Did Arrow Break a Promise? Did Love Fail to Rock Empire? Bloody Mix-Up on Nashville? Girls Split? And More TV Qs

Hart of Dixie

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Girls, NCIS, Arrow and Empire!

1 | OK, we can’t ignore it any longer – what’s with the overly orange hue on Hart of Dixie this season? And why can’t Zoe and Wade just move into that big plantation house with Lavon?

2 | Who presented with more man pain on Sunday night: Walking Dead’s Tyreese or Grammys performer Sam Smith?

3 | Which Sunday night cameo shocked you more: David Schwimmer reuniting with Matt LeBlanc on Episodes, or Raymond Cruz reprising his Breaking Bad role as Tuco Salamanca on Better Call Saul?

4 | Hannah’s parents are going to totally split by the end of Girls‘ fourth season, yes? (How else to explain her dad’s very odd comments over dinner — the ones Hannah either didn’t notice or just chose to ignore in favor of her own drama?)

5 | Is Looking‘s Agustin any less Gracie Dziennyinsufferable now that he’s trimmed his beard and landed a job at a homeless shelter for at-risk gay teenagers?

6 | Can The Originals hire Chasing Life‘s Claire Holt doppelganger, Gracie Dzienny, to play Rebekah?

7 | Wasn’t Jane the Virgin‘s reveal that Zaz is alive 100 times more shocking than the Sin Rose-tro twist? And was the impromptu at-home graduation a true tearjerker, or as cheesy as Xo expected it to be?

8 | Tell us again why Sleepy Hollow‘s Ichabod had to blow up Thomas Jefferson’s treasure trove of Witness goodies? And based on what Irving told Jenny about the rune in his palm, was he just playing along with Henry when he delivered the evil spellbook in the previous episode?Bachelor

9 | Were this week’s dramatic Bachelor “exit shots” implying that the women rejected by farmer Chris Soules are doomed to a life of street-walking or — perhaps even worse — to be left for dead in the badlands? Also, is there any way Chris’ marriage proposal can match the feel-good vibes of the two-on-one ouster of entitled princess Ashley I and ghoulishly phony Kelsey?

10 | Who was Tuesday’s better mimic: NCISFresh Off the Boat Tanner Stine (as a young Michael Weatherly), or The Flash’s Robbie Amell (channeling spy daddy Victor Garber)?

11 | Who is the funniest Fresh Off the Boat son: Evan, Emery or Eddie? Is that an impossible choice?

12 | Does anyone really expect the long-distance thing to work out for New Girl‘s Jess and Ryan? And how much longer do we have to wait before Fawn Moscato exits the picture, allowing for a Schmidt/Cece reunion?

13 | Hilarious and heartfelt as this week’s Mindy Project was, did the student film-level sound mix on dubbed lines repeatedly pull you out of the action?

14 | Was Cougar Town‘s working parent switcharoo between Ellie and Andy really a shock to anyone? And did Tom’s overuse of Paige Turcobronzer remind anyone else of Ross Geller’s spray tan mishap? (He counted mississippily!)

15 | The 100’s Abby cleans up real nice, eh?

16 | TVLine reader Gordon asks: “Last week, Arrow tells the city they have suffered while he was gone and he will not leave again. Very next week he is leaving? WTF?” Also, are you starting to lose track of who trusts Malcolm and who doesn’t? Last week, Roy was defending him, and now he hates him again??

17 | Wasn’t it weird that Empire had Elle — who’s supposed to be as much a rock rebel as portrayer Courtney Love — singing what sounded like a tame Bonnie Raitt song? And for all its strengths, is the show being rather unrealistic about how quickly and often recording artists churn out hits? And what happened to Jamal’s plan to come out and play up the I’m-gay-and-my-dad-hates-me angle?

18 | TVLine reader Cindy writes: “Dear Nashville, If Deacon is Type O and Scarlett is Type AB, how can Scarlett’s mother (Deacon’s sister) be a match for him?” #PunnetSquare

19 | Middle fans, were you absolutely thrown off guard by Darrin’s proposal to 17-year-old Sue? Would the show dare proceed with an engagement?

20 | Did any fellow Scrabble nerds freeze-frame The Americans to see what words Philip and Gabriel had played? And what was more squirm-inducing: last week’s “suitcase” scenario or Philip pullllling out Elizabeth’s teeth?

The Americans

21 | Is Hindsight jumping from one love interest to the other a little too quickly for a show that’s only at Episode 6?

22 | Vampire Diaries fans, who called their mom after Sheriff Forbes and Caroline’s heartbreaking final scene?

23 | What wasKIM HIDALGO your theory about Grey’s Anatomy’s “mystery intern,” until her identity was revealed?

24 | Does the behavior of Scandal’s Fitz — endangering soldiers to save his mistress — make you seriously question if he ever saw Star Trek II? “The needs of the many…” and all that jazz?

25 | Which aspect of Walden’s vision of the year 2030 seemed less unlikely on Two and a Half Men: the fact that The Big Bang Theory was still airing, or that Matthew McConaughey was president of the United States, and had agreed to guest-star on its series finale?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. M says:

    The Arrow thing can be easily (well, more like conveniently) explained by the fact that Oliver said he now realizes that the city is still basically (somewhat) safe with the new (democratic) Team Arrow (plus with the new Canary), so I suppose he’s okay with leaving for a bit.

    • ian says:

      Also, he said it was just “for a few days”

    • S. says:

      He’s not coming back. He’ll fight Ra’s al Ghul to a draw ,and Ra’s will offer an alternative–Oliver is to join the League or he’ll kill Thea, and Oliver will agree. Then next season will be all about getting Oliver out of the League while Felicity dates Stalker Ray and Diggle becomes the new Arrow.

      • Kristina says:

        That would be skipping a step–last time they fought he couldn’t even hold his own against Ra’s. Seems like it would take more than a few days of training for Oliver to be able to fight him to a draw. That would be an interesting turn of events though.

      • Kate says:

        Nah, I think Malcolm will be the one who ultimately fights Ra’s in the fight-to-the-death. Oliver might fight him too, but I can see Malcolm dying and trying or succeeding to take Ra’s with him as a final, semi-redemptive act. Although League-Oliver might be interesting to see, that would be kind of redundant from S1 where he was essentially a LoA fighter without the actual title and training.

      • Evan-Michael l says:

        He is going to the island with Thea and deathstroke will be somewhere on the island

      • Sil says:

        Or, When she finds out she killed Sara( something that amazes me no one hasn’t told her yet), Thea will offer to join the LoA to replace Sara. This way Thea gets properly trained. I also think she will turn in Malcolm to Ra’s. She has become sickened by his manipulation of her and Oliver. I hope they don’t redeem Malcolm at all. He’s a great despicable villain and should stay that way. He went dark, did heinous things to others. Thea will feel violated and will unite with Oliver. Plus, Oliver will gain some wisdom from this entire thing also. At least, I hope this comes true. This season has gone very different than I thought it would so far. So, take this like a grain of salt.

  2. Boiler says:

    Think a better question on Fresh off the Boat is why it is called that. They lived in DC before so the title not true. It is a cute show though

    • Ry says:

      pretty sure it goes with the theme of not fitting in which in this case is cultural so feeling like an immigrant in your native country. They moved from DC where there was an entire taiwanese market to orlando where they immediately stand out since they are seemingly the only asian family in the very homogenous neighbourhood.

    • Timmah says:

      If only it was funny, it could be called a comedy as well.

    • Alice says:

      It is taken from the title of Eddie Huang’s memoir. He was adamant that it not be softened or changed for the TV show. I think they tried to change it to something like “Far East Orlando” and he made them keep Fresh Off the Boat

  3. Tran says:

    Gracie Dzienny who’s now on Chasing Life was so great on Supah Ninjas not to mention her guest starring role on State of Affairs.

  4. Viv says:

    16. I think he left after he realized that he isn´t Starlings only hero anymore. I have a question too: am I the only one who absolutely dislikes the new team dynamic? Don´t know what it is yet, but something is bothering me about it… maybe I get used to it (hopefully…).

    20. Suitcase… definitely suitcase. But the teeth scene was bad… and I kept thinking “I don´t understand that scene at all…”

    • Helvetica says:

      The Americans playing dentist was more uncomfortable to watch, and even if you didn’t watch, all the sounds were disturbing on their own.
      He had to do it because Elizabeth couldn’t go to the dentist as the FBI was keeping an eye out for women who would go to see a dentist with problems like hers. So it was up to Philip to play dentist.

    • S. says:

      16. No, I don’t like it either. I get that things have changed, but they were barely holding their own while he was “dead”. They don’t seem all that happy that he’s back, that he’s there and that saving the city has just gotten a lot easier. His way did work, their way wasn’t (not really), and everyone is being hostile about it.

    • A says:

      16. I don’t like the new Team dynamic either.

      • Shelley says:

        Me neither. Everyone is disgruntled. I loved season 2. So far this season only 4 episodes I really liked. I have to be patient to see where they’re going with this. But, if the show gets too WTH, then my eagerness to watch weekly gets lesser and lesser. I don’t mind challenges to their dynamics, but, not to the point of ridiculous and unbelievable. Sinceriously, as SA puts it, these actions and stories causing challenges to the Team Arrow dynamic doesn’t interest me.

  5. ... says:

    3. LOVED the David Schwimmer cameo. I had no idea it was coming and the way it was written was golden. Nice job, Episodes.
    5. I think he’s less insufferable. Trying to make amends with Richie + his friendship with Eddie + his desire to do something more with himself are doing him favors.
    11. I’d go with Emery, although he’s just a variation on The Neighbors’ Dick Butkus. Evan doesn’t have much in the way of personality and Eddie is kind of grating.
    17. Yeah, I thought what they did with Jamal’s single was unrealistic. I could see Cookie wooing the DJ into playing it at Leviticus and the song getting some attention with the tweet from Vince, but the radio interview and the tour promoter interest was too much for this episode. No one gets stuff like that after a song gets played one time in a brand new night club.
    21. I understand why she went back to Sean – guilt over Andy’s accident, guilt over doing Melanie wrong, frustration at her journey not going the way she thought it would. She’s going back to the beginning to figure out where she went wrong, which is the point of the show, IMO. If things go well with Sean, cool; if they fall apart, she knows that she and Andy get together in the future anyway.
    24. It’s just another case of Shonda trying to romanticize the most toxic “relationship” on television. However, it makes Fitz look like an awful president and like a prime candidate for impeachment.

  6. Tim says:

    I learned about Blood types in Physiology class–can’t remember anything about them but that’s embarrassing if the Nashville writer’s got it wrong!

    • Fyrkat says:

      18 – “Dear Nashville, If Deacon is Type O and Scarlett is Type AB, how can Scarlett’s mother (Deacon’s sister) be a match for him?”
      It basically means that Scarlett’s father has AB type.
      If either parent has type O blood (as Deacon’s sister probably has given the match), the child could inherit the blood type of the other parent.

      • Matt says:

        Nope. AB isn’t a single allele. It is one A allele and one B allele. A parent can only give 1. Because type O can only except type O blood Deacon’s sister must be type O. Because type O is recessive she is homozygous and can only give a O allele to Scarlett. Therefore, Scarlett cannot be AB (or her mother can’t be type O and therefore isn’t a match for Deacon).

      • MalTru says:

        Actually, per the link you provided, for Scarlett to be AB, her parents would have to be either A and B, A and AB, B and AB, or AB and AB. So, there is no way for Scarlett to be AB and her mother to be O. If the father was AB and the mother was O, Scarlett would be A or B, not AB.

        • Tom says:

          I’m really hoping it’s not a mistake and that the Nashville writers are cleverly trying to imply that Scarlett’s mother is not her biological mother. Except I know it’s Nashville and not exactly a clever drama.

  7. kn1231 says:

    1) OK, so my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me the last episode. I was wondering why Annabeth was so orange. They need to fix that asap!

  8. Bruce_F says:

    Oh, man. Hart of Dixie. It’s like the whole damn show got a John Boehner spray tan.

  9. I have a question from last week’s Criminal Minds. (Which was good and not as creepy as this weeks.) Who on earth won between Rossi and Reid? And on a side note, when was Reid able to help dismantle bombs? (Best moment ever though)

    • Fyrkat says:

      They never showed the end of the chess game. Rossi moved for a check and then Spence was moving his piece on the fade to black.

  10. Eammes says:

    The voice over lines in the Mindy project were super noticeable and just shoddy work. I kept wondering why they had to dub so many.

  11. Lizo says:

    Omg yes, hire that actress to play Rebekah!!!!

  12. Abby says:

    Is the Girls ask a trick question? When does Hannah TRULY give a hoot about drama beyond her own? And how, honestly, would she not be inclined to make her parents’ divorce about herself? (That’s rhetorical: if they split, that must be coming). I’m sorry, I have straight up hated Hannah ever since she called the cops on Adam thinking it would be funny and not create serious problems for him. All the characters on Girls lack true awareness, but Hannah is by FAR the worst.

  13. swanjun0 says:

    16) A few weeks ago, Felicity begged Oliver to set aside his humanity and kill Ra’s al Ghul. Now he is basically doing just that and she’s furious. Inconsistent character writing. :(

    • S. says:

      No, she still wants Ra’s dead, she just doesn’t want Oliver teaming up with Malcolm to do it.

      • swanjun0 says:

        I was suggesting that working with Malcolm *does* represent setting aside his humanity, in a way. Definitely setting aside his feelings regarding Thea and Sara, and doing what needs to be done. So Felicity wants him to set things aside, but now doesn’t want to be a thing that he can set aside. Or something.

        • S. says:

          She’s upset because she now see’s him as someone to willing to sacrifice principles for necessity. Malcolm killed Sara, a woman he loved, and destroyed at least a third of the city. Now, he’s teaming up with Malcolm to fight someone else. She doesn’t agree with his reasons for it. She thought dying would change him somehow, make him more principled or something. She doesn’t realize how often he’s “died”, or all his been through.

          And she did not want almost the first words out of his mouth to be about the mission. He told her he loved, died, and came back, and didn’t even bring her flowers. Things were supposed to be different between them, not exactly the same. He was supposed to miss her just as much as she missed him.

        • wonderwall says:

          She’s against it because of what Malcolm DID to the people in Oliver’s life. It disrespects the people he loves. It disrespects Thea because Malcolm made her into a killer, it disrespects Sara because Malcolm essentially killed her, Moira because Malcolm manipulated her, Tommy because Malcolm killed him too… It’s not about morals, per se, but more about what teaming up with Malcolm MEANS. I think you missed the point of her speech entirely.

          • Jennie says:

            lol all I could hear is her complaining about him not contacting them to let them know he was still alive when he already explained why he couldn’t and her moaning about him coming back to her but still not wanting to be in a relationship with her. This had nothing to do with his morals when she had previously said that he would never want to work with Malcolm which already showed that he did have them. Oliver has his sister to lose if he cant fight Ras and Felicity has nothing to lose and she didn’t even talk to him about it. All she did was talk at him there is a difference.

          • S. says:

            Okay, fine. Basic heart of the matter is she wants him to make a different choice and there isn’t one. Maseo won’t help, Tatsu can’t ,and he can not defeat Ra’s on his own. I agree with her reasons, by the way, for being angry with him about Merlyn, just as I can see that he has no other choice other than to turn his own sister over to the League, something he will not do.

          • wonderwall says:

            @Jennie, it’s clear you’re only looking at Felicity’s words at face value and not even trying to understand the meaning behind her words or even trying to look at things from her perspective, how very unfair. Felicity wasn’t telling Oliver not to kill Ra’s. Nowhere in her speech did she say DON’T become a killer again. Nowhere in her speech did she say DON’T save Thea. And again, I stress this, Felicity is telling Oliver that teaming up with Malcolm is STUPID. Because Malcolm WILL double cross them again.

            Season 2 ingrained in us that there’s always another way, why shouldn’t that be the case here? It’s certainly what Felicity believes. But Oliver immediately jumped into bed with Malcolm without much consideration of his actions, without discussing it with the team. Oliver didn’t consider that by teaming up with Malcolm, he’s disrespecting everyone he loves. Thea, the woman Malcolm mind raped, Sara, the woman Malcolm killed, Moira, the woman Malcolm manipulated… Oliver is giving a sense of Malcolm power over him that he shouldn’t give.

            So at least TRY to understand Felicity’s POV before taking a side and unfairly reducing Felicity to a woman scorned. I, on the other hand am pretty neutral. I get Felicity’s reasoning and I get Oliver’s desperation.

            If you want better understanding there was an article at tvovermind. The title is: How the Role of Identity in Arrow Season 3 Has Made the Show (and Its Characters) Better. But I doubt you’ll want to read it because you’re hell bent on making Felicity the one who’s wrong in your mind.

          • S. says:

            @Wonderwall: Thank you for the article. Interesting and informative. Still not entirely happy with Laurel’s character arc, but at least I understand her a little better.

      • Heidi says:

        Felicity needs to put on her big girl pants and realize that how it gets done may prove distasteful but effective.

        • wonderwall says:

          Like Diggle said in episode 12, if they team up with Malcolm they will all end up one step closer to becoming him because then they’d be letting the ends justify the means. And Felicity doesn’t want that for Oliver.

          • Shelley says:

            Something that makes me love Diggle. The man of reason who Oliver listens to. Oliver needs to listen. I understand both sides point of view. But, Oliver is the one facing the wrath and skill of Ra’s. So, the fight hasn’t happened yet. We’ll have to see where all this goes. As for Felicity, she has always believed in Oliver and his principles. She just cannot agree with his choice now. The others of Team Arrow evolved and adapted to what they needed to be and do while Oliver was gone. Now, Oliver has to rejoin this new dynamic. He’ll have to adapt as well.

    • Kristina says:

      As much as I love the Oliver and Felicity relationship, she still doesn’t really know anything about him or understand him. It feels very one-sided, as he seems to know her much better than she does him. Does she have any idea what he’s been through? Probably not. Which means she doesnt–can’t–understand his motivations a lot of the time. They need to work on that.

  14. Gordon Rick says:

    Thanks for the shout out on #16!

  15. HP says:

    The Americans – The dentist scene was worse than the suitcase scene! I’m cringing just thinking about it!

  16. Brittany says:

    16. Even more concerning to me… Not even a shoulder squeeze for Felicity before he left again. I think a promise was broken when the show went from him saying “I love you” and dreaming about their relationship to this! I do not like this place they’re in. I want Olicity back– even as flirty friends and hopeful future lovers (lovers. No matter how you say it, it sounds creepy) if they can’t be a true couple right now. I miss them.

    • Nashieb says:

      She broke his heart into a million pieces and implied his love was a curse. She should be grateful he even told her he’s going away. They all treated him like it didn’t matter one iota he was back. So they can all feck off!! #RantOver

    • Shelley says:

      Me too. Lots of melodrama for Oliver’s evolution. I understand Oliver’s reasons, but, also Felicity’s. This is a hard road for them. Oliver is hard when he needs to be. This shows that Felicity can be too. Holding to what she believes is true. Oliver needs to open up. Something that is not a part of Oliver’s character.

  17. GeoDiva says:

    #1: The orange is horrible!
    #18: This is almost as bad as the blood type K or H on Guiding Light all those years ago.

    • Fyrkat says:

      I always thought the Guiding Light stuff was hilarious. I’m pretty sure it was K. The writers sure got whacked with that one.
      However, the blood type question is not a total screw up.
      18 – “Dear Nashville, If Deacon is Type O and Scarlett is Type AB, how can Scarlett’s mother (Deacon’s sister) be a match for him?”
      It basically means that Scarlett’s father has AB type.
      If either parent has type O blood (as Deacon’s sister probably has given the match), the child could inherit the blood type of the other parent.


    • jbj says:

      I think there actually is another blood phenotype called hh that is very rare, mostly found in Asians.

  18. Alicia says:

    1. YES! What is going on?!

  19. Whatevah says:

    Don’t even mention Tyreese. I’m still upset about that!

  20. Fyrkat says:

    25 – I’ll take Matthew McConaughey as President! He’ll only be 61, perfect age! And I hope BBT does not last that long…unless they roll over the cast at some point.

  21. Gerald says:

    #8 YES!!!! I had the same question. They could have figured out a way to save something that Jefferson protected all these years. There was no immediate threat.
    #1 Yes! Lavon has a HUGE house. Surely he can subdivide it to accomodate them.

    I don’t watch Men, but #25 sounds hilarious. Both are plausible.

    • Heidi says:

      How many of those critters were down there? Certainly they could have just done flashbangs and killed them or kept them behind that iron gate till they could get the goods out. Much better ways of still having access to the books, scrolls, etc rather than nuking the whole of it.

  22. Carter says:

    I was cringing when CeCe was wrapped around a public toilet on New Girl more than the suitcase or dentist part on The Americans. She even laid her cheek on the seat a few times. Though it was great to see Schmidt holding her hair back.

  23. happybincas says:

    18 – Actually, I don’t think they stated that Deacon was a type O. What I did hear was him saying something about type Os, since Os are universal donors – it doesn’t mean Deacon is type O.
    21 – Yes! I get that Becca is very confused right now, but seriously? Choose Andy already! And hasn’t she seen Butterfly Effect? Things are already pretty messed up, so there’s no way to reinstate the previous scenario, too many things have changed.
    Plus, bonus, I think that the reason she travelled back in time is to save her friendship with Lolly
    23 – I didn’t get to develop any interesting theories, but I loved how the episode turned out! It made me cry so much, and I’m so happy I did.

  24. Jen says:

    1) Yes! So orange! It’s been bothering me all season, they really need to tone it down

  25. Television says:

    3. raymond cruz, better call saul
    6. originals, who cares about rebbeka now, the actress left, lets forget she ever existed.
    10. the flash, robbie ammel
    12. new girl is losing it
    13. mindy project is great
    14. cougar town is just getting better with time, dont want it to go, it now has its own pace, “sure, sure”…..”ok play, pause”…..”razzledazzlefrazzle”…….and baby socks.
    15. the 100….no, she needs to lay off the smoking
    16. the last episode of arrow was all over…..2 people waiting outside theas door for her to finish hooking up….weird
    19. the middle, isn’t Sue 18? she is going to college soon, i love sue and darrin together but too soon for Sue…they can wait until after she finishes college.
    21. hindsight, she does go back and forth which i figured she would do…so does lolly. but she needs to be with the good guy, not the weirdly huge headed pony tailed loser with the on/off accent.

    • Heidi says:

      The Flash is going to be awesome this coming week with the separation taking place.

    • Ines says:

      About 19, the Middle, I agree Sue’s too young and I hope they don’t pursue this storyline although I can see her getting engaged in order to avoid disappointing Darren. On the other hand, they sometimes finish the season with a wedding.
      Anyway, I hope Mike has a fit when he hears! That would be funny.

  26. Fosho says:

    16) Arrow seriously needs to go back to what works in this series. The plot holes, inconsistencies, and unbelievablity is getting worse with each episode. I feel like I’m being asked to suspend my disbelief too far in favour of things I don’t enjoy seeing on the show. Oliver somehow survived multiple stab wounds and falling off a cliff without a single broken bone or bruise. Okay. He then limps home one episode and then jumps off rooftops the next. Alright. Diggle did 3 tours in Afganistan but he’s gonna sit behind a desk while people are dying. I don’t care if he has a kid. The man committed to the crusade and people are literally dying. Sure. Roy hates Malcolm for killing 503 people until he realizes he helped Thea and then the next episode hates him again. Laurel gets knocked around a little but can somehow hold her own with bad guys and then Ted, the guy who trained her gets his ass kicked in two minutes. Whatever. Right. Roy is unavailable to fight so Oliver is then “forced” to take faux canary to beat the baddie instead of a trained solider. Seriously? I’m supposed to, simply because I have a great love for this show, ignore the ridiculous and unbelievable. I have little hope for the rest of the season and I’ll only give the show a couple more episodes to improve before I’ll sadly have to walk away.

  27. dude says:

    7. How did I miss the reveal that Zaz was alive? When did that take place because I must have missed it?

    • Ry says:

      final scene of the last episode, however I don’t think it will be Zaz but his brother who we haven’t met yet

      • dude says:

        Riight! Was that a reveal? I took it as a flashback to before he died, implying that Rafael could have killed Zaz. I guess I read too much into it.

  28. Kristina says:

    Ugh yes, WHAT is with the (badly done) spray tan look on HoD this season? The makeup or the lighting or some combination thereof is awful.

  29. amanda says:

    The makeup on Hart of Dixie has been insane this year. Sometimes Lemon looks flawless, sometimes she looks like a nightmare. And poor Zoe always looks terrible. I don’t get it, this is the same Department Head as Chuck and I don’t remember Sarah or Ellie ever looking this terrible.

    • Kristina says:

      It’s the same creator but I don’t know how much else carried over between the two. And Chuck was on NBC. Even with the ratings like they were it still probably had a better budget than HoD.

      • amanda says:

        No I mean it’s the same makeup artist that ran both the Chuck MU dept and the HOD MU dept. A lower budget would have no affect on their ability to make people not look horrible.

  30. Doug says:

    #20 Why couldn’t she fly to another state to see a dentist? Don’t they run a travel agency? Surely the FBI could not monitor all dentists nationwide.

  31. Alichat says:

    8) I still don’t get it. If they can be put down by bullets, then they can be gassed. Or hello….someone call Jenny, Irving, Katrina, reporter dude, and get them to bring more ammo. I still think the bomb was extreme. And I don’t know if I trust Irving’s rune story, but if it’s true, I hope he pulled out the missing pages again so the book is inactive.
    16) I thought that as well, and was glad one of the characters voiced what the audience was thinking. I get the need to train, but why suddenly on take off for Lian Yu? I think Roy was defending Malcolm last week from a strategic standpoint and nothing more.
    20) The suitcase……hands down. It was the sound effects.
    23) I knew who she was once Ben tossed her the tests.
    24) I thought that would be the stance Cy would take….maybe Mellie….but Cyrus would be delivering the “needs of the many” talk.

  32. IMHO says:

    20. The bone crunching suitcase scene was horrible. I can still hear the bones breaking, Ugh !
    However watching Elizabeth get her tooth pulled with a pair of dirty pliers was pretty bad too.

  33. gts says:

    24. During the auction, what did people think they were bidding on? Do the richest couple dozen countries and terrorist organizations now know that the President has a mistress, or someone close enough to him to be worth a billion dollars? That seems like it will be problematic, even when Olivia comes back.

    • jbj says:

      I wondered that too until the scene where they mentioned that she still had top level security clearance from when she still worked foe the White House. Still, there were also rumors of an affair in the media before they got someone else to make the claim. So at the very least, it was public knowledge that they were close.

  34. herman1959 says:

    (8) Irving’s story about the rune rendering him temporarily good just didn’t sound right to me, Jenny was right not to trust him. I think he has other plans for the money.

    (17) I stopped watching Empire after last week’s episode, and from what I read in the recap this past week, I think I made the right decision. I’m over it.

    (24) Scandal might be next on my “I’m Over It” list. Initially, I was willing to follow Shonda out on that limb, but now the whole thing has gone too far. At this point, I will try to keep up with the show on hulu and the recaps here, but I do not see my self watching season 5…sad.

  35. Letti says:

    6. I don’t know this actress, but the truth is that Claire Holt is Rebekah, always. I1 still have hopes she returns, at least as a recurring next season. But the new Bekah is kind of ok, for temporary she’s great. I don’t really want any other recast.

  36. Candice says:

    I thought it was my tv last week when I watched Hart of Dixie. I spent most of the episode trying to adjust the color.

  37. Eran says:

    No. 7- that completely and totally went over my head. Frankly, I had no idea who the hell that even was. It had been so long since we last saw this guy alive, I couldn’t tell you what he looked like to save my life. And this is a new show. It’s not as if an established character presumed dead is suddenly resurrected.
    It’s a fun little soap trope but used way way too early in the game imho.

    • jbj says:

      They actually established pretty early on that Zaz had a brother…it was what clued Raphael in on Petra’s affair with him. So, it might be his twin, although I thought Raphael said he didn’t know him.

  38. Dill says:

    Nobody trusts Malcolm. It’s a question of whether his usefulness outweighs his guilt

  39. Ally says:

    I have follow up question from last week who feeds Slade/Deathstroke on the Island? He looks healthy n wellfed in the promos

  40. sarah j says:

    23)I knew she was not an intern as soon as I saw her.

  41. J. Norman says:

    many may not agree with me, but I think that Eddie is the weak link on the show. The 2 younger kids have more potential to them

  42. KevyB says:

    The real question about the Fresh Off the Boat kids is: Why do they have such distinct personalities after one episode when three of the four Black-ish kids are still one-dimensional after 13?

  43. Briggs says:

    16 – As even the show called Oliver on this one, it’s safe to say the writers’ room is aware of this glaring oopsy, but it’s not like it’s for another month. The very next ep, he feels the need to [b](spoiler)[/b] maybe jet off to Nanda Parbat. Also, I think both Roy and Laurel were of the opinion last week that it was Malcolm’s problem and Malcolm should deal with it. This week? Not so much.

  44. Kendall says:

    Is there any chance that you can give us a scoop on whether we’ll get Andy Diggle flashbacks in The Suicide Squad episode this year? Seems like that’d be the appropriate episode to do it with it being Dig centric and all

  45. KPMOM says:

    #18 – Children don’t automatically have the same blood type as their mother. I am O+ and so is my daughter, but my son is AB+, like my husband. So Scarlett could have her father’s blood type.