Secrets and Lies Recap: Fear the Boogeyman, Become the Boogeyman

It isn’t easy maintaining your innocence when everyone around you seems keen on making your life a living hell. For Ben Crawford, keeping himself in check is only getting harder as Secrets and Lies unravels.

According to Detective Cornell, 75 percent of all child killers insert themselves into the investigation — and if she’s right, Ben isn’t doing any favors for his public image. Even worse, the missing flashlight used in the murder turned up in Ben’s truck on Sunday’s episode, bloodied from repeated blows to Tom’s skull, and Scott’s no longer a person of interest.

SEX, LIES AND ALIBIS | Remember how Scott broke into the Crawford residence in the middle of the night and threatened to kill Ben if he was responsible for Tom’s murder? Yeah, well forget all about it, and chalk it up to PTSD. As it turns out, Jess’ psychotic ex, an Iraqi war veteran, had gone AWOL, which was why he was keeping a low profile. Also, he was busy schtooping Jess’ sister back at her place, which Ben and Jess discovered upon arriving at Nicole’s apartment. Later, when Ben visited Tom’s grave, Scott showed up and the two of them came to an understanding: neither of them were responsible for what happened to Tom, and no matter the results of the paternity test, Scott was Tom’s father.

ROCK THE CRADLE | As Cornell’s whodunnit continues to lack probable suspects, Ben’s home life is only getting worse. After noticing the expensive earrings Christy claimed were given to her by a client, Ben discovered a shopping bag by her bed that contained a bevy of sexy underwear purchases and a pregnancy test — and even though we learned the test wasn’t hers, that still doesn’t explain the undergarments she purchased before an (allegedly) innocent business dinner. And if that’s not enough to make Ben question his wife’s behavior, she continues to let Cornell conduct searches of their home in his absence. This time, she came searching for a receipt to match the model number of Ben’s flashlight to the one used in Tom’s murder, which Ben had locked away mere inches from the backpack concealing the missing weapon of choice. Christy insisted she was only trying to help Cornell so the investigation would come to an end, but like Ben, we’re not so sure.

SINS OF THE FATHER | It’s about time we got Maury Povich up in here! As tonight’s hour drew to a close, the question of who fathered the potential bun in Natalie’s 16-year-old oven boiled down to 21-year-old boyfriend Cooper and thirtysomething moocher Dave. When Detective Cornell came looking for Dave to give a report on Ben’s earlier assault of Cooper for making out and boozing up his underaged daughter at a party she wasn’t allowed to attend, Ben found Dave’s chest and bed covered in Natalie’s body glitter, and her high heels near his bedside. Furious at his good-for-nothing friend, he kicked him out in a full-fledged fury directly in front of Cornell, who was ready to take the moocher out for breakfast to fatten him up in exchange for answers.

Was Ben’s decision to hide the flashlight suspicious? Is it only a matter of time before someone reports that he and Dave were out browsing handguns? And if it wasn’t Ben or Scott, who are you guessing was responsible for Tom’s murder? Sound off in the comments section below, and spill on your juiciest theories.

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