Chasing Life Finale Preview: Italia Ricci on Leo's 'Crazy' Proposal, Other Twists

Chasing Life Finale Spoilers

It’s deja vu all over again when April checks back into the hospital during Monday’s Chasing Life finale (ABC Family, 9/8c), but star Italia Ricci tells TVLine her character’s “approach is very different this time around.”

“She just went through this, so to see her go through it again is equally sad,” Ricci concedes, “but she’s got a better handle on it this time.”

For Ricci, incidentally, April’s re-enty came at an opportune moment: “I asked them, ‘Do you mind if I chop my hair a little shorter, because the pressure under the wig gets a little intense?’ And they were like, ‘Sure, don’t worry. You’re not going to have your hair again for a while.'”

Read on for more scoop from Ricci about the Chasing Life finale, including her thoughts on wielding a sledgehammer, Natalie’s “crazy” relationship with Dominic and, of course, Leo’s heavily-promoted proposal!

TVLINE | Let’s start with that sledgehammer scene. That looked exhausting, like, physically and emotionally.
It was a real sledgehammer, too! We had a fake one standing by, but I was like, “This just doesn’t feel real enough.” I needed to be exhausted for so many reasons, and it was much easier if it looked like the sledgehammer was pulling me with it.”

TVLINE | And then there’s Leo’s proposal [which appears in promos for the episode]. What can you say about that?
I was surprised when I read that, but I’m a big fan of them doing that. It’s so crazy and impulsive.

TVLINE | I understand there’s some pretty major work drama for April this week, too. What goes down?
April thought that being a journalist was everything she always wanted, and she’s never thought about anything else. We saw in the last episode that she’s OK with other people wanting it more, so you’ll see her start to realize that maybe it’s not the most important thing in the world. Being driven and having goals is important, but maybe she’s putting her energy towards something that doesn’t make sense in her life right now.

TVLINE | And how does April’s family handle her re-entry?
They’re not expecting it, so everybody’s really surprised; it goes from zero to 1,000. But they’re supportive, and they want everything to work out, and they want to do everything they can. Seeing her weak is hard for everyone, so they just want to be there for her.

TVLINE | Natalie doesn’t seem to be one of those supportive family members. What’s up with her and Dominic?
Personally, I’m a little jealous, because he’s mine. [Laughs] I’m glad he has someone, but I’m not sure they’re right for each other. Natalie is crazy. She has zero comprehension of girl code, and her level of entitlement and selfishness is absolutely bananas. It baffles April, and it baffles me. I’m surprised I didn’t punch her [last week]. I don’t support Dominic and Natalie because I don’t think they came together organically. The forbidden aspect of their relationship is what excites them; if they hadn’t found out who the other was, they probably wouldn’t be together. She’s so sweet in real life, though, so I feel so bad.

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