew home on his 16th birthday! April 2

          • Jill Moy says:


            Yeah, you’ll enjoy the Jones concert! She’s also a terrific jazz pianist!

            Yes, watching Josh Krajcik has brought back memories! PURE KRAJCIK MAGIC!

          • Jill Im going to go look up the Jones concert right now. Ok this is so funny! The “shy farm boy” Sawyer on the voice did an awesome joke on his fans! I was looking on his facebook and it showed a picture of him in a salon with his hair wet. He said he gettin his hair cut off. Then theres a picture of him in his hat and his hair is GONE! He says” What do you guys think? I got my hair cut? Holy Crap! The fans believed it and got super mad at him. It was an April Fools Joke and he let it go on for a while, letting everyone think his hair was gone! I mean the fans were super upset. So now he is throwing out apologies like crazy. I thought it was hilarious! The “shy farm boy has a great sense of humor”. It was kind of a horrid joke! LOL LOL LOL LOL The boy has some balls! LOL LOL LOl

          • I just watched and she is sooo good. Caught a performance with her and Dolly Parton together also. Norah super pretty and what a voice she has! Excellent!

          • Jill Moy says:


            Funny about Sawyer!. As for Nora Jones, she has an aura about herself. She has a lot of Charisma. What other artist can be appealing like her, just standing patting her leg to the beat? Like I said, these idols and all singers can learn from her! She deserves all the success she’s had!

          • Jill, Yes I know what you mean about the aura that Jones has. Some people naturally have a warm attraction aura that pulls you in and you dont need to do much but be present and just sing and smile, when you are that special. I call it a bright light! Certain people have it and are lucky! I think Quentin may have a touch of that, where he cant hit the notes, but he is drawing everyone in with his passion, eyes, heart and his beautiful laid back mellow personality. Because he really does have a hard time hitting notes, but i FEEL A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PRESENCE than the other contestants when he hits the stage! Norah has that warm inviting light energy also! Its a great thing!

      • Gupy says:

        I like Daniel. I thought the judges did him a disservice by allowing him into the top 24 when he so clearly would have been better off entering the competition in a year or two when he would have been a more seasoned performer. The show looked like a high school talent competition whenever he was onstage. Best of luck to him.

    • Jax needs to either bleach her eyebrows blonde to match the fake blonde hair, or go back to her natural state – brunette. Aeroplane blondes annoy me with their black eyebrows.

    • Jill Moy says:

      I laughed when Harry was talking his crazy talk to Joey! I lauged because Keith and JLO were looking at Harry like he was nuts!

      Candice Glover said she took off a year after her first album to “get things together”. Her Idea of getting things together was visiting Pizza Hut 3 times a day!

      • Jill Moy says:

        It’s funny that Harry mentions intonation, sharpness, pitch, diction, etc., etc., yet when he sings, he displays bad traits in all of those things! rewind to last years performances on AI. He had low volume and he mumbled the words, which one could hardley understand!

    • Twitter save has age limit, Didnt benefit Daniel and wont benefit younger contestants who have 11, 12, and 13 year old voters! So it doesnt matter how many twitter followers there are anymore if they are young fans! Tyanna might be in trouble next because I think Jax has a bigger fan base! Tyanna is 15 and also has young fans!

      • Jill Moy says:


        You described Norah’s aura in a wonderful way! I agree with your description 100%! You have a way with words! BRAVO! She draws you in, in a very warm way, like you said! Quentin maybe someday can show these same traits!

        I have a new name for the famous Idol Eating Trio: CCR (Clarkson, Candice and Ruben)! People may someday think of them, not Folgerty’s group, when CCR is mentioned! They’ll be on the NEC (National Eating Circuit) later this year!

        • Jill,I saw Kelly on the Ellen show talking about her weight . Its her own fault, because she said she does not care about her weight and that she loves wine too much! What? Is she an alcoholic? And then Ellen wheeled out some wine on a cart during the show, almost like they were celebrating her weight gain. All of these haters got mad when we said Kelly was heavy, but Kelly is causing her own demise! I dont know what she is thinking saying she doesnt care about being fat. She shouldnt be drinking and losing her health when she is a new mom either! When I saw this on the Ellen Show it kind of made me sick! Ellen and Kelly were laughing about the weight too!

          • Jill Moy says:


            She must be an alcoholic if she gained all that weight from wine! Someone mentioned Jax is a contender! She’s a contender alright….FOR ONE OF THE WORST VOICES IN TELEVISION HISTORY!

          • I also feel the same way about Joey that I do Jax. She sang Mad World in a normal voice and then the next week went right back to her fake Betty Boop voice! BETTY BOOP AND jOAX( jOKES). HAHAHHAHAH! I miss Adanna Duru!

        • Jill, I thought Ellen wheeled the wine on a cart, but actually Ellen bought Kelly a diaper bag type purse that dispenses wine. She said she cares more about wine than exercise. The whole thing is a turn off! Go watch, its on u tube. I mean yah! you can still drink as a mom, but there is a time and place for that. I happen to think women should care about their appearance. So for all the haters that were bitching at us. Miss Kelly Clarkson is doing this to herself and admits it! By the way, thats funny CCR at the NEC. LOL Yes love the actual group CCR John Fogerty. I hope Sawyer does more CCR. Its his fav band!

          • Jill Moy says:


            Interesting about Kelly and the wine! I’ll watch lt…thanks! Remember when Kelly said”I THINK I’M PRENANT?” I think It was after Clark sang at rehearsal! What happened was Kelly looked in the mirror and thought to herself, ” I must be pregnant, who is that hippo?”

          • Jill I cant wait for the live show of the voice tonight. Want to see Sonic, India, and especially Sawyer!

          • Jill Moy says:


            I love CCR too. I would also like Sawyer to sing CCR stuff! Kelly caring more about wine than her fat is terrible! Especially admitting it on national television!

  2. Ethan says:

    Clark did better than Quentin in my opinion, and Rayvon might’ve done better as well. This was a really good night for the Idols, and Kelly was an amazing mentor.

    • pl says:

      Clark Beckham is the best. If Clark would just keep those beautiful eyes open!

      • karenb says:

        I think he gets an A for effort tho!

      • Jaszy says:

        Clark suffers from the same thing Maddie suffered from: Eyeless Syndrome.
        Either he’s staring at a white wall or Clark has no eyes at all.
        Guess what Clark, “you can’t see California without Marlon Brando’s eyes!”
        Maybe I would like him more if he just showed some more emotion and acted as if he had some type of connection to the songs he sings.
        It’s as if he feels nothing when he sings.
        Also I would love it if he wouldn’t shriek as if he’s dying when he tries to hit those high notes. They sound awful.

        • Tyler says:

          You think he felt nothing when he sang Every Breath You Take? I think you need to open your eyes.

          • Jaszy says:

            He sounded good, but he looked like he always does when he performs. Thus, I felt nothing while I was watching him. Closing my eyes, yeah, I can feel something. But we’re looking at him perform as well, not just hearing him.
            Still, Clark’s eyeless, like I initially said. He will never give me the feels.
            Of course, he has a good voice, though. He just doesn’t excite me like JAX (and Nick, to some extent) does.

        • Tyler says:

          Another thing–it’s interesting that Clark got a standing ovation tonight but your lovely Jax didn’t. He must be doing something right with the judges and voters.

          • Jaszy says:

            I don’t care if he got a standing ovation. Keith stands up for the most mediocre performances. J-Lo usually stands up for the guys, you have to force her to stand up for the girls. Harry never stands up unless it’s somebody other than the contestants singing.
            Who cares if JAX didn’t get a standing ovation?! Standing ovations are not what’s keeping her in the competition.
            Votes are.
            Sorry, Clark wasn’t that good. I stand by my decision. His voice sounded lackluster in the first half of the song, and then he SCREAMED the second half of the song. Add in his blank face…

        • BradyBunch4U says:

          I agree with all your posts about Clark. Boring and too technical and totally unfeeling.

    • KatyLynn says:

      Yeah I agree. What is Sleazak thinking giving Clark only a B+ and Quentin an A!!!????

      • MAB says:

        That kind of shocked me too.

      • Loni says:

        I second that! I’m guessing Melinda will school him for it in next week’s Reality Check video. :)

        • Myers Hines says:

          Ok I finally decided to connect my twitter and comment both on here and mjsbigblog. Tonight’s episode of Idol was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! Even the dreaded twitter save was fun AND the outcome was correct (win/win). However (in my Melinda voice) I must address the Quentin love. While he definitely earned another week with Qaasim’s DISASTER tonight, he should go the following week. I can maybe accept him beating Nick, because we already have the sexier Clark, but if he goes beyond top 6 something is wrong. He connects emotionally, but vocally he is just as bad, maybe slightly better, than Qaasim. Ok rant over. Tonights episode: 9.2/10!!!!

          • Mary says:

            I will agree that he needs work on his vocals but there is something about him that just draws you in. I do think he is improving each week, will he win no but honestly I prefer him over about two or three others. Thank you America for doing the right thing. As sweet as he was Daniel was out of his league. I guess everyone has different taste because I do not find Clark sexy at all. Beautiful voice but I cannot connect to him while he is singing. Let the real competition begin. Qassim needs to go next week, sorry he is entertaining but the voice is not there.

          • karyn says:

            Thanks you! (as my 3 year old says it)

            From Michael’s review and the rest of the comments here, I was wondering if anyone else was listening to the same Quentin performance I heard. I generally like his originality, but that was in the same league as many of Quassim’s fun-to-watch but tempting-to-hit-mute performances.

      • Gale says:

        Agree! That was an Idol moment. Deserved an A.

    • Owen says:

      I am unsure of why Slezak is so pro-Quentin to the exclusion of common sense. I love the guy, and most of his performances, don’t get me wrong. But to chastise Harry for pointing out Quentin was all kinds of sharps and flats during his performance is equal parts hypocritical and ignorant on Sleezak’s part.

      • Temperance says:

        But the pitch issues were very minor, and the rest is sublime. Slezak is right on with Q. I’d give Jax and Clark an A- though.

      • Hayder B. Hayden says:

        I like Quentin, but last night’s performance revealed his limitations. He’s great at the slow, brooding dirge-like songs and re-purposed pop hits converted into dirges, but when it’s time to open up, go full throttle and sing, he falls short. Last night he gave us half a loaf with Darkside. The verses were spot on, but the choruses were underwhelming. He made a big song into something small. Not teeny tiny unplugged small, but instead of dialing it up to 11, he pulled back at 8. I would have been happy with 10–not everyone can reach 11–but he didn’t even try. If it’s more than he can handle, fine, he shouldn’t try to unleash a power he doesn’t have. That never works. But don’t pick a song that calls for that kind of power. Stay in your lane, Quentin. Except for Candice Glover, the most recent AI winners aren’t great multi-taskers. Rather, they do one thing very well and do it every single week. (Scotty–turned everything into a hokey country ditty; PP-turned everything into a Dave Matthews jam; Caleb-turned everything into a classic rock power ballad).

    • Mary says:

      They both had a little pitch problem but Quentin moves a person that you almost overlook his vocal flaws. So technically yes Clark might have been better but when he shows no emotion it makes the performance fall flat for me.

    • karyn says:

      I completely agree. In fact, I think MS should have his ears checked saying Quentin hit most of his notes. I like Quentin but that performance was a train wreck vocally and his worst of the season. I hope Melinda sets Michael straight this week b/c I suspect that performance sent her to the dentist (see the post-Quassim-save episode of reality check if you don’t get the reference).

      Michael’s critique of Clark was spot on though. Clark didn’t really engage till half way through but after that he was fantastic.

  3. Phan says:

    If Qaasim goes next week, we’ll have the most worthy and all around solid cast 7 since season 11.

    • James T1SK says:

      Thats a BOLD statement.

      • Smokey says:

        Rayvon has been in the proverbial bottom 3 and now the bottom 2. Qaasim had to be saved to continue. Wee Daniel is gone and girls have a harder time holding-on against the boys, as a rule. That leaves Qaasim, Rayvon, Tyanna and Joey in the bottom half, from just an “odds” standpoint. No reflection on their skills, just the odds. One of those 4 will go next week.

        • kevstar says:

          It won’t be Joey.

        • Scott says:

          Yeah Joey is golden. She survived her performance from last week and killed it tonight. I mean yeah there could always be a shock elimination, but I think Joey leaving next week is highly unlikely.

    • Here’s hoping Qaasim goes – his performances are excruciatingly over-the-top. Awful.

      • Smokey says:

        And therein lies the problem with the twitter save. Suppose one of the bottom 2 gets, by far, the lowest vote total of the bottom 2, He/she could still out-twitter the other person of the bottom 2. Could be that, for instance, Tyanna or Joey gets bounced in the near future , by the limited 5 minute twitter vote rather than popular vote.

        • Mary says:

          I don’t like the twitter save either because A) not everyone is on it – me so I decided why vote because you are just override. B) yes you can live stream it at the end but they stopped it before the person was announced and not everyone wants to be spoiled so it really does limit the west coast. They might see ratings go down even more due to it.
          This week it did work to our advantage so I won’t be to upset but personally I think after maybe next week it needs to be gone.

          • Mary says:

            Hey maybe if they keep it going when we get to the top two they will have a twitter face off – won’t that be exciting.

  4. It was actually a good night for Idol. The performances were strong, Kelly Clarkson was outstanding and the Bottom 2 was correct with the right person going home. Daniel’s voice literally had to be gone for people to stop voting or not tweet for him, but it is what it is. Clark was outstanding as was Quentin, Jax and a great comeback by Joey. Not sure how I feel about the Twitter Save, but it worked this week, we will see how it goes as the season progresses.

    • Mike says:

      Wow, the twitter save. What a unique conc…oh wait, Did they really need to copy The Voice.? :(

    • JoMarch says:

      You mean they’re going to do that twitter save every week? Yuck! The fans have a chance to vote so why this extra vote?

      • Smokey says:

        They think it adds drama and can help force people to watch live, rather than DVD record the show and watch later. — FF through commercials, etc. Maybe “The Voice” shows some stats on improving # of live viewers with that stunt. Bet it did have a lot of people glued to the set that either wanted one of them off or one of them to continue.

        • Scott says:

          I bet they will stop it by like top 5 though

        • SoozinCA says:

          The biggest problem with the theory of getting live viewers is it blows it for the West Coast. Since I knew about the save I voted on Twitter to save Rayvon, and knew the full results of the show a full hour before the it began airing here. There is no incentive to watch live when you already know the results. Same for when The Voice does it.

      • Tommyo2000 says:

        At least it give everybody a chance to sing

        • Mary says:

          That part I do agree with. Get rid of those awful electric chairs and have all the contestants perform without scaring the sh.t out of them. Then name the bottom two. If they insist on the twitter save the select few who have twitter gets to say who goes. This way I believe everyone has to do their best because they won’t know where they stand. Just a suggestion, but I think you might see better performances.

    • safado says:

      I’d forgotten what a winning personality Kelly has until i saw her recently on Andy Cohen’s Bravo show. She’s actually hilarious, as shown by that encounter with Harry–and the mentoring one with Clark–“I’m pregnant! “.

      • Gupy says:

        She’s hilarious! Not to mention insanely talented. It’s no wonder she’s one of the most successful Idol alums ever. She set the bar really high.

  5. This was a great night!!! And thank you MISS KELLY CLARKSON for giving me some power on At Last!!! Also I was overjoyed with joey surfing tonight. My favorites were Tyanna, Joey, Clark, and Rayvon!!! 😃😃😃 Please vote for these 4

  6. metitometin says:

    I wasn’t thrilled with Rayvon’s performance at all. It was sleepy and generic and unrecognizable compared to the original. He’s just lucky he was going against Daniel and I really thought Daniel might pull it out.

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      I agree 100%. He turned that song into a lullaby. He had mush mouth during the first verse. It picked up toward the end, but I was already asleep. Luckily, Daniel was woeful.

      • The Beach says:

        True. Quentin can turn a song on its ear and transform it into a dramatic, plaintive beauty. When Rayvon does it I find it very pretty but borderline boring.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      The vocal was very good but I agree – I prefer a more upbeat arrangement of that song. The one in the movie “Pitch Perfect” is fabulous!

    • Mary says:

      I am the opposite, lets face it there is no way any of those contestants could out do the Queen herself, Kelly. They had to change the arrangement to make it sound differently. Much to my surprise many of them pulled it off, but my number one was Joey. Like her or hate her she has talent no denying it.

    • chris says:

      I thought it was the best performance of the night. He had to make it very different from Kelly to avoid the comparison.

  7. Are you kidding me with that B+ for Clark, Michael?

    • Azliyah says:

      B+ for Clark oh pleeeaseee , Melinda not goin to agree with this i bet.

    • The Beach says:

      Agree. Hey Michael, how about switching those scores and give Quentin that B+ and Clark his well-deserved A.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Two snaps, a twist, and a Kiss for Clark. :-)

    • karenb says:

      Hopefully Slezak will cave from all off the peer pressure about Clark tonight and give the guy the A that he deserves. He was the best of the night.

    • Jaszy says:

      I would’ve graded it lower. His high notes were so shrieky! He was off pitch as well. Listen to Kelly’s original song. She put life into the song! Clark did a pale imitation. It didn’t flow for me. His rhythm seemed slightly out of pocket. But this is just my opinion.

    • Viajero says:

      I agree with the B+ for Clark. This didn’t even come close to his performances the past two weeks. He was straining a bit when he went up high. But I would also have said the same about Quentin, who I also don’t think deserved more than a B+.

      • marie says:

        I agree about Clark. The last two weeks were magical; this week, not as much. He did sound to me like he was straining on his top notes, plus, unlike his last two performances, I didn’t feel any emotional connection.

  8. Carola says:

    Quentin is such a star! Again, his technique is not perfect but it doesn´t matter. He takes you on a ride and you believe him. All those technical stuff can be honed in the studio.
    Looking forward to his career after this show win or not!

    • Gailer says:

      I think,if only Quentin could sing better!

    • marie says:

      I agree, Carola.

    • McFudge says:

      By “honed in the studio” do you mean “Auto-Tuned”?

      • Owen says:

        Most singers are auto tuned in the studio these days. Quassim could easily become a star that way as well as Quentin.

        • Davey says:

          I’ve seen tons of singers live who don’t need to be auto tuned. They sing on key for a living.

        • jen mac says:

          Did you know that they use”auto tune” on the live performances They use another branded name so they can say they don’t “Auto tune” but it’s really the same thing

    • Lemon says:

      Quentin’s voice is gorgeous, and he has the “it” factor. I want to go to a Quentin concert.

    • JoMarch says:

      I’m confused by what you’re saying. He’s a star because he looks good and has attitude, but he’s not really a singer? I mean you’re criticizing his “technique”; what does that mean? You don’t think he can sing? When you say “honed” in the studio, do you mean faked(autotuned)? What happens during a live concert performance; everyone realizes that there’s no wizard behind the curtain? When you say “technical stuff”, do you mean pitch and tone? That “technical stuff” is what makes a talented signer. Otherwise, we could just call Qassim a star because he prances around the stage, but he couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

    • Davey says:

      I don’t want to listen to an auto tuned singer.

  9. Gailer says:

    Kelly should be running Idol!

    • T.B. Hammer says:

      It would be nice if Kelly replaced Scott Borchetta – that would be a big improvement.

    • The Beach says:

      Kelly’s got way better things to do.

      • Jill Moy says:

        Kelly does have better things to do like visit Pizza Hut 3 times a day, joined by Candice Glover!

        • marie says:

          Was that remark really necessary? What did you accomplish with that remark aside from making yourself look childish, shallow and cruel? Your remark disgusts me.

          • Jill Moy says:


            My remarks are my opinions like yours are! Don’t read it if you are offended! It’s not my fault they should be on Nutri System! They’ll be joining the Sally Struthers club real soon!

        • Jill LOL She must know every pizza delivery boy by name! Like I said before look how Jennifer Hudson dropped her weight and now looks sooo stunning! You have to care enough how you look and then make the changes!

          • marie says:

            You’re both coming off here as shallow people, but then again, you’re both products of a culture that sadly elevates a woman’s looks over any other aspects of her being. If anything, concern for their health might justify a comment on their size, but not an impulse to mock them which is just cruelty, plain and simple. Don’t react if I’m offended? If you can say something so meanspitited on this board, then certainly I’m permitted to call you out on your cruelty – and I’ll do so whenever I’m moved to do so.

          • Marie Im going to call you out on your own remarks I have seen here! Your no one to talk!

          • At least I dont Bash 15 year olds. He happens to be from my town, and no , he is not the best singer. he is a child. You have no room to talk. Almost every comment I have seen from you is how happy you are that Daniel is gone! Even though I vote for Quentin, Daniel is a sweet kid! So get off your high horse just because we are talking about overweight women. Its women like J Hudson and Marie Osmond that care about how they look and lost weight and now look fabulous, BECAUSE THEY CARED ABOUT THEIR HEALTH AND BEAUTY! By the way, the show is way less interesting without Daniel!

          • Plus, you keep saying “The right person got saved with the twitter” REALLY? Daniel has never been in the bottom 2 or 3. Rayvon has been in the bottom 2 and 3 every week! There is a reason for that! You dont know anything about this kid. He and his family travel to Mexico and build houses for poor families!

          • Jill Moy says:


            Rumor has it that the pizza delivery boys at all the chains check in daily! They “LOVE DEM PIZZA SPECIALS!”

          • Jill, There is a MOMMIE DEAREST that is offended by our pizza delivery boy comments! Get the hangers!

  10. Leticia Prado says:

    Just wanna say I helped save Rayvon all the way from Brasil. Truly I mostly wanted to get rid of Daniel, but, hey, it’s a win-win.

    • Craig says:

      Thank you! We all appreciate it. I’m NOT a Rayvon fan but I still voted for him just to get that embarrassment off the stage.

    • lorie says:

      How do you watch AI down there? I’m in Mexico and I can’t find it on YouTube anymore.

      • Leticia Prado says:

        I cannot watch live, I have to download it the day after. I was searching for the song list when I saw the Twitter save thing and decided to accompany the feed. There was a link on AI Twitter streaming it, though. I had never tried it before, maybe next week it will happen.

    • Jessamine says:

      Muito obrigada, Leticia!

    • Jill Moy says:


      Oh well! If that’s how you feel, so be it! You take everything too seriously! Life’s too short for that! But, that’s your view on my comments and you’re entitled to feel that way and comment!

  11. Anne says:

    Highlights of the show: Kelly Clarkson mentoring, her singing Heartbeat Song (why no Invincible though?) and At Last and it caused you to reference Stuff Like That There.
    People who were good: Jax, Quentin and Clark. Shout out to Joey for being smart enough to rearrange it. I just didn’t like it.
    People who were there: Tyanna and Nick
    Downright terrible: Daniel and Qaasim.
    Rayvon could have killed Already Gone. Instead he sucked the life out of Since U Been Gone. I correctly guessed he would repeat the version he did in group rounds for Hollywood week.

    • MAB says:

      I agree with everything you said.

    • CMB says:

      I agree with everything except what you said about Jax. I don’t listen to Pop radio so the song she sang was new to me. I have no idea what most of the words were, especially at the beginning. The words were not clear at all. I think people who had heard that song before already knew the words so they couldn’t tell how much she garbled and mumbled the words. When she finally got louder, she also began to enunciate her words.

  12. Kaba says:

    God is good.
    Look, I understand that Quentin isn’t the best with perfect vocals, but the dude is entrancing and definitely wasn’t a pitch nightmare.
    Tyanna (just listening as I type rn) sounds so great ^_^, what the hell is Harry looking for in the contestants he is keen to find faults in.
    Jax sounded great as well, her performance struck me as authentic for the first time in a while.
    Joey was just amazing ^_^
    There’s this whiny quality to Nick’s voice that turns me off, and he’s boring.
    Qaasim was sinfully bad, 2nd to Daniel.
    Omg Rayvon was great

    • T.B. Hammer says:

      Harry is a good and educated musician, but is sometimes hyper micro-critical a little too much. He was offended that Joey and the band did a throw-back Jazz arrangement – lighten-up Harry, it was fine.

  13. Hunter says:

    Jax only got a B-? She was absolutely stunning!

    • jen mac says:

      I agree with the b- Jax always seems to take the easy way out. She chose a good song but sang it in the same manner that she always sings, nothing different, nothing challenging. it was a simple arrangement and she left out the vocal power once again. I feel she is very limited in her ability. This arrangement sounded like so many covers on youtube. If she wants to make it much further she’ll have to step it up. Get up there and bring a really strong empowering performance. For me now i find her boring, always the same thing.

      • Temperance says:

        A-, for sure.

      • Tommyo2000 says:

        So Kelly saying that her version was perfect and she wouldn’t change a thing was because it was such a bland boring version?

        • Mary says:

          No, the fact that Jax sounds the same on every song she sings makes it boring. I can bet my last dollar that Kelly doesn’t watch AI every week so she probably is not sick of hearing the same thing week after week. I don’t think Jen said she couldn’t sing, I think she said she sounds repetitive on every song which is 100% correct. She need to change it up.

          • Tommyo2000 says:

            Again, the original artist loved the cover, and I dont think you could get higher praise than that. BTW, Kelly did say she listened to a lot of what Jax did on the show and loved it

      • Jaszy says:

        Well, you can say that for all of the contestants. They all sing in the same manner.
        Tyanna sounds like Tyanna every single performance. Clark sounds like Clark every single performance. Daniel, unfortunately, sounded like Daniel every single performance…so on and so forth.
        Your logic makes no sense.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I am not a Jax fan but I will say I enjoyed her performance tonight more than any of her others. I would have given her a solid B.

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      Max was disappointing. She attempted to sing in her natural voice and it was abysmal. I have concluded that she only sounds good.when she uses her affected twee voice. I thought I had heard enough of it already, but now I realize that’s the only way I can tolerate her singing. Her ordinary voice is just that–ordinary.

  14. Kayk says:

    My favorites tonight were Jax, Clark, Joey, and Quentin. Rayvon has a pretty voice and a nice face but is painfully dull in terms of performance, or as Harry mentioned, has “no gravy.”

    • pl says:

      Rayvon is good. But he should stop ruining his performances by straining with those falsetto high notes. Never fits the rest of his smooth perfomance. Also, could he lose the hat!

  15. Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit says:

    I love Jax, too, but honestly, Tyanna bested her tonight. Tyanna deserved a B and Jax a B-. Same with Quentin and Clark – Clark deserved an A, especially for the back half of the vocal, while Quentin was pretty good, but same old, same old, so I thought he deserved a B+.

    I feel like everyone is giving Nick a pass for that mess of pitchiness – I thought he deserved a C. He didn’t do anything with it, and it was a mess.

    I feel like Quaasim deserves more props for the idea of that performance than the execution – it was a mess, but at least he tried, right? C-.

    I’m not going to comment on Daniel. I’m just glad the ear torture is over.

    • Kim Moores says:

      ‘Same old same old’
      Clark has one simply signature style and somehow everyone doesn’t seem to mind it.
      It doesn’t make sense to me to strike Quentin as a one trick pony when the most stylistic change we see out of Clark is an instrument swap mainly.

      • jj says:

        The difference is the quality of their voice. Great singers don’t need to change things up as much because their voice is the main attraction. OK singers need more variety to keep things interesting. Quentin has an OK voice but not a great one

        • Kim Moores says:

          Yes, Clark has a great one, much greater than Quentin’s.
          But it’s utterly wasted on him at the moment. You can make the same argument with Jax then, if she didn’t change things up we wouldn’t care.
          I appreciate changing it up because the fact is that the winner of AI has not always been the person with the best voice, it’s been a lot of the individual who left their all on the stage and that’s what actually matters.
          Pia Tuscano had a great voice, she didn’t win cause that’s all she could offer.

      • Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit says:

        I don’t know, I thought Sunday Morning was quite different for him. I’m not saying Quentin wasn’t really good (he did have a few off key notes, but very minor for him), I’m just kinda hoping for one change-up.

    • kevstar says:

      Max was WAY too affected for me. The production, the dress, the leather fingerless gloves. I thought I was watching an 80s power ballad video.

      • karrie says:

        Who is Max?

        • Jaszy says:

          I wanted to ask that question too? Lol. But I knew who he was referring to. But she does kind of look like a Max as well.

        • LOL LOL LOL LO Who is Max? LOLLOl LOl LoL Better yet Who is Tyrin? Someone up above on a comment said they didnt like Qaasim or Tyrin. Who the heck are Tyrin and Max?

      • Smokey says:

        I am no judge of what’s cool in a dress, but that dress looked cumbersome and a potential trip& fall hazard to me. I thought it detracted from the over-all presentation of the performance..

    • MC says:

      Thank you for your very enlightened comments. Qaasim is doomed in the voting, but going forward I wish he would focus on his enunciation. I think that is his biggest weakness and it needs to be addressed before he can improve in any other areas. Clark excelled tonight and part of the reason was his outstanding enunciation.

  16. Denise says:

    Clark, Clark and Clark– Your grade is too low!!!

    • Sarah T says:

      Agreed-Clark is a solid A. Quentin is a B. Really I thought Nick was dissapointing. His pitch was awful & he was really low energy.

  17. ck says:

    Only Joey could pull off purple hair and a red dress. Love her!!! So glad she rebounded after last week which was frankly a disaster. What was with Harry being so critical of her performance? Of all the judges I thought he’d get it more than any of them. Go figure.

    • JoMarch says:

      I agree; how nitpicking to say Jazz shouldn’t be performed as a period piece. Yes, jazz is current, but it does have a history as being sultry and film noir-ish (yes, I know that’s not a word).

      • karyn says:

        I LOVED Joey’s performance but I can see why HCJ felt compelled to say something. As a jazz artist on a show that gives no respect to the genre, I can see why he was upset that her jazz arrangement of a pop song got treated like a throwback to the 40’s. That probably was not even her doing though so he should have made the comment a few minutes later and left her critique clean and focused on the amazing job she did with that. Last week had me worried for her so I’m thrilled she’s back on track.

        • karyn says:

          I have to add though that the mic thing irritated me no end. What were they thinking blocking her face. It was the one flaw in an otherwise great performance. I’m actually curious where they got the side-angle shot shown above b/c I’m pretty sure I didn’t see that on the show. I was thinking during the performance that she needed to grab that mic and turn sideways a little to save it.

        • Tyler says:

          I agree with Harry’s comment. Idols should try to make the songs sound current–not a throwback to an era 50 years ago!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Yeah, that was odd. Not sure why he had a stick up his backside tonight.

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      I understand Harry’s criticism. Joey’s performance resembled Peggy Lee more than Diana Krall. It was more retro than current. If all she did were old timey jazz versions of songs, I would give that criticism more weight. But Joey does much more than that. He performance last night fit very well with her overall body of work on the show, and expanded the scope of her artistry into a new dimension. It wasn’t perfect–she missed a few notes–but it was damn good. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

  18. karenb says:

    Can’t believe Rayvon made it through. Love that TPTB’s attempt to save Daniel backfired. HA HA. Queen Kelly ways brings it. Am not and will never be on the Joey train. I thought her performance was unbearable. Clark, Jax and Quinten are my Top 3. Have been since the beginning. Thought Clark knocked it out of the park.

    • karenb says:


    • Owen says:

      I honestly think they thought the Twitter Save would do exactly as it did. The tweens who vote for Daniel don’t tweet (#Tweensdon’tTweet) as do those who are older and really like good music. Daniel is an embarrassment in a season which is getting a rep as the best overall group in years (did you see Entertainment Weekly voted American Idol number ONE on its Must Watch List?). The judges were done with him long ago.

      • karenb says:

        @Owen-no I didn’t see that. I agree-Idol is having a great season with diverse contestants. The reason I think that TPTB wanted to save Daniel was because he received the lowest amount of votes but he has the most followers. Either way, thank goodness the boy has left and can go home and focus on his Junior Prom. Haha. Love the #TeensdontTweet tho. Funny!

    • MC says:

      I actually thought that the judges strategically withheld praise from Rayvon in a last ditch effort to make Daniel look like a reasonable choice.

    • karyn says:

      I think they used this to keep Daniel in (thank goodness it failed – I expected it to work). He’s a draw for millions of young viewers and they want to keep that. They were also unfairly harsh on Rayvon for what was his best performance thus far (though I agree with Slezak on the mic thing, it really bugged me too).

  19. Kim Moores says:

    I think Harry ought to understand Quentin isn’t going to attain the vocal prowess he wants from the kid while still being on the show, doesn’t work that way at all.
    He needs much more intimate training.
    Good night, very good night.

  20. Pam says:

    A B+ for Clark??! You gave pitchy Quentin an A? I’m thinking you need to review and revise your grades, my friend.

    • Kaba says:

      I’d argue they deserve the same grade.
      Clark was vocally perfect, but the complete and utter lack of soul or any conviction to the song was just blatant once again.
      Whereas with Quentin: a few blips here and there, but the conviction is so overwhelmingly captivating you’re sucked in from the blink of an eye.

      • bobsaccamanna says:

        ITA..and guess what, the judges all gave Clark a pass on the pitch issues he was having on the front end of that song, before he went into his signature and at this point very boring blues wail. I understand Quentin has pitch issues, but he is infinitely more entertaining than Clark due to exactly what you pointed out, a complete lack of conviction to the song. How cool would a Joey an Quentin finale be( I realize it will never happen) but I can hope.

        • Jaszy says:

          I know! They rarely ever say anything about his pitch, but Clark is always pitchy ESPECIALLY when he gets into his shrieky upper register. I don’t know if they don’t hear it or what! I can hear the issues very clearly! I don’t like his voice.
          Quentin also has pitch issues a lot, but I prefer his voice to Clark’s.
          To be honest, ALL of them need to work on their pitch. I haven’t heard one pitch perfect vocal on the lives shows this season!
          Nick, one of my favorites, is always singing flat. I just want him to loosen up even more! He’s getting there, but I just want him to come alive!
          JAX has a tendency to sing sharp a lot, and she’s my other favorite.
          Rayvon needs to let those falsetto notes go, he never seems to know where he’s going with those notes and, as a result, they sound strained and pitchy.
          Daniel’s (glad he’s gone) voice warbled and shook like an earthquake and he was never in tune. He murdered that beautiful song. One of the worst vocals of all time…and yet the judges were like “Keep practicing, man.” Why couldn’t they just be honest for once? Be like Simon Cowell, judges; as harsh as he was, he was honest! Daniel’s never going to get anywhere in life when he has people coddling him and petting him on the head like he’s a puppy. But I don’t have to worry about that anymore since he’s gone.
          Qaasim just needs to SING a song in a straightforward way. He’s always disguising his true voice with those weak vocal acrobatics he tries to do. He sounded awful in the chorus of Stronger.
          Joey has such a limited range and her gruff voice is very off-putting at times. She also tends to disguise how she really sounds when she’s trying to invoke her quirkiness and I shut my eyes at some of the iffy notes she hits sometimes. I just want to hear what her natural voice is! That was not a good arrangement of that song. She took a risk but I didn’t like it at all.
          Tyanna has been the most consistent but even she has had some cringe-worthy moments, her pitch suffering at times as well.


          • AB says:

            Haven’t you noticed? AI judges are now kind and good and helpful–just like Adam, Blake, Christina and Pharrell over at the Voice. These contestants are never going to get any truly honest critiques (although I must admit I always wondered how Simon telling someone they gave a “self-indulgent” performance helped). And you are so right about little Daniel–so, so glad the kid is gone!

          • MC says:

            Good comments, but I really think it’s difficult to improve in any environment where you have to “nail” one specific song every week. The focus is always on beating the others in a specific theme each week, not on general improvement of skills. Generally, it’s a very long wait when someone has to “get it together.” I think Clark, despite his pitch issues, has the greatest all-around skill set and that’s why TPTB are pushing him as a winner. I still don’t know what the hell happened to Sarina and Adanna, but vocally they are very strong compared to those still remaining on AI. There’s a talent show on NBC (shhh, I won’t mention the name of it) and there’s a young lady named Deanna Johnson on Adam’s team. She has the most gorgeous tone to her voice, but Deanna is not fully connecting to her song choices. She is a little too passive and shy. Adam says he is waiting for Deanna to “flip the switch,” but ninety percent of the time that never happens on these talent shows. Adams knows this, but he has to hope for a miracle because his team is not very strong right now.

          • MC says:

            *** Correction to my post – The word “never” should be replaced by “does not.”

        • marie says:

          A Joey and Quentin finale sounds great! Those two are SO entertaining.

          • Hayder B. Hayden says:

            That would be my ideal finale also, but I don’t expect either to make it that far. If I had to put money on it, I would predict a Clark/Nick finale.

      • Scott says:

        yeah, Clark wasn’t vocally perfect. He also had some pitch issues in the begining, but I’m not hating, I like Clark and he is the most consistent, but his vocal was not perfect.

    • Craig says:

      Technically, Clark was off just as much as Quentin. Most of the first half of his performance was pretty shaky but the end was great. All Clark needs is some of Quentin’s charisma, intensity and star appeal. Scrunchy faces and constipated looks with empty eyes.

  21. Craig says:

    Joey and Quentin were my favorites. So glad Joey rebounded. I LOVED it! Always enjoy what Quentin brings to the table. I think they over-praised Clark this week (them making him stare down the camera obviously effected him in spots) but he was still good enough for Top 3 by a clear margin. Rayvon did his best voting round performance yet but that alone won’t be enough to get me on his bandwagon. Tyanna was OK but she’s slipping. Jax didn’t work for me this week. She slurred and whispered her way through the performance and was drowned out by a PIANO for Christ’s sake! Please God let Qaasim go next. He is just NOT a very good singer. Period.

    • jen mac says:

      Quentin and Joey were also my favorite followed by Clark and Tyanna. Jax is getting very boring. I just once would like to see her get up there and give a steller performance, it’s always the same thing. Her performance was easy and as Simon used to say this was a safe boring performance.

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      I listened to Miss Independent several times today trying to picture in my mind what Joey could possibly do with it, for me it just didn’t seem to fit her at all. What an amazing re-arrangement. Probably Clark and maybe Nick are better are pure vocalists than Joey, but in terms of combining vocals with artistry and entertainment, Joey is the one making me want to turn idol on every Wednesday. She needs to be in the final 3 at the very least.

  22. Sarah says:

    Finally, the child is gone!
    For me, Joey and Clark won the night. Loved their performances. I also really liked Tyanna, Jax, and Rayvon. I hope they all make it through!

  23. Chris C says:

    Yay! That was so good I loved it!!!! Joey comeback bit****! I’m so happy. So many people did great tonight! Oh and I am so happy Ravyon was saved! I am so so so glad Daniel is gone! It’s about time! Tonight the justice was served and almost everyone did great! I loved it all!!!!! Go idol! And Voters! You rocked this week! ❤️

  24. lorie says:

    Loved the description of cantankerous Harry Connick Jr. shaking his hooked, disapproving finger!

  25. MysTeri says:

    Clark was amazing and definitely the best tonight! B+? Was that a typo? Surely that was an A! Melinda is not going to be happy with that :)

  26. Shawn says:

    I admit that when I heard that Idol was taking the worst aspect of the Voice and using it tonight I was apprehensive(I still have nightmares of Ryan Sill getting the Twitter save on the Voice nearly every week last season). My thought was that Daniel was in the bottom 2 and that they were using the Twitter save to save him as the teen girls would rush to save him. I was in an Idol chat room telling everybody to get on twitter and #saveRayvon. In the end it was worth it and Daniel was sent packing. Thank you to all who took to twitter to save Rayvon. While I am not a big Rayvon fan I would take him over Daniel. Also what’s with the B+ for Clark? It should be an A.

    • Miss Otis Regrets says:

      I don’t think it would have been smart of the PTB to try to save Daniel through Twitter, considering there are way more people who wanted him gone, namely everyone elses’ fans. Yah, Rayvon is more of a threat, but at least he deserves to be there.

  27. KatyLynn says:

    You only gave Clark a B+ and Quentin and A???!!! No just no….Clark was the performance of the night followed by Rayvon. Quentin’s performance was a mess in parts!

  28. Shaunna says:

    it’s a triumph for Idol that they sport an illumnii with the catalog to provide material to cover an entire show for current contestants. those who get my votes are Jax, Joey, Quentin and Quaasim (yeah maybe not vocal perfect but spot on with an eye to artistry). gives me hope.

  29. marie says:

    I don’t like the Twitter save at all in theory, but tonight at least the right person was saved. I think it’s gimmicky, though, and as others have said it’s too much like The Voice, which I stopped watching years ago because of all the tricks which I always felt took the contest out of the hands of the viewers. And I don’t have a Twitter account and don’t want one, so I’m disempowered. We’ll see how it plays out in the coming weeks.
    Joey slayed me. GREAT comeback. Some day I WILL go see that lady sing jazz somewhere – and it was cool to hear her identify jazz as her strength.
    Qaasim – well, I’ve enjoyed his performances up to now, but his shortcomings as a vocalist were very much in evidence tonight. I thought the first verse started out pretty well, but he fell apart in the chorus.
    I’m impressed that Michael called Daniel’s elimination last week. I thought he’d be around until about fifth or sixth place. I’m glad Michael was right, of course, but now my voting gets harder: up to now I’d been giving maximum votes to everyone except Daniel, because I thought everyone was clearly better than Daniel. Now I’ll have to actually rank the rest – but that will be more fun.
    I guess the tween girl audience isn’t that large after all.

  30. Jake says:

    Glad Daniel went but this twitter save was incredibly manipulative and erased the pure essence of what idol once was. I have a strong feeling that rayvon was the lowest vote getter but once you pulled out 8 other contestants from the equation then he is clearly better than Daniel. The more producers try to change the pure essence of these shows then ratings keep falling as folks realize there is producer manipulation. The shows success was driven by the unpredictability.

    • MC says:

      I agree that Rayvon was probably last in the voting after the pre-taped bit with Boy George. The twitter save is gimmicky, but it allowed for a mid-stream adjustment. Fans can realize that pre-taped bits can also be manipulative and maybe Rayvon is an okay guy. The side-by-side nature of the twitter showdown is also beneficial because it can clearly reveal to everyone who is the better technical singer. It becomes embarrassing at some point to vote for someone who can’t carry a tune (even if he is “totes adorbs”). Twitter really saved Daniel from himself. The ratings for AI have been sharply declining for years, long before this twitter save became an option for fans,

  31. Mike says:

    I’m sorry, but why does Harry get to critique intention? If Joey wants to use that stereotype of jazz it’s her right to. and if he doesn’t like it, that’s too damn bad. I think some days his ego gets in the way…and he turns obnoxious. :(

    • T.B. Hammer says:

      Harry does get too deep into every little thing. His strength as a good musician is also his weakness as a Judge. As Kelly mentioned, everything can’t be perfect all the time.

      This is a live show where you can’t do “do-over’s” and cut & paste your vocal parts in the studio, by doing 8 different “takes”. He can be a better help to the confidence and positive influence on the contestants if he would just reel-it-in a little.

    • jj says:

      It is his job to critique their performances…every element of the performances. You might not like his opinion but he is paid to give it.

  32. Michael, don’t play right now. Clark deserves an A.

  33. J says:

    Joey was incredible! Girl, continue being you!

  34. kelly says:

    So happy Daniel is gone. Not a huge fan of Qaasim’s voice, but aside from that this is the best Idol group in a long time. Enjoy seeing what each contestant is going to do next, especially after nights like this when everyone (bar 2) sounds great.

  35. jen mac says:

    Clark deserves an A! top 4 Clark, Quentin, Joey, tyanna,

  36. marie says:

    I’m fed up with this board eating my comments! And I don’t have the energy to retype everything. Let me just say, I hate the Twitter save in theory, but at least tonight it saved the right contestant.

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      lol I feel your pain about this damn site Marie, what I do now is copy and paste just in case my long winded obnoxious remarks don’t post.

      • marie says:

        Good idea to copy and paste. Turns out my original post has appeared after all, evidently later than my subsequent post. (I don’t recall ever finding your remarks obnoxious, but rather, well thought out and clearly expressed. Although I guess it doesn’t hurt that I frequently agree with you, LOL!)

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      For whatever reason I haven’t had that problem lately but others are still complaining about the disappearing comments.

  37. kevstar says:

    Nice try, Idol. Trying to save Daniel, even though I’m sure he was last place on the votes. I let out a Thank God after finding out he was eliminated, even though I’m not really religious. Thankful also for a new theme.

  38. Jill Moy says:


  39. Tori says:

    Imma just say something possibly controversial.
    Clark bears no honest difference from Jessica Sanchez back in s11.
    Clark can hit all the beautiful and belt-y notes he want, but he has no soul, at all.
    I feel nothing, I visualize nothing, I get no feeling out of Clark’s performances aside from how impressed I am with the notes he hits and how well he hits them.
    Back in his House of Blues and all previous performances of his from that moment? Soulful as hell. I see none of that Clark on that stage at all.
    I’d even say Jessica had more ability to emote than Clark, or at least tried harder.

    • Temperance says:

      Part of it is that Harry heckles him about every little detail… it’s got to be very, very intimidating.

    • Owen says:

      Part ot the problem is poor Clark seems to have a bit of male resting bitch face…

    • Jaszy says:

      You’re not wrong, Tori. I feel the same way. Maybe that’s the something that I don’t like about him. But also, I feel like his voice, as fine as it sounds, is over-rated. His high notes are always shrieky and out of tune!
      He’s stiff as a board! His eyes are lifeless. He acts sort of uncomfortable on stage every time. I don’t get the Clark hype. Yes, his voice is good, but it’s not amazing. I;ve heard way better.
      I don’t want him to win at all.

  40. Jill Moy says:

    Still alive, Tyanna and Nick….YEAH! AND BECCA’S 2 Q’S!

  41. Justin says:

    I was about to raise HECK in this comment section of Joey was not in the A’s this week. Also, you must address how annoying Harry is this season. His critique of Joey was absolutely pointless.

  42. Rip Tide says:

    The judges’ comments are absolutely an insult to anything above the intelligence of a toad. Thank God the blatant attempt to keep the kid failed and he was sent home to rehearse for the junior high variety show. It would have been the unofficial end of Idol had he stayed.

  43. darcy's evil twin says:

    Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark…that is all. Only a B+? What the heck, Mr. Slezak, were you hitting the Sauvignon Blanc a little too hard tonight?
    Joey, Quentin, and Nick were also quite good, although Quentin had a few pitch problems, and when Nick sang “Catch My Breath” at times it sounded as though the band was playing a different song to me. Weird – I can’t explain it. And Rayvon gave his best performance to date, but “Since U Been Gone” is probably my favorite Kelly Clarkson song.
    The group number wasn’t bad either!

    • karenb says:

      @det-I know what you mean about Nick’s performance. To me it sounded like the background vocals were off and that affected his performance. But yeah, I agree that something went wrong there.

  44. Jill Moy says:

    KELLY MUST BE IN NEED OF A HEAD DOCTOR;THINKING JAX IS SO WONDERFUL! She has the same boring weak voice and is the homely looking perform she has always been!

  45. Michael H. says:

    If Qaasim doesn’t go home next week, I might cry, because he was clearly the worst of the night, even with Daniel’s mess of whatever that was. Congratulations to JOEY COOK for getting my “Best Rebound” award this season coming back from last week’s disaster to this week’s jazzy, gorgeous perfection of that song that I looooove. Good job Rayvon for stepping it up, Jax needs to step it up again, and I thought tonight was super solid for Clark. He just needs a little more charisma. Tyanna and Nick were just there this week for me, and those two need to step it up again. What happened to that Tyanna that slayed Tightrope and Love on Top? Nick, come on, emotion and pitch. You can do it. I still remember Thinking out Loud and Babylon. With Quentin, I didn’t think it was his best, that still goes to I Put a Spell on You, but that was a good performance. The arrangement was nice and even thought there were a few pitchy parts, I was able to get past that and focus on his voice once again. Very solid top 8 except for that little issue with Qaasim.

    • Smokey says:

      I would guess that Qaasim was just barely out of the bottom 2 this week …. and will be in the bottom 2 next week …. and be in the twitter battle.

  46. Jill Moy says:

    Jax is homely and can’t sing a lick! What do people see in her whispering terrible voice??????

    • jen mac says:

      I have no idea what they see in jax, she is very limited in her vocal abilities. She has been able to stay so long because she takes the easier verses in the songs and adds all those fake affectations. just don’t get it!!!!!

    • Tommyo2000 says:

      Jax is cute as hell …

      • darcy the slutty twin says:

        She looks like the lovechild of 90’s pop singer Vitamin C and the actress who played Brittney on Glee.

      • Jill Moy says:

        TOMMY BOY,

        You must be an active member of THE INSTITUTE FOR THE BLIND! That girl is homely! I’d love to see how you rate other ug mugs! Get a new pair of glasses!

        • Tommyo2000 says:

          Jill baby …. Just got my Rx updated so I see fine … you aint a guy, so I doubt you see what I see. Trust me from a guys perspective, she is very cute …

          • Jill Moy says:


            OH, I can judge her looks! One just needs to look at her ugly beak! She is on the homely side….unattractive!

          • Jill Moy says:


            JOAX (jokes) won’t be winnin’ any beauty contests, that’s for sure!

  47. Daniel out? No-one interesting left now. That blows.

    • For those of you who are Daniel fans, I just saw him on local news! When his plane arrived he had a huge crowd at the airport and they all sang Happy Birthday. 16. Daniel was in tears from all the fan love. There were several mothers who drove quite far with their little daughters to meet Daniel. On the bad side of that a few fans found out where daniels house is. The family is a bit worried that life may not go back to normal. Once again Daniel said he has heard nothing about a idol tour. He said he wants to sleep, because he has not had much sleep for months! He said he was closest with Adanna Duru out of any contestants. His grandpa was there and Daniel cryed when he saw his Grandpa. It was quite emotional!

  48. Davey says:

    I haven’t voted for Jax once and doubt I ever will.

  49. Laura says:

    I feel like Keith’s comments are always very similar, he wants everyone to get more comfortable, and “feel”the song and express what it means. I never get when he says that, I don’t know what more they can do other than sing the song and express it the best they can, when I feel like they are trying to emote the song its never enough for him, like does he want them to cry if they are singing a sad song.

    • Smokey says:

      I noticed that too. Seems like he’s sometimes a little stuck in a certain Judge’s standard line of critique to appear that he’s evaluating and advising. I like Keith as an artist and as a Judge at times, but I know what you mean.

  50. Jay says:

    Really Michael? JAX and Clark deserve an A- …

    • Jill Moy says:


      JAX IS TERRIBLE! A D is more accurate!

      • jen mac says:

        Jax has the same old mediocre vocals each week. vocally limited, definitely not and Idol

      • Christian says:

        What in the world do you have against Jax? Everytime she performs you feel the need to shoot her down. I get not liking a contestant, but by insulting Jax and Jena is just cruel. And another thing Jax is the one who is on TV not you.

        • Jill Moy says:


          The truth is, Jena MUMBLES and Jax WHISPERS! If that’s cruel, so be it….IT’S THE TRUTH! You don’t know a thing about me and TV! DON’T BE SO SURE!

          • Christian says:

            Well I guess you told me, Michael Slezak, and Jax’s 41,000 Twitter followers that they know nothing about TV.