The Flash Recap: Blasts From the Past

The Flash Recap Nuclear Man

This week on The CW’s The Flash, as Barry struggled to take things not-too-fast with Linda Park, the S.T.A.R. Labs team took Firestorm’s temperature and Joe uncovered a most unbelievable clue about Nora Allen’s murder.

Lots happened this week, so let’s break it down, simple-like (or as simple as one can be when talking about nuclear fission):

THREE’S A CROWD | When not trying to over-worry about (ahem) “going” too quickly with new girlfriend Linda Park, Barry was interrupted by work, as the Ronnie/Firestorm situation heated up. Receiving these mixed messages, Linda picked Iris’ brain about Barry’s mindset, and Iris suggested he was not over an “unrequited love.” Barry confronted Iris about derailing his new romance, going so far as to allege that he has those feelings for her no more. He then proved (with a rather silly display) his commitment to Linda, rekindling their nascent romance — as a forlorn Iris looked on from afar.

S.T.A.R. LABS VS. FIRESTORM | After Dr. Martin Stein aka the “brains” of Firestorm accidentally roasted a college chum mid-consult, Wells asks Caitlin if she is on board with what needs to be done, since they’ve neutralized other metahumans for less. The Flash and Firestorm wind up getting into it a bit, with the latter taking the speedster for a ride into the sky, nearly dropping him to a certain death. But when Caitlin shows up, Firestorm flees. The Nuclear ManLater, after the S.T.A.R. Labs team reunites “Stein” with his wife Clarissa, they dial down his volatility with a prescription drug cocktail and then get the idea to separate Stein and Ronnie using fission.

While running tests on Stein, Caitlin asks if she can talk to Ronnie, but that’s not possible — though Stein is able to recall one vivid memory, of the place where Ronnie proposed: “He loved you very much.” Wells  meanwhile observes that the Stein and Ronnie atoms are trying to separate themselves at an exponential rate that could result in a nuclear explosion. The debate: Is ending two lives worth saving millions? Stein makes that call himself, disappearing to the Badlands to take his own life, but Barry arrives there with Caitlin to instead try a quantum splicer that Wells jerry-rigged using the tachyon device. Seeing Caitlin, Stein gives her a warm kiss,”from Ronnie,” but he ultimately explodes, as Barry races Caitlin away from the mushroom cloud. Elsewhere, General Elling gets word of the event, telling a soldier, “Bring me Firestorm.”

A BLAST FROM FUTURE BARRY’S PAST | Joe recruits Cisco and his gadgets to revisit the scene of Nora Allen’s murder, in a desperate bid to dig up new clues. The Nuclear Man(Fortunately, the old Allen home is now occupied by a flirty divorcee not spooked much by the whole homicide thing.) When Cisco realizes that an old mirror of the Allens’ is still in the living room, and that is has a silver nitrate backing, he gets the idea to pull “photographs” from it. Better yet, he turns the images into a 3D holographic display. That fancy-ass slideshow leads Joe to a splatter of blood covered by wallpaper. He asks Cisco to test the sample — against Dr. Wells’ DNA, an accusation that leaves Cisco gobsmacked if not also a bit crestfallen. The geek boy begs off the case, but later reports to Joe that the sample actually belongs to Barry. Specifically, an adult Barry Allen!

What did you think of this week’s episode, “Nuclear Man”? And Robbie Amell’s impression of spy daddy Victor Garber?

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  1. Richard says:

    Great show. Cannot wait to see what the rest of the season brings to the screen.

  2. Dj says:

    Could the blood they thought was Barry’s be actually Dr. Wells.

    • Marj says:

      I have thought from the beginning that Dr. Wells and Barry look a lot a like and I wondered if that casting was intentional.

    • L says:

      Barry is there fighting Wells and trying to save his mom… this whole back story is from the comics

      • Dj says:

        I’m aware of the comics. Flash Point and other Flash stories. What I’m saying is it would be an intresting twist if Dr. Wells was some twisted version of future Barry.

        • mimi says:

          OMG, I was thinking the same thing! Maybe Adult Barry is Dr. Wells in some strange way (!??)

          • Brian Bauer says:

            What if future Barry traveled back in time to save his mother. He failed and became stuck in this time and/or a time loop. He then takes on the identity of Dr. Wells, waits for his current self to gain super speed and trains him to become faster so that he can finally save his mother.

          • Will says:

            I have to say I kinda hope not at this point. I’m a fan of the comics and frankly…knowing Geoff Johns (one of the HEAD DC guys and an EP on Flash) is involved in both the book and the show…I can’t help but notice right now in the Flash comic a future Barry Allen (who’s EVVILLLLLL) has come back to the past and taken over for the real Barry. He’s killed people and is generally evil.

            It’s too much coincidence and I can’t help but chalk it up to another bout of ‘forced synergy’ like with when Lois and Clark got married in the books out of nowhere because the show was having them get married.

            I want my comics to not be marketing tests for TV.

  3. Elias Fares says:

    What a show! The blood could be Wells’ blood and the other blood sample may be Eddies.

    I don’t get why Iris is getting sad/jealous of Barry’s new girlfriend. She should be more happy with Eddie.

  4. Patrick Maloney says:

    Exactly what the show needed at this point, I’m thinking the Firestorm storyline is going to carry us through the rest of the season!

  5. James D says:

    good episode. cool that we’re finally getting in to time travel. cool to see firestorm I’m looking forward to watching that develop. the pow wow between Linda and Iris was weird with the whole wally west thing my brain started to hurt when i tried to make sense of such an odd love triangle :) Dr. Wells sacrificing his doohickey to try and save Ronnie/Stein doesn’t seem very Professor Zoom to me. Methinks there is more to this story then meets the eye. I would love for the writers to start paying off on some of these subplots with Wells, but other than that I’m very much enjoying this first season.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      The stories are moving at varying paces. Some are moving very quickly, like the building of Flash’s rogues gallery, some are moving at a medium pace, such as the Firestorm story, and lastly the slower but steady pace with Dr. Wells. It’s not so slow that it feels like it’s being stretched but not so quick that it feels like they are burning through story.

    • Tom says:

      Why you think Wells sacrificed his doohickey? -> finally the device HE build with Cisco did not work! So in conclusion, this is better than a gun and doesn’t leave him as suspect. So this is what is think – Wells still has doohickey.

  6. Joey Padron says:

    Good episode. Surprised the blood on the wall is Barry’s. glad the group found where Ronnie is & got to learn more about Dr.Stein not good about blast. Now army will find them.

    • Mustang5 says:

      Didn’t they say they found 2 different blood splatters – they only identified one though

    • Gail says:

      I wasn’t surprised the blood was Barry’s as many people on these boards had speculated. since the pilot, that there were two speedsters the night Mrs. Allen died and that Barry was the red streak.. The blood was a good way to clue in the characters about that. Now do Cisco and Joe tell Barry next week? Time travel will be a reality and Barry will certainly want to save his mother.However if he knows he went back and failed, what does he do? Can he do back multiple times so that there are several of him battling the reverse Flash? There are already 2 Barrys , child and adult, why not more. Good times ahead.

      • Rook says:

        Time travel is tricky, the question is, is this new or is this a loop? If this is new and Barry is learning his older self traveled back in time for the first time ever, then by knowing these events when he travels back and potentially save his mother. Or if it’s a loop then he will go back in time thinking he can change the events but his mother will still die. The young Barry in the room will witness it and then his turn will come to go back in time but his mother will still die, hence the loop.

        • Dj says:

          I think he is stuck in a loop. But they should do an episode where he saves his mother and rewrites history only to have to figure out a way to changes things back.

          • Fido says:

            If this IS a loop that means, since Barry WILL go back at some point in the future, he can thus not die before then, which means he is immortal until that travel date.
            I think the Barry that went back is a different Barry, one who got his powers from something OTHER than the Collider explosion (call this new cause X), and him going back changed the past which lead to X not happening, which lead to that Prof Guy building his Collider so it could explode so it could give Barry his powers (Prof knowing the world needs the Flash for some far future event). So I think our Barry will go back, see the other Barry there, join in, save the Mom, but both die doing so. (our Barry surviving the battle and ‘returning’ to the current time doesn’t work) Then baby Barry will grow up, event X will happen, and Barry will become The Flash. Fast forwarding to current date, there will be no Collider explosion in this new time-line and so no meta-humans. Or something like that. :)

          • Gail says:

            Which of course is the basis for Flashpoint in the comics. Time travel is great. I love reading people’s speculations about what will happen. Hope that whatever the writers come up with it meets our expectations.

  7. Why do they have Barry dating Linda Park??! She’s Wally’s wife!
    I get creative changes & all, but that’s pretty major.
    Not sure why they don’t just stick with Barry/Caitlin – the chemistry between Gustin & Panabaker is brilliant, whereas he has none at all with Candice.
    Plus it would further complicate the Firestorm arc (and later, possibly Killer Frost).

    • Tim says:

      The chemistry between Caitlin and Barry is “brilliant”, REALLY? The entire cast has chemistry with each other including Iris and Barry, Joe and Barry, Cisco and Barry, Wells and Barry, etc. Each in their own way. Stop with trying to create a non-existent romantic relationship between Caitlin and Barry. And what relationship that does exist between them as friends is certainly not brilliant.

    • Gail says:

      So far there is no Wally West on TV. With Barry already young who would Wally West be? A teenage Kid Flash? If so he wouldn’t be with Linda. If the introduced Wally as the same age or older than Barry he wouldn’t be the same character as the comics.

  8. Jammy says:

    Noo I wanted Ronnie to survive! Poor Caitlin! And the general dude is back, first with the girl that could make bombs+explode & now F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M! He sure likes explosives!

    Iris always wanted Barry to find someone but she never really thought how it would be if he really did. The possibility of her & Barry never crossed her mind till the confession so now she’s confused, jealous, slightly threatened about being replaced!

    It definitely was Adult Barry’s blood cause rmb when they showed the mom’s murder scene in the season start, Young Barry was flashed to the street. High likely Adult Barry saved Young Barry when he realised that even in his time travel he could not beat Reverse Flash & save his mom but could only save his young self!
    p.s. Joe you’re right to be suspicous of Dr Wells!

    Great episode all in all!:)

  9. itsafysel says:

    Why are the writers so shady to iris?For christ sake she’s the female lead of the show and we get what two scenes per episode if we are lucky.
    They don’t even try to develop her character at all.I know the cw dosent treat its black female characters well( eg bonnie on vampire diaries) but I thought the flash writers would be different.
    Harrison,joe,cisco,caitlin,barry have all grown from the first ep,but iris hasn’t been develped at all.what show treats its lead female character like this?

    • Blah says:

      Iris is a victim of being the one that doesn’t know. So she can’t be included in the superhero hijinks until they tell her. Which naturally pulls her away from the action which is a problem since it’s a superhero action/adventure show.

      As for who is supposed to be the lead. In most ensemble pieces that grows and changes over time based on how casting went. That’s how breakout stars happen

      Rachel bilson was a glorified extra in the oc pilot. Sophia bush wasn’t in the first episode of oth. Amy akker didn’t show up on person of interest until the end of season 1 ditto deeks on NCISLA. And there are lots of other examples

      • Josh says:

        I agree. I think Iris just isn’t a big part of the stories they are telling right now. Once she knows about Barry’s power or starts dating Barry, she’ll end up more of a main character. I also see a pattern in these superhero shows where there is at least one character that is around because he or she is ultimately important to the superhero’s story, but they just don’t know what to do with them for awhile. Gotham also has a future wife that doesn’t really do anything right now (Barbara). For Gotham, I’d probably throw Bruce Wayne in the category of “mainly just sitting around until they’re important” too. For Arrow, Laurel Lance wasn’t an interesting part of the story until she became the Canary.

  10. Goodbyenoway says:

    How could you not compare the 2 shirtless scenes? I love Grant Gustin but Robbie Amell showed what a man should look like. I wish they’d get Gustin into the gym. He’s so skinny it’s uncomfortable to see.

    • RUCookie says:

      As we clamor for greater representation of women’s body types on screen, why can’t men have the same? They all don’t need to look the same. That said, Barry is a runner, and if you have seen any real runner – their bodies are long and very very lean. He fits the part.

    • Gaia says:

      Please don’t ever complain about how women are pressured to look a certain way after a comment like this.

    • Gerri says:

      Not complaining about Robbie getting cleaned up and being shirtless for the testing that is for sure. I do hope the devise worked before or in conjunction with the explosion. Need to see more of Robbie on the show. Barry’s make out scene was pretty funny when he got excited and when he got dressed backwards.

  11. Arya says:

    If Barry did time travel to save his mom or simply himself by fighting revese flash wouldn’t he fractures time, creating another alternate timeline? is Wells trying to train Barry so that he can generate enough speed force so he can recharge himself ? This showing getting more intresting than ever. Love The Flash

  12. Raymond says:

    once again I’ll say that I think Wells is actually Jay Garrick pretending to be reverse flash in order to bring Barry “up to speed” for dealing with “Crisis”, Reverse Flash AND something more personal like maybe getting his own speed back at 100% (which he lost when he time traveled to the present) so he can go back to his time or save his own wife. I think that Eddie will become the true Reverse Flash in the future but will continue to travel to the present to antagonize Barry.

  13. Gerri says:

    I thought it was a great episode all around.
    Firestorm is an interesting character.
    I was curious about the 2nd blood sample. We always knew the one was Barry. But they cannot match the second sample to DNA but I am sure it will come up about the blood type being so rare. Someone we know will reveal to Cisco that they have that rare blood type just to give him more doubts.
    HOWEVER that was not a small blood splatter. How could the cops miss that in the first place. Even if Mr Allen was standing there with the knife they should have gone over the house or at least the room with a more fine tooth comb. Bad police work.

    • Brian Bauer says:

      It sounded like the may have noticed the blood stain but never tested it because he was “caught in the act”. Still sounds like crappy police work, though. Especially, since Barry was claiming someone (or something) else was in the house and killed Nora.

  14. Kal-El says:

    How bout this: Dr. Wells is Eobard Thawne, Eddie’s descendant from the future. Don’t know how he was in two places at once, but he didn’t kill Eddie because that’s his grandpa or something. It’s possible Eddie is Barry’s long lost brother or something, and so Wells is Barry’s great nephew or whatever. Remember when Reverse-Flash said it was Nora’s destiny to die? I think Henry WAS going to kill Nora and he did in the other timeline, so Barry went back in time to save her. But Eobard/Wells knew that Flash was important and that stopping his Mom’s death would prevent him from being a hero. So he went back in time to make sure she died so Flash would stay on course, and decided to stay and help him be a better hero when he gets older. But there’s plenty of flaws in that theory. Wells is from the future and the Flash existed in his world, so why did HE make the particle accelerator when obviously the Flash would’ve existed without him?

  15. It’s insanely clear at this point that Wells and “Future” Barry are one and the same.

    • Kal-El says:

      No dude, there were two of them that night. Flash was the red one, Wells was the yellow one. Are you trying to say Wells was Barry aka the red one and the yellow one was somebody else?

    • Eli says:

      Barry emits a yellow streak (lightning) and Wells omits a red streak. They cannot be the same. Also Wells had the same voice as Reverse Flash in their Christmas show. But then Reverse Flash also says “Dr. Wells, we meet at last” There are different versions of evil flash, there’s Professor Zoom and Reverse Flash. Wells could be Prof. Zoom

  16. Jon Graham says:

    I am enjoying the program overall. But I am frustrated by the “leaps of logic” that the writers take oftentimes. The blood behind the wallpaper….now who in the hell is not going to see a blood splatter that obvious in a murder crime scene, whether the hubby is holding the murder weapon or not. Puh-leeze. And the new owner is going to lay wallpaper over it….knowing that there was a murder in the house….without any concern at all? And the what wallpaper pulls back that easily? And a blood splatter would not look so “pristine” 15 years later. AND….the wallpaper glue would have camouflaged it also. Ugh.

    I know that I am not the only one seeing these things.

    It makes it harder to suspend disbelief. I expect a bit of crazy made-up “science logic” in these shows. And I know that the writers think, “we have to get from here to there” so they wonder how to do it. But the manner they choose is lazy.

  17. Christopher says:

    Here’s my theory: Wells knows exactly what happened to Barry’s mother, but he wasn’t part of it. Barry was there fighting Eddie who is the other Reverse Flash. Wells, while not exactly a good guy, isn’t evil either. He’s more of an ends justify the means kind of guy, and he needs to fix whatever happened because he needs the Flash in the future. Wells knows that if they figure out that the other Reverse Flash (who killed Barry’s mom) is Eddie, then they’ll try to stop him, which will further screw things up. That’s why Reverse Flash Wells from a few episodes didn’t touch Eddie, and why Reverse Flash before that took all of Joe’s evidence on the situation.

  18. Kal-El says:

    Tom Cavanagh said in an interview that he is the only Reverse-Flash and that Wells is just a disguise for Reverse-Flash. Then again, they always say things to throw people off, and maybe it’s just wishful thinking on his part. That’s why I’m thinking he’s Eddie’s descendant and Eddie himself will never be Reverse-Flash. Besides, Eddie knows nothing about science and seems genuinely nice. If the actor wasn’t being truthful, it could be that Eddie later gets (got) enraged at Barry getting Iris and got speed powers and became his archenemy. Then he killed Barry’s mom and Wells is another Reverse-Flash who’s trying to save the future or play everybody for his own reasons. I think whatever they’re doing is going to be so crazy that nobody could’ve predicted it.

  19. Briggs says:

    Barry and Linda was cute, and brought up stuff between Barry and Iris. I don’t think she meant to make it more complicated, and I don’t think he meant it when he said he was over her. This is just going to get more interesting.
    Poor Caitlin. From karaoke last week to dealing with a different man in her dead fiance’s body this week. At least she’s trying to deal with it in a healthy way. Just… the *feels* when Barry carried her away. The *feels*. *Poor* Cailin.
    Not saying that Ronnie and Stein don’t have it rough. It’s just more obvious for them. Stein’s not only in control of a body that’s not his, but powers he didn’t have before. The scenes between him and his wife were heartbreaking, and they were just as much so with Ronnie. It was a bit strange to hear Ronnie say ‘my dear’, but I figured it was that that scene was supposed to be awkward. And the end scene with them… Again, the *feels*.
    Wells surprised me this episode. They’re doing this on purpose, I swear. Just when I’m sure he’s a villain, he sacrifices his precious timetable to save the city. I don’t think he anticipated building bonds when he planned things out for… whatever he wants to do. Again, who *is* this guy?
    Oh, Cisco. My baby is getting disillusioned. I wanted to hug him. But the scenes between him and Joe are awesome. The part with the cougar who obviously had a thing for the detective made me laugh so hard. More of this, please?
    Joe is just awesome. He just is.
    The ghost pepper was a hoot. I love it when Barry gets bold.

    Ohhh, General Elling. I hope Firestorm blasts him out of the water. I am so done with this guy.
    Barry’s adult DNA, huh? How could they tell it was adult Barry? Really, I want an answer, because I didn’t catch it. Aside from that, though, cool reveal.
    Can’t wait to see how this pays off.

    • Dj says:

      I think they mentioned something in the DNA that wouldn’t have been in Barry’s DNA when he was a child.

      • Briggs says:

        Maybe something activated by the onset of puberty? I was just confused since I hadn’t heard of DNA changing as you get older.

        • Dj says:

          Ok Cisco said he found higher levels of p16 which he said is a protein in blood and that the levels he found were to high for an 11 year old. Really with all the test they run on Barry they could have made it easier and just said the DNA had traces of whatever is now in Barry’s DNA as the Flash.