Pilots: ABC Orders College Conspiracy, Modern Oil Boom Dramas, Others

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ABC on Friday night ordered four more drama pilots, revolving around a healthcare advocate, a secret college society, a modern-day oil boom and a family of lawyers.

The projects are as follows:

Kingmakers | When his sister is found dead during her freshman year at an Ivy League university, a young man adopts a new identity to infiltrate the school and its century-old secret society — populated by privileged students, ambitious faculty, and high-profile alums — to investigate. Written by Sallie Patrick (Revenge).

The Advocate | Penned by Sheldon Turner (Straight Outta Compton ), this follows a type-A businesswoman who experiences firsthand the hazards of our healthcare system, after going through a medical scare/misdiagnosis. Shocking friends and family, she leaves her career behind to become an advocate for anyone caught in the chaotic, ever-changing maze that is modern medicine.

Boom | Penned by Josh Pate (Legends) and Rodes Fishburne, this spins a modern-day story about the biggest oil discovery in American history, one which triggers an economic boom in North Dakota on a scale not seen since the 1849 Gold Rush. The series tracks the pilgrimage of a young, ambitious couple as they brave a modern “Wild West,” negotiating an ensemble of roughnecks, grifters, oil barons, criminals and fellow prospectors.

The Adversaries | Written by David Zabel (ER, Betrayal), this finds the patriarch of a New York legal dynasty embroiled in a trial of his own, forcing his federal prosecutor daughter to decide which side she will fight on.

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