Scandal Stars Preview Gladiators' Return, State of the Olivia/Fitz Union

Scandal Olivia Fitz Spoilers

With Olivia’s abduction and auctioning ably handled, and on the heels of a unique episode revolving around race relations, ABC’s Scandal is poised to return to good old-fashioned Gladiating.

“We’ll definitely see more of that,” Guillermo Diaz, who plays always faithful Huck, told TVLine Sunday on the red carpet for the fourth-year drama’s PaleyFest panel. “Especially now that Olivia’s back, and with everything still a bit awkward at OPA, Huck is excited about pleasing Olivia and being her main Gladiator.”

Helping steel the longtime bond ‘tween the two is Olivia’s recent ordeal at the hand of her kidnappers, and the resulting PTSD that Huck himself knows all too well.

“Olivia’s going to think, ‘This is what Huck has been through for a lot of his life — and worse,'” Diaz shares. “It’ll definitely bring them closer.”

Not feeling particularly KERRY WASHINGTON, TONY GOLDWYNclose these days, meanwhile, are Olivia and Canoodler-in-Chief Fitz, who had a massive falling out when she lambasted him for sending troops to war in the name of getting her taken off the auction block.

“It’s bad. It’s very dark” between the off-and-on lovebirds, Tony Goldwyn told us.

“I don’t know where it’s headed, but I do know that however angry he is at Olivia, he’s not giving up,” POTUS’ portrayer continued. “He would not be able to survive if he gave up on Olivia.”

Which is not to say that Fitz won’t also keep a foot firmly planted in wife Mellie’s budding White House run, as promised. “Right now, they’re very connected,” Goldwyn observes. “I believe that Fitz is very committed to Mellie, and I think he really believes in her as a human being. She’s going to make a lot of mistakes, but he sees her real potential. He has a lot of faith in her.” (With reporting by Rebecca Iannucci)

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