Glee Recap: Ch-Ch-Changes

Glee Recap

Friday’s Glee formally introduced viewers to “America’s newest male” Sheldon Bieste, or as Sue prefers to call him, “Newly Boob-less.” But while some characters embraced him with open arms, others opted to embrace him with open egg cartons.

I’m speaking, of course, about the d-baggy members of Vocal Adrenaline, with whom Will has finally become fed up. Following the assault on Bieste’s car, Will even worked up the courage to kick one of them out of the group — that guy Clint with the sometimes-accent, played by The Wanted’s Max George — but it didn’t take long for the higher-ups at Carmel to reinstate him.

Will hoped that a last-ditch performance by Unique — backed by a logistically dizzying choir of 300 trans people — might show his students the error of their ways, but when it became clear that they’re beyond hope, he resigned from his position at Carmel and rejoined the New Directions team as an “alumni consultant.”


HOUSE PARTY | In an attempt to cheer Rachel up after her childhood home was sold, Sam organized a classic New Directions basement party, and in keeping with the tradition of adults at McKinley High spending an inappropriate amount of off-campus time with their students, he invited all five of the newbies to join the fun. Of course, the real party happened in Ms. Berry’s bedroom, where she and Sam got down to business (and how could they not fool around after reminiscing about Sam’s sparkly gold Rocky Horror shorts? Those things were iconic.)

kurtSO KLOSE! | By rigging Artie’s wheel of musical fortune, Kurt snagged himself another opportunity to sing alongside his ex-fiancé, but he ended up getting a whole lot more than that; after reminiscing about their first duet, Blaine pulled Kurt in for a big ol’ kiss! But while it seemed like this would trigger the reunion Klaine ‘shippers have waited for all season — especially after Blaine finally broke things off with that human plot hole known as Dave Karofsky — they’ll have to wait a little while longer. Blaine arrived at McKinley just as Kurt and Walter were heading out on a double date with Sam and Rachel, leaving him more pressed than his collection of colorful sweaters. (Follow-up question about Karfosky, by the way: Is that “clumsy fat-ass” Craig a high school student? If so, why would he be slipping him his number? I think I need to have a few words with Lima’s superintendent.)

And now, we play the rating game…
Vocal Adrenaline: “You Give Love a Bad Name” — Rating: B+
Will and Unique: “Same Love” — Rating: C
Mercedes and Roderick: “All About That Bass” — Rating: C+
Kurt and Blaine: “Somebody Loves You” — Rating: B-
Rachel and Sam: “Time After Time” — Rating: B+
Unique and the trans choir: “I Know Where I’ve Been” — Rating: A

OK, time to talk back: Were you bummed we didn’t get the Kurt-Blaine reunion we’d been waiting for? Are you finally warming up to the idea of Sam-Rachel? And what are you hoping to see at next week’s big wedding? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Molly says:

    I’m no longer a Klaine fan (the New York ark where they were blatantly incompatible killed my interest in them) but Kurt dating a guy 40 years older is just too weird for me.

    • Andy Swift says:

      As much as I love Harry Hamlin, I’m inclined to agree. (Especially since Kurt looks so young!)

    • EWHR says:

      Weird but It might be healthier then getting with Blaine again, at this point that relationship is just ruined and unhealthy. Glee writers SUCK!

    • Nellie says:

      You are so right! The NYC arc really did kill my interest in them as well, and I’m just now realizing it. I thought Blainofsky was adorable, but once Blaine kissed Kurt, I knew it was over. At least Dave took it well. So Kurt pines for Blaine the first half of the short season, then Blaine pines for Kurt the second half…….such a complex formula those writers have come up with (sarcasm). I’m sure they’ll be back together at the end, even though they are more like bffs or sisters. I’m gay, and in reality those two would not make sense together. Couples like Blaine and Dave and May December relationships like Kurt and Walter, actually happen. Two twinks? No.
      So where is Rachel living now?
      Why didn’t Unique get any dialogue outside her convo with Bieste? Where has she been? Did she graduate with Tinas class? Was she forced to transfer like the rest of the glee club?
      How could Rachel have so many memories on her wall, and Finn not be in any of them?
      Lastly……I’m sorry….actually, I’m not sorry, but I love Rachel and Sam.

      • BC says:

        Because they have to erase Finn from Rachel’s life and pretend he didn’t exist for her and create a false history between Rachel and Sam to keep pushing the crap that is Samchel

        • Nellie says:

          I disagree. It would be impossible for them to erase Finn from existence, and they’re not creating a false history between Sam and Rachel. It’s about picking up the pieces and finding out you’re capable of loving again.

      • Lane says:

        What an asinine comment to make. For a minority group that is constantly trying to change the ideas surrounding gender roles, too many of us hold onto the stereotypical, heterosexual relationship models we were brought up with. Why can’t two “twinks” be together in real life? It’s no different from two nerds or two athletes falling in love. Why does one have to be feminine and the other more masculine? Blaine and Kurt are two glee kids with similar interests and lives. Why wouldn’t they end up together? It makes sense that they would. If they were a staright couple in a coming of age romance, we would be rooting for Blaine to dump Dave and realize that his best friend Kurt was the one because they understand each other. Maybe the writers are actually genius by not trying to fit their gay couples into a mold and challenging conventional ideas of what a gay couple, or any couple for that matter, should look like.

  2. MK says:

    This show is just ridiculous now (as it has been for awhile). I’m trying to stick it out and finish the show, but they’re making it hard.

    • The Beach says:

      I feel exactly the same. It’s now just a sad parody of its former self and I’m just sticking it out for old time’s sake but please never, ever again subject me to Shue rapping.

    • Kvivik says:

      This whole season seems to me to be a Dallas like ‘this season has been a dream’. In the final episode Rachel will wake up from it. And who knows how much of the past two seasons is erased in a heartbeat.

      • OR says:

        Better yet, let S1 Rachel wake up to her alarm play Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride” reach for her cell and see a text from Finn and let everything be one bad dream and go back to the time where Blaine. Sam and the Newbies don’t exist!

        • Michelle Conlon says:

          YES!! your idea is so good!!, but I think instead of season 1, they should have rachel waking up the day after her wedding (make it like finn never took her to the train station an they got married) next to finn (but obviously use a stunt double like they did for jayma in 6×06 or use n old clip of him sleeping) and make it like seasons 4-6 were a dream

  3. tina says:

    So let me get this straight. Rachel has a wall of high school memories, and Finn is not included? Did I actually dream that Rachel dated Finn, because the writers and Lea don’t seem to remember.

    • abz says:

      Agreed. Samchel makes me wanna barf. It’s actually so gross. Not sure how much influence Lea has on the writers, but the writers are clearly whack and cruel. Not even a single photo or mention of Finn and not even a flashback shown in one of those pictures. I don’t expect them to bring up Finn every episode, but when you have a storyline about Rachel’s home and her wall of high school memories and not even a picture or mention, like WTF?!?!

      • Pedro says:

        The pain is too much. She can’t have his pictures.

        • karen says:

          So if someone you know dies, you completely erase them from your lives, and never ever talk about them? I better go take down that picture of my father, grandmother, friend,…..

          • stop says:

            Oh stop. Finn was mentioned twice this season and they have shown his plaque of his jersey several times as well. He was in group pictures and Barbra the pig was on her wall.

            They are trying to show Rachel moving on. So keep bringing Finn it back does not help that process.

            And stop blaming Lea. I am so tired of Finn/Cory Fans blaming Lea and expecting her to carry a touch and be your leader in mourning still some 19 months after he died.

          • Nellie says:

            As much as I loved Finn, and do think this is odd, I think that losing him turned the whole show upside down, thats when it took a nose dive, I think shoving Finn in there would only serve to remind folks like me that he’s dead and its kinda depressing. Rachel will always love Finn….she has his name tattooed on her, but when our lives fall apart, we have 2 choices….lay down and die, or get back up and rebuild. I’m ok with Rachel and Sam. They’re not freaking engaged people, they might not last beyond the finale for all we know, we’ll never know. You can do everything you want to them in your creepy fan-fic anyway.
            The music was bad this week btw.

          • saoirse says:

            Yes people do that. When the pain is too overwhelming people often erase the source. I did. Rachel probably did too.

      • MC says:

        The Samchel relationship seems forced and far-fetched, although the original Sam character is buried in there somewhere. I think Rachel craves some male companionship, but so far this doesn’t feel right as an endgame relationship for her.

        • drewrites says:

          It has not been like she craves some male companionship at all. She has been single for over a year and a half in the glee world how is that craving anything? Rachel being open to love again is actually one story that needs closure. Not liking how it is being done is one thing but to pretend the story is Rachel needs a man is just a lie

          • MC says:

            Okay, it’s only human after a year and a half to crave some companionship. Companion does not necessarily mean love of her life. It does not mean she should be tied down by a man. Companionship can simply mean something as simple as friendship. I never said anything about love. I never said that she couldn’t also pursue her career. Sheesh, talk about an overreaction.

          • Nellie says:

            YES!!!!! You hit the nail on the head!!!! It’s not about Rachel and Sam per se, but more so about Rachel learning to love again!! People who think its a disgrace or a “slap in the face to Finn/Corey”, are really just taking it personal. Its as if they want her to never love again and be alone forever, because “her true love after Finn was Broadway, and thats all she needs”. No. Get over it, and just enjoy the rest of the season, even if you dont get what you want!
            I dont want a Klaine reunion, but thats clearly happening. And I mad? No!
            Seeing Rachel and Sam together did warm my cold, dead heart though. There is something between them, and I think its because there hasn’t been any real drama between them like her past loves….Puck, Finn, Jessie, that hooker in NYC whose name I forget. It’s simple, and easy for her….and I think thats what she needs to ease back into love, even if its not forever. Again, the show is ending, the story is ending, we’ll never know what really happens to anyone. If I had my druthers, I would pair EVERYONE up – Quinn and Puck are together, Britt and Santana are together, Blaine and Kurt will obvi get back together, Rachel and Sam (hopefully)……it seems like Artie and Kitty are getting close again, and I’d like Tina and Mike to reunite. Mercedes is dating in NYC, so she’s all set…..but maybe Missing Matt Rutherford will show up in the finale and Mercedes will hook up with him! I know he’s going to pop up again. I just know it!

        • EnderWig says:

          It doesn’t even feel right as a hook up, its just gross!

      • pli says:

        Tired of people blaming Lea. Plus the show has mentioned Finn this season.

        • PT07 says:

          Its not Lea’s fault but they only mention when Sam invokes his name and they do it build up Sam as this great guy honoring his friend, his friend that he wasn’t even close too, outside of that he is ignored.

        • abz says:

          It doesn’t matter if they mention him 10 or 20 times. When you have a highschool wall of memories and Sam is shown to be the centre and had the most pictures and not even a few significant glimpses of Finn, then that to me is sick and just plain sad. And most of the mentions have been made by Sam, and really I would have preferred mentions from any other character.

      • Kathryn says:

        I like the idea of Sam and Rachel, but they have no chemistry. They need to work on that. Also, I am extremely sad that Finn wasn’t on the wall! That killed this episode for me. And the music selections were bad.

    • James says:

      I am so on your side about this. I’m trying to stick Glee out to the end, too, but what happened between Rachel and Sam… Huh? Where was Finn? He was like a 600 lbs. elephant in the room and all his photos were gone? Where is the Finn necklace? Where are the years that I fell in love with Glee and it was mostly all about Rachel Berry wanting to be Barbara Streisand’s replacement in Funny Girl and how much she loved and wanted Finn? It’s like all that is gone. Yes, Finn is dead and she can’t mourn his memory forever, but the story was, she couldn’t leave her childhood room and high school memories behind but she could make Finn disappear from them like he never existed??? That whole part of the show is making me so sad.

    • Tracy says:

      Ratings for Glee are down which means budgets have been cut! If they use Finn’s picture they have to pay Finn’s estate and may have to deal with both Cory’s divorced parents since who knows if Cory even had a will! Lea and Cory weren’t married so she is not his next of kin and using his image would be out of her control. It is cheaper and probably easier to use Barbra the Pig rather than another Finn photo. Sorry folks but the lawyers and bean counters have a job to do…

      • karen says:

        Hoping you are being sarcastic, because that is such bs.

      • Well... says:

        Well heck if budgets are being cut they should have cut Glee’s biggest dead weight Chord Overstreet, hes a waste of screen time and music lol!

      • dan says:

        Not true Tracy. FOX owns the character of Finn and they own pictures/video of the character. Corey was paid for his work on Glee, so his estate wouldn’t get paid just by having his picture on Rachel’s wall. They’ve already shown pictures of Finn this season. I think it was an easy situation to fix: in an awkward moment Sam says “where is Finn’s picture” and Rachel replies “I had to take them down, it was too hard to look at them.” But there have always been continuity problems on Glee so this just gets added to the list.

    • The Kaibosh says:

      No it’s probably more to do that if you show Cory Monteith’s image on the show then you have to pay Cory Monteith’s estate. Its about the show not spending money where it doesn’t have to.

      • karen says:

        Not true, Glee owns the character of Finn. Plus, if they truly in money saving mode, tone down the wardrobe budget of Kurt and Rachel, and you will save a few thousand dollars every week.

        • The Kaibosh says:

          No Karen that’s the way it works. Glee owns Finn and can do whatever it wants with the character but the actors are still paid every time their image or likeness is used. Cutting the wardrobe budget is a simple task of lowering one line item on the balance sheet. Paying out appearance rights and the legal and accounting complexities that come with it are more involved and if they’re not necessary then avoid it. There isn’t a diabolical plan to hurt fans or make the Rachel character come across as something other than what she is. Sometimes a cut away shot without Finn’s picture is just that. A simple cut away shot. People shouldn’t go looking for hidden or ulterior meanings when they’re not there.

          • L says:

            There is a set residual fee for using stock footage or stills thats part of the basic SAG contract… its not like they have to negotiate with his estate every time they use a clip.

  4. Mimi says:

    Finally Samchel made out or had sex…either way they both needed for it to happen. I’m all about Samchel.

    • karen says:

      Sam just went to the girl he knew was not a virgin. Run Mercedes, run!

    • GROSS says:

      Samchel is most unhealthy sickest paring Glee has ever done! Thank God Jesse is back and hopefully will take Rachel away from Glee’s biggest JackASS Sam The Male Whore Evans

      • Dramatic, much? A “sick” pairing might involve, let’s say a gay man’s ex-fiance and his former high school tormentor/abuser. The Rachel/Sam pairing is hardly the “sickest” ever Glee pairing. It is probably disappointing to many(including me), but hardly “sick”. More importantly, we all knew this was coming.

  5. James says:

    Laughing hysterically at Blaine showing up to see everyone going on a double date.

  6. Jose says:

    A liiiiittle far fetched with how EVIL the Vocal Adrenaline are…. Egging, vandalism, and other crimes are CRIMES, getting suspended should be the least of their worries

    • S. says:

      Not just crimes, hate crimes. Oh well, we’re long past shark jumping with this show. Sue should’ve been arrested a long time ago for physically assaulting students. I used to at least have the music to enjoy, but it’s getting harder and harder. Samchel is so awful that I have a hard time even listening to their duets. Songs I ought to love bug me instead. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be rooting for because everything’s just come undone. We’re all just waiting for it to end, and that’s sad because of what it once was.

    • The Irony says:

      Ironic considering this is a show that supposedly touts bully intolerance. Ryan Murphy and Co are the biggest bully’s Glee has ever seen!

    • Angel says:

      Jesse’s Vocal Adrenaline team mates started the egging of New Directions back in season 1, so they have been evil for years.

  7. James says:

    I have to be the only one that is loving these episodes. They’re nostalgic, and the only thing missing for me is a last appearance by Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel. Woudn’t it be great for Rachel to have a talk with her mother that prompts her to return to Broadway?

  8. Bizzle says:

    Samchel needs to stop… Gag. Feel bad for Dave, not a Klaine shipper at all. As soon as I saw the two largest singers together, I knew the song coming up, which although I hate, thought the guy did a good job with. Last song and a lot of the episode was almost old school Glee good.

  9. Wire Dreamer says:

    Kurt and Blaine were/will be again the worst, most anemic couple on TV in the past 15 years. That Glee feels the need to put them back together just to please their moronic fan base is an insult to anyone’s intelligence. The Dave/Blaine pairing could have worked if – and it’s a humongous IF – Glee had any halfway decent writers, which they don’t.

    And, the coupling of Sam and Rachel further proves the inadequate writers. This pairing is stupefying – and not because the idiotic “Finchel” crackpots object (the jerk offed himself with drugs, kids. Get over it.), but because it makes no sense (sort of how the writers made Sam, once a promising character – remember the wonderful homeless storyline? – into a mental retardant almost overnight).

    • Tai says:

      I feel like you just took every thought I’ve had about this show straight out of my head. There is nothing further to say because this was just perfect.

    • Tracy says:

      The Sam from “Hold On To Sixteen” is the Sam I loved – I hate how stupid Glee made him! This seems to be the new trend, especially with gay showrunners, to use stupid as a plotline and I wish they would stop since it never works!

      • LOL says:

        Well they say RIB take traits from the actors and I’ve heard Chord is just as big of an idiot as Sam is so maybe he inspired them lol

  10. Bizzle says:

    Also, Vocal Adrenaline didn’t egg Sheldon’s car… They put jock straps on it (unless I missed those, too). The eggs were thrown at Rachel (again, like Season 2) and Blaine.

    • TayMads says:

      Rachel was egged by Vocal Adrenline in season 1 after Jesse broke up with her….I believe it was in the episode Funk. She was egged in season 2.

  11. DAMN says:

    Unique absolutely KILLED IT in the last song!!!!!!!

    • annie says:

      Yes. Yes she did. So did the choir. Best five minutes out of the entire episode right through Sue threatening to release the hounds.

    • KC says:

      Sorry – I muted the TV for this song – I can’t stand Unique…

    • Anandasky says:

      Unique and the trans choir: “I Know Where I’ve Been” — Rating: A … That was an amazing musical moment to start with and then became quite moving for me as I realized it was a transgender choir. It gave me pause to think of all the challenges handed to those granted nontraditional paths and joy to see this group all united in a song with such a great message and joy.

  12. Matthew B Lawler says:

    Well overall I enjoyed the episode I was a little bomb that wall they were reminiscing about Sam’s gold shorts from Rocky horror that not one mention was made of Finn I mean I don’t even think I saw picture of him on that wall or in the scrapbook they were putting the pictures into I know that they’re trying to focus on a Sam Rachel romances the show is coming to its last stretch of episodes but still without a little hollow that there was no mention of send in an episode where they were talking about Rachel saying goodbye to her childhood and high school life when Finn was such a big part of that

  13. Matthew B Lawler says:

    I can’t get down with the vocal adrenaline idea that winning is only thing that matters in the way they were red makes no sense I can understand them egging Rachel and Blaine the vocal coaches of the rival glee clubs because that goes back to season one but why would they have vandalized coach beiste car? That part of the plot tonight made absolutely no sense and I guess the vocal adrenaline members rolling their eyes during Will’s performance is supposed to be a nod to the fans who complain on messageboard’s about the show being too preachy

  14. Sigh says:

    Why was Blaine in the choir room when they spun the wheel? Shouldn’t he be at Dalton and not at a rival school? I would think the Warblers and New Directions would be upset about that.

    Clint can’t act. I don’t understand anything he says!

    Why was Dave so calm and understanding with Blaine? Klaine is so toxic and the writers have no idea what they’re doing.

    Samchel is disgusting. Selfish Rachel, who can’t get over her house being sold when she’s not quitting Broadway for being “bored”, has to kiss Sam in front of pictures of Finn? The writers are being completely disrespectful to Cory’s memory and I think they’ve been doing this all of 3 episodes after his tribute episode. And shouldn’t Rachel have just once mentioned Finn on the wall of memories? I wonder if it’s too hard for Lea or the dumb writers don’t give a damn.

    The newbies are getting shafted with no lines and not enough songs. The originals still don’t their names and lessons are planned around Rachel. Watch her get back to NY and win a Tony with no mention of the damage she did on Broadway before.

    • Kate says:

      Spot on. Couldn’t have summed it up better. They have over played the we-don’t-know-their-names bit to death with the new kids. They’re wasting time on sub plots that don’t even make sense. But meh, I’ve been watching since the beginning and the end is almost here. Might as well see it through

    • wow says:

      You resentment is delicious.

  15. abz says:

    The main things I enjoyed in this episode were seeing Emma again and Unique’s last song. There were just way too many problems.
    The Coach Beiste storyline is still disappointing to me (not because of the transition), but because they’ve always worked hard to make her love herself and accept who she is as a sort of non-traditional looking female and making her realize that she is capable of being loved. This storyline just seems like they did it to add another issue/PSA under their belt before the show’s swan song. But of course, it’s Glee and it’s pretty useless to expect consistency.
    Samchel………..BARF!! Like why. I’ve accepted Glee’s insanity, but come on. The ridiculous reunion of Klaine (another barf!! They should not be together.) wasn’t enough so they had to ruin Rachel again and pair her with that dimwit who’s they’ve increasingly allowed to hog more screen time since the third season. Guess the only thing to look forward to now is Rachel going back to NYC and leaving him behind (please don’t let him follow her), And that wall of memories/flashbacks and not a single one of Finn………..I don’t know why I even bother getting upset about the show anymore?

  16. A says:

    Seriously Blaine dating D.K. was nothing more than a rebound/plot device obstacle for Klaine’s reunion it wasn’t meant to be a real relationship Blaine was just hiding his feelings for Kurt they been having a ongoing love story for 5 years and that wasn’t going to change at all. Max Adler should have done the big movie instead with Sean Astin than waste his time on this show. If they wanted him to have better ending for his character they should created his own love story that didn’t involved him in the Klaine Love story.

  17. Lemma says:

    Nope not warming up to Samchel….anyways whatever I guess it doesn’t matter at this point 6×13 has been written so….so much for season 6 being about what fans want (well it is just not for the fans who also happen to be poc)

  18. Sara says:

    Regardless of what this recapper’s feelings may be about him being a “human plot hole”, Dave Karofsky (and Max Adler) was presumably brought back for the fans who actually enjoyed his character and felt a connection to him and his story. Was this the best way to bring him back? Maybe, maybe not. But Max Adler once again knocked it out of the park. His line “Do me a favor, don’t sing it. Just say it” absolutely killed me. I hope, for the fans who love him, that we at least see (or hear) that he has some closure. I don’t need a happy ending, but I would like to see a hopeful one, like we had been given in season 3.

  19. Angel says:

    Am I the only one who wants them to bring Jesse back to swipe Rachel off her feet again and take her back to New York? He was he other great love besides Finn and they were good together, he makes more sense for her than Sam. Sue needs to give Will his job back too. Loved seeing Emma, she helps ground the show when it is getting to far fetched.

    • Johnny says:

      Groff will be on the final episode.

    • Sorce says:

      Completely agree. I am sorry but Samchel doesn’t work for me at all! There are several reasons and none of them have to do with not wanting her to move on from Finn. I am fine with that but this and Sam are not the ways to do it. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t bring Jesse back for Rachel. I just don’t get it. And yeah, I also don’t get why Sam and Mercedes couldn’t continue to be paired. I get that not everyone loved them but I thought Samcedes was one of the things Glee actually got right.

  20. KC says:

    LOVE Samchel!
    So glad Blaine & Dave finally broke up – worst relationship ever.
    Klaine had the best and cutest duet! So happy they will get back together soon.
    Season 6 is really great!

  21. cory cordova quiban says:

    omg ..
    im really excited
    about that news ..

  22. foxyt says:

    I don’t know why but Samchel is just awful. If you must put them together can you just not show it at all. Just talk about it.

    I have to say they wasted a big opportunity with the character of Sam. Ruined.

    Please don’t make the remaining episodes about them.

    More Sue please and if she can slam Samchel then that would be great!

  23. laurelnev says:

    It’s not all that out there for kids who graduated from HS a year or so ago to hang with those who will graduate in a year or two. Nor is it that inappropriate for an 18 or 19 year old to date a 16 or 17 year old. If clumsy fat ass is a HS junior senior, he’s fair game for Karofsky.

    • S. says:

      Hanging out is one thing, even dating someone behind you in school and then one of you graduating and coming back to be with them. Starting up a relationship with a high school student is weird, if for no other reason than you’re just asking to end up on a registry. Besides which, even if the HS student is into it, you’re someone who’s trying to mature and who’s been out in the world for a little while. Looking to HS for dating partners is regressing. It also means you can’t get someone your own age. A HS student has different priorities, a different schedule, parents in charge of things, etc.

  24. Anon33Guest says:

    Whether someone is a fan of Samchel or not is not the issue. The issue is Finn should have been on that wall of high school memories. Instead he was no where to be found while Sam, who Rachel was not very close to high school, was the center of her collage. Then the first page of her scrapbook. Now some are saying Finn wasn’t on the wall it because it was too painful for Rachel to have his picture up. If that is the case we shouldn’t have to fanwank that excuse. It should have been in the dialog. They can move Rachel on with Sam without erasing her past with Finn and worse yet ignoring what us viewers saw for 3 seasons.

    • move says:

      He was in some group pictures and Barbra the pig was there. Plus Finn has been mention at least twice and alluded to several other times. He will be brought up by Rachel again once she has move forward and is ready to go on. She is transitioning they pointed that very clearly .

      • Anon33Guest says:

        Barbra the pig is not Finn. And if he was in a group picture it was blink and you miss it. Meanwhile there were several people who had prominent pictures by themselves, most notably Sam who was at the center of her wall. Really if no one had ever watched Glee before and saw only that wall they would assume Sam, not Finn, was her high school love interest. That is the issue. Erasing her past. Not moving her to a future.

      • HR25 says:

        Sam and Rachel hardly talked in HS so it RIB rewriting Glee history just like they are with the Sam/Finn relationship. Sam is the only one used to bring up Finn and yet through HS they hardly interacted. Its a disgusting!

  25. Jeremy0004 says:

    I wanna see Marley Rose just at least for 1 episode :(

  26. wtf says:

    this was one of the worst episodes i’ve seen….just weak all the way around.

  27. Dakhari says:

    I feel cheated all that build up from the end of Season 5 meant nothing. I think Sam and Rachel’s Relationship is too extreme a storyline and needs to stop. I’m generally a Samcedes shipper but I don’t even think Mercedes should give him another chance after this she should produce a hunk of a man from her tour that is soooo into her Sam regrets his move on Rachel. I thought it was also so rude that Sam and Rachel left in the middle of “All about the base”, correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think I have ever seen a glee member disrespected like that before – new low I’ve lost respect for Glee I don’t know which fans Murphy and his crew are trying to please but I have not been pleased.

  28. Marco says:

    Better the plot-hole than the emotional abuser – bar – attempted rapist, recapper. Seriously, how can ANYONE get behind Klaine is beyonf me. Kurt would be better off dating Dave. Or Sebastian. Or a lamppost. But if the success of 50 Shades and Twilight taught me anything, is that the viewing public likes their romance with a heavy side of abuse. Exhibit A: Klaine.

  29. neaorlean says:

    I have decided to enjoy the episodes no matter what, and although I think they shouldn’t have gone with the whole sex change plot for Coach Beaste (especially when you have Unique there that would’ve made a lot more sense, you know, finished high school, turned 18 or whatever, seems like the time to make the change for someone who’s always been a woman in a man’s body and nobody would question it), I’m still enjoying most of it. The Klaine thing was weird, so Kurt wanted to sing with Blaine.. Why, if he didn’t want to get back together, and then Blaine kiss him and he goes on a date with grandpa and that makes sense? At least Karofsky is no more (didn’t they say “Bowling Green”, I thought Fat-ass was a college student), it’s not a good week to be a Max Adler character, after what they did to Tank in Switched at Birth. I’m even OK with the Sam/Rachel thing, it was bound to happen, at least they made it sweet, and not a “let’s have sex because we’re both single” thing. And Vocal Adrenaline were always mean, emotionless dancing robots, no surprise there.

    • its not sweet! says:

      There is nothing sweet about Samchel, it was manipulation by Sue then pushed by Mercedes, this is Sam being Glee’s resident Whore that can’t be without a girl and Rachel falling for the first idiot she comes across that shows interest.

      • neaorlean says:

        It’s been two years, what do you want Rachel to do, become a nun? They’re basically still kids, you don’t find real love at 19 and chances are you’ll be with a lot of Sams before you meet your Finn. Things didn’t get quite right for Rachel, but she still has the right to be with a Sam or two before finding her second big love. Honesty, I would’ve hated it more if they gave her another big love story, it would feel like Finn had to die for her to be with Finn2. Now it just feels like he died, and she’s still not completely over it, but it’s nice to be with somebody again, somebody that cares about her and knows not to push her, somebody with issues of his own. Think about what’s more disrespectful, her being with Sam, who’s not endgame, in honor of the real, original endgame Finchel, or her being with somebody who is endgame, basically meaning good thing he died, because Rachel was supposed to be with somebody else.

        • Andi says:

          Not be a nun but how about an honest relationship with someone that is not WMSH biggest loser man whore. Rachel will find an endgame and her first relationship shouldn’t be treated as a joke that starts with hypnosis and gets pushed along by the GF he’s still hooked on. Its disrespectful to Finn AND to Rachel. And they basically made Sam into Finn 2.0 – they have not developed Sam, they just gave him Finn’s life, first his place in NY , then his place at WMHS and now his girl. They should just not bothered to write out Finn and just started calling Sam Finn. Its not surprising so many hate Sam Evans given how this have been handled starting with S5 ep 506

          • neaorlean says:

            The way I see it, the only way for us to be sure Rachel’s new boyfriend is not endgame is for that boyfriend to be Sam. Rachel and Sam are not endgame, but can you be sure in Rachel and some new guy, you can’t know, and now you do.

          • Letti says:

            I really hope Samchel is not endgame. But I heard Jesse St. James is coming back in the finale, maybe he’ll take Rachel to her dreams. He was the only one I liked with Rachel besides Finn.

        • Sorce says:

          Uh…I am actually not convinced Samchel isn’t endgame. In fact, I really, really think they are which is a shame.

          I do agree that Rachel should move on but it simply leaves a bad taste in my mouth that it is with Sam. I don’t care that Mercedes delivered Sam to Rachel with a little red bow. Considering how Mercedes confided in Rachel, it makes me lose respect for Rachel.

          • Ronnie says:

            I don’t know why people want Rachel with Jesse. That character was the most self-absorbed narcissist and cared only about himself. If he is in the finale, I can only hope it is for closure and not to for them to run off together.

        • neaorlean says:

          Yeah, Vocal Adrenaline needs a coach, they meet again as competing coaches at Regionals and they don’t even have to get back together, in fact, I don’t want them to get back together in the show, I know RIB is not much for subtlety, but just… Try this once, just show us they will, but don’t show us they do.

  30. Rafael says:

    I’m glad Emma returned this season, especially last night! But more likely Emma will appear in the series finale. Also, I didn’t expect Unique to return that quick, but I’ll take it back last night! Unique returned very well.

    Beiste looks kind of transgenderal, but she should more actionate along the way. Sue came back after feel too much guilty in absence last week, but I’m still looking to see Sue get officially terminated at the end of this season, although I hope she gets arrested more likely.

    I’m also looking forward to see Sugar’s return next week, but I want to see Marley return also ASAP this season because we already know that Sue’s evil secrets is continuing to get exposed very badly.

    Now how are they going to fit all the Sectionals, Regionals and Nationals in this compressed season?

    I know that Rachel and Sam are beginning to date, but if this goes on, will they get married in the end?

  31. HELL NO! says:

    NO not warming up to Sam & Rachel, I find it totally disgusting how this has been done and how they have totally disrespected Finn and Finchel by making Glee Village Idiot Sam into Finn.

  32. Anti-Samchel says:

    I have never hated a paring more then I hate Samchel, it makes me want to throw up! Given that Rocky Horror was a big time Finchel episode with Rachel helping Finn with his appearance issues its pretty disrespectful to use that as a bonding moment with Sam. It makes Rachel seems shallow and just reminds everyone what a loser Sam is being all about his looks

  33. Finn says:

    By the time Glee ends, given how badly the characters and fans have been treated, the only one that will be remembered fondly is going to be Cory and Finn. RIB have spent the last 3 years destroying each character and the entire show. They are doing the best to make it impossible to root for any of these characters or story lines. They said this last season would be for the fans, they either have no idea what the fans want or just don’t care.

    • karen says:

      Actually, the fans they seem to be catering to are the ones in Gleeforum. If you go there, they seem to think this is great story telling. You will notice, there are fans there that only worship Sam, Blaine and Kurt, with a little Brittana thrown in. Tells you all you need to know, the writers go to the one part of the fandom where they are worshipped.

      • LOL! says:

        Glee Forum is a joke! Its run my a bunch of immature little fan boys that get their rocks off over Chord & Darren. I got banned from there because I dared speak my dislike of all things Blam lol And RIB are trolling MB’s they have no business being called writers and Fox et all are stupid for giving them money to write this drivel.

      • GF says:

        GF has a very small percentage of fans that participate, about a dozen or so that repeatedly post, they are a minority so if RIB are stupid enough to cater to a dozen or so fans it proves they incompetent! Most people go lurk for spoilers but don’t actually participate in posting.

      • Sorce says:

        Ugh…I always feel like I am in some alternate dimension when I go there. They eat this crap up. They shoo off anyone who doesnt drink the Kool-Aid.

        • TRUE! says:

          They run GF like the Nazi’s ran Germany, they banned a bunch of Samcedes stans because they didn’t bow down to the Sam/Rachel crap. Opposing views don’t exist on Glee Forum.

  34. Buffy0531 says:

    I would have really liked to see them leave Rachel on her own romantically this season. It would have been a great opportunity to see a young woman who doesn’t NEED a man to be happy. This feels forced.

  35. No more Samchel duets! says:

    I hope that was the last time Lea will be stuck singing with Chord. Their duets are painfully bad! The voices don’t mesh and they have no musical chemistry,due to Chord limitations and unappealing voice . This season has sucked for Lea music, 3 duets I will not buy and there is only 13 eps this season. Samchel is not just a waste of SL and screen time its a waste of Lea’s amazing voice!

  36. Tracy says:

    I hate the Beiste sex change storyline and I feel it is incredibly offensive to women!
    Glee would not have done this storyline if Dot Marie Jones looked like Jennifer Aniston! Instead, they took a smart, sensitive, funny, caring, girly girl like Shannon and turned her into Sheldon because she isn’t classically beautiful or petite! Glee loves to stand up for gay rights but they obviously have no problem trampling on the rights of women who don’t look like Hollywood icons!

    • I agree says:

      I thought they ruined that character! Her story was so much more meaningful when she was a straight women struggling with unconventional looks. They wrote a beautiful SL back in S3 about it and destroyed it for the sake of pandering and buzz.

  37. behzadbyhimself says:

    This season’s theme is : “Hey everyone, let’s drop what we’re doing and help Rachel with a ridiculous problem!” I already can’t believe what they did to Mercedes last week, her purpose in the storyline became to help Rachel succeed and she even let her have her love interest. Also, the British guy playing the Vocal Adrenaline lead has the world’s worst fake American accent.

  38. Jacko says:

    The writers are trolling the fans like they are with the characters and their own show in general with the meta. They’re intentionally ticking off everybody by ruining all the characters and making the plots more unfathomable and ridiculous than ever! It’s the last season, they know no one is watching anymore and the show has no buzz so they don’t care. They want you, the fans, to conveniently forget that Sam and Rachel weren’t that close in high school, in S2-3, and they barely had one scene then with just the two of them. And they want you to think Sam and Finn were best friends though in reality, Finn’s best friend was Puck, his step brother was Kurt and he was probably closer and certainly knew Artie for longer as well. By hoping we’d forget that, they are trying to ease our way into disgusting Samchel. Sam is no Finn and can’t act either. And apparently, Sam can only be with Glee girls and no one else and Rachel sees Sam as the only straight guy left on the show or in Lima, at least on a regular basis. Ugh!

  39. KC says:

    I love that the people who complain the most of the this show on this site are the ones who watch every week. LOL

    It’s the last season, I’m enjoying it! We KNOW what’s to come and the finale will be epic, so ENJOY!

  40. Basil says:

    I have been a devoted fan since season 1, Glee done so much for me and helped me change my life for the better, there are a lot of storyline that got screwed up by the writers but I am not complaining because there are only 5 episodes left so I just wanted to see how they will wrap it up, my only wish is that we get a good closure for Rachel, Will and Kurt.

  41. LilAngel says:

    Love TIme after Time. The wall of pictures was a really nice touch (and by the way, all ND members were there if you watch closely)

  42. Disguested says:

    Its pretty sick they decided to erase Finn from Rachel’s history and create a fake Samchel history on the 19th Month Anniversary of Cory’s death, they couldn’t have been more hurtful of vindictive had they tried, and they have been trying since episode 506.

  43. I’d like to offer some alternatives for those viewers who decry Sam/Rachel and Kurt/Blaine as the “grossest” relationships on Glee:

    Will/Terry (lying and deception)
    Quinn/Finn (same as above)
    Emma/Coach Tanaka (using someone else to run away from your feelings)
    Puck/Rachel’s bio mom (predatory teacher/student)
    Coach Bieste/Husband (Domestic Violence)
    Artie/anyone (Artie turns into a sexist jerk whenever he has a girlfriend)
    Rachel/Brody (a male prostitute)
    Unique and the catfishing
    Sue/Sue (just creepy)

    …and I could go on.

    I respect that other fans of the show may not like the current pairings, but to refer to them as super gross and unhealthy is a bit over the top considering these other fine examples. Glee requires the viewers to suspend their disbelief. Don’t start thinking too hard now, else you might think it’s craz when people start bursting into song.

  44. shar says:

    Never will warm up Sam/Rachel when you have to cut out Mercedes in the prom queen photo to give this gross couple ‘history’ then something is very telling, Doesn’t the writers and i will use that term loosely know Prom Queen is the beginning of Samcedes and the reuniting of Finchel?

  45. Ethel says:

    So glad to see Unique back. Tired of people trashing every boy friend Rachel has as they can’t get over Finn. He’s gone deal with it and move on. This is what happens in real life. Not that there has ever been anything real about Glee in the first place.

  46. mc says:

    I watch this show now and I only think of 3 things:

    1) What would have happened if Finn hadn’t died
    2) What would have happened if the Lea-Cory-Chris spin-off went on and he will eventually die
    3) How are 6 kids gonna compete

  47. Samchel is not real says:

    So did any of the Samchel Stans watch S1-3 and do any of the Samchel stans realize that none of the relationship is real? Sue hypnotized him, Mercedes who he says he is still in love with pushed him to Rachel and the “memory” wall of Sam isn’t part of Rachel’s HS reality? She barely spoke to Sam in high school, that was a big lie created to push this farce of a couple.

  48. jen says:

    I didn’t think I was going to like Sam-chel, but I actually really really do.

  49. luana says:

    Glad to see I am not the only one that found it weird that there wasn’t one picture of Finn on that wall, not one. Or how about some flash back memories of him and her in the room? there was alot that happened in that room between them. Also, why hasn’t she worn Finns necklace once during this season? Now she wears a necklace that is from a fan engraved “we love you”…which is great but I figure we would see Finns necklace somewhere…..I mean Sam has referenced him, Will has looked at his pic, yet Nothing from Rachel……very frustrating and hard to root for Sam and Rachel.

  50. Rafael says:

    Now how are they going to fit Sectionals, Regionals and Nationals in this compressed season?