Hart of Dixie Season Finale Recap: Happy Endings

Hart of Dixie Cancelled

Weddings bells, a baby, a re-proposal and a musical number — Hart of Dixie‘s Season 4 finale on Friday night had it all.

At first, Zoe and Wade are concerned about stealing Lemon’s thunder by getting betrothed on the day of her own engagement party to Lavon. But then Brick tasks Wade with distracting Lemon — yay for getting in a Wade/Lemon story! — as they deal with a catering emergency, and the soon-to-be father discovers that Lemon is perfectly calm about everything, because she’s marrying the right guy this time. So Wade decides to take advantage of her good and ask if she wouldn’t mind sharing her day.

“I would be honored to share my thunder with you,” Lemon replies.

But then Zoe goes into labor during the party, and before long, nearly all of Bluebell is squeezing into Zoe’s hospital room, prompting her to realize that, because everyone she loves is there, it’s the perfect moment to get married. Wade goes in search of a rabbi, Zoe’s mom is Skype’d in, Tansy gives the bride some really big hair … and baby boy Kinsella starts knocking at the world, so Zoe and Wade exchange vows as she’s being wheeled into the delivery room!

“You are the piece of me that’s always been missing,” Zoe says. “Through your eyes, I see myself in a whole new, different way. With you, I know true love.”

Wade’s turn: “You turned my damn world upside down. But you made me a better man. I’m so excited to be your husband, to be our little boy’s daddy.”

And then everyone breaks out into song and dance. No, really. As the Truit brothers serenade the couple’s new arrival, the rest of the characters sing along, straight-to-camera, over a musical montage of Lavon and Lemon’s wedding and George and AnnaBeth taking the next step.

Elsewhere in Bluebell town developments:

Hart of Dixie Lemon Lavon Married* After Lemon finds out Lavon’s proposal really belonged to Zoe – “Is Lemon technically engaged to Zoe Hart?” Crickett wonders – she is understandably upset. While she didn’t need the perfect engagement party, she did need to actually be engaged. So Lavon sets about righting his wrong – not that it’s really necessary. “Our life together is going to be perfect,” she tells him. “I don’t need the perfect proposal.” This time, he pulls over to the side of the road and keeps it sweet and simple: “Lemon Breeland, I love you. Will you marry me?”

* Lemon asks Zoe to be her bridesmaid. This is a historic moment!

* George returns to visit AnnaBeth – “Why don’t we get in the house and see how fast you can take your clothes off,” she happily greets him – but their reunion takes a sour turn when he assumes she’ll one day pack up her life and move to Nashville to be with him. AB thinks maybe they should just break up, but George isn’t ready to give up. “It doesn’t matter that I love you?!” he exclaims to her surprise. Don’t worry, she loves him back and they eventually do move in together.

* Dr. Breeland officially makes Zoe a partner in the business. “Your father would be so proud to see how far you’ve come,” he says as she stretches out her arms for a hug. Sob! The other waterworks come when Zoe visits her father’s grave and thanks him for bringing her to Bluebell because “I finally found love. I finally found a home. ”

* Rose gets into Columbia and thanks Zoe for being her role model. Zoe, in turn, gifts her with her heels, which belong in New York City.

* A new love triangle starts brewing when Brick hires a male associate, Wade gets a hot female bartender to fill in for Wanda and George convinces a New York lawyer pal (played by The O.C.‘s Autumn Reeser) to relocate to Bluebell for a year. Just in case anyone at The CW is reading, we’d totally watch this show.

* Tansy moves back to Bluebell.

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