Preview: Castle Pulls Out 'All the Stops' to Save Beckett From 'Very Dire Straits'

Castle Rick Saves Kate 3XK

ABC’s Castle kicked off its February sweeps two-parter by first thrusting the devilish Dr. Kelly Nieman (played by Annie Wersching) back into the orbit of Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic).

And then for good (meaning: very, very bad) measure, the show introduced a man (returning guest star Michael Mosley) who certainly looks like presumed dead Jerry Tyson aka serial killer 3XK.

And even if the guy seen walking out of the 12th precinct holding hands with Dr. Nieman is in fact mildish-mannered Michael Boudreau, cut to look like Tyson (and thus taunt/haunt Rick and Kate), you’ve got the making for a nail-bitiing conclusion, now that Beckett has been KO’d and carted off to Heaven-knows-where by God-knows-whom.

“We’ve always felt like, since Michael Mosley’s appearance on the scene back in Season 3, that we had a very interesting character that we were dealing with,” Castle showrunner David Amann says of revisiting the 3XK storyline. “We’ve been able to touch on him a couple times, once every season directly or indirectly, and last season there was the introduction of Kelly Nieman who seemed affiliated with Tyson in some way. So we felt like it was a good time to dig deeper into who these characters were and put them in direct conflict with Castle and Beckett.”

Indeed, it’s the very direct nature of the characters’ interactions that makes this chapter in the 3XK/Nieman story distinct, providing tantalizing fodder for two consecutive, intense outings.

“In previous episodes, they both made a big impression but they’ve sort of been at the periphery of the story, lurking in the shadows,” Amann notes. Here, “We wanted to drag them into the light and let them have it out with our lead characters.”

And have it out they will, for as Rick races to find Kate, he will leave no stone unturned, no menacing person of interest not lobbed across a room. Yes, in Part 2, you will see Castle at perhaps his most intense, his most physical. “In past episodes, including the [Season 5] two-parter when Alexis was abducted, you saw a similar reaction from him,” Amann says. “When somebody he loves is in danger, he’s going to pull out all the stops — and that’s definitely what he does here.”

Of note during Part 2 is that when Rick (briefly) allows himself a cooler head amidst the heightened frenzy, he will receive an invaluable bit of advice from one of his biggest frenemies. “His relationship with Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) has evolved, at least during this episode, because she’s trying to counsel Castle and help him through this very difficult situation, where Beckett is gone and probably in very, very dire straits,” Amann previews. “They have a bit of a coming together, as she tries to help him figure out what to do next.”

As one can imagine, as Part 2 builds to a thrilling climax involving two separate set pieces, Amann promises “a couple” of twists, including a final, perspective-altering reveal that, he says, “is the biggest of the bunch.”

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  1. “Very Dire Straits” sounds like a “Dire Straits” cover band.

  2. Kate says:

    I’m SO excited for this episode. I hope it’s worth the wait!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It is very good.

      • Kate says:

        Your positive opinion makes me even more ready to see the episode! Do you still think the show will/should end this season? I would assume that it won’t be too long before they’re working on the end of the season shows. I hope by now the writers know one way or another, even if ABC won’t tell us…

      • Rich Abey says:


      • NF and SK fan aways says:

        @Matt M:
        thank you for all the hints and write-ups (I guess that’s what you call them). And I hope that you are right with most fans, that this one is a good excuse me “very good” one!
        either way love them and keep the hints coming (well I appreciate them).

  3. mike says:

    I like the comment about when someone Castle loves is in danger. There is a side to Castle that is a little on the dark side. That being said I would love to see him crack a few heads.

    • NF and SK fan aways says:


      me too. I like the “little” darker side to him, everyone’s got one. Hope this one is a good one. I hope that I “feel” this esp, I did when Alexis was kidnapped. but now it’s my fav person other then castle himself…..also I noticed Gates I think it was the “PI” esp that Gates was “eyeing” Castle and what he really did do for the team, I like it when they go head to head……so many twists and turns can happen tonight!
      Can’t wait….so bring it on!

  4. christina says:

    I’m so excited/nervous for tomorrow’s episode! I love all the angst and darker storylines 3XK and Kelly Nieman have to offer, and this season’s two-parter is no exception! I’m trying my best to avoid spoilers and advance reviews, but this one didn’t give too much away thankfully. Despite a lot of negativity I’ve read about Castle lately, I still love the show and think this is an incredibly strong season. Bring on tomorrow!

    • Shawn says:

      This fandom is always negative. Castle is a great show. The fandom… eh.

    • NF and SK fan aways says:


      are there any spoilers out, haven’t seen any and I hate it when people give their thoughts when they don’t really understand the whole pic……I try to hide from them too….I can’t wait for tonight esp……the darker Castle’s are fun too. I have enjoyed this season a lot. One of things that has been the brightest part of my life.
      As for the negatives, each their own, people watch for different reasons and that’s great. that’s what a show is suppose to do! All the best shows do that, someone is doing a great job! I hope that I cry in this one, I did in the kidnapping one, it was emotional for me hope this one it too……and yes bring it on!

  5. Matthew Weber says:

    I’m looking forward to it, but I’m still very nervous. It is going to be an intense hour.

  6. Sara says:

    This episode looks fantastic! I cannot wait til tomorrow! As an aside, why is it that now every time I try to view an article I am redirected to the Google Play store to install Games of War? Just started happening…..

  7. Betisa says:

    This is the first time I feel nervous for a Castle episode this season. The previous episode was better than I thought and I hope the next one, despite being written by AWM, can live up to my expectations!

    • Shawn says:

      Some fans make me laugh. Andrew Marlowe drives the story and has his hand on every script, so why can’t some of you give the man credit for bringing us an incredible show?

    • NF and SK fan aways says:


      me too I’m nervous with the preview I saw-end of last weeks, but I know that it will be a good one, Castle pulls out all the stops! As for him and Gates talking I can’t wait on that.
      I enjoy this season and most of all the esp so I hope that this one will be good too.
      He AWM has not imo has not let me down, I think that people take their tv a little bit to seriously.


      I don’t laugh, I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you the difference in the esps, I just know that I haven’t found too many that I wouldn’t watch over and over again. (I think there are two or three-subject wise) I think I’ve seen each esp at least a hundred times even 6×23!. and couldn’t really see the difference in writers ect… I laughed and cried in most of the series and that ‘s all I need! I think everyone involved from the actors to the crew members need to be credited for IMO the best show ever!

  8. Luiza says:

    With all the baby talk at the beginning of the last episode, my bet is that we’ll find out that Kate’s pregnant! At least that’s what I hope it will happen. We all need a Caskett baby.

    • maria says:

      Ugh. Please, no.

    • NF and SK fan aways says:

      @ Luiza:
      maybe that is what drives Castle to do what he is going to do……I don’t really see one but it could happen, according to the predictions (can’t remember the title of the esp, the time traveler one) they have more than one, so I smile…….anything is possible.

      would be very interesting……..I like to see them arguing then-I always laugh at them! Their “fights” are so cute…..mixed with more emotions might be more he!! to pay, (sorry had to say that)

    • Castle Fan says:

      Nope…not interested

    • Rachael says:

      Oh Please no…..

  9. doug b says:

    Castle is a great with great characters.

  10. Artist says:

    How do they save the show from horrible story lines and writing is the real mystery!

  11. Vickie B. says:

    It’s going to be a nail biting roller coaster ride kind of episode! I can’t wait!!!

    • NF and SK fan aways says:

      you know it, can’t wait……and with castle pulling out all the stops, wow anything is possible! Don’t blink or you might miss something!

  12. GhostWolf says:

    Looking forward to this. Castle has become one of those shows I DVR then watch when I have time (which may be a few days later) rather than watch the next day like I used to. Sadly, I’d rather watch the earlier seasons on TNT.

    • NF and SK fan aways says:

      @ ghostwolf:
      I watch it any chance I get too, I watch live ones too. TNT dropped some days of reruns…..that’s where I found out about the show……I have to see the show over and over to fully enjoy everything in it. even today I see somethings that I missed in watching reruns (that’s a good thing). I hoping that tonight will be at least good! For this season has been up and down for me (i love that in a show) and this preview was kinda sad….

  13. Rich Abey says:

    Seriously I haven’t been so excited for a Castle episode since…this seasons Alternate-Reality one (didn’t get far there). Last week’s first part definitely ranks among the best of the 3XK outings, probably alongside the original ‘3XK’ episode back in Season 3. So it’s safe to say the expectation for tonights episode is sky high!

    • NF and SK fan aways says:

      Wow! me too, I’m excited……and the alternative reality one was one of my favs of all the series (even without the ending-which needed some work-It was not really what I though was going to happen!) I cried……anyway the “3XK” esp are not all that great for me, this one is one of the better ones though, hope this next half (tonight) is going to be good.

  14. Teri says:

    Monday’s are always better with Castle and I am like a kid in a candy store waiting for tonight’s episode. This show is the best show on TV and I think it just keeps getting better.

    • NF and SK fan aways says:

      That’s so true! for me this season is one of my favs……can’t wait to watch them over and over, this season is getting somewhat “silly” but I love it, new side of all the character and wow, Gates-oh yeah something is about to happen there! The “PI” part is so great-I know lots hate it but it makes the show grow, which it has……hope tonight is going to be a good one. See everyone at start time! (when ever that is for you) gotta go get ready!

  15. mike says:

    We talk about bad ass Beckett do we maybe get to see a bad ass Castle tonight?

  16. GREGO366 says:

    This is “CASTLE”, NOT ‘Guest actor of the week’ (Linda Park). Open the Limo door and push the new writers OUT!! Let’s get back to basics, please.

  17. angmar says:

    SPOILER ALLERT!!! Am I the only onw who felt something wrong wirg Beckett at the end of the episode it’s like that wasn’t her (and it’s not the shock) could that not be the real Beckett?