Who Was Missed During Parks Finale? Can Douche Face Dial It Down? Did Bachelor Desecrate? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Walking Dead, Castle, Parks and Recreation and How to Get Away With Murder!

1 | Was it more suspicious or suicidal of The Walking Dead’s Aaron to try to refuse the applesauce that Rick wanted him to eat? And we know he has other things on his mind, but: Isn’t it time Grizzly Grimes borrowed a razor and shaved?

2 | In Sleepy Hollow‘s season finale, where was the Katrina that was supposed to be in the 18th century? Doesn’t it make sense that she would’ve crossed paths with her 21st-century counterpart? And how did Jenny and Irving know that Henry had died, which allowed for Irving to regain ownership of his soul?

3 | We’ve all been thinking it, but after Chuck’s frantic run on Better Call Saul to steal his neighbor’s newspaper, are you any more convinced that the ailing bro is only suffering psychotically?

4 | On Castle, Beckett’s very first thought when the computer activated its self-defense mechanism wasn’t to phone for help? And really, where did the one guy Espo chased down on “Mars” think he was going to escape to?

Bachelor5 | How did Bachelor host Chris Harrison keep a straight face as he asked Chris to “please respect this holy place” seconds before the production used said ancient temple to conduct the post-fantasy suite rose ceremony?

6 | Is it a relief and/or surprise that Robert Quinn’s wife on The Fosters hasn’t turned out to be some horrible human being?

7 | Has Good Morning America ever had a sadder hour than on Tuesday from 8 to 9 when it A) revealed the Dancing With the Stars cast, B) featured a celeb gossip segment and then C) had onetime World News Sunday anchor Dan Harris Q&A the latest Bachelor castoff?

8 | Switched at Birth fans, how do you feel about Daphne’s new love interest Mingo? Are you hoping he changes his mind and starts dating her?

parks-rec-ron-tammy-2-3209 | Was the only shortcoming of Parks and Recreation’s otherwise perfect series finale that we didn’t get to see where Tammy II ends up?

10 | As great as it is that Person of Interest films on location here on the streets of New York City, is it kind of funny to see it drizzle in one scene, then be snowing in the very next?

11 |
TVLine reader Lauren asks: “Is it too soon to want an Emery and Evan spinoff to #FreshOffTheBoat?”Agent Carter

12 | Aren’t Agent Carter‘s stiletto nails a bit ahead of their 1940s time?

13 | What would’ve made New Girl‘s Jess think that Cece’s loft crush was anyone but Schmidt? (We know she can be a bit naive, but come on!)

14 | We hate to be the ones to say it, but is Cougar Town‘s final season lacking momentum? It seems the show is saving everything it’s got left for its March 31 finale.

15 | If you’ve been dutifully studying under Arrow‘s Ra’s al Ghul for years and years in dank and dreary Nanda Parbat — and especially if you’ve been dubbed “Heir to the Demon” — how miffed are you that Oliver Queen walks in and gets offered the top job? The same Oliver who got bested by Ra’s in a jiffy?! Also, is the show implying the sex with Felicity leads to genius-level epiphanies?

16 | How are The 100‘s Jaha and Murphy surviving in the desert with no food or water?

Empire17 | Did you think Empire’s Andre was actually going to off himself? On a scale of 1 to Fall Off the Couch, how shocked were you by Cookie’s “long tongue” comment? And re: Jamal’s new romantic interest — are we still Team Michael or total converts to Team Ryan?

18 | American Idol‘s rapidly paced semifinals — which crammed 12 performances into hour-long Wednesday and Thursday shows: Way too hectic or a perfectly pared-down experience?

19 | Should The Middle‘s Hecks start saving up for Brick’s therapy now, or wait until they pay off Sue’s college tuition? (What kind of parents forget their son’s 13th birthday?!)

20 | Now that we know the source of Becca and Lolly’s falling out on Hindsight, was it as awful as you imagined? And does Becca have one too many love interests?

21 | Wasn’t it a bit surprising that Amazing Race contestant/New Kid on the Block member Jonathan Knight didn’t go for the dancing challenge in Wednesday’s detour?AJA NAOMI KING, JACK FALAHEE, MATT MCGORRY, CALEB MIXSON

22 | Spoilers ahead! Now that How to Get Away With Murder has a season on the books: Can you remember all of the Keating Five’s actual names yet? And speaking of: Can Asher please dial down the douchery a notch (or 10) in Season 2? (Finding it charming does the Bonnie character no favors.) Shouldn’t Connor learn to park somewhere other than Annalise’s driveway? Was [spoiler]’s body under the stairs the entire time everyone was thinking she’d fled? And speaking of the freshly deceased: Who’s your prime suspect in her killing?

23 | Was Grey’s Anatomy’s Callie out of line for suggesting — in front of everyone — that Amelia is crazy for tackling Herman’s surgery without Derek? And as nice as it’d be to see Derek again, will you be disappointed if he rides in to save the day?

24 | How many times is Today‘s Al Roker going to try to convince us that the raw ginger-kombucha drink he sips throughout the broadcast tastes good? (Given co-hosts Natalie Morales and Willie Geist’s faces when they smelled it , we’re gonna stay far away.)

25 | Is the new Odd Couple aware of what year it is? Why on Earth would Oscar sit down to write an entire book with a legal pad and pencil? And who would ever agree to ghostwrite an entire autobiography in 36 hours?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Luis says:

    15. I can’t imagine how Oliver would believe he could command the loyalty of the LOA. I also have Felicity’s new business card – “Felicity Smoak, Super Sex Genius”

  2. Dude says:

    I’ve gotta say it, I like Asher. One of the only not terrible characters.

  3. Christine says:

    Whoa! Asher is perfect just the way he is! He is simply adorable and I just hope that they finally fill him in on what’s going on soon. It’s dangerous to have only one person in the group not be in the loop.

  4. ian says:

    15. Maybe Ray woke up thinking “Why shrink down to atomic size when I COULD FLY INSTEAD!”

  5. Hmm says:

    22. Perfectly fine with Asher the way he is. The show needs his douchery to counter-balance all the drama and murder happening. As for suspects in the finale murder, money is on Wes, Laurel or Bonnie.

  6. Grey's Fan says:

    Grey’s: Derek better NOT save the day. From the promos it looks like Meredith will scrub in to help, perhaps reigniting her passion for Neuro… which would cause some issues in her marriage.
    I think Amelia will succeed in removing the tumour and will no longer be “the other” Shepherd. But I’m not sure if Herman will survive – I’m think a Denny-like situation where the operation goes smoothly but then something unrelated kills her.

    #7 – Makes me sad.
    HTGAWM: Frank and Laurel are my faves. I hope she does some sleuthing and finds out about his background… How long will it take for them to hook up again?

  7. Huh. So people who don’t like HTGAWM’s Asher DO exist.

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    All of those guys on The Walking Dead desperately need a bath but most especially Rick and Daryl. Those two are nasty. And those clothes, eeekkkkk. And how could Aaron stand being in that car with Glenn, Rick and Michonne. They must stink horribly, lol.

  9. Arizzle says:

    #2 – I’m pretty sure Katrina jumped back into her own 18th Century body, so there wouldn’t be two of her walking around.

  10. Nick says:

    1. Yes. That was stupid of Aaron
    2. The showrunner said that time-travellers inhabit their own bodies in that time unless they don’t have one, like Abbie. That’s canon.
    3. Definitely psychotically
    9. Probably just “in prison” so no big loss
    16. I understand that they have water, just not much. So they ration it carefully. Also, I don’t think it’s been that long.

  11. Jog says:

    Re: #2– I thought the show made it abundantly clear that Katrina re-inhabited the body of her former 18th century self when she went back in time (as opposed to there being 2 different katrinas running around) when the first scene they show of her back in the 18th century has her holding her stomach and whispering Jeremy’s name (meaning that she was pregnant)

  12. Angela says:

    #4: Henry was responsible for taking away Irving’s soul, so my guess is that maybe Irving “felt” it when Henry died, and assumed his soul returning to him was a sign that Henry was gone, and then told Jenny about it?
    #18: I think it felt a little rushed in some spots, yes-if for no other reason than we didn’t really get much opportunity for proper critique from the judges-but at the same time, I like that it’s down to an hour. Get in, sing the songs, and get out, without all the extra fanfare and rambling on that takes up so much time.
    #22: Wes, Michaela, Asher, Connor, and Laurel :D.
    As for Asher, yes. I like the guy-I like it when he can use his dorkiness and whatnot to his advantage in terms of working the cases. But that goofy frat boy attitude can only go so far for so long, and it strikes me odd that Bonnie would find it so charming. The definition of opposites attracting, though, I suppose.
    And yes to the questions about Connor’s parking choices and Rebecca being dead the whole time. As for who killed her? My guess is either Frank or Wes, and I’m kinda leaning towards Wes. He had this weird look in his eyes at times throughout the episode whenever she was being talked about, or when he tried to talk to her, and I can imagine him finally getting SO frustrated with her that, well, he snapped. But I’m willing to see if I can be convinced otherwise next season!

  13. Daisy says:

    17. I was so shocked when he put the gun up to his head. However, the longer they lingered on him the more I didn’t believe he would go through with it. Also, that accent tho. Team New Guy for Jamal.
    23. It was probably rude for Callie to call her out in front of everyone but kind of on point. I’m hoping Callie calls Derrick right now.

  14. Boiler says:

    GMA: As much as I like the people on GMA the show is almost unwatchable due to hours like the above. Don’t know how George S deals??

    • Angela says:

      Seriously. After reading the description of that hour of the show here, I was like, “And that is why I only ever watch GMA (or “Today”, for that matter) when I know there’s going to be a celebrity I actually like on there.”

  15. Grey says:

    Re #2: The producers/creators say that when you travel back in time you (i.e. your soul) in habits and or replaces the body that’s already there. Thus eliminating “two of you” walking around at the same time.

    Re #4: No, because she probably assumed Vigo Janson, the head of the project, was going to be able to open the doors or stop the computer. Castle was caught up in the moment and still giddy about playing space so it’s understandable that he wouldn’t remember they’re weren’t actually in space. I was actually more surprised that she had enough bars, or any at all, to make a call from two stories underground. I can’t get a signal from the open air underground parking garage!

    Re #10: One word for you, Microclimates.

    Re #12: No. Women wore their nails rounded and a bit pointy back in the day. Don’t believe me? Look at any old 1940s or early 1950s TV show.

    Re #24: If it smells that bad before he drinks it imagine how bad it smells when it comes out the other end?

  16. silveraynea says:

    2. I thought it was pretty obvious Irving was a new man when he vomited out the smoke monster from Lost. Katrina also went back into her own body. How else would she have been pregnant with Jeremy?

  17. m3rcnate says:

    1) Yeah his refusal of the applesauce was moronic, and I blame the writers. I’m sorry but under no circumstance unless its poisoned do you not just take the spoonful and swallow it. As for the beard, I imagine/hope he will shave it now that they are “safe” in the town…i dont fully get why he wouldn’t, as a man who can grow facial hair pretty well, when its hot out (let alone 100F+ with no water) the last thing i want on my fair is hair…makes you even hotter.

    2) It was explained somewhere by the show-runner that when you go back in time and there’s a previous version of you, you inhabit the younger you’s body.

    4) That whole episode was fairly stupid IMO. But then again its Castle…dont expect Breaking Bad level of writing i guess.

    5) Amen. “Please respect this holy place, now go send one of the women you banged last night after banging at least two one after the other, for this reality show you are on that ends after 1-2 months with you proposing to a woman you’ve known for a total of…150 hours?”. Disgusting.

    9) I didn’t think about it until now but yes, i would have loved to see where Tammy II ended up…BUT the show-runner said that they have 10 minutes of extra footage that will be in the season box set…soo maybe it’s there and they just couldn’t squeeze it into the 43 minutes they got of air time.

    13) She (Jess) is an idiot? She’s a caricature of the hipster/weird/goofy female thing thats “in”.

    • shirley says:

      We had two heavy episodes of Castle.
      What is so wrong with the writers going a little light and silly at this time?
      I can live with and be happy with any episode they give me.
      I just happy it’s there.


      • m3rcnate says:

        I didnt say i have a problem with it going light, I get that, heck i can love that…its more-so the episode in general, its writing. The computer AI thing and all that. I guess its fun and light but its just hard for me to pay attention for very long unless the episode is written really really well.

  18. lame says:

    I for one would like to see Agent Carter return. The stories, the mythology were fresh and well thought out. Because ABC chose to put it up against the second most popular show on television, chances for renewal are slim and that’s a shame. Television needs a strong female character who doesn’t have super powers yet is smart and wily.

  19. Nate says:

    2. I think figure Katrina put herself in past Katrina body as she was the only one that had a future and past self

  20. delfiteblu says:

    23) I didn’t understand why Callie asked her in front of the whole class and in such a snarky way. On the other hand, I would fall to my knees in thanks is Derek walked in. The show isn’t the same without both Him AND Christina – we need him to show up. The silliness of Jo’s jealousy of Meredith with Alex is stupid. And hopefully Amelia will calm down some – she was bizarre by the time she needed to go to surgery. LET DEREK COME HOME!!!!!!!!

    • Alicia says:

      2. Fairly obvious.
      15. Nyssa is going to kill Oliver or threaten someone else life. I would like to uphold the thought that Ray epiphany came from getting actually sleep rather than Felicity’s sexual skills.
      22. Connor really needs to not also have the most expensive car on the block. I vote for Laurel as the killer, but I would think it would be interesting if it was Michela.
      23. Callie call out of Amelia was uncalled for, but the worst part about it was that it had less to do with saving Herman’s life and more to do with making sure Arizona could survive the emotional pain of loosing her new mentor.

    • H says:

      Then throw him in a well, Silence of the lambs style.

  21. Iakovos says:

    So agree about GMA. LOVE the team assembled. But content is like air. Not filling or even the least intellectually stimulating. ABC NEWS runs the show and the talent is respected and smart. Please someone… help swing the pendulum back toward news. I am checking out CBS more and more!

  22. madhatter360 says:

    6. Such a relief. Such, such a relief.

  23. Kris says:

    4.) wish they’d stop dumbing Beckett down. Sometimes i wonder how she’s even a cop…

  24. Sa says:

    23) NO, Callie is so worried for Arizona’s happiness that she would stand up in Amelia’s conference and question her preparation. That’s love. Amelia is trying to take on 7 surgeries at the same time. Callie listened to Amelia when she was in the cafeteria telling Meredith to ask Derek because she’s too proud to ask him herself and Callie basically asked Amelia if she’s maybe taking on too much because of her pride and her need to step out from Derek’s shadow.

  25. Tom says:

    3 | We’ve all been thinking it, but after Chuck’s frantic run on Better Call Saul to steal his neighbor’s newspaper, are you any more convinced that the ailing bro is only suffering psychotically?
    I thought that was a given
    9 | Was the only shortcoming of Parks and Recreation’s otherwise perfect series finale that we didn’t get to see where Tammy II ends up?
    That woulda been nice yeah, what about Crazy Ira and Douche? Louise CK’s character? So many others
    12 | Aren’t Agent Carter‘s stiletto nails a bit ahead of their 1940s time?
    Really? That’s what you focus on? HOw about how perfectly it’s set up that season 2 can be about rebuilding the SSR and the transformation to SHIELD, and how they now see Peggy will be a big part of it
    19 | Should The Middle‘s Hecks start saving up for Brick’s therapy now, or wait until they pay off Sue’s college tuition? (What kind of parents forget their son’s 13th birthday?!)
    Couldn’t hurt but they don’t think that far in advance. Also, can I point out yet again that they once again mentioned Sue’s a leap year baby and yet are insisting she’s only going to be 18. That’s not how leap years work. She should be 19.
    25 | Is the new Odd Couple aware of what year it is? Why on Earth would Oscar sit down to write an entire book with a legal pad and pencil? And who would ever agree to ghostwrite an entire autobiography in 36 hours?
    Some people like paper still. ANd also some people thrive under pressure

  26. jenferner8 says:

    While I’ve gotten used to Duck Dynasty Rick, who is in serious need of a razor, I keep wondering when Glenn’s had time to shave.

  27. I feel like Becca and Lolly’s friendship ending over a guy is such cop out. They could have at least made it a little more interesting.

  28. Ally Oop says:

    Thanks for doing the spoiler alert. I haven’t been able to get to HTGAWM finale yet so the alert gave me the opportunity to quickly scroll down without reading that bit.

  29. cuius says:

    25. Jeffery Archer said on radio (remember that?) this week that he’s still churning out a book a year – all hand-written

  30. s says:


  31. Jamie says:

    I have something to add to Q22… Now that we know who really killed Lila are we going to see her killer be brought to justice? (If that word even exists on this show.)

  32. Alichat says:

    2) I believe the Exec Prod explained that if the person was in the past, then when they traveled back, they inhabited their past body. Meaning, if I traveled back 20 years, I would inhabit my body from 1995, but would have the memories from the last 20 years. So, there was only one Katrina in 1781, but it was a Katrina with memories from the last 234 years.
    16) I have been wondering that as well. Shouldn’t they be dead now?
    22) Connor Walsh, Asher Millstone, Laurel Castillo, Wes Gibbons, and Michaela Pratt. I’ve found Bonnie creeeepy from day 1, and her being turned on by Asher’s douchery makes her pathetic.
    23) Callie was extremely unprofessional for asking that question in front of an auditorium of their fellow doctors, residents, and interns. And I would be happy if we never see Derek again. I do not miss him.
    24) I actually love Ginger Kombucha, but the amount of ginger he had chopped up in that glass was more than I use to make 50-60 bottles of ginger beer.

  33. Tanner says:

    HTGAWM- my bet is on Mickela as the murderer. Take the one who was least stable on the original murder night to actually becoming the murderer. If I’m right you heard it here first! Lol

  34. Jammy says:


  35. EM says:

    #23 Callie was out of line. She’s worried about Arizona not Herman though. I want Derek back but not in this story line. I think Herman is going to survive the surgery but die after. I would love for Mer to get back into neuro.

  36. Tee says:

    20. I was disappointed that the fallout was over a guy, but could understand with how badly Becca handled it, that would cause a rift for at least a long time. I’m kinda over storylines about Becca’s love life in general.

  37. Patrick Maloney says:

    1. If they shave the beard, we riot.

  38. Marco says:

    22. A little bit, but he’s still the best character – along with Connor – on the show. I know the names of all the characters on the show, but that doesn’t mean I LIKE most of them (in fact, if I’d see Michaela crossing the street while I’m driving, I’d run her over in a jiffy – same with Annelise and especially her mother). As for who killed Punk Rosie Larsen… could it be her aunt? XD

  39. Television says:

    1. I stopped watching The Walking Dead after it just got too depressing with killing off a character all the time, mostly just by other human beings and not zombies.
    2. Sleepy Hollow needs to get rid of Katrina for good. Bad actress, and get rid of the witch storyline.
    3. Either reason for Chuck in Better Call Saul, I really felt for him with his run to the newspaper.
    Good acting. And this show is WAY better than breaking bad.
    8. Daphne has a lot of boyfriends in Switched at Birth. Easy come, easy go.
    12. Agent Carter is a good show, but some of the things Peggy wears/does is ahead of its time. The nails are ridiculous.
    13. New girl is too all over the place. Lets have more flashbacks.
    14. I think Cougar Town is fantastic this year. I think the show started in a completely different place and wasn’t good then, but now with the sillyness of it, it is great. I do miss Bobby though.
    15. I really hope Oliver doesn’t do the new job on Arrow, I hope they go back to less creepy dungeon.
    16. Who knows, maybe the people from 100 are just super beings because they lived in space with food/water shortage.
    19. The Middle does seem to be a bit mean to Brick, who is an awesome son. I love how the Aunt’s dog is now healthy and living with them. Brick needs a dog. And it was cool how Axel knew his brother so well even though he wanted to leave.
    20. I knew that the problem between Lolly and Becca would be a guy on Hindsight. Becca has men choices everywhere. Too many.
    25. The Odd Couple is ok, it needs to fine tune itself…writing every word by hand with a pencil to an entire book right then? That will be one lame book.

  40. lily says:

    HTGAWM. My bet: Laurel killed Rebecca, and Frank will discover it & he’ll try to help her

  41. Ram510 says:

    14) Cougar Town is totally phoning it in this season. I just hope they put together a worth while finale.
    17) no I was not convinced he would off himself
    22) I know none of the characters names on HTGAWM besides Annalise

  42. Staci says:

    HTGAWM.. Asher is fun… Always need someone to out of the group. Conner needs to park elsewhere..can’t guess who killed her.. Waiting till they writers make Wes turn out to be Annalise son..

  43. lame says:

    Felicity, the queen of super osmosis.