The Simpsons First Look: Cat Deeley Gets Animated! Plus: The SYTYCD Host Shares an LOL Seacrest Zinger!

“Has anybody ever said ‘No, thank you’ to being on The Simpsons?” wonders a giggling Cat Deeley. “Maybe Saddam Hussein turned around and said ‘No.’ Like, if you were a terrible dictator, you might not want to open that Pandora’s box.”

Thankfully, the Emmy-nominated host of So You Think You Can Dance had no such reservations, and thus will make her animated debut on Fox’s long-running comedy on Sunday, March 15 (8/7c).

Deeley says when she received an email from the show’s producers with an attached image of her cartoon self, she opened it with “a little trepidation,” but the fear quickly gave way to excitement. “I’ve got to get a cel or a copy of the drawing at some point,” she says. “It’s definitely going to be hung in my bathroom or somewhere like that.”

Deeley’s Simpsons gig finds her hosting a reality-competition series to find the next beer-swilling, donut-gobbling “Duffman” — an opportunity that, it turns out, Homer simply can’t resist. “I host the show with typical enthusiasm — but slightly fewer dance moves than usual,” previews Deeley, who is filming SYTYCD Season 12 auditions this weekend in Memphis and in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 15th.

“I have to keep going ‘Oh, yeah!’ to get the audience super-enthused,” Deeley continues, adding that her favorite line involves her pleading for one final “Oh, yeah!” — and the kicker that “they’re my two favorite words — apart from ‘Seacrest passed.'”

Check out two images of Deeley’s Simpsons debut below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

Cat Deeley The Simpsons

Cat Deeley The Simpsons

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