Performer of the Week: Jane the Virgin's Jaime Camil

Performer of the Week Jane Virgin

A weekly feature in which we spotlight shining stars


THE SHOW | Jane the Virgin

THE EPISODE | “Chapter 12”

THE AIRDATE | Feb. 2, 2015

THE PERFORMANCE | Vain, egotistical, absentee – those are all qualities that describe Jane the Virgin‘s father, Rogelio. And yet, we adore him, in big part thanks to the hilarious performance of his portrayer Jaime Camil. Week after week, the actor has brought a sweetness and naivete that keeps his self-absorbed character from becoming unlikable. And his superb comedic timing has us rolling on the floor with gems like this line from Monday’s episode: “You can’t have The Passions of Santos without Santos! Then it’s just Passions, and that show failed!”

But this week, Camil was more than just funny; he brought tears to our eyes in a moving father-daughter moment. Upon learning that his telenovela was planning to kill off his character, Rogelio asked his daughter to write him an epic death scene. She delivered, and he performed it so well, Jane finally called him “Dad,” causing Rogelio to well up and declare, “I have this feeling in my chest now. It feels kind of warm.” So do we.

HONORABLE MENTION | On The Kat GrahamVampire Diaries, Kat Graham brought the despair and isolation of being trapped in a prison world by herself to life with heartbreaking intensity. Bonnie’s helplessness was no more evident than when she decided to kill herself, recording one last video message for her friends. “It’s just the loneliness. I can’t take it. And I only know one way to turn it off,” she explained, Graham’s face and voice breaking. But even more impressive was the resilience the actress imbued Bonnie with when she chose to “stay strong” and fight for her life. It wasn’t survival of the fittest, but survival of the bravest.

HONORABLE MENTION | DuringConrad Ricamora How to Get Away With Murder any given episode of How to Get Away With Murder, we’re left speechless by the powerhouses who comprise the regular cast. This week, though, it was Conrad Ricamora who caught our attention in his short but powerful time on screen. As Jack Falahee’s Connor has grappled with the events of Murder Night, his tall tale of drug addiction and the stress of being Annalise Keating’s student, we haven’t paused to consider how Oliver might be dealing. But Ricamora allowed us a brief glimpse at Oliver’s internal struggle, as he planted a passionate kiss on Connor, pulled away just as quickly, then confessed that Connor is like a drug to him. “I more than like you,” he nervously admitted to his ex. With those words, Ricamora transformed his character from nerdy computer whiz into a deeply complex man we can’t wait to know better.

What performances rocked your TV set this week? Sound off below!

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  1. Amber says:

    I completely agree! I loved Jaime Camil and Kat Graham’s performances!

  2. dude says:

    AGREE! Jaime Camil is MVP every week! God he’s the best. My favourite line of the night was, “have some muffins, they’re mini so you won’t gain back your fat.” His delivery is perfect.

  3. Emma says:

    Charlie Day for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia this week, Charlie Work was such an amazing episode and really displayed Day’s acting skills, and he deserved an Emmy for the episode.

  4. Loved Jamie Camil this week, but a little disappointed that Emily Bett Rickards didn’t get an honorable mention. She killed during this arc, especially in her speech at the end of the last episode, and having that recognized would have been nice.

  5. ... says:

    Jean-Luc Bilodeau from Baby Daddy deserves some recognition. He’s always great, but he was especially wonderful in this most recent episode.

    • Ram510 says:

      He did well also this week, but I don’t think he was quite to the level of other performers this week. I like the direction they are going with Baby Daddy, it’s a lot of fun and sometimes emotional, great show!

  6. brandydanforth81 says:

    Totally agree about Jamie & Kat

  7. Daye says:

    OMG how could you over look Tim Kang in The Mentalist???? His performance was amazing in that very sad episode!

  8. Wendy says:

    I completely DISAGREE WITH Oliver from HTGAWM (Conrad Ricamora) as an honorable mention. I think he’s an awful actor & I even commented such while watching Thursday night’s episode. Any of the fab 5 students, especially Connor, deserves the honorable mention way before he should even be in your thoughts.

    • esteban says:

      its called an opinion, no need to get knickers in a knot. holy…

    • darith3duh says:

      Conrad is an incredible actor! I think we began to see Oliver as more than just some IT guy Connor can push around from the multiple times he rejected/told off Connor. He is probably one of the most likable characters on the show! I love that he said Oliver is like a drug to him and that no matter how he wants to reject his feelings for Connor, he can’t. ALL THE FEELS. <3

    • Anne says:

      Without Conrad Ricamora as Oliver it would be much harder to see Connor as anything other than a one dimensional and horrible character. It is their interactions that give Connor depth. I love to watch Connor and Oliver together onscreen, and Conrad is great.

      • Pati says:

        Totally agree about Conrad! In a few seconds he was like a goddess. he gave the emotion very strong. And Connor would be so ordinary withouT Oliver !

    • Rachel says:

      Wow. Why such strong feelings against Oliver and Conrad? I think he did a fantastic job. I loved seeing him get emotional with Connor. It’s about time we really got to know more about Oliver. I hope and can’t wait to see more of his story as the series continues. HTGAWM was very smart to cast Conrad in this role.

      • redjane12 says:

        Agreed it was a fantastic job in a very short scene.

        Oliver is clearly the ‘heart’ in that relationship and I am terrified he’s going to get caught in the cross hairs with all the dangerous games in the show…

  9. Brandon says:

    I would have suggested Sarah Drew on Grey’s Anatomy, but perhaps even better work is yet to be seen in this storyline…

    • Addie says:

      I was going to mention Sarah Drew as well, but I bet next week is going to be hers. Plus Rogelio is one of the (many) good things about Jane the Virgin, so I can’t really complain too much.

  10. rd4everanime says:

    For me, it’s Eliza Taylor, she killed it this week. That montage in the end was great and the last 5 minutes or so of that episode was easily one of the best I’ve ever seen and that’s largely part because of her. Badass Clarke is the best Clarke!

  11. CJ says:

    Couldn’t agree more! I was so impressed by Jaime Camil this week. What a touching scene between Rogelio and Jane when she called him “dad” for the first time.

  12. Kate says:

    Rogelio is the funniest character on tv. I don’t ordinarily laugh out loud while watching tv/movies but I do when watching him.

  13. Bartleby says:

    Charlie Day.

  14. Dani says:

    Yes but what about Amy Acker though

  15. Eliza says:

    Jaime Camil is easily my favorite thing about Jane the Virgin! After last weeks episode my roommate and I quickly came to this conclusion. His performance as Rogelio is awesome.

  16. Ian says:

    Kat Graham was Performer of the Week, as far as I’m concerned.

  17. Grey's Fan says:

    Wagering that next week’s top performer will be Sarah Drew (April) from Grey’s Anatomy.

  18. Angelica Cayela was amazing in last night’s episode! She was able to capture the vulnerability and strength of someone who just found out they have a brain tumor without going overboard on the either, like some actresses have (*ahem* Emily Bett Rickards *ahem*). And then she was able to tap into something indescribable when Manny finally appeared to her and relieved her of the burden of the questions and insercurities she had all season. Matt Ryan justifiably gets all the attention on Constantine, but Angelica Cayela is definitely the show’s secret weapon… And to think her character was cast at the last minute, couldn’t imagine what this show would be like without her!

  19. rachelle says:

    Omg, yaaaas! I love Rogelio so much. He cracks me up and he always gets me in the feels. I commented on the recap of this week’s Jane episode that the scene where Jane calls him “Dad” for the first time made me cry. Rogelio is so sweet. You can tell how much he loves the Villanueva women and how hard he wants to build a bond with Jane. This show is such a treasure.

  20. Juan says:

    100% agree with Jaime Camil. He was freaking amazing this last episode and I almost teared up watching him in the scene. He was amazing. I also agree about Conrad Ricamora. He was great in this weeks episode and I love Conner’s relationship with Oliver even if a little sad sometimes.

  21. Lisa says:

    You should have seen him playing a man hiding away from the police by dressing as a woman, he was hilarious

  22. I’m in complete agreement with this weeks choices. Terrific performances from all.

  23. Ronnie says:

    Even after being off of the air for a year, I can’t seen Jaime Camil and not think of Eva on “Por Ella Soy Eva.” He was so damn funny I had to watch the whole telenovela twice and buy the soundtrack! For those in the know: “Que que WHAT?!?!”

    • James says:

      I can’t think of Jaime Camil without thinking his characters in Las Tontas and La Fea Mas Bella. He’s just that good at playing outrageously funny people.

  24. Whimsical says:

    Emily Bett Ricakrds knocked it out of the park on Arrow this week. More than usual, I mean.

  25. Hodan says:

    Rogelio is my favorite thing from JTV. He was soo good last episode.

    Kat’s performance as Bonnie was amazing. I can’t wait until she leaves that place.

  26. Chris says:

    Kat deserved it.

  27. A.M. says:

    Speaking of HTGAWM, in my opinion Marcia Gay Harden would absolutely deserve an honorable mention. She was amazing especially in the last scene of the episode alongside Viola Davis. Bit surprised though to see Conrad Ricamora on list, as the talked about scene felt too soapy, and the line where Oliver admits that Connor is his drug was quite laughable. Furthermore, I think their “relationship” is a bit erratically portrayed, without much depth. The show has a lot of potential, too bad the writing is really inconsistent (at least regarding the students’ storyline).

  28. redjane12 says:

    Great call on Oliver on How to get away with Murder – A very short scene but an incredibly powerful and poignant one thanks to some superb performances… Murder isn’t often a subtle show but this was one incredible scene.

    I don’t watch Jane or TVD but I am sure they too are worthy too of course…

  29. Hege says:

    Joelle Carter on Justified is just fantastic this season”

  30. Ashley says:

    Not that I’m not displeased with Jaime getting the honor, but I was expecting Sarah Drew to be mentioned somewhere. Hopefully next week?

  31. Jovana says:

    Sarah Drew.