Revenge Stars on Emily's Reveal, Jack's Fate and the Next Death: 'It's a Big One'

Revenge Season 4 Spoilers

As we delve deeper into the second half of Revenge‘s fourth — and potentially final — season, we find ourselves wondering: Will everyone soon know Emily’s secret? How will characters’ loyalties shift? And, of course, who will live to find out?

TVLine caught up with four of Revenge‘s key players for the scoop…

JACK V. BLACK | Is Daniel saving a spot for Jack in Revenge heaven? Nick Wechsler tells TVLine we should be “fairly worried” about the Hamptons’ new rookie cop, as Malcolm Black is “going to come after whoever it is that [killed Kate]. I’ll be honest, he’s coming after me. He’s coming after all of us.” As for Emily, Wechsler says Jack will be very much involved in rescuing her from Malcolm’s clutches. “It’s a team effort,” he explains. “Jack will be damned before he lets anything happen to her.”

Revenge Season 4 SpoilersBODY COUNT | Looking for comfort about Jack’s fate? You won’t get it from Gabriel Mann. The real-life Nolan Ross tells TVLine, “Any one of us could be gone without proper circumstance. They have no qualms about anyone dying on this show. … We’re going real, real, real big this year. It feels like anything further from this show [beyond Season 4] would need to be a variation on what this is. Whether that involves these same characters, or new characters, none of us really know.” As for who might soon be six feet under, Mann says, “It’s a big one. Our creator, Mike Kelley, envisioned the end of the series as a beach covered with the bodies of our characters, with Emily and Victoria climbing over them to get to each other.”

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER | Now that Margaux knows the truth about Emily — or at least “the truth through Victoria’s eyes,” as Karine Vanasse explains to TVLine — she’s going to be faced with a major decision: “Should she release this information? And if so, how should she do it?” The truth has also opened Margaux’s eyes to the amount of damage, both emotional and physical, Emily has caused. “Everyone has experienced so much loss because of this girl,” Vanasse says, “so Margaux’s like, ‘We have to stop her.'” (That said, a “brief” scene between Margaux and Jack might just quell Daniel’s baby mama’s rage because “she doesn’t want to betray Jack.”)

Revenge Season 4 SpoilersLOUISE 2.0 | Prepare for a whole new Louise moving forward. “She’s not going to let herself be a fool,” Elena Satine tells TVLine, following last week’s reveal that her family’s been drugging her. And speaking of family, we’re finally about to meet Louise’s mother (played by Carolyn Hennesy) in the flesh. That reunion will peel back their “abusive” relationship and reveal why Louise has been so focused on Victoria all this time. “I don’t believe there’s an ulterior motive with Victoria,” Satine explains. “Louise is just a lost girl looking for acceptance.” As for Louise’s future with Nolan, Satine says, “My only hope is that we stay on each other’s good side.”

Tell us, Revenge fans: Who do you think/fear will be the next character to die? And what would you like to see, in the chance that this is the show’s last season? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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