Post Mortems

Red Band Society Finale Post Mortem: EP Talks Emma-Kara Friendship, Leo's Silence, That Rolling Stones Moment

Red Band Society executive producer Rina Mimoun has a vision. A decade or two from now, she hopes that the audience who tuned into her short-lived Fox series about the residents and workers of a hospital pediatric ward will remember it with the same fondness she holds for a one-season wonder from her own youth: Claire Danes’ seminal 1994 drama My So-Called Life.

“To me, that is one of the greatest television shows. My So-Called Life is something that I always refer to, it’s something I always think about, but in the scheme of things, it was just this very short blip,” Mimoun explains.  “I think Red Band has that same kind of appeal, or I hope it does. I could not be more proud of it. So despite it ending after 13 episodes, I’m happy. I hope everyone gets their DVD.”

Saturday’s two-part finale ended on a positive note: Kara successfully underwent heart transplant surgery, her body accepting the healthy ticker of her Ocean Park Hospital romance Hunter (but not before the two shared a mystic “trip” to Paris while she was under anesthesia and he prepared to head to the afterlife). Jordi’s grandmother and Dr. McAndrew rebooted their tense relationship — and convinced the troubled teen not to return to Mexico and to continue with a planned surgery. Emma and her mother had a major — albeit painful — breakthrough after a weekend of therapy. Leo agreed to take his spot in a clinical trial for his recurrent cancer — while also underscoring to his family and medical team that his general aura of positivity doesn’t make him a super hero. Dash broke things off with girlfriend Mae, knowing every minute they spent together as cystic fibrosis patients put both of their lives at risk. And our narrator Charlie got his release papers — then finally regained the ability to speak during a bon-voyage party on the roof with his fellow Red Band-ers.

Below, Mimoun talks about the bows with which the show’s writing staff wrapped up these arcs and the compromises she had to make due to the network cutting back the show’s episode order from 22 to 13.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about the final moment of the series: The Red Band members on the roof of the hospital, singing the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” — with Charlie surprisingly joining in at the end. Where did that idea come from?
One thing that has been a constant on the show, right from the pilot, is the music — and feeling like it spanned so many generations. We had an amazing musical budget, quite frankly and truthfully, the biggest moment for me was in Episode 11, when we used the Peter Gabriel song (“Washing of the Water”). It was one of my bucket-list momets, — and, yes, I do have a musical bucket list for television.

So back to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” we thought it so spoke to the larger theme of the show. In a million years, I didn’t think we could really [afford] a Stones song, but then I called our music guy, and he was like, “it’s not too crazy.” And so then we wanted to build the scene around it. Sure, it’s not necessarily the most real moment in the world, but it was poetic — and since we were building to a moment where Charlie gets to finally speak, it had to be more than just “Hi, guys.” We wanted it to have a little bit of poetry to it, and it just felt like that song was the perfect way to do it.

RBS1_108_10_17_S36_GD_0140_1_hires1TVLINE On the same note of poetic, though maybe not entirely realistic, so much of the first hour of the finale focused on Kara under anesthesia and visiting the recently deceased Hunter in Charlie World — or halfway between life and heaven. Did you guys have any doubts in the writers’ room about sending those two on a trip to Paris for one final romantic interlude? I loved it, but if it hadn’t been done right, it could have been a disaster.
To be very honest, we had doubts about how it would appear from a production standpoint. You know, given you’re on a small budget for a TV show, you don’t have the Amélie money coming at you. You don’t have a million days to do it. So trying to recreate this place that is so other was… Let’s just say we were nervous about the execution —  how it would look on your TVs. But we were never nervous about the story itself because it did feel so right, and we just could not end the Kara/Hunter saga in Episode 11 the way it ended. It just felt like they needed more.

TVLINE | Kara actually ended up becoming my favorite character by the finale.
Oh, good. I’m so glad. And it’s interesting, because, subconsciously, that’s the story you’ve actually been following from the pilot. When you rewind and you look at the pilot, that’s the only story being told in the pilot that has a beginning, middle, and an end, you know? You’re coming into this hospital from Kara’s point of view. Every other character, you didn’t really get a sense of where their journeys began. We met them right in the middle of it. I think that’s why the audience really connected to Kara.

TVLINE | We spoke before the winter finale about the Emma/Kara relationship, but I’d like to touch on it a little more. I loved how the complexities of their friendship and rivalry paralleled their own difficult relationships with their mothers — and how they really had forged a genuine bond by the end of the series. Was that a goal of yours from Episode 1 — to mine the Kara-Emma dynamic — or did it happen organically based on how the actors connected, etc.?
We had such an amazing staff and a really phenomenally force of female nature in our writers room — Gina Fattore, Jeannine Renshaw and Anna Fricke. And so, for all of us, it was a goal to tell stories about young women and their friendships, and making their characters not always about just being the love interest or the girlfriend. We also didn’t want every conversation between two women always having to be about a guy, either.

That’s something I strive to do in every show that I’m on. We do it in a totally different way on Mistresses, but ultimately, it’s just capturing women’s voices. We talk about a lot of things — and it’s not just boys. And for this show especially, these two young women had really complicated relationships with their mothers, and it affected them and it changed them and it’s the thing that ultimately brought them together and made them realize how they needed each other and how they could be there for each other.

What’s funny is, in no other universe would they have ever met, would they have ever been friends. But because of the situation, the Kara-Emma relationship was even more powerful than the Emma-Leo love story that had a lot of parallels. This boy would never meet this girl in school because he’s so popular, and she’s so shy. But I was more personally fascinated by the alpha female and the shy girl — and that relationship that would never be in high school, either. It’s very much like Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy, you know, if we’re bringing it all back to The Breakfast Club. That, to me, was more interesting than Emilio and Ally, and so I had the same feeling on Red Band, and I thought that Ciara [Bravo] and Zoe [Levin] were just great together.

RBS1_107-SC10-23_TR-0222_hires1TVLINE Emma’s storyline in the finale — the family weekend of therapy with her parents regarding her anorexia — was pretty intense. And you had a very short amount of time to achieve that emotional impact — considering your episode order got cut short at 13. Was that daunting for you?
It was. Again, that was unfortunately the product of when we were conceiving the storyline, we brought her mom in in Episode 10 — thinking that we were going to be doing more episodes. If I’m being totally honest, in a perfect world, it’s not the finale story that I would’ve wanted to tell for Emma. I would’ve wanted to move one beat beyond it, but [since we had limited time], it was so important to wrap up the situation with her family. It superseded what would’ve been a more traditional season finale for that character.

So, by the time we found out [about the episode order being cut to 13]… I know the Emma and Leo relationship is really important, and it’s sort of the promise of the show. But, oh my God, she got into this horrible fight with her mother, and she’s back in the hospital, and we have to solve that. We just can’t leave Emma and her mom hating each other. So, again, that particular storyline would not necessarily have been my ideal season finale, but I’m glad we told it. And I just loved watching Ciara perform that. She earned that ending.

RBS1_109_10-30_SA31_GD_0017_hires1TVLINE | Was there one storyline or one scene that it pained you to not be able to have because of the shortened season? 
I would have enjoyed playing out the arc of Dash and Mae. I would’ve really liked to see where that went because I did feel like Dash’s character got shortchanged somewhat. Because one of my favorite, favorite stories of the season was when Dash did the spray painting of the mural with Kara; I thought you just found out something totally new about this guy, and it was the first time I realized, “God, we have not peeled this onion at all.” So Mae was going to be a way into a deeper exploration of Dash’s character, which is something I was wanting to do. That’s a regret.

TVLINE One thing that really surprised me was that Episode 12 — the first hour of the finale — found our protagonist Leo almost completely silent.
Charlie [Rowe] was not happy. He called me like, “I have one word in Episode 12.” And I was like, “I know, but it’s going to be really powerful. Your silence is very emotional.”

People who like the show and people who are critical of the show, in both instances, we got feedback of “Oh, this doesn’t seem realistic,” and it was hard. That was always the struggle of the show. So when we got down to Leo and his cancer returning, as we were trying to break the story, none of us could think of a single thing he would realistically say or do. If that happens to you, all any of us could think of is that you would shut down. It felt like a powerful choice for the hero of the show — the guy who has always been the one bucking everybody up — to simply not have it in him to do that anymore. So his silence, in Episode 12, did give us a better way to tell the Superman story in 13. Had he been talking it out and having all of his conversations with his friends in [the hour prior], that felt false. But I didn’t want to see him be angry and railing. He’s such a present actor, and it was really emotional to just watch him in that fetal position, because I think that was true. I think that’s certainly how I would feel.

TVLINE Were you pleased with Leo essentially shedding this “superhero” role in the finale? He remains committed to fighting and going into this clinical trial, but he also wants to be seen in a different light, not always having to be the perfect inspirational story.
Yes, and while we didn’t use the song, the story came out Five For Fighting’s “Superman”: I can’t stand to fly. I’m not that naïve. I’m only a man in a silly red sheet. It’s a great song, and we just kept thinking that was Leo’s anthem. It was a little bit subtle to try to create, because, obviously, we wanted him to fight. But we did feel like it was important for him to say, “I need to be let off the hook, and I can’t be your champion anymore. I can’t make this easier for you, mom, or easier for you, Dr. Dave Annable.” [Laughs] I have to be me in all of this, and I thought [Charlie Rowe] did a really nice job in that moment.

TVLINE I was almost taken aback when his mother asked Dr. McAndrew about fulfilling Leo’s Make-A-Wish request. I felt like it really underscored the life-and-death aspect that was so easy to forget while you’re watching this young, handsome kid in a love triangle all season.
Exactly, it had been there the whole time, and you just forgot about it. But it was the one thing we knew were going to do from the very beginning: There had been a lot of debate when I first came onto the show about where was Leo in his remission, and how is this going to go? We knew his cancer needed to come back — because it’s part of the drama that these people really go through, but we didn’t want to do it until we were at the end because, again, it gave us the opportunity to say, “if and when the show was returning, you could certainly bring Leo back.”

What did you think of the Red Band Society? What would have been your hopes in a Season 2? Grade the finale in our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. S says:

    I really loved this show, and I appreciate that the show runners did everything they could to give the show a proper ending (though I’m so sad it’s over). I loved Kara and Hunter’s last scenes, his speech about Kara living for him had me in tears. I loved the roof scene at the end as well. The quiet moment with Nurse Jackson and Dr. McAndrew talking about how it hurts to say goodbye, but they aren’t saying goodbye to each other was a sweet moment for the characters as well as two actors ending their run on a brilliant show. Thank Red Band Society for an enjoyable and emotional ride!

    • Hawk says:

      The show didn’t fulfill the promise of the pilot. It doesn’t hold a candle to my so called life and for the writer or Mistresses (Mimoun) to compare her work to that superior show is delusional. They left Dash out of the show. What a missed opportunity.

    • Mike says:

      Beautifully said, I couldn’t agree more, I too am going to miss this show. It seems the good ones always end too soon

  2. Tran says:

    I give it an A+. This makes me want to cry.

  3. donna says:

    As a cancer patient there is so many negative things we have in our lives. But this show proved that you can be Ill and still enjoy life. I will miss it

  4. Angela says:

    I loved the show… I wish it will be brought back!!

  5. mary says:

    Bring it back. Its was an excellent show.
    it shows children there are kids who gets sick, and how they deal.

    • Velocisexual says:

      Except that it’s mostly boring teenage romance crap instead of seeing them actually deal with stuff.

      • Tomas says:

        It was totally boring teenage romance crap. Taken from 90’s teen movies.

      • crazychica says:

        oh wow, what did you want them do deal with? tax? wow, so real.

        • Isela says:

          Rite!!! Good one😉

        • Anne says:

          Had they actually portrayed realistic illnesses and a realistic hospital setting it could have been a good show. Unfortunately, this was a world where children didn’t need parental consent to have limbs amputated, and where anorexia apparently has no physical costs at all. All they cared about was who’s dating who. Very disappointed in this show.

  6. Peggy says:

    I sure wish this wasn’t the end of the show. was so good!!!

  7. G. A. Edwards says:

    What I loved about Red Band Society is that it was a show about teens who happened to be sick. The illnesses affected but didn’t define the young characters or the adults. These kids were all the great things that young people are in real life. Likable, lovable, obnoxious, brave, afraid, and good and loving friends to each other…and raunchy too. I am a retired teacher who worked with teens my whole career. So many people have said, “I don’t know how you put up with those teens.” Red Band Society just showed the world why my answer has always been, “Easily”! Thank you for showing others what they are missing when it comes to teens.

    • crazychica says:

      i agree it should have more an just ONE season, because this shows realistic stuff (apart from the afterlife thing – if some of you aren’t too into the afterlife) and how people try dealing with it.

      Plus, you get to learn all these new medical terms and it actually educates you (one way or another) on what happens (so does other tv shows but still). It has a good vibe to it and it doesn’t actually lead to serious stuff like murder or something because its evolves around children and teenagers.

      Its fresh, new, realistic, funny and does not have headache-causing gorish, stupid, overly-dramatic and not to mention unhealthy murder scenes. WHAT were in those people-who-cancelled-this-show’s minds?

  8. What a mistake to end this awesome series! I don’t believe you Fox people know just what a gem of a show you have here and what and inspiration it is for so many people. I hope that you will pick it back up for more seasons if not allow another network to do so. This show has a very favorable fan base and deserves to return.

    • C$ says:

      Actually FOX did try to get a second season. However they rightfully asked the studio that produces it (Sony I think but I don’t feel like verifying as I’m typing this on a phone.) to lower the cost of the rights to air it, because ratings were very low. The studio refused, and is, or was, trying to shop it to other outlets but it doesn’t seem likely they’ll find anyone. They should have taken the risk and given it to FOX on the cheap.

      • jeremy says:

        ABC Studios.

      • rowan77 says:

        The show was expensive with a large cast. The studio bears the costs for about 50% of the production costs above and beyond the network fee (the other 50%). Every TV show loses the studio money until it goes into syndication during season 5. Sadly, but realistically, the ABC Studios knew this show would not last long enough for syndication meaning there was no way they’d make their money back eventually. Pulling the plug was sad, but the smart move financially. If Fox really wanted it they could have tried to buy it and produce it at Fox, but they didn’t.

        It was a great concept with a great pilot, and while it took a while to find its legs, it had some excellent episodes and performances. I will miss it, but I get why it was cancelled by the studio.

        • Jackson says:

          Buying and producing it at FOX is totally unrealistic and pretty much unheard of.

        • Jake says:

          There is a one set show and lots of kid actors who are cheap to pay. The show wasn’t expensive. ABC Studios just needed an excuse because they want the writer back on the huge hit show Mistresses.

  9. greysfan says:

    Bittersweet ending but it was a great finale. I’m really going to miss this show and the entire cast. I really can’t believe this is it. A brilliant show cancelled too soon. :(

  10. Rebecca says:

    Unlike most shows on TV today, Red Band Society has meaning. In the short time that the show has been on, it has shown that no matter what happens in life, whether it be sicknesses or relationship struggles, you can still make the best of the situation. Each character on RBS struggles with these issues, but they manage to continue living their lives and have fun. I can honestly say that the characters on the show have become an important part of my life and impacted it in many ways. Although I will miss the show greatly, I’am just so glad that I even had the opportunity to watch the one season. I want to thank the cast and crew of RBS for giving me the chance to watch such an amazing show, even if it was only for a short time. On behalf of myself having struggled with a mental illness since I was 9 years old, and every other fan of Red Band Society who has struggled with something, the show has helped me to realize that we are not alone. I hope that everyone associated with RBS knows how important this show is to me, and I will continue to have hope for the future of Red Band Society. The ending had me in tears. So sad that it’s really over:(

  11. J says:

    I would have liked to see Jordi and Kara start a relationship. They were the new patients in the pilot. I like to think that he beat cancer and Kara changed to a healthy lifestyle. They got married and took their daughter to Paris. Leo beat cancer and Emma beat her disease and they got married and had kids. Jodi and Kara are the god-parents and vice-versa. Dash – well, not sure how I see his future since CF is fatal; although treatments have improved. I wonder who would have taken over the narration, now that Charlie left. (if the show had continued.

  12. Shan says:

    I really enjoyed Red Band Society, and am saddened by its cancellation. People who watch shows on tv, especially those that have serial qualities, follow a specific form and continuing line of thought, become invested in the characters. We understand that they are actors portraying the characters, but we, or rather I want to know what happens next. Does Jordi make it through surgery? Does Leo have success with the trial? Does Kara really develop into something more? Does Emma ever overcome anorexia? What happens to Dash? Does nurse Jackson check on Charlie? What happens next? The finale was good, I, for one didn’t realize it was the series finale. It was a great show, and I hope that somehow the show is brought back. I would really like to see what happens next.

  13. LDW says:

    Really bummed this great show is over. Cried through most of the finale. But I’m glad it at least got a decent ending.

  14. Emely Lopez says:

    I love this show so much yesterday night I stayed up all nigh long just to see all the shows!! I saw that they skipped episode 5 and11 and it takes a long time for these people to make one episode. But other than that I just love this show!! Never stop making this show!! I love it to much😍😍

  15. Typical Fox…canceling a show with actual substance. The critics were right about this; this WAS one of the best shows of the new season. Shame Fox didn’t give it more of a chance. If I were the show runners, I’d start pitching this to Amazon.

    • r0ckmypants says:

      It got average reviews (60% on Rotten Tomatoes, and only 43% for top critics, and 58 on Metacritic) and below-average ratings. Of course it was going to get canceled, especially in a season where Fox has two other breakout dramas.

      I don’t know when people will realize that just because YOU like a show does not mean it should run forever.

      • Kakara says:

        No one thinks ANY show should run forever, but tv isn’t meant to sit down and watch someone else screw up their lives and complain about it like the Kardashians, or watch people’s wives argue and such…. this show is about REAL problems with REAL things that do happen. Its a drama yes but a drama with an element of documented truth.

        Also, just because YOU do NOT like a show doesn’t mean it needs to be cancelled either.

  16. Viv says:

    I love this show present tense. Honestly, there were so many great moments in the season. While I get why people stopped being interested in the show, but I really appreciated the characters they developed in the show. This show put me on an emotional rollercoaster and I loved that. I wish they could just give the viewers an epilogue so I don’t to be so depressed that the show is over. It doesn’t have to be twenty years after, but anything that will help me, as well as other viewers I’m sure, to move on. Omg it doesn’t even have to be a cable network, can like Hulu or Netlix or like Amazon Instant Video pick up the show please?! I love this show so much.

  17. Liz says:

    I really don’t understand why they are canceling this awesome show. Can someone sit down with me and explain it to me cause to me it seems EVERYONE LOVES this show. Please with the kindness of the your heart ( the ones that made Red Band Society a hit) please don’ t cancel this show. It will mean a lot to the fans. PLEASE don’t cancel this show. Thanks!

    • Melanie says:

      The show got cancelled cause it didn’t get enough viewers. Television shows run thanks to advertisements. The ad companies pay for the show. That’s why there are ads all the time. They pay the show to have there as on during breaks; if there were no ads who would pay for the show? no one. so when advertisement companies see that the show isn’t getting a lot of viewers it means not a lot of people are seeing the ads. Then, slowly the ad companies start pulling there ads out which results in no ads which leads to no money to produce a show which means no show.
      I’m really upset about the cancellation aswell. It was a fantastic show and really wish it didn’t get canceled:(

  18. Viv says:

    And I guess Fox is going to have a new show coming soon with a lot of well-known actors. It probably costs too much and so they want to throw away Red Band Society :( breaks my heart

    • Jackson says:

      FOX offered ABC Studios to produce more episodes for this summer with a reduced licensed fee but they declined.

      • Jen says:

        The show was not expensive as it was a one set show and the kids salaries were low. ABC Studios never liked or supported the show. The pilot was great but the writing turned into teenage angst crap and wasn’t at all about what the show set out to do. Rina Mimoun writes crap TV like Mistresses. This was not My So Called Life. It was never anything near that. Mimoun is defintely a So-Called writer.

    • Amanda says:

      They did and it is called Empire…..and it’s slaying the ratings! So it proved that a show on FOX at 9pm on a Wdnesday can beat the competition.
      I liked RBS, but I felt they were being too nicey nicey about children being sick. Hunter should have been in the beginning and her should have passed int he first 4 episodes and they should’ve have shown these children dealing with death, because in a hospital it happens. The last episode was powerful, I just wished they had did it sooner and maybe people would’ve started to watch…IDK, but if it had came on Mondays or Tuesdays, I don’t think it would’ve been cancelled.

  19. Chris says:

    I started watching Red Band from the pilot and loved it. I thought that it might be follow by a younger age group, I’m 49, but I wanted to see how the show would progress. As a father of 3, and having seen several of the scenarios that were portrayed in this show, I knew that I would watch it until the end. That happened to come far sooner than I had hoped. Really really good job.

  20. Nikki Rivera says:

    I love the series. Short lived but will stay with me. Ive laughed, I’ve cried and even got mad such a good watch.

  21. Cris says:

    I also loved this show. You could tell that the writers also loved the characters because they treated them with respect. I am sad when quality shows are cancelled and replaced with the “other stuff” !

  22. TV Gord says:

    …and another series is thrown onto the TV scrap heap, only to be “discovered” in a few years on Netflix or one of its knockoffs. People will say, “how did this great show not survive”, and they’ll blame Fox, when it is really their fault, because they didn’t watch it when it mattered. And so it goes…

  23. justsomeguy says:

    Sucks for the fans that it’s going away, but I honestly have to question any broadcast network that gives the green light on a show about kids with cancer. The subject matter is just entirely too real, not enough escapism.

  24. D says:

    Both my husband and I watched every week and we really liked everyone in the cast without exception. Very sorry it didn’t get picked up and wished it had been given a longer life. Personally think the network had a great show here and pulled the plug too soon. We are enjoying Gotham/Sleepy Hollow but also really liked RBS. BTW we also watched every week of The O.C. when it was on, and felt that RBS had that same multi-generational appeal and potential staying power.

    The storylines made us feel connected to these kids and hospital staff. After we watched the finale my husband said they did a great job wrapping it up and he felt like it was a satisfying ending. I totally agreed. You might not always get what you want, but it doesn’t stop you from wanting it. If RBS came back by some miracle, we’d be tuning in again. Hey, miracles happen sometimes don’t they?

  25. Fea says:

    I love this show and really hate to see it end. They did a great job ending it after such a brief run. I thought these young actors were superb.

  26. Taunji Knudsen says:

    It was an outstanding television series that both my 20 something daughter and I enjoyed watching together. We are both very disappointed that there will not be a second season. We would howeve, purchase a DVD of the first season should that be available.

  27. Angela says:

    Please, don’t scrap this show. My teenage daughter & I found a common thread & I want to keep it going. Also, this show brings to the forefront the battle of life while one is trying to “live”.

  28. Ralph says:

    Bring it back so much more of a story. One of the best shows on TV

  29. Joey Padron says:

    last two episodes was great. glad Kara got to spend time with Hunter but he move on to after life. glad Emma worked out her problems wth her mom. it was good to see Dash in a relationship, sad it couldn’t continue more. good to hear Charlie speak. scene with kids on roof singing rolling stone song was great. wish this great show could have continue with season 2.

  30. Carla Krae says:

    I’ll miss this show.

  31. B.B. says:

    I really liked this show. The finale was really good. Please TBS or someone give this show a much-deserved second chance!

  32. As a person who has undergone radiation for cancer. Jordi being frightened and realizing that doctors are just practicing medicine and they really are not God spoke to me. I started my cancer journey thinking doctors know all but ended up realizing I must be my own advocate. And being the mother of an anorexic teen daughter you got is so right on, with the moment the Mom knew. I had that moment also. A tragic tragic illness. And a very addictive one. I will miss this show every Wednesday. As I undergo one more cancer surgery.

  33. Virginia Wilson says:

    We loved this show from the first episode. We learned to love all the characters, and felt their emotions along the way. Yes, as a retired nurse, after 33 full-time years, I admit the hospital/rehab setting was rather unrealistic; however, both of us felt that you handled very sick teenagers behavior in a fairly realistic manner. It was a great Hospital Adventure for young and old! Please bring it back for another season. Sincerely, VIW and EFH

  34. Macey says:

    This show was a such an amazing show! It took me on an emotional roller coaster that I will never forget about in my life. Every character in this show was played to their fullest and they couldn’t have been portrayed any better by the actors/actresses who portrayed them. I am going to miss every second of this amazing show. Goodbye Red Band Society:(

  35. Cameron says:

    I enjoyed this show. Sad to see it end but the finale was perfect.

  36. kayla says:

    Does anyone else agree this show could have done soo much better on ABC family? I’m glad I got to watch it but I honestly want more… fox is not the right network for it at all and it would have gotten better ratings on ABC family!!! Please bring red band back!!!!

  37. jerry says:

    Fox should keep red band going it’s a great show. Allot better than some of their other new shows

  38. Catherine plasterer says:

    One of the best TV shows! Actors are amazing and make us believe what they are going through. Extremely well written and it would be such a shame to lose this wonderful program! Why do the good shows always slip away from us? Please renew!

  39. Clause white says:

    Red Band Society was so powerful, it reminded me of my grand’ son leukemia and bone marrow transplant, twenty years ago. Like him the hospital becomes their home and the staff and patients, their family, Only if you went true the heart braking moments of these kids, can you understand the true nature of the show. Heart breaking in its honesty. I would watch a second episode over any show ever. It is a wonderful story so close to real life. Kudos for you my dear.

  40. Marie B. says:

    Honest, real discussions of illness, life, death and dying. There wasn’t enough advertising for the show. When Glee first was released, the advertising was everywhere. I actually missed episode 11 because I didn’t know it was on, but then was able to watch it online. Maybe the decision to cancel the show was already made, making advertisement useless!?

  41. I am sad to see this show cancelled so soon, but I a glad they gave the show a propped ending. They could have kept it going, with the staff remaining the same, and changing out patients throughout each season. It would have been more realistic and could have gone on for years.

    • johnhelvete says:

      Think that might have been the plan. Charlie left the hospital, Kara is probably not far behind and Emma appeared to make a breakthrough with her treatment, the other remaining characters might have stayed for season 2.

  42. Carol DuCharme says:

    Fox finally had a show that wasn’t all sex or all violence. A show filled with interesting characters and great story lines. I should have known they wouldn’t let it last.

  43. amh715 says:

    Will there be a season 2? I sure hope so, I absolutely love this show!!! :)

  44. Fred says:

    Thanks for the inverview! You guys should do this more often for season/series finales of cancelled tv-shows. Most shows end on a cliffhanger, and I always love to know what the writers would’ve wanted to explore in other seasons, what their perfect ending would be, what they changed because of cut episode orders, etc. I hate to be left hanging when a show gets cancelled, and I hate it even more if nobody interviews the writers about what they would have done if the show wasn’t cancelled.

  45. Debbie Briley says:

    I want this series to continue. I really enjoyed the storyline and all the characters. I don’t understand why it has to end. Please say somehow the network made a mistake and it will continue. I really don’t want to see it end.

  46. Maria says:

    Dear Red Band Society Director,
    Please do not end Red Band Society because it brought joy and happiness to my life. The show is a very realistic show because teens struggle depression or have cancer. Teens would have a connection with the show like myself.

  47. Anne says:

    Boooring show. Not suprised it’s done

  48. Lizzie says:

    I have rarely watched a show that has made me want to cry, but Red Band Society did that. When I first started watching the show, I honestly didn’t like any of the characters because they seemed annoying and shallow. But as I continue watching, we found out more about the characters and why thy acted and felt the way they did. We are put in the middle of their stories, and just like in real life, piece it together little by little. I hated Kara at first, but she really began to grow on me the last three episodes. I think the writers and producers are very talented at the character development, even though at times it was unrealistic. This was a great show that I hope will be remembered in years to come

  49. MaryAnn says:

    My son and I loved this show. He is 22 and has cerebral palsy and epilepsy so dealing with medical issues is all too familiar. We loved the smart writing from all of the characters’ points of view and how illness affects all aspects of a person’s life and those who love him. Great show that will be greatly missed!

  50. Harlene gross says:

    One of the Best shows in a long time it was different sad funny just a joy to watch