Fresh Off the Boat: Are You On Board With ABC's New Comedy?

Fresh Off the Boat Series Premiere

Orlando, Fla.: Home to ignorant elementary-schoolers, poorly attended steakhouses and soccer moms who carry dog poop while they Rollerblade.

At least, that’s the culture shock-filled experience of the Huang family in ABC’s new comedy Fresh Off the Boat, which debuted Wednesday.

Adapted from chef Eddie Huang’s 2013 autobiography, the series centers on a young Eddie (played by newcomer Hudson Yang), as his family relocates from Washington, D.C., to Orlando in order for Eddie’s dad (Randall Park, Veep) to focus on his steakhouse, Cattleman’s Ranch.

Rounding out the family is Constance Wu (Eastsiders) as Eddie’s mom, Jessica, and adorable newcomers Forrest Wheeler and Ian Chen as his younger brothers, Emery and Evan.

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Unfortunately, the move to Florida doesn’t bring the culinary success that Eddie’s dad anticipated. It only brings humidity (which does serious damage to Jessica’s hair), lactose intolerance for Evan and a few bullies at Eddie’s school, one of whom drops a racial slur in the middle of the cafeteria.

Of course, their new suburban lifestyle isn’t without its perks — free samples at the grocery store! Onion blossoms! Lunchables! — and Eddie’s dad has enough sunny optimism for the whole family. It might not be easy, but the Huangs are willing to give Orlando another shot.

But will you give Fresh Off the Boat a second chance? Grade the premiere episode via our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. TVNerd says:

    I want it to be a hit but it will not do well on Tuesdays:/

  2. Tran says:

    I give it an A but it doesn’t bode well in the 8 p.m. Tuesday night time slot next week going up against NCIS and The Flash.

  3. Kevin says:

    Very funny, best new comedy of the season besides jane the virgin! will continue to watch and support, this show is very good

  4. Joey says:

    Thought it was fantastic. Watched for Randall Park, and loved pretty much everything.

  5. Mika02 says:

    My daughter and I love her.

  6. JBC says:

    Sitcoms are suppose to be funny. This one was not!

  7. bianca says:

    This show is great – why are they moving it to Tuesdays? This feels like Happy Endings all over again which is very upsetting! I kind of wish they’d more an older show to Tuesdays so this show can actually have a chance – its both funny and unique.

  8. Erik krouse says:

    Just not funny at allll. I don’t know what people see in it.

  9. puck says:

    I didn’t find this episode funny.

  10. LAtkinson says:

    It seems there really against white people !! I’m thinking hey you are in America so yes there’s white people ! I’m offended at all the racist remarks that are being said so no I will not be watching 👎

    • Kel says:

      No, it’s not ‘against’ white people. It has satirical stereotypes for all races included, that’s part of the humor. I’m Asian-American, and I can’t tell you how many white people tell me my “English is very good”. It’s funny.

    • dude says:

      I honestly cannot believe this comment is real, 10/10 for defending the American Dream.

    • Et Al says:

      You need to attend a CLC. It’s “they’re” not “there”.

  11. Gabrielle says:

    Can we have a more anti-white people show?????? Hate it, no thanks. ..stupid show

  12. matt says:

    I want to give it a try but agree with others that Tuesday is deathslot. I didnt understand why someone would move from Washington DC to Orlando (which seemed pretty random) to open a Cattlehouse generic restaurant..and not an asian inspired restaurant. But i do expect a Shaq cameo soon. I just hope it does well so that we can prove ABC diversity works. Where are the Latino sitcoms and not necessarily mexican. People should look up the 70s PBS Miami produced show QUE PASA USA> It was a bilingual sitcom about 3 generations of a Cuban Amerian immigrant family in Miami. It was hysterical and Im surprised no one has tried a bilingual sitcom again. Last time I checked someone uploaded episodes onto YOUTUBE.

    • Victoria says:

      If you’re looking for shows with a predominantly Latino/Hispanic cast, watch Jane the Virgin and Cristela. Both have either a mostly or all Latino/Hispanic cast. Both are also comedies (Jane the Virgin is a comedy-drama).

    • jj says:

      isn’t that kind of the point? That they are trying to fit into the stereotypical ‘american dream’ trying to fit into the homogenous community instead of demonstrating their differences

  13. Larry says:

    Just watched pilot…Absolutely HILARIOUS!!!

  14. Greg says:

    This is what they did on the 70’s sitcom “The Jeffersons”, most of the white people on the show are portrayed as idiots. Good luck with this bomb.

  15. Network says:

    I loved it. It has a lot of potential. You would think that ABC would learn, especially when The goldbergs became a hit when they put it on wed. Move Modern Family and Blackish to Tuesday. The middle, goldbergs and boat would work well together.

  16. Samantha says:

    I found it funny because some parts could be quite relatable – the noodles mistaken as worms has happened to me more than once as a child

  17. Michael Rohr says:

    Episode was not funny. Stereotypes were exaggerated and came across as divisive rather than being humorous.

  18. Alli says:

    I felt as if the main little boy is miss cast

  19. pete says:

    Nice change of pace. Good to see the many different ethnicities starting to be represented on primetime tv. Liked the way “bullies” were portrayed- they’re not all white, after all. A$$holes come in all different colors, sizes, and backgrounds.

  20. Babygate says:

    I had been looking forward to this show for months and I couldn’t even get half way through it. Not funny at all. I thought I would really like the mom but she just comes across as completely overbearing and unlikeable. I am very disappointed. Off my watching list immediately.

  21. Truefan says:

    I think this show will be fairly successful. Parts of it were funny and some parts were sad. I loved the boy who played Eddie. The guy who played the dad was great. The mom is a good actress but her role was a stereotype and she was tiresomely strident. It was only near the end that she was allowed to show some signs of humanity. The writers should work on her. I will be watching again.

  22. Ram510 says:

    I’m surprised so many people here see the show as divisive. I thought the show was no more harmful than Suburgatory which was praised for its stereotypes. And in hindsight I thought blackish and Cristela would’ve been panned for its stereotypes over this show, which again, actually reminds me in some ways of Suburgatory and people loved that show (in its first season). I hope this show sticks around and I really admire ABC for committing this season to diversity in prime time TV and they picked shows that were very well done.

  23. Lizzy Wong says:

    “Fresh Off the Boat” does not get straight A’s… but does get a “B” for creating a new type of TV family. That grade may disappoint the “Tiger Mom” character in the show.
    My big question: How did the word “CHINK” get past the censors? Hooray for following up with that scene in the principal’s office.

    4th-generation Chinese-American and still getting off the boat!

  24. Tracy says:

    Stupid, not funny and a total waste of time! I already told the DVR not to record it again!

  25. pamela says:

    We watched for three minutes then changed the channel.

  26. Kris says:

    Thought it was hilarious! My sisters and I liked it…we could relate pretty well since we’re Asians. But it doesn’t feel like a show for everyone..? Feel like some people will get offended…Hope it does well in the ratings though!

  27. LA says:

    Don’t like it it is making fun of white people and I’m very offended yes we are white you are in AMERICA!!! I think it’s raciest against Caucasian people ! So I will not be watching!i don’t find that kind of comedy funny 👎👎👎

    • Joey says:

      You can’t be racist against Caucasian people. Educate yourself.

    • Leah says:

      If the family didn’t happen to look different from their neighbors, who all happen to be Caucasian, somehow, I doubt you’d find it racist. Frankly, Tessa was much harsher on her Suburgatory neighbors.

  28. Belle says:

    Loved it!! they really need to move it to Wed though…just make it 3 hours of comedy on Wednesday night :) TGIW

  29. J. Norman says:

    I didn’t go into it with high expectations, but it wasn’t too bad. It’s always tough to plow through a pilot.
    I think it has a chance. That’s about the only observation I can make after the 2 episodes last night, except that I thought the pilot was slightly better than the the 2nd (episode)

  30. I actually liked this better than I thought I would but I do have to agree putting it up against NCIS & The Flash is a bad mistake.

  31. Sarah says:

    I wanted to like it because there is finally a show about an Asian American family. But I just felt like most of the pilot was pretty stupid, so I was disappointed.

  32. colig says:

    a literal crapfest.boring and tedious as hell.

  33. Jules says:

    I was really looking forward to this because I loved the book. I enjoyed the show but feel like a lot of people will miss the point if they didn’t read the book first. I’ll keep watching. It deserves a shot.

  34. Marilyn says:

    Really looked forward to this show but disappointed. In spite of the beautiful cast, the show trivialized the Asian American experience. Hoped for more- Keep the cast get new writers

  35. HAP says:

    It’s a stinker.

  36. James Lee says:

    It was pretty good. It has some funny moments. Not sure why white people are offended by it.

    Asians have been the butt of the joke for so long. Now Asians making stereotypical jokes about whites and they throwing a fit? LOL

    There are way too many stereotypical jokes on everyone however. It might get old fast.

  37. Kayla says:

    I wasn’t that pleased with it, like I thought I’d be. I figured it’d be a good show but it wasn’t, and it wasn’t real funny either.

  38. Gave it a high C. Ep 2 better than the pilot. Dislike the Mom but I get it. Don’t get the casting of Eddie. Family seems kinda mixed…as if it’s a hodge podge of Asians. Giving it a couple more episodes.

  39. Lisa says:

    I love how many of the “it’s racist” and “why do you hate white people” comments here come from white people who have never had to fit in or change themselves in any way as a child just to have friends. You don’t get it but the rest of brown/yellow America does and thinks this funny, inventive, and creative show gets it right on the mark! I love the show and think it’s hilarious! If it can make people squirm and feel just slightly uncomfortable, then it’s doing the job of making people stop and think “Hey, we’re not all alike here!” Bravo!