Glee Recap: Bacharach to the Future

Mercedes Jones may or may not be the truth, but she sure as heck spoke it in this week’s installment of Glee. And we can sum up her testimony in a simple mathematical equation: Rachel Berry + Broadway = Endgame.

No disrespect to those who ship Klaine or Brittana or Samcedes or even Samchel (a mashup moniker that makes me a little queasy every time I type it). But as the show sails into the midway point of its sixth and final season, I’m most interested in seeing the original members of New Directions stay true to their career goals and long-held personal dreams moreso than I am in demanding they remain coupled with their high-school sweethearts (not that there’s anything especially wrong with that).

Which is why Rachel’s tortured/triumphant return to Broadway — an audition set up by Mercedes with her pal Russell Simmons — turned out to be Glee‘s most thrilling moment all season. Rachel’s rendition of “Promises Promises” brimmed with resilient, I-get-knocked-down-but-I-get-up-again energy, and the crazy/beautiful confidence that catapulted her from unheralded NYADA student to Broadway staaaah over the course of Season 5.

I felt that same surge of happiness — the kind that makes me want to declare myself that thing where you put the letter “k” at the end of the show’s title — during Mercedes’ pep talk with Rachel, midway through Santana and Brittany’s showdown with Ms. Lopez’s homophobic abuela and even upon learning Mercedes’ current single is No. 89 on iTunes.

In other words, this episode based around the music of Burt Bacharach was a top-notch affair. Can we get seven more just as good over the rest of the season?

While you ponder that question, let’s jump into recapping the action from tonight’s installment:

606gle_ep606-sc33_0552_f_hires1“PROMISES” OF A NEW DAY | As mentioned above, Mercedes scored her pal a chance at returning to the Great White Way — complete with multiple speeches about Rachel’s true destiny. Lea Michele was pretty terrific in bringing to life Rachel’s palpable, post-career-meltdown angst — explaining how she’d realized there’s a whole brand of laughing way worse than being mocked in the halls of one’s high school. But it made her audition — begun in McKinley’s halls, continued through the streets of NYC, and ended on a Broadway stage — all the more perfect. We know now that whether or not she lands the role, she’s gained something far more valuable: A recommitment to her dream, and a belief that she can achieve it.

IN THE GRANDMA SCHEME OF THINGS | The episode’s other big story arc involved Brittany and Santana’s wedding planning — made tricky by Santana’s three-year-long freeze-out by her abuela (Jane the Virgin‘s Ivonne Coll). Brittany went undercover as a home nurse to ingratiate herself in abuela’s life — source material for the episode’s funniest moments, including a Fondue for Two aside in which the older woman expressed shock at Brittany’s cats reading books! — but in the end, the plan backfired. After Brittany brought her to the auditorium to hear Santana’s heartfelt (though oddly chosen) cover of “Aflie,” the older woman doubled down on her disapproval: “I love you, Santana, but I don’t love your sin.” Thankfully, the hour closed with pretty much every major character showing up for an engagement party at Schue’s — and proving that sometimes, family can be the people you choose, not just the ones you’re born with. (Side note: So Blaine came alone to the soiree, eh? More reason for Kurt to get his hopes up? I’ll never be on board with their wedding, I have to admit, but if you dig yourself some Klaine, that had to be a nifty moment for you.)

606gle_ep606-sc27_0054_f_hires1WHEN IS A TRIANGLE NOT ACTUALLY A TRIANGLE | In a sentence, Rachel and Sam found a bunch of reasons to not keep a dinner date at Breadstix — that is until Mercedes told both of ’em not to worry about her past dalliance with Sam, and to proceed without caution. I’m still not seeing it, but hey, maybe their rescheduled meal will be some kind of turning point? At least dude supports her Manhattan-based dreams, I suppose.

IN OTHER NEWS | Brittany learned from her parents (Jennifer Coolidge and Ken Jeong) that her biological father was Stephen Hawking, but I’ve got to admit the repeated dialogue stating “I’m/he’s not your real father” felt incredibly wrong-minded. (Ummmm…there is a significant linguistic difference between “real” and “biological,” one that shouldn’t have to be explained to the Glee writing staff — even in the lightest comedic moments.)

606glee_ep606-sc19_0083_f_hires1GRADES FOR THIS WEEK’S MUSICAL NUMBERS
Rachel and Sam, “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again” — B+
Mercedes (with Brittany, Santana and Rachel), “Baby It’s You” — B+
Brittany, “Wishin’ and Hopin'” — B-
Blaine, Artie, Sam and the new boys of New Directions, “Arthur’s Theme” — B- (loved the flashbacks of Rachel in NYC, though)
Sam, “Close to You” — A-
Rachel, “Promises Promises” — A+
Santana, “Alfie” — A-
Whole Cast, “What the World Needs Now Is Love” — B+

On that note, I turn things over to you! What did you think of this week’s Glee? What musical numbers were your most and least favorite? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jess says:

    I’m not sure why but this episode was way more entertaining than usual.

    • figgs says:

      It was good (especially compared to the last two episodes)! Loved Rachel’s progression, loved Mercedes, loved all the love. It wasn’t a super funny episode and some of it was out there, but it had feelings and solid performances. Seeing everyone at the end supporting one another was so sweet.

    • Press says:

      I enjoyed this a lot. I think the two previous made me appreciate this one more.

    • cc says:

      Lots of songs! Unrealistic, but great production numbers! But I just wish they were singing Glee versions of current songs. At least next week, it looks like we wil get Glee’s version of All About That Bass! For me, I never became aware of current popular songs, until Glee did their versions of them. Maybe, Kurt could sing Say Something?

      • Sara says:

        I’m curious if current musicians weren’t as open to them using their music this season, what with the huge downfall in ratings.

    • Heartwing says:

      Because is was mostly about Santana and Brittany. That’s the only storyline the writers have taken seriously. The rest feels like a disjointed cartoon.

      • Yes says:

        “Disjointed cartoon” is a perfect description of Glee this season. I’m really surprised they are taking Brittany and Santana’s storyline/relationship so seriously. They haven’t in the past. I think it’s turning out great so far.

    • deliagoode says:

      It was probably because Blaine and Kurt didn’t take 98% of the episode’s time.

    • The Beach says:

      I couldn’t help but laugh out loud during Shue’s party when they kept showing only the back of the head of a stand-in with long red hair.

    • Scott says:

      Because Sue wasn’t always on the screen. Sue is good in small doses, and this season has been a sue overdose.

    • Gerri says:

      Two words.
      No Sue.
      Two more words.
      Minimal Schuester

  2. NoSamchel says:

    The Samcel romance is such a waste of airtime! Its a joke and so unbelievable! Rachel deserves so much more then WMHS biggest Lima Loser Sam! Mercedes is right, Rachel + Broadway = Endgame!

  3. Right One says:

    I’m with you Micheal, Samchel makes me queasy too! More then queasy they make me want to flat out vommit!

  4. Sara says:

    “But as the show sails into the midway point of its sixth and final season, I’m most interested in seeing the original members of New Directions stay true to their career goals and long-held personal dreams moreso than I am in demanding they remain coupled with their high-school sweethearts” <—-THIS! Totally agree.

  5. Endgame! says:

    The writers have spoken! Rachel’s endgame IS Broadway and not Sam! The Samchel garbage is just wasted air time until Jesse shows back up and reminds her of her dreams!

    • Francesca says:

      That would be a dream!

    • huh says:

      Jesse doesn’t need to remind her of her dreams, she did a pretty good job working that out with help from her friends this episode. Why are the fans of this show so ship and ‘girl needs man savior’ obsessed? Jesse is just as irrelevant to Rachel’s story as Sam ultimately is. Enough already.

    • Sara says:

      But…didn’t Mercedes just remind Rachel of her dreams and encourage her to continue to pursue them?

  6. Greg says:

    I’m no fan of the Sam/Rachel pairing but I must give credit where it is due to Chord so far this season. The writers finally realized he doesn’t need to be a completely over the top idiot and can just be a guy who isn’t very smart but has a heart. He also sounded REALLY good on “Close To You” and I’m glad he is part of the Coach Beiste story as well.

    I understand the GLEE fandom on a whole hates both Sam Evans and the actor who plays him but I dig him so far this season. Hope he either ends up with Mercedes or is okay with being alone and coaching the football team as the season wraps up.

    • Sam says:

      I can’t stand Sam or Chord! Sam is too far gone in the stupid idiot clown catagory to be redeemable for me. I hope both Mercedes and Rachel end up FREE of this tool! Let him be the Coach Tanaka of the HS!

    • anon33guest says:

      I feel the exact opposite. Sam continues to be written as a complete idiot this season except for scenes here and there. The whole hypnosis thing made him look like the dimmest bulb on Glee.

      • Tommy says:

        I think they hypnosis ties with the Evan Evan stupidity as making him look like the dumbest bulb on Glee. Thing is with Sam just about everything about him makes him looks dumb!

      • luckytroll says:

        That episode was written like an episode of Popeye, or The Perils of Penelope Pitstop, or Get Smart. The over-the-top melodrama was intended, the exaggeration was part of the humor and the story-telling. I enjoyed it, and I thought Chord played it perfectly. I only wish Sue the dastardly villain had grown a twisty mustache for realism. ;)

        • MC says:

          Exactly. It was not to be taken literally as most of Sue’s plots occur in a surrealistic atmosphere. Michael Scott is an exaggeration of the dimwitted, yet egocentric office manager and Sue is similarly an OTT version of an arbitrary, mean-spirited boss.

    • anon33guest says:

      I can’t think of a love interest of Rachel’s who hasn’t supported her Manhattan based dreams. Finn did. Jesse did. Brody did. I think Puck did. Now Sam does.

      • TJ says:

        The difference is Finn and Jesse pushed Rachel to her dreams. Finn sacrificing his happiness for her dreams in S3 and Jesse talking to Carmen Thibideux for her. You don’t see that kind of support from Sam. He’s still hung up on Mercedes.

    • Yas says:

      Totes agree with all of this.

  7. JBonilla says:

    Glee why are you doing this? You know Samchel is wrong on sooooo many levels. The last episode better be a flash forward with Santana married to Brittney, Kurt married to Blaine, Mercedes married to Sam and Rachel married to Broadway.

    • Jesse is back! says:

      Jesse is back for the last episode. I would be surprised if Rachel stays in Lima or ends up with Sam.

    • janie says:

      The fact that some fans think mediocre white male is some prize to be won is gross as he’ll. Leave Mercedes happy and successful and Sam in Lima please. Thanks. And Rachel better have a fulfilling personal relationship outside of the stage.

      • TRUTH! says:

        Bless you! I keep wondering the same thing, Sam is no prize, he’s as idiot that falls for anything with a vagina. He is a serial dater, both Rachel and Mercedes would be so much better off leaving him to his footballs in Lima.

    • KC says:

      We now know that Mercedes is done with Sam – she has someone else.
      Sam and Rachel will end up together – sorry.

      • doubtful says:

        They keep showing Sam hung up on Mercedes, even singing songs to her. How they are doing it is exactly how they use the SL for endgame couples. Go back and watch Finchel, Quick,Brittina, Wemma and Klaine and all had the same types of obstacles as Samcedes. I don’t think Rachel gets a romantic end game unless they show her leaving Lima with Jesse and even if that happens i think its open ended so no one really knows.

  8. Marlene says:

    I do not hate Sam, but Rachel and Sam is garbage. I agree that Broadway is her endgame, but if she does end up with someone I would like it to be Jesse St. James. I have been Team Rachel St. Berry the moment he was introduced.

  9. mart says:

    Rachel yasss girl! Get thee back to the stage and slay as is your right!!! Watching Rachel overcome her crippling fear of failure and hop back on the horse was cheer worthy. And lea played it all beautifully, especially that nervous meltdown.

  10. No spark says:

    Samchel is the most platonic romance I have ever seen LOL! Its creepy because they come off as first cousins that aren’t really into each other. Its laughable

    • kit says:

      Somehow I doubt you’re laughing.

      • LOL says:

        I know I’m laughing. Samchel is such a joke its impossible to take seriously. First he is hypnotized to date her, then the Ex GF he is still hung up on has to tell him to date her and S/R looked awkward as hell with the I love you’s. There was more sexual tension with Rachel and Mr. Shue in Duets LOL

        • luckytroll says:

          I agree. lol There have a been a few uncomfortable pairings and this one is right up there with Emma and Tanaka. But I’m having so much fun with everywhere else the writers have taken us this season, I’m willing to wait and see what they have up for Sam and Rachel. At least it’s been handled organically and with so little drama. Mercedes and Sam staying friends is one of the kindest and truest ways to break up, ever.

          Personally, with Finn gone, I don’t really have any preference as to who Rachel ends up with or if she ends up alone, or whatever. I’m just enjoying the ride, and sad that it’s going to be over so soon.

          • anon33guest says:

            I don’t think sam being hypnotized to kick start their dating and then his ex being the one to push them as organic at all. As for Mercedes I didn’t find her practically buying sam some condoms as anything close to truthful. Maybe if it was longer than 6 months ago that they were living together and declaring their love.

          • Ari says:

            Its not organic. He was hypnotized then pushed by his ex that he is still hung up on. Nothing about Samchel is healthy or Organic.

  11. Michael says:

    Alfie was beautiful and I really enjoyed Brittany laying it into Santana’s Abuela.

    • MC says:

      I thought that Alfie was chosen specifically for the line, “Something even non-believers can believe in.” This was a reference to Santana’s abuela not believing in Santana/Brittany as a couple and also not believing in Santana’s definition of love.

    • Angela says:

      I did, too. I’m hoping her grandma will change her mind and show up, but if she doesn’t, well, that’s going to be for her to deal with, I guess. But it’s good to have someone pointing out just how outdated her thinking is.

  12. anon33guest says:

    Don’t understand “at least the dude supports her Manhattan based dreams.” I can’t think of a love interest of Rachel’s who hasn’t supported those dreams.

  13. LOL says:

    LOLZ. And just like every single Thursday night after an episode of The Vampire Diaries when the Delena haters come out to play and go into their meltdowns, I can be content in knowing the same will happen on Friday night with the Samchel (and generally, the Chord/Sam) haters as well. Unfortunately, the haters and the bickering over both shows couples have become FAR MORE entertaining than the damn shows themselves.But I got to get my enjoyment somewhere… :D

  14. John K. says:

    I think fans are taking Samchel too seriously. It’s not meant to be real or endgame or anything serious, I think it’s just a harmless way for Rachel to realize that she can get back into the dating world after Finn. As Mercedes said, “I need you to help heal her heart.” To use the Bacharach song, Sam is helping Rachel learn that she can fall in love again. That’s all it is.

    • But says:

      It would have been better if they had brought in a new guy and way more believable. This is too forced and its been played as a huge joke. Rachel’s first romantic interest should be with Glee resident Man Whore it should be with someone into Rachel.

    • Everyone seems to have forgotten that Sam is still hypnotized by Sue to have feeling for Rachel.

    • Angela says:

      I think fans are taking Samchel too seriously. It’s not meant to be real or endgame or anything serious
      Apparently, though, shipping is SERIOUS BUSINESS to a lot of people, for reasons I can’t quite figure out.
      I agree with you, though-I’m totally neutral on that particular relationship, myself, but I think the overdramatic reactions from some people about them are rather…ridiculous. People on this show date and flirt constantly. Whether it’s “endgame” or not, it’s really honestly not that big a deal.

  15. Lisa says:

    Best part of this episode…No Sue.

    • luckytroll says:

      I adore Sue and I think Jane Lynch plays her brilliantly, but it was nice to let abuela and self-doubt be the villains in this episode.

  16. Kal says:

    I’m of the same view (no Samchel) but for the opposite reason- do not want Sam saddled with Rachel. Can’t stand her. Everything always about her, woe is me, look at me, etc… for seasons upon seasons. Let her go back to NYC and star on Broadway and keep her away from Lima and any relationship. She truly doesn’t deserve one. Sam deserves better. I want Sam with either Mercedes or happy being a football coach at WMHS.

  17. Trea says:

    I felt absolutely nothing for Rachel. She threw away her dream of NYADA for Broadway. She threw away her dream of Broadway for Hollywood. And now I am supposed to root for her “endgame” of Broadway? Again? Yeah, I stopped caring about her triumphs after she achieved them last time.

    • Olivia says:

      I’m kinda annoyed because I have to agree. I love Rachel but I also feel exactly the same way you worded it. Deep down I want her to reach that goal at the end of the show but we’ve already seen part of that journey and she just abandoned that dream for no good reason. I want to root for her but it’s not helping.

    • Press says:

      Exactly the reason I don’t care anymore. She got it all and then throw it away.

    • Heartwing says:

      I agree! It’s hard to root for someone’s dreams when they treat people like crap to obtain those dreams! As if that’s not bad enough, once she “gets her dream” (Finn, NYADA, Broadway, Hollywood), she tosses it away like a tissue. Stopped caring about Rachel a long time ago.

  18. Ale says:

    Did anybody else laugh at the fact that they only showed “Emma” from the back in the party at Shues scene? Guess Jayma isn’t coming back even for small scenes anymore?

  19. true says:

    Rachel and Mercedes scenes are way better than Sam and Mercedes or Sam and Rachel.

    • Yep! says:

      That’s because Chord Overstreet brings down every scene he is in LOL! If he could act or had just an ounce of appeal Sam wouldn’t so hated. Instead they waste so much air time on this idiot.

  20. Olivia says:

    I am so, SO grateful for the Brittana this season (quality and quantity. I think I’ve already said that for 603 lol but I’m still in shock, wow).

    Samchel is plain ridiculous and disgusting. Glad we got to see Mercedes. Baby Schue is such a cutie pie! Brittany’s fantasy was super cute with Artie out of his chair too :)
    The abuela stuff really surprised me, didn’t see that coming. I thought they would resolve it but I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how it turned out because it’s realistic (not that it always happens that way, thank god, but in the sense that not everybody manages to question their prejudice even if they love their kids/grandkids. Some never change and some need other people to intervene in order for things to fall into place).
    There were many funny moments/lines, Heather and Naya’s delivery was on point as usual. I loved all the Lord Tubbington goodness, and the new kids are still enjoyable. All in all, I loved this episode, the only flaws it had was 1- Sam, as always. Chord can’t act and he actually brings Lea down, which is an achievement in itself. 2 – Quinn’s (and even Puck’s) absence in the Brittana plot (the original family speech etc, but I’m more disappointed that they won’t be at the wedding).

    • I agree says:

      You are so right! When Lea can’t carry an actor it says so much about how bad that actor is. Its the last season and they wasting screen time and music by giving Sam focus, even worse, giving him focus with Rachel. Chord has three expressions to use to show emption, Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest. Hopefully Time after Time is their last duet, its bad enough to waste screen time on him but to waste music just makes it worse. What a waste!

    • Heartwing says:

      I agree! The best lines and the most couple-chemistry came from Brittana! I LOVED all of the nuggets of humor, inside jokes, etc) that came from them! How much would you LOVE to see a spinoff from those set in NewYork? The fan base is definitely there!!!!

  21. Tyler says:

    I’m starting to think Michael Slezak has no friends, that’s why he rambles on and on and on in all of his recaps, and derails every single one of them… Exhausting to read.

  22. Deano says:

    Sam has not always played the idiot his brain seems to work better when he has Mercedes levelling him out he has never done silly things while he was with her. Good idea for Rachel to be married to Broadway she was even willing to leave Finn for it and for me that would be her happy ending maybe Jessie would be her leading man in the play and rekindle something there.

    • Finnchel says:

      No she wasn’t willing to leave Finn for it. She was going to defer her NYADA acceptance and stay in Lima with Finn. Finn made her leave, he put her dream before his happiness. But to say she was willing to leave Finn for NY is just not true.

  23. jason says:

    I think it’s hilarious at the end of the episode, to have a stand-in for Jayma Mays’ “Emma” in the apartment. You never get to see her face, just the back of her head. It’s so noticeable that they were avoiding showing any facial features.

  24. jason says:

    And, you know, I really liked the version of “Arthur’s Theme.” The new guys have great voices so it was a wonderfully smooth rendition. Don’t agree with the B-, Michael.

    • luckytroll says:

      I agree. They really achieved the whole “orchestra of voices” sound that the song needs, without any barbershop quartet bleeding in. I thought it was at least an A-.

      I also couldn’t get enough of Brittany’s solo. Her voice was the most amazing I’ve ever heard it, she really nailed the timbre of that number, imo. So I disagreed with that grade, too. I’d actually like to hear her try the Karen Carpenter cover now. Chord did his best, but no joy there, maybe Heather could do a better job.

      • Agree says:

        I never really thought about it before, but now I want Heather/Brittany covering Dusty Springfield, and Karen Carpenter songs. She’d knock them out of the park.

  25. Karen says:

    Glee continues its solid 5th season. And I’m actually not that mad about Rachel ands Sam possibly hooking up. It’s nice to see a relationship on Glee not built around drama. And as far as I recall, they’ve always been very friendly, and they both seem like they’re taking a very relaxed approach to their romance, which is good for both of them.

    • luckytroll says:

      I agree. I’m okay with whichever way the writers take it,. I think the healthy breakup for Sam and Mercedes, and the drama-free friendship of Rachel and Mercedes, is what’s more important there than Sam and Rachel having a moment anyway.

  26. Colleen says:

    Michael Slezak, I have missed your Glee Recaps! Please continue to recap until the last episode.

  27. luckytroll says:

    Omigosh, I must have a new t-shirt: a still of Brit telling Abuela (the world heard it!haha!Brilliant writing, Glee.) that bigots need to just get over themselves, and this:

    “What she said^^, but with a few ‘eff yous’ for good measure.” lol

    This episode shows one of the reasons Glee is such a great show; they don’t always try to top themselves, they go sideways, or under, or even off-the-track, when you least expect it, and the theater-in-the-round feel of the direction gives us more of what the characters are really thinking, regardless of whether we buy into how unreal the Glee universe is from ours. I am loving that this season the writers are back to all those plot devices and musical choices taking us in places that eventually make sense for the characters and the whole theme of the show, even if they seem outrageous at the time. But nothing tops what Brittany got to say, out loud, on national tee vee. That was awesome.

    Also, Don’t feel bad, Chord (Sam), there was only one Karen Carpenter. You did a great job as far as the song goes, she just made it look so deceptively easy. ;)

    • Heartwing says:

      Yes, hooray Brittany! HOORAY! Glee being cutting edge again!

      • luckytroll says:


        I also love the way they’re handling the creepy twins. All their songs start out like they’re going to be uncomfortable, but they bring the whole group in then in ways that make us a little embarrassed we had our minds in the gutter in the first place. It’s still a little joke about how close they are, but the easy caricature has been totally avoided, and that’s really fun.

  28. S5 says:

    At least they are consistent. S5 is following the crap fest that started in S4. Chord Overstreet is not a leading man, he’s barely good enough to a single episode of focus much less an arch and paring him with Lea Michele just highlights how bad he is. Its too bad RM didn’t care enough to cast a new leading man that can act and sing instead of relying this mediocre talent. I just can’t believe they are wasting so much screen time and music on Samchel and Sam.

  29. LilAngel says:

    I love Samchel even if they are not endgame, Sam is just there to help Rachel to see it is ok to date. She is having fun with him (girl needs to flirt and hook up) until she is moving back to NYC. It also shows that it is ok to date just to have fun and that you don’t need to be in love or plan a future to enjoy being with someone.

  30. KC says:

    The good parts:
    Santana’s grandmother
    Lord Tubbington
    Kurt & Blaine’s minimal air time at the end (10 seconds) – Really?
    Songs were terrific
    Everything else was boring
    Thanks goodness the next 2 weeks are going to be FANTASTIC

  31. Ethel says:

    Really enjoying this season as compared to the past couple. Don’t understand the hate for Chord Overstreet. His character is an idiot but this is only his character. I think my favorite newbie is the big kid who used to wear the headphones.

    • Jamie says:

      Because the actor is a douche and a jerk. He baits fans and there were reports from extras on the set that he acts like an ass.

  32. Paula says:

    Best episode so far this year. Loved the songs and was glad NO SUE. She’s just not funny or entertaining. Please Glee, for the last few episodes turn down the Sue stuff!

  33. Jenna says:

    The only reason I watch Glee is for the music. This episode was awesome. Great music, great performances!

  34. kd86953 says:


  35. New Ratings Low says:

    New ratings low for Glee 1.66 mil over but only 1.48 for the second half and .06 They keep focusing in Samchel and Sam they won’t a mil viewers left by the final!

    • hah says:

      Lol the huge part of the episode was Brittany ridiculousness a Brittana’s abuela drama, but sure, keep desperately at whatever element you don’t like as a reason for the decline. This fandom is so pathetic.

      • Brittina says:

        They didn’t promote Brittana, they released a clip of the I love you’s of Samchel, anyone seeing the promo thought it was Samchel heavy. And the twitter reaction I saw was lots of angry stans saying they were done. Maybe had they bothered to promote Brittana they would have drawn more viewers in.

      • Jess says:

        Considering the only twitter trends last night were about the Abuela and Brittana, they may be the only reason they had viewers last night lol

        • That's true says:

          Mercedes being back, Brittany, brittana, Santana, Santana’s Abuela, were the only things really being tweeted about. Brittana, Abuela, and I think Fondue for two trended.

  36. Jacko says:

    Sam is a an idiot. Stay away Rachel, just like the viewers are. The writers deserve these awful ratings.

  37. michaH says:

    The perfect ending for Rachel would be her getting cast as Eponine in a Broadway revival of Les Miserables and singing ‘On My Own’, with Jesse waiting in the wings as Marius. Slightly hinting at a relationship, but never stating it.
    Mercedes and Sam would be very rewarding, I’ve supported them ever since they sang that beautiful rendition of ‘Human Nature’ in S3

  38. MattySi. says:

    Does anyone else think they will do “Don’t Stop Believin'” again as the last song of the series?

  39. Jan says:

    What an improvement over the last two episodes!

  40. Al Stein says:

    Why did they decide to come back for a final season when the shows have been so profoundly stupid? This season will greatly tarnish their legacy.

    • Jamie says:

      S4-S6 will damage their legacy! They should have just pulled the plug back in S3 or when Cory passed because they have done so much damage to the characters it’s impossible to fix.

  41. Sam says:

    Burt Bacharach’s music is iconic. Therefore, the musical numbers brought a bit of the glory days back to Glee. Only wish the rest of the final season’s episodes was this enjoyable!

  42. Tracy says:

    I don’t understand this season! Rachel was on Broadway – she was becoming a star and living her dream then she was detoured to Hollywood a place she told Finn she’d never go and now she’s a failure back in Lima trying to get back to Broadway? Do Ryan and Brad even remember previous seasons? This season is just stupid…

  43. Hyman Katz says:

    Rachel ‘s Promises Promises was a high point of the series. Great re-purposing of the show. I am very disappointed at any lack of credit given to Hal David, the incredible lyricist to most (if not all) of the songs. His contribitions are a major component of why these songs remain so timeless. A very sad omission.

  44. Show is like mother in law that overstayed welcome-should have ended with RB on Broadway.
    Ripping Grandma was rude

  45. KPMOM says:

    Burt Bacharach? A whole episode of Burt Bacharach? No wonder this show’s on it’s last leg.

    • Timmah says:

      What’s wrong with that? He’s one of the greatest songwriters of our time.

      • luckytroll says:

        I know, right? I’m wondering why a person with no appreciation for BB would even be watching a show choir tv series in the first place, but it would explain why they don’t get the show.

  46. Scott says:

    Santanas’s ALFIE was awesome!!!!!!! Could not have been sang any more beautiful. And I always love Mercedes as well.

  47. Zoey says:

    I think samchel is a good idea, in the sense that everyone has to get back into the dating pool. After a bad breakup, or in the case of Finns death, you need a rebound. Sam is around, he’s cute and sweet. But he’s not the endgame. And I think they both know that. He’s sweet, and he’s slowly helping her get her confidence back. I hate what they made Sam into sometimes. Because at first, he was a sweet kid, who just had dyslexia, who wasn’t actually stupid, and who was slightly nerdy and did impressions. They lost him there in the middle, especially when he was dating Brittany. But now I think he’s coming back. I honestly don’t think that she should end up with anyone from glee. It’s not realistic. Like Brittany and santana, they are good together. But God, kurt is my fave character and he ends up with blaine. Really. I like blaine, but at the same time the only thing they ever seemed to have going for them is that they both like to sign, and they are both gay. They should have broken up after blaine cheated, they should have stayed friends, and in the finale, they could both be happily with other people but in the last episode of the series, reminisce about their first love, and how it helped them figure out more about who they are. Done. Case closed.

  48. Da;Khari says:

    I may be missing something here in relation to Sam and him being dumb, he was dumb around Quinn, Santana, Brittany the most, that teacher woman and Rachel. When he was with Mercedes he was level headed and made sence even began planning ahead, why would anyone think his endgame was anyone other than Mercedes. if you ask me it was her he was looking at in his first ever scene (Empire State of Mine) and it should be her he’s looking at in his last scene.