How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Wham, Bam, Thank You, Sam!

Go ahead and watch YouTube videos of baby animals getting belly rubs. Maybe make a nice roasted chicken with mashed taters and Brussels sprouts for your visiting sister-in-law. What’s that? You’re more into curling up on the couch and doing the Netflix thing with your adorable new boyfriend? Go forth and rent The Thorn Birds!

Trouble is, in the twisted, paranoid world of How to Get Away With Murder, these types of whimsical delights are a fleeting thing. They’re akin to a single paper towel trying to clean up a gallon of spilled milk (or spilled blood, as the case may be).

Something bad is always coming for Annalise Keating — be it a truly gnarly client (oh, this week’s was a doozy), a freaked-out co-conspirator (thank goodness there was no inappropriate touching of Wes this week), or the charred body parts of her presumed-to-be-on-the-lam hubby turning up at a local landfill. (“Why is your torso on a John Deere bulldozer?”)

Yes, yes, yes… we’ll get to The Unexpected Reappearance of He Whose DNA Sullied Connor’s Inexplicable SUV — I say “inexplicable” because he’s a single guy, and that’s a lot of car — in a moment. For now, let’s recap the action from “Best Christmas Ever.”

JACKIE GEARY, KARLA SOUZA, VIOLA DAVIS, ALFRED ENOCHTHE REAL HOUSEWIFE OF CRAZYTOWN | When a strange woman with a bogus DUI case comes callin’, Annalise assumes it’s a reporter trying to get a look inside the home of Lila Stangard’s killer. Turns out, though, this mousy chica is looking for a plea deal — her very bad husband began abusing her back when she was a runaway, and now that they’re a married couple, he’s got two kidnapped teenagers trapped in their basement — and one of ’em is pregnant. Despite the Keating 5’s disdain, Annalise stays the course — “What? Have none of you ever done anything bad that you need a lawyer for?” she asks, in the episode’s most delicious bit of truth — but turns out there are even cases that leave Annalise throwing up her hands and considering teaching a course called “How to Put This Sick Bitch Behind Bars for a Decade.” When Wes plays back interview tapes and realizes Jackie has been raising one of the abducted girls’ children as her own — and has left her unattended in an undisclosed location ’til she’s guaranteed a deal with no time served — Annalise takes the nuclear option. She lies about the DA accepting her plea, sees the little girl returned, and then finally goes into a quiet interview room with her client and tells her she spinning a tall tale just to save a little girl’s life. “You’re not the only good liar in this room,” she hisses — putting a quarter in her recently emptied Karmic piggybank.

JACK FALAHEEHE KNOWS IF YOU’VE BEEN BAD OR GOOD | We get flashbacks to all of the Keating 5’s holiday breaks — or in Michaela’s case, breakdowns. Yep, She Who Is Secretly From the Backwoods Bayou gets crunk on champs at the NYC Mayor’s New Year soiree and embarrasses Aiden, who postpones the wedding (without noticing the pawn-shop ring his intended is using to hide her lost diamond). Laurel, meanwhile, goes home to a swanky Palm Beach mansion, pisses off her parents with some real talk, and marches outta there with a grin on her face. Wes and Rebecca, meanwhile, are still in their ramshackle apartment in Philly, where he’s having bad dreams and starting to obsess over the claw marks in his wall and the fact that the studio’s former occupant is still getting Christmas cards from his Grandma at said address. Asher, meanwhile, is bro-ing out at bars with Frank. Connor is surprising his sister with his sudden conversion to adulthood (he formerly prayed at Our Lady of “Slutty Little Brothers”) and also falling reallllly hard for Oliver (aka the only person on the planet he currently trusts and wants to watch old TV mini-series with instead of studying).

Oh…and did we mention Annalise? She checks into a hotel room where she obliterates the minibar on the daily (or maybe every time the clock hits 12) and subsists on room-service pancakes, Kit Kat bars and a whole lotta tears. OK, so she helped dispose of Sam’s body like it was a couch with a giant red-wine stain and an unseemly hole in the arm. But apparently, there’s still plenty of guilt or remorse or disbelief or grief (or some combination) she needs to work through. Which is more interesting than if our protagonist maintained a constant state of sociopathic cool, yes?

LIZA WEIL, MARCIA GAY HARDENHARD-HEARTED HANNAH, THE VAMP OF UPSCALE NEW ENGLAND | When Annalise comes home from “visiting her mother” — is her mother’s maiden name Stoli? — she’s greeted by Sam’s sister Hannah (Marcia Gay Harden, as clipped and polished as Martha Stewart instructing a plebe on how to fold a fitted sheet). Why isn’t Annalise returning her calls? Why isn’t she putting up fliers? Annalise claims Sam has fled Philly — to avoid getting arrested for Lila’s murder, but Hannah notes that, um hello, he’s married to one of the most fearsome defense attorneys of all-time ever. When Annalise offers nothing more than a box of evidence, Hannah starts following her — all the way to Nate’s house. Hannah’s judge-y — as you’d expect from someone who’s never seen Nate’s naked torso. She also gets a whiff of panic off the Keating 5 (meeting out on the front porch as Laurel demands they all share details of their lives and be real with each other — to avoid cracking under all the pressure). She even appeals to Bonnie, sensing a churchmouse in distress: “Annalise could get this case thrown out with her eyes closed!” she coos, noting nobody at the sorority house saw Sam the night of Lila’s death, and none of his DNA was found on the victim. Frank cuts the chat short, though, which leads to the aforementioned chicken dinner.

Annalise cooks this meal, people — and it’s not like she went to Boston Chicken and just put it in her best white China bowls. There’s rolls and everything! But Hannah doesn’t want food — she wants to know “what this performance [of Annalise’s] is all about.” (Aha! The psychologist knows an act when it’s being played out in front of her.) And so Annalise tells the truth — or, well, some scraps of the truth to try to cloud Hannah’s mind with suspicion about her brother. Yes, she began sleeping with Nate over the summer — but after Sam’s affair with Lila began. And yes, she knew about Sam’s indiscretion long before the night of his disappearance — she’d even pulled illegal stunts to bury evidence. Hannah is gobsmacked — part of her was holding onto the belief that Annalise was hiding Sam away somewhere — and we see her beginning to wonder… “Could he have done it? Did he drive to her house the weekend after killing a co-ed to indulge in some lobster and fix her screen door?”

But like I said, the moment is fleeting… we cut back to Wes arriving home to Rebecca, whose Fuzzy Animal Viewing Hour has been interrupted by a grisly news report: The police have found a dismembered body in a landfill — and it’s believed to be that of Sam Keating. As our previews show — the revelation means that chicken dinner is going to be totally and completely wasted.

LIZA WEIL, MATT MCGORRYIN OTHER NEWS… Frank’s been hard at work — paying off a police officer’s wife in upstate New York to report she’d seen Sam at a rest stop, and (at Laurel’s suggestion) stealing (and presumably destroying) Connor’s DNA-covered car. Nate’s told his ailing wife all about Annalise — and the dying woman is… happy for him? (Worst. Pillow talk. Ever.) And after repeatedly disrespecting her in front of his fellow students — and threatening a sexual harassment suit — Asher finally comes clean to Bonnie. “You hurt my feelings. A lot. You were mean to me for no reason.” Aw man, and after he showed her his horizontal mambo, too! Bonnie’s face is totally contrite — and maybe a little flattered, too. Methinks there’ll be more awkward belt-unbuckling in their future before the season’s out.

And on that note, I turn things over to you. Do you think the police will find any evidence (i.e. Michaela’s ring?) with Sam’s body? Are those claw marks in Wes’ room significant — either currently, or perhaps for Season 2? How worried should Annalise be about Hannah’s presence — or is she just a temporary nuisance to soon be swatted away? And which could are you more invested in: Connor-Oliver or Asher-Bonnie? (We will also accept Connor-Asher, if you’re feeling a little contrarian today!) Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. laurelnev says:

    I think that card from Granny portends Rebecca is probably about as creepy as she seems. What DID happen to that previous occupant? And if I were Michaela, I’d engineer some very public hissy fit when I “inadvertently” discovered my ring was a fake. And is Bonnie REALLY so desperate she’ll fall to advances from Sam’s sis as well? What DOES Bonnie know that we do not yet?

    • Brittany says:

      I think Bonnie knows a lot more than she puts on. Bonnie may be playing into Sam sisters advance to give her false information to throw her off the trail.
      She and Frank are like guard dogs for Anneliese.

      I also think someone will fold under pressure. Makela seems like the pressure of the murder and missing ring is getting to her.

      I really dislike Rebecca and her response to everything is so easy going I think she knows how Lila died and she killed her former “across the hall mate” she knew so much about him… yet she didn’t know where & why he left?

  2. Angela says:

    “Why is your torso on a John Deere bulldozer?”
    Is it wrong that this cracked me up?
    Yeeeeeeeeah, cue the, “Dun, dun, DUNNNNN…” music at the end. I definitely think Michaela’s ring’s going to show up somewhere in that mess of evidence and remains-she may not wind up getting married, but her fiancé, or his family, at least, will probably want that ring back if the wedding doesn’t go through. And she’s gonna have to figure out one hell of a story to not implicate herself. That fake ring will only last her so long. And I don’t think that ring will be the only thing they’ll find there tying the group to the scene, either.
    I don’t know if Harden will plan to return next season-I think that’d be the main deciding factor in just how much of a nuisance/actual problem Hannah will be. But even if she only shows up for these few episodes, I get the feeling there will be some dramatic impact from her arrival that’ll linger on for Annalise.
    And things between Wes and Rebecca are going to get really nasty and explosive, aren’t they? And I’m raising an eyebrow over the situation with Nate and his wife, too, ’cause yeah, that’s an interesting reaction. Is there more to that relationship we’re not privy to yet?
    Also: Connor/Oliver.

    • TigerLIL says:

      Now Angela you bring up some interesting theories. I think Michaela is going to be the first accused and tried for the murder, she is the most likely to be a shooting star. Nate is bating Annalise in and she better put on the reality burners quick he is a cop. The wife story ah I kinda don’t believe that he is trying to bring her defenses down and gain her trust. He already got her twisted and he takes no nonsense off her either, he knows how badly she needs him and he is going to take advantage of that. His instincts going to kick in that she maybe a killer and he is going to put more than some distance between them he going to be trying to stick her in the jail cell. Rebecca is a social path she bout put the fry on the guy next door the marks might fit her little fingers. I still believe she was involved in Lyla’s murder some shape, form or fashion. I just can’t phantom how Sam could have put Lyla in that tank by himself hell it might have been him and Rebecca…lol, who knows. I just kept getting a feeling that her and Sam knew each other. This is also going to be the rebellion of the “Church Mouse” who really was in love with Sam but feared the raft of Annalise just a tad bit more. She going to grow a set and let Annalise know “your not going to get away with killing Sam” I would of told her sure I am I didn’t kill Sam which is the God honest truth. I mean I’m not sleep at the wheel but gee no one noticed a new throw rug in the front room? Don’t seem plausible given Bonnie came to the house quickly. Did she replace the floor while everybody was on break wow wanna see how she wiggles out of this one!

    • Kayla says:

      I always thought it was a general rule that if the husband-to-be calls off the wedding, the finance keeps the ring, but if she calls it off, he gets it back. But looking it up just now, apparently there are different laws depending on what state you’re in. Looks like in Pennsylvania, the person who gave the ring is supposed to get it back as it’s considered a “conditional gift”. That will be interesting. They’ve made a big deal about the ring so I’m not sure how this will play out, but given that Michaela’s ex-fiance comes from money, he might just not want anything to do with her and just let her keep it. This show never really goes the way it seems, so I’m not convinced that the ring will implicate her that easily.

  3. Absurdist says:

    Well, Michaela’s ring is textbook Chekhov’s gun, so yeah, but Michaela is probably going totally Lady Macbeth before that actually goes anywhere. I’m just wondering whose crack-up is going to be campier, hers or Connor’s. And frankly, Oliver will at some point find out about all this, and if he doesn’t end up dead, he’s definitely not going to want Connor around much.

  4. Cheyenne says:

    If they find the ring, and if Michaela registered the ring somewhere — which she probably did — all bloody hell is going to break loose.

  5. Ian says:

    I’m buying Asher-Bonnie a lot more than Connor and Oliver. Connor and that relationship need actual development, and not this glossing over of everything. What about Oliver makes Connor want to change? And are we really supposed to believe Oliver can’t have his pick of men? What happened to the big black hunk cooking in his underwear in Oliver’s apartment?
    The logic is suffering about as much as it does on Looking. Grown ass gay men being emotionally stunted and naive for no reason and getting away with all kinds of bastard behavior, its not anything worth watching and shouldn’t be the representation we get for the gay community in 2015.

    And as a whole, I feel like HTGAWM has hit a wall. Since its returned, it hasn’t had that edge of your seat brilliance it did in the first half.

    • Ashleah Youn says:

      Last episode, Oliver said the big hunk went back to his underwear model ex.

    • Magdalene says:

      To be honest, I think with Connor it all started with that guy throwing himself out of the window. He felt guilty about that, and I think that was a turning point for him, he realized maybe he didn’t want to be the guy he was before. He and Oliver have really good chemistry, a lot of of it pure physical, no doubt, but I’m sure Connor was caught off guard by all of it as well.

      Besides, Connor and Oliver hadn’t been broken up for THAT long when the other guy came into the picture and Oliver said he went back to his ex, that had to hurt. He’s been portrayed as kind of shy and nerdy, so maybe things aren’t as easy for him as they would seem to be.

    • David4 says:

      Living in the gay community in 2015 and every gay I meet is emotionally stunted, naive, just plain stupid. Have no clue what a relationship, or even a friendship is. They expect everyone to drop everything because they are all alone and need someone around but won’t actually put any effect at all into life. It’s disgusting and fitting into the world of technology we life in.

      That said Oliver is damn cute and the show makes him seem like he’s a troll.

      • Julia says:

        Wow David…I don’t know where you live but I also live in a gay community and it is the opposite of that. I agree with your assessment of Oliver though!

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  7. CA says:

    There is something not just right about Rebecca. I’m beginning to wonder if she had something to do with the previous occupant of Wes’s apartment. I think Michaela is going to be the real Achilles Heal for the group of four and Bonnie knows much more then she is letting on….on just about everything that has happened. As for couples, I’m a fan of Connor/Oliver. I totally get Connor’s trust in Oliver. When you panic you try to find that which gets you calm and Oliver is that for Connor. And considering Oliver’s generally shyness, I’m sure having someone like Connor gravitate his way is pretty amazing and confidence boosting (hence his brief fling with the Adonis who went back to his underwear model boyfriend). That being said….when/if Oliver finds out Connor’s involvement with Sam’s murder, I see a very rocky road ahead for the couple.

  8. Ally Oop says:

    I am really starting to think Rebecca is a multiple murderess.

    • Florinda says:

      I always knew Rebecca is not the innocent lady Annalise and all the group pretend to be. SHe is definiltey hiding something I really do not trust her. Her face is a face of deceive and lies, she is not trustworthy. Since we really do noit know who killed Lila as tehre are some inconsistencies what if Rebecca was the one who really killed her? I mean she knew everything about her, her plans, everything. Poor Wes cause when he finds out Rebecca is not that sweet girl he think she is he be crushed, it be a very shocking thing for him, something he wotn expect it is happening. I also believe Rebecca had killed more than one person. I dont trust her, she is playing with the whole group and Annalise, she knows how to and all of them are falling into her trap. Lets see how the sotry wil continue

      • TigerLIL says:

        Yeah something about Rebecca is just not right. I still think she is a person of interest in the Lyla murder. They are not just going to arrest you with no probable cause there had to be some evidence that surfaced that pointed to her as a potential suspect her and football player was picked up pretty fast. What a hot mess….

  9. scampi says:

    I like Connor. So Connor and whoever works for me. Nothing about what they’ve done makes sense to me. Whole lot easier to explain Sam’s death than this burning/dismemberment mess. Am interested to see little more of who Annalise really is. Not quite visiting mother and the look when kooky client said ‘have you ever been raped?’. Enjoyed the peek at everyone’s Christmas break. Don’t really care about Bonnie and Asher. Do want to know just what Bonnie knows. She definitely had a thing for Sam. Question is was there ever anything between them and what is her true relationship with Annalise? Looking forward to next season. Annalise will get away with everything but I suspect at least a couple of the students are damaged beyond redemption. Always wanted to know the story with the scratches in Wes’ apt. I agree Rebecca is suspect.

  10. SharonS says:

    What if Bonnie murdered “sorority girl” or she at least helped Sam? She knows SOMETHING. And, oh yeah, Michaela’s ring – smoking gun, however, I really think it will all somehow continue to be covered up. If not, they would have to get a whole new cast for season 2. I really don’t care about either of the relationships. I do want to know what’s going on with the scratches on the wall in Wes’s apartment and what happened to the old tenant. Can’t wait until next Thursday!

    • dan says:

      I agree that Bonnie either murdered Lila or knows who did (ie: Sam or even Annalise). I also predict that this season will end with another murder (I have no idea who the victim will be) so the show has a natural progression to season two. Finally, I actually liked the case of the week! It didn’t boggle the mind in terms of legal game-playing (there was some, of course) and I found the woman just creepy enough to keep me interested.

      • TigerLIL says:

        Good observation Dan, I think Bonnie gonna wind up flat-lined if she gets too cute or the sister might do a disappearing act or poor Ahser might get disposed of if he gets to nosy, hell I can see Nate getting clocked too. Ooh I see a mess coming on now this is going to be a good one the season one ending with another murder totally plausible…LOL

  11. David4 says:

    I hate Asher so much that I hope everyone frames him then he goes to jail and has many boyfriends.

    What will happen when these students all leave the class? Do they take crime class with her for four years?

    I’d honestly like to see a lot of the cast gone every year, shake it up. I think at least one if the group will be dead by the end of the year to set up next years murder mystery.

    • Julia says:

      I love and hate Asher all the same. Such a douche but a good comic relief on the show. I agree about the new cast! I can’t imagine how they will develop all of the characters enough for me to feel attached. Right now I only feel truly connected to Annalise. The others are meh. A new mystery every year with a new sub-cast would be great. :)

    • aimee says:

      I think like with Grey’s Anatomy they’ll just drag out their first year for as long as possible, I think the first 3-4 seasons of Grey’s was supposed to be spaced over one year (their intern year) and I’d bet this show will take a similar format so the issue of them leaving her class won’t come up for a couple of seasons.

      • ASHLEEEE says:

        they’re already on semester 2..It could be like psychology 1,psychology 2,etc which would also keep them in her class.

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  13. ChicagoDan says:

    I think Rebecca has a lot more to do with this than we’ve been led to believe. The claw marks, the Xmas card, her overall attitude. Something is off. And, how is it that a month later, those body parts are so identifiable that they can report it’s Sam?

    • Florinda says:

      I agree Rebecca is not the innocent lady we all think she is. I bet she is a murderer maybe she killed Wes old tenant. Rebeca has that look of a evil untrustworthy lady

  14. JB says:

    Is everyone forgetting the title of the show? Annalise killed Lila and was setting up Sam to take the fall and then orchestrated a series of events that led the students to kill Sam.

    The entire thing beginning to end was orchestrated by Annalise and while the students may get caught she will be the one who got away with murder.

    • TigerLIL says:

      Hmm.. JB you might be dead on with the orchestration piece. Remember she told Wes she got them into this so let me get you out. She also said what was done had to be done? That kinda threw me off too. I was like ahh what does that mean? She might have orchestrated the whole thing cause she is definitely edgy and to me a complete social path who is riding the thin line between genius and insanity…lol you know she likes a challenge…

  15. abz says:

    Loved seeing the Keating 5 and their Christmas breaks. I hope they show more of all their lives outside of the courtroom/Keating house.
    Mikaela freaking out on Aidan was pretty funny. Wish there was some Mrs. Walker thrown in. That ring is definitely going to come back and haunt her.
    Enjoyed seeing Connor’s sister and Connor/Oliver. I wasn’t buying how hard he fell for him, but I think the whole Paxton falling out the window is what made Connor want to change. At first I actually thought after the whole murder night, he might continue his slutty ways in an effort to take his mind off of it. Anyway, in any case, they should work on that development more.
    Laurel’s badass spanish rant was awesome. I’m really starting to like her character.
    Asher continues to be funny and douchey at the same time. I did like seeing that genuine moment between him and Bonnie.
    Rebecca! Where do I start? The girl is just creepy and I have a strong feeling she’s done a lot more than she lets on. She’s just shady and the fact that murder night affected all the kids in some way or another and she’s all smiling and watching YouTube baby videos. She’s done something for sure. And the scratches on Wes’s wall had to be significant somehow. Perhaps they were Lilah’s.
    Marcia Gay Harden was great and look forward to seeing more of Hannah.
    Frank. Guess now we know there’s no limits to what he will do if he’s willing to “handle it”. I wonder if that’s how Annalise met Frank–getting him acquitted of something or maybe she’s had him “handle” something in the past..
    I don’t know how they plan on continuing with the Keating four in further seasons. If they want to get rid of some like Wes/Rebecca then I’m good with that, but I don’t want some to leave. I’m sure they could still stay on the show and work with Annalise even when they’re out of the course. Kind of like an internship that can turn into something more. Plus murder night has basically bonded them all together.

    • TigerLIL says:

      If the show goes on past year three they could become a partners or lawyers in her law firm after all they will be some well trained attorneys. She could easily have other classes in the second and third year of law school that would have them in her class so that is within reason. I’d like to see them, the Keating 5 become lawyers in their own right and see how successful each of them can be on court cases and the like beyond Law school and yes like playing on a championship sports team, that murder event and that night will forever link them together.

      • abz says:

        Yeah, I’m not in law school, but in university I’ve taken multiple course with the same professors before in different years. I don’t think they can become partners, but more like associates. But yes I’d like to see more of their lives outside of being the Keating 5 eventually. We could even see Annalise taking turns with them and coaching them through their own clients and first court cases, etc.

  16. Gerri says:

    I knew the dumpster was a terrible place to dump the body. It’ll always turn up in the landfill. ALWAYS.
    Hate how they are ruining such a great character in Connor. His relationship with Oliver is awful. Oliver is WAY to needy and they are starting to make Connor needy, which I hate. Please end it and get him back into the field where he can excel.
    Lastly, I like a man who is in good shape, but Nate’s abs were too distracting in the bedroom scene. Just be normal and relaxed.

    • Katie says:

      Uh, no, totally disagree. I love Connor to death, he and Asher tie for my favorite character, but I love him BEST with Oliver. Oliver is absolutely adorable, and their relationship is so charming and sweet compared to all the other romances on the show. Keep them together! (or put Connor with Ashur, that would be something too)

  17. TigerLIL says:

    Ah this is a complete mess and I said it before two many mistakes made. People when you are dumpling garbage or bodies for that matter, please don’t put it in the recycle trash containers those go to sorted garbage making a body find easy. Randomly pulling up to any dumpster and dumping body parts is lame and shows you haven’t watch any episodes of CSI, Law and Order, Chicago Fire or even cops and robbers shows for that matter. People where is your love for the law prior to law school this is jacked up. Then there are the rug pieces chard into what was left of the body, MeaKela’s ring and phone calls, one of which went to Wes, the trophy in plain site with blood you are unable to get off, not to mention Conner’s car and you have the making of the Keating Four, plus Annalise on trial in what is going to be the trial of the century. Now the kicker will be “How in the world are these people going to get away with murder with a stacked deck? And we will see….LOL

    • abz says:

      When Sam’s body parts showed up during that news segment at the end, I instantly thought of Dexter. :)
      They’re just kids still and are in the beginning stages of learning “How to Get Away with Murder” in class and everything was chaotic that night. It would be unrealistic if they didn’t make any mistakes.

  18. MaryAnn says:

    Just a little side note. I saw two people use the spelling “social path”. The word you are looking for is “sociopath.” Not trying to be nasty, just thought people might like to know.

  19. MaryAnn says:

    I was thinking about the ways that this series could move into season 2. I just can’t imagine everything being resolved by the end of the season. My guess is that it will end on either the murder of one of the group, the whole thing breaking to the police, or something so far out of left field that no one can see it coming. I would love to hear how others think the season will end.

    • ASHLEEEE says:

      me too!!!! The show is called how to get away with murder,and I wasnt expecting them to find sams remains so quickly so they must have something up their sleeves..I think either another murder will take place! and lest we forget we dont know who exactly killed lila… my money is on it being Rebecca(who is annoying)and itll come out during the season finale to wes then he struggles on turning her in or telling annalise… thus helping her get away with murder.. so season two will be about who killed sam while wrapping up who killed lila!anywho thats my guess lol

  20. ASHLEEEE says:

    I belive I saw the scale from the statue in the preview for next week, that came off (i believe) when wes hit him over the head with it..(however wouldnt they have seen it when they {i assume} cleaned the area) If they didnt see it there could be blood on it right?? I thought Michaela’s ring would for sure be with the body, but didnt she lose it in the woods? However if the can place the body back there it would place Michaela there too right?lol anywho cant wait to next week.. and what exactly did frank used to do that he is so badass, I love it

  21. Ronnie says:

    Why do I think poor Asher is somehow going to be a scapegoat or provide an out for everyone? The fact he’s not involved makes me think something terrible is coming his way.

  22. rachelle says:

    I freaking love this show so much! Viola Davis is balls to the walls awesome. Everything is crazy and I’m on edge! I screamed when they found the body. I knew it was gonna happen, but I didn’t think it would happen this soon. I can’t believe there are only a couple or a few episodes left. I’m really interested to see how they wrap everything up. That group is just the worst to commit murder with. I can’t wait for all their dumb mistakes to come back and bite them in the butt. Connor and Michaela are ticking time bombs waiting to go off. Who’ll be the first to turn on everyone else??

  23. paul says:

    Well, I think that Rebecca killed the former tenant that lived in Wes’ apartment (the claw marks and the bite marks on the headboard and the Christmas card from Grannie all point toward a missing guy) and Rebecca killed the pregnant girl that Sam has been accused of killing. Personally, I think Rebecca is a pycho and I think ultimately she will be charged with all the murders.

    • Brittany says:

      I really dislike Rebecca as well. And after the Christmas card came in the mail mixed with her unbothered response I am starting to feel like she probably murder the missing tenant.

      she is so damn cocky and why is Wes not seeing this?

  24. strange_brew says:

    I’m curious about Hannah’s statement to Bonnie that she “was always special to Sam” or something along those lines. It may be nothing, but it just struck me odd when she said it.

  25. coneyro says:

    I have a feeling that there is more here than meets the eye. I think Annalise and Rebecca are more involved in SOMETHING heinous than we know. I would not be surprised if Annalise was responsible for manipulating events which helped to cause Sam’s death. Is SHE the one who will technically be “getting away with murder? Rebecca gives off a not so innocent vibe. There is a lot more to this girl. Bonnie is another one to watch, she knows A LOT more due to her “friendship” with Sam. Only time will tell.

  26. coneyro says:

    There is more to Annalise than meets the eye. I wouldn’t be surprised if she somehow manipulated events to help cause the death of Sam. Rebecca and Bonnie know far more about Lyla and Sam and/or her death than you think. At the end of the day this is Annalise’s production, and the others are her bit players.