MTV's Eye Candy: Did You Connect With the Victoria Justice Thriller?

Eye Candy Series Premiere

With lines like “The Internet — God’s gift to psychopaths,” MTV’s Eye Candy is definitely a don’t-watch-with-the-lights-off kind of show.

The network’s new thriller, which premiered Monday, transforms “it” girl Victoria Justice into I.T. girl Lindy Sampson, a 20-something parolee who moonlights as a(n unlicensed) private detective for missing persons. Think of her as a next-generation Veronica Mars, sans the golden locks and extra-long camera lens.

But Lindy’s adventures in cyber space take a seriously twisted turn when she discovers that one of the three guys she met through a dating app is also stalking her with an apparent intent to kill. Could it be the hot Australian? The hot car dealer? The hot pediatrician? (Are you sensing a pattern yet?)

Bachelor No. 3 ends up getting a free pass — it’s kind of hard to stalk someone when you turn up dead in a public playground — but the others remain highly suspect, and before the premiere is over, the faceless stalker pays a fatal visit to Lindy’s kind-of-boyfriend Ben.

Eye Candy Ben DeadThat’s right, Lindy’s primary love interest gets murked in the show’s first hour, a not-so-subtle indicator that no one — aside from, I assume, Justice’s sort-of-titular character — is safe.

But the question remains, as it probably will until the end of Season 1: Who is the mysterious stalker? If it’s someone we’ve met, my money’s on Casey Deidrick’s Tommy. (If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Scream, it’s the direct correlation between hotness and murderous tendencies.)

Grade the Eye Candy premiere below, then drop a comment: Who do you think the killer is, and will you keep tuning in to find out?

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