Hindsight Boss Previews Becca's Kevin vs. Lolly Struggle, Cliffhanger Ending

Hindsight Season 1 Finale Spoilers

On Wednesday’s season finale of Hindsight (VH1, 10/9c), Becca ponders the age-old question: Can you really have it all?

On the time-traveling series, however, the “all” is her BFF Lolly and the man Becca might be destined to be with, for whom Lolly also has feelings. Kevin, the guy in question, also happens to be the source of the friends’ falling out in the future, and Becca’s determined to stop history from repeating itself in 1995. There’s one little problem, though: Kevin just planted a smooch on her.

“She’s going to have to figure out how and when she has to be honest with Lolly, or if she can be honest with Lolly,” creator Emily Fox tells TVLine. “Is she even going to have that opportunity?”

Below, Fox discusses the many men in Becca’s life — there’s also the future ex-husband and second hubby, because a girl’s got to have options — and the finale’s Sopranos-like ending.

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TVLINE | The last episode ended with Becca and Kevin kissing on the roof. What does the fallout look like?
Hindsight Season 1 SpoilersBecca’s been trying to steer clear of anything happening with Kevin from the second he walked in the door. She feels like Kevin is Kryptonite, and at the same time, she’s powerfully drawn to him and he to her in a way that seems to transcend space and time, and that’s also hard for her to ignore. Becca is struggling to reconcile her desire to do the “right thing” with her desire to follow her heart. Kevin has been yet another in a series of personal challenges for her as she’s trying to figure out [if] there’s a way to do both. Along the way, in most of the episodes, she’s had to make a decision between doing the right thing and following her heart, and she’s always done the right thing. She let Andy go because she was convinced that was the right thing to do, that her being with Andy was not good for him. This time, there’s more at stake. [She’s] fearful of what she and Kevin being together can do to Lolly.

TVLINE | The first time, the truth hurt Becca and Lolly’s friendship so badly that it was impossible to fix it. Could it be different this time?
[Becca] dearly hopes that it’ll be different because everything is different now. Her agenda would be, as it has been all along, to protect this friendship. But at the same time, it feels like there is a puppet master sometimes. Like, why is Kevin here now? Becca made what seemed like an inconsequential decision to go to this REM concert. It just seemed like a fun weekend getaway, and it didn’t stand out as a decision that would have reverberations and consequences for her. And yet, she brings Lolly with her on this road trip and Lolly runs into Kevin, and this is different than their original timeline. [Originally], when Becca met Kevin, it was years later. Becca has been operating in her 1995 redo [thinking], “This thing that happened between us is years away. We can both totally be safe by then and happily married to other people. This may never happen.” Then Kevin shows up on her doorstep.

Our show doesn’t take a firm position on fate vs. free will, like it’s one or the other. We believe, like everyone does, that it is a little bit of both. Some things just happen, and some things, it seems like there’s a little bit of design in that. It’s hard to say that there isn’t necessarily. When Kevin shows up on her doorstep, Becca feels like someone or something put him there for a reason, and she’s being forced to confront this big elephant in the room long before she was mentally prepared to have to do so. Now she’s struggling with, “How do I deal with what’s in my heart about this man who might be my soulmate while I have to protect my friendship at all costs? Is there a way to do both? Is there a way to protect the friendship and succumb to this powerful pull that I feel towards this man?”

TVLINE | She let Andy go, but it feels like there’s unfinished business there.
Hindsight Season 1 SpoilersI would say that’s a true statement because she now, for better or worse, owns a piece of Andy’s heart and vice versa. That’s always been true because they’ve always known each other and he’s always loved her. Part of the experience she had through traveling through time was to realize that she did love him and what a good person he was. When she was marrying him in 2015 in the opening of the pilot, she was so hounded by feelings of remorse in her life that he was hurling underneath that canopy, but he didn’t exactly deserve to be there. He was better for her than she realized. In seeing him through this different lens and seeing younger Andy, [she realizes], “He’s a lovely man, and I didn’t totally appreciate him in the time I was with him. Now that I see him through this different lens, I appreciate him more and love him, but I can’t be with him when the universe is telling me not now, not him, you can’t have him, like stay away.” She’s the Kryptonite in that scenario by walking away. He doesn’t see it as that. He sees it as she’s so heartless, and she’s not. She’s just alarmed by what has happened to him and so horrified to think that she was the architect of that in any way that she backs away slowly because she’s like, “I cannot be responsible for this. It’s a far, far better thing that I do [leave him].”

TVLINE | Meanwhile, it feels like Sean and Becca and that chapter is closed.
That’s pretty fair to say. Sean has been the one character that is thriving the most as a result of what happened with him and Becca. Her initial decision to rush out of the wedding, to the naked eye, it looks brash and spontaneous, but we know that it’s not. With Sean, there’s a scenario in which he gets left at the altar and goes into a deep hole and never comes out. That’s a traumatic experience. But instead, what happens to him is he licks his wounds and gets up and moves on with his life and goes on to become a man with more maturity and more perspective than in the original timeline. By the end of the season, Sean’s the one who has the most forward momentum. He’s realized his potential as an artist, he’s met new people and he’s thriving in a way that he never did when he was with Becca, and Becca realizes that we’re way better apart than we were together. Seeing how successful he’s become and how mature he’s become is bittersweet because maybe she’s been holding him back along. Or maybe it’s a little bit like a happy accidental victory for her, like, “Oh, at least someone came out ahead.” [Laughs]

TVLINE | You don’t have a Season 2 renewal yet. How did that factor into writing the finale? Did you want to give a sense of closure? Did you want to do a cliffhanger?
Well, I love a cliffhanger. My main thrill in life is a cliffhanger, so I never wanted to wrap it up and put a bow on it because it’s so fun to keep people guessing. One of the things that influenced the finale and where it would drop us off was the ending of The Sopranos series, which I was part of the vocal minority who thought the ending to The Sopranos was one of the greatest things I’ve seen in my life, and a lot of people really hated it and went insane after that finale. It was successful because we’re still talking about it. Some of the best finales that I’ve seen are the ones we still talk about. In contrast, the end of Six Feet Under was very tied up and wrapped up with a bow and was also completely brilliant. But to me, the open-endedness to the end of The Sopranos was just completely hypnotic and perplexing, and I love a challenge. So our heads were moving in that direction and that’s what we wanted to do.

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