Glee Recap: Wedding Crashers

Glee Kurt Blaine Married

Brittany S. Pierce and Santana something Lopez finally walked down the aisle on Friday’s Glee — but they didn’t go it alone!

Thanks to a little 11th-hour persuasion, courtesy of Sue Sylvester and the brides, Kurt and Blaine agreed to do what “at least 52 percent of [America] will legally tolerate” and make it a double wedding. And despite the gang’s pre-wedding jitters — most of which came from Brittany, who insisted that she wear a spider on her dress for good luck — the ceremony went off without a hitch.

The real excitement, of course, was saved for the reception, which found the moms — including Gina Gershon, Jennifer Coolidge and Gloria Estefan — uniting on stage for one of the most exciting, or at least one of the most colorful and campy, performances all season. (Seriously, Showgirls‘ Cristal Connors and Legally Blonde‘s Paulette together at last? What a time to be alive!)

Elsewhere during the festivities…

Glee WeddingSAMCHEL’S SEAL OF APPROVAL | Despite being happy in her relationship with Sam, Rachel worried that being too affectionate with her new boo at the wedding would upset Finn’s mom, with whom she’d regrettably lost touch with since his death. The moment of truth arrived during the reception when Kurt invited all of the couples in attendance (“both official and unofficial”) to hit the dance floor, prompting a sweet nod from Finn’s mom, giving Rachel the OK to slow dance with her new man.

Glee WeddingOH, TINA… | Hoping to make it a triple wedding — or at least secure nuptials of her own down the line — Tina revealed that she bought an engagement ring and planned to propose to Mike (even though, you know, they’re not even dating anymore). But her proposal, though beautifully delivered, didn’t exactly go according to plan. He gave her the whole “We have our lives ahead of us” and “There are a million other guys out there” routine, which I can’t say I disagree with. In fact, am I the only one who half-expected him to reveal that he realized he’s gay in college? (I mean, this is Tina we’re talking about.) At least she got to become Artie’s “back-up fiancée.” That’s kind of a decent consolation prize, right? … No? OK.

And now, we play the Rating Game…
Mercedes and Artie: “At Last” — Rating: A+
Artie: “Hey Ya” — Rating: B+
The Troubletones and the moms: “I’m So Excited” — Rating: B+
Brittana and Klaine: “Our Day Will Come” — Rating: B

Did the big Glee wedding meet your expectations? Were you surprised to see Kurt and Blaine join Brittana? Are you glad Rachel got the OK to date Sam from Finn’s mom? Drop all your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Michele says:

    now tell me who didn’t know klaine was getting married today? lol

  2. LilAngel says:

    musically wise, one of the weakest episode ever. On the message of the week, marrying so young is pretty much stupid (especially for people as volatile as Kurt and Blaine)

  3. Joey says:

    That was quite literally the most whitebread version of “Hey Ya” I’ve ever heard.

  4. Tony says:

    I don’t care….I cried and I loved it!!!!!!

    • AngieD says:

      I agree – I enjoyed it and cried, too. Love Burt Hummel !!! He gave a great ‘sermon’. Enjoyed the reference to Finn.

    • cc says:

      One of the best Glee episodes this season. None of the piano player with his foot feetish; Figgins dressed up as his sister; Becky dressed as a lobster; Sue with her head in drawer. Instead there were production numbers where they just seemed like they were having fun, and so we were ( at least I was ) too!
      I think Brittany and her mother and father are great. Wish they had been added much sooner. At least the mother can be seen in 2 broke girls!

  5. Carlos Alvarez says:

    What a great episode. I loved it. I laughed. I cried and I didn’t know Blaine and Kurt was gonna get married also and that’s cause I’m usually big on the spoilers. Just wish Quinn was there but other than that. I loved the episode. One of my favorites

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      I’m with you I didn’t know they would get married and realized when they walked down the aisle in the black tuxedos I don’t read spoilers usually and this was a nice episode the moms singing was so great Gina Gershon “acting” drunk and all over puck was great! despite how people feel about how the show has gone I am enjoying the last season :-)

  6. Lillian says:

    Is there a reason Will wasn’t at the wedding?

    • Dude says:

      He was. They showed him a few times, he just didn’t get lines.

    • ivonne says:

      I gatta say and agree this episode was my total FAVORITE… from last season and this season … I LOVE THIS SHOW….. I hatted the fact that Quinn was not there mean its called reschedule they were the 3 musketeers.. i gatta say that the last couple episodes from last season had me Confused and un liking glee BUT this season was a little better better FINN is well missed in this show … FAVORITE EPISODE SANTANA LOOKING HOT AND BRITT PRETTY AS CAN BE … Sue and abuelita .. AMAZING episode …. LOVE IT … AND BLAINE AND KURT THE CUTTEST COUPLE ♡ ♡

  7. Carlos Alvarez says:

    I agree with you Tony!!! I’m rewatching it again right now with my boyfriend as we speak.

  8. Carlos Alvarez says:

    Will was at the wedding he was one of the groomsmen

  9. Casey says:

    I enjoyed the episode. I was glad Santana’s abuela came around!!

  10. Priyam says:

    Sorry to be the person pointing this out, but aren’t they too young to be getting married? Even when Finn and Rachel wanted to get married just out of college. Get a job first you guys, marriage is hard!

    • AngieD says:

      Sure they are young, but it’s also the last season of Glee….. In some ways, I think Ryan Murphy et al should’ve set this season of Glee further out into the future (i.e. at least after college) instead of just 3 years after high school graduation.

    • David4 says:

      My cousin got married like a week after she was 18, and my grandparents dated pretty briefly and got married at 18-19, were together 60 years.

      Plus it’s a completely not realistic TV show, so what the hell!?

  11. Scott says:

    Hooray for Finn’s Mom being in the episode!!

  12. Kolayna Wolters says:

    Who didn`t see this happening?? Why else would Blaine`s mom be there??

  13. Wes Bradshaw says:

    This ties up and kinda gives a little closure. If I don’t watch the rest of the season, I’ll be happy knowing that they all kind of ended up with who they needed to be. The double wedding, Samchel and the pact of a back-up, it all works out!

  14. sandi says:

    Sam is not Rachel’s endgame, he is her transitional person.

  15. laurelnev says:

    Pairing Mercedes and Artie made me remember why they moved that character into directing. He sounded REALLY WEAK next to Mercedes. They should have let Cord have that part, as Sam and Mercedes sound MUCH better together. And I wish they’d utilized Gina Gershon as more than a glorified “under 5,” But I like having the Evolving Sue back, rather than the caricature Sue of the past few seasons, and LOVED the fact her “reverse suechology” got Abuela to the wedding!

  16. Beth says:

    Why was Quinn not there? She was BFF’s with Santana & Brittany in high school…….Quinn can’t make it but Sugar can?!?!?!

  17. Sasha says:

    I cried…only because I miss Cory/Finn. He was missed so much in this ep?

    God I was a mess when I saw Carole and Burt

  18. KC says:

    Best episode yet!
    Beautiful wedding, vows, songs & dancing! Super fun!

  19. Wee says:

    Realistically I think that couples who marry too young wind up splitting up later but this is tv and it’s the last season so I understand giving the fans what they want. I don’t mind it. Always loved Klaine.

  20. Rachel Scott says:

    I just can’t get on board with anything Sam/Rachel related. It might be because my favorite character is Mercedes and I just dislike the way this show treats her character sometimes. I was absolutely fine with her and Sam not being together because frankly he just got dumb after season 3, but there is no way she should be so gung-ho over her ex being with one of her good friends. This is the guy she loved and that Rachel told her they were meant for each other and that she saw Sam as a replacement for Finn which is why they didn’t happen the first time. I guess I don’t understand how the writers took Mercedes and Rachel’s season 5 conversation about love and switched the girls out. All of the glee girls, but Tina has dated Sam, I just don’t understand why they felt the need to make Rachel date him as well. He’s not that great of a catch. I’m all for Mercedes AND Rachel being alone, they’re only 20-21.

    • TJ says:

      No one is on board with Sam and Rachel except die hard Chord stans. and don’t worry, they don’t end up together, all of this was a waste of screen time and Rachel ends up with Jesse. And I agree, Sam is nothing but a serial dating man whore and the dumbest character on Glee. Both Rachel and Mercedes deserve better than that loser

    • stranger or wait for Jesse says:

      They needed to show that Rachel was ready to move on and he was the only straight guy in Lima and had ot have something for Chord to do. I appreciate that they wanted to bring closure to Rachel’s love life but Sam was not a good choice.

    • Isobel says:

      true, I agree Mercedes and Tina aren’t used well

  21. Jeff says:

    How ridiculous that Quinn was not only not there but no one even referenced her. Some Unholy Trinity.
    What was Blaine’s mom doing at the Brittana wedding anyway? She didn’t know at the time about Klaine getting married as well. And they made it seem like all the guests thought it was just normal procedure when they found out Klaine would also be involved. Shouldn’t there have been some disbelief or confusion amongst the guests once they figured out it was a double wedding?
    And once again this show gets too meta by trolling its fans with the shipper names of all the characters. And I still have no idea whether Sue is supposed to be good or bad after all this time. The writers have no clue what they’re doing with her.

    • aj says:


      AND …I liked seeing the good side of Sue.

      In real life people have both good & bad sides.

      I think the mistake with Sue is we don’t get ro see her good side enough… and her good side is wonderful to watch (I e Becky)

  22. S says:

    I love Klaine, but I didn’t love the double wedding. I don’t love the idea of marrying someone who was dating someone else as of one day before. For such an iconic couple, they deserved better.

    Side note: I’m pretty sure everyone wises Burt Hummel would officiate their wedding!

  23. EnderWig says:

    I didn’t watch the episode because I can’t stomach Samchel and after seeing the comments here and on twitter I’m glad I didn’t waste my time This show is has fallen so far! I might watch the final only because I know Samchel is done and Rachel ends up with Jesse. If it can’t be Finn, I am happy she is with Jesse, anyone but Sam!

    • kd86953 says:

      You’re seriously missing out on a what is a STELLAR season because of a little Samchel. There was very little in this episode. Very little in last week’s episode. And the week before AND the week before. The whole point is for Rachel to move on from Finn –that she’ll always love him–but her heart is healing. Sam is NOT her endgame. He’s helping her move on from her loss. Even Mercedes said this a couple episodes ago! It boggles my mind that people refuse to watch the show for some silly “ship.”

      • PT25 says:

        There is a whole group on twitter boycotting glee because of Samchel. And its not because they don’t want Rachel to move on it’s because its with Sam. Sam is probably the most hated character on glee since RIB decided to try to turn him into Finn 3 episodes after Finn’s Memorial and since Chord went on Ellen and stated his intention to take Cory’s place. They have been struggling to reach 2 mil viewers and Samchel is one of the reasons why, one of the MANY reasons.

      • LOL! says:

        Steller Season? S6 is as much of a piece of garbage as S4 was and the only reason S6 doesn’t win that battle was because of crappy Nebwies and too much Blam in S4! I really didn’t think Glee could be as bad S4, until S6 happened.

      • No Samchel! says:

        The week before they totally erased Finn from Rachel’s history for he sole purpose to pushing this Samchel trash. It disrespectful to Cory and a slap to everyone that loved Finn and Finchel. I will happily skip the rest of the season if it means I don’t have to deal with anything Sam or Sam and Rachel! And any show so desperate they have to settle for Chord Overstreet as the leading man isn’t putting a stellar season together.

  24. Alison says:

    I cried during the Brittany, Santana and her grandma scene. And Brittany’s parents were hilarious

  25. John Urquhart says:

    Sue’s speech to Santana’s grandmother was a beautiful, concise piece of writing. It went by so fast but, in tone, it rang like a bell. Not one unnecessary word…brilliant.

  26. Susan dickerman says:

    Did anyone else notice Rachel was in the background on this episode? Very much so. I think even though everyone moves on, this one was a tough one for our girl.

  27. Sara says:

    Even though this show has gone off the rails from the great show it once was, it is hitting me hard tonight (with the cast tweets of last scenes) that it is coming to an end. While it probably could have ended several seasons ago, it still holds a great part of my heart, even though I’ve tried to deny it.

    • I Love Glee says:

      I fully agree. I do wish that they would write with a little more respect for the characters though. As irritating as it is, it also amuses me to think of what Season 3 characters (especially Rachel and Kurt) would say if they could see the Season 6 versions of themselves. Rewatching the earlier seasons I remember just how great it used to be. Maybe they should have let Chris Colfer write season 6 . . . except for the randomness of the music, that episode was the best of season 5.

  28. Yay for the reappearance of Sugar Motta!! Long live Sugar!!! Let’s hope we get a lot more of her fir the final few episodes!!!

  29. truthmatters says:

    “with whom she’d regrettably lost touch with since his death.” That isn’t true. She said she hasn’t spoken with her AS much since starting the glee club. She started the glee club a year and 1/2 after Finn died.

  30. JDH says:

    Why couldn’t Brittany & Santana’s wedding have just been them? Adding in Blaine & Kurts seemingly inevitable reunion, despite neither of them working on the issues that lead to their break up in the first place… It felt like having so much invading the celebration of a relationship that’s been hinted at existing since early season 1, in what was probably Santana & Brittanys last full episode appearance each… It was an entertaining episode, it just felt rather unlike Santana & Brittany to want to share their wedding day… Sugar not getting lines, & Rachel & Carole not getting to have a proper conversation feels like missed opportunities. Especially since it’s been so long for both Sugar & Carole appearing…

    • Isobel says:

      agree I would have rather Klaine had their own wedding

    • dcl33 says:

      Out of 6 seasons only 1 episode was female centered and that was episode 6.06. See in RIB mind no female character is strong enough to not be accompanied by a pe**s. This episode would have been A+ if it weren’t for klaine. Their “reunion” was done so so bad. It is so forced that no one but die hard klainers are buying it. Blaine was packing up his sh*t from the apartment he has just shared with another man and the next day they got married? What is sad about all of this that critics and publications, including tvline have no balls to call out the stupidity that it is writing this couple. They beaten this couple for 3 years, with cheating, sexual assault, lying, manipulating, breaking up, not able to stand living together not once, but twice and yet here we are, them trying to make us believe that they are meant to be together and getting married all within few days? HA! They threw this couple in a wedding episode with Brittana and tainted it with unresolved issues and bad writing.

      • Ronnie says:


      • Die Hard Klainer Still Unconvinced says:

        People who really love Kurt and Blaine should not love ANYTHING about the way it has been treated this season. It’s not only disrespectful of Brittana’s big moment, it’s also disrespectful of K & B’s relationship to suggest that they would leap into marriage twenty minutes after they got back together instead of deciding to work their issues out first like mature people. Everything we used to love about Kurt has all but disappeared in the awful writing this season (Chris Colfer is amazing, but he can’t do anything about the terrible lines they give him to say).

        • Eliza says:

          AGREED. But I feel like Kurt’s personality that I adore disapearred when Blaine started blaming him for everything in the relationship..

  31. Richie says:

    Where was Quinn, how can Brittana be without their other unholy trinity member. If the can bring back the girl whose father started the rival glee club at McKinley then he could have had Quinn back.

  32. Anna says:

    I remember season 1 when Tina was a character who I could take seriously and had that awesome episode about her fake stuttering and a heartfelt storyline with Artie. What happened? :(

  33. Rafael says:

    I know lesbian weddings are bad to watch, but showing a double lesbian wedding to the public is strictly required to be convincing.

    If Klaine divorces officially, then Brittana should also divorce officially also at the same time. Otherwise, leave both of these that way.

    Let’s continue analyzing:

    1.) Tina talking more along the way, especially agreeing not to marry Mike. She once again befriended Artie at the end especially they mention this tasty combo word, “Tartie”, and this artistic combo word, “Artina”.

    2.) Rachel did not sing in this episode, but she and Sam met the Hummel couple and they exchanged dances with each other. I know this does not sound right, but I hope Rachel and Sam might end up marrying each other.

    3.) Will did not talk too much in this episode, but even if Emma is not in this episode, she will return in the series finale.

    4.) Puck was the only one wearing that military suit in the wedding, is that legal?

    5.) Sugar returned and had a little dialogue. She took a picture of Klaine, she dances crazy and then hugged herself during that song “Our Day Will Come”. She will be also back in the series finale.

    6.) Kitty, that evil cheerleader, is a good dancer. She was in that mint pleated dress, especially when she dances, pinching and grabbing both sides of her mint pleated skirt and twirls around both ways.

    I also read that Joe (Samuel Larsen) is also returning in the next episode and also there might be a chance that Marley, Jake and Ryder might return for one more guest appearances at the end of this season. The reason why is because we know that Sue will got officially terminated at the end, but cannot reveal yet how.

    I don’t have to be perfect in explaining this, but what else can I say?

    • St Berry is endgame says:

      No Sam & Rachel do not get get married or even stay together THANK GOD! Rachel ends up with Jesse. The Newbies are only in the last musical number of the final and do not have any SL.

    • wth says:

      How are lesbian weddings bad to watch? Only for you coz you like male weddings. BRITTANA’s wedding was the best TV one ever. They looked gorgeous in their wedding dresses. Their chemistry was real and strong and their dancing was great.

  34. Laura says:

    I thought it was weird that Quinn wasn´t there. I mean she is their friend so…

  35. Tracy says:

    I remember back in season one when Glee was a show about a group of talented, misfit kids. It was smart, funny and sensitive. Now, the show is nothing more than campy drivel and a platform for gay rights and it barely qualifies as entertainment! I believe in gay marriage so I don’t have a problem with the message but I am sick of having it constantly crammed down my throat the way it was in Burt’s administering of the vows! That moment should have been about the love between the couples – not the politics of people having to drive over state lines to get married! The only thing good things about last nights episode was seeing Burt and Carol and seeing them give Rachel their nod to move forward. Deeply disappointed not to see some “moments” between Kurt and Burt as he was getting married. Just a bad ep…

    • Madison M. says:

      please. Your comments are barely subtle homophobia. Nothing was shoved down your throat anymore than a minister shoves a straight marriage “down your throat” in any other show. Abuela? Is that you?

    • Lisa C. says:

      As a gay female I agree with Tracy… being accepted as equal entails being treated that way. Having less “must have a gay character, they must be flamboyant or butch” and more of “gay character only differs in sexual persuasion” is a start. Making the wedding less about gay rights and about love first & foremost would of been a great equalizer.

  36. Tracy says:

    Also, could Glee stop making Tina an idiot? Her proposing to Mike was absurd and for Blaine to endorse it? Please! Ridiculous! I love the idea of Tina and Mike getting back together and they could have done something wonderful with that at the wedding but no, AGAIN, we stupid, pointless drivel…so annoyed with Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk!

    • Rafael says:

      Tina is recovering right now, there was too much recession onto her. Quinn is absent because of the was deceased Finn may have messed her up.

    • Too true says:

      They have to have a female idiot to balance out the male idiot Sam. Seriously, Tina and Sam should be endgame, both are written stupid!

  37. MattySi says:

    I absolutely LOVED this episode. Everything about it, except for the fact that Quinn wasn’t there. I mean, in what world would Quinn not be at Santana and Brittany’s wedding? Especially when Puck WAS there. I hate how they didn’t even address it. Anyway, I loved Carols acceptance of Rachel and Sam, I loved Blaine’s mother, and I loved that they finally had Gloria Estefan sing!

    I cried from beginning to end. Like waterworks cried.

  38. Matthew B Lawler says:

    I’m confused aren’t puck and Quinn dating and did I miss and did I miss an explination for her being missing from the wedding seemed out to get sugar at the wedding with no explination but no Quinn

    • aj says:

      I read Diana (Quinn) couldn’t appear… other commitments …. but they shd have mentioned her

      The 3 cheerleaders were so tight… it shd have been mentioned.


  39. Dan the critic says:

    They didn’t have to rush this wedding episode, they could have filmed it for a later episode when Dianna Agron was available. Jayma Mays should have been there too.

    • kim says:

      How silly, they can’t jsut rework their whole schedules for Dianna who would have done nothing but stand up as a bridesmaid anyway. Dianna doesn’t help the ratings and frankly she is a bit dull on screen.

  40. Sue says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that “cheerleader in a neck brace” made an appearance among the guests last night? Loved that.

  41. Dottie says:

    Brittany talking about what Klaine did for her was bogus crap. I couldn’t watch after that.

  42. Dottie says:

    They had to make up crap to get Klaine to marry.

  43. amylsimms10 says:

    it might have been fan service, but in my opinion, this episode couldn’t have been more perfect! I’m so glad Brittana and Klaine got their happy endings, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these characters (the finale flashes forward five years) and I don’t care what happens the rest of the season, this episode gave a lot of characters the closure the fans and actors deserved.

    • bad writing says:

      If you think this is what the characters and actors deserved you have some pretty low standards because they deserved well written thought out SL’s not what the got these last 3 seasons. The writers and show runners don’t even pretend to care about the show anymore and they sure don’t care about the fans that watch..

  44. Craig says:

    Stupid. Blaine and Kurt do not work as proven before. Cannot see how this can last. Why is Sue such a shipper anyway?!

    • dcl33 says:

      Well Sue is a klainer. I mean, Sue is representation of klaine fandom. 6.04 and 6.05 were pretty much written because of klainers and she really is the only character in the show that they could cram this particular fandom in.

  45. I really love glee but I must say the last three episodes they did not performed many songs Come now that is the best thing about glee them singing many songs Glee club is a singing club am I right I hope they have more singing in the final episodes

  46. Ann says:

    20 year-old college dropouts without jobs. Yeah…these marriages will last!

  47. KrissyJ says:

    I felt like it was missing something. .I loved the episode but so many people weren’t there out of the original cast, and then it felt like they didn’t really go in depth on the things of the weddings because it all went down in the beginning. I mean they’re not even thirty minutes in before people are arriving. I guessed it was just rushed, so it felt off. Then Brittany was talking about luck, and her parents were being wierd, but some scenes were actually funny. I guess I expected to feel like “angels were singing” because brittana and klaine were finally getting together/married, but I wasn’t, it wasn’t. Maybe I’m the only one who felt this way, but it just didn’t feel..”right”.

  48. Robert says:

    I really loved the episode but I was surprised that Gina as Blaine’s mom got so little screen time. An actress of her caliber, I would have thought she would had a solid part in the episode and I was always curious about Blaine’s background , we have very little information about his family.