Two and a Half Men Finale Ending: Charlie Sheen's Absence Explained

Charlie Sheen Two And A Half Men

For the record, Thursday’s Two and a Half Men series finale did not end the way Charlie Sheen wanted.

Following the sitcom’s hour-long sendoff — which featured surprise cameos by the likes of John Stamos, Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Men co-star Angus T. Jones — creator Chuck Lorre shared a surprise message with fans, explaining why that final scene (in which we saw Charlie, from behind, killed by a falling piano) happened the way it did.

“Our idea was to have him walk up to the front door in the last scene, ring the doorbell, then turn, look directly into the camera and go off on a maniacal rant about the dangers of drug abuse,” Lorre began. “He would then explain that these dangers only applied to average people. That he was far from average. He was a ninja warrior from Mars. He was invincible. … And then we would drop a piano on him. We thought it was funny. He didn’t.”

But wait, it gets way crazier.

“Instead, he wanted us to write a heart-warming scene that would set up his return to primetime TV in a new sitcom called The Harpers starring him and Jon Cryer. We thought that was funny too.”

See Lorre’s message in full below:

Two And A Half Men Ending

Your thoughts on Lorre’s ending vs. Sheen’s? Would you watch The HarpersDrop a comment with your review of the episode, and its many potential conclusions, below.

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  1. Michael says:

    Way to hold a grudge for 4 years, Chuck Lorre. Stay classy.

    • Ka'Ron Hicks says:

      I agree

    • Harry Wild says:

      I agree! Lorre is total crazy! Should of ended with setup to a new show instead of the piano!

      Sad finale for a comedy to end in this fashion – no Sheen and murder!

      • Marilyn says:

        Really–the one to blame for him not being there was Charlie himself–he’s the one who blew it with his drugs and attitude—and what kind of sitcome would “The Harpers” have been–more of the same old — same old–I liked the ending–appropriate I think.

        • Private says:

          Your a retard !!!

        • PAOK says:

          Chuck Lorre, is that you?

        • Dean Mastrantoni says:

          Sheen should have done it…it would have humbled him & been in good standing with die-hard fans of the show ….we loved him but the problem is he doesn’t love himself. Instead he has sex with infected disgusting sluts and now he is ill with HIV …ya see, folks, being over-privileged in Hollywood or a Malibu baby (in his case) isn’t always cut out to be that glamorous after all…I will pray for you, Charlie Sheen & I hope ur brother and father haven’t
          suffered too much for ur insolent behavior. 🛀🏽🍵

          • Beezy says:

            “..he has sex with infected disgusting sluts and now he is ill with HIV …”
            You are an @$$.
            Judge not, lest ye be judged!
            Bless Charlie Sheen! Wonderful, talented actor.

        • Dino Francis Mastrantoni says:

          Sheen should have done it…it would have humbled him & been in good standing with die-hard fans of the show…we loved him but the problem is he doesn’t love himself. Instead he has sex w/infected disgusting sluts & now he’s ill w/HIV. Ya see folks, being over-privileged in Hollywood or a Malibu baby (in his case) isn’t always cut out to be that glamorous after all. I will pray for you, Charlie Sheen & I hope ur brother & father havn’t suffered too much for ur insolent behavior. 🛀🏽🍵

    • Chester says:

      TVLINE: Can you do a reader’s poll to see how many would watch the Harpers? I would.

      • Johanna Jones says:

        I would also! The show the Harpers sound like a great idea!

      • Bill Cord says:

        It would be about the same that watched Two and 1/2 men during Sheen’s time on the show. Sheen made that show one of the greatest 30 minute sitcom in TV history.

      • kim says:

        I would differently watch those two together again the dynamic was great. we still watch all the reruns and saw them from the beginning.. Bring it on

      • Kel says:

        There’s a petition online that’s really gaijin support now to get The Harpers up and running! You can sign it at and tweet them @yestheharpers

        • Kel says:

          Gaining even! Stupid fat fingers :/

          • Dubbs says:

            You meant “Gaijin”( white people) hahahaha! And they DO love absurb ,out of control mess, like “2 and a half men”. Plus it was crass, lowball humor that- if minority actors were doing it, people would seriously protest for the negative themes( substance abuse,dysfunctional family life,loose sexual behavior, social deviancy)

            Anyway, Chuck Lorre get over your ego!! Meet with Sheen, talk it out, then fire up the Harpers!!!

    • Charmaine says:

      So totally agree. It made him look petty & childish. Ruined what could have been an amazing finale instead of a one hr Charlie Sheen bash. He certainly & obviously didn’t put the show first & he came out looking like a LOSER!! Charlie now looks like a WINNER!!

    • Al John says:

      So totally agree. It made him look petty & childish. Ruined what could have been an amazing finale instead of a one hr Charlie Sheen bash. He certainly & obviously didn’t put the show first & he came out looking like a LOSER!! Charlie now looks like a WINNER!

    • I did not like Lorrie’s idea of having Charlie in the stupid scene with piano falling on him, and with Charlie ranting! Enough time has gone by, and I would have enjoyed a closer version of Charlie’s idea, it could also have ended as just a bad dream Charlie was having about the end of the show. This show was never appealing to me after Charlie left, the show was ‘Charlie’, with other good characters. Nothing against Kutcher, he did not ever replace Charlie in a positive way, and I preferred to watch re-runs. Thanks for a fun and good show, Charlie was missed, and the show with its ending also missed!

    • liame says:

      I disagree. Charlie Sheen made millions of dollars from a show many actors could only dream about. That privileged idiot let drugs, alcohol, women and machismo get the best of him. You reap what you sow.

    • Gail says:

      Totally agree!

    • kars says:

      lorre is much worse egoistic unforgiving than i help lorre.

    • Storm says:

      Seriously,Chuck Lorre?

      You’ve lost any shred respect I might have felt towards you with your grand display of pettiness, spite and childish behaviour.

      I never watch tv – only dvd’s – but on this occasion, I did turn on the cretinizer to watch your hatchet job of spite.

      I have to agree with everything Charlie yelled in your general direction, but I’ll go one further….

      ….may your armpits be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels, and may all your public hair turn into fish hooks.

      And yes, for the record, I’d watch The Harpers – if only to piss off Lorre and show Charlie and the rest of the cast that I stand with them and for them.

  2. Wouter says:

    Ugh, both Charlie and Chuck are so childish about it. Good riddance to this show i say.

  3. TaMara says:

    Thanks, now I don’t have to bother.

  4. Murph says:

    this was so incredibly bad…Screw you, Lorre

  5. Mark says:

    You actually believe all of that?

  6. Aaron says:

    They are childish, but whatever. I guess it would be funny, but the more I think about it, I kind of want to see Charlie Sheen back. The show was better with him. And I love Jon Cryer. I would definitely check out The Harpers

  7. Rachel says:

    Way to ruin everything, Chuck. You got everyone’s hopes up for nothing. You suck.

    • Bill Cord says:

      You are correct. I watched the show just to see Sheen because watching the episodes without Sheen are so painfully unfunny. Still DVR the reruns and simply delete the episodes without Sheen.

  8. nancy says:

    Finale sucked without Charlie sheen. The grudge of the producer kept it from having a memorable last episode !

  9. anonymouse says:

    for those of you saying that you hate Lorre or he sucks maybe you should stop watching all the other shows he created that are currently on the air

    • I plan to. I used to watch the Big Bang Theory and liked it thanks to its great actors, but it is so boring now and is hardly funny anymore … time for Chuck to put it to bed. As for the rest of his shows, I don’t care much for “Mom” or “Mike and Molly”. (Maybe the first rate actors don’t want to work with asshole Chuck.) Chuck Lorre had a couple of good ideas and access to great actors, but his 15-minutes of fame is over now, I do believe!.

      • jordan says:

        yeaa the series finale jus revolved around slamming charlie sheen even tho he made the show a success and it was basically dead after he left, and i agree big bang theory isnt funny like it was in 07 08, they should jus kill that show too

        • Williwasnt says:

          I thought the episode actually paid tribute to Sheen and the character. Four years after suddenly killing him off with a one-note joke, the episode brought back the character, cranked his absurdity to 11, and gave us some real closure.

          • Then why not have Sheen in the show (unless Chuck is holding a Grudge)? The real fans (fans from the very beginning) really wanted to see Sheen in the show and Ashton, Chuck, and Jon have been dropping hints since December that Sheen would be in the show. Sorry if I felt “used”, “misled”, and “disappointed”.

          • angie says:

            I finally found one comment I could agree on enough to put in my own review. I stopped watching the show when Charlie left and recorded the final episode because it had been a great run with Charlie and Lorre. You guys – the last episode WAS all about Charlie and yes he did get banged with a piano but so DID Lorre. It felt to me he was sad about Charlie AND sad about his show dying. So he killed himself off too. I’m just saying.

      • Lisa says:

        Mike and Molly was funny the first couple of seasons then they ruined Molly’s character. Mom was hitting its stride then they killed Alvin

        The 2 1/2 finale was the best show in years. My expectations for finales is pretty low after HIMYM.

      • thedemko says:

        Are you saying that a 5-time Emmy Award-winning actress like Alison Janney isn’t a first rate actor? Your argument seems invalid. Mom is a phenomenal show, and you’re missing out on some seriously quality acting.

      • Luke Easton says:

        Stop living in the past. Season 1-3 sucked. 4-8 is FAR better. You cannot expect the characters to have the same impact. TBH do you really believe Leonard and Sheldon living next door to Penny is believable in 2015? lol come on now. I love the shows evolved, and for a aging sitcom it is still VERY funny.

      • Mel Fornator says:

        Sheen deserved it. He didn’t give a damn about putting everybody out of work, by ending Two and A Half Men.
        Total selfish egotistical jackass.
        Loree is a class act and pretty much THE REASON CBS is a sucessful network.

        • misery chick says:


          Sheen douchebag did NOT deserve to even be invited back, let alone dictate the plot/terms of his return.

          I’d always loved Sheen until he showed his true colors, along with his missing teeth, dead eyes, & the nastiest, most vitriolic bile spewing out of his mouth. I was sick to my stomach; what he said about Chuck Lorre
          (and especially Jon Cryer) showed me what a black soul he had.


    • robert says:

      The thing is lorre produces the show but does not write nor make the show good or bad (in most cases) he is basically a money bag and a douchebag at best. I stopped watching Two and a Half Men when they killed charley character I only wanted to watch the finale because Charlie was teased to be in it hahaha thank God it’s over

    • Cliff says:

      I never watched any of his other crappy ass shows they all blow…

  10. If that was the way the show was to end, with Charlie going off on a rant (like he did when he quit the show) and then dropping a piano on him, well, I’m glad Sheen didn’t go along with it (even though I really wanted to see him in the finale). It is quite obvious that Chuck has not let bygones be bygones and just teased the fans in order to jack-up the ratings for the finale. As for Charlie’s idea of the Harper’s TV show (if it was his idea), well, it sounded good to me.

    I’m really disappointed in Chuck Lorre in so many ways. In fact, I’m thinking about boycotting all his shows. Even if I do watch them, I’ll be sure and lie to the ratings people if they survey me.

    • Leslie says:

      I’m with you. Refuse to support this man baby. He owes everyone a apology and if anything, he’s the one that needs freaking anger management.

    • Nikki says:

      Not a good way to send off the ending ……(Hope Chuck’s axe to grind was worth it….He now comes off as the A** in that whole drama)!! I would have watched the Harpers….simply because Sheen & Cryer work good together on screen….and it is suppose to be all about TV & Ratings right!!?? (If Chuck Lorre had things to say…..he should have done it four years ago…..Having the last word now…Was pretty childish!! Not only did he ruin the ending of the show….He left a bad stench on what was good there!!!

    • Why did they take the show off? I still liked it. They leave on silly programs like Hart of Dixie and take off Covert Affairs and Two and Half Men.

    • Linda H says:

      Would watch the Harpers. With Charlie Sheen. Hated 2 1/2 men after he left and only watched one or two episodes without him. Egotistical people ruined one of the best comedies on TV! Loved you Charlie!

  11. Tj says:

    I am very upset I absolutely hated that ending, I think I actually would havew liked sheens betters and I would for sure watch The harpers, I fact after I read this I even went on IMDb to see if it was going to happen.

  12. david says:

    i would watch the new show…should have ended better..oh well

  13. Terri says:

    Yes, I would watch the Harpers. Charlie and Jon worked great together.

  14. Penney says:

    Stopped watching the show after Charlie was no longer on it. Had to watch because of all the previews for the final. I really feel that if you can’t forgive someone that made you mad you will live a sad life. Yes, I would watch a show about the Harper’s especially if Charlie Sheen is on it. Stop acting like a bully (chuck Lorre) the final would not even had an ending if it wasn’t for you promoting it on Charlie’s character in the first place.

  15. Roberto says:

    I would definitely watch that.
    Charlie and Jon made a great duo
    The back and forth banter was a lot better

  16. Mike says:

    Thank God almighty, it’s finally over. Should’ve ended 4 years ago. Chuck Lorre took one of the most brilliant shows on TV and turned it into one of the worst. Good riddance.

    • Earl says:

      Ending it four years ago would’ve been fine.

    • Doug says:

      The show DID end four years ago. Angus was smart enough to figure it out. Just because the name stayed with it, the show was over, done, dead. Frankly, I’m glad Charlie refused to cater to Lorre’s egomaniacal crapfest and stayed out of it. I admit to watching the final episode, but it was “just in case” Charlie showed. But I did watch what I feel will be the straw the breaks the camel’s back with viewers and Lorre. The pathetic idiot may be rich, but he us one seriously messed up dude. His death spiral will continue. Charlie can always go to rehab–there is no help for the likes of Lorre.

  17. Jerry sully says:

    The finale sucked! I definitely would have watched “The Harpers.”

  18. Astoria says:

    I love Chuck Lorre’s other shows and I’m very sad to see Men end but I believe it is ridiculous the way he ended it and using some of Charlie’s quotes like, “winning” and he not even be in the last episode. If the show is ending, why does it matter if Charlie doesn’t come back? Although I am glad Charlie Sheen didn’t agree to do Lorre’s ending because that was just making fun of him. I would DEFINITELY watch “The Harpers” with Sheen in charge of it, not Chuck. #winning #charliesheen

  19. Peter says:

    F**k you Lorre!!

    What kind of a childish prick are you? Way to hold a grudge!!

    Worst finale ever!!!

    Long live Charlie Sheen!

    And yes, I would watch The Harpers!

  20. Riana says:

    The Harpers would be better if they brought both of their kids with them.

  21. Teresa says:

    I love Charlie Sheen and would totally watch it.

  22. Jim says:

    I thought a cool ending would have been to have both Alan and Walden run to the police station to check on who they thought would be Charlie..then once they find out it isn’t him the camera is on Charlie as he is smoking a cigar and holding a drink while sitting out on the patio. I will say this though in defense of Chuck, he did make it appear as though Charlie got the last laugh when he had a piano fall on him too. In the end it’s all a matter of interpretation anyhow.

  23. Gage Wuorinen says:

    I think the episode was good bit not really good I like Charlie’s idea better and me and thousands of other people would like you to make more two and a half men or the new show the Harpers and have Lewis and Waldon in that to.

  24. Eli says:

    Look I believe we all can agree on the fact that maybe 99% of the viewers liked it best when it was Sheen and Cryer, best duo together and each of their roles suit them perfectly, they kill it ! CharlieSheen4L!fe

  25. Cindy Berks says:

    I would absolutely love “The Harpers“ to come to fruition. It`s unfortunate that Charlie couldn`t make an actual final appearance. But with a little bit of luck The Harpers will happen…

  26. Sonny says:

    The Harpers would’ve been a gold mine for Warner Brothers, CBS and Chuck Lorre. But Chuck blew it

  27. Jeff says:

    I couldn’t have been much more disappointed in or manipulated by that finale. It really sucked once you realized 20 minutes in he wasn’t showing up.

  28. mark says:

    well it would of been nice for fans. but were the vote in any thing,so like it hate it. it’s over, had a good time watching it good and bad ones. say good night gracie?

  29. Talk about being immature and having a vendetta for life. Because that’s what Chuck Lorre has against Charlie Sheen. Basically Two and a Half me for 1 whole hour kept allotting the idea that Charlie Sheen and and that he would get his revenge on his brother and Ashton Kutcher Walton Smith only to for them to slap their fans intelligence and lead them on a wiled goose chase and slap Charlie Sheen by not having him there at all. now that’s the definition of being immature and not being the bigger man, disrespectful and very underhanded Not just to Charlie Sheen or his fans but mostly to your own loyal fans of your show.

  30. Dan says:

    Really thought that the piano was going to fall on Berta, Alan and Walden while they sat on the deck, and then we’d see a smiling Charlie flying the plane that dropped it saying one word ‘winning’. Oh well.

  31. Jim says:

    I think the best thing about tonight’s episode was the return of Jake.

  32. Teri says:

    The whole Finale was lame and stupid.

  33. Linda says:

    I liked the finally but I would of liked it better if Charlie was in it. He could of been in the cartoon scenes I thought the cartoon scenes was a little weird. I was actually holding my breath thinking that he was going to be on the show. After all you had all those other stars on the show who were on the show for only a little while and Charlie was there in the beginning and for many years after that. No matter what happened when Charlie left he should of gotten the respect of letting him have some closure for the show. You can say that you offered him a part but I don’t think that it would of been funny, it would of been degrading to him and I wouldn’t of done it either.

  34. Derrick says:

    I would really injoy another show with him and jon I did truly injoy all of the seasons of two and a half man they should do a whole new sart charlie sheen has changed so ya i would watch the harpers

  35. barbara says:

    I would watch the harpers get over it already

  36. Corey D says:

    The finale could have been way better and they should have had Charlie Sheen back. They should have ended it with Charlie coming to the door with a bottle of scotch in one hand a cigar in his mouth and 2 women following him as if he never left.

    As for “his idea” for a show called the Harper’s I would change the name but I would watch the show. Maybe they could get away from Alan being such a stereotypical comedic in the closet gay guy. Either have come out and be gay or cut back on the gay things he does. I think Jon Cryer is gay in real life and I bet he doesn’t act that dumb.

  37. Larry says:

    Bad choice by Lorre. Sheen’s ending would have been way better. Should have gone for the sentimental route. He was right to not do that ridiculous scene. Now the finale will go down as one of the bad finales of all time. If they would have done the episode differently could have been one of the better one’s. Lorre made the episode a farce. His ego ruined the finale and that is a disservice to all the fans. That is too bad.

    • Exactly. This was the season finale and it was not the time for clever, unpredictable twists (not that I think the ending was clever). This is the one-time where all fans want to see the syrup-sweet happy ending. Fans want to say goodbye to their favorite characters.not see them killed off for a 2nd time.

  38. Jim says:

    Could this be Chucks way of putting it out there to see how fans would feel about a new show with Charlie and Alan ? If it is then it is quite overwhelming so far that people would be all for it. How could he pull it off now though after he dropped a piano on Charlie ?

  39. Oscar says:

    Definitely CHILDISH of chuck. Should have let Charlie Sheen end it like he started it…Simply amazing. But no chuck had to hold a grudge. And I would LOVE to watch The Harpers! That’s a #WINNING idea. A bit of advice chuck, let it go and do the damn show! A hell of a lot of people want it and demand it so DO IT FOR US CHUCK!

    • If the idea of “the Harpers” comes off, I would strongly suggest grabbing some original cast members; Martin Mull, the phychiatrist lady, their mom, the pizza guy. In other words a rich, good sized cast. That seems to be a winning combo. JMHO.

  40. Beau Jardin says:

    I would definitely watch “The Harpers” or any new show starring Charlie Sheen & Jon Cryer. They’re awesome together! But I don’t think Chuck Lorre could get over his big ego & bring Charlie Sheen back on a show even if it is what fans want.

  41. John says:

    I would watch The Harpers. It would have to be better than the last few years with Aston Kutcher. Sheen should have been on the finale no matter what!

  42. I was very disappointed with the finale of Two and half men.
    It could have ended with him coming back and moving back in with Walden and Allen and then part two could have been that Charlie fell in love with the councelor.
    Very dumb ending with piano. I guess if you have enough money you can do whatever stupid things you want to do. Charlie I really wanted to see you on the show. What a waste of my time.

  43. Jon Reames says:

    Everyone I Have talked to wanted Charile to come back I hated the ending. A spinoff called the Harpers would have been great. Two and a half men is me and my wife’s favorite show .Sorry but you blew it bad ending to a great show.

  44. Stephen says:

    The crushing pianos at the end said it all. Neither Sheen or Lorre really won in the end. Without Sheen the show lost its element of bad boy boldness we all knew was reality which kept us watching . It was hard to stop watching a show that revolved around a real life personality. It was reality/fiction at its best. Good run while it lasted.

  45. Oh and I totally would have watched the show the it would have been histerical..

  46. fart says:

    Lorre way to hold a grudge forever. Sheen was this whole show. Nobody cares about the extreme failure that was the last 4 years of 2nahalf. Dont be mad charlie is winning.

  47. B says:

    Oh, absolutely. the harpers. I think it could have a few years. Sounds great to me. Berta and Mother Harper, Evelyn, would have to be there from time to time at the minimum. Most of my friends, co-workers, family would watch for certain.

  48. Williwasnt says:

    I haven’t watched the show much since Sheen left, but this episode was actually pretty good. This is mostly because for the first time (at least from what I know) the show went meta and acknowledged the stupidity of the jokes and all that. Even though I never would have called the show good (even when Sheen was around) this was a great series finale. It wasn’t sappy, it had some callbacks, and most of all it made a joke about crap and that other “C” word that I’m not sure would be appropriate here.

  49. Joe says:

    The episode was a bad episode but I would watch the new show

  50. Jim says:

    That finale was a rat turd wrapped in rotting garbage, soaking in a pool of vomit.