The Flash Recap: Friendly Merger

The Flash Recap Firestorm Split

This week on The CW’s The Flash, as Ronnie and Professor Stein looked forward to a future apart, Barry dwelled on the past — and how he might be able to change it.

Having survived and been separated by last week’s blast, Ronnie and Stein are at first a bit perturbed with each other — seems Ronnie wasnt a big fan of having Stein at the wheel with the flying and all. But soon enough they are happily consumed by loving reunions, with Caitlin and Clarissa, respectively.

Meanwhile, Joe brings Barry to his old house — that flirty divorcee who now owns it sure is great about letting a cop have the run of the place! — to treat him to Cisco’s 3D slideshow. Joe then drops the bomb that the blood spatter they recovered is a match for Barry. An adult Barry. Later, Joe apologizes for adding this burden to Barry’s life, while Barry deflects the notion that Wells played a role in his mother’s murder.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry picks Dr. Wells’ brain about the idea of time travel, and Wells says it’s “possible but problematic” and “fraught with pitfalls,” for the assorted reasons we have seen in films such as Terminator and Back to the Future.  Barry’s consult with Stein is a bit more optimistic, as the professor views the space-time continuum as a “highway” with on- and off-ramps. When Barry shares the story about his presence in the past, Stein theorizes that if the speedster moved fast enough, he could bust a hole in the continuum. The downside, Barry notes, is that he apparently is destined to fail, having lost that long-ago fight with his mother’s murderer.

As Stein and Ronnie begin to realize that they still share a connection due to synched brainwaves and what not, General Eiling is determined to track down Firestorm. His first stop is Jitters, where his team tries to tranq Ronnie, but The Flash comes to the rescue — though along the way he gets porcupined by a nifty “bomb” Eiling brought with him. Eiling then meets with Wells, revealing that he knows (via Plastique) that Barry Allen is The Flash. Presumably to buy the general’s silence (?), Wells drugs and turns Stein over to him — only to have The Flash eventually free the professor, after Stein and Ronnie find clever ways to communicate with each other.

Outside Eiling’s military compound, Barry gets waylaid by a blast of weaponized phosphorus, forcing him to sit (or, OK, run, a lot) on the sidelines as Ronnie and Stein peacefully re-merge, Falloutforming a far more stable Firestorm. They do a good job of blowing up baddies until Eiling uncorks another nifty bomb, one that neutralizes their ions (or something). After The Flash saves Stein and Ronnie from the general, the two halves of Firestorm decide to hide away in Pittsburgh for the time being, as they research their unique situation. The men say bittersweet goodbyes to their ladies, then re-merge and blast off, while Barry announces to Joe his resolve to travel to the past and save his mom.

Elsewhere in the hour:

* Iris took issue with mentor Mason Bridge’s investigation into S.T.A.R. Labs, until she caught Caitlin in a lie about her “cousin Sam” from Coast City — or was it Midway City? Comparing pics of “Sam” and one from her Flash blog, she tells Mason she has reason to believe that “Burning Man” once worked at S.T.A.R. Labs.

*  Lest we think Wells is completely in Eiling’s pocket, the coda shows Reverse-Flash grabbing the general and depositing him in the sewers. When the man in yellow removes his mask, Eiling is agog to discover that his frenemy is one of the meta-humans. Worse, Wells says, is that meta-humans look out for their own — and on that cue, we hear Grodd growl in the distance. “Oh God…,” Eiling frets. “Not God — Grodd!” the beast roars, before dragging the general away like a rag doll, seemingly anxious to deliver payback for all those stun baton sessions.

* “Excuse me, are we all planning to sing ‘Kumbaya’ next?”
* “Alive? We were living under a bridge, eating garbage.”
* “Dude, that was like Week 3!”
* “I’m still inside Ronald.” “There’s gotta be a better way to say that.”

What did you think of this week’s The Flash? Looks like Iris is poised to get into the thick of it soon, eh?

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  1. javadude54 says:

    More Chase Masterson, please.

  2. Ashley says:

    Really good episode tonight. Excited to see Iris’ reporting storyline finally leading somewhere.

  3. James D says:

    awesome episode. Loved the Grodd bit at the end. Really love Firestorm looking forward to seeing them again. liked the time travel stuff too. It still makes no sense to me that Wells is Professor Zoom, it is simply too out of character no matter what the circumstances maybe. I still think their is more to that story. should be an exciting final run of episodes.

    • pjackson95 says:

      Why doesnt it make sense. I mean i think it’s great especially for the betrayal side i mean if i think i know where your coming from. Wells/Zolomon is great from a story perspective rather than “i hate you so ill kill you”. Kinda like how the chose barry instead of wally. It adds more to the story plus wells being wells/barry from the future doesnt make sense cuz barry would never murder. Again i dont know whats ur side is so please say.

    • pjackson95 says:

      If i think what you’re saying is correct yes wells charecter FAR differentiates from the ZOOM charecter but thats the important thing zoom hasn’t been the only reverse flash. I bieleve it’s zolomon which fits wells character perfectly. Zolomon- like wells – is obsessed with Barry and want to make him a better hero. In his own crazy killer way. AND zolomon started off in a wheelchair.

  4. pe says:

    I am really not a fan of Iris…

    • Tai says:

      I’m trying so hard to enjoy her. It was working for a few episodes but I was just so annoyed with the whole Linda thing. And now tonight, I understand where they’re going with her investigating but I still cannot connect with the character.

    • Me says:

      Good grief. What is the problem with Iris this episode? Tiring to see people not have reasons to complain about her .

    • itsafysel says:

      Looool why don’t u do yourself a favour and stop watching,u are only 14 episodes deep.if u don’t quit the show now you’ll be more pissed because iris is the LEAD female character,she’s going to be a hero,she and barry are destined to be you’ll see a lot of her.
      My advice to all the iris haters(who hate her for no good reason,or those who have hated the actress since she was cast in the role,for reasons I won’t say)Quit the show Now,if not you’ll be upset for atleast 5more years.

      • Zayne says:

        Someone had not had their morning coffee when they wrote this comment.

        I think complaints about Iris’ character are legitimate. She felt shoehorned in this week. She was a straight up b*tch last week with the whole Linda situation. The writers need to pick a voice for her and stick to it. I wish this show would buck this last CW unrequited love trope and just go full genre goodness like The 100 does. If they’re going to go with the plucky reporter angle for Iris, they need to do some more work on her because right now, she’s no Chloe Sullivan.

        People can love the show and not like Iris and telling anyone critiquing the show to quit is overreacting just a touch.

        • Tai says:

          Thank you! I have watched plenty of shows where I didn’t like one or two of the lead characters. The show is not called Iris, it’s called The Flash. Pretty sure the show is about Barry Allen. Liking Iris not a requirement. It helps but it’s not necessary.

          Iris has her moments. I don’t hate the character. I just really feel like she’s not a fully formed character who I care about. I watched this episode with friends and all of us were groaning when Iris popped up in a scene because it didn’t feel like she belonged. That’s not the fault of the actress or the character. That’s the writers. They need to find a way to get her involved in the action without coming across as a hindrance or an annoyance. Iris has potential but the show just to develop on that.

      • Leeeeeeeee says:

        someone not liking one character doesnt always make or break the show… and if its due to the acting from the actress recasting can always be done :)

    • Leeeeeeeee says:

      I agree, she didnt know barry liked her(yea ok….) then when he tells her and tries to move on she tried to block him smh. Idk if its the actress or watever but I just dont feel chemistry, to me the most chemisty was from felicity… and even the new chick he’s dating. I love the flash though as a whole hopefully they dont push them together anytime soon and I can start to like Iris before they put them together,lol

  5. Dennis says:

    forget the Atom do a Firestorm spinoff they have only just touched his base powers so far

  6. Karen MT says:

    I loved the “normal Tuesday” and week 3 lines. Meta, but funny.

  7. Kanye says:

    Holy great ep my dudes!!!!!!!!!

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Great episode. Great to see The Flash & Firestorm working together. Good to hear Grodd talk. mess up Wells betray Stein. Glad Barry learned more about his mother’s death. Sucks the wait for next episode will be long wait.

  9. ArchieLeach says:

    They can’t just kill Eiling. He gets so much more awesome in the comics.

  10. ZacharyTheTheorist says:

    Check out my theory on why Barry shouldn’t try to prevent his mothers death and how The Flash ruined a way to get a GIGANTIC Mind blown experience from its fans.

    Ok so first Barry. Barry should not at all even think about not having his mother killed. I know kinda heartless but it affects many things but it also helps things. Sooooo Barry goes back blah blah defeats Wells then guess what! HE DISAPPEARS FOREVER! =P What I mean is with the space time stuff and science if his mother doesn’t die his dad doesn’t go to jail. Then you can see where this is going. The reason Barry became a CSI is because he wanted to avenge his father and stuff. So then if he’s not a CSI he isn’t in his lab to get lightning bolted. The end of the flash D’=

    Ok now here comes How The flash missed out on an amazing opportunity for the series but it might maybe possibly some how happen if flash creators play their cards right. I always thought that Dr. Wells was the flash from the future. Here’s where I got my theory. They both have super speed but Dr. Wells has messed up speed and can’t control it. I believe it is a side effect of using his speed to rip a hole in the fabric of the universe and travel through time you know science and stuff. But it couldn’t be him murdering his mom and there was yellow and red suits. UNLESSS at the end commercial/trailer for the next episode you see Dr.Wells is in 2 places at once. But unless he can be in 2 costumes at once he’s not flash from the future. But why I was almost 100% sure he was the flash from the future was that he had that news paper which said the flash disappeared so I thought he was the flash that disappeared when he went back in time for his mom. Sorry for such long paragraphs until next time see ya later =D

    • Gail says:

      Perhaps they will introduce the idea of the paradox.and/or alternate universe the series.
      Its a paradox for Barry to save his mother because if he does he will not become the Flash and if he doesn’t become the Flash he won’t save his mother. If he does save his mother perhaps he is put in another world, where his mother didn’t die but the world he knows is still exists.

    • Brian Bauer says:

      I think he CAN be in two places and two outfits at once. Or at least move fast enough to appear to be. If you remember from an earlier episode, Reverse Flash was in the energy cell while Dr. Wells was in the same room.

    • Jason says:

      I totally get your reasoning for Flash not saving his Mom, but for the character or really anyone, if you ask them if they would trade their powers in to go back in time to save their Mom, everyone is going to save their Mom
      I was hoping Dr Wells was a future flash as well, but as soon as he murdered Dagget, I just don’t see how that is possible

    • duelistjp says:

      no. professor zoom who is somehow related to eddie(probably a descendent) goes back in time to kill barry or possibly his mother. barry goes back to save him and gets barry out of there but is unable to protect his mom. this changes history in such a way that barry never gets his powers and prof. zoom never exists. Hunter Zolomon is dislodged from time so he is able to see the changes and decides to go back in time and create the accelerator explosion as a different way to give barry his powers because the world needs the flash. he then decides to stay and train barry so that he can eventually overcome the 2024 crisis rather than die in it like in the comics

  11. Charlitos says:

    How come Stein didn’t say anything about Wells drugging him and giving him to the general???

  12. My favorite line: “You guys are, like, 10 seasons of Ross and Rachel but just, like, smushed into one year.” Haha Cisco has the best lines!

  13. m3rcnate says:

    Amazing episode…im honestly enjoying this show much more than Arrow since it started…which is funny cause i usually love the more serious and gritty stories but The Flash being lighter and waaaay more fun is…well…waaaay more fun to watch lol. I mean this episode was jam packed, didnt have a scene in it that i felt lulled by (though close was Iris and her reporter stuff).

    Does anyone have the comic book knowledge to know if Firestorms character is normally two guys inhabiting one body?

  14. Gail says:

    Another month long break? I wish the CW would follow ABC’s example and come up with a long winter break with substitute programming like Agent Carter for Flash and Green Arrow. The obvious choices would be Firestorm and Atom short run series for the break. Running 11 episodes uninterrupted would be great. Not many people watch reruns when there are so many ways to see an episode you might have missed. At least Arrow has episodes this week and next before its presumably month long break.

  15. ndixit says:

    I continue to be amazed at Grant Gustin’s expressiveness. He’s pretty young but he just seems like a very talented actor. You can feel his heartbreak when he sees the 3D images and when he talks to Stein about how he failed to save his mom. Its quite amazing. Overall, very entertaining episode.

  16. jj says:

    Absolutely love Firestorm and so glad they now have the more stable form.

  17. Ally says:

    I liked this quote…you’re like 10 years of Ross and Rachel in crushed one year

  18. Sebastian says:

    That time travel talk made me sick. I had to put the episode on hold for a time while I got through that. I understand that they want to do some of the comics stories, but that one should not happen. Regardless of what they said, backwards time travel is stupid. It is either useless, like sprouting an alternate timeline (which has its own problems), or explode-the-universe dangerous. I can accept it from comics, because they’re comics, pretty colored images, but it’s tough to see when it’s live action and they’re clearly trying to take themselves seriously. As for the rest of the episode, I thought it was pretty good.
    I didn’t like the blades grenade, not because of the thing itself, but because Barry shouldn’t have stuck around for it, and that he did seemed stupid.
    Firestorm was great, even though his powers were severely limited compared to what he actually does, and I loved the part with Grodd at the end.

    • Meagan says:

      The “blades” bomb was attracted to Barry’s kinetic energy. He probably couldn’t have outran it, especially considering that he didn’t even know what it was and it just looked like a cube or something not “bomb” like. It’s not like he threw it at Barry, he threw it up in the air.

      • Sebastian says:

        Yeah, but Barry should’ve gone in, grabbed Ronnie, and gotten out, before Eiling could respond. He didn’t do that. He knocked out everyone else, and looked like he was waiting for just such a response. Also there’s no way that the hurty stuff could catch up to him if he was running and didn’t want it to.

      • pjackson95 says:

        I Dont understand this why is it drawn to barrys spesific kinectic energy. And if it was yd it go off he wasnt running or anything

    • Leeeeeeeee says:

      yea I said the same thing why didnt he just grab ronnie and run, instead of waiting for chit chat. in the same way he grabbed Stein.

  19. Seahawks 12th Man says:

    I was impressed with this episode. loved the jokes from Cisco. I really liked how Iris is trying to figure everything out now. FINALLY! and this is gonna be cool when Barry ruins Wells’ plans.

  20. GlassIsHalf says:

    Reblogged this on Echo and commented:
    I’ve been watching this show since the first episode and while there are no real surprises to speak off, its definitely an enjoyable hour of TV and while I’m somewhat late to the party its gotten me hooked onto Arrow now also!

  21. will says:

    I think Thawne is Reverse Flash. They gave him considerable screen time at the beginning of the series, he is new to town, he hates Flash, and he has stolen the heart of Barry’s soulmate. This sounds like arch-enemy stuff here. Recently he has been pretty AWOL in the show and I believe that is to take him out of viewer’s thoughts.

    “Dude, that was like Week 3!” Hahaha

  22. Abhi says:

    For me it would make Complete sense to see that Wells is future flash. He couldn’t go back to his time after he tried to save his mom.. So he aged in our timeline.. He maybe finally beat zoom/reverse flash and now uses his suit.. And is preparing his younger self to be better and faster so that he can go back to his time using Barrys speed..

  23. Leeeeeeeee says:

    Can anybody tell me why Stein never mentioned that Dr. wells set him up?!?!?! I so hope they bust his butt next ep and all the things he’s done comes to light. And I understand barry idolizes Wells but if joe,whose been like a father to you says something is off why would you not take the possiblity into consideration. And why wont Joe just give Barry some evidence for example how did the Wells move fast enough to not have a scratch on him from when the glass fell if he’s in a wheelchair?(maybe he’s waiting until he can bust him?)