Younger: Is TV Land's Sutton Foster Comedy Already Growing on You?

“We’re only in our twenties once!” Hilary Duff’s junior-editor character declares in the series premiere of TV Land’s Younger, a show ironically built upon the idea that one’s age is not, in fact, set in stone.

The Darren Star-created comedy, which premiered with back-to-back episodes Tuesday — this article pertains only to the pilot — introduces viewers to Liza Miller (Bunheads‘ Sutton Foster), a 40-something divorcé who transforms herself into a 26-year-old go-getter with the help of her lesbian bestie Maggie (Entourage‘s Debbie Mazar), .

After a flirty makeover, a crash course in One Direction and a bit of southern landscaping — she playfully refers to her bush as a “Wisconsin” during an awkward locker room encounter with Kelsey (Duff) — Liza’s ready to take on the world, beginning with her job as the assistant to hellish marketing director Diana Trout (GCB‘s Miriam Shor).

(Side note: If Liza’s Jane Austen Twitter account was real, I would totally follow it. Promote that woman, I say!)

Of course, reclaiming one’s twenties is about more than just gaining an edge in the work force; within the first five minutes of the pilot, Liza finds herself smitten with a 26-year-old tattoo artist named Josh (The Following‘s Nico Tortorella), who strong-arms her into meeting him for drinks — not that she needs much convincing.

Younger is drawing many Sex and the City comparisons, largely due to its setting, creator and SatC-esque marketing campaign, but it’s a completely different animal — and a wonderful animal at that. Whether you relate more to the 40-somethings looking back on their youth, or the 20-somethings dreaming of their future, we can all settle on one universal truth: None of us have any idea what we’re doing. Ever.

So, did Younger earn an automatic season pass on your DVR? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your review of the TV Land comedy.

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